Nayoung looked at the clock on the wall as she prepared to head to the airport, keeping track of the time so that she wouldn’t be late. She still found it a little strange how she met the actress, but ever since that day in Miami, she had become close friends with Ivory, and had even helped her out of a couple of sticky situations. Being famous couldn’t be easy, especially when everyone knows you, so she could understand her friend’s want to be normal every once in a while. She still had about an hour to go before Ivory arrived, so she made sure that she had everything she needed. “Cell phone, check. Purse, check.” she said with a smile before looking down. That was when she realized she wasn’t wearing any pants. “Oh Crap!” she exclaimed with a slight laugh. “I thought it felt a little chilly,” she continued before heading back to her bedroom.

When she was finally ready to head to the airport, she collected her belongings from the table and headed out the door. Getting into her car, Nayoung texted Ivory saying that she was on her way, and that she’d meet her at the designated spot to avoid all the cameras. As she drove along, Nayoung turned on some music and drifted a little into thought. She began to consider what would happen if the media ever discovered her little schemes to help Ivory avoid the paparazzi and fans? Would they make her out to be the bad guy? Or would they go as scandalous as to say that they were dating? So many thoughts began swimming around in her head, but she didn’t really care about the result. In fact she was almost curious as to what would actually happen.

It wasn’t too long before she pulled up to the airport, and already there were fans crowded around waiting for Ivory to make her appearance. Nayoung just smiled and drove past the main entrance, heading for the meet-up spot. It wasn’t exactly private, but it wasn’t the usual location for people to exit either. Ivory and Nayoung had talked to the airport staff to arrange their little detour plan. They were more than happy to help them out, in exchange for an autograph each time they permitted them to use the exit. When she reached the location, she texted Ivory once again, saying that she was outside. Turning the music down a little, she hummed to the tune, and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she patiently awaited the arrival of her famous friend.

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Ivy quirked a brow when Nayoung suggested making a deal and grinned slightly when she offered to be her bodyguard after she completed her training “Well then you’d better work super hard” she scolded playfully and smiled, honestly who knew what their eventual future held but she hoped they would always be there for one another. Ivy had to wonder if things were too person when she noticed that Nayoung was getting a little emotional and she bit her lip softly “She wouldn’t have wanted you to curl into a ball and give up everything important to you” she responded and reached to squeeze her shoulder slightly in a comforting manner, she couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been to lose someone so close to her.

She nodded slightly “There’s just too many conflicting things going on constantly, I swear it’s impossible to keep track of everything” at least not without going insane anyway. Ivy enjoyed her role in the world as an initia at times but at others she just wished she could be a regular human so that there wouldn’t be yet another thing she needed to hide from the world. “Emphasis on the may” she jested when her friend talked about where her missing sweater was, it was easy for Ivy to shake off though, she wasn’t possessive over her clothes and honestly it was nice to have someone to share them with. She was honestly glad to have someone to talk about Taealha with, she knew she’d made some initial mistakes, but Nayoung was right, perhaps if she came clean soon, they could figure things out “God I hope so…” she murmured softly “I never expected to just...fall off the deep end for someone” she commented and nodded a few times.

Ivy nodded a few times in assurance when Nayoung asked if she was okay after the immediate stop “Just a little winded...I swear my heart might have jumped out of my chest for a moment” she commented in a slightly shaky voice because she was still a little in shock after what happened. “Staying with the car is going to mean we’re stuck here for the entire night...maybe even longer and even then...who in their right mind would even drive this way” it didn’t even seem like an official road. Ivy frowned for a moment when Nayoung spread her wings, watching as she shot up towards the sky. Thankfully there wouldn’t be anyone around to see them because there was no easy way to explain...that.

When he friend came back down, the Initia shifted on the spot as though to show she was eagerly awaiting good news but when it didn’t come she huffed a little “Aren’t you just tempted to flap those wings of yours and find a way out?” but honestly Ivy didn’t like her chances of finding her way back here and they couldn’t just leave their stuff here. When Nayoung took out the jacket she gasped before tossing it around her shoulders without another second “I swear you prepare yourself for everything, it wouldn’t surprise me if you had a foolproof plan in your head for surviving the apocalypse” which was honestly so her. “Though this fog honestly feels like the start of an apocalypse” she grumbled as she nodded “If we keep following this same road we have to find our way back from where you turned off” and once they found the main road they could call for a tow.

