It was another new day in the city of Evermore. It had only been a short few weeks; since Scott Parrish had arrived in the Eternal City. The Male Initia was searching for a purpose. Never having been part of an Initia tribe; for most of his life. Scott still remembered how crashed he was; when he found out the tribe that helped him find his elemental links in South Carolina, were just passing by. Unable to join them. It was probably in that moment;that his desires to embrace his Initia abilities/to be part of a tribe grew more from that day. And his search, led him to here.

Scott found himself, slowly trying to get used to the new bustling city. The first thing he had done. Was finding himself a job. With his years of living on a farm, back in Canada. It wasn’t hard to gain a job, at one of the ranches near the mountains. Having plenty of experience/knowledge about the farm life and with horses; Scott became a good asset to the ranch, he now worked at. The Initia was slowly trying to integrate into the Initia faction, within the city. It was a bit of a slow process; since he wasn’t used the tribal life and their ways. So it was a learning experience for the Initia, for sure.

Like most mornings; Scott had an early start. It was nothing new to the Initia. Having been used to it since childhood. The morning at the ranch; consisted off the normal routine. Feeding the horses, and making sure they had plenty of fresh water. Before cleaning out their shelter; whilst they were roaming out and about in their Paddock outside. Often then not; they had visitors. Families; mainly with young children/sometimes teenagers whom were eager for horse-riding lessons, or to simply just admire/and pet the horses that roamed the grounds. The Initia couldn’t help but always find it adorable; how eager and excited young children would get around the horses. To see their small faces light up,with joy.

But the last few days, Scott took notice of a certain dark haired female. She seemed quiet the mystery to the Initia. But this past week or so; Scott seen her come and go, to the ranch. Almost, arriving at exactly the same time every day. She always spent some time with the horses, before leaving. Scott found himself, a bit curious. Whom was she? He had always kept an eye out; in case someone would be causing trouble. And she certainly never looked like, she meant harm to anyone around. But these days and age; one could never be too careful. Scott didn’t want any accidents to occur, on his watch. Especially as the owner had warned him; that someone once tried to steal one of the Black Mare’s a few years ago. Scott assumed, that the young woman was there, for the horses. She always seemed to be gentle with them. Wondering how much experience she had around them.

And today was no exception. Just as Scott was heading outside for some fresh bales of hay. There she was again. But this time, his curiosity got the better off him. Setting the fresh stack of hay, to the side of the stable entrance. Scott walked over to her. A friendly smile on his face. “Hey...I noticed you’re a frequent visitor.” His Canadian accent was quite thick. Scott was tall compared to her. With his muscles and broad shoulders; it was clear he was a hard worker. All the muscles gained from the labour over the years.

“Do you know, how to ride a horse?” he asked curious. Scott never recalled,seeing her out on a horse riding lesson, like some of the visitors.  Internally, trying to figure out her reasons for visiting, if she wasn’t here for horse-riding lessons. But it wasn’t hard to tell, she was a lover of horses; just the way she was with the creatures.

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Eden had acquired herself a new routine in the last couple of weeks, and found herself sitting at the edge of her bed today, frowning. The weather was changing drastically, and she knew when it got cold enough, she would no longer get to go to the ranch and spend time with the horses. For whatever reason, aside from watching the Sunset with Argent, being with the horses brought her the most solace she'd ever found in the city yet. There had been only one other exception to that, and his name was Knox. But, she knew he had a pretty tight schedule, and while she adored every little moment they got together, she had to find something to keep herself sane. during the moments Knox couldn't be around, and that's what had led her to the ranch. It was close to home for Eden also. 

Eden had been raised in a small shack, where her parents could barely afford to give her anything except for her name. But, to this day she could remember having lunch with her father by the oak tree's, where they could sit and watch the cows, and other animals on the farm, her father telling her that when she got old enough, it would all be hers. The farm, her mothers store, and the family home. That had meant Eden knew exactly how to take care of a farm. So the days she visited the ranch here in the city, Eden often took it upon herself to sneak into the storage building for food, and fed the horses. 

Eden sighed, and pulled herself off the bed before walking over to the dresser that held her clothes inside. She picked out a pink and green flannel button up love sleeved shirt, a white tank top, faded jeans and her denim jacket. She pulled her hair into two pigtail braids, before slipping her sneakers on, and leaving the motel. Eden grinned as she slipped a note under Knox's door. She did things like that all the time, and she admittedly had been missing the Dhampir lately. 

