In some ways, life was really good for him and in others, it was complicated. Jae knew that was just a part of how things went, there were good days and bad days. He and Han had been doing everything they could to make what they had work and it was, they were there for one another through the good and the bad times. They worked through Han’s problem with painting and now he was back to making works of art on a daily basis again, they spent the evenings watching movies and chatting about their day, Jae spent more time at Han’s home than he did at his dorm now and in so many ways he was blissfully happy.

But ever since that day when Jae had come home early only to find out that Han had met someone new, things were different. That wasn’t him being some jealous boyfriend because the star was convinced the male he met was his twin brother. But he could tell whoever this guy was leaving had definitely hurt Han more than he let on. The Celestial was out of the house all the time, searching areas he thought he might be able to find Sunmin and Jae had offered to help too, even though he’d never seen this guy or had any proof he existed. But it was starting to exhaust him, looking for someone who was essentially a ghost and knowing Han wouldn’t rest properly until he found his answers.

So Jae had called Daehuyn and asked to meet, really he just needed someone to talk to that might understand his frustrations, plus Dae was master at finding people who didn’t want to be found so he figured the elder male might have some suggestions. There was a small cafe on the other side of town which he usually met the Niveis whenever he wanted to chat, they whiled away hours there usually and the owner never seemed to mind too much because they were always ordering more coffee. It didn’t take too long for Jae to get to the subway station and make his way over there. He didn’t explain to Dae what he wanted to talk about over the phone because it was a lot but he was glad when the other male agreed to meet him.

Heading up the stairs of the exit station he swiped his pass before heading out onto the streets, entering the little cafe the two of them had claimed as their place and waving hello to the owner before asking for the usual. Iced Americano for Dae and Latte with caramel syrup for him. He took a seat at the table before pulling the painting Han had painted of Sunmin and placing it face up. He figured he may as well ask around if anyone had seen him around this part of the city but after doing a lap of the cafe he was left with the usual story. Nothing. He settled himself back in his seat just in time for a familiar white-haired male to walk through the door, Jae waved slightly to his friend before sliding his coffee over the table towards him with a smile "Feels like a long time since we last got coffee" he mused gently as he waited for Dae to get settled. 

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He narrowed his dark hues at the dhampir, sending a very unamused look as a response to his remark about him stumbling into a monstrous situation Yeon leading the way, "What's that supposed to mean" he grumbled, it was clear that it was indicating something between him and the blond Valkyr but Daehyun being Daehyun wouldn't let it slip. His ears flushed slightly when Jae turned the topic around and told him to tone down his jealousy, to which he scoffed and crossed his arms while huffing dismissively, "Me? Jealous? You wish... " Okay, he was jealous Jae was getting the love he deserved but he wasn't about to tell the dhampir that either, Jae would never let him live that one down. Ever. He clamped his mouth shut following the next accusation, it's better to stay silent, Dae. 

The Niveis quirked his eyebrows up when he saw how distressed Jae looked while ruffling his hair, "So… you guys are hard to even be in the same room. Oh wow, that's ouch. No offense... " He found it hard to believe at first, seeing as Han wasn't always so clingy with Jae, to find the Celestial leaving the room while there's a whole Jaesung Moon present? That's weird. Judging from how frustrated the dhampir seemed to be, this was taking a toll on their relationship and it's not the kind of dire situation he wanted to look forward to. "What does he even do aside from searching? Isn't he supposed to be a working man? He checks in and out every Monday to Friday, no? And he occasionally go to the clinic on Sundays to count the supplies and do the report. I don't imagine he has much of a free time to begin with? You're with him in the same living space for at least 5 days of 7, Jae. You're telling me you're not even together in that?"

 Dae spared him a scowl when Jae retorted he wouldn't get out of bed even if he was forced to, "You're making it sound as if I won't get out of bed even if the world is about to end." Which… may be true. Dae smirked when he saw Jae gushing about his Celestial, "Even while you're complaining about this situation, you're still praising your boyfriend like the proudest guy ever. You're so fucking whipped, man." The elder Stormwind pulled a face when the dhampir exclaimed a day will come when he's older than both him and Yeon. "You know someone may even think you're Han's sugar daddy or something, that way" he teased, but truthfully, he didn't know if Jae was going to turn his immortality switch on or not. Surely, he would, for Han. But the question is, when? 

