A soft yawn escaped the blond’s mouth as he covered them with one hand, his half-lidded gaze threatening to drop them lower if he did not get himself coffee now. The clock’s needle could be heard across the room which struck Dae as weird, since no matter how perceptive the niveis could be, he has never, ever been that focused before. Not when there’s literally a pile of undone documents needed to be skimmed through. Another casual day at work, even though he’s working from home. The cold air in the cabin didn’t dissipate, in fact, it only got colder as each moment passes, no doubt because of Daehyun’s courtesy. Fluttering his eyes closed briefly, he brought one free hand to massage his temples as the elder Stormwind slumped against his seat, an air of exhaustion marring both the niveis’ pale complexion and radiating off his body.


So how did he happen to be here, slumped against a seat at the front counter of the bar sitting at the end of the room while the music blared the walls down? What happened to the idea of coffee? Apparently it went out the window and was replaced with something that will no doubt leave a scorching feeling in his chest as soon as he downed them. Just because he has tolerance, doesn't mean he doesn't feel the searing sensation, and he definitely was not immune to alcohol and being around the edge of drunkenness. The music wasn't that loud since it's a bar, not a club, but with his hearing, god it feels suffocating, but at least he wasn't humped against those bodies mingling around chatting like there was no tomorrow. Instead of making his way to the cafe to get himself his daily dosage of coffee and caffeine, he's here drinking his sorrows away. Daehyun Stormwind does not steer away from the clearing, but it feels nice to do that once in a while.

Perhaps, there was a sliver of hope somewhere inside that cold frozen heart. Make no mistake, he loves his sister and friends, which was only a handful of people. He has people he respected and above everything else, despite his ‘narcissistic’ tendencies, Daehyun cares greatly about their tribe. Their interests are his and his interests are theirs. It goes into a whirlwind cycle, and he loves them. But how long is he going to stay when he felt lost? What would become of him in the future? Would he look back and regret some of the things that he’s done? Mirae turned out to be a very mature and wise woman, regardless of the century-long wait that separated both siblings and if she could prosper on her own, then what’s the point of keeping him around? All those pessimistic thoughts drove him insane. People didn’t need him anymore, he was sure of it.

The topic of being alone resurfaced after a while of trying his best to pin it down and bury it. Daehyun wasn’t stupid, he knew he couldn’t possibly bury it forever, so he never opted for that option nor did he ever had any hopes of doing so. Instead, he went around and picked the better alternative for it; if you can’t bury it forever, the least you could do is make sure it doesn’t bother you ever again. At least, for a few years or decades. He would have no problem reapplying the same solution every once in a while, so long as it stays buried. Getting hurt once every decade doesn’t sound so bad when it’s compared to getting hurt every day. He didn’t like feeling pathetic, and the last thing he wanted another to offer him is a shoulder to cry on when they send him a sympathetic look, he simply couldn’t handle them. It made his heart wrench and the Niveis wanted to exterminate every single feeling. The alcohol was taking effect and he's tipsy enough to feel discouraged by his own thoughts. Pushing the shot glass to the bartender, it was clear he was asking for another.

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One thing he had learned pretty immediately about drunk Daehyun? His logic made absolutely no sense at all but it also wasn’t worth trying to debate it with him because you’d get snarky comments that added up to a whole lot of nothing. “Because you’d be pretty lonely without me” he commented with a chuckle and smirked, he knew Dae didn’t have all that many friends but he tended to keep the few people he did like close. They were more mutuals than close but Aeryn looked out for anyone he got along well with, he was the kind of person who showed kindness to those he received kindness from. Seeing Dae here tonight did remind the Nephilim that he needed to reach out to friends more often though, check-in on their lives and all. It was still a pretty new concept for him, staying in one place and knowing people for longer than a few months so it was an adjustment for him.

