She was dreaming. She was actually dreaming. Mirrors of her figments were sprawled and mixed in the whirlwind. Malva was actually experiencing a good sleep yesterday night, for once in her life, after a while. Despite only getting 4 hours of sleep, it was enough to give the Aspect of Magic all the rejuvenating traits she needed. Catching the glimpse of the crystal clear vial by her bedside, she took it into her hands and let out a sigh. "Well this is just..great." Shaking her head slightly, the brunette got out of her bed and made sure her bed was neat as it used to be the first time, before making her way to the bathroom. Malva rinsed her face a few times with the cold water and then stared at her reflection in the mirror. She didn't look like it, but she was sure, like her siblings, they were deprived. Of a lot of things. Sleep doesn't even began to cover it. When she found the vial standing idly by near her, she knew it was too good to be true to actually experience a good night's sleep like any normal person should.

Of course she brewed something up. 

She's Malva. She's a witch. If she could offer slight comfort despite it being only a few hours or minutes long, so be it. She went back to her vanity table and unlocked the bottom drawer with telekinesis before getting a necklace out. It was a diamond necklace, a trinket she remembered Argent blessing a few centuries ago. The Aspect of Magic, like her two other sisters, both Aspect of Light and Darkness respectively, had a hobby on enchanting their jewelries. She clasped the necklace around her and regained her composure. She was wearing a lot of Argent's blessed items these days and also had a particular bracelet on her right hand that was used to keep any of her emotions surpressed and dialed down. She couldn't handle another breakdown, it's painful. She felt as if every being, living and non-living, were whispering to her. All the voices bothered her.

Unlocking the other extended room she had to put all her magical items assorted from grimoires and enchantments, she took one particular spell book about traditional magic, a form of magic she's practiced even before, when she was a Fae. She needed to reconnect with the nature itself, it's been way too long overdue. Tucking the book into her bag, she made a quick dash to her wardrobe and grabbed whatever was there before going downstairs. Her sanity pin was about to be revoked soon, and she needed another warranty. It's been a while since she had tried to make herself familiar with nature, she just didn't have the time and forgot about it altogether.

After a while of not transforming into her dragon form, she wanted to try it out again, just to see if she still had it in her. Exhaling the air, she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. "Here goes nothing." She willed for herself to be her dragon self and it worked. The next minute she saw herself soaring through the skies and was about to land in the meadow not far off from Dominic's place in the woods, until she basically forgot something and landed in a quite unnerving fashion. Reverting back to her Aspect self, she groaned out in pain as she laid on the ground, staring up to the sky. "Well ow. Thanks for the ride, Malva." The Aspect of Magic grumbled and was distinctly heard complaining to herself about the manner of flight she had earlier.  When she reverted back to her human self, she had tumbled down due to her steps and rolled down to hit a random rock there. So now she's bleeding. 

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Tensions in the house were high with everything that had happened with Siobhan, and he mother still living there made it almost impossible to breathe let alone figure out her own emotions lately. Siobhan found herself slipping away into the woods to the meadow her and Dominic spent a lot of time in when they first met. The meadow was lined with daisies. This place brought many great memories for the young Nephilim, and a few emotion ones but at the end of the day it would always be one of her favorite places.

It was the farthest from the cabin she wished to be lately. So that is where she was that chilly day with a drawing notebook in hand as she sat with her back pressed against a tree looking off to the field steadying her shaking hand to try and sketch out the field in front of her. Yet nothing was working she could seem to make her fingers move or make anything work. In the quiet her mind drifted to the darkest parts of that evening that ended with a bullet in her chest barely surviving if it wasn’t for the diviner Dominic had known she wouldn’t be here anymore.

Siobhan was not a stranger to tragedy it seemed that was her lot in life. She thought every day dark thoughts that she hoped nobody would ever truly know. She wondered if she had passed if everything would be easier for everyone around her in the long run. She pushed those thoughts away as she whipped away the tears that had started falling down her cheeks. She hated letting anyone see her sad and if Dominic heard her sobbing he would come looking for her. Closing her eyes taking a deep breath to calm herself. That calmness didn’t las though. The sound of crashing through the trees caused the young Nephilim to jump.