"Well, you can be rest assured that nobody's going to come and steal your baby star away. It's a miracle if he could even detach himself off you. That kid is not going anywhere without you. Do you know how hard it is to drag him away the last time?" He remembered Han actually growled at him because he didn't want to let Jae get while he was asleep. The Niveis shrugged, "I know. I like telling people they're being stupid. It's a fun thing to do." His eyes softened when he heard him admit he just misses the Celestial very much. "Even if he gets angry, you know he will rush to you before the day ends. Just tell him what you feel" he squeezed his shoulder reassuringly and smiled. "I mean if you need me to tie him down just so you could have an audience with him, I can. Just tell me when and where you want him. Regular ropes? Chains?" 

Jae grinned wryly at the way Dae responded to his teasing about the Valkyr “It means that I don’t think you have the strength in you to tell him no” he responded as though it was a simple fact that couldn’t be disputed, Jae had the chance to read the situation plenty of times when the four of them were spending time together so he was pretty confident in his knowledge “Nor do I actually think you want to tell him no” he added bluntly, it was evident to him that they were both caught up in this more than they probably thought they were. The way Dae dismissed his jealous comment made him grin to himself because the Niveis was uncharacteristically quiet about the topic which usually meant there were things unsaid “If you say so” he teased back softly.

Jae shuffled a little in his seat as he took a sip of his drink and sighed softly under his breath “Han’s work keeps him pretty busy, add onto that my end of year exams have been going on and I’ve been spending more time at the library and extra classes” he ran a hand through his hair slowly “Then add Sunmin to the equation and Han is spending most evenings out looking for him and not getting in until I’m fast asleep” if he even made it back to the house, knowing Han wouldn’t be there he had been sleeping at the dorm instead lately because it seemed pointless to travel all that way just to spend the evening alone. He looked up at Dae and then shrugged his shoulders slightly “It’s been complicated, I’ve been busy, he’s been even busier, hell we’ve had to cancel our group meetups for 2 months now” which he was pretty sure that Dae and Yeon went to anyway considering every time he saw them they seemed to be closer.

Jae gave an expectant look in response to Dae’s scowl “That’s because you would say if the world is about to end, you’d rather be in your favorite place” he quirked his brow slightly as though to challenge Dae to tell him the situation was different to that and he would actually turn down that situation. Jae sighed softly when Dae called him out for still praising Han even when he was complaining about their lack of intimacy lately “I know I am, how can I not be?” he grumbled as he took another sip of his drink and leaned his chin against the table a little dramatically “He’s my person, he’s always gonna be my person” he spoke it in a grumbling voice “Even when I’m mad at him I love him” it was frustrating because he should probably be able to say something mean right now but he couldn’t. He gave an exasperated sigh when Dae said he might look like Han’s sugar daddy “Okay I did not need that image in my head” he retorted, shaking his head at the Niveis.

“I guess I’m just struggling with going from that, being so close he won’t even let me go at all, to barely getting to see each other longer than a few minutes a day” he definitely wouldn’t cope well with anything long distance because he would miss him so much that he wouldn’t be able to think or go about his life normally. That probably made him a little pathetic so he didn’t say it out loud. “I don’t like making people mad at me” he spoke softly, in a wistful tone, Jae was a very empathetic person who always tried to make other people’s lives better, it was hard for him to do things which he knew might upset someone, even if he knew they would forgive him afterward. He choked a little when Dae asked if he needed help tying him “God you just had to go and make it weird” he responded and then laughed, because god did he need someone to just make him laugh right now “I’ll try and arrange a dinner and get his favorite food and stuff, he can’t resist food” it occurred to him that Dae and Han were similar in that respect.

Doesn't he have the strength in him to tell Yeon no? He was so ready to give a half-assed dismissive retort but it died down in his throat for some reason, wait, what was he about to say again? "That's… not true... " he mumbled dismissively and tried not to make eye contact with the other male because god knows how vulnerable Daehyun can actually be under one's perceptive gaze. Especially someone like Jae. "Fine, maybe I don't want to tell him no. What reason would there be for me to say no, anyway?" None. Of course, people were bound to stick to their busy and hectic led life, even Dae found himself struggling with the thoughts of that but that doesn't seem to be what Jae was trying to imply, it was clear that the dhampir wasn't feeling it. 

He's known the couple to be so affectionate it was actually surprising and weird to see them, not attached nor glued to each other's hips. And this was bothering Jae, it was pretty much a best friend's responsibility to make sure Jae stays happy. Besides, he'd prefer seeing Hansung themselves rave about one another. "Have you ever went with him? On a search for that brat you say?" From what it sounded like, Han decided to go search alone. "So… are you staying by the dorms more than the house? No offense but it seemed pretty pointless to commute back and forth only to come back to an empty home." Dae was pretty free with his words but Jae knew exactly how he was, he highly doubted the dhampir wouldn't be able to handle it. The group meet-ups cancellation wasn't new but the two of them were usually enthusiastic about it. 