The irony of the way Dae hissed at him in response to being likened to a cat was almost uncanny and he had to hold back a hearty laugh in reaction instead choosing to smirk in an amused manner because Dae had this habit of contradicting himself a lot while drinking. “Buzzkill should have kicked in about an hour ago from how you’re holding up, I’ll be surprised if you even remember the way home” he was pretty sure Dae wasn’t even going to remember seeing him here properly in the morning and the hangover was going to be an absolute killer. Whoever it was that had driven him to this must-have really done a number on him because he had never seen Daehyun anything less than in control before. Aeryn raised his brow when Dae started rambling again, not missing the opportunity to put pieces of the story he’d gotten so far together and giving a low chuckle “Oh so his name is Yeon and he’s a blond valkyr huh? Wonder if I can find him on twitter” he jested with a chuckle, he was definitely going to be doing a little stalking out of curiosity.

Aeryn chuckled softly at the way Dae’s ego shined a little, he’d always had that sarcastic cocky edge to him which some people found incredibly attractive and others found utterly repulsive. Aeryn liked being around confident people because they tended to think like him and always spoke their mind, even without alcohol, it was easier to know where you stood with those kinds of people as they’d say if you pissed them off. “Oh I would never suggest that, I’m just saying you’re much more of a giver than a receiver” he spoke it in a teasing voice seeing the way Dae’s mind seemed to go somewhere else entirely whenever he talked about this guy “Evidently” he commented with a chuckle in response to Dae’s words.

The dark-haired male glanced at Dae with almost a look of pity as he seemed really confused about his relationship with this guy and had gotten himself into this complicated mess “Well which one of you said no to sex?” he chuckled slightly, it really was as simple as that, whoever decided to draw the line was probably the one holding it up. Aeryn didn’t know the other guy so he couldn’t say for sure what the situation was like but from the way Dae was talking about friends not fucking friends he was going to guess he backed off because he didn’t want to commit to anything official and is now in a state of denial. Cute. “It is quite literally friends who have sex with each other Dae, really not that complicated if you agree to it” he gave a cheeky smile “Some might even argue it’s a wonderful stress reliever, all the fun, none of the commitment” he grinned slightly and shook his head.

He was about ready to haul Dae out of there so he was glad when the Niveis reluctantly got up and followed him towards the door of the bar, Aeryn wrapped an arm around his shoulders to make sure he stayed upright and away from traffic while they walked through the streets of Evermore. Hearing Dae try to explain his feels about this ‘Yeon’ guy was certainly interested, it seemed he was completely blown away “I’m going to assume you still like in the same place and I’m not taking you to some random empty apartment” he commented as he continued to walk “So he’s the best fuck you ever had then?” not that he was jealous or comparing himself, he knew everyone had their preferences.

He narrowed his eyes at Aeryn because as much as he wanted to retort back by saying that's nowhere near the truth, he also knew enough that the Nephilim had his point. Well, that's going somewhere. "I want to say you're wrong so bad but fuck you're right" he grumbled, Dae found a good friend in Aeryn and honestly the last thing he wanted to do was to jeopardize that. They've only known each other for a while but there was pretty much a big potential of a good friend inside Aeryn and Daehyun wanted to exploit that. Can't a Niveis want to have friends? The way he was taking care of him alone tells a lot that the other male cares for him and that was more than enough to warrant his want. "Excuse you, but I remember my way back home perfectly fine. It's not something hard. Even if I don't remember, the address is in my phone-" he rolled his eyes and went patting his jeans to search for his phone but then sighed, "Which I totally forgot where I put it... " 

A small part of him knew tomorrow morning would be disastrous because god how much he drank tonight but it's gotta be worth it. It was, wasn't it? Maybe there's a hidden sliver of meaning that Aeryn came and stopped him from drinking away the night even further than he's already done. "You can probably find him on any social media. He's quite the… Attraction." When he says it like that, it sounds like he's whipped and hooked for him. Maybe that's the reality of it. Or maybe he's just really missing that good sex. "Swear you'd check him out if you see him physically right in front of you" he slurred, somehow still managing to sound slightly coherent despite his drunken ass. Aeryn did have a point there, Dae was always more of a giver than a receiver, hell he's never given any other person the reins to dominate him yet he gave that card to Yeon so easily without hesitation. 