Once the cab got Eden to the ranch, the Valkyr clapped her hands together excitedly, and headed for the horses like she always did. She had even named a few of them for herself, because she was sure they had names, but since she didn't know them, she picked out her own names to call them. Buster was the first horse she went to. She had named the horse Buster from the top of her head, it didn't have any significant meaning, but it seemed to fit him all the same. Buster was a solid black horse, with a white patch over his eye, his mane was simply captivating. Eden reach in and began petting him, smiling as his tail began swaying back and fourth happily. 

Eden suddenly jumped, startling the horse in the process, but she was able to calm him just as quickly. Her dark set optics met the eyes of a man she'd never talked to before, but one she had seen plenty of times before now. She knew he worked here, and while she hadn't approached him, she had watched him plenty. He was attractive sure, but ever since she'd met Knox, her eyes seemed to only be for one man and one man alone. The rich bachelors of the city who paid her way through life, by her using her body to entertain them, had been the only exception still.But, she swore to herself if Knox ever wanted to move things further, she'd stop what she was doing, and stay with him. She knew she'd still have to pay her way, and pull her own weight, but she'd at least have his help and be safe in his arms, which was all she wanted truthfully. 

Pushing those thoughts aside, Eden smiled at the man who had just approached her "Yeah, I'd be a little lost if I couldn't visit" she admitted, grinning ear to ear as she continued petting Buster. "He's really beautiful. Do you guys allow people to ride them? or are they just for show?" she asked curiously, because she knew not all ranch owners were okay with people riding their horses. Her father had been that way. While he didn't mind people visiting to look at the animals, no one was ever allowed to ride their horses. But, that hadn't stopped Eden, she rode every day. And frankly, she missed it. 

"I do" she added, and averted her gaze to him. She could see he was a hard worker, just from the sweat that rolled down his torso, and how ripped he was with muscle. He definitely was a brute. "I'm Eden" she then said, holding out the hand that wasn't stretched across the fence petting Buster, to properly introduce herself to him. "Do you own this place?" she asked curiously, because it would be a dream come true if she could work here. It's not like she hadn't been feeding the horses, and she knew how to put new shoes on them if needed, knew how to give them bath's, and she'd even delivered a baby once before, with the help of her parents. "I come every day. It's mostly to reflect, and calm my nerves, but horses are my favorite animal. I grew up learning the ways of a farm myself" she smiled, and gave a simple nod. 

As the young female jumped; startled by his presence. Scott was about to head over to calm the horse she spooked in the process. But it seemed like the young woman had it handled. Yep, she definitely knew what she was doing, when it came to being around horses. Which meant she either owned one herself, or had just experience being around them. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Scott apologised. Clearly, she had been miles away; when he had approached her, for the first time despite seeing her around here so often.

Indeed, she liked coming here a lot; so he could imagine that she’d feel a little out of her routine if she missed a day or two visiting the Ranch.  “I think you’re one of the few frequent visitors.” Most people came often; if they had riding lessons booked. But she was here pretty much every day. Scott smiled, as she spoke about the Horse in question. “Yes,he is. Midnight is the newest mare of the Ranch. And over there.” he gestured to the smaller female horse, that looked almost identical to Midnight...or as Eden called him Buster. “That’s Star...his twin sister.” It had taken him a while to remember all of the names; but he got there eventually. “Midnight and Star, are one of show horses.” Their show horses were only ridden on by the owners/trainers, no one else. “But there are several that people can take for rides. Usually we hold classes on Monday, Tuesday which are reserved for children. Then from Thursday to Saturday, classes are held for Adults. You can either come here in the morning for lessons from 9am-11am or from 2pm to 5pm.” The Initia explained, giving Eden the typical schedule when it came to lessons and what days were reserved for whom. "Usually, the lessons last between 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on how advanced they are." So there were a few slots in the allocated lesson times. Especially since, more than 1 person took lessons at a time. Sometimes it was more quiet and on those days, riding lessons could last longer for that particular individual in the hour slots.

When she introduced herself. It seemed like quite the interesting name to have. Giving her a friendly smile. “Scott, pleasure to meet you Eden.” his hand clasped around her smaller one, as they shook hands.