"My favorite place is very selective, I'll have you know" he narrowed his hues and shrugged, admittedly Yeon's bed had been his favorite place of all time. It's not just the Valkyr. It's also the bed. The goddamn comfortable bed that made him lose his mind but never his sleep. The Niveis faked his gag when Jae exclaimed how Han is his person, "Gosh, that's him right there. That's how Jaesung Moon is about Hanseol Park. How crazy in love you two surprisingly are." They are a good pairing, even someone like Daehyun couldn't refute that claim. "Get him back then, when have I known you to stay still obediently like some housewife huh? If he won't come to you, make him. You don't peg me to be the type to just stay still, Jae" With the look he spared Jae, there was a slight innuendo to it, his way of telling Jae to take the reins instead. 

"Just saying, you're gonna look older one day and that boyfriend of yours is gonna stay 18 forever. At least the sugar daddy is hot" he teased, clearly taking the pleasure in teasing the other male just because he could. He didn't like seeing Jae so upset, Han was always with Jae, the Celestial could be quite persistent, it's no surprise he's seen the male show up at Jae's university during his lunch break just so the two could have their lunch together. That's Hansung. He let out a sigh when Jae said he didn't want to make people mad at him, "Do you really think Han's gonna get mad at you though? You're Jaesung Moon, Jae. I swear I think you forget just how much of an impact you have on that kid. Han loves you so much he needed you to sleep through the night without waking up to any nightmares. Do I need to list it down?" 

Anyone can bump into Jae accidentally and Hanseol may even yeet at that exact moment. "I'm just saying, I can totally do that for you. Tying him, who knows maybe your boyfriend is into bondage secretly" he snickered and stopped for a moment, only to cover his mouth using one hand as he blinked indifferently, "Wait, are you guys into bondage?" Food to bribe the Celestial seemed like a decent plan, considering Han actually gobble up most of those. "Romantic candle-lit dinner without the candles then? Damn Jae, you're fucking sappy dude" he chuckled.

“I don’t know, it’s the both of you that talk about one night stands only and the likes, seems like you’re just fighting pointlessly if you ask me” Jae gave a shrug as he looked at Dae pointedly, it was crazy to him to see two people who were completely engrossed by one another and yet they both tried to deny it or hide it like their lives depended on it. “Yeah, plenty of times, mostly he just sits around at the church they first met and looks for any sign of him but the brat isn’t stupid enough to return there while he’s avoiding Han” but because Han had no leads he kept returning to the only thing he did. He was almost sure the star knew Sunmin wouldn’t come back there but he wanted to feel like he was doing something.

“Yeah I’ve been spending more time at the dorms, much to my own annoyance because my roommates are jerks” he shook his head slightly, he swore they were so loud and boisterous and always throwing parties without getting his permission first, it was why he had been so eager to get out of the place in the first place “I’m not sure he’s actually noticed that I’ve been gone more often though” he bit his lip softly, Han had been barely sleeping which also worried him. Jae gave Dae a pointed look when he said his favorite place is selective “It would still be somewhere comfortable regardless” he spoke boldly knowing that Dae could barely even dispute that.

Jae flushed a little at the way Dae pointed out how he acted when it came to his boyfriend and he pressed his lips together trying not to look as embarrassed as he felt in that moment, that was the thing with Dae, he always said things exactly how he thought them without a filter which meant he was basically constantly calling people out “Why is it so surprising?” he asked in a soft voice, he had pretty much been smitten for Hanseol Park since the moment they met, he truly made coming to Evermore feel like coming home, something Jae had never expected to feel when he first moved here. “I know I know, I’m just….venting my frustrations” because while he could start getting forceful, part of him didn’t want to do that because he understood that Sunmin and finding Sunmin were Han’s top priorities right now and Jae couldn’t blame him for that.

“How are you all ever going to put up with each other once I’m old and done with all of your antics?” he grinned slightly as he looked up at Dae, it did occur to him that if he decided to keep his immortality switch off then one day he was going to grow old and die, while Han, Dae and even Yeon would stay the exact same way they were. It was something he never really talked about with Han because he was worried how the star might react to the idea of losing him one day. “Clearly you haven’t seen someone try and come between Han and food, believe me, he can get mad, even with me” but Dae was right when he said that Han leaned on him a lot and clearly loved him deeply “No you don’t” he grumbled slightly because Dae always seemed to deliver truth bombs which Jae couldn’t dispute.

