Oh, how people would look at him in a different light after this. Truth be told, Daehyun never saw himself as a pet guy. Why in the world would he want to get a pesky little guy who would end up ruining his sleep? And it doesn’t help that he doesn’t stay at home that much either, the Niveis is out 98% of the time. Either he’s working or he’s working. So why is he actually staring at his laptop screen while browsing for cats? There were plenty of cats on the adoption page and as tempted as he is to get one after that whole pet conversation he had, he wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it either. “You’re not getting a cat, Dae” he told himself and ended up closing the laptop before heading off to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. Would it be so bad if he wanted one though? Surely, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to his life? Surely, it’s not going to impact him negatively, right? 

The thought of having a fluff ball in his life was beginning to give him doubts, his head was practically swirling with ridiculous scenarios where his life is ruined because of a cat. It was enough to send shivers down his spine. The moment he opened his fridge, he realized he hasn’t been restocking the beverages all that well because there wasn’t even a soju or beer in sight. This is why you don’t leave Mirae to do the grocery shopping, he grumbled internally and decided to do it himself as he threw on his windbreaker before heading out. Thankfully, there was a small convenience store just across the apartment complex, so he was able to browse the beverage section without any hassle, especially when most people don’t often venture there. 

The Niveis placed a few beverages ranging from beer, coffee, soda, and even a bottle of red wine in the cart before proceeding to pay for it. While he was busy humming a track to himself as he walked down the dark alley, he noticed something white trailing him. At first, he had dismissed it but it kept following him until he reached the end of the street and was about to cross the road to get back to his place. Standing and nuzzling against his left leg was a comparatively cute white cat who seemed like it wasn’t about to leave him alone. Dae tried to shoo it away but when it literally ran towards him after he crossed despite the traffic, he swore he felt like his heart was about to fall in worry. “That was fucking dangerous...you piece of fluff.” 

With every step he took, it didn’t even budge, it kept following him. If he took one step to the right, the cat would also take one step to the right. He even went as far to throw something to the opposite side before scampering for his life and took a seat at the bench in front of the complex, only to find the cat meowing next to him. “Right…you’re not going away, are you?” What could he say, this is a real emergency. So he dialed one of his emergency contacts; Aeryn. “You need to help me. It’s an emergency… something's following me” Daehyun being Daehyun didn’t even bother to give him the details and only told Aeryn to meet him in front of his residency.

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It turns out that getting a puppy was a whole lot of work. Aeryn had spent almost all of his Saturday earlier a few weeks back at the shelter looking for his new companion to bring home, he had intended to bring home one of the older and trained dogs but the moment his eyes had set on the litter of husky puppies which had been given a foster mother dog. He had put himself on the list to get one and then earlier this week he had managed to finally pick him up.

Since then it had been constant messes and whining, waking up in the middle of the night to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him, arguments about whether he was allowed to stay on the bed, which ended up seeing the pup winning out and getting to claim his spot right by the pillow. He had been trying to teach him to sit with some success but he had learned very quickly that the little pup had a mind of his own and could be a true devil if you let him get away with it. He had taken some time to come up with a name for his new companion but in the end, he had chosen Zeus, which seemed to fit him pretty well.

Today though, Zeus’ newest victim was Aeryn’s shoes. He had headed out for about 20 minutes just to get some bits from the corner store and when he got back, he walked in to find the pup holding his sneakers in his mouth. 10 minutes of chasing him around the house and telling him to drop it later and Aeryn was exhausted, leaning against the couch and staring at the adorable little husky with an expression which could only be described as exasperation. He was cute though, so cute that he seemed to get away with anyway and Aeryn couldn’t even bring himself to scold him when he gave him those sad ‘I did something bad’ eyes.

Thankfully he was distracted by the sound of his phone going off, he picked up propping it between his ear and his shoulder while he listened to the sound of Dae on the end of the line, who started speaking before Aeryn even had the chance to say a word “Following you? What do you mean Dae?” but before he could get a word in edgeways the other male told him to come to his place as soon as possible. Aeryn looked at Zeus and then sighed, well there was no way in hell he was leaving him here to destroy more of his possessions so he supposed they were both going to check up on Daehyun. He slipped on the pup’s leash and then headed out the door, locking it behind them and then heading the familiar route towards where Daehyun lived.