"Maybe I should be more flexible then... " Yeah, as if that's ever going to happen with others. He head his dark hues trained on the Nephilim as he pushed him lightly, "You're really having the best time of your life teasing the hell out of me, aren't you?"  He bit his bottom lip apprehensively when the silence dawned on him, did either of them said no? "Well… neither. I mean it's never happened after that second time, I… didn't want things to get awkward because he's not just a good fuck, he's a good friend." Regardless of his pretty buzzed out state, Dae tried his best to keep himself up and steady to listen to every detail that comes out of Aeryn. So it was possible? And it was casual? "How come you know so much about this?" 

Thankfully the Nephilim was more than capable of escorting him back to his place, while he was trying to keep his eyes open and conscious, he nodded in response to his question earlier, "Yeah. Same place. Right… do you know he lives there too? Yeah... " His steps were still controlled thanks to Aeryn helping him, all he needed to do now is focus on being conscious, "Best fuck I ever had. I mean, no offense Ryn, you were good and I was satisfied but this guy is different."

Aeryn looked back at Dae a little shocked when he said he was right and parted his lips to speak for a moment before pressing them back together because he wasn’t sure what to say to that “You’re right, you really are wasted” he commented with a chuckle and gave a mock roll of his eyes in the other male’s direction. In the time they had known one another they’d become pretty good friends he would admit that much and he definitely didn’t mind spending time with the Niveis. Considering they were both the types who went about their lives alone, it was pretty impressive that they’d managed to spark a friendship out of that one drunken night they shared. “Mhmm, it’s this way right?” he purposely pointed in the wrong direction just to screw with Dae’s mind a little while snickering to himself but he quickly sighed when Dae said he lost his phone “Alright let me try calling it” he grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialled Dae’s number before waiting for it to ring.

“Attraction?” he commented suspiciously, man he was really curious about this guy that had managed to completed bowl Daehyun over with the feels, he’d never actually seen the Niveis care much about another person unless it was his sister or they were offering him sex. Even then that was a temporary thing and he would be onto the next person before long. “So he’s not a private person like you then” he narrowed his eyes slightly curiously, opposites attract perhaps? Maybe he was being a little nosy but he actually found this topic to be the most exciting thing happening tonight, which probably said a lot. “I mean I check a lot of people out so I’m not sure that’s a particular feat” but it was clear that Dae thought this guy was very attractive to the point he was finding it hard to talk about anything else. It would be annoying if he didn’t think it was kinda sweet.

The curly-haired male raised a brow when he made a comment about being more flexible and the Nephilim scoffed slightly because he couldn’t see that happening any time soon, Dae was a very commanding presence and while one guy had managed to tip the scales he was sure he was an exception to the rule. He gave an amused grin when Dae accused him of enjoying this too much “I am having a pretty great time I admit” he chuckled softly as they continued to walk, slowing his pace because Dae was staggering a little and kept falling behind. He laughed when the male finally admitted he was the one keeping things at length “Well sounds like you made unnecessary rules for yourself if you ask me” he shook his head slightly “I’ve had my fair share of casual relationships Dae, it’s not uncommon” he supposed that’s what him and Harper were now, though that one felt different somehow.

Thankfully he did remember where the Niveis lived so it wasn’t too hard to navigate the walk back to the apartment complex and Aeryn was stronger than Dae so he could guide him whenever he tried to veer off their current path “He does now?” he tilted his head slightly in curiosity “So you fucked your neighbor huh?” he couldn’t stop himself from laughing because every time he thought the story was over some new revelation came along to surprise him. “No offense taken, frankly I feel like I need to shake this guy’s hand and commend him for the number he’s done on you” he shook his head slightly as he saw the complex in the distance “Well would you look at that, home sweet home, should we call in and tell Yeon how much you’ve been spilling about him?” he teased it with a chuckle.

