She was dreaming. She was actually dreaming. Mirrors of her figments were sprawled and mixed in the whirlwind. Malva was actually experiencing a good sleep yesterday night, for once in her life, after a while. Despite only getting 4 hours of sleep, it was enough to give the Aspect of Magic all the rejuvenating traits she needed. Catching the glimpse of the crystal clear vial by her bedside, she took it into her hands and let out a sigh. "Well this is just..great." Shaking her head slightly, the brunette got out of her bed and made sure her bed was neat as it used to be the first time, before making her way to the bathroom. Malva rinsed her face a few times with the cold water and then stared at her reflection in the mirror. She didn't look like it, but she was sure, like her siblings, they were deprived. Of a lot of things. Sleep doesn't even began to cover it. When she found the vial standing idly by near her, she knew it was too good to be true to actually experience a good night's sleep like any normal person should.

Of course she brewed something up. 

She's Malva. She's a witch. If she could offer slight comfort despite it being only a few hours or minutes long, so be it. She went back to her vanity table and unlocked the bottom drawer with telekinesis before getting a necklace out. It was a diamond necklace, a trinket she remembered Argent blessing a few centuries ago. The Aspect of Magic, like her two other sisters, both Aspect of Light and Darkness respectively, had a hobby on enchanting their jewelries. She clasped the necklace around her and regained her composure. She was wearing a lot of Argent's blessed items these days and also had a particular bracelet on her right hand that was used to keep any of her emotions surpressed and dialed down. She couldn't handle another breakdown, it's painful. She felt as if every being, living and non-living, were whispering to her. All the voices bothered her.

Unlocking the other extended room she had to put all her magical items assorted from grimoires and enchantments, she took one particular spell book about traditional magic, a form of magic she's practiced even before, when she was a Fae. She needed to reconnect with the nature itself, it's been way too long overdue. Tucking the book into her bag, she made a quick dash to her wardrobe and grabbed whatever was there before going downstairs. Her sanity pin was about to be revoked soon, and she needed another warranty. It's been a while since she had tried to make herself familiar with nature, she just didn't have the time and forgot about it altogether.

After a while of not transforming into her dragon form, she wanted to try it out again, just to see if she still had it in her. Exhaling the air, she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. "Here goes nothing." She willed for herself to be her dragon self and it worked. The next minute she saw herself soaring through the skies and was about to land in the meadow not far off from Dominic's place in the woods, until she basically forgot something and landed in a quite unnerving fashion. Reverting back to her Aspect self, she groaned out in pain as she laid on the ground, staring up to the sky. "Well ow. Thanks for the ride, Malva." The Aspect of Magic grumbled and was distinctly heard complaining to herself about the manner of flight she had earlier.  When she reverted back to her human self, she had tumbled down due to her steps and rolled down to hit a random rock there. So now she's bleeding. 

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