The cat wouldn't leave him alone. No matter how many times he shooed it away and threw pebbles the opposite way, it wouldn't budge. It would still stay there, meowing cutely. It even came close to his leg and pressed its head against his thighs, purring in content. The sight of its white fur even prompted the Niveis to give into temptation, the next thing he knew, he already had one hand stroking its fur, "Well, you're one clean cat, aren't you? Someone knows how to take care of themself" he chuckled lightheartedly as he scratched behind its ear, only to receive more purring. "I can't keep you, you know... " Since the cat won't leave him alone, Dae dialed Aeryn earlier and told him to come over, using the word help. Admittedly, this is considered an emergency to him. An emergency means I need help, and for the Niveis, he needs help. Right now. Desperately. 

While waiting for the arrival of his Nephilim friend, he chewed his bottom lip and sighed heavily when the cat kept on nuzzling for affection, yeah its cute but Dae really needs to get back home. Okay, he really wants to get back home. The thought of having them cat scurrying after him even then makes him feel uneasy. What if the security notices how its presence was not wanted and throw it out? What would happen to the poor fluff then? Would it get hurt? Where would it go? "Are you hungry?" he asked softly and as if understanding what he was on about, the cat meowed. "I'll go buy you some food, okay? Stay here. I mean it. I'll be back." When he crossed the road again to go back to the store he was at earlier, he noticed the cat stayed put.

 Daehyun probably should've found another route now that the cat wasn't following him. That's what a smart person would do. But somehow, Dae couldn't leave it there, not when it was probably starving. He promised to bring food, didn't he? Don't break your promises, Dae, he reminded himself. By the time he returned to the bench with another plastic bag in his hand that was filled with a few wet food packets, he noticed Aeryn's familiar silhouette by the corner. With one packet in his right hand, the white cat quickly climbed up to him, the claws didn't bother him as much even though it was clinging onto him, "Hey! Wait for it... " he scolded and he swore he heard it mewled. "A little help here, please?" 

It was a bit of a hectic walk across the city, he was still working on teaching Zeus to heel and so the little pup was here there and everywhere, looking all around and sniffing all the things he hadn’t got to see before. Aeryn didn’t mind too much, it was fun to watch him explore and become acquainted with the world. For the longest time he’d said that he would get a dog and he was glad to finally do so, he enjoyed the company and the challenge of training him, he had taken him to puppy classes and he was even allowed to bring him to work because Jimena’s was a pet-friendly cafe and Zeus got to hang out with Rocky all day. He had for once discovered how important it was to find yourself in the little things in life and for a while to just enjoy the moment and not think about forever.

Aeryn turned the last corner to the entrance to Dae’s building, the other male had given him no information to go off at all but he supposed that it was here he wanted him to come to, thankfully he didn’t have to search for too long before he spotted the guy standing out on the pavement with a fluffy white cat clinging to his sleeve. And of course, Zeus naturally went wild at the revelation that there was a new friend for him to meet “Oh no you don’t” he scolded the pup, picking him up under one harm and shaking his head in amusement before he made his way closer to Dae and offered his other arm out to the cat, thankfully she didn’t seem all that bothered by Zeus and crawled over to him, but then proceeded to meow at Dae.

“Well someone likes you a whole lot” he surmised as he set the husky pup down on the floor only for him to try and jump up at Dae, he shook his head, well this was madness already and he’d only just got here “So your emergency is that you’re being attacked by a cat?” Aeryn had a natural way with animals and so she seemed pretty content sitting tucked under his arm but it was evident already that she wanted to go back to the Niveis “Here hold out your arms” he instructed before leaning forward to place her into his arms “There much better” he nodded slightly as he raised a brow “So why exactly did you make me walk across the city?” he questioned wondering why Dae had a cat, where she came from and why this was necessary.

How did he land himself in this situation again? No idea. All Daehyun did was go down from his place to the convenience store located just across his apartment complex to get some snacks and drinks for himself. He’s tired, and he was really tempted to just go back and faceplant himself on the comfortable bed of his. That was his original plan, believe it or not. Go down, get your drinks and snacks, then back to his place. Unfortunately, the Niveis faced an unusual situation laid out in front of him. A cat. A very fluffy white cat that could probably pass off as one of his own due to their strange resemblance, aside from the gender. He’s been thinking about having one but not like this. What was he supposed to do when a strange cat just jumped out of nowhere and started following him back home? Take care of it? Not very likely. 