He saw the reaction on Aeryn's face when he admitted the Nephilim was right and it only made the Niveis scoff, "You're in loss for words" he murmured, as if he was pointing out the obvious. When he said he was wasted, Dae shrugged and was going to say something that was probably stupid or wouldn't make sense but with the way he was stumbling on his steps? That can wait. That is, if he even bothers to remember what he was going to say. "And you are having fun exploiting this, aren't you? You're having fun teasing me when I can't even construct a whole sentence coherently." Technically, he could still speak to the Nephilim properly without having any difficulties for the other to understand him, but he was also slurring and hiccuping in the midst of saying every word, it was only possible for Aeryn to understand him because he paid attention. That's a good friend, right there. 

He never thought they'd be friends after that drunken night they spent together, he thought he'd end up being like any other flings he's done, the usual routine; wake up with the side of the bed gone. But he turns out to be a good company, someone he could talk to and rake a few wisdom energy from. When he pointed to the opposite direction, Dae narrowed his dark hues against the male and shook his head, "No… it's not that way. It's the other way" Obviously, he was not aware that Aeryn was trying to tease him. Drunk him could not think about logic anyway. He waited for him to call so he could finally locate where his missing phone is at, because the last time he checked, it wasn't in his pockets. After a minute, he heard the familiar ringtone from the jacket's pocket, prompting the Niveis to take it out and stared at it with a half lidded gaze, "There it is." He pushed it back inside his jeans pocket and stretched his hands out because mopping on the counter of the bar did not serve him a good pillow, thankfully Aeryn was there to actually hoist him properly so he wouldn't fall. Thank god the Nephilim is strong. 

He'll probably thank him tomorrow when he wakes up, right after he cussed him out. "No… not exactly private. I'm nothing like him and he's nothing like me… not in a bad way, of course. He's a people person, people like to flock themselves on him. Men, women… he can actually hold a conversation with a person without thinking of 101 ways to kill them in their sleep because they were wasting his time. Or maybe he could… but didn't show it." Everyone knows the snowy-haired Niveis wasn't exactly the best person to be sent off to talk. He has a short fuse, ironically. The fact that he was spilling everything to Aeryn without thinking twice speaks a lot of how wasted he is because even if the other male coaxed him into talking, he'd zip it. "Well, he's definitely a grade S attractive." He did hear the scoff escaping the Nephilim though, "Why the scoff? Is it that unbelievable that I can be flexible?" Perhaps. Even sober him would find it hard for him to just submit.

 He didn't know how friends with benefits work, so it was natural for Dae to lean to Aeryn for guidance on that part. Hey, if the two parties consented, it should be fine, right? But what if Yeon only sees him as a friend? What happens then? Maybe he doesn't want that kind of relationship with him, there were so many what ifs in his head it was starting to make him feel a little bit dizzy. "You know I'm out of date when it comes to those stuff… I didn't exactly come from a free-minded country before and I sure as hell didn't learn that much in the island…" Even in the span of his 40 years flying around, he never bothered to learn about it. "Guess I'm a bit ignorant on that part." He never thought he'd want to sleep with someone more than once, after all. 

"I found out he's my neighbor after we fucked the second time okay... " he grumbled and groaned when he realized that sounded way different than he expected, "Yeah, when you see him, maybe tell him thanks for wrecking me" he mumbled, probably best for him not to say that to Aeryn who would actually do that. "He's probably not at home. Your hopes of meeting him is crushes, man. Ugh I need to get home before I actually throw up."

“It’s definitely a rare opportunity to see you all off your guard, that’s for sure” he patted his back a few times with a chuckle, he always found people amusing when they were drunk because they would talk so openly and be much more upfront with their emotions. Dae had brought up a subject he was sure the other male preferred to keep to himself most of the time which showed a lot about how much it must be weighing on his mind. But he wasn’t quite messed up enough not to remember the direction he lived so that was a good start he supposed, he chuckled slightly as he changed direction again to the right way “Ah yes, so it is” he winked as he held his phone to his ear and waited for it to ring so Dae could find his phone. He shook his head slightly when it was in his pocket all along “See it didn't get that far after all” he laughed softly putting a firm arm around his shoulders to keep directing him along ignoring any funny looks they got by passersbys.