She was up on her feet her eyes swirling purple ready to hurt who ever landed in the meadow as lately she was always expecting the worst to happen. Her eyes looked to the aspect as she stood up talking to herself dusting off the dirt from her rough landing. Siobhan took a step closer towards her “Malva.” she said softly crossing her arms looking her over “Pretty sure you hit the ground harder than I ever have in this meadow, then again Dominic tended to get in the way not letting me hit it to hard.” she closed the space between her and the aspect. She had been to the manor enough to meet all the aspects, and a handful of guards. “I do like that you are giving yourself shit for the rough landing.” She chuckled as she then frowned taking hold of her. “You are bleeding.”

Siobhan looked over the wound and then moved helping her to her feet. “Come on let me get you patched up back at the cabin, then you can tell me what brings you to our neck of the woods. Got a mission for Dom?” she moved with the aspect slowly back to the cabin stopping short “I am going to take you to the garage to avoid my mother and our other unwanted house guest.” she chuckled as she moved her to the garage where a few bikes and the truck Dom drove mostly sat the bikes torn apart as she sat the aspect on the workbench finding the first aid kit and then returned to her cleaning her up. “So what brings you here magical aspect?” the young Nephilim asked.

She knew she should have never flew in the first place. It feels like she needed to retake flying lessons again, like there will be actual lessons given out on how to fly like a dragon. Rolling over after hitting her head against the rock that just so happened to be there at a very untimely moment, Malva was spurring out profanities in her native tongue, Russian. A habitual trait she does whenever she got mad, which is by the way, almost all the time. “I hate you rock.” she grumbled in pain as she literally just lie around, waiting for the sun to stop shining over her. It was blinding her bad, to the point where she needed to shield her eyes away using her hand. She would've gotten herself up rather than leaving herself lying around so out in the open, but Malva couldn't find the strength she needed to actually pull herself up.

“Gods, I hope I didn't break anything..” Not anything major, at least. A broken ankle would suffice. When she saw a fair haired female coming into her view, she squinted her eyes to see her clearly and once the sun went elsewhere, she was able to see her properly in her peripheral vision. “Hey, Sio.” she managed to get a small smile across her face despite the bad mood she is current under, simply because it was literally impossible to get mad at the angel child standing before her. Siobhan had a knack on making people soft for her, and it worked on Malva. So that was saying something. Her heart wasn't as cold as ice, but the way she acts? You'd be fooled.

When Sio helped her up to her feet, she could feel the sudden crunch in her bones and unfortunately, her words came to life. Briefly examining her left ankle, she facepalmed. “You've got to be kidding me. I didn't mean it when I said a broken ankle will suffice.” She really didn't want to drink nor consume anything from herself, even though her remedies resembled that of a healer. It works, but was it pleasant? Not a chance. You'd be lucky enough if you didn't throw up the first time. Following her remark about herself bleeding, she touched the wound on her forehead and winced slightly. “Yeah no shit. I think I felt that the first time I hit the rock, Sio.” she mumbled sarcastically.

Limping her way back to the cabin, which thankfully wasn't that far off from where she crash landed earlier, she leaned against the column. “Half of me didn't even want to try flying again. Meanwhile the other part of me thought it would be fun, retrying it out.  Obviously I should take more warnings into my account the next time I try anything.” The Aspect of Magic was often prone to recklessness, mostly due to her hubris getting in the way. When the angel child asked her what's her purpose for coming over, she shrugged. “Just came by to visit actually. But maybe we'll talk a few. I just wanted to know if he was able to retrieve what I requested for when I sent him and Tati to Greece. A double check. So I would know if I need to go there myself.” She wouldn't blame neither one of them for not being successful at retrieving them, especially knowing how shady Greece was.

“Your mother? Right. I know the feeling.” Admittedly, Malva didn't have the best experience around family itself, both her parents turning out to be devious little schemers themselves, especially her mother. “I was initially searching for Dom, but I won't mind switching for you. Better company than the guy, anyways. But don't say I said that.”