The way that Dae was talking about this whole situation was scarily like he had planned it all in his head which had Jae widening his eyes, especially when he got caught on the topic of bondage and then quite boldly asked him if they had experience with it, Jae choked on his drink, coughing a few times before awkwardly swallowing because that wasn’t what he was expecting to be talking about “I think I’ll pass on having you scar Han half to death, I’m not sure that will help anything” he shot Dae a judging look “And it’s none of your business” he responded but the blush on his cheeks pretty much confirmed that they had dabbled in the area. He was glad the topic moved on pretty swiftly “I know, it’s his fault, he’s rubbed his cheesiness off on me, I swear I never cared about this stuff before” but because it meant a lot to Han it now meant a lot to him, it was as simple as that.

He clicked his tongue as if to shush Jae up, “Hey, we’re not fighting pointlessly…” he mumbled, they weren’t, right? Yeah, why did they have to keep on avoiding one another when it comes down to that topic when it was clear both of them wanted each other, right? Well, that’s a complicated area to tread in, Dae. Considering how many times Jae would often identify Han’s brother as ‘brat’, it made him chuckle in amusement to see how much this was really getting the dhampir all riled up, “You must really dislike this brat huh? Giving too much to your boyfriend, and you ended up getting” he cleared his throat and whistled a few times before winking playfully at him. “I mean, if I were you, if I want action then I get some action going on” But then again Jae is Jae, there’s a stark contrast between him and the dhampir, he also couldn’t expect Jae to do things how he does. 

Though he had to admit, he also kinda felt sorry for the Celestial for returning to the church fully knowing that the person he was trying to track down wouldn’t stupid enough to go back there. Almost as if Han was holding onto false hope or any sliver of hope at all. “You know, if you want to stay somewhere else, mine is always available. It’s a lot nearer than Han’s but it’s not your dorm, of course. Which I know you won’t mind walking or taking a bus to a few stops, and I don’t mind you staying in since I’m not at home most of the time anyway” his place was basically only there for the Niveis to sleep at whenever he gets back home from his work. Han is lucky, he had to point that out, even when he’s confused and distressed, Jae seemed to still care about the other male’s well-being before his own.

 “You’re right, it’s not surprising at all” Of course, Jae would be head over heels with the Celestial, that thing was pretty much something even he couldn’t dispute. The two of them had this weird way of phrasing it but it was clear how much they love each other hence why he still hasn’t told Jae to dump Han. The Celestial was many things but he wasn’t a bad person, or a troublemaker the slightest. He’s a good kid. “Yeah well, you know what would make you feel so much better? Venting all those frustrations on him, come on Jae, you’ll go down having makeup sex and those type of sex are always the best” It wasn’t a piece of helpful advice, maybe. But that’s Dae. He rolled his eyes at Jae when he said he’s not going to be there to handle their antics when he’s older, “Please, you’d be older by what? 10 years? 32? Still so fucking hot, Jae” he cooed, he wondered if Jae would turn on his immortality switch, Han was pretty much immortal and both him and Yeon were, too. He wanted to ask but he figured since it was a sensitive topic, he probably shouldn’t dwell around it. At least, not now. 

“That’s food, we know how much that kid loves food like it’s his lifeline, sometimes I wonder if he’s ever starved himself in the past” It sure looks like it. “Still, he’d pout and scowl, whine maybe, but he won’t really be mad at you” He’s Jae, that alone elevated his status above anyone else to the Celestial. Seeing how Jae choked on his drink was really making him crack up, “Man… you’re exposed” he teased, “But seriously though, have you guys tried it? How was it?” he keeps on nudging him over the topic because why wouldn’t he want to know? Jae was his friend, and as a nosy friend, he needs to know the ‘details’. “Please don’t rub the cheesiness you got from your boyfriend on me” he narrowed his dark hues, being cheesy is the least thing he wanted to do on his list, “If I get infected, I am going to cut you, dhampy. Even if I have to risk it with Snowball” He was definitely talking about Han. “And what if that doesn’t work? Would you have any other plans up your sleeve?”

Jae smirked in response to Dae’s mumbling because he could tell that he had managed to get to him “Keep telling yourself that” he responded shaking his head slightly, somehow he got the feeling like Dae and Yeon would be something, he didn’t really know what exactly because they weren’t the type of people who just took a partner and followed the usual societal norms but there was definitely a connection there. “I definitely can’t say I’m the guy’s biggest fan” same as he wouldn’t be a fan of anyone who hurt Han simply because he didn’t deserve to be hurt like that. He shook his head at Dae’s suggestiveness though “C’mon you know things aren’t a simple as that” or maybe he didn’t, it did seem like Dae and Yeon’s solution for everything ended up being sex. 