Hearing Dae talk about this other guy was kinda like listen to a child describe their favorite movie, the points conflicted and the story went here there and everywhere but in the end, you got the feeling that they felt very strongly about the topic they were talking about. It was clear to Aeryn that Dae seemed to be in denial about how much he felt for this guy. “Charming, confident types who like being around people?” he commented with a grin “Well it seems you have a type Dae” he laughed, he’d noticed that the Niveis tended to tend towards more confident and bubbly people already. “You’ve definitely got that much across, though the way you describe him makes it sound more like he’s a celebrity than an actual person” he laughed softly and shrugged “I just don’t think your preferences are going to change that quickly is all” he explained with a sheepish grin, Dae definitely knew what he liked and how he liked it usually.

“Well lucky for you, not everyone is stuck in the stone age, which is probably saying a lot since you weren’t the one stuck in a coma for a century” he eyed the other male with an expectant gaze and laughed softly “It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, a friendship which comes with added nightly benefits” he chuckled softly “Perfectly casual, no feelings involved, just as much sex as you see fit” he gave a slightly wolfish grin after that “Sounds like the perfect arrangement really” he’d definitely had a few over the past few years, if it was good sex then why not continue it? Everyone was getting what they needed in the end.

“And the story gets even more complicated” he laughed softly “Next you’ll be telling me he’s a secret millionaire or something equally crazy” he gave a mock roll of his eyes and smirked, well it sounded like in a strange way Dae was happy which made Aeryn happy for him. “Oh I’ll tell him Dae, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the compliment” he laughed softly as they came up to the entrance to the building and he patted Dae’s coat down to find where his wallet was and then he took it so he could scan the keycard against the gate and once the door was open he pulled the other male inside keeping hold of his wallet because he was going to need it for the elevator “I swear to god Dae if you puke on me after I walked you all the way home I will actually leave your ass on the stairs” he grumbled slightly before noticing there were a few people chatting in the lobby, he waved sheepishly for a moment before starting to guide Dae past them.

"Yeah well… don't get used to it. It's never happening… ever again." That's what he says. But even Daehyun knows that's not going to be end of his drinks anytime soon, yeah, not now. Aeryn was a drinking buddy for a reason, anyway. There was going to be more of that in the future, the Niveis was just telling himself there wouldn't be one though it's more likely that he was trying to convince himself rather than the Nephilim. A whine escaped the snowy-haired Niveis when he had a sense that Aeryn was teasing him again, it did sound like he was not that fearsome guy at all. Tonight, Daehyun Stormwind wouldn't even be able to walk properly much less guide himself into a fight. But his recklessness would definitely make him prone to those fights which didn't occur tonight thanks to Aeryn's arrival. "I forgot where I put my phone… it's normal. It happens" he murmured defensively but still held onto the other male like he was hanging on for his dear life. He pressed his lips into a thin line when Aeryn pointed out that he had  certain preferences, which he wasn't totally wrong about, but still made him flighty. 

He was always so attracted to confident people, the cheerful type who could make his day a lot less miserable than it usually is, something to keep his head off the reality grid and give him a taste of the other world. "Yeah, I do have a type. Unsurprisingly…" Aeryn was one of those people. Charming, definitely knows how to mingle around and make people like him, which is a talent Dae knew he respected a lot. "Oh, he's real, Ryn. That's one thing for sure. That guy? He's 100% real and not just a figment of my imagination. Though I imagine I should feel… honored that you think I have such an array of creativity inside here that doesn't involve with chasing people" he chuckled wryly, shrugging absentmindedly when he pointed out that the Niveis wasn't about to change his preferences easily, where's the lie in that? "You make it sound as if I'm only stuck on one, Nephy. Preferential matters are… preferential matters."