Nayoung couldn't stop the small laugh that escaped her lips, it came so naturally and held such happiness. "Have you ever known me to work soft?" she commented with a wink. "I'm going all in, so you'll probably see me on your security detail sooner rather than later" she finished with a bright smile. Nayoung had always given her all, no matter what she was doing, and that was all thanks to her sister. Yuna had to find the balance between sister and parent in order to nurture Nayoung into the woman she has become today, and the only moment she would even want to change if she could, would be the moment her sister had been taken from her. "You’re very right about that. Yuna would want the absolute opposite of that." Nayoung paused for a moment to think about her sister, "To do what she had done for me… had to have been difficult" she commented with a soft smile. To take in Nayoung the way she had, couldn't have been easy at that age, and she couldn't even imagine where she would be now had her sister not protected her from her parents behaviors.

"Yeah I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep track of everything you have to do. Everyone talks about the pros of fame and fortune, but nobody thinks about the cons" she spoke truthfully. She had once thought about entering the entertainment industry, but her sister had warned her that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Yuna had even gone so far as to introduce her to an ex-idol, who talked to her about the pros, as well as the cons. With all that information, Nayoung had chosen to change her mind on joining the entertainment industry. Hearing Ivory’s comment about the sweater, brought a grin to her face. "Extra emphasis on the may" she continued with a laugh. The young Nephilim could tell that talking about Taealha was making her friend both nervous and relieved at the same time. Although she didn't have anyone in her life at this point in time, she would bet that having someone to talk to about the person would be a big help. Moreover if you are unsure of what to do, or how to move forward. "Trust me Ivory, ripping off the bandaid will always hurt less than the slow peeling" she wasn't sure if she had used the analogy right, but it felt right. "That's how you know that your feelings are genuine. You can't control love, only flow with the waves" she commented in a reassuring tone.

"I'm glad that you’re okay," she replied in a relieved tone. "Yours and mine both" she continued with a shaky laugh. Better their hearts popping out, than broken bones. Ivory was definitely the logical one between them, though the Nephilim did have her own moments, but she had to admit her friend had a point. Nobody in their right mind would even know to look for them on this road, and from what she could tell from their current situation, this road may have been closed because of the fallen rocks. "That's true, we don't even know how far we drove down this road either" she responded, ruffling her hair a little in frustration. After flying up in a hurry, she realized that she didn't even consider the fact that someone may have seen her. Nayoung hadn't really spread her wings much in the colder seasons, so they weren't used to the cold weather, and she could already feel the cold spreading through her body from the short flight she had taken.

"The answer to that question would be both yes and no" she began before retracting her wings. "Yes so I could get us out of this situation, but no because I haven't really conditioned my wings for cold weather, and I also haven't carried a passenger before either" she added truthfully. Those were some of her flaws that didn’t seem important at the time, and now those flaws were highlighted more than ever. Nayoung laughed a little at Ivory’s response when she gave her the jacket. "It's always better to be prepared for the worst, but I apparently didn't prepare for everything. If I had, there'd be a bottle of gas here as well. Something to think about when we find our way out of here". Some people might think she's crazy for over preparing for the worst situations, but it's always better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. "Well that would depend upon what caused the apocalypse. Different situations call for different solutions" she replied with a grin. "Alright, shall we head out?" she questioned as she began walking back the way they had come, her arm interlinked with Ivory’s.

Ivy could often be seen as a blunt person who gets directly to the point so it wasn’t surprising for her to point out to Nayoung that her sister wouldn’t have wanted her to live her life tortured and afraid after losing her “She’d want you to find some form of happiness, she’d want you to put yourself first” perhaps finding justice was also on the cards but not at the cost of the other girl’s entire sanity. “I mean it’s not like I’m complaining because I’ve been incredibly lucky when it comes to my fans and getting to do what I love gets a little hard to breathe sometimes” she murmured the words softly, it could be intense to go places and everyone there know who you are, constantly being bombarded with strangers who want your attention and time.

