A soft yawn escaped the blond’s mouth as he covered them with one hand, his half-lidded gaze threatening to drop them lower if he did not get himself coffee now. The clock’s needle could be heard across the room which struck Dae as weird, since no matter how perceptive the niveis could be, he has never, ever been that focused before. Not when there’s literally a pile of undone documents needed to be skimmed through. Another casual day at work, even though he’s working from home. The cold air in the cabin didn’t dissipate, in fact, it only got colder as each moment passes, no doubt because of Daehyun’s courtesy. Fluttering his eyes closed briefly, he brought one free hand to massage his temples as the elder Stormwind slumped against his seat, an air of exhaustion marring both the niveis’ pale complexion and radiating off his body.


So how did he happen to be here, slumped against a seat at the front counter of the bar sitting at the end of the room while the music blared the walls down? What happened to the idea of coffee? Apparently it went out the window and was replaced with something that will no doubt leave a scorching feeling in his chest as soon as he downed them. Just because he has tolerance, doesn't mean he doesn't feel the searing sensation, and he definitely was not immune to alcohol and being around the edge of drunkenness. The music wasn't that loud since it's a bar, not a club, but with his hearing, god it feels suffocating, but at least he wasn't humped against those bodies mingling around chatting like there was no tomorrow. Instead of making his way to the cafe to get himself his daily dosage of coffee and caffeine, he's here drinking his sorrows away. Daehyun Stormwind does not steer away from the clearing, but it feels nice to do that once in a while.

Perhaps, there was a sliver of hope somewhere inside that cold frozen heart. Make no mistake, he loves his sister and friends, which was only a handful of people. He has people he respected and above everything else, despite his ‘narcissistic’ tendencies, Daehyun cares greatly about their tribe. Their interests are his and his interests are theirs. It goes into a whirlwind cycle, and he loves them. But how long is he going to stay when he felt lost? What would become of him in the future? Would he look back and regret some of the things that he’s done? Mirae turned out to be a very mature and wise woman, regardless of the century-long wait that separated both siblings and if she could prosper on her own, then what’s the point of keeping him around? All those pessimistic thoughts drove him insane. People didn’t need him anymore, he was sure of it.

The topic of being alone resurfaced after a while of trying his best to pin it down and bury it. Daehyun wasn’t stupid, he knew he couldn’t possibly bury it forever, so he never opted for that option nor did he ever had any hopes of doing so. Instead, he went around and picked the better alternative for it; if you can’t bury it forever, the least you could do is make sure it doesn’t bother you ever again. At least, for a few years or decades. He would have no problem reapplying the same solution every once in a while, so long as it stays buried. Getting hurt once every decade doesn’t sound so bad when it’s compared to getting hurt every day. He didn’t like feeling pathetic, and the last thing he wanted another to offer him is a shoulder to cry on when they send him a sympathetic look, he simply couldn’t handle them. It made his heart wrench and the Niveis wanted to exterminate every single feeling. The alcohol was taking effect and he's tipsy enough to feel discouraged by his own thoughts. Pushing the shot glass to the bartender, it was clear he was asking for another.

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Everyone comes into your life and everyone eventually leaves, it was the mantra that Aeryn often told himself, despite him staying in Evermore for several years now he still had that flighty nomadic tendency to him. Probably always would after the life he had led til now, not that he was complaining, he took the burden of the stone on because he wanted to atone for his father’s mistakes and he was still carrying the damn thing with him even to this day. That was why he wasn’t all that surprised when in the end everything he had planned fell through and he was left with nothing. It wasn’t even losing the club and never seeing it become what he imagined it to be that hurt so much, it was seeing a friend walk away in the process.

So yes, perhaps tonight he was feeling a little sorry for himself, especially because he knew he now needed to go back to working in some club or cafe in order to make the money he needed to keep up with his rent. He had been very lucky to meet Tia and to be able to move into the little place she had out in the Initia territory but he definitely didn’t want to let her down by not being able to pay his dues. It was his first priority to keep up with his new friend. He guessed he was just kicking himself a little for being so hopeful only to find himself let down again. Still, he had been through worse and come out the other side and that was exactly what he intended to do this time.

Determined not to let it get the better of him or crush his newly found spirit he had gotten changed into what he would deem a decent outfit for going out and he had headed out onto the streets of Evermore. Aeryn was a bit of a wanderer so he found himself hopping from one bar to another through the night, chatting with a few random people, trying different liquors they had on the menu and generally just letting go. The club and bar scene had always been his place, he felt in his element here, not because he was a dancer or even because he particularly places themselves but because he was a chatty and lively person and he liked the kind of people they drew in. He had been in a rather animated chat with a guy who had brought his dog into the bar, fussing the little pup and talking about his own desire to have a dog one day when he spotted a familiar face from across the bar.

Well it wasn’t his face he noticed at first because the Niveis was pretty much face down on the bar and definitely looking worse for wear, but he would recognize Daehyun Stormwind any day. After a moment of studying him to try and figure out the male’s mood, he excused himself from his current chat and petted the dog a few times before he moved around the bar and planted himself onto the stool next to him. He wasn’t even sure Dae noticed him at first so he cleared his throat and then went to speak “Daehyun, Daehyun, Daehyun” he teased tutting and shaking his head “You know the world isn’t going to end today right?” his friend always seemed to be quite the mopey drunk which was quite a pain, Ryn was definitely more of a hypemaker but they did mean they mixed well. Perhaps if Aeryn couldn’t fix the problems in his own life at least he could make someone else feel a little bit better. Leaned against the bar, mocking the Niveis’ position and tilting his head a little so he could face him, Aeryn was the elder of the two of them but it always seemed like the younger male had the world on his shoulders. Maybe that was why the Nephilim had tried to take him under his wing a little. He saw him pretty often since they both tended to frequent this bar after all.

