Oh, how people would look at him in a different light after this. Truth be told, Daehyun never saw himself as a pet guy. Why in the world would he want to get a pesky little guy who would end up ruining his sleep? And it doesn’t help that he doesn’t stay at home that much either, the Niveis is out 98% of the time. Either he’s working or he’s working. So why is he actually staring at his laptop screen while browsing for cats? There were plenty of cats on the adoption page and as tempted as he is to get one after that whole pet conversation he had, he wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it either. “You’re not getting a cat, Dae” he told himself and ended up closing the laptop before heading off to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. Would it be so bad if he wanted one though? Surely, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to his life? Surely, it’s not going to impact him negatively, right? 

The thought of having a fluff ball in his life was beginning to give him doubts, his head was practically swirling with ridiculous scenarios where his life is ruined because of a cat. It was enough to send shivers down his spine. The moment he opened his fridge, he realized he hasn’t been restocking the beverages all that well because there wasn’t even a soju or beer in sight. This is why you don’t leave Mirae to do the grocery shopping, he grumbled internally and decided to do it himself as he threw on his windbreaker before heading out. Thankfully, there was a small convenience store just across the apartment complex, so he was able to browse the beverage section without any hassle, especially when most people don’t often venture there. 

The Niveis placed a few beverages ranging from beer, coffee, soda, and even a bottle of red wine in the cart before proceeding to pay for it. While he was busy humming a track to himself as he walked down the dark alley, he noticed something white trailing him. At first, he had dismissed it but it kept following him until he reached the end of the street and was about to cross the road to get back to his place. Standing and nuzzling against his left leg was a comparatively cute white cat who seemed like it wasn’t about to leave him alone. Dae tried to shoo it away but when it literally ran towards him after he crossed despite the traffic, he swore he felt like his heart was about to fall in worry. “That was fucking dangerous...you piece of fluff.” 

With every step he took, it didn’t even budge, it kept following him. If he took one step to the right, the cat would also take one step to the right. He even went as far to throw something to the opposite side before scampering for his life and took a seat at the bench in front of the complex, only to find the cat meowing next to him. “Right…you’re not going away, are you?” What could he say, this is a real emergency. So he dialed one of his emergency contacts; Aeryn. “You need to help me. It’s an emergency… something's following me” Daehyun being Daehyun didn’t even bother to give him the details and only told Aeryn to meet him in front of his residency.

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The nephilim let out a low amused chuckle and shrugged “Aren’t they all? I mean he’s basically a teenager already so of course he needs to have his rebellious phase” but they had grown closer since he had gotten him, Zeus was incredibly loyal and truly defined what it meant when they called dogs man’s best friend. He chuckled looking down at the little husky and then back up to Dae, the pup was getting bigger by the day and Aeryn was excited to get to see him grow up. “Yeah, they hate everyone mostly, but not their favorite person” he chuckled under his breath “Hey kinda like you with that Yeon guy” he commented with a playful smirk, no, he wasn’t letting that drunk admission go.

He shrugged slightly “Maybe that act of kindness stands out, as sad as it is, maybe she hasn’t seen a lot of good” she only seemed to be interested in being close with Dae, she hadn’t come to Aeryn for attention once and while she hadn’t scratched him when he picked her up, she hardly looked cozy compared to the way she looked with the niveis right now. He looked up at Dae and chuckled when he reacted to the name he picked “By all means, let me know if you have a better suggestion” he responded with an amused shake of his head.

Of course Dae wasn’t wrong when he said that if the cat had a family it was the right thing to get her back home but Aeryn got the feeling this wasn’t that kind of story, she looked as though she had been on the streets for at least a few weeks and most cats knew their way home if it was close, she wasn’t hurt or anything like that. It seemed more likely she was left somewhere unfamiliar “Well we’ll know before long but...there’s no way you’re gonna be able to leave her on the street, I can tell that much already” and a shelter wasn’t going to be much better either, considering most animals didn’t get out of them.Aeryn shot him a knowing look when Dae said he was planning on taking her home and cleaning her but he didn’t say anything, instead he kept walking until they reached the vet clinic and then headed inside, asking the receptionist if they could help with a microchip check. Only when the vet came out to retrieve the white fluffball, she suddenly seemed like she had no intention of leaving Dae’s arms