He wasn’t sure if he was even responsible enough to take care of a living being like that. With the fluffy little thing still hanging off his sleeve, he was about to scold it some more when he suddenly heard a bark. What now? A puppy too? But when he was greeted by the familiar face of Aeryn, Dae let out a relieved sigh, someone to his rescue, finally. He had to admit though, seeing the Nephilim with a puppy under his arm was one hell of a sight. “I never thought I’d see you with a pet. Looks good on you though” he quipped, the puppy was cute and looks quite excited, probably from the prospect of making a new friend. The same could be said about the cat too. She only cling onto him even firmer and didn’t hiss. Right, cats and dogs don’t usually get along. Emphasis on the usual. Considering how attached the cat seems to be on him, she probably wasn’t any usual cat either. Dae concluded that she was one weird cat. 

When the husky pup suddenly jumped on him, he closed his eyes briefly before narrowing them at the Nephilim standing before him, “Yeah… tell me about it. I mean I can digest the fact that people flock but not animals, man.” He petted the puppy and tried to check if he had anything on him, “You don’t think I smell like fish, do you?” He even lifted his arm to smell his sleeves. He didn’t know why he held out his arms like what Aeryn instructed but he did, and before long, the cat was nestling against his chest already. “Yes she jumped on me. Literally. I was just by the store to buy some snacks and drinks and she came out of nowhere… I tried to escape her but she even risked her life to go through a busy traffic.” As if sensing he was talking about her, the feline meowed cutely. “How come I could escape anyone but not a cat?” This was definitely a scratch to Daehyun Stormwind. When asked why he called, Dae cleared his throat and pointed to the cat, “I need your help. How do I get rid of this thing?” Meow. “Her. I mean her.”

Aeryn was naturally thinking in his mind how Dae probably needed to redefine his definition of an emergency because having a little fluffy white cat unable to take her eyes off you didn’t rank in his book. Zeus was pretty excited about it all because he loved meeting new animal friends and humans alike, the pup was pretty loud and boisterous but he matched Aeryn’s energetic personality well. “Well I kept telling myself one day I was gonna settle in a city, get a house and then get the god I always wanted” he chuckled softly “I know, me making a commitment to something, shocker right?” Dae wasn’t wrong when he said it was surprising that he got a pet but after a few years in the city now, it felt like the right time to take on the challenge. Plus Harper liked animals and had been encouraging him to get one too.

The same as Zeus matched Aeryn’s personality, he would say the cat matched Dae’s, with her stoic nature but intense interest in the one person who took her attention. “I mean animals see though all the lies you know, they don’t care what impression you try to give to the world or what lies you tell” most of them just wanted food and love, though cars were more independent than dogs. Aeryn laughed when Dae asked if he smelled like fish “He’s just excited to make a new friend” he responded with a smile “It seems like she might be the same way” he commented jerking his chin towards the white furball while she crawled over into Dae’s arms and then stayed there as though that was all she wanted “Easy to please” he scoffed with a low chuckle.

Seeing the dynamic between them made Aeryn laugh, she didn’t look like a stray to him but then also he didn’t see a collar or tag of any kind “Maybe you remind her of her owner?” he asked as he leaned in closer to see if there was anything to note. She was a little dirty, clearly needed a brush but nothing which indicated that she had been on the streets for very long “Did you feed her?” he questioned with a raised brow, animals tended to develop an attachment to those who showed them kindness after. “Well it seems like she’s chosen you” he commented thoughtfully “They say cats do that, pick out someone similar to them and choose them, you might have trouble trying to escape now” he jested with a smile.

It did make him a little sad when he said he wanted to get rid of the cat though, it was clear she was completely hooked on the Niveis “Well have you tried looking for her home? Someone might have lost her, we could take her to the vets and get a microchip scan” Zeus could use the walk anyway.

Perhaps it wasn't right for him to define this situation that he was currently going through as an emergency, clearly the Niveis needed a bit of a lesson to know which is which. Admittedly, he was guilty of that but he was panicking and the white fluffy left him with no other choice but to enlist the help of his good friend, Aeryn. So now that he was finally here, he was more than grateful because he was slowly losing it. Not that the cat wasn't cute, if he was going to describe how cute the creature was, Dae would've gushed over her. Unfortunately, he wasn't a pet guy. He may want one in the future, keyword being may. But he had no idea how to care for one. "You being committed is already a shocker but damn… to a puppy no less. Your taste is well defined, Aeryn" he chuckled, he couldn't blame the Nephilim, Zeus was indeed very energetic and cute. He also gets along just fine with the cat, surprisingly. Since pets were supposedly said to resemble their owners, Dae wondered if he could pinpoint the similarities between the two if he stared long enough. Possibly.