It wasn't a routine for Daehyun to be stopping by a random bar and drink his sorrows away for the night. He knew it wasn't easy to live his life the way he is currently living it, but it never warranted him the excuse to sit back at any bar and down every glass that came his way, which sometimes could be a few seeing as the pale-haired male exudes a certain type of mood and energy that drew a certain group of people. If he could recall those nights properly, he reeked of neediness and roughness which was the only mixture some people would take when they want to experience a good night with no strings attached. While being far from a fuckboy, Dae did have his enough share of people to sleep around with. All of them remained one-night stands. Well… until one guy changed that entire game for him and now, unfortunately, he couldn't find a way to forget about him.

 Those luscious pillow-like lips… the fabulous blond locks he could run his hands through… and that body, let's not even start with that body. Surprisingly, the Niveis wasn't looking for any company to take to his bed tonight. Or so he says. But with the way he's been huddled up at the corner of the bar with his face planted on the counter, shielding his peripheral vision from the others and fixating his stare on the wood instead, it seems very unlikely. Whenever he's drunk, it could only mean he would turn out to be very violent or very mopey. When he felt a presence taking a seat next to him, Dae brushed it off thinking it was just some random dude taking an empty seat to drink his night away too. Up until he heard the familiar voice waking him up from his daydream, prompting the snowy-haired male to pull his head up, only to meet an all too familiar stranger. 

Aeryn Constanstine. Not a guy he can forget either. In a good way. Don't get him wrong, he's a cool dude. "Aeryn, Aeryn, Aeryn" he mocked, the same way the Nephilim enunciated his name earlier, Dae had his dark hues narrowed as he stared at the older male with one arm perched on the counter, selling support for his head. "No, it might not. But why does the world need to end for me to get drunk? Why should there be a reason for any of us to drink? Has it never occurred to you that maybe I like alcohol?" Nephilim are lie detectors which really just outed him easily. Daehyun does indeed have a liking to liquor but he doesn't drink often casually. "I haven't seen you in a while… where have you been?" There was a slur in his voice but it was audible enough for every syllable he dragged to form words.

He swore for a little while Dae didn’t even notice he was there, so long in thought about whatever it was weighing on his mind, Aeryn knew that look well, it was one he wore often back in his first few centuries, it was hard not to feel personally responsible for the world when you watched everything go by and yet you continued to be. You lost all sense of rushing because you didn’t age, you didn’t feel like you had to achieve things by a certain time anymore and that led most of the supernatural to become stagnant. He was guilty of that, he could have done so much more with his life if he’d wanted to but running with the stone of El’Ar had become his cross to bear and he wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone else. Maybe now things could finally be different.

Hearing the male slur the same tone back to him made Aeryn laugh, even on his worst days, Aeryn really liked Dae’s sense of humor, as cynical and dark as it could be, he kept it real and in a world full of fake people, it was good to keep people like that around. “I wasn’t talking about the drunkenness” he commented as he tapped gently on Dae’s shoulder to emphasize the words “Besides I am a bar man, I have been to quite literally everyone in this city and I’ve only ever run into you once so” he raised his brows “I’m calling bullshit on it being a normal occurrence for you” Aeryn didn’t need lie detection ability to poke holes in most people’s fronts, he spent his entire life running and casing the people that were chasing after him, he knew how to anticipate what people would do, their motives, he knew how to spot when a friend was having a bad day.

“Well I was…” he paused and tilted his head to the side, what had he been doing the past few months? Mostly wasting his life away it seemed though he hadn’t thought of it like that at the time “chasing down a bunch of loose ends I guess” he commented as he waved down the bartender to order himself a glass of whiskey “Back at square one now so that’s fun” he commented as he paid the guy and then knocked back the entirety of his drink. Aeryn was a heavy drinker most nights so he could tear through a bottle of whiskey pretty easily without needing to worry “But at least my ship didn’t sink along with it this time” he chuckled softly “I feel like your metaphorical one might be heading for the ocean floor though” he commented thoughtfully, Dae didn’t seem like himself and that was saying something considering he could seem quite pessimistic at times “Let me guess, someone ruined your leather jacket? Uhhh….you were made to go to a sauna” he snapped his fingers “Someone made you listen to Justin Bieber?” he teased trying to get the Niveis to open up a little.

Admittedly once Dae got himself deep into the alcohol as deep as he could down every glass that came his way, he was hard to pull back into reality. Granted, Dae is aware of what happens around him so he is aware of every single detail that occurs which is definitely not the problem there. Getting him back home would be a challenging journey but is it really one? With the Nephilim around? Drinking his sorrows away was never one of his to-do-list when he's distressed by his problems, but seeing how quick the Niveis was to rush to the bar that he frequently ventured when he needed a drink, it surely showed how he was slowly losing it. Ironically, it was the same place where he first met Aeryn Constantine, the angel child sitting next to him now. He still remembered it, admittedly it wasn't as impactful so much to be leaving him wanting for more like his night with a certain blond Valkyr for the first time, but it definitely came a close second. It was a good night well spent for sure.

 So when he heard the familiar voice ringing in his ears while also keeping his head planted still on the counter of the bar with one hand covering him and the other fisting against his jacket, Dae wasn't surprised to find him standing there. Well, sitting. The ring of laughter that Aeryn let out as soon as those slurred words came out from him left the snowy-haired who found himself grumbling grumpily and his free hand came back up to the counter as he pulled his face up to face the devilish looking Nephilim, ready to give him his best judging look his way. And grabbing yet another drink. It was already there a while ago, just a few seconds before Aeryn eventually made his way to him, presumably because the bartender probably refilled it considering his current state. With how drunk he actually is, it was clear the elder Stormwind definitely had something bothering him. "I'm not drunk" he huffed in exasperation as he shoved the latter away albeit rather tenderly because his strength to even do that was nowhere near 0.1% due to his unwillingness to actually do that to Aeryn. 