He lowered his gaze to the puppy, thinking how his name actually matched his attitude. Zeus. How ironic. "Rebellious phase? Do animals go through that too?" He had close to no knowledge regarding most animals honestly, except a few regarding the bigger cats like cheetahs or leopards. Not… cats. Definitely not the white furball that seemed keen on staying close with him the entire time. "How old is he?" How does one know if their pet is already crossing over the teenager phase? He's honestly asking plenty of questions to himself right now. He lifted Zeus' paw up curiously and eyed him, "He doesn't look like a teenager." When Aeryn likened his relationship with Yeon to that of cats, Dae glared at him and huffed, "You're never letting me live that down, huh? Well for your information, me and him are doing very well now." He had his usual sessions with the Valkyr, he was certainly a catch. 

"I can't believe you likened me… to a cat" he muttered under his breath and shook his head in disbelief. Was he really that alike? His eyes softened instantly when the Nephilim said the poor kitten might not have witnessed a lot of kindness when roaming the streets until she found him, "But I was just giving her food… surely others would've done the same?" Now Daehyun was not the kindest guy there is but he's not a mean jerk, not purposely. He didn't think that giving food to a poor cat that clearly looked like it was hungry would be considered an act of kindness. Was the bar that low? Maybe for humans. "I mean I guess I can't be surprised. People are shitty these days." He still couldn't get his head out of the name suggestion Aeryn gave earlier, Sheikra? As extra as he is, even he wouldn't name her that. "Cleo…" he mumbled softly, yeah if she was his, he'd name her that. 

He wasn't wrong, and as much as Dae would like to deny that and say he wasn't going to bring her home, he didn't have the heart to leave her out there. What if she chased after him and got hit by a car in the process? He would never be able to live with that. "I'll… probably take care of her for a while until I find her an actual home. Only if she doesn't have any owner" he insisted firmly, though the soft glances and the way he held her clearly stated otherwise. Once they reached the clinic, he waited until the doctor was going to come and get her. But she didn't have any intention to leave him whatsoever, which made him flustered. "You're not embarrassing me in front of the vet. Get your paws off me or I'm leaving you here and won't come back" he grumbled and tried to take her grip off. Surprisingly, she lets go. She did let out a pitiful meow that actually sounded dramatic as if she was being dragged away. "She's a drama queen… are pets really this dramatic? Or just her?"

He laughed under his breath “The people at the shelter said to expect it, it’s an adjustment thing while they’re figuring out how to behave around you I guess” nothing ever really went perfectly and your pet needed time to figure out the new situation they were in and adjust, which he supposed meant testing you a little here and there. “He’s getting into his 7th month which makes him around the age of puberty” the little husky was getting bigger and braver every day and he was managing to keep up with Aeryn pretty well. They had bonded pretty well and he had taught the little pup and few cool tricks along the way “Believe me he acts like one” he responded, scoffing a little when he said he didn’t seem like a teenager.

“I am never letting you live that down, no” he responded with a wry smile, shaking his head in amusement when he said he and the other male were getting along just fine now “I expected no less, you don’t seem like the type to let someone you want slip away after all” he nodded thoughtfully. Dae was a bounty hunter, his whole livelihood revolved around the chase. Aeryn just raised how brows in curiosity when Dae spoke his distaste for being likened to a cat “Don’t let her hear you complaining” he responded, taunting the other male a little with a smirk. He chuckled under his breath when Dae picked out quite a cute and girly name for the cat “Cleo huh?” he there was a certain smugness in his tone that was implying he knew Dae was head over heels for the cat.

“That’s how it begins” he responded with a smirk, it was clear to him already that the niveis was far more smitten with his little feline friend than he was going to admit and Aeryn found that quite amusing. Aeryn was watching in as the whole thing unfolded, the cat clinging against Dae for dear life as though if he let go she would somehow be in pain. The little argument they had was adorable. He grabbed Zeus and pulled him up onto his lap, cuddling him and getting playful licks from the husky. “I think she’s just worried you’ll leave her behind, she’s taken a shine to you” he chuckled softly. They waited around for a while before the vet came back out to say that sadly, they hadn’t been able to locate a chip on her. Aeryn raised to his feet, giving Dae a brief look to ask what he wanted to do. The vet was already launching into his speech about how there were a few shelters around he could call to take her.

