After unexpectedly showing up at the City Defense General's office, explained her woes to him and them both agreeing to go on a hunt for a super-powerful feather she wasn't even 100% sure existed, Argent exchanged her number with Ben and headed back to her room in the manor to do some more research. The redhead started by reading through some old texts on the history of Nephilim and how they came from the angels that roamed the earth way back then. The chances of a feather existing back then would have been very high but the chances someone had managed to preserve one for so many years. Much less likely. But the item was extremely powerful and someone had to have known that back then, which means they certainly would have tried.

She spent the next hour with her eyes closed, trying to get a feel for the location of the light magic she had been sensing, she'd seen it a few times in her dreams, somewhere hot, the people there were olive-skinned, she hadn't managed to catch a language though. She focused her mind on the memories of the dream, trying to figure out a feel for where it was, her breathing slowing as she gave over to it and allowed her mind to guide here and hear the communication it was trying to give her. When she opened her eyes about 20 minutes later she had a place in mind, so she logged onto the computer, searched for last minute flights and booked two of them. It had been a while since she traveled by planes but she had always been good at winging things as she went. she figured if they needed a place to stay they would find somewhere.

After all that she managed to get a few hours sleep before she rose early in the morning ready to begin their journey. She packed lightly, passport, few changes of clothes and essentials, her staff, of course, and she snuck into the supply room to take one of the guard packs that they kept for missions, she figured they wouldn't miss one for a few days. She left a note in her room for the other guards and aspects to find, they were usually pretty respectful of one another's space and letting them deal with their elements alone. Of course, she only mentioned the object she was chasing down and not her reasons for needing it, nor what it actually was. With one last check in the mirror and tying her hair back into a ponytail, she headed out of the manor and caught a cab to the location where she had agreed to meet Ben today. An inconspicuous place that wouldn't get them too many questions about where she going and who she was meeting with. 

As the climbed out of the cab she paid the driver and then looked around for a moment as she placed her suitcase down next to her, it had been quite a while been...well anywhere really. It wasn't normal for aspects to really travel anywhere because they couldn't actually be separated for longer than a few days but that's exactly how long this was going to be so she'd be fine. And with any luck, she'd be returning with a lifeline for Mal, something she could use to balance the things she needed to do. The aspect of light would never get in the way of something her siblings felt they needed to do but she would certainly do everything within her power to help them and be there for them, even when she knew they would refuse her help. When she saw a car pulling up alongside the curb she waved her hand, no one else was crazy enough to be up at this time in the morning. She was eager to hit the road and finally make progress on this feeling she had in her chest. 

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Benjamin had done everything possible to try and get to bed early but his mind had been whirling after his impromptu meeting with Argent. The Defense General had tried to do his own research into the feather but given his lack of resources he had quickly given up. After a glass of Scotch he had laid down in bed and stared up at the ceiling for hours a mild anxiety and fear that this might not work and that the feather may not even exist and then what were they going to do? It was far too much to want to think about. Maybe they should have a plan B but honestly he just hoped that plan A worked the way they needed it to.

Once his eyes had finally closed and sleep had finally overtaken him it had been a rather restless night’s sleep, full of nightmares of what might occur should they fail. Even though he was usually one to look on the bright side, he knew that the bright side had a lower probability this time but neither he nor Argent were the sort to give up. They were definitely the sort to help someone against their will and hide it from them as not to be stopped. Which wasn’t the worst thing in the world if you really thought about it, though he was sure that Malva would act that way once she found out.

Given his lack of sleep he had been dragging a little more than usual when his alarm went off but he quickly picked himself up and pushed through or maybe that was the coffee doing it’s job, he wasn’t 100% sure. What he did know is that his bags were packed and his Uber was thankfully on time since he figured of any day of using one, today would be the one day it was late. Making sure he had everything he needed one more time he locked up his house, put his bag in the trunk of the Uber and they were on their way. The closer he got to the decided upon meeting spot the more optimistic he was becoming about it all, this was going to work out if for no other reason than it had to. The ride wasn’t too long as soon he could see a lone figure standing outside waving towards the vehicle he was in. Thanking his driver he got out and grabbed his bag from the trunk before paying for the ride and leaving a tip.

