It hasn't even been that long since she's been roaming her hands around the tablet that was laid to rest on her mahogany desk. The countless notifications that kept popping up every once in a while however, did bother her. Slightly. Because it it has obviously took her mind off the actual problem she was trying her best to solve. "Unbelievable little thing.", she grumbled in distress and swore she would throw the gadget out the window if it bothers her again. Malva wasn't a fan of the modern day 21st century, that much she was sure everyone knew. She expressed her distaste on their dependency being solely on a piece of trinket, and the rules of technology that was left wide spread around the world wasn't helping. Though it was helpful for their guards and them just as well to keep a well furnished and neat record of tracking, it didn't mean the Aspect of Magic had to have a particular liking to them. 

The only thing she finds to her liking was the fact that they no longer needed to deal with the lesser side of civilization. It hasn't dispersed altogether, clearly. But at least, it was at a tolerable rate, better than their early centuries. At least, their manner of a civilized lifestyle was rather nice and stable, instead of barbaric and twisted as Malva would 'eloquently' put it. The amount of sarcasm has made herself out to be a salty person. When she took her time of the day to see if her family of dragons were coping well or not, after going through Cora's 'life', she divulged in her other younger sister's, Argent. The redheaded Aspect of Light led a peaceful and simple life in Evermore, and she was glad at least one or two of them had found serenity in co-existing in the eternal city, even if she, herself, hadn't. 

She did come across upon one guy. Donovan Hendrix. He owned a bar called Eternal Blues, just somewhere in the dhampir and vampire residency. And, he had somewhat a relationship with one of their guards, Dawn. She dismissed him easily, until she came across the part where he was also a connection with her sister that was Argent. Malva was rather interested and drawn into their conflict and whilst finding it amusing, she wanted the best for all her siblings, especially her sisters, the ones she doted upon. Being the eldest out of the 4, she felt the obligation to act out in their interest because of her nurturing caring and maternal self kicking in. Yes, surprisingly, Malva Ailward is a nurturing maternal person.

She might have given off the vibe that she couldn't care less but it was quite the opposite. One would think with her current state, she was actually someone who decided to take a left turn of life and turned every single emotion off by putting it somewhere that is not void of use. But contrary to other's belief, she was dealing with the same problem, only it was the opposite. She had too much emotions. And she had to place them somewhere safe because her magic was always derived off it. It has made itself to be the most dangerous component ever. Maybe paying a certain dhampir a visit wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't be the first for her to pay a dhampir one. Shrugging off the memory she had, the slightly flaxen haired Ailward made her way to the garage, so she could drive there. It was 11 pm. Quite late. 


After parking her car nearby, only a few blocks away from the said bar, she tucked both hands into her jacket and make her way in thru the entrance door. It was slightly packed, and she could already see all the auras they emitted. For the Aspect of Magic, she was able to see the natural status of every supernatural creature that she watches over; basically anyone associated with magic. Dhampirs were one of them due to their immortality switch and their runic magic. She couldn't find him within the crowd so she decided to go and ask around. To at least, one person. Making her way to the bartender, she took a seat and gave him a smile. A tight lipped one that managed to come across as a genuine. "Hi, do you have any idea where your owner, Donovan Hendrix, might be at?" Now, unfortunately, Malva does not know how he looks like. She's only heard of him. No more, no less. With that being said, if he ended up being the bartender she was conversing with, she still wouldn't know.

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Donovan had spent the last few months constructing ‘Eternally Blue’ with the help of a helpful Nephilim named Siobhan who had a talent for construction unlike any he had seen. After learning about his sister's death while serving as an Ailward guard he knew he need to move on with his life and find his own life, he had spent so much of his life searching for her, so much of his time had become wasted in those years. So here he was in the town of Evermore attempting to have an actual life. He wondered daily if it was a fruitless effort, but meeting Argent turned things around for him even if it was in a strange love/hate way.

Opening night was a big night for Donovan the night started, and the club was filled people drinking and enjoying the set till the early hours of the morning. This was how the first week was form him until the club entered the area of regulars and what not. The first few weeks were great, but he enjoyed the mellower crowd that came now. He got to know the people who came often even a few people he didn’t think would show up like his ex-girlfriend Raina and her family. Along with his current girlfriend Dawn who would show up with a few of her diviner friends every now and then. The only person that hadn’t shown up through the door had been Argent. Every night he wondered  if she would accept his invite, he found himself looking for her Everytime a coopered haired woman was caught in the corner of his eye. Finding himself sighing everytime it wasn’t her.

Tonight was no different the music was playing and Donovan wiped down the bar as he showed his staff he wasn’t afraid to help out even though he was the owner when Malva walked in and over to the bar. Donovan made his way over to her and smiled softly as he stood in front of her and leaned his hands on the bar after tossing the towel over his shoulder “Evening Miss what can I get you?” he asked as he waited for her to order her drink and once she did he began to make it for her.