Nayoung was right of course, ripping off the band aid and telling the truth to Taealha was about the only option that she’d left herself, she had to hope that maybe the other human would understand if the truth came directly from her “She’s gotta have the compassion of a saint if she forgives me after I hid all this from her” she commented in a soft voice, of course she only had herself to blame but she hope in her heart the other girl could find a way to understand. She chuckled under her breath when Nayoung said she had been shocked too, thank god that she had managed to stop in time and neither of them were hurt/

“Well at least we’re in the middle of nowhere so there won’t be any paparazzi getting a shot of us stranded at the side of the road” she jested thinking about how those headlines would have panned out, especially with her being photographed with someone the tabloids weren’t aware of. She shuddered slightly. It was definitely getting pretty cold out here fast so Ivy was really thankfully that Nayoung was prepared with coats. She wrapped hers tighter around her shoulders and clicked her tongue when the nephilim said she wouldn’t be able to fly them out of there “No supernatural hacks today then huh?” she bit her tongue, well this was going to be a long night.

“A bottle of gas would have helped but that’s the kind of thing you always need to remember to keep topped up...can’t really blame you for forgetting” she teased if softly and nodded wen she said they should get going and walked alongside her. The weather wasn’t great but it was bearable and thankfully Ivy was wearing trainers so walking wasn’t too harsh on her feet “Remind me not to get too caught up in chatting with you in the car again” she teased and nudged her slightly “This is gonna be one hell of a story I can tell” thankfully the road was empty and pretty straight, and they had one another to keep company during the walk.

Nayoung couldn’t help but laugh a little when Ivory said that her sister would want her to put herself first. “You’re half right. Yuna would want me to find some form of happiness again, but not by putting myself first. My sister had always put other people before herself, and she taught me to do the same thing” she said with a smile. “Of course there were times when she put herself first, and she told me that I would know when it was time to put myself first. So I tried to follow her lead while growing up” she continued with a bright smile. Remembering the good times she had with her sister always brought a smile to her face, and while she didn’t do it very often, it felt good to remember her sister like that, rather than the horrid image that had been etched in her brain like a tattoo. They say that the past can make or break you, but for Nayoung, her past seemed to be doing both. Her past had made her develop her abilities beyond what she could have ever thought possible, but it had also broken her into being focused on one thing… REVENGE. “I know you don’t complain, but still it’s like you said, it gets a little hard to breathe sometimes” she acknowledged with a sympathetic smile. “That’s why I’m more than happy to be able to take you away from it all even if it is only for a short while” she added with a grin.

"I mean it's not easy to just come out and say you're a celebrity. I think forgiveness will come easier than you think" she commented, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Nayoung could understand her friend’s reasons for hiding the truth from Taealha, but she also has known the celebrity for a long time now. The desire for some normality in a celebrity's life was an understandable reason to hide the truth, and she hoped for her friend’s sake, that Taealha would understand that as well.

Hearing her friend joke about the paparazzi had caused her to chuckle a little. "That's true, though at least we would have a way out of this situation" she added to her friend’s statement. However Nayoung knew that the paparazzi was only ever around when you didn't want them, so wanting a way out of this situation meant that the paparazzi was probably far away from here, probably hounding some other celebrity,  or working on a story. Nayoung laughed in response to her friend’s comment about supernatural hacks. "Sadly not this time" she replied. Nayoung knew now that she shouldn’t have skipped conditioning her wings for situations like this, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

The young Nephilim realized her friend had a point about having her vehicle gassed up, and while she tried to think about what had caused her to forget to do it, she couldn’t remember why she hadn’t filled up before picking Ivory up at the airport. She usually always kept her car full, yet this time she hadn’t. “I can’t even figure out why I forgot to fill it up. Usually my car never goes below half” she replied with a confused look on her face. Nayoung laughed as her friend told her to remind her not to get caught up in a conversation in the car again. “What? And miss out on an adventure like this?” she questioned jokingly as she talked about their current predicament. “A hell of a story indeed. Let’s just hope this doesn’t get any…” she began, and before she was finished, snow started falling around them. “...worse” she finished and shook her head in disappointment. She knew that there was a snow storm going to hit tonight, but with everything going on she had forgotten about it. “We need to find shelter” she said as she looked around for any sign of safety.

