Oh, how people would look at him in a different light after this. Truth be told, Daehyun never saw himself as a pet guy. Why in the world would he want to get a pesky little guy who would end up ruining his sleep? And it doesn’t help that he doesn’t stay at home that much either, the Niveis is out 98% of the time. Either he’s working or he’s working. So why is he actually staring at his laptop screen while browsing for cats? There were plenty of cats on the adoption page and as tempted as he is to get one after that whole pet conversation he had, he wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it either. “You’re not getting a cat, Dae” he told himself and ended up closing the laptop before heading off to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. Would it be so bad if he wanted one though? Surely, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to his life? Surely, it’s not going to impact him negatively, right? 

The thought of having a fluff ball in his life was beginning to give him doubts, his head was practically swirling with ridiculous scenarios where his life is ruined because of a cat. It was enough to send shivers down his spine. The moment he opened his fridge, he realized he hasn’t been restocking the beverages all that well because there wasn’t even a soju or beer in sight. This is why you don’t leave Mirae to do the grocery shopping, he grumbled internally and decided to do it himself as he threw on his windbreaker before heading out. Thankfully, there was a small convenience store just across the apartment complex, so he was able to browse the beverage section without any hassle, especially when most people don’t often venture there. 

The Niveis placed a few beverages ranging from beer, coffee, soda, and even a bottle of red wine in the cart before proceeding to pay for it. While he was busy humming a track to himself as he walked down the dark alley, he noticed something white trailing him. At first, he had dismissed it but it kept following him until he reached the end of the street and was about to cross the road to get back to his place. Standing and nuzzling against his left leg was a comparatively cute white cat who seemed like it wasn’t about to leave him alone. Dae tried to shoo it away but when it literally ran towards him after he crossed despite the traffic, he swore he felt like his heart was about to fall in worry. “That was fucking dangerous...you piece of fluff.” 

With every step he took, it didn’t even budge, it kept following him. If he took one step to the right, the cat would also take one step to the right. He even went as far to throw something to the opposite side before scampering for his life and took a seat at the bench in front of the complex, only to find the cat meowing next to him. “Right…you’re not going away, are you?” What could he say, this is a real emergency. So he dialed one of his emergency contacts; Aeryn. “You need to help me. It’s an emergency… something's following me” Daehyun being Daehyun didn’t even bother to give him the details and only told Aeryn to meet him in front of his residency.

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Aeryn gave him a quirk of his brow in response to him saying that he didn’t need friends “Well then I guess I’ll leave” he jested playfully even going to turn to leave towards the door, Zeus following cutely at his heels as he’d recently trained to do. Still, Aeryn wasn’t dumb enough to think Dae actually meant things like that, no matter how much he tried to pushed others away, there was always a small part of him that seemed to be reaching out, reaching for help. “I suppose I’d judge everything if I was a cat too…everyone’s basically her slave now right” he chuckled softly.

He bit his lip and shook his head “Sadly I don’t think anyone is looking for her…the area you found her in…it’s not really the kind of residential area where a cat could happen to wander” honestly he had the feeling someone left her at the side of the road knowing that she wouldn’t be able to find her way back from there. He pressed his lips together and lifted his gaze “But as maddening as that is…she found someone who will never give up on her” Dae was stubborn, there was no way he would let her down. Besides, he could tell he was already whipped.

Aeryn grinned slightly “Then why don’t you just tell him you want it all?” he murmured softly, if Dae felt that strongly about someone then he thought he should go for it “Are you worried he’d say no?” Aeryn wasn’t sure who would be dumb enough to turn Dae down “Besides, you’re amazing in bed, charming, funny…maybe a little rough around the edges but I swear if he turns you down he’s dumb” he raised his brows slightly.

When the nephilim jested him by saying he'd leave since Dae didn't need any friends, the niveis let out a frustrated sigh and say "You know that's not what I mean, you can be so frustrating sometimes. I question our 'friendship' more than a few times daily, you know?" Okay, that was not a lie either. But it's not meant in a negative light, of course. He was sure Aeryn understood that too. He narrowed his hues at the white fluffball and hummed softly in affirmation "Well... cats are majestic creatures, in ancient Egypt weren't they revered as gods or something? I think I've heard and read about that too." Though Dae wasn't sure if that was just mythology or people making memes out of it just because they could.

"But just looking at how pretty they are, it kinda makes sense for people to be slaves under them." Does that mean the niveis now had a new owner as if he needed one? God, what did he get himself into? He raised his eyebrow in curiosity when Aeryn pointed out that it was unlikely for the cat to be missing in that residential area considering it's not the type of place where cats would wander off. "So you're saying this cat is left by their owner?" Now that, he did not like to hear. How dare they? "Do you want me to track them down and give thema lecture, Cleo?" And he was serious too. Dae rolled his eyes when the other male pointed out that she found someone who would take good care of her "You talk like a cat distribution system operator."

The blond looked down to the ground when the topic about Yeon came up, yes he was afraid that he might realize he's not what he wanted. What did he have to offer the valkyr anyway? "Don't say he's dumb... he's one of the best people I've met... he deserves a lot better. I know that." He's nothing when compared to Yeon. "I don't know what I am to him... but I know he cares for me. But for how far?" He let out a disgruntled noise and plopped himself on the couch, covering his face with his hands "Why is love complicated? Is this love?"

Aeryn just gave him a look and then rolled his eyes “You’re lucky I still put up with you’re grumpy ass” he teased, shaking his head playfully, he was a loyal friend and once he liked someone it tended to stay that way, he didn’t need to see them all the time or keep inserting himself into their lives, they just were someone he liked. The same went for people he didn’t like, it rarely changed. “Well…cats do wander around acting like they’re gods so I guess that checks out” he snickered softly and smiled “You might have just found yourself an empress with the way yours presents herself” he teased softly.

“They have a certain charm, but they’re pretty smart you have to admit, walking around like they own the place when they haven’t worked a day in their lives, demanding to be fed and served hand and foot” he chuckled, cats had a good life, much easier than your average person. “Well I can’t see any other reason she’d be wandering the streets, unless her owner passed or something…but that seems unlikely” people were selfish and quickly abandoned animals when they realized how expensive and needy they could be “Maybe that’s my secret purpose in life, matching animals to their owners..” he chuckled and shook his head “No that sounds like too much work” mostly because if he made any wrong matches it would break his heart to see them returned.

Seeing the way Dae defended this guy even in a hypothetical description, told him everything he needed to know about where they stood “Better than what Dae?” he raised his brow because Aeryn wasn’t the kind of person who would stand for other people putting themselves down “You deserve to be with someone who you clearly care a lot of about, don’t doubt yourself” he chided, shaking his head sternly. “Are you worried he’ll reject you if you ask?” he tilted his head curiously.

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