 He winced instinctively when Aeryn mentioned being in a coma for a century, ouch, "I guess I should get on with those terms someday… preferably when I'm not on the brink of emptying myself out at a road junction at god knows what time of the night" he huffed and glanced over to the Nephilim, his eyes halfway trying to close itself because passing out seems like a viable option at the moment, "What time is it anyway?" He never stopped listening to Aeryn, he heard it all, "You make that arrangement sound too good to be true. But I'll take your word for it, it seems like you're highly experienced in that… particular area" He'll think about that later once his head wasn't this buzzed. A groan escaped Daehyun when he heard Aeryn said that his story was getting complicated, "He is a millionaire… Not much of a secret though, guy owns a company. Lives at the penthouse" he retorted dryly and coughed a few times as soon as they entered the hotel lobby, the lights and bright setting was really giving him a headache, which prompted the Niveis to shield himself away from the sources by covering his face down.

 At this point, he didn't care who sees him. Well, maybe except one guy, who he was pretty sure is away on his business trip per usual. The last thing he needed was for his friend to see him in this state, that and puking on Aeryn. "I'm trying my very best not to puke on you, Aeryn. I'm not that cruel… but my stomach says otherwise. Don't worry… I'm keeping it under control, just gotta get back to my place soon is all" he sighed and wished he wouldn't stumble on his steps halfway getting to the elevator or something. Too soon, while he was leading their steps towards the elevator, he actually did stumble on his steps and hit his head against the wall, "Owww... " he winced and rubbed his forehead which thankfully did not leave any bruise that was prominent enough to be seen, "I think I'm going to be sick for the whole week." 

The way Dae was clinging onto his arm for dear life made the Nephilim laugh a little because no matter how tough or sarcastic the Niveis acted he knew that Dae was always secretly appreciative of taken care of, not that he would ever admit it. Aeryn was more than happy to be there for him, the elder male liked to be a good friend to others and there had been plenty of times in the past where a bad day had been made brighter by spending time with the Niveis. The way Dae insisted that the guy he met was real made him chuckle, it seemed his mind was really set on this guy which wasn’t like Daehyun Stormwind at all, that told Aeryn all he needed to know about how much the other male must mean to him. “I mean I remember you were pretty good at coming up with interesting ideas” he raised his brows and grinned a little “I never said there was anything wrong with a preference, I merely suggested that you’re unlikely to change yours soon” though it sounded like if anyone could do it, it was this Yeon guy.

“Well, unless you want to spend the rest of your time moping around and hoping things will change” he pulled an expectant expression as he looked back at Dae, okay now wasn’t the right time of course but Dae had made it evidently clear tonight that he was completely hung up on the experience he had with this guy and Aeryn would hedge a bet he wasn’t going to get over it any time soon. The only solution, in that case, was to stop trying to go around the problem and deal with it head-on. Though he got the feeling maybe Dae was scared to do that, which Aeryn could understand. When Dae asked the time he lifted his hand to look at his watch “Hmmm about a quarter to midnight, you’re officially keeping me up past my curfew” he commented a little sarcastically “It’s not too good to be true as long as feelings don’t get involved, once that happens everything starts to get a lot messier” he had to groan when Dae said the guy he was also a millionaire, narrowing his eyes slightly “So you found quite literally the perfect man and here you are feeling sorry for yourself, cute” he chuckled as he led Dae through the lobby muttering an apology to the two people staring.

“Yeah well you don’t need to tell me twice, I only bought these jeans last week and you know I don’t buy new clothes often” he sighed as he started leading the snowy-haired male towards the elevator only to lose grip of him as Dae stumbled forwards and crashed landed against the wall. Aeryn actually winced from the sound of the crack the moment Dae collided with it and he came over quickly to wrap one arm around him and lift him back to his feet before anyone made any more snarky comments under his breath “Well that’ll be all the reminder you need to put you off booze for a while, lucky you heal fast...ish” now the elevator had arrived he stepped inside pulling Dae with him “Knowing you, you’ll bounce back before you even know it, you’re not the type to let sickness get you down” even if this was was self-inflicted.