He didn't know how animals lived, though he does seem to be likened to a cat, he wasn't that knowledgeable about them either so he was actually really grateful to know that Aeryn is there to accompany him. And help. He won't say it out loud but he was pretty sure the Nephilim knows some things Dae don't really say to mean it. Aeryn knows him better than that. His gaze fell on the husky pup that was seemingly attached to his owner and pursed his lips, "Puberty huh… interesting concept for them considering it did shit all to us." Dae could still remember his own, he was pretty young and he was so sure he had gone through a multitude of emotions for years. "Does he know how to do tricks?" he asked curiously, YouTube is a thing and the niveis did spare plenty of his time watching those humorous videos of cats and dogs. 

The pale haired male grumbled and pushed him away when he confirmed that he wasn't about to forget that drunken incident and let him live it down, "No, if I'm invested over something… or rather someone, I don't let them go or out of my sight. You should know there's a reason why I make such an excellent bounty hunter, Aeryn" he scoffed and shook his head, Dae always had his eyes and ears somewhere. It's just a natural habit for him. Besides, it wasn't as if he was going to let Yeon go, not really. He's too much of a good friend for him to just let go. "The chase is fun though…" he added, though they maintained a good relationship with one another, sometimes Yeon makes him go for a chase and it's thrilling. "Yes Cleo, makes her sound like the best girl honestly… everyone knows Cleopatra. And why not? Can cats even understand us complaining about them?" It had only been a while but Dae was already so defensive over the cat he may or may not even bring back home. 

"And you would know" he narrowed his dark hues toward the nephilim and clicked his tongue in response. He admitted he was pretty worried to know what goes inside the examination room because he's here waiting outside and left her inside alone with the people who would be examining her. Was he nervous? A bit. Though he tried his best not to show it outrightly. Keep calm, he reminded himself. When the vet came out to greet them and told them there was no chip located in her, Dae pursed his lips slightly and wondered if this was really the best decision for him to make. It wasn't until she talked about shelters that his eyes were alarmed, "Nevermind, I'll take her." It came out abruptly but Dae didn't regret it. How could he leave her somewhere else? Knowing that she might not even get the proper care she deserves.

He will worry about other things later, but right now, he just really wanted to take her home and give her a bath and somewhere to sleep. "What should I do?" He glanced over the nephilim, clearly asking for help because he wasn't sure what he should even buy.

Aeryn had spent most of his life surrounded by animals, having been raised on a farm when he was young and just generally sharing a connection with them over the years. He always found it easier to relate to animals than he did to people and went out of his way to spend time with them. Honestly it was a wonder he hadn’t gotten one of his own before now “Pretty sure it’s the same for them, mood swings...though at least they don’t have to worry about acne” he shook his head in amusement. He arched his brow when Dae asked if Zeus could do tricks, he raised his fingers to make the shape of a gun and pointed it at the puppy before saying bang, which made the husky roll onto his back and play dead, he chuckled “Good boy” he praised with a wide grin.

“Though I don’t think you’ll have as much luck training a cat, they do what they wanna do” much more free-spirited and independent which worked for some pet owners and not for others. He had a playful twinkle in his eye as the other male explained how he didn’t like to let things get out of his sight or let them go “So he’s basically blocking your sight entirely then huh?” it seemed like he was pretty much the only person who knew the truth about how Dae felt about this mystery valkyr. He had an amused expression on his face as Dae justified his name for the cat along with further exposing his like for her “They can definitely pick up on your tone, they say pets take after their owners you know” he chuckled raising his brows.

He could have already predicted how this would play out but he decided to give Dae his chance to process through everything he was feeling. Honestly Aeryn found it pretty entertaining that this of all things was what the niveis classified as an emergency. The Nephilim was listening to the vet intently as he explained the protocols for pets which were found on the street, how they needed to have an active search for the owner for the space of a week at which point they were then available for rehoming. Dae however already had the cat tucked up under his arm and was ready to march her out of there “We’ll make sure she gets taken care of” he assured the doctor who only chuckled and nodded before heading back again.

Aeryn looked over at Dae for a few moments and smirked when he asked for his help “Well first things first we should probably go find a pet store” he looked down at his phone for a moment to search for the nearest one and nodded “It’s only a couple of blocks away, we can walk there and you can carry her highness” he teased playfully, glancing at the fluffball cuddling up to him.