“If you’d like, you can book a few riding lessons. I think there’s still a few spots left this week. I’ll have to check the rota in the stables.” If she was lucky, she might be lucky to get a slot or two. Otherwise, she’d have to wait till the new week to start. The Initia looked surprised,when she asked if he owned the place. Causing him to chuckle; shaking his head. “No...I just work here, but no. I am not the owner of the Ranch.” Scott wasn’t that rich to own a Ranch and he was still fairly new to the city. When she told him, she knew some ways of farming; Scott just silently took in the new knowledge before giving her a nod. “I thought so, you seem quite knowledgeable and gentle, from what I’ve seen.” Scott complimented her. He was quite impressed that she grew up on a farm herself. It’s been a while, since he met someone with that particular background and childhood.

Eden glanced over at the male, grinning slightly "It's okay, it happens a lot. Unfortunately i scare easily" she chuckled, feeling heat on her face as she blushed heavily. It was embarrasing to jump out of place every time someone approached her, but Eden had gained a little ptsd after all the stuff that'd happened with how she was turned, and living a life on the streets afterward. As he told Eden she was one of their few frequent visitors, the Valkyr frowned slightly. "That's a little sad. You'd think a place like this would bring in a lot of people, Ive met plenty who have Southern roots and feel out of place because they've relocated here to the city. This ranch would be the perfect place for them to feel back at home" she expressed, and gazed back over to Buster who continued swaying his tail back and fourth happily.

Eden glanced as the male pointed to another horse, one she hadn't really had the chance to pet or feed yet "So this is Midnight, and that's Star. Awesome, because ive gieven them all temporary names from myself, because I didn't know their actual names" she chuckled and withdrew her hand from Midnight's mane. "He's beautiful though. I bet a lot of people want to ride this one in particular" she expressed. Given how stout and gorgeous Midnight was, she guessed he was the most popular.

Eden frowned when he told her that Midnight was one of their show horses. She'd been dying to take him out and ride for a while, but she guessed she could make do with one of the others. "Ill have to see the others then. I definitely would love to ride.. how much do the lessons cost?" she asked, and swallowed harshly. It was no surprise that Eden wouldn't be able to pay for the lessons, and frankly, someone as experienced as her didn't even need lessons, she just simply wanted to ride one. When he said it depended on how advanced the lessons / riders were, about the time frame each lessons lasted, the Valkry gave a proud smirk. "I know my stuff" she stated, and gave him a genuine smile. This was one of few things that made Eden light up. She felt more like herself here, than anyplace else in this city, unless she and Knox were around one another. Because Knox, had certainly stepped up in their friendship, and he'd been the one person Eden found herself weightless with.

Eden held onto his hand for as long as he extended it, and smiled brightly. "Pleasures all mine, Scott" she added, and scanned him over a few times. "Perhaps, but what would it take to get one of those horses out here for just a ride?" she asked, and gave a sinister expression, wondering how daring and bold this guy could be. Everyone had a side to themselves that others never knew about, and Eden could only grin at the thought of him letting her take one for a ride, without letting the others know. "The thing is Scott, I can barely afford the rent in the hotel i'm currently residing in. Which means I'll neever be able to splurge on one of these beauties here, but my heart is very set on riding" she admitted, and looked up to him through her long thick lashes.

Eden hated telling people that she couldn't afford something, because as a woman, it makes you feel pretty damn powerless. "Are they doing any hiring here?" she asked curiously, and looked around, seeing how oddly quiet the place was today. She couldn't help but let her mind stay on the thought of 'what if we sneak two horses out and have some real fun'. Eden was never known to be a trouble maker, and she wasn't the type of woman to get others in trouble, but she did live by the motto "You only Live Once, so Enjoy it". Her and Scott "borrowing' two of their horses, and going for a ride, or even a race sounded like a good time in her opinion. She didn't wanna cost him his job, but she was sure that by now he knew the ropes, and could get by with it.

"Sorry. I'm not looking for a handout, but if you're up for some fun..." she grinned, and decided she'd let him figure out the rest of that sentence after all the hints she had dropped of him 'borrowing two horses for them to ride'.

The Initia knew a few jumpy people. Eden was no exception. He just gave her a soft smile. Her reaction was pretty much the same as his; when he found out not many people came here; at least, not as many as he would have hoped. “Yeah, it is a little sad.” he agreed with a nod. “Unfortunately, the owners had a few issues a while back. Some greedy people tried to steal a few of their show horses; so for a while...they entirely closed the farm off from visitors. So, only in the last few weeks; they been letting people attend and offering lessons again.” He figured it still needed some word of mouth and more interest from people, for it to get popular again. “If you know any people that are interested in horse lessons, or want to visit. Please send them this way.” Scott figured, if she met few people whom would love it here; she could help attract more visitors by telling people about this place.