The moment Aeryn called him out on his bullshit, he narrowed his feline-like hues at the male and scrunched his nose up, making him come off more like a cute cat in annoyance rather than intimidating, "Fuck off" Of course they both know he didn't mean that, his tone alone was enough to indicate what it was supposed to mean, "I do like to drink sometimes though…" he murmured faintly like he was a child that just reprimanded by a parent and that parent being Aeryn. "Have you chasing your own tail again, Birdy?" he asked, the drunkenness that set into the Niveis made his voice sound a lot more gruffer and deep, as if it wasn't always an octave lower for the most part, it may sound harsh but that's Daehyun's way to summarize things up if that person had been running in a circle with no actual evident answer by the end of it. He's a simple guy. Definitely not the kind that would touch sugar-coating technique. 

When Aeryn said his ship was going to sink to the ocean floor, he shrugged and placed the emptied glass on the counter, clearly asking for another with the look he gave the bartender, "Thank god I like swimming right?" But whatever attempt the angel child tried to cheer him up, it worked because he couldn't hold himself then. "A, this isn't my only leather jacket… not that anyone would still be alive after ruining it but still, not it" He pursed his lips slightly when he realized Yeon did that and he got away pretty well, "B, who the fuck would be stupid enough to send me to a sauna?" The third, however, got him clutching his tummy because it hurts from the excessive laughter, "Fuck them, man...if anyone tried making me listen to that guy who was known to be 'America's hearthrob' who was really just a pre-teen beaver with helium, I'd freeze them and dump their bodies in the Pacific Ocean never to be found again."

Shaking his head at his claims, he sighed heavily and cleared his throat, "I'm deprived, dude." He turned to face him and gestured to his entire body messily and whined, "I'm fucking repressed" he tried to show it in his actions which only ended up with him tripping on the stool and fell. "Don't. Fucking. Laugh." He struggled to hey himself up so he tugged on the male's jeans basically, as a message to ask him for help.

Just seeing the Niveis brought back memories of that first night they met, it was a while ago now, before he found himself distancing from that particular lifestyle but Daehyun was one of the only people he found himself wanting to befriend afterward. And they were friends, weird friends admittedly, barely actually saw one another in person and tended to talk over the phone but they were there for one another and that was the important part. Aeryn didn’t have many friends so the ones he did have he tried to look out for, he checked up on them often and tried to be there when they needed him. Dae was certainly no exception to that, despite the way they met being somewhat of an unorthodox way of making friends, he liked the Niveis’ grumpy persona and the way he always came out with sarcastic jokes that lined up with the Nephilim’s sense of humor. How the two of them related on a lot of topics, such as what life was like as an immortal and how working in the shadows could be a way of life.

When Dae protested he was not drunk, Aeryn gave him a disapproving look and tilted his head to the side “You are, one hundred percent drunk” he spoke bluntly, laughing as Daehyun nudged against him, especially because it wasn’t hard at all, he leaned over, looking at the glass set down in front of him “Damn and he’s drinking the heavy stuff too” he wrinkled his nose from the smell of it alone and then glanced over at him. “When Dae swore at him he placed a hand over his heart like he was offended “Hey you’re in my neck of the woods, you can’t just tell me to fuck off” he protested with a laugh and shook his head at him “I get the feeling you’re more the drink alone at home and wallow in silence kinda guy” he commented pretty bluntly and shrugged “Whereas I drink because it puts me in the mood for dancing and chatting” though they’d both been in that kind of mood the night they met so maybe it just depended on the day.

Hearing him call him birdy made Aeryn chuckle softly, he liked nicknames and especially giving people nicknames but this one was new and suspected, supposed to be a little offensive considering he was an angel, not a bird “Alright penguin, I think we both know who’s the bird between us two” he commented with a playful gaze “But yes, to answer your question” he affirmed with a nod of his head “I guess I keep trying to make something of myself but I have no idea who I am when it comes to staying in one place” he was so used to being a warrior and protecting the world by always being on the run that staying here and not running, that was the strangest feeling ever for him.

The Nephilim was glad that even in this state he was able to bring a smile to the Niveis’ lips even on a night like this where it was evident something was bothering him. Then again, Aeryn sometimes got the feeling that something was always bothering Dae from the way he reacted to the world “So don’t touch the jacket, never suggest a spa day and” he couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the way Dae responded to his guess that someone had made him listen to Justin Beiber “And American pop is definitely not within the realm of your music tastes” he continued laughing along with him “Pre-teen beaver with helium, you sure are descriptive” he laughed again shaking his head in an amused manner “Do you actually like anything? Other than the cold?” he grinned a little.

When Dae admitted what was really bothering him though, he raised his brows a little surprised by the answer he was given “The guy who literally had three people eating from the palm of his hand the night we met….is deprived?” he spoke it like it was the strangest thing he had heard in a long while “Because of choice or?” he was struggling to see what would have majorly changed to make such a statement but it was quickly cut off because he tried to show what he meant and tripped and fell down on the floor. Aeryn pressed his lips together to stop himself from laughing before he dipped downwards and wrapped the Niveis’ arm around his shoulder to help him up “Alright I think that’s enough drinks for you, let’s go talk over there shall we?” he led them both over to one of the booths and set Dae down into it.

Daehyun had always known that he wasn't going to be a popular guy, not one who had a wide array of friends to call or chat with, though he does, admittedly, have quite the same variety when it comes to counting how many he's slept with under his belt. He knew his hedonistic ways would eventually catch up with him in later flights and it did. Well, that's why he's here sitting at the counter of a bar, a bottle of god knows what he had no idea because he remembered only asking the bartender to give him his strongest and something that will leave him forgetting things. Drinking his sorrows away pathetically. Only was there actual sorrows? He had no idea, he just remembered coming here to get a drink because he's tired and he needs distraction for his current deprivation issues. 