He knew that Han was still grasping at straws when it came to Sunmin but then he couldn’t blame him for that, after all, the other star had disappeared with no trace and they had been looking for him for weeks to no avail. Dae’s offer for a place to stay made Jae crack a soft smile “Thanks” he responded and nodded his head slightly “I might head over for a night, just for the company if anything” he and Dae could always just and sit and talk to one another for hours which was nice, because sometimes what you needed was just something to take your mind off what you were worried over. 

Jae blushed softly when Dae said it wasn’t surprising that he cared about Han so much, he had been feeling this way about Han for almost a year now and he didn’t see that going away, if anything he felt like he only somehow fell deeper for the fallen star. And he was worried about him, wondering what would happen if all of this with Sunmin didn’t turn out the way he hoped and he really couldn’t find him. Jae wasn’t sure that Han could ever move past knowing he had family out there and not being able to see them or be in their life. Jae rolled his eyes when Dae suggested that having makeup sex with Han would make him feel better “While I don’t dispute that would be amazing, it is so not the solution to this, you know that” he nudged against Dae’s ribs with his elbow, guy really had a one-track mind. Jae shook his head at how casual Dae was about him mentioning the fact he would age “10 years, 20 know how numbers work right?” he chuckled shaking his head slightly.

Jae gave Dae a pointed look and pressed his lips together “He was locked up for 90 years Dae, I can’t imagine they gave him the best range of choice when it came to food” so it made sense that now he was free to have whatever he wanted he still seemed to be quite protective over what was his, it was a natural reaction to spending so long without anything of your own. Jae definitely felt flustered by the way that Dae called him out like this and he was looking around for some kind of comeback but instead, he hid his face in his hands “Gosh Dae stop being so nosey” he scolded and shook his head slightly. The way Dae acted as though he could catch Han’s cheesiness made him laugh though “Snowball?” he questioned with raised brows, now that was a new one. He bit his lip when he asked if he had any other plans “I don’t know Dae, it shouldn’t be this hard to get through to him” he sighed, resting his head in his hands for a moment. 

If Daehyun Stormwind doesn't scowl at least once every day, it means something is truly wrong with him. That's probably why Dae was glaring with such intensity when Jae told him it was denial, "I won't even bother trying to talk myself out of this with you... " No point in doing something that wouldn't bring half as much success, right? Or maybe that's what he keeps telling himself. But Jae didn't have to know that. Jae was naturally protective over Han and he could understand why, that's the natural instinct of a boyfriend, no? The dhampir loves the Celestial just as much as the other loves him. He wasn't about to act as if he knew what was going on when he clearly had close to none experience in the same situation. "I'd say… give the guy a chance? This is probably new to him too. What would you do if you find someone coming out of nowhere telling you that you could be related? When you've lived your entire life without having those relations? Weird, right?" He didn't necessarily want to defend Sunmin but he also tried to put himself in his shoes.

 "That's just the thing though, things can be as simple as that if that's what you make it out to be, my young Padawan" he patted his head a few times playfully before reclining back to his seat. "You know my price, bring food. That's all I need." Really, Jae could crash over bringing nothing but himself but if the Niveis was to say that out loud, it wouldn't be as fun teasing. Besides, the dhampir knew him well enough to know what he meant. This picture that the both of them seemed to have, it's almost unrealistic at times but it's pure, so much that even Dae himself couldn't even think about trying to pop the bubble by ruining it. No, that's not fair to either of them. And Jae wasn't the type to give up easily either, especially when it involves the people he loves. He knows him well enough to know how resilient the youngest Moon could be.

 "Aha! So you don't deny it would be amazing" he exclaimed, almost a little bit too enthusiastic like he's finally caught the dhampir in his trap, "Fine… it's probably not the solution to this problem you have… but, it's a start. You two need to sort this thing out and no offense, you guys are madly in love with one another but gosh you do have an ego too. Which I completely understand. Han has an inflatable ego that feels impossible to pull down unless you know how to." And he's extremely stubborn too. So there's that. "Don't look at me, I'm already imagining a 36 year old hot Jaesung Moon." Jae was definitely growing like a fine wine every single day, nobody could dispute that. He pressed his lips together and cleared his throat awkwardly when Jae brought up Han's past, "Yeah… I know." He did sound a bit guilty, sometimes his mouth doesn't have a filter but thankfully, they know that he didn't mean some of the things he said. Sometimes, it came off harsher than it actually was. 