Setting the drink in front of her he crossed his arms over his chest and with a classic Donovan smile he spoke. “So what brings you into Eternally Blue? I just don’t remember your face and trust me I would.” He chuckled softly “Not that I am not grateful for a more customers maybe it means my club may make itself well known one day.” He raised a brow when she asked for Donovan Hendrix and leaned against the bar slightly studying her for a moment “That would be me how can I help you?”

The moment Malva stepped inside the busy bar, she didn't expect to see Donovan easily. Well, she wasn't expecting it, at least. But a busy bar without its owner seemed too far-fetched, even for her. The Aspect of Magic was inexplicably in utter delight upon finding out that she had no need to go out her way while searching endlessly for the said dhampir she was originally seeking. An amused smirk made its way up to the corner of her lips as she took one more glance over the bartender standing just in front of her. Well, that was easy. “Good evening to you too, Mr Hendrix. I must say, quite the spectacular day for your bar. It's flourishing.” For a new business, you don't see that happening so quickly, but Evermore is a rather ‘tantalizing’ place to find oneself in.

Unfortunately, Malva doesn't drink. It was a torn up case between not being able to and not wanting to. Half of her wished she could drink her sorrows away and forget about them for at least a day, while the other persisted heavily how a drunk her was a huge problem. Sober her was already a handful, could you imagine a drunk her? She saw the aftermath of hangovers taking over her brothers before, and she can't say she liked it at all. The aftercare was always the hardest work of all. Especially when they couldn't seem to recall if they did anything stupid the night before. Scrunching up her nose slightly, she waved her right hand in attempts to dismiss the offer. “I'm afraid I don't drink. My brothers would have my head if they find out I did.” she sheepishly remarked, tapping her nails against the mahogany wooden counter as she settled herself a little bit more comfortably on the seat while facing the dhampir.

Luckily, the noise wasn't too entrapping, so a decent conversation can still go on smoothly. “I think just telling my name should ring a bell somewhere, considering the affiliation you have with the histoire of our ‘guards'.” There was slight twinkle in her blue hues as it flickered mischievously in response to what would be his reaction afterwards. “Don't worry, I didn't come here to stop you from dating Dawn or filling up my sister's head. Although she's been quite slacking at lately.  Just wanted to see for myself who the mysterious guy that got Argent off her high horse was. Consider this a- familiar intervention.” Briefly forgetting to introduce herself, she offered him a small smile. “I'm Malva. Argent's older sister. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Donovan.”

Donovan chuckled at the woman who had settled herself in front of him and gave a slight smile as he looked around to the crowd that had manage to gather before letting his eyes rest back on her. “Guess this town needed a blue’s club more than they knew. Tends to keep busy which is nice, gives me a purpose.” He said as he picked up one of the glasses and started cleaning it as he looked over her for a long moment, knowing he noticed her face but couldn’t quite place from where. Maybe she had been in the bar before and he hadn’t had a chance to notice.

Donovan moved the drink aside and then poured her a glass of water. “I have tea and soda also if you want anything else.” He gave a chuckle and leaned against the counter, leaning his head slightly to the side to look at the aspects deep blue hues “Your brothers would have your head? Do I need to ask for an ID? Put a stamp on your hand?” he teased as he moved standing up again fully. “For real though why would they have your head? Religious thing? Or just never drank before so not sure how liquor would affect you?” he question a little more moving a bowl of peanuts a little closer to her so if she wanted she could eat some of them.

As she mentioned the guards he stiffened slightly, sure he was dating a guard and had grown close to an aspect but his sister still died being a guard. He had a love hate relationship for the aspects and what they are and do. He cocked his brow at her as his arms came and crossed in front of him “Filling your sisters head? Wait what do you mean I have knocked Argent off her high horse?” he pressed his hands to the bar leveling himself to be at her height. “Argent and I are friends, I mean sure we didn’t see eye to eye at first but how can my friendship be effecting how she does her job?” a wave of concern for the copper haired aspect ran over him, her frowned looking down to the bar for a moment.

He searched along the bar before turning to the other bartender tossing the rag at him “I’ll be in my office, try not to need me.” He said and then picked up one of the bottles and looked to her. “Wish I could say the same at this moment Malva. Follow me please.” He said moving from behind the bar towards his office tucked away in the back hall where the bands tend to wait to go on. He moved through the door leaving it open for her to follow in behind him. Twisting the cap off the bottle he sat down in his chair and poured himself a glass before looking to her “Alright. So what is this intervention about?” He asked leaning back in the chair raising the glass to his lips as he takes a long sip from it.

Clubs and bars were never her scene. She wouldn't go as far as to say she hated places like that, because if it's that way, then you probably would not see her stepping anywhere closer than a mile from the said places, much less venture into them. Malva dislikes them for what they represent and what the place was supposed to attract, she is quite old-fashioned to begin with, anyways. There's still some part of her that still held on the conservative ideals somewhere, though hidden quite well. The Aspect of Magic was generally curious to whom the person her sister was taken aback by, and she can't say she's disappointed. Donovan Hendrix seemed like a charming lad.

