Her captor had succeeded in breaking the young Nephilim’s mental fortitude, she lay on the bed in her cell, waiting for her next mental torture. Her tears had all been cried, and no matter how much she wanted to cry, there was nothing left. Months had gone by now, and she had lost all hope of ever getting out of her situation. She was sure by now that this male had no intention of ever letting her go, and this chapter of her life would most likely end with her death. “I’m sorry Yuna…” she began with a slight pause “I’m sorry Ivory” she continued in an almost whisper. Nayoung regretted the way she had left things between her and Ivory, she hadn’t spoken with her friend since the day she left Evermore, and now it seemed as though she would never get to speak to her again. She didn’t even know if Ivy hated her for what she did, though she probably did…, Nayoung even hated herself for the way she left Evermore.

As she was thinking about her life choices, the man reappeared in the dark room and the light came on once again. “Hello little Angel, are you ready for a story” he questioned with a grin as he took his place near the cage, sitting in his chair. Nayoung didn’t move at first, but when he told her to come join him, she hesitantly got off the bed and walked over to the chair he had given her when they first began this torture. “Today I have a new story for you little Angel. It’s time for you to learn the truth of who I am, and why I did what I did” he replied with a smile and passed Nayoung a bottle of water. “Why now? What difference will it make?” the young brunette responded in a mono-tone, her ambition, determination, and survival instincts all but gone. “Oh little Angel, it will make a tremendous difference to everything. Even just learning who I am will throw your entire world upside down” he replied nonchalantly.

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Nayoung slumped in her chair as the man began to tell his story. “My name is Minho. Minho Choi,” he stated and gauged Nayoung’s response. His name meant nothing to her at that moment, yes he shared the same last name as her, but so did many other Koreans. “My parents are Jun-Ho Choi and Da-Hee Choi,” he continued, once again watching for a change in Nayoung’s features. This time the young female recognized the names very well, she remembered her sister telling her about her parents and how Nayoung came to live with Yuna to begin with. “You’re Lying?” the young brunette commented, unsure if she could even convince herself that he was wrong at this point. “No, I'm not Nayoung. Our parents are one and the same. In fact it was my behavior as a child that triggered the change in our parents’ behavior” he added with a slight grin, but he didn’t go into details. “I’m five years older than Yuna, which puts me twenty-three years older than you. When I turned seventeen, I was arrested for murder and our parents disowned me” he stated in a calm tone.

“By the time I got out of prison, you were born and Yuna was no longer living at home. When I went home, my parents wouldn’t let me in the house and told me that I was no longer welcome here. So I had to find my own way to live and survive” he continued his story. By now Nayoung was sitting up straight as she listened to the man’s story, all of which began to sound more true as time went by. Maybe it was because her mental fortitude was at an all-time low, or maybe because his story was actually true. “We fast-forward a few years and I am now in a relationship with my future wife Na-Na Kim” he continued, though Nayoung was unsure why this was relevant to her in any way. “What has this got to do with me or my sister?” Nayoung blatantly asked, purely out of curiosity. “Please don’t interrupt me, little Angel. I’m telling you a story and all you have to do is listen” he replied.

“Fast-forward another few years and my now wife Na-Na and I have a child together, a beautiful baby girl” he commented before drinking some water himself. “I reached out to Yuna in hopes that she would be willing to give me another chance, to get to meet you, and for her to meet her niece; but the stubborn woman refused and told me I wasn’t welcome around either of you” he stated as his calm tone turned to one of anger. She couldn’t help but wonder if his family turning their backs on him is what sent him over the edge to kill her sister. “I went back to my family, and we kept to ourselves for the most part. Mostly because I knew of our Family Secret before I went to jail” he said as his anger temporarily subsided. “Yuna must have been keeping tabs on me after our confrontation, because what happened next was what led me to hunt her down,” he commented as he prepared to reveal the answers she had been looking for all her life. “Alright. I know I said I would save this until later but here you go” he spoke calmly and handed Nayoung a single cup of water to drink. “Now where were we?” he said curiously, as if he had truly forgotten where he was in his story. “Oh yes. The reason why I hunted your sister” he commented loudly.

“Once again we fast-forward some more years, my daughter is now five years old, and me?; I became a drunk asshole to everyone around me” he admitted rather nonchalantly, as if he was proud of that statement. “One day I found out my wife was going to leave me, and take our daughter with her. She had packed everything while I was out with some friends, and just as she was about to leave I got home” he said in an annoyed tone. “We all got in the car at that point and we drove to a place where nobody ever goes. Upon reaching the destination, I killed my wife in front of our daughter and warned her that she would be next if she ever tried to leave as well” he continued in yet another proud tone. “How could you do that? To your own wife? To your daughter? You’re a sick man, and you will be brought to justice some day” Nayoung spat in disgust at the man who claimed to be her brother. “Bite your tongue or you’ll be joining your sister earlier than planned” he snapped back at her. “A couple weeks go by, and I’m out with my friends while my daughter is at home; and when I get home she’s gone” he commented and crushed a water bottle in his hand, the water inside spilling out as the cap came off the bottle. “It wasn’t until a month later that I discovered Yuna was to blame. She came and took my daughter from me, and hid her so that I wouldn’t find her” he added with a clearly angry tone.

“After finding out my own sister had done such a thing, I went to confront her but she no longer lived there. That was when my search for your sister started” he said quietly as his tone calmed down. “Next we get to the part where I discovered Yuna’s whereabouts, then the night of the gruesome murder, which I’m sure you know all of the details of” he commented with a grin. “Your damn sister died without disclosing where my daughter was, so now you will tell me where my daughter is. Surely Yuna had told you where she was” he said with a smile as he looked at the young brunette. “You really are crazy. First off, I truly don’t know where your daughter is, Yuna didn’t tell me anything. Secondly, even if I did know; Yuna died to protect her from you, and I would definitely do the same” Nayoung replied with clear defiance. “Oh you will die little Angel. Not tonight unfortunately, but very very soon” he commented and got up from his seat to leave.

“WAIT!” Nayoung yelled as he was leaving the room with the sandwiches and water in hand. “What about the food and water?” she questioned. “You mean this?” he queried as he held up the bag. “This isn’t yours, that was mine in case I got hungry while telling you the story.” he continued before laughing as he exited the room. The young brunette sulked back into the corner of her prison, back to once again waiting for the next time that her brother would visit her. She apparently didn’t have to wait long, as the door once again opened, the male returning with a large amount of food, and various beverages for her to choose from. This time the door to her cell was opened and he brought the food inside the cell before locking it up once again. “Eat well Little Angel, Tomorrow you die” he commented as he headed for the door. “Stop!” she exclaimed and the male stopped, turning around to face her. “You never did tell me. Why have you been calling me Little Angel?” she questioned him once again, hoping that he would actually give her an answer this time. “It’s what I used to call my daughter, and well you kind of remind me of her. Personality-wise of course” he replied then proceeded to leave the room. She wasn’t sure why he was giving her all this food if he just planned to kill her tomorrow, but she wasn’t going to just ignore it either. She took her time and enjoyed the food given to her, with the realization that she would most likely see her sister before tomorrow’s end.

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