He rose an eyebrow, an amused look crossing his face. “Oh? What have you been calling them up until now?” he asked curious, as to what names she had given them. This could potentially be amusing moment. Scott nodded. “He is beautiful indeed. And one of the youngest one’s.” Even the older horses had beauty to them off course; but some looked older, with their color fading away. But Midnight; he was exquisite.  And very popular show horse.

The Initia noticed her disappointment; when he mentioned that the Black Mare was just a show horse. “I can show you around, if you’d like. I have a break in about...” he glanced towards his watch, checking the time “...30 minutes.” Once he would be off duty for about an hour or so, Scott would have more time for costumers that needed help. As she asked about the cost. Scott tried to think back on the pricing. “It depends, if you just want the single session either morning or afternoon, it costs about 30$, but if you want to part-take in both sessions it costs between 40$-65$.” He informed her. Not knowing about her circumstances, which would make it hard for her to pay for the lessons. But if she was as skilled as she claimed to be; she didn’t need lessons.

Her question took Scott by surprise. Raising a slight eyebrow at her. Okay, maybe the young woman was more daring and bold, than he had first presumed. “Without booking a lesson and paying?” Scott added. “That could possibly cost me my job.” The owners had strict rules; and he didn’t want to get on their bad side. Outside of lessons; Scott wasn’t allowed to ride the horses; unless he had permission from the owners. And Scott didn’t want to jeopardize his job here, by doing something bold and stupid against the rules. Even if it would make Eden happy. His brows furrowed, hearing her admit that she couldn’t afford to pay rent, let alone for the lessons. “You’re broke?” he looked worried. Wondering why she even lived in a hotel room. But the Initia didn’t want to pry too much. But the question was on the tip of his tongue.

When she asked if they were hiring. That gave Scott an idea.”I think, they still need some extra help around the farm house and the stables. I’ll talk to the owners.” Promising to put in a few good words for her, since she knew how things worked on a farm. “I’ll see what I can do about the horse riding. But...I can’t afford to loose my job here.” Hopefully she understood, what tricky position she put him in; by her hints. Scott was still fairly new here with this job; not wanting to jeopardise it. But Scott would find a way to work around it. So she could get what she want and possibly a job here too.

Eden was simply shocked when Scott told her that they had closed down entirely, on account of greed and thieves. "That's a shame. You wouldn't assume people are simply stupid enough to steal something as big and noisy as a horse" she chuckled, while shifting from one foot to another, nervously. Eden offered a friendly smile in Scott's direction and gave the slight nod of her head to his request "f course. I'd love to help make the place lively again. I'll get the word out there. There's plenty of children that i'd imagine to be fascinated with horses" she stated, and gazed back to the horse before her, petting it's silk mane once more.

"Well, Midnight here has been Buster until now" she chuckled, and gazed around to see if she could spot some of the others she had given her own names to "Then that one over there.." she pointed ut to the one with a white mane, "That one I call Alaska, simply because of it's gorgeous white mane" she smiled genuinely, and pointed out to one more, the one with the silver mane, that she liked more than all the rest, because of it's beauty and muscle. "That ones name has been Diamond. What are their real names?" she couldn't help but wonder if the names that had originally been chosen for the horses, fit them better than the ones Eden gave them.

Eden wouldn't pass up the offer fr him to show her around, so when he offered to do so on his break, she smiled excitedly, and nodded her head yes. "I would love that. I guess it wouldn't hurt for someone who's been visiting this place practically since it opened" she smirked a little, and listened when he explained the prices. Eden frowned, but tried to hide it, she couldn't help but feel defeated by her living situation and the income she lacked. "Is that for just one day worth of riding, or?" she then asked, finding it a little pricey if a person was paying 60$ for a few hoours, just one time only.

"Yes without paying" while her question about him doing that had been bold, his question "you're broke?" had been just as bold if not worse "Well, that's one way to word it" she narrowed her gaze in on him as if to let him know he had possibly asked it the wrong way. She did feel offended slightly. But, then again, not many people knew how to question you about your income. "I didn't used to be. But becoming a shadow f the night didn't do anything more than have me tossed into the streets, and that's how ive been living for years." she shrugged. She didn't care about someones opinions of her, and she kinda figured Scott meant no harm.