She smiled and nodded slightly “You’d still be one of her favorite people, she’d want you to be happy first” she gave her a stern look, there wasn’t a shame in being selfish when it came to your own needs sometimes, it could be therapeutic and in some cases even life saving “Once you figure that out, saving the world is next on the list” she teased and smirked, much harder to actually achieve but people of that nature would try regardless. “It does” she commented and nodded because she wasn’t wrong, it was difficult to feel like she had a grip on her life when it was everyone’s business “I appreciate the break, they feel kinda rare lately” she knew it was what she chose but that didn’t mean there weren’t downsides.

“I can’t blame her if she decides to back away though, even if the whole hiding it thing doesn’t bother her, this life isn’t for the faint of heart, all of the attention, the constant comments and judgment...she’s so sweet, I worry it would hurt her too much” there were a lot of outstanding questions when it came to all that which she knew she was going to have to face when the truth was finally out in the open. “We’re all guilty of forgetting to fill up and having to dash to the gas station in a rush a few minutes before you need to be somewhere, it’s basically a rite of passage of life” she teased and chuckled, they were both safe and unharmed and that was all that really mattered right now.

It was really damn cold though, enough that Ivy could feel her ears getting chilly already as they walked, when she looked up she noticed the snow that had begun to come down and she gave a frustrated huff “It’s almost like the world has it out for us today” she cursed as they kept moving, the focus now turning away from making it to a gas station and instead to finding somewhere they could shelter from the storm. As they walked between the trees she kept her eyes open for somewhere they could go, she spotted smoke, presumably from a chimney in the distance and pointed it out.

“Someone must live over there” though she had definitely seen horror stories about cabins in the woods, they weren’t left with much choice than to head in that direction, otherwise they may freeze out here.

Nayoung smiled as she heard the response of her friend, “Yeah. My sister and I used to see eye to eye on most things, but we did have our moments of disagreements too. However we never let that get between the bond we shared. We cared about each other too much to let a disagreement come between us” she commented with a smile. Ivory had shared a great point with her comment, and it did make the young Nephilim think about ways to maybe increase her happiness. She laughed as she listened to Ivory talking about saving the world, even if it was just to tease. “Yeah I don’t think I have enough merit to save the world” she stated while laughing. “Though I would definitely lay my life on the line for those I cherish. Much like you” she commented, giving the young Initia a playful nudge. “You can always count on me to give you the much needed breaks when you return” she replied as she held out her pinky to the other female. “That’s a promise” she continued with a little wink.

Nayoung could tell how much Taealha meant to Ivory, and she could understand where all of the worry was coming from. She was valid in stating that the attention and judgements weren’t for everyone, and that would indeed be a huge hurdle to cross once the truth was out. She placed a hand on the other female’s shoulder in a comforting manner, “I know you’re worried, I probably would be as well if I were in your shoes. However, you have to have faith that the feelings you have for one another are more potent than the popularity and judgments from other people” she said with a soft tone. “If it’s any consolation, you and I have been able to keep our friendship going all these years despite your popularity. So you just need to have faith that your relationship with Taealha can withstand the test of time like our friendship” she continued in hopes of comforting her friend. As she heard Ivory tease her about forgetting to fill up the car, she laughed a little. “Yeah I guess you’re right. It definitely isn’t the first time I forgot to fill up, but it never was this bad” she added before gesturing to their current situation.

“Surely someone has it out for us today” she added, her breath quickened a little by the cold weather. “Hopefully something good will happen soon, or we could be in more trouble than we currently are,” she added before hearing Ivory say something about someone living over there. Her eyes shifted to the direction her friend had pointed out, and although it was vague, there did seem to be smoke in the distance, not too far from where they currently were. “Let’s go. Surely it can’t be any worse there than it is here” she commented as they changed direction and headed toward the smoke. “Just make sure you stay behind me if things do get worse. I’ll keep you safe” she added confidently as she saw what appeared to be a light in the direction they were heading. “Would you look at that. Maybe things are finally starting to look up for us. Who knows, they might even have a phone we could use” she continued as they came upon a cabin in the midst of all the nothingness that surrounded them. When they reached the cabin, Nayoung paused for a moment just to examine the building. It didn’t look like it had been kept up very well from the outside, but there was obviously someone living there. Why else would there be smoke coming from the chimney, and a light in the window. “Here goes nothing” she said as she walked to the door of the building and knocked on the door. Now all that was left to do now was wait and see if anyone answered the door.

