It hasn't even been that long since she's been roaming her hands around the tablet that was laid to rest on her mahogany desk. The countless notifications that kept popping up every once in a while however, did bother her. Slightly. Because it it has obviously took her mind off the actual problem she was trying her best to solve. "Unbelievable little thing.", she grumbled in distress and swore she would throw the gadget out the window if it bothers her again. Malva wasn't a fan of the modern day 21st century, that much she was sure everyone knew. She expressed her distaste on their dependency being solely on a piece of trinket, and the rules of technology that was left wide spread around the world wasn't helping. Though it was helpful for their guards and them just as well to keep a well furnished and neat record of tracking, it didn't mean the Aspect of Magic had to have a particular liking to them. 

The only thing she finds to her liking was the fact that they no longer needed to deal with the lesser side of civilization. It hasn't dispersed altogether, clearly. But at least, it was at a tolerable rate, better than their early centuries. At least, their manner of a civilized lifestyle was rather nice and stable, instead of barbaric and twisted as Malva would 'eloquently' put it. The amount of sarcasm has made herself out to be a salty person. When she took her time of the day to see if her family of dragons were coping well or not, after going through Cora's 'life', she divulged in her other younger sister's, Argent. The redheaded Aspect of Light led a peaceful and simple life in Evermore, and she was glad at least one or two of them had found serenity in co-existing in the eternal city, even if she, herself, hadn't. 

She did come across upon one guy. Donovan Hendrix. He owned a bar called Eternal Blues, just somewhere in the dhampir and vampire residency. And, he had somewhat a relationship with one of their guards, Dawn. She dismissed him easily, until she came across the part where he was also a connection with her sister that was Argent. Malva was rather interested and drawn into their conflict and whilst finding it amusing, she wanted the best for all her siblings, especially her sisters, the ones she doted upon. Being the eldest out of the 4, she felt the obligation to act out in their interest because of her nurturing caring and maternal self kicking in. Yes, surprisingly, Malva Ailward is a nurturing maternal person.

She might have given off the vibe that she couldn't care less but it was quite the opposite. One would think with her current state, she was actually someone who decided to take a left turn of life and turned every single emotion off by putting it somewhere that is not void of use. But contrary to other's belief, she was dealing with the same problem, only it was the opposite. She had too much emotions. And she had to place them somewhere safe because her magic was always derived off it. It has made itself to be the most dangerous component ever. Maybe paying a certain dhampir a visit wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't be the first for her to pay a dhampir one. Shrugging off the memory she had, the slightly flaxen haired Ailward made her way to the garage, so she could drive there. It was 11 pm. Quite late. 


After parking her car nearby, only a few blocks away from the said bar, she tucked both hands into her jacket and make her way in thru the entrance door. It was slightly packed, and she could already see all the auras they emitted. For the Aspect of Magic, she was able to see the natural status of every supernatural creature that she watches over; basically anyone associated with magic. Dhampirs were one of them due to their immortality switch and their runic magic. She couldn't find him within the crowd so she decided to go and ask around. To at least, one person. Making her way to the bartender, she took a seat and gave him a smile. A tight lipped one that managed to come across as a genuine. "Hi, do you have any idea where your owner, Donovan Hendrix, might be at?" Now, unfortunately, Malva does not know how he looks like. She's only heard of him. No more, no less. With that being said, if he ended up being the bartender she was conversing with, she still wouldn't know.

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