“How am I not surprised that you’re a ray of sunshine even at this hour?” He inquired being more than used to being up at this hour, though usually he didn’t sleep so poorly. “So where exactly are we headed Sunshine?”

Argent was lost in thought for a while, considering all the possibilities of where the feather might be, she had this feeling in her gut about where it was and as the aspect of light she knew better than to ignore those feelings. The feather was an object of pure light and so it was tethered to her in some way. So she knew the area and from the research, she had done, she was pretty sure that the feather did exist. At least it existed at some point anyway. The angels hadn’t been on earth for a long time and while a feather from a winged Nephilim was powerful too, this one would be increased tenfold. But actually locating it seemed like a task in itself. She was sure someone had it and had protected it all this time and convincing them to part with it was going to be difficult but they could worry about that when they got there. ”

“Sunrise is the best time of day, what are you even talking about?” she laughed gently giving him a knowing smile, she tried to get up early enough every day to see the sunrise, watching as the light appeared over the horizon always filled her with energy, better than caffeine at least. Which she supposed by default made her a morning person which she really wasn’t sure how she felt about if she was honest. When he called her sunshine she laughed “Actually somewhere that can be pretty sunshiney” she admitted with a laugh “My radar was a little off when I guessed where it might be but now I’m sure, it’s in Peru” she looked up at him wondering if that would surprise him, she hoped he brought his passport.

“Which means our first stop is Evermore Airport” she spoke brightly as she pulled out her phone so she could order them a ride over to the airport “I hope you’ve brushed up on Spanish over the years” she spoke it softly as she looked up at him, she was a little apprehensive about going on a mission like this but Argent didn’t get the feeling of imminent danger. She was pretty sure they were going to need something for bargaining with though which is why she had brought a few interesting magical objects in her suitcase. Thankfully the guards had perfected the art of smuggling magical items onto planes a long time ago so she didn’t need to worry too much about drama at the security desk.

When the car arrived she headed over to it, waving to the driver and checking their name before putting her things into the trunk and then getting into the backseat, there was a pop song she recognized on the radio which she hummed lightly along to before she took out the paperwork they would need at the airport. Argent was pretty good at organizing people and making sure things like that came along smoothly but once they arrived it was all off books. “Our flight is into Lima, from there we’re going to have to figure the rest out, it’s hard for me to know any more specifics until we’re actually close” she pursed her lips and shrugged.

Ben was maybe a little too trusting at time but when it came to the Ailwards he they were easy to trust given their track record in the city. Sure that had clearly been some mistakes in the past but they seemed to be doing their best to make up for that. Malva was obviously the Ailward he was closest with but Argent had very quickly gained his trust just by her personality alone and he knew they would both do what was necessary to help Malva, as stubborn as she was she couldn’t do this on her own. If Argent believed that this would work than he believed as well but they both seemed to know this was not going to an easy task since it was something so incredibly rare and valuable.

A chuckle left him since despite the fact that he was usually a morning person there had been a tight anxiety in his chest the night before which had kept him from sleeping. “Sunrise and sunset tend to be my favorite time of day, one marking the beginning and the other bringing the day to a close. Much easier to enjoy with sleep though.” He stated with a sudden yawn and he reached up to cover his mouth with his hand since he couldn’t hold it in. “Do you think someone moved it or it’s just that hard to pin point due to…cloaking?” He inquired trying to sound like he was actually knowledgeable even though this whole situation was a lot to wrap his mind around. “Always wanted to go to Peru but I was thinking more about vacation than a feather hunt but hey I’ll take what I can get.” Sure it was a big leap from what they had discussed the night before but he had agreed to help her and he intended to do so no matter what. “Can you be that far from your siblings?” He asked remembering Malva saying something about the fact they couldn’t be away from other for long, but then again they were hoping to be back before anyone missed them.

