When morning came, Nayoung’s brother returned to the prison he was holding her in. “Wake up sister. It’s time for you to die” he taunted her as she woke from her slumber. As the young brunette woke up, the male tossed her some fresh clothes, and a pair of handcuffs. “Get changed, then put the cuffs on, behind your back” he instructed her, “Don’t want you to get any bright ideas when I let you out of this cage” he continued before leaving the room for her to change. A few moments later he returned once more, opening the cage door when she showed him that the cuffs were secured on her wrists. He grabbed hold of her arm and led her out of the basement, up the stairs, and out the back door of the cabin. Once outside, the light was hard on the young Nephilim’s eyes after being cooped up in the basement for so long, so she shut her eyes and let him lead her to wherever he was taking her to kill her. Upon reaching the middle of the large opening behind his cabin, he got her to kneel on the ground.

“You have one opportunity to live” she heard him speak as he began to undo the cuffs around her wrists. Nayoung’s eyes flew open at this newfound freedom, no matter how brief it would be. “What are you talking about?” she questioned curiously. How was it up to her if she lived or died? Was he still looking for information about his daughter? If so then she would still surely die, because she knew nothing about his daughter, let alone her whereabouts. “We’re going to fight” he stated as he drove the tip of her sword into the ground in front of her. “The rules are simple. We fight until one of us is dead. You win, you live. You lose, you die. Simple” he commented as he backed away from Nayoung, letting her rise to her feet. “Why do this? Why not just kill me and get it over with?” she asked the male as she grabbed the sword in front of her and pulled it from the ground. “There’s no fun in killing a helpless individual. Besides I like the thrill of a good sword fight” he replied with a smug grin as he gave both of his swords a little spin in his hands. “Prepare yourself!” he yelled as he lunged toward her with his swords.

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Even though Nayoung’s spirit was damaged, her will to live shone bright and her training kicked in like a reflex. She was able to block the first attack, but the second sword had cut her right shoulder. It didn’t cut very deep because Nayoung had tried to dodge it, but it was enough to cause pain. She grunted in pain and pulled away from the male, keeping her defenses up the best that she could. “Defending isn’t going to save your life sister.” he stated with a pause. “At least Yuna put up a good fight” he taunted her. "Shut your mouth" she commented, her anger toward him once again boiled to the surface and she lunged at him angrily. Her training had taught her not to fight angry, yet in the moment she was filled with rage toward the man that killed her sister. The sounds of the swords hitting against each other echoed throughout the open area, the young brunette getting her offensive attacks slowly under control, pushing her brother back slightly. “I HATE YOU!!!!” she yelled at him as she furiously attacked him. No matter how much force she put behind her attacks, she hadn’t done any damage to him because she was blinded by rage.

“All this hate, yet you can not hurt me. Are you sure that you even want to hurt me?” he teased her, smacking at her with the side of his blade rather than attempting to cut her. The male was toying with her now, waiting for the fight to grow tiresome and end her life. “Maybe you want to die Nayoung? Is that it? Do you want to die so that you can be with Yuna?” he questioned as he effortlessly avoided her attacks. All of his taunting and teasing had just made Nayoung grow more angry. She was trying to hurt him, but the anger was clouding her mind and she was unable to fight at her best. Minho huffed in frustration, he had been expecting a fight from his sister, yet she was like a child before him. Everything about her form was sloppy and he was getting tired of it, and with that thought he kicked her backward and onto the ground. “You are weak Nayoung, and the weak die.” he commented as he stood above her with a sword pointed at her throat. “Show me those wings of yours. Show me so that I can add them to my collection” he ordered with a grin.

Despite how strong she thought her will was, the mental torture he had made her endure during her captivity had caused her will to waver and fade. She laid there and waited for the final blow, thinking back on her life, thinking about her sister. That was when she heard a voice, telling her to get up and fight. Nayoung thought she was going crazy, but the voice spoke again, “You’re fighting for the wrong reason sister. Don’t fight for me. Fight for yourself”. Nayoung recognized the voice, it was Yuna. “You have to let go of the anger, let go of the pain, but most importantly, you have to let go of the guilt” the voice continued. “Get up sister. Get up and LIVE” the voice spoke once more then faded off into the distance. With that Nayoung’s eyes opened wide, and her wings came forth, causing the male standing above her to get knocked backwards and getting her to her feet. “No More” Nayoung said with determination. “No More will you hurt people. No More will I be afraid of you.” she stated as she walked towards the male. “This ends here and now” she commented as she lunged at him.

This time it was Minho who was on the defense, struggling with getting any attacks in. Nayoung had let go of everything that was clouding her judgment, and now she was back in control. For the first time since the fight started she had actually caused damage to him, cutting his arm, shoulder and a small cut on his stomach. “Now this is the fight I’ve been looking for” he said with a grin, almost as if he was enjoying himself. As if his skill was increasing with each moment, the battle became one of equal struggle. Blow for blow they struck each other, Nayoung’s wings had even taken damage, which caused her a lot of pain, but she fought on. The battle went on for what felt like hours, though it was barely an hour passed, and that was when the deciding blow was dealt. Minho had driven his sword through Nayoung’s stomach, and the wind was knocked out of her. “If… I… Go…” she began to struggle out, “We… Both… Go…” she finished before driving her sword through the male’s heart. It was finally over. Everything she had gone through was for this moment, her only regret was leaving her friends and family in Evermore the way that she did. Both of them collapsed to the ground, and Nayoung closed her eyes and faded into the darkness.

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