He could recall if he had been an animal person in the past, because honestly there wasn't much to delve into it. Daehyun's history was… plain to him, suffice to say. It wasn't anything worth remembering. He was pretty sure he didn't remember his father doing anything remarkable as a father and his mother had sacrificed herself for the sake of her children's lives. Which also left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth had it not been due to it guaranteeing Mirae's safety. Before that, he wasn't close to any animals, he didn't have friends. Not a living being. But he's always wanted one. In a way, this might be his wish being fulfilled. Long overdue but it's here now. "No, they have claws. Sharp… claws" he saw the way she retracted her claws earlier after hissing and he couldn't help but imagine how painful it would be to some others who are not used to pain. 

"I heard cats can be vicious when they want to be…" He had an amused look marring his features when Zeus played along with the trick Aeryn had taught him, "Something tells me that I can try doing that to Cleo and she would bat her eyes at me sassily before resuming whatever she was doing." The white fluff didn't look like the type to follow any rules. A bit like him, if he was being honest and the fact that she was similar to him made him feel at ease. A reflection of their owner, one would say. "Something like that…" blocking his sight? Could that be it? But it wasn't wrong either so could he really deny it? "If she takes after me… don't you think that's going to be trouble?" He glanced over to the other male as if it was the most obvious thing ever, "People could barely handle an individual me… can they handle a cat me?" He raised his eyebrows skeptically at the thought of it, it was weird but there was something impressive about it that he couldn't quite pinpoint. 

He may not know things about how animals are supposed to act, domestic ones at least. If they placed him in the same den with a tiger then maybe he could share his input but this is a cat. Even so, he made sure to pay attention to what the vet was saying, god knows he needed every bit of information and knowledge regarding cats now. When Aeryn told him that there was a pet store a few blocks away, his ears perked up almost instantly and nodded, they should really get some supplies for her before he could bring her home. And Daehyun Stormwind knows nothing about taking care of a cat. He had a feeling he might end up reading on cats the entire night once they get back. Cleo felt like she fits in his hold comfortably, as if it was where she was meant to be at. "I think she likes the idea of being called a princess" he chuckled and exited the clinic. "I can't believe I'm bringing this thing home… am I a dad now?"

He laughed under his breath when Dae pointed out that she did indeed have claws “Those you’re definitely going have to learn to deal with...especially when she decides she wants to scratch up your carpets” he chuckled under his breath at the thought of the amount of scratches Dae was going to have to go through while he worked on gaining Cleo’s trust. “Well you wouldn’t believe it given the way she is with you right now” he chuckled and grinned slightly, she had definitely taken a shine to the niveis and she didn’t want to let him go.

“Yeah cats aren’t really for training...they tend to wanna do their own thing” he agreed with Dae that if he tried to teach Cleo tricks she would probably look at him like he was crazy but it was quite funny to imagine either way. Aeryn grinned slightly when Dae weakly agreed with his summation that this Yeon guy was blocking his view, despite his reluctance to talk about the other male, Aeryn knew for sure the other male had gotten under his skin and it was entertaining to him to watch the niveis try to deny it and push the attachment he clearly had away. “I mean we’ve basically already established that you’re a cat so it won’t be too different having two of you right?” he smirked playfully and shrugged.

Before long the two of them were on their way to the pet store, Zeus was walking along with him and Dae was carrying Cleo in his arms, she was being surprisingly well behaved given the circumstances which he was honestly grateful for because it meant they didn’t need to constantly be stopping. “She seems like the type who wants to be treated like a princess, just don’t get her any pink bows” he chuckled slightly, he had the feeling she would immediately reject those. “I guess you are...a cat dad” he chuckled softly “‘Does that make you feel old?” he questioned with a playful quirk of his brow. Now they had reached the store they headed inside and before long were heading over to the cat section of the store.

Dae made a note to avoid rubbing her in sensitive places cats shouldn't be petted at, especially the belly. He even tapped on her claws a few times to check if she's going to act out on his account. "I don't have a lot of carpets" he mumbled, because the niveis prefera a colder setting, he left the floors cold as it is with the marble tiles. "I should probably get her a scratching post sometime soon though, better have her scratch that and not my clothes instead." Though she looks perfectly harmless, he knew better than to trust that facade, after all, an animal is smarter than most people would give them credit for, especially a feline like her. "Do you think this sudden liking to me will at least make her behave better?" He didn't want to have to deal with her unnecessary whims but he has a feeling as a pet owner, he's going to go through that phase either way, whether he likes it or not. 