“Is now a bad time I say I took American Sign Language in school as my language?” He jested with a hint of a smirk, “Muy poco.” He admitted since he wasn’t exactly well versed but to a point he could hold is own in a conversation…a normal one though since he hadn’t really learned obscure magical terms in Spanish. It was alright since he was sure everything would be fine, he was optimistic about things like that even when maybe he shouldn’t be. However he if thought something would go wrong it likely would due to that mindset and they needed everything to go right for them.

The car approached and Argent checked the credentials against her app before playing her bag in the trunk and he followed suit. Sliding into the backseat the car began to head towards their first destination and it was hard to know where they would end up but they were both incredibly determined. “We’ll figure it out don’t worry. Wherever the trail leads, I’ve got your pack Sunshine, promise.” Sure they were flying a bit by the seat of their pants on this mission but somethings were just that way and you had to go with the flow.

She grinned slightly at the way he spoke about sunset and sunrise “Well I tend to prefer the one where the lights become out, so sunrise has my bias” she laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders “But the moon and stars are pretty beautiful too” she could see he was tired, she was feeling that too, she had stayed up most of the night trying to figure out where they needed to go and what to expect when they got there. “It’s hard to know for sure, none of this aspect thing is an exact science, we get a feeling and follow it, sounds really unreliable I know but it hasn’t let me down yet” she nodded slightly, she couldn’t really explain it well to someone who had never experienced it but it was like she was being pushed in the right direction “Another one to add to the visited list, I’ve been a fair few places, but the idea of an actual vacation is basically a daydream for me” she signed onto this role to work, there, unfortunately, wasn’t time to be spent just taking a week for enjoyment.

She gave a soft smile when he asked her if she could be away from her siblings “Aw, are you worried about me?” she teased with a soft smile “Don’t worry, while the distance technically is a problem, unless we intend on staying longer than a week I’ll be fine” so as long as they didn’t miss their flight home everything would be fine. She laughed softly when he spoke about his lack of knowledge of Spanish. She narrowed her eyes for a moment looking over him for something he was wearing “Can I see that chain you’re wearing?” she asked as she held her hand out, she had to admit it was an interesting test of his trust in her. The aspect of light definitely had some talents she could put to use on this trip and it was time for him to become acquainted with what an aspect could do.

Before long they were in the car to the airport, she was comfortably sitting in her seat as she stared out the window wondering how this was all going to go, she had to admit she was taking a big risk going on a mission without permission from Ery and the others but she knew she needed to do this herself or Mal would find out what she was doing and try to stop her “Good, because I have the feeling wherever the feather is, it’s not going to just be handed over to us” if someone had found it, they would likely try to sell it for a high price and who knows where the black market could have led it. “But one thing that I definitely am is determined, we will find it” that much she was sure of.

After their trip she thanked the driver before getting out and grabbing her things, she didn’t hesitate as she headed into the airport and started to lead the way over to the check-in desk, she handed over their papers and tickets and before long they were checked in and on their way to security. She headed up to the machines, putting her bag on the conveyor before waiting her turn to walk through the metal detector and onto the other side, grabbing her things and waiting for Ben to catch up “Well that part was easy” she spoke with a chuckle as they headed into the airport and got ready to wait for the call to their gate.