Eden bit her lower lip and grinned up at him, when he said he'd find a way. "Well thank you Scott. I wouldn't want to risk your position here. I guess my nature is a little to bold for others, but I also guess I was seeking a little bit of thrill in my life at your expense. You just struck me as a daring man. I guess you can't always judge a book by it's cover" she added, because Scott idid sort of have that daring look about himself. Oh well, she was happy enough to have him willing to put in a good word for her and figure out how to ride the horses later. "So.. where should we start?" she asked, after realizing they had stood here talking a good 25 minutes and it was almost time for his break.

The shock on her face, was something the Initia was used to seeing. It was a usual reaction, when people found out what had happened here. “Yeah, I suppose some people just don’t think.” He mused. After all, it’s not like you wouldn’t get caught, trying to steal a horse. That was simple impossible.  But he was glad, she took the offer to try and help get more people to come here. It would help them much. “I’d imagine so. I’ve seen plenty of excited young children, any time families visit.” He gave her a thankful look. They needed more visitors, that was for sure.

When she mentioned that Midnight had been called Buster. Scott couldn’t help but end up laughing. Shaking his head in amusement. “Wow...well, the owners do have a dog called Buster, actually.” he told her, chuckling. This indeed was quite funny. As she pointed out two other horses. Scott smiled, those names seemed to be a bit more fitting than Buster had been for Midnight. “Well, Alaska is actually Snowdrop.” he smiled. “And Diamond, as you call her. Is Azure.”Mainly because of the brilliant unique blue eyes, that the horse had. But Scott quiet liked the name Alaska and Diamond too.

Eden practically seemed to light up, when he offered to show her around. “It’s the least, I can do for someone who visits so often.” He gave her a soft smile. He couldn’t help but notice, her reaction to the pricing. But didn’t comment on her frown. “No, I think it usually should cover a few days worth. Unless you’re a family booking horse riding lessons, then it’ll just cover them for that day.” Hopefully, she’d be a bit more in the clear, about the prices for the horse riding lessons.

It seemed like the female Valkyr was indeed bold. But he probably made a bad move, with his question. Giving her an apologetic look, when he saw her scowling at him slightly. The Initia didn’t mean to cause offense, he had just wanted to find out about her situation, to figure out why she was asking for a free ride. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause offense.” he apologised. But frowned slightly, as she explained her situation. It sounded tough. This was tricky. He hoped, the owners of the farm, would take her on as an extra pair of hands. It would give her income.

“You could say that.” he slightly chuckled, as she said she was a little too bold. More bold, than he met lately. But he looked surprised, when she claimed he looked daring.”Really? What gave you that impression?” Scott asked, generally curious.  With them talking, time passed a lot quicker than he had realised. “The rest of the outside.” he said with a chuckle, They were near one of the stables, but there was so much more to see.

Eden shook her head when Scott said some people just didn't think, but to what extent? A person would go as far as stealing something as big and as noisy as a horse? She was certainly floored beyond expression. Eden chuckled, she supposed it was more funny than anything else, "I don't get why people have to come around ruining things like this, it's such a family oriented atmosphere, takes a real dumb ass to steal a horse" her southern twang really echoed through her accent as she spoke that sentence.

Eden found hersel laughing with Scott when they went over what she called the horses, to their actual names, it did make for an amusing moment no doubt. "Azure.. that's a really pretty name" she smiled genuinely and averted her gaze out to the horse named Azure. She longed to just get on one and ride until the horse couldn't go any longer, and that would be her final destination. Truth be  told, she just wanted to break free. With one exception, that she could kidnap, and take Knox along with her. She couldn't see herself without him at this point.

Eden offered a sweet smile when Scott told her that showing her around was the least he could do for someone who came around so often "You're sweet. Do you do this for all your regulars?' she teased slightly, shooting a playful grin in his direction. Eden was a little happier to learn that the lessons would last a few days with the price he had mentioned, but she still wouldn't have that kind of money any time soon. And, even if she did, all her spare cash was being put in a jar with the hopes of helping Knox get the fixer upper he had his heart settled on. Eden's heart was now set on the same dream.

Eden waved a hand at him when he frowned and apologized "You're fine. I don't think anyone means to, and really, it's not a question that has a good way to ask, you just have to ask and hope the other person don't get too mad. You're forgiven" she smiled, and gave him a nod of appreciation that he had even taken the time to say he was sorry.