Aeryn had been one of those people he befriended after he had known his name from a night together, turns out the Nephilim wasn't a bad company at all and somehow along the way, they formed what seemed to be a friendship. Well, for the elder Stormwind, if he puts enough effort to even text someone more than a few times and longer than a minute to someone who's not working customer service or his clients, then they're considered friends to him. Like he reiterated earlier, he's a simple guy. He likes Aeryn, very much. The latter's sense of humor always got him clutching his insides. Dae hissed at him in a feline manner like how a cat would do the same if any others tried to threaten them, "Okay. Would you like a gold medal for that? Or maybe a golden star for your achievement of pointing out what's supposedly obvious?" With the way he slurred, it was clear the Niveis wasn't gonna be able to survive the night. Not alone. He needed a friend.

 "Of course I'll drink the heavy stuff, if you're going to drink you might as well make it worth your time. You know I'm not exactly lounging around in the luxury of drinking every time I see fit nor do i actually have the time for it." Despite taking on his occupation as a freelancer, Dae does hold his job at high regard, it did pay him well, befitting the amount of risk he took with every case. He fits the job description, pretty much. When Aeryn told him he can't just tell him to fuck off, Dae turned to his side to face him with a blunt stare and enunciated every single syllable clear as the night, "Fuck. Off. There… I said it" Granted, the snowy-haired Niveis can be very stubborn and hard-headed at times, if not all the time. He had this rebellious streak that never actually died. "I don't wallow in silence, dude" a whine escaped him as he grumbled to himself, "But yes I do drink alone… if I get drunk in a freaking club, you know I'm never getting home without at least bending one lucky gal in some bathroom" Knowing his ways, it's also very likely to get more than once. 

He groaned out in response to the Nephilim's nickname to him, "Penguin? Really? Way to be fucking original, Ryn" he huffed, but never really dismissed the idea of having that nickname, because in a way, he is an ice bird. The same equivalent of a penguin. "I call you birdy because do you expect me to call you an angel when you're like this?" he gestured to his whole stature but then shrugged, "I mean you do have good proportions…" Let's not forget this friend of his is also a guy he screwed some time ago. Dae could relate to Aeryn when it comes to searching for a purpose just so he could find an answer to his never-ending questions that kept bombarding his head every single day, so he only pursed his lips and placed a reassuring pat on his shoulder. "It really be like that sometimes… don't feel ashamed, sometimes we just need to feel that need or want to find it." Nodding in affirmation to every remark he made about the three horrendous suggestions, Dae actually hummed, "Yes, don't touch the jacket, don't ask me to go anywhere hot except if it's a hot individual… or individuals. And of course, no to American pop. I don't dislike the entire genre but not that guy, just nope" He made his dislike towards the once teen sensation, very clear.

 "I may like to sleep around but I have standards. The same rule applies." What a good philosophy of life. "How could I not be descriptive when I can still remember that girl moaning baby and actually reminded me of that Baby song since it kept blaring from dawn to dusk" he rolled his eyes in annoyance, recalling that day very well, he almost had to stop himself from narrowing his dark hues at the angel child who asked if he liked anything other than the cold, "Plenty of things, Ryn. Sex. Food. Hunting. Blonds… well, not a natural preference… just blond Valkyrs are so pretty-" Thankfully before he could babble any further, he hiccuped. Aeryn did have a point, "Yes… I'm deprived… I want that blond Valky-" Hiccup. The trip down to the floor got him hiccuping even louder as he didn't complain and allowed Aeryn to lead him to the booth nearby, slumping himself against the seat and groaning, "I've never been this choosy… I can't even forget his face, much less his lips and body, god you just wonder how that body works in miraculous ways-" Hiccup. "What's wrong with me dude? Am I sick? Do I need to get laid?"

“Sure” he responded in a serious tone when Dae asked him if he wanted a gold medal or star for pointing out he was drunk “Do you keep it on you or do I need to take you home to get it?” he asked with a sarcastic quirk of his brow, Aeryn wasn’t put off by Daehyun’s grumpiness because he knew better than to see that as the only side of him. And it seemed that drunk Dae was a grumpy Dae. “Well I’m not sure the rest of the world agrees with your analogy, most people go for lots of the cheap stuff” the stuff Dae was drinking definitely smelt pretty potent and he had no doubts it was probably expensive too and Dae had already drunk enough to send himself completely over the edge. Still, Dae seemed to be an understandable drunk, thankfully. “No you fuck off” he returned immediately back to him with a smirk.

“What exactly do you call laying face down on a bar like that then?” he asked with a curious quirk of his brow “the bartender doesn’t count as company I will add” he chuckled shaking his head slightly as Dae talked about getting drunk in clubs, wasn’t far from the nights Aeryn used to spend before he met Harper and things had...changed. “I mean you say that like it’s a bad thing” he spoke with a laugh, neither of them were exactly strangers to the whole sleeping around kind of thing, though Aeryn preferred private areas rather than bathrooms he’d be lying if he said he never tried it. He snickered when Dae called him out for using the name Penguin “Hey you started it, don’t get pouty when I turn it right back around” he laughed and shook his head “I mean there is no dispute that I am an angel, you’re just jealous I can stare at mine without freezing up a whole room” he winked and shrugged his shoulders.

