“It’s not your time sister. Now Wake Up.” she heard Yuna’s voice once again, and her eyes flew open. The young Nephilim was no longer outside, and she was laying on a bed inside the cabin. “What the hell?'' she queried as she tried to get up, wincing in pain then falling back to the bed. “Don’t try to move. You’ll do more damage than good” she heard a voice from nearby. Nayoung looked around the room and saw a young girl, no older than 16 or 17, standing near the kitchen sink. “Who are you? What’s going on here?” the young brunette asked the girl. “It doesn’t matter who I am, just know that I’m a friend” the female responded cryptically. Nayoung was always skeptical about people she didn’t know, and this female was no different, at least that’s what she thought. However she found herself relaxing in the bed, as if this person was someone she had known her entire life. Maybe it was the pain, the drugs, or just something about this female made her different from everyone else; but Nayoung felt as though she could trust her.

Days went by, and Nayoung could finally feel her own healing finally starting to take control over the healing process of her body. She still had no idea who the female was, or even what she was doing in this place. The young girl barely spoke to her, and was often gone for hours on end, leaving her in the solitude of the cabin. This only caused the young Nephilim more curiosity, was the female trying to avoid her now that she was awake? When Nayoung was finally able to move around easily, she decided that it was time to get some answers from the girl who saved her life. “Alright my little life saver, it’s time you gave me some answers. Let’s start with who you are.” Nayoung spoke calmly, but slightly stern. “You’re right, though you might want to sit down.” she commented and motioned toward the nearby chair. “My name is Mi-Na Kim, though you might know me better as Mi-Na Choi, Auntie Nayoung” the young girl spoke. Nayoung was dumbfounded, no words formed in her mouth which was slightly open in shock.

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“What are you doing here?” the young Nephilim finally asked as the initial shock had worn off. “My adoptive family and I arrived here on the island for vacation yesterday. When we got here we heard talks of people missing, and then I saw a photo of you on a missing person board in the town near the police station.” she began with a soft tone. “A missing person photo of me? Why was that there? I doubt anyone even knew I was here” Nayoung commented on the young girl’s words. “I’m not sure how, but when I saw that I talked to a cop and told them I knew you and asked how long you were missing. The cop told me you had shown up asking questions about the mysterious disappearances on the island and had supposedly gone into the forest nearby. I told my parents that I had to go find you, and they were surprisingly okay with it.” she continued. Nayoung couldn’t believe what she was hearing, this kid definitely had guts to enter the forest alone at her age. “It took me a while but I finally found this cabin, and I found you unconscious in the back alongside my real father, the man I grew to hate.” Mi-Na said with detest in her voice as she spoke about her father.

“After I found you, I struggled to bring you inside here and get you on the bed. Then I used some of my blood to help speed along your healing process” she added with a bright smile. “Why your blood?” Nayoung questioned curiously without really thinking about it. “I’m like you, like my father, and like Auntie Yuna was” the young girl added. That was when Nayoung recognized the purple tint in the young girl’s eyes. She was indeed a Nephilim like her, which then made sense as to why she would use her own blood to help speed up the healing process. “So how much do you know about the supernatural?” Nayoung asked the young girl. “Only what Auntie Yuna had left for me when she sent me into hiding.” Mi-Na responded. “You should come visit me in Evermore City, I’m sure you could learn a lot there” Nayoung replied with a bright smile. She had gone from never knowing about her niece, to meeting her in such a short amount of time and it was all overwhelming. “Thank you for the offer, but I’ll have to pass for now. I have my own life to live right now, but maybe someday I’ll come visit you.” she replied truthfully. “I have to head back now, my family and I are soon returning home” the young girl said with slight sadness in her tone. “I wish we had more time together, but you have places you need to be, as do I. We’ll see each other again someday, little one; but until then, make sure you keep in contact.” Nayoung replied and gave her niece her cell number, then watched the young girl leave.

Almost back to full strength now, Nayoung went back to where the battle occurred, and prepared to burn her brother’s corpse so that nobody would ever be able to discover what he was. Also she didn’t want to run the risk of his healing kicking in and healing him, only to be back to square one. The young Nephilim sat there and watched the body burn, thinking about everything that had happened over the past year. She had definitely been gone much longer than she had originally planned, and she hoped that she could pick up where she left off in Evermore when she got back. However she wasn’t sure how things would be between her and Ivory now, especially after disappearing for a whole year. When she was about to leave the cabin, Nayoung thought about her sister’s wings hanging in the basement of the cabin. “It’s time to give you back your wings Yuna” she said softly, then went downstairs to collect her sister’s wings. With the wings collected and wrapped in a sheet, Nayoung began the long walk back to town.

Upon reaching the town, she went to the police station and told them about the cabin in the woods, and how she was sure they would find the bodies of the missing people buried there. She also told them that they wouldn’t find the culprit there, and that he had been disposed of. Although they contemplated arresting her for murder, the cops sent her on her way believing that what she had done was for the best. Once she returned to the hotel, she showered and gathered her belongings, then paid for the overdue charges for the room, and left. Her next move was to somehow get the wings where they needed to be, with her sister. Heading back to Florida where her sister was buried, she paid to have her sister’s grave dug up so that she could bury the wings with her sister. It cost her quite a bit of time and money to convince them to dig up the grave, but it was done in the end, and her Yuna’s wings were back where they belong. All that was left to do now, was return to Evermore City, and face the challenges that lay ahead.

The drive back to Evermore was rather quiet, no music playing, just the sound of traffic as she drove along. Her mind was otherwise occupied with the thoughts of everything that occurred in the past year. When she finally arrived back in the city, she headed straight for home, however as she reached for the doorknob at her place; Nayoung turned away from the door and headed for a walk to ease her wandering mind. As she wandered aimlessly through the city, Nayoung felt a hand placed upon her shoulder. Turning back to see whose hand had been placed there, she saw her teacher standing there before her. He had asked her to come back to the area where she trained so that they could have some tea and catch up. Neither of them spoke as they walked to the training grounds, but her teacher knew that there was something different about her. Upon reaching the training grounds, her teacher finally broke the silence; “Did you find what you were looking for?” he asked her curiously

Nayoung explained everything that had happened since she left the city nearly a year ago. She told him about her sister’s murderer being her own brother, how he had held her captive for months on end, how he forced her to battle with him, and how she took his life in the end. Her teacher listened quietly as she told her story, and then he knew what had caused the young woman he once knew to change so much. “THIS is the toughest battle you will ever face, my child. The battle within yourself” he spoke calmly. “Nobody can help you in this battle, you must find the answers you seek for yourself. I wish I could tell you everything will be alright, but the truth is that the outcome of this battle is entirely up to you” he spoke once more. Nayoung knew that her teacher was correct, nobody could give her the answer to the questions she now had, that was going to have to be something she would discover in time. After a couple hours passed by, Nayoung thanked the male for his time and the tea, then left to head home. One chapter of her life had finally come to an end, and now it was time for a new chapter to begin. What did the future hold for her now that she has finished her mission? Only time knew the answer to that, and she would have to figure it all out along the way.

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