 His statement made the Niveis grumble as he threw an exasperated look at the cat who only seemed to meow back at him, looking all cute and irresistible, it was hard for him to even get mad at her. "I'm not even telling a lie to begin with…" he murmured dismissively, technically, it wasn't much of a lie anyway. "I'm not trying to show her anything either, nothing to sell here… just want to get back to my humble abode and snack on my munchies." He continued to stare at the cat that was interacting with the puppy, they were cute and any other days, Dae would smile proudly to see a pet of his interacting like that but was she even his? The way she had settled in his grasp tells a lot; she wasn't going to leave. Despite the aggravated look that was mixed with moderate confusion, the elder Stormwind still stroked her fur instinctively. "Are you trying to imply that I'm easy to please too?" he narrowed his hues playfully over the other male. 

In all honesty, it wasn't hard to please Daehyun Stormwind when you know him. He's a sucker for chicken and would do anything for them. And his slightly hedonistic antics would have him fine with any nights he could spend with someone to entertain and warm his bed. When asked if he's fed her, he nodded, "Yeah I gave her something earlier… she seemed to be very hungry" he lifted the plastic bag and the packet of wet food he tore open earlier. Someone similar to them? The cat was majestic, she was a looker, that's for sure and while he had no idea what breed she was, her eyes were blue and her fur was white, she looks like she couldn't even spare anyone else a second of her day unless she deems it worthy and not wasteful. Okay, maybe there's a bit of a resemblance somewhere. "Yeah… let's do that. Don't get me wrong, she's cute but she's not mine… a cat this pretty and well-groomed wouldn't be a stray. She looks like a purebred so she's gotta have an owner somewhere... I can't just leave her but I can't bring her home with me either. It's not my right or place."

Aeryn had a lot of friends and acquaintances, he was the type of person who tended to just get along with everyone he met but that didn’t mean that he managed to keep close contact with many. Dae was one of those people he had always just clicked with and didn’t feel the need to question too much, they could not talk for months and then pick up a conversation together as though they were together just yesterday. He liked friends like that because it felt so easy to maintain those relationships and not feel guilty for forgetting to keep in contact after a while. He chuckled under his breath “I mean I always pictured having one on the ship with me but it seemed hardly fair when dogs need to run and stuff” he responded and shrugged slightly, so despite seeing plenty he could have brought with him from the ports he decided against it “But now I’m staying in one place for a while” he wrinkled his nose “It’s not like I could resist, I mean look how cute he is” he shook his head slightly, it was basically love at first sight.

Aeryn looked up at Dae for a moment with an inquisitive gaze and then shrugged his shoulders when he said he wasn’t telling lies or showing anything but his real self, given their experience when Dae was drunk, the nephilim knew there was far more to him than the persona he liked to put on. He got the feeling that Dae often felt lonely and he wanted other people to like him and he had almost certainly gotten himself attached to the Yeon guy he couldn’t seem to stop talking about no matter how hard he tried “Keep telling yourself that” he responded with a wry smile “Though it seems like she would complain about snacks either” seeing the two of them he could definitely tell there was an attachment there already, but he kept quiet about it, after all, Dae had said quite clearly that he wanted to get rid of the cat. `

Aeryn raised a curious brow when Dae asked him if he was easy to please “Name any situation you’ve been in that you haven’t managed to make better with food or sex” he responded almost offhandedly because he was sure that the niveis wouldn’t have much of a comeback for it because it always seemed like that’s what he surrounded himself with. “You do realize that the way to an animal’s heart is usually through their stomach right?” he laughed under his breath, by feeding her he had given her enough kindness for her to latch onto him. The first priority should be trying to find her home though, maybe there was a family out there looking for her and missing her and it only seemed right to try and reunite them. “She does seem pretty matted though, I think she’s been living away from home for a while” either she had run away or gotten lost, or she had been left. He feared it was possibly the latter “Alright then this way, there’s a place not too far from here that can get her scanned” he encouraged Zeus to walk with him as they headed for the clinic, he glanced over his shoulder to see the cat laying like a pampered baby in Dae’s arms and laughed “I have to admit she’s pretty cute” he commented lightheartedly.

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