Eden shrugged when he asked what had given her the impression that he was a daring man. "I guess it's just your build. Tall and muscular, and expressive eyes.. I'm usually pretty good at reading people, but you got me on that one. So if you're not bold, what are you?" she asked curiously, "I mean, not to pry. I just figure if there may be a chance ill be working here with you in the near future, then we may as well get to know each other" she added to correct herself before he took her words wrong.

Eden's doe eyes lit up again when he said they could start with the rest of the outside. As she walked beside of him, the Valkyr gazed around, studying her surroundings, and watching as another man, who seemed way older than Scott, tried getting one of the horses to go in it's stable, and the horse seemed rather stubborn, which made Eden laugh before glancing to Scott. "So, what's the hardest thing you do here?" she figured that was the best question to ask first.

Eden’s reaction, was pretty much how anyone else reacted; when they found out about what had happened. “I think some people just don’t appreciate things like this. It’s sad really.” The Initia hoped, that he could help make the place running as it once was. And hopefully,with more hands on board; they’d eventually attract more people, to come visit and part-take in lessons and what have you. Scott lightly chuckled, at her comment. “Yeah, you got that right. Where abouts did you come from?” He asked curious, as he caught her Southern Accent.

Not that he was really supposed to, but Scott had his favorites. Midnight and Azure were one of them. He found Azure especially more unique than other horses. It was her eyes. “Yeah, she has beautiful eyes. Unlike anything I’ve seen with horses.” Scott smiled. He found the name rather fitting, for her. If they’d come across other horses; he would be sure to point them out to Eden and give her more names. Just so she had good knowledge, if she wanted to work here and wouldn’t get them confused.

He lightly chuckled at her teasing comment, nodding slightly. “If I have spare time, then yeah. I’ve given regulars a tour or two.” It was one of the reasons, why the owners of the farm liked him so much. He had experience, was glad to help out visitors and anyone whom was interested in working on the farm, when extra help was needed. As they made their way out of the barn. Scott stuffed his hands in the back of his pockets. Keeping them warm, from the nippy weather outside.

Eden did have a good point. There was no good way to such a question. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It was just a little...reckless of me to ask.” But he was, relieved that she forgave him, and wasn’t too upset with him, for the question. As Scott was giving her a tour. He made sure to point out where everything was; including the training area for the horses, the other barn which was a bit further down. Where they kept the chicken and ducks. Scott knew where everything was, like the back of his hand by now. If someone asked him to draw up a map of the place, he’d most likely do it blind folded.

As the Valkyr female, mentioned it was his build. He slightly chuckled. “Well that’s an interesting guess.” he smiled softly. “Me?” at first, he thought she might have been hinting about what species he was. But it wasn’t the case. “I’d say, I am hard working. And consider myself a loyal friend. I might have my secrets every once in a while. But who doesn’t right?” It wasn’t always easy to share everything,with someone. Scott kept a lot of things to himself. Until he was sure, he could trust someone with his secrets. But other than that, he had quite a good honest streak.

Scott saw one of the other workers struggling with one of the horses. Excusing himself briefly. He jogged over to help him. “’s okay boy.” Scott managed to calm down the restless horse. Which prompted the horse to go back into the stable. The male thanked him, giving him a grateful pat on the shoulder. Before Scott returned back to Eden, in time to hear her question. “I think repairs around the farm, would be more tricky. Sometimes they need all hands on deck, for repairs. But bathing the horses tends to be a bit of a challenge also. They don’t always like it.” So knowing the right approach and how to keep horses calm, when cleaning them, was a skill that took a while to master. Especially for some newcomers, with no experience. While he was in the middle of explaining it to Eden. Scott saw the owner was near-by and heading in their direction. Scott gave the older male a friendly smile. “Good afternoon sir.” he greeted him, with the usual politeness.

“Good afternoon to you too, Scott.” he greeted him back. Glancing between him and the young female. “And who’s this?” he asked curious.

The Initia figured this would be a good time, to put in a good word for Eden. “This is Eden. She’s one of our regular visitors. I thought I’d give her a little tour, as she has an interest in helping here. I think she’d make a good addition to the team. She’s loving and gentle with the horses, from what I’ve seen and has experience/background that suits the job.” Scott said honestly.

“Oh?” the owner looked surprised, before glancing at Eden. “Is that so?” he asked, with a friendly smile. “Have you worked on a farm before?” Curious, to hear more from Eden herself. To see if Scott’s words rang true.

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