When Dae said he had good proportions he laughed softly, they both found one another attractive, there wasn’t any denying that, that’s why they had ended up in bed together the first night they met “I’m pretty much just ignoring everything your drunk ass is saying at this point” he jested not getting offended by the little quips Dae was sending his way. He did quiet to listen to the Niveis talk when he mentioned trying to find direction in his life and Aeryn shrugged his shoulders “Yeah, just wish I had the first idea on how to try and get there” he admitted with a slight shrug of his shoulders “Guess even a 700 odd-year-old guy can still struggle to find himself” he grumbled slightly because he really thought he’d have more answers than he did by now. He laughed as Dae affirmed he hated all the things Aeryn had suggested “Noted” he responded with a wink “You’ve made it very easy to know how to mess with you now” he grinned and tugged at the side of his jacket just to make a point before letting go.

“Jesus, I would have sent her packing if that was me” he wrinkled his nose at the idea of it, don’t get him wrong he was a nickname guy and liked being referred by them in the bedroom but he wasn’t sure he could get through a session where someone just yells the same thing constantly and not if it put the image of Justin Beiber in his head. He raised a brow intrigued as Dae listed out the things he liked, mostly because he could tick off every single one of those things as something he liked too which was ironic right up to the point where Dae mentioned valkyrs and perked the Nephilim’s interest. He thought he misheard for a moment but then Dae repeated it, pointing out a single person this time “Well I’ll be damned” he commented with a smirk as he led Dae over to the booth and watched the way he slumped against the seat, Ryn propped his elbows on the table and leaned into his hands “So some blond valkyr has made Daehyun Stormwind want more” he bit his lip and smirked “I really must know more”.

He tilted his head to the side as he listened to him talk, trying not to laugh at the way Dae kept incessantly hiccuping “Sounds like you’re in a rut” he spoke with raised brows “Is there a reason you can’t just have it out with him?” he was gonna assume there was if Dae had chosen to deprive himself rather than go after whoever it was.

The sarcasm dripping off every word Aeryn said would've pissed Dae off usually but surprisingly, he only poked his tongue against his cheek and huffed in annoyance as he tried to pull his gaze away from the elder Nephilim. He hated when someone knows him well and he couldn't say a word. "If you wanna do a full body search on me, feel free Angel, it's not as if you haven't run your hands all over this body…" he chuckled before patting his hand over the counter because it was so him to act this way, "Well… more than hands too but you get what I mean. But.. I'm not sure if I brought it with me, maybe you can take me home and take it" he cooed sarcastically, "Tuck me in after I'm all tired and you get to flaunt a new medal." He cringed internally because as used as he was to innuendos and suggestive comments, Dae felt like he really does need to get himself laid or he's gonna feel this deprived for god knows how long.

 "Well, I don't get to drink a lot because of my work circumstances sometimes so if I'm going to get drunk, I might as well go for the expensive shit, it's supposed to make me feel good anyway" That was probably why someone needed to monitor how frequent the Niveis drinks because at that point, he would probably waste most of his money on alcohol when he's buzzed like this. Dae had a prominent scowl displayed on his face by the time Aeryn pointed out he was drinking his sorrows away alone, "It's not as if I have a lot of friends anyway. And in my defense, I'm always lethargic, so yes I can go lie down anywhere I want whenever I want, Aeryn." Though the Nephilim does have a point, he was slowly feeling the alcohol stirring in him and god knows how long he could keep it down in his system. 

"Don't get me wrong, I have no qualms with banging some chick in a bathroom despite how unsanitary it can be sometimes, but what if she turns out to be a serial killer? And drunk me can be pretty retarded so knowing me, I would bring her home...which I could get myself in trouble with because I'm cold as fuck as I'd tell her to get her ass out first thing in the morning. Bonus if I'm having a massive hangover too...so yeah getting drunk in a club alone doesn't really put me in a good record." Another grumpy grumble escaped him as he tried to push Aeryn away weakly, "You keep teasing me like that, I swear you get off by teasing people… just because I'm drunk doesn't mean I can't still put you in your place, birdy…" he slurred, though he did admit he was drunk. "I'll give you a frostbite just to commemorate this night, dude, so watch it" Though they both know the possibility rate of the elder Stormwind falling straight on his face is more probable than him laying a hand on Aeryn. 

He lifted his head up from laying on the counter as his gaze fell on the other male, his lips quirked up to form a small scowl which seemed to be his default look if he wasn't donning an emotionless mask. "You know drunk me is pretty much impulsive, right?" That would be a clear understatement seeing as Dae wouldn't hesitate to do most things, "If a 700 something bird can't find his way around… how the fuck do you expect for a 180 penguin to find his…" he murmured silently, up until he realized he called himself a penguin and cursed, "Fuck… look what you made me do." He was quick to brush the elder male's hands off the jacket with a pout, he had his eyes narrowed at him scrutinizingly too. The memory of that girl had him wincing as he shook his head, trying his very best to get rid of that one scenario he really didn't wish to remember, at all. "Ugh… please don't remind me." When he's drunk, he's a bit honest seeing as even casual him wouldn't have any reason to want to lie, much less drunk him who had no access to his the wires of his head, hence the part where valkyrs slipped out unknowingly. 

At the sudden mention of a blond valkyr from Aeryn, the snowy-haired Niveis whined and covered his face, "One… he's not just some random blond valkyr okay…" he could have noticed how quick he had been to jump to Yeon's defense had he not been so drunk off his mind, "Two… you would understand when you get to know him… pretty face, luscious lips, those blond locks you just want to run your hands over and tug on it and have I mentioned he's a fucking dancer? Imagine him in bed, dude… it's no wonder no one else topped that." He did, however, noticed that Aeryn was trying to stifle his laughter while he was suffering from hiccups, "Don't laugh… it's not funny" he whined, "A rut? Really now? I could've gotten myself laid if so but fuck what's the point if I'm just gonna see that face and hear him instead of others?" Hiccup. "No satisfaction, period." Hiccup. "What kind of a friend wants to fuck his own friend, Aeryn? That's like a big grade NO to my forehead. Friends don't want to have sex with each other… I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Aeryn gave him an unimpressed look when Dae started getting suggestive and the Nephilim leaned his hand against the bar, propping up his chin as he waited for the Niveis to finish running his mouth. The curly-haired male had an amused look on his face as he processed everything Dae was saying and realized quite how in a twist he had gotten himself “Damn, things really are bad huh?” he chuckled softly “Are you done now?” he asked as he nudged against the male’s shoulder with his hand. “Well the expensive shit does taste a whole lot better I’ll give you that” he reached over and took Dae’s glass and downed the rest of the contents essentially telling him that he wasn’t having any more tonight and he gave him a stern look.

