It was another new day in the city of Evermore. It had only been a short few weeks; since Scott Parrish had arrived in the Eternal City. The Male Initia was searching for a purpose. Never having been part of an Initia tribe; for most of his life. Scott still remembered how crashed he was; when he found out the tribe that helped him find his elemental links in South Carolina, were just passing by. Unable to join them. It was probably in that moment;that his desires to embrace his Initia abilities/to be part of a tribe grew more from that day. And his search, led him to here.

Scott found himself, slowly trying to get used to the new bustling city. The first thing he had done. Was finding himself a job. With his years of living on a farm, back in Canada. It wasn’t hard to gain a job, at one of the ranches near the mountains. Having plenty of experience/knowledge about the farm life and with horses; Scott became a good asset to the ranch, he now worked at. The Initia was slowly trying to integrate into the Initia faction, within the city. It was a bit of a slow process; since he wasn’t used the tribal life and their ways. So it was a learning experience for the Initia, for sure.

Like most mornings; Scott had an early start. It was nothing new to the Initia. Having been used to it since childhood. The morning at the ranch; consisted off the normal routine. Feeding the horses, and making sure they had plenty of fresh water. Before cleaning out their shelter; whilst they were roaming out and about in their Paddock outside. Often then not; they had visitors. Families; mainly with young children/sometimes teenagers whom were eager for horse-riding lessons, or to simply just admire/and pet the horses that roamed the grounds. The Initia couldn’t help but always find it adorable; how eager and excited young children would get around the horses. To see their small faces light up,with joy.

But the last few days, Scott took notice of a certain dark haired female. She seemed quiet the mystery to the Initia. But this past week or so; Scott seen her come and go, to the ranch. Almost, arriving at exactly the same time every day. She always spent some time with the horses, before leaving. Scott found himself, a bit curious. Whom was she? He had always kept an eye out; in case someone would be causing trouble. And she certainly never looked like, she meant harm to anyone around. But these days and age; one could never be too careful. Scott didn’t want any accidents to occur, on his watch. Especially as the owner had warned him; that someone once tried to steal one of the Black Mare’s a few years ago. Scott assumed, that the young woman was there, for the horses. She always seemed to be gentle with them. Wondering how much experience she had around them.

And today was no exception. Just as Scott was heading outside for some fresh bales of hay. There she was again. But this time, his curiosity got the better off him. Setting the fresh stack of hay, to the side of the stable entrance. Scott walked over to her. A friendly smile on his face. “Hey...I noticed you’re a frequent visitor.” His Canadian accent was quite thick. Scott was tall compared to her. With his muscles and broad shoulders; it was clear he was a hard worker. All the muscles gained from the labour over the years.

“Do you know, how to ride a horse?” he asked curious. Scott never recalled,seeing her out on a horse riding lesson, like some of the visitors.  Internally, trying to figure out her reasons for visiting, if she wasn’t here for horse-riding lessons. But it wasn’t hard to tell, she was a lover of horses; just the way she was with the creatures.

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