She smiled softly, Ivy never had a sibling but she often wondered what her life would have been like if she had grown up alongside someone else, would they have gotten along? Would she feel protective over them? “Sounds like you were really close” she commented softly, she wondered if all siblings felt close to their others or whether that was rarer. “I always wanted a sister, it was tiring putting on my one-woman shows when I was younger” she laughed softly. Her expression turned to a soft smile when Nayoung said she would put her life on the line for those she cared for “That makes you either stupid or very brave” she commented with a wry smile, or perhaps it was a mix of both. She looked down at her pinky and laughed a little at the childishness of it before rolling her eyes and offering out her own “You’re so dumb” she teased in a playful voice as she nudged her back.

She looked down for a moment and then up to Nayoung again “I chose this life and I accepted the risks that came with it but I couldn’t blame anyone else for wanting to run and hide from it” she murmured, the feeling like you could never really be free, worrying about whatever you decided to do in case someone decided to take a picture and twist the situation. “You must be pretty resilient to put up with all this” though they’d managed to keep their friendship pretty lowkey for a while now “It’s selfish but I wish she could too...I think she’d break my heart if she told me she couldn’t do this” she bit her lip softly, but she would understand completely, as she knew how much she was asking for.

“It happens” she responded and shrugged “If everything always went our way in life, we’d all be very obnoxious” sometimes you needed to be kicked down to remind you that the world didn’t owe you anything and on occasion, bad things happen. Ivy could feel her body wanting to shiver even though she was wrapped in the coat Nayoung had brought, she was very glad to have it because she didn’t know how she would cope without it. After trekking across the forest to get to the house, Ivy was a little hesitant as they went up to the door, wondering if they would recognize her. After she knocked on the door, they waited until a little old lady came to the door, Ivy offered an apologetic smile “Sorry to bother you but our car has broken down on the road back there” she pointed in the general direction, she immediately cut her off before ushering them inside saying they were poor souls and to get it out of the cold.

Nayoung smiled brightly as she listened to her friend’s comments. “The bond I had with my sister was a special one for sure,” she began happily. “Much like the bond that we’ve grown over the years” she finished with a bright smile. Nayoung appreciated Ivory quite possibly as much as she had her own sister, so the next comment she made was of no surprise to the young Nephilim. “Maybe I can be your sister” she teased with a wink and then nudged her gently. Although she played it off as teasing, Nayoung was kind of serious as well, sure they weren’t related by blood or anything, but blood isn’t the only thing that makes a person family. When Ivory said that it either made her stupid or brave, Nayoung couldn’t help but laugh a little. “I think it would depend upon the situation. Then it could be either of those two” she added. Nayoung grinned at her friend’s comment before encircling their fingers to make the pinky promise. “There’s nothing dumb about a pinky promise” she added with a wink.

“It is a difficult life to be in for sure, but you know that saying though. Love conquers all” she commented with a small smile. Whether or not there was any truth to it, Nayoung didn’t really know. She hadn’t been focused on love for a very long time, so she hadn’t had much first hand experience. The young Nephilim reached a hand out and placed it on her friend’s shoulder. “It might feel selfish, but I wouldn’t blame you for wanting that. Honestly I would want the same thing if I were in your position” she spoke in a comforting tone. Being famous definitely didn’t make having a love life easy, but if anyone could make it work, she was sure that Ivory would.

“Being obnoxious doesn’t sound very good, so I’ll definitely take the bad over being obnoxious for sure” she added with a laugh. The weather didn’t show any signs of changing very soon, so they really needed to find some form of shelter before they ended up freezing to death. The coats would only keep them warm for a short period of time, and Nayoung could already feel the chills setting into her body. When the door to the small building opened up, a little old lady appeared before them and ushered them into the house, out of the cold weather. “Thank you very much for your hospitality,” Nayoung said with a slight bow as she removed her jacket. The young Nephilim was a little surprised to see no tv in the building, but she could hear voices coming from somewhere nearby. She discovered that the voices were coming from a nearby radio, sitting comfortably on the kitchen countertop. “Excuse me, but do you have a phone we could borrow?” she questioned curiously. The lady pointed towards the phone hanging on the wall, and Nayoung laughed a little in her head. She then heard the lady say that it most likely wouldn’t work due to the current weather conditions, mixed with the position of the house.