“Have you ever thought to ask yourself why?” he asked with raised brows, Dae was definitely one of those people you either really got along with or you absolutely couldn’t stand, all depending on how patient you were with people who seemed like they were constantly in a bad mood. Given the chance, Dae could actually be quite a thoughtful and sweet person, though he wouldn’t want anyone to tell him so. “The bar isn’t exactly the comfiest place to rest your head though, plus the place closes in a couple of hours” he chuckled, drunk Dae seemed to enjoy arguing every little point the Nephilim made. “I mean….drunk you is definitely the highlight of my evening” he chuckled softly, it was interesting, seeing an extra mopey, non-filtered version of Daehyun “You make yourself too easy to tease, that’s why” he responded with a laugh which only elevated when Dae made a weak threat towards him “I’d put money on you falling on your face before you actually manage to land a hit on me buddy” he patted his back and chuckled “Besides, who else is gonna put up with your mopey ass and make sure you get home safe” he widened his eyes as if to challenge him to name someone.

Aeryn watched him for a moment, raising a brow when Dae said he was impulsive “Well I’d argue that you don’t have to be drunk to be impulsive, I’ve seen you around both food and sex so” he chuckled tilting his head to the side slightly, he wasn’t lying before when he said he found the drunk Niveis very interesting to be around, he seemed more willing to speak what was on his mind rather than covering it all with sarcasm, well, there was still plenty of sarcasm but there was more than that too. Aeryn couldn’t stop the laugh when Dae called himself a penguin “Yeah, that name is totally sticking now, I’m never letting you live it down” he chuckled and winked “But it can’t all be hopeless right, least I finally have a place to call home” he gave a half-smile and shrugged his shoulders slightly. He definitely found it amusing that Daehyun had what he would call quite a colorful past when it came to lovers and it was even funnier because he was so grumbly over it.

Seeing Dae’s reaction to him bringing up the aforementioned valkyr made Aeryn grin because he could already tell that he’d hit a nerve even before the Niveis started explaining that he wasn’t just any blond valkyr, he held his hands up in defense “Okay, so he’s a special blond valkyr” he wiggled his brows and sat back in his seat opposite Dae as he listened to him talk about this person. It was obvious to him pretty quickly that whoever this was had gotten under Dae’s skin, much like, he imagined, Harper had gotten under his. Before her, he was the kind of person who always kept moving on from one person to the next but something about her kept pulling him back in “It sounds like you didn’t top that” he teased with a laugh noting the way Dae sounded incredibly whipped for this guy.

He tried not to laugh but the way Dae could barely get a word in edgewise between his hiccups was too funny to resist and so he snickered a little under his breath in response to his words “So let me get this straight” he nodded slightly “You slept with, not a random blond valkyr but a special one, he totally fucked with your head and made you want more and now you’re friends?” he pressed his lips together “Am I keeping up?” he spoke with an amused look “I mean I know plenty of people who want to fuck their friends, that’s called the friendzone” it seemed like he was really bothered by this however and the Nephilim shrugged his shoulders slightly “So what? You think he’ll want commitment if it keeps happening and you want to keep things casual?” he was trying to understand why Dae seemed to have such an aversion to casual relationships “Or is he not the kind of guy who can do friends and sex? Or are you that guy?” he raised his brows.

Judging from the unimpressed look Aeryn spared him as soon as those words flew out of his mouth, Daehyun huffed and grumbled to himself silently, well that didn't go well. Of course, it didn't. The two of them were friends but it does take a lot of willpower to handle the snowy-haired Niveis in general, much less him being a mindless drunk, at the moment. The only fact that remained in ensuring that he was still fine at some parts were because he was still moping and whining instead of being his usual violent self. "It's not as bad as you make it sound to be…" he murmured, waving his hands mid air while dismissing that it actually is that bad for him. Knowing him, even in a drunken state, Dae would try his best to avoid awkward situations. It was hilarious, really. "Exactly, expensive things always makes everything better" it wasn't until a few seconds later when he finally realized what he just said and groaned in response, "I can't believe I just said the most materialistic thing ever." This is the same person who said fuck capitalism. He was definitely drunk. But a little bit conscious still. For now. 

The sight of the Nephilim snatching his glass and finishing the contents, however, did not amuse the already grumpy Niveis, prompting a low guttural growl from him, "That was mine." Yet he made no attempts to even push him away no more. Too much effort. "Ask myself why? The hell is that supposed to mean? Ask myself what, Aeryn?" he grumbled and and arched his back from the lack of movements from the first hour he came to sit by the bar counter while downing every shot sent his way. "It's not the comfiest but my liquor storage is literally empty back home so… there's that. And you know I hate clubs generally. Too noisy. At least here it's quiet-" he paused halfway and eyed the audiences running around in the space even when it was going to close soon, "Quieter." Hearing that drunk him was the highlight of his evening made Dae scoff but said nothing about it. Either he had nothing to say or his tongue is all jumbled up and numb from all the alcohol. He does have a high tolerance when it comes down to alcohol but after drinking for two hours and a half? Not a chance for him to still find anything logical. Or find everything logical. Either way works. 