Perhaps it was why Dawn latched up on him in the first place, and even Mal couldn't blame Argent for filling her head with him. The red-haired Aspect of Light will never admit it to her, and she won't need to, because it's a sibling instinct to sense it. Mal has spent centuries worth of company with Argent, and she's a good reader. From what she could see, the dhampir is quite a carefree guy. So casual and outgoing, no wonder his bar is doing pretty well up the area. You gotta know how to do the marketing sometimes. “That's good to hear. It's nice to have a purpose, keeps you going.” She can't relate, but she does know one thing or two about it, Mal is still working as a pathologist in Evermore General, afterall. It was by far, the only thing that could keep her head away from the darkest pits of where her mind would tend to wander off. Instead, she'll be able to fill it with knowledge and worries on a patient rather than her. A perfect go-to deal for her.

When he offered other kinds of beverage, she smiled politely and thought it'd be rude to decline such an offer. “A soda will do just fine, thank you” she exclaimed softly, her voice completely betraying her physical appearance. There were times when she could pass off as a college graduate, and there were times when she acts her age pretty well. It's all thanks to other contributing factors such as her clothing, her attitude and personality. “An ID isn't necessary, for what it's worth, I am legal, don't worry,” To be fair, her ID does state she's 23. “My brothers would have my head because I'm not supposed to drink. Let's just say I'm your worst drunk ever. Not that I would know, the closest thing I got to being tipsy was when I inhaled a few hallucinogens by mistake.” Granted, not the kind of hallucinogens she was talking about but it works.

Shortly before coming here, Malva did conduct a small research about Donovan. Just a few things she needed to be briefed before anything, so she had a decent amount of exposure to his feelings towards the Ailward faction as a whole. So it did pique her interest to see him dating a guard and now possibly occupying the state of mind of her sister, who doesn't fall for people as easily. Call it protective sister mode. “I'm not saying she's doing a terrible job at her duty because of you. She's fine. It's just that you're a peculiar case.” She would lie if she said he didn't keep her interest going too. He is an interesting person. She couldn't help but to scoff at him saying he and Argent are friends. Sure doesn't look like it to her. But given their family's history of.. Relationships, she wouldn't exactly be surprised.

Malva followed the dhampir into his office casually. “You know all those dramas when the family side of that girl comes to talk to you about leaving her alone? Something similar to that, but not quite. I'm not here to tell you not to see her, just me wanting to know more of my sister's friends,” Okay, this is getting really interesting. “Nothing wrong with wanting to get to know them, right? Also, how did you two meet anyways?”

Donovan stared at the woman in front of him, he had known he had seen her before but couldn’t quite place who she was. Though he settled on the fact she could be a guard in that brief moment, maybe Dawn had sent someone to spy on him. Dawn had been rather untrusting of him lately, yet refused to come to his club and see it, sometimes it got under his skin. Annoyance was already flaring in him but he kept the smile on his face. “We all need purpose don’t we?” he asked simply after all he assumed all the guards and aspects had their reasons for what they did. A drive for purpose. “Without purpose why are we hear some of us longer for others, is there a cosmic reason? Or not. Life's questions we find ourselves wondering every day no?” He said as he shrugged “Gives me a reason to stay out of my head.”

He nodded at her order and filled the glass with soda before setting it in front of her and then chuckled softly as he raised a brow to her. “You know if I had a dollar every underage girl used that exact same line on me, well I could buy a much bigger apartment then the one upstairs. Though since you want soda no reason to card.” He leaned closer and gave her a puzzled look, until she explained more “Worst drunk huh? I know a few bad drunks so it would take a lot for you to prove that point.” as she spoke of the hallucinogens the Dhampir snorted at the thought “Well none of those here for your liking sorry Darlin’.”

Donovan settled himself in his chair as he reached in his desk to pull out the bottle he kept there, he was sure that he was going to need it now knowing he wasn’t dealing with a guard but in fact an aspect. Something about the aspects brought a pain back he didn’t want to relive after all his sister was a guard and lost her life in the fall. He still blamed them but knew it was also his sister's choice to be there. He just wished he could have seen her in her good days and not the bad memories he had of her. The fact his sister was Argents personal guard before the fall was what drew the pair closer to one another. Argent meant so much to him that he couldn’t stay away from her even when she wanted him to the pair seem to just pull together. He would never admit it out loud to anyone especially since he was dating Dawn his feelings though, he shouldn't have these feelings.

Donovan raised his brow to the aspect as he waved his hand for her to sit down and then leaned back in his own seat “Alright you want to get to know me? I understand that after all I am a stranger to you and yours, other than Argent and Dawn.” he paused for a moment before he poured a glass. “I came to the Manor looking for my sister Ayla, I learned that the people in the house.” he waved his hand at her, “Where the last she had been seen with. So I came and Argent answered. I showed her the picture of Ayla and well she told me she had passed away in the fall of sky.” Donovan chose to leave out the part where the pair had exchanged angry words before realizing they were upset with the loss of someone they both loved. “Then I was invited to one of your events and well Argent told me she wanted to be friends.” he shrugged as he took a sip of the drink “What else would you like to know?”

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