When he questioned the nickname he gave Han, the Niveis shrugged, "Snowball… as in the bunny from A Secret Life of Pets? Yeah… don't tell me he doesn't bear the same resemblance." He placed a reassuring hold on Jae's shoulder and spared him a comforting smile, "Things will work out in the end, eventually. You two love each other and I know lost would tell you it's not enough… but it could be enough. Maybe you can start with that dinner you want. Han does like food after all. Two of his most beloved in one setting. What could go wrong?"

Jae smirked triumphantly when Dae said he wasn’t going to continue to argue it with him because he saw that as him admitting there was something between him and Yeon, it was pretty obvious already to everyone around them that there was something there, though he was pretty certain neither of those two actually knew what it was. Jae pursed his lips thoughtfully when Dae said to give Sunmin a chance, he wanted to be able to do that for Han’s sake because he knew how important having a family would be for the star, he did understand why he had latched onto it so tightly and he was sure he would have done the same if it was him in that position “The problem is if he doesn’t stick around, there isn’t even a chance to give” it was worse than not giving a chance, it was nothing at all, that must be really frustrating for Han.

Jae sighed under his breath when Dae insisted that it could be as simple as that “Good luck making a relationship work with sex alone” he responded in a grumbling tone because he was sure he was right about this one, he had learned a lot in the time he and Han had been together so far and there was a lot of give and take and figuring things out. Jae did smile when Dae said just to bring food if he was going to show up, the two of them had an understated friendship but when it came down to it, they knew the other would be there for them without question and that’s what made it work. No need to constantly remind one another of it because it didn’t change, they were always good to one another “Thanks” he responded with a sight nod “Chicken right?” he teased playfully.

Jae gave Dae and exasperated look when he decided to take a win because the dhampir admitted that he wouldn’t complain about having make-up sex. He listened to the niveis as he talked about ego and shrugged slightly “People are stubborn, I won’t be the first, I won’t be the last” though when talking about stubbornness he didn’t even rank when compared with Jae, which is why he knew he wouldn’t give up on finding Sunmin no matter who asked him to. Jae shook his head in amused fashion when Dae teased that he was imagining what he would look like in several years time “What makes you so sure I’ll be hot?” he jested with a chuckle, he wasn’t sure what was in store when it came to all that future stuff, honestly he tried not to think about it too hard, especially because he knew Han wasn’t going to age like he did.

Jae raised his brows when Dae explained the nickname he had given Han “Do tell, how the hell was I supposed to guess you were likening him to a character when you just come out with it out of nowhere?” he gave a low chuckle shaking his head from side to side in amusement “But now that I think about it, he does, especially with the cutesy face but devilish intentions” he commented with a wry smile. He nodded when Dae placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him “I know” he spoke softly “I guess I got too used to being the center of his world that it feels a little jarring when his mind is elsewhere” but it was probably healthy that they learned to care about things which were nothing to do with one another.

The Niveis knew he had no room to argue with Jae when it comes down to his relationship and weird friendship with Yeon because there was no way the dhampir would willingly let him sweep it under the rug. So yes, Daehyun does know better than to argue with Jae, of all people. "I swear you get more persistence from your boyfriend, I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be a compliment or the opposite" he grumbled, Han is tenacious, it was hard to lay him off when the bunny-like Celestial is hell bent into doing something. "What do you think you are? Cute? Pssh" he huffed and crossed his arms, okay clearly they were a cute pair but seeing the elder Stormwind reacting this way only made with even more humorous in a lot of ways. "I'm sure he'll stick around, five him the benefit of doubt alright? I'm sure Han will manage… besides you're there with him, kid will do fine" He wasn't fully sure if that's true but honestly, if there was anyone who could calm the storm that brewed inside the Celestial, it would be Jae. 

The dhampir had something nobody else does. And it definitely did his boyfriend and partner title justice. "I don't mean to say for you to base your relationship on sex alone, sheesh, but sometimes you just need to shut the other up and that's better than arguing or hitting him with a crowbar" Don't even bother questioning Dae why he thought striking someone with a crowbar is even possible in this context. His mind works in mysterious ways so he often said things that popped up in his head. It wasn't as if he cared that much either. Jae could understand him just fine. He threw a finger gun gesture and winked playfully when Jae said chicken, "Yes chicken. You know my favorite flavors too so it wouldn't be half as hard as trying to bribe your best friend into letting you do whatever you want at his place" At the end of the day, Dae would allow Jae to do whatever he wanted, simply because the Niveis was already quite fond of the dhampir. He is his best friend for a reason, after all. 