She smiled “You’ll always have that bond to treasure, at least when you think of her, you can think of how important you were to one another” she was sure that made it harder to be without her but at least she did have good memories to look back on and could say she always gave her all to her sister. “I feel like people might raise a questioning brow if we start claiming we’re sisters” she commented and giggled but shrugged “But who cares what anyone thinks right” they were both pretty alone in the world when it came to family so it would be nice to always have one another. She shook her head in amusement as their fingers intertwined “Only because you’re a devout follower” she teased playfully.

“I’m not sure how much I buy into those lines” she responded and offered a half-smile, she wanted love, everyone did, didn’t they? “I’ve never really experienced to know if all those...epic stories are true” she murmured the words softly and pressed her lips together, perhaps a part of her wanted to hope they were because god did she need something good in her life like that, it was incredibly lonely doing what she did and always wondering if she could trust those around her. “All I can do is patient and hope for the best, at the end of the day it’s gonna be her choice how things turn out” and she would respect it regardless because she cared for Taealha that much.

She laughed softly at Nayoung’s reaction to being referred to as obnoxious “No one wants to be that person” she commented and chuckled under her breath, it was the type of person she often found herself surrounded by because of the work she did and it was honestly suffocating for her to be around people who were so in love with themselves they barely saw anything around them. She was practically shivering as they headed up to the entrance of the house and thankfully someone was home and ushered them inside. As Nayoung headed over to check the phone the old lady blinked her eyes before speaking softly “Don’t I know you from that movie about the girl with the horses?” which made Ivy smile and nod “Sanctuary, yes” she commented and smiled, the lady was excited to meet someone from a movie she liked, they chatted for a bit before she looked over at Nayoung “Any luck making a call?” she asked in a hopeful voice.

The young Nephilim smiled in response to her friend’s comment. Her bond with her sister would be one that she would treasure until the day that she left this world behind. Then she would rejoin her sister on the other side and make new memories together once again. “You make a good point there, though a few raised brows shouldn’t be too much trouble. Besides, if it makes things easier, we can always just keep that information from the public. Our little secret” she added with a playful wink. Hearing Ivory’s teasing about being a devout follower caused her to laugh a little. “Just be glad that I’m not your number one fan” she added, raising her brow slightly. Fans that claimed to be the number one fan, often turned out to be more stalkerish than anything else, though there are some occasions when they actually do care about the person they claim to be the number one fan of.

“Yeah I know what you mean. Neither of us really had much luck in the ways of love. You had your career to focus on, and well, we both know my story” she added with a slight laugh. Nayoung had often wondered what her life would be like now if she hadn’t had the weight of her sister’s murder on her shoulders. She placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder for a moment and smiled, “Your time will come, and until then you’ve got lil’ ol’ me to keep you company” she teased with a smile. The young Nephilim smiled softly at her friend as they talked, “Just be sure to respect that decision…” she began with a pause; “even if it isn’t the decision you want” she finished quietly. It definitely wasn’t going to be easy if things went south, but as long as she respected the decision made, Nayoung knew that Ivory would come out the other end stronger.

“Yet the world has definitely got its fill of obnoxious people” she added with a laugh. Nayoung was quite relieved not to be one of those obnoxious people, though she really wanted things to go her way when it came to a few aspects of her life. Now in the safety of the nice old lady’s home, they could finally breathe and relax, not having to worry about freezing to death was definitely a relief off of Nayoung’s shoulders. When she reached for the phone, she paused for a moment, not really knowing who she should call. Calling a public tow service would probably be bad, especially if someone recognized Ivy, not to mention they wouldn’t get out of there that night for sure. She then decided to call one of the few friends that she had made during her time here in Evermore. Despite the storm, the phone call went through, and her friend would come by with a can of gas for her vehicle. They of course laughed at her first, but they were reliable and would come by as soon as possible. She told them to be careful, and hung up the phone. “Looks like we’ll be out of here before tomorrow. I got someone bringing some gas to get us out of here.” she commented with a bright smile.

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