The way the aspect gave Siobhan the small smile, She could tell that there was something just not right with the smile. Maybe the aspect had just been in a bad mood and not wanting to show it, that was how a lot of people where around Siobhan, not wanting her to see their dark side.  Billie Mae had told her, it was her gift to make people feel a calmness. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. It was like her empathic abilities helped calm those around her. Maybe because she was always over emotional inside of herself, there was always waves and waves of emotions crashing inside of her but she worked hard on having a calm and welcoming exterior. So that others like Malva felt comfortable with her.

Siobhan keeping a hold of the aspect who clearly had a broken ankle, Siobhan naturally used her Clairsentience ability to help take away any physical pain she may be feeling. What Siobhan lacked in hand to hand combat, she came naturally skilled at her nephilim mental abilities, she had impressed Clarissa with how well she picked up on the skills for not knowing she had them for the vast majority of her life. Siobhan gave the aspect a slight smirk as she mumbled the sarcastic remark to her to her. “First time falling dragon?” she question raising a brow to the aspect. “Trust me you get use to rough landings after some practice.” she gave a chuckle.

Siobhan kept her mental hold on the aspect of magic helping her limp her way to the cabin steering her towards the garage or more of a workshop full of broken bikes besides the teal one that was hers and the black one that was Dominics. Moving her to sit on the bench that was there. Letting out a soft sigh as she got to work looking at Malva ankle, being raised by a doctor had come in handy. “Well at least you crashed out here where you would have been found, though…” she took off the aspects shoe and places on the ground before looking back up to her “Why would you ever stop flying in the first place? Coming from the point of view of someone who had no idea she had wings till recently, if I had them all my life I would never not want to fly.” She remembered the struggle figuring out how to fly but Dominic wouldn’t let her give up on it. “Ah yes greece.” she remembered him coming back and he looked like he had seen things that she would not wish on anyone. She turned her head to the aspect “I don’t think going alone is the best option. Wasn’t Tati almost killed on that mission?” she spoke softly as she began to set her ankle.

“Well I guess I should say the woman who raised me.” She said as she then began to wrap the aspect ankle making sure to keep her pain to the side while she did so, giving a chuckle. “Finally someone who thinks I am better company. Dominic doesn’t see it but he is so loved by everyone that he comes in contact with...Well maybe besides those he bashes their faces in and my mother. People are attracted to him like moths to a flame.” she chuckled softly looking up to the aspect. “So it will be our secret that you like me more.” she winked to her before setting the wrapped up ankle up to elevate it. Moving to clean up the cut on her head, being with Dominic she had gotten rather good at stitches. Siobhan focused on the task of helping Malva, something about helping someone else caused the chaos she was feeling early in herself to be easily pushed down, another reason being so is because she was trying hard to keep herself together after everything that had happened and not let others see her weakness.

“Sophia, my mother, the woman who raised me is rather harsh and doesn’t like the supernatural world even though the child she took in all that time ago was not human.” she sighed as she looked at the cut trying to figure out if it was deep enough for stitches or not. “She hates being her with Dominic and I, doesn’t exactly approve of my choice in who to…” she cut herself off. “Only reason she is here is because Dominic and I rescued her from a crazy group of diviners who were testing on pregnant woman. One of the pregnant woman is here and going to give birth any day and so my mother being a doctor is sticking around to help. Which means the last few months have been everyone walking on eggshells.” She sighed heavily before cleaning the wound and placing a band-aid over it.

The angel child was not wrong to detect the change of demeanor in Malva, because she wasn't exactly in the best mood lately and crash landing earlier just had worsen the mood by a 100 more. She hated being helpless like this, such as the part where she is currently suffering from a broken ankle because she rolled the wrong way. This is why you can always take precautions, Malva, she grumbled to herself. But out of everyone else that could've witnessed her this way, she was immensely thankfully that the person who's witnessing this change was Siobhan. Admittedly, Malva doesn't have a wide range of friends from all around, not those she keeps around anyways. But the nephilim is definitely one of them.