When the elevator arrived on Dae’s floor and the doors opened he stepped out and eyed him, trying to see how much damage the hit to his head had done “You have got to be really tired by now” he commented softly as he glanced over at him, a hesitant smile on his face “I hope he’s worth it” he spoke it in a teasing tone taking out the keycard again so he could swipe open the door to Dae’s place and step aside to let the Niveis lead the way.

Getting drunk wasn't supposed to be on his to-do list today but then again, Dae was never that systematic when it comes down to planning. He has always been more of the spontaneous guy than a planner, even when carrying out certain measures that his occupation requires him to do so, the snowy-haired Niveis always managed to get things done one way or the other without planning too far ahead. It ruins the thrill and fun, he said. It was no wonder he turned up drunk and is now currently clinging onto Aeryn first dear life. His head was so confuzzled he just wanted to do nothing more than get home and fall face first on his beloved bed. Dae longed to be reunited with the soft sheets on his bed. He appreciated that Aeryn was there to help him when he needed someone to do that the most though, he may not say it outloud because that's never a Daehyun Stormwind move but he does, secretly. And part of him was positive the Nephilim knew that. Speaking of which, he realized he's been doing a lot of non-Daehyun Stormwind move lately. 

"I'm pretty good at coming up with anything, Aeryn" he grumbled exasperatedly, even though it's more likely that's a hint that Daehyun was slowly getting crankier the longer he showers himself with public looks while leaning against the other male, "But thank you for the compliment." It doesn't matter if it wasn't, if Dae sees it as one, then that's all that really matters to the Niveis, at the end of the day. "I'm also unlikely to do a lot of things but lately I've been feeling out of my element… I don't get drunk recklessly and if I was ever going to get drunk alone, I would've done it at home... But today is the first time I have no alcohol near the shelves at all... " That's a huge message indicating that perhaps he was slowly losing his focus on his 'priorities'. He may be incredibly unpredictable but Dae has always been quite collected and this is unlike him, which begs the claim that something was indeed bothering him and Aeryn totally got it right at his guess; a certain blond Valkyr definitely occupied his head. 

He raised his eyebrows expectantly and had a frown creasing his features upon hearing the mention regarding the other male's 'curfew', "You're bullshitting me, Aeryn. It's not funny to make fun of someone who's currently… incompetent to think clearly. It should be a direct offense" he slurred and hit his side lightly. He had a feeling that the Nephilim was being sassy and sarcastic towards him per usual but that still doesn't erase the fact that his drunken self wouldn't be able to comprehend any of that logically. "No personal feelings involved, got it" he murmured faintly and sighed heavily as he buried his head deeper against him, "He hates the word perfect... " At this point, it was evident that Dae was going to pass out before they even get back to his place. Better than throwing up on Aeryn halfway, at least. He took a brief look when the other male mentioned he just got the jeans and scoffed, "Well, it does look good on you. I'd hate to mess that one up. And knowing you, you'll never let me live that one down." It's bad enough that this memory will forever be embedded but he wouldn't want to make it worse either.

 Dae rubbed his forehead and pouted because now it was throbbing, just to make it worse, he actually leaned back against the elevator dramatically and whined slightly, "If you can get me to bed without me falling on my face, I'll treat you the next time we meet up." He nodded his head slowly when Aeryn commented that he should be tired by then as soon as they stepped out of the elevator, to which Dae murmur a soft maybe to him at the mention of a certain blond being worth it. The moment the door was unlocked, the Niveis quickly scurried inside and sauntered sluggishly towards his room, only to trip halfway but at least he didn't fall on his face, it didn't take him long to chase his bed and plant himself on the mattress as soon as he caught it. 


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