A smile played over his lips at the easy going communication between the two of them. It would be insane to go out of the country with a nearly complete stranger but Ben trusted Argent. It wasn’t just the fact that she was Malva’s sister but the way she was, the natural warmth and ease which seemed to radiate from her. “I guess you would be biased in that regard, not that I can blame you though.” It made perfect and logical sense after all Argent was the Aspect of Light not Darkness. Though there would come a time when Ben needed to meet her as well. As she spoke of things not being an exact science he couldn’t help but chuckle, “You mean that science isn’t going to be able to figure out your Aspect magic?” He teased knowing that it was more feelings and emotions than it was hard logic or science. “I guess you don’t really get days off let alone vacations.” Being an Aspect was 24/7, 365 days a year every year for thousands of them. It was understandable how that might begin to wear a person down as Malva on occasion spoke of such things.

At her gentle teasing he gave a sheepish smile and a half shrug, “Am I not allowed to be concerned?” He teased taking no offense at her words. “I’ll do my best to insure speedy travel so that doesn’t become a problem.” Not that they had any idea how long it may take in order to find what they were looking for but they would do this in separate travels if necessary but he hoped that it would just take the one singular trip. Thankfully Argent got his sense of humor and found his lack of knowledge in this case to be amusing. Sandy brows furrowed slightly as Argent asked for the chain he was wearing, pulling it from under his shirt he lifted it over his head and handed it to her. “You Aspects seem to enjoy asking for things I’m wearing.” He mused since Malva had once asked something similar to that of him. “I trust you Sunshine.”

It was going to be an interesting trip but Ben had no doubt that he and Argent were going to come back with what they needed because they had to. “Doesn’t seem that anything without our lives are ever easy when it comes to those we care about.” But clearly the two of them would fight tooth and nail if it meant saving or protecting Malva. Argent seemed to be used to being in charge and since she was the Aspect with a plan, Ben had no issue following. Check in was easy enough as was getting their baggage handled as they continued through security the metal detector making no noise after he removed everything which might set it off. Putting everything back on including his shoes he followed Argent forward. “How long is this flight exactly?” He inquired as they made their way to the gate to wait.  

She shrugged her shoulders playfully and grinned “It’s in the title” she responded and grinned slightly, she had never really questioned why it was her who had gotten the light title because from the start it felt natural to her, feeling naturally energized by the lights. It had admittedly been quite an adjustment for her to be able to read people’s auras and colors because often she would do it accidentally and then get herself confused about whether she was awake or dreaming but she had figured it out with time. “Funnily enough, no” she responded and laughed shaking her head slightly “I had a vacation once, but it was just a 3-day trip to the beach and they insisted I brought like 3 guards with me” she sighed under her breath “Maybe one day I’ll get a real one” she was sure she would enjoy it a lot.

She giggled under her breath and shrugged slightly “I have this nature which makes everyone always want to protect me” she spoke softly and tilted her head “But I’m pretty good at taking care of myself” though she understood the natural protectiveness it could be frustrating to feel like you weren’t in control of your own destiny sometimes. She knew Ben didn’t mean anything harmful by being worried over her wellbeing though, she was an aspect when things boiled down to it. Argent grinned when he called her sunshine and took the chain he was wearing held it in her palm, she closed her eyes for a moment and for a brief split second there was a flight of bright light, much like a camera flash going off and then it was gone. She twirled the chain around her finger for a moment before offering it back to him. She offered it to Ben and then started speaking Spanish for a bit while gesturing for him to put it on, knowing when he did, he would be able to understand the Spanish she was speaking.

“Nothing in my life is ever easy full stop” she responded and laughed under her breath “After a few centuries of the same you eventually just get used to it and accept that everything is going to go wrong and you will constantly be chasing the broken pieces” she shrugged her shoulders, if she let herself get hung up on every little thing that happened then she would never be able to move on with her life and serve the element she promised to protect. Before long the two of them were though security and heading into the waiting area, she liked airports because they were always filled with so many different people and she enjoyed the atmosphere “Eight hours I think?” she raised her brows for a moment “You don’t get travel sick do you?” she widened her eyes having not even thought about that.