Sio radiated this pure energy around her that meshes well with her own synergy, which caused the Aspect of Magic to be more intrigued by what she has under her sleeves. There wasn't a time where her anger couldn't be subsided whenever she's around the flaxen haired female. Perhaps it was her innocent and fresh appearance in being able to understand others. Or maybe her caring nature, either way, she's not complaining the slightest. The brunette Ailward is a doctor, so fixing herself up wouldn't be a problem but she decided to go against that option and leave for Sio to mend her. Not because she's lazy, no. But simply because she actually craves care sometimes. A broken bone wasn't a surprise anymore for her, and this was coming from a witch who often makes a cut on her palm to draw her blood for magic.

However, she was grateful that the nephilim decided to use her clairsentience ability to take away the physical pain she was feeling. Just because she didn't mind it, doesn't mean it's still not leaving a throbbing effect. That was one of the things that really pulled the Aspect of Magic closer into understanding her, since every other nephilim she had the chance of encountering was more agile in combat rather than their abilities in that field. Malva is a magic user, of course she's going to find that amusing and entrancing. “I don't think I've ever seen any angel child use their clairsentience ability that much before.” She wasn't lying, she never actually got to see more of that on anyone else, maybe with the exception of Octavia sometimes before. Perhaps that was what the two flaxen haired women had in common. Wings to signify their purity and innocence despite having darkness loomed over, shrouding themselves, but had a nurturing and caring nature.

It was no wonder she felt at ease whenever she's with them. Malva is always so stressed by almost everything, so she needed that to influence her surroundings, no matter how brief it would be. “Yup.. First time. I did not like it.” she grumbled grumpily, huffing a few times to blow the strands away from her eye level. “But I don't want to get used to rough landings.. I've never crash landed like that. Not once in my lifetime.” Maybe she was just distracted or got rusty, which was actually still possible even for them. “But yeah, I should've just walked. But no, my curiosity peaked and wanted to test out if I'm still flighty.” And curiosity ended up eating the cat, or in this case; her.

Leaning against the bench, she lets out a heaved sigh. She's not going to be able to move around that much with the restricted movements due to her broken ankle. “I have no idea why I even stopped.. I guess I just don't feel it as well as I might have once upon a time ago. I used to fly to stop worrying. But nowadays, things are way too intense for me so I didn't resort to flying anymore because well, then I'd crash.. Which is probably why I even landed awkwardly earlier.” She didn't hide anything from Sio, they had their fair amount of small talks and she's very close to them as a whole faction, so there's not much to hide from her. “Gosh.. Maybe I need a therapy to sort myself out. Good luck in finding a suitable psychologist though.” she scoffed lightly. “God knows how messed up the screws inside my head is right now.” Oh did she have an idea..

She bit her bottom lip instinctively when she heard about what happened to Dominic and Tatiana. She should've known better that it wasn't going to be that easy to retrieve the antique. “Yeah.. That's my fault. I should've told them that it was dangerous even for me to send one of the top ranked guards to get it. Magic can't be played around without consequences anyways. If anything I should've went with them, but we know my brothers would tie me up on my bed before letting me go anywhere near.” Unfortunately, her siblings had the same mindset when it comes to her welfare. Malva is a meticulous perfectionist, she would not shy nor back down from any challenges that would come her way. She's a risk taker, but the thing is, she's also notoriously known for her perfectionist traits that would eventually weigh her down. “But I can't leave it under their hands forever. Too many chaotic mess have been piling around.. And Greece is like only 1/1000 of it.” Someone is really giving a run for her money.

Mal could relate to what Sio said about her significant other. Dominic had this charm to him that really entices people and draw them in like how bees would entrap themselves under the beauty of flowers. “Yeah, he's something. Charming guy.” She was glad he found someone like her for it doesn't take a brainer to see their opposites deserved each other, molding them into one perfectly. “I don't like people in general, I feel like everyone knows that, so it will stay a secret either way.” she returned the wink and chuckled softly. She quirked her eyebrows in questioning manner when she heard about a group of diviners experimenting on a pregnant woman, that's new. And very frowned over. “Really? Keep me around then.. It's not like I can go anywhere in this condition. Experimenting on a pregnant woman, I wonder what they want. That's simply off the books.” This is what she has been fearing from day one, if humanity was going to cease to exist.

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