"When you get knocked out, where do you go? Wandering around in that head of yours?" he shot passively, "Better put your money where it's worth, Birdy." When Aeryn bragged by asking who was going to take care of his mopey ass and get him back home safely, Dae narrowed his dark hues at him and scoffed before retorting, "Yeon would. Jae would too, if he wasn't already occupied." The words flew by so easily it was like there was no stopping that train. Surprisingly, he didn't take offense to his comment about him being naturally impulsive, perhaps since somewhere deep down, Daehyun was well aware of that. "One, whoever doesn't like food? Hello, it's literal heaven to be filling yourself up. Two, sex is a natural need. I don't expect to get off my frustration by myself" he shook his head, there was also another thing amusing about the elder Stormwind when he is drunk; his lack of filter. Admittedly, Dae lacks in that department generally but in drunk mode, it is non-existent. Penguin, he can't believe he just gave the Nephilim more reason to keep on bothering him with that nickname. "Fuck me" he grumbled upon realization and covered his face briefly.

 "Yeah, at least you have a place to call home. Can't be that bad. You still have a while to go back and forth on your own choices, Ryn…" Despite being drunk, the Niveis strangely had this affinity on advice. A part of Dae knew that Aeryn had successfully got something out of him and he realized that yet he still kept talking like he was spilling his own secrets to him. Oh well. It's done for anyway, going back to denial would only make things worse for him and even sober him couldn't handle that. Nodding in affirmation, he hummed in delight, there was a small smile tugging on the corner of his lips faintly, "Yes… a very… very special blond Valkyr who got me down on my knees" he slurred, to be fair, he did got on his knees that time in the cafe's bathroom. He let out a growl once again when the latter pointed out that he didn't top that. Now his head is filled with so many suggestive scenes that he couldn't even stop even if he wanted to, as if he would. The hiccups wouldn't stop and normally it would have the Niveis scrambling for water but he was so encapsulated by the idea of the blond Valkyr he forgot all about his current problem.

 "Yes… I slept with this insanely hot blond Valkyr that one night I just got suckerpunched by one of the Niveis I tried to scout at a bar...dude he was so drunk out of his mind, I brought him back to my cabin in the mountains and he fucking threw up on my carpet…" Oh yes, who could forget about that carpet. Dae didn't. "But goddamn I did not regret a single thing bringing him home with me… the sex was mind-blowing, at first I thought that's probably why I wanted him more you know…" Hiccup. "But it turns out that he's actually a very good company… not one of those blond bimbos. He was a real deal." Hiccup. He didn't even realize that he was already grinning stupidly upon reminiscing their current friendship that he adored very much. Scrunching his nose up at the word, he gagged and hiccuped at the same time before shaking his head, "God no. It is not friendzone, my friend...it's-" Is it not friendzone? Dae had to pause because he wasn't sure what it was, "whatever…" 

Did he want a relationship? No idea. Was he opposed to one with him? Not if it changes every progress they've made together in the friendship. Or was it Yeon? Did Yeon want to have anything more? Did he even want to sleep with him again? That was when all the insecurity seeps in, rendering the Niveis speechless and flustered, "I don't know…" he sighed heavily, covering his entire face as he faceplanted himself against the table, "I can do friends and sex… but I don't know if he could- wait is there even a word, a terminology, for a friend fucking a friend? But he may not… we flirted casually and the innuendos, man his game is up to par" it was clear that despite everything, Dae was so proud to flaunt the Valkyr around.

Aeryn had to admit he found the whole thing pretty amusing, watching the other male as he argued every single point that he made and generally acted his usual grumpy self with an extra dose of mopey. It was kinda like his personality was still there but the filter holding back his words and making him mutter under his breath was gone “I don’t know about that, I mean they’ve driven you to go to a social place to drink, I think it might be terminal” he chuckled jesting at him for the fun of it and tilting his head to the side a little “Well arguably your wallet might not agree with you in the morning but I like the spirit” he teased and nudged the other male’s shoulder “Well I’m not sure booze makes you materialistic, stuff is gone pretty fast, kinda the opposite of being materialistic” he chuckled in amusement from how entertaining the Niveis was tonight.

Aeryn looked up at Dae for a moment when he staked his claim over the glass and grinned and “And now it’s mine, believe me, I need it more than you do” and if Dae drank much more he was probably gonna end up puking all over the floor and Aeryn just didn’t have the energy to deal with that right now. “Why you have no friends you grumpy cat” he reminded him of what he just said and laughed softly, Dae was good at pushing people away when he wanted to but the Nephilim was also stubborn and able to see past his usual tactics. Which is why they had remained friends for a while now. “I mean you could always go buy some more?” he raised his brows questioning Dae’s logic but ended up shrugging it off, if he wanted to drink at a bar that night then that was far. He did laugh at the way Dae corrected himself about the place being quiet when it really wasn’t though.

Aeryn gave an amused grin when Dae spoke about getting knocked out “You do remember I’m a 700 odd warrior who literally fought off pirates for centuries right?” he jerked a brow, Aeryn might be a generally casual and fun guy around his friends but he could be pretty scary when he needed to be. He took his duty as a warrior very seriously and wouldn’t hesitate to defend himself. “Yeon and Jae huh?” he’d never heard the names before but it definitely confirmed that Dae actually did have friends who looked after him “Then why haven’t you texted them yet?” he challenged with a chuckle, he knew Dae’s type though, not usually the one to ask for help from others. He grinned slightly at his next words “Oh Daehyun, so defensive” he rolled his eyes dramatically, there wasn’t really a problem with being impulsive but right now Dae seemed to just wanna argue everything the Nephilim said.