Ben had the feeling a conversation like this wouldn’t flow as easily with the other Aspects since even Malva had taken a bit of time to start chipping away at that wall. But with Argent it was just nature and she was easy to talk to and joke with and definitely a light and happy person. The optimism that seemed to radiate off her was infectious and he loved it since that was the sort of person he was as well. “A three day trip to the beach sounded good until you brought up equal amounts of guards. It must be hard to relax.” It seemed confining but Mal and Argent both seemed to love and respect their guards but he was sure they also appreciated their freedom but safety first as some might say. “Did you at least have a good time even with a vacation audience?” Was an unemployable vacation really a vacation after all?

“I have this really annoying big brother type nature so yeah this could be a problem.” He teased since those two things did seem like a dangerous combination but he had no doubt that Argent was likely underestimated by others with her ability to protect herself. “I’m sure all of you Aspects are after living through so much.” It seemed none of them had necessarily been born into an kind world and then their executions, he was sure they could take care of themselves but they were also very important to the world and needed to be protected. As she held the chain he had to look away as a bright flash of light had him seeing spots for a second. “Who needs flash grenades with the Aspect of Light around? That would be a handy trick for getting out of situations.” He said before taking back the chain she offered him, her language changing to Spanish and his brain was overwhelmed with trying to pick out words he knew. As she gestured for him to put the chain back on he did and sudden her words were clearly translated to him. “Wow.”

A slight frown pulled his lips down as he listened to her because he did understand and it was a struggle but they both knew it was worth it in the end. “The pieces never do fit the exact same do they?” He asked, “But the important pieces are there at least.” After they made it through security it was just a matter of waiting which was something he was accustom to. “Eight hours isn’t that bad. As long as I stand up and stretch at least.” His knees seemed to start locking after four hours and it just wasn’t a fun time. But he had learned how to handle it and keep it from being too much of a bother as long as he got up and moved around a bit when possible. “I don’t get travel sick. What an unpleasant surprise that would be.”

She glanced over at him and then shrugged slightly “Well the good news is those guards are like family to me so we made a kind girls weekend out of it” she laughed softly, it wasn’t all bad but the opportunity to get away and not worry about the world was rare for her “So yeah, it was still good, though I do sometimes wish I could just have a trip where I go and explore and have fun by myself you know” she offered a half-smile “But then I’m very lucky in other ways so I can’t really complain, not everyone can say they have such a good family as mine” she winked playfully, it could be a handful sometimes but they all had a lot of love for each other.

She chuckled dryly and glanced over at him “Well lucky I have 4 of them worth of experience” she was used to be being the one which everyone tried to protect and she could handle a little pushing back when she needed to. Though in this particular case she had decided to go somewhere without telling them when she knew for sure would get her in trouble later on, but some risks, in her mind, were worth taking. “You have to be pretty tough to do what we do, not everyone is our biggest fan as you can imagine” she nodded slightly, that was fair. She gave a sheepish grin when he looked away in response to the flash of light, even the taxi driver noticed for a moment but no doubt put it down to a flash of a camera “It’s one of better perks of being tied to light” she responded and laughed.

His expressed when he realized he could now understand what she was saying in Spanish made her smile a little “You won’t be able to speak but it should be enough to not feel completely lost with the world around you” she could speak many languages, one of the benefits of living a long time was that you had so much time to learn new things and diversifying her knowledge of culture and language definitely ranked highly on her list of things to do. She nodded slightly “You’d have to be a master to get everything back exactly how it was, but you’re right, some pieces are more important than others” she nodded, it was about compromise and holding together the things most important to you.

They sat for a while watching the departure hall, there were people coming and going all over and everyone was wrapped up in their own bubble, businessmen in their suits and ties with overnight bags, families gearing up for their vacations it was kinda fascinating. “I don’t get travel sick but I do get bored really easily so I’m hoping they have snacks” she commented and laughed softly as she glanced over at him “I’m not interrupting any plans you were supposed to have this weekend right?” she tilted her head curiously.

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