Watching Jae grumble and whine is such a sight for him, he was constantly teasing the other male so it was something to see him all worked up on the subject in hand. "Don't look so worked up Jae, it's not something to be embarrassed about. It's human nature to feel the need, right?" he chuckled, he was definitely more free to talk about those compared to him. "You two are both stubborn" he rolled his eyes, he's told Jae so many times on that, sometimes he'd ask the dhampir how he fits well with Han if the other male was just as stubborn as him, if not more. But if there was something he knew about both of them, it's that somehow, they make it work. He didn't know how, but they just do. "What do you mean what makes me sure that you'll be hot? Have you looked at the mirror? Or are you purposely trying to fish for some compliments? You're fucking hot, Jae" He's made it clear every time that he does think the latter is very pretty and handsome just the same. 

"Cutesy face and devilish intentions, somehow I feel like that's still considered as a compliment from you if you say that out loud to him" Knowing Han? Very likely. "Please, you're stupid to think you're not still the center of his world. He may be dense at times and has this tunnel mind but the most important person to him has never changed. Sunmin didn't demote you, Jae, he rose up but you're still at #1." He tapped his finger against the table and leaned against his seat, "I think you need another drink. Like… a real one."

Jae pulled a face and shook his head slightly “I have plenty of determination all from myself, thank you” he scolded with a sigh, he could be stubborn but it depended on the topic, he was a very independent person and that was where it showed most. Dae was giving some perspective but honestly, he was tired of hearing people defend Sunmin when he was clearly the one in the wrong here, Han hadn’t done anything to hurt him and in return, the other male had done a lot of damage, he probably didn’t even realize how much he had damaged Han and in turn their relationship. Maybe he just wanted to be mad for a while “I don’t want to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who hurt Han the moment he met him, I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person” the other star was going to have to do better if he wanted to win Jae over. And they needed to find him first.

Jae had to admit that Dae’s views when it came to relationships varied pretty greatly from his own, Jae was a very patient and understanding person, if he and Han argued then he would give the star the space he needed to process the situation, calm down and then they could talk about it “It makes so much sense to me why you haven’t had a relationship now, you’d kill them before 2 months pass” he responded and smirked, patting Dae’s shoulder. Honestly, Jae wasn’t really here for relationship advice, he just wanted someone to be on his side and understand the frustrations he was going through, both with Han and Sunmin. Jae glanced up at him and grinned “Cheesy snow chicken right?” he responded and nodded, he paid attention, plus he and Dae had gotten dinner together a few times and then eaten it while sitting on the floor of Dae’s front room.

Jae bit his lip when Dae pointed out that he felt frustrated, he knew it was human nature but what went against his nature was not to feel completely understanding of a situation. He felt like he was being selfish for caring about something like this when Han was going through a possibly life-changing event “Is it crazy of me to feel upset about this?” he had to mention it because he honestly felt torn inside, by a part of him that wanted Han to treat him better and another which understood that Han wasn’t purposely mistreating him and just had his mind on other things. Jae raised his brows, it was always a strange experience being around Dae because he was always so direct with his words and sometimes that could be difficult for the dhampir to handle “You have no idea how aging will affect me” he pointed out shaking his head slightly “And drooling isn’t a good look on you” he responded playfully nudging his shoulder.

He did smile though because Dae was always good at boosting his confidence whenever it dipped and he appreciated that. He went quiet before a moment when the other male said he was stupid to think he wasn’t the center of Han’s world, Jae sighed slightly “Your bluntness is exhausting sometimes Dae” he commented and pressed his lips together. It wasn’t like Jae could actually be mad at Han for making a space in his life for a brother he never knew he had before and honestly if it wasn’t for the fact it was causing him so much pain right now, he would be incredibly happy for him “I need several drinks...and a distraction...talking about this is draining” he sighed under his breath.

He held both hands up in defense as soon as Jae gave him an accusing look, “Alright tiger, calm down, that’s not what I meant, you know that” he murmured and pursed his lips lightly as he stared at the dhampir, he also knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for Jae to just forgive Sunmin when he also felt strongly about the guy who was supposedly Han’s brother. Maybe he should try putting himself in Jae’s shoes too, what if his boyfriend went crazy and restless, as well as gotten hurt because of this person? He would be pissed too. “You’re not a bad person, okay?” he placed one hand over his shoulder and squeezed him gently, “You’re just protective. And you love him, that’s why you’re doing this. You don’t want him to get hurt” And it was perfectly understandable. 