“It’s definitely been an adjustment, that’s for sure” he gave a slightly sheepish grin, he wasn’t sure what he was doing when it came to any of that stuff but the idea of staying in one place and actually building a life there was tempting, even for someone used to his home being wherever he laid his hat. “But hey it means I get to stay around and annoy you for longer too so really it’s a win for everyone” he chuckled but was interested to see the way Dae completely changed his demeanor when he was talking about this particular Valkyr he’d clearly been struggling to get off his mind. Ryn was surprised enough by what he said that he coughed “Daehyun Stormwind got on his knees?” he widened his eyes and raised his brow “Damn you said it was bad but I completely underestimated what you mean” he had a knowing smile on his lips because it was pretty evident that Dae actually liked this particular guy.

The hiccup fit was also trying to make him laugh but he pressed his lips together throughout the amusement as he listened to Daehyun explain the very strange tale of how he met this particular person. It was actually pretty sweet, the way he gushed over it all like he was telling a fairytale or something, especially because it seemed to be pretty heavily based around sex. “Man Dae you have the wildest stories” part of him wondered if his drunkenness was just making most of it up but the certainness in Dae’s voice gave him pause for thought. Aeryn had never actually see Dae smile so much and it was a really good look on him, it was interesting to know someone out there had managed to bring him that kind of happiness and it seemed from the complicated way he explained it all that it wasn’t simple “The real deal huh, yeah sounds like the friend zone buddy” he patted lightly on his shoulder and smirked slightly.

His gaze did soften when Dae seemed so confused over what he wanted though, Aeryn could relate, given that a certain blonde of his own had walked into his life and changed everything recently, though that wasn’t a story for now. His was simple, they weren’t a label, they just enjoyed one another’s company. Dae seemed to be putting hurdles in the way of finding balance in his though. Watching as he hit the deck on the table he frowned and sighed “I think you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be, if you both don’t want a relationship but want sex, then what’s the problem?” unless the other guy had decided it was strictly friendship he supposed “Friends with benefits are about as common as the cold nowadays anyway” he laughed and raised to his feet “Alright, you can tell me more about him while we walk, I’m taking your ass home before you fall asleep on the table” he nudged Dae to prompt him to get up.

Had it been anyone else in the Nephilim's shoes right now, Dae wouldn't hesitate to drag them down with him but because it was Aeryn, he found it increasingly hard to just shove and push the male away without providing any solid excuse for why he did what he did. The older male was a tough nutcase, basically. But a nutcase that was gentle and humorous, who also happens to be his fewer friends in that circle of the Niveis' life. So there's that. "I usually do drink with myself but like I told you… my liquor stock is basically zero in balance and I can't be bothered to go to a store just to bring back a few bottles that I'll probably either finish the entire rack or leave it for god knows how long in the shelves. Too much effort, Aeryn" he grumbled and covered his face faintly, frankly, he didn't have the mood to be conversing with anyone but isn't that what Daehyun does best? Ignoring people? Acting as if they didn't even exist?

 When he pointed out that his wallet may not agree with him come morning, Dae eyed his pocket instinctively and shrugged casually, "Beats me." He'll probably regret it in the morning but what's new? He waved his hand dismissively in front of the Nephilim and huffed, "Forget about it. Why do I even bother talking with a smartass bird like you" The pout on his lips certainly indicated that he was being whiney tonight, which was a major turn because drunk Dae always turned out to be violent 98% of the time. When Aeryn said he needed it more than he does, his eyes dropped on the male and sighed, perhaps he does. He didn't try to pry why, though. It simply wasn't his place to do so and they kept a close-knit friendship because they don't try to know everything, if they do know things about each other then that was because they choose to share it. It was simple like that. 

Dae hissed at the sudden mention of being called a grumpy cat, "Well you're here, aren't you? Are you not my friend?" It did occur to him that he probably should be keeping people close instead of pushing them away so he could live securely in his own bubble but it was easier said than done. "Told you I can't be bothered... " he slurred and fluttered his eyes shut briefly, "Let me live for tonight, buzzkill" he grumbled upon hearing Aeryn remind him how he's older by more than half a millennium than him and how he's fought pirates before. When asked why he hasn't texted either Yeon or Jae, he looked back at the Nephilim and narrowed his eyes at him before turning his head away, "I don't want to bother them. I can't be calling my dhampir friend when he's probably snuggling with his boyfriend and I definitely can't be calling the guy who I'm frustrated about-" It was then that he realized he may have slipped up. Unfortunately, by the time the Niveis realized he told Aeryn who the blond Valkyr was, it was too late. With how perceptive the Nephilim was, it was pretty much impossible to escape him like that. 

"Of course, you would say that. You can't even think about the thought of me leaving too, huh? Feeling's mutual, buddy." He really did like Aeryn's company, perhaps not more than a certain Valkyr's, but still. "Don't make it sound as if I wasn't ready to please my partners" he huffed, okay maybe he's never subbed for any other males or anyone else in that manner except Yeon. "He definitely was wild... " he murmured audibly, he could recall every single detail from that first night until their second encounter at the cafe. He groaned in response to Aeryn's words that kept ringing in his ears; friend zone. He hated that word so much. 

"Don't say that… it's not… wait who's friend zoning who" at this point, his sentences may still sound coherent but it was also a clear path to say that he was gonna pass out in 30 minutes or so if he doesn't get home. However, he could still make out every single word that Aeryn said, the words being friends with benefits never quite left his mind after that. "Friends with benefits? The fuck is that… I heard about that but never quite understood the concept of it. Millennials always make the weirdest combinations, I swear." He may be a fan of modern technology but he couldn't get close to abbreviations at all, much less other phrases and terms. When Aeryn said he was gonna take him home, he whined momentarily but complied because even he knows it's impossible to fight against someone who could take him so easily, even more so when he's not exactly a formidable opponent in this state. "He's… how can I even describe that guy, fuck."


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