When Jae told him he wouldn’t last in a relationship, the Niveis scowled, “Excuse you, I am not in a relationship because I have no desire to be tied down in something as petty as dating. Besides… I like sex, I’m not about to settle down on one person when I’m not even sure if they’re going to be a part of my life after a few months.” In other words, Daehyun couldn’t handle the heartbreak if that happens. He may look like he didn’t give a damn but he has a tissue for a heart. “At least give me 4 months, not 2 months sheesh, Jae… am I that low to you that you think I’m not patient enough to hold myself back from killing them in 2 months time? I am offended.” He winked playfully when Jae guessed it right, “I will be questioning our friendship seriously if you didn’t know that, so thank you.” Anybody could see how much the dhampir loves his Celestial, Dae wasn’t even experienced in the department but he could see their love was real, it was there and it was there to stay, hopefully.

 “No, it’s not crazy for you to feel upset about it, Jae. It’s normal for you to go through a series of emotions when facing an issue, everyone does that” he reassured, “Don’t fault yourself for being human. Remember, you are one. Even if that’s half of you, you get where I’m going with this.” Dae leaned forward and tried to picture him in a few more years by making his hands in frame gestures, “I think you’ll still look good. And while drooling isn’t a good look on me, if I drool for you, you should be flattered” he huffed and reverted back to his seat. He quirked his eyebrows in surprise when he heard him retort, saying his bluntness was tiring, “But that’s why I’m here and you’re listening to me instead of throwing the coffee to my face. I don’t lie, Jae. I speak my mind and I don’t fucking care enough to filter things.” 

Taking a few more sips from his cup until he was sure it was finished, he got up from his seat and beckoned for the male to get up, “It’s still early, but if you want to have a drink at someplace safe with someone trustworthy… there’s always a stash of alcohol back in my place. We can order chicken too… chicken and beer sounds good… We can even play whatever games you want.” 

It was clear that Jae had a lot of frustration when it came to this whole situation and most of it wasn’t even about himself, Han being busy and forgetting a date here and there wasn’t the end of the world but seeing him slowly getting torn up inside as he wondered why his brother had abandoned him, that did. “Sorry, I know I’m just being touchy” he grumbled his breath, it wasn’t Dae’s fault he reminded himself. He looked up at the other male and sighed slightly, he wished he could be more empathetic but when it came to Han he felt so protective over him and he hated anyone hurting him “He’s just starting to grow into himself and be confident again, I’ll be damned if that brat ruins how far he’s come” he spoke in a soft voice, it did annoy him how much power Sunmin seemed to have already.

Jae giggled softly when Dae took offense to his jesting, he had to admit the other male was pretty easy to rile up “Something as petty as spending time with someone who makes you happy?” he countered with a questioning look towards him and then chuckled when he said he liked sex and therefore didn’t want to give up being with multiple people “See that is more rational” he responded and shrugged, if Dae wanted to keep his options open then that was his choice, he was sure one day he would find someone who changed his mind and if he didn’t, he still seemed happy anyway. He looked up at Dae giving him a judgemental look when he defended himself by saying he could make it to 4 months “The fact you can only argue another 2 months on top of that says a lot” he commented and nudged against his shoulder, he was definitely a very independent guy.

It was nice to have someone assure him that the things he was feeling weren’t irrational or stupid, it made him smile gently and feel happier with his own state of mind “I know, I guess someones I just feel like I have to be the strong one all the time” he responded in a soft voice, mostly because Han needed to lean on him a lot and while he was happy to be that person and fill that role for him, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t tire him out sometimes. Jae laughed poking his tongue out at Dae when he said he should be flattered if he drooled for him. “I know, though I do feel like I need to protect my feelings around you” he chuckled, he didn’t mind, he was used to Dae being direct and so he could shrug off anything harsh he would say easy enough.

Jae tilted his head looking at Dae when he got up and then gestured for the dhampir to get up too, he pushed himself to his feet giving a curious expression when he said they could head back to his and have a few drinks. That actually sounded like the break he really needed from everything going on at him “Chicken and beer does sound good” he mused in a small voice as he pulled out his phone wondered what would happen if Han needed him tonight though. He paused for a moment just staring before he pulled out his message app and texted the star “Staying out at Dae’s tonight, don’t wait up, leftovers are still in the fridge” he bit his lip before tucking his phone away “Okay let’s go” he agreed as he started heading towards the door.

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