"At least we're on the same wavelength when it comes to that" he scoffed in amusement, Dae didn't like to follow rules either and god forbid anyone who ever thought it was a good decision to ever try to tame or train him. "I don't have time to be teaching her tricks anyway" maybe he would find himself searching for some in the future but Dae couldn't see himself as the attentive pet owner. For now, at least. Who knows if that'll change? A lot of things have been changing for Dae, who's to say this wouldn't be one of them too? "See it's like trying to pit a human against another human. I imagine cats are a lot more civilised compared to them but nevertheless, who knows if she wants to establish who's in control and whatnot? I mean have you seen the way she looks at me earlier?" It was really just a cat looking at him with endearment. "Maybe she's secretly trying to convey a message saying she's the one controlling everything and that I should follow her every wants." Which he probably will. 

Cleo was really light, even in the slightly matted fur from the dirt of the streets, she still looks pretty. A little grooming and she would look as luxurious as ever. "Why would I ever opt for pink bows or bows at all?" he stared at him with a  dumbfounded gaze, "Do cats like bows?" He scoffed and shook his head as they entered the store, "As if it's possible to make me feel any older than I already feel, Aeryn" He was nowhere near as old as the Nephilim but he sure acts like an old grandfather who is lethargic almost every hour. "I'm not gonna get anything pink" he exclaimed bluntly because there were plenty of pink colored things on the shelves. "Do you think she needs any clothes?"

Aeryn laughed softly, it seemed like the two of them were pretty much made for one another which made it ironic that Dae had never planned on getting a cat, nor looked for one and yet somehow found one today that perfectly reflected him “Scratching posts are good...and some toys to play with so that she doesn’t decide your household items would make good ones” cats could be decently easy to distract as long as you had the right things to use, otherwise they could be assholes. “Maybe...though she’s probably scared and tired right now, who knows how long she’s been on the streets for” she seemed accustomed to a more domestic life than that which honestly made him wonder how someone could leave her on the streets completely unidentifiable.

He chuckled when Dae said he and Cleo shared the same wavelength when it came to training “I don’t know about that, Yeon seems to have you pretty well training, he calls and you come running” he teased and raised his brow slightly, he would say Dae had a very catlike personality but when it came to the valkyr, he seemed to have a little puppy inside of him too. He raised his brow as Dae pointed out that the cat was likely trying to convince him who was in control “And somehow you’ll end up doing exactly that” he commented in an amused tone and shrug “Though I think that look was more I’m really hungry and cold and I think you could help me out with that” and perhaps even a little affection considering how happy she was to sit with him.

He couldn’t help but be amused by the way that Dae got completely confused over the fact he suggested not to buy bows “I mean she would probably enjoy ripping one to shreds” he commented with a laugh as they headed through the store, he made his way over towards the cat section of the store and started making mental notes of what Dae was going to need “I don’t know, you’ve never had someone to take care of before, it’s a big step for you” he teased playfully before pointing out a litterbox and then laughing when Dae asked if she needed clothes “I think you’d regret trying to bring those anywhere near her” he shook his head “You’re gonna want one of those along with a big bag of this” he nodded “And you see all those bright toys over there...pick at least 5 or 6 of them” he was sure Dae was going to enjoy spending time with Cleo, even if it was unexpected.

He had no idea what came over him today but he just knew that he couldn't leave Cleo alone, yes now that he has given her a name, it meant she is his. Or that she is under his care… for now, that's what he's telling Aeryn anyway, even though they both know deep down, Dae was pretty much taken by the white fluff already. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have a cat, he'd have company. But what happens when he's scheduled to leave? Who would take care of her? Would he be able to bring her with him? Won't she be tired of traveling? There were so many what if's but the niveis decided that he won't focus on that now. "Yeah… I don't want to have to get up only to find she made a mess of my home… all because her highness wanted to sharpen her nails… no" he would probably scold her too but would the cat really pay any mind to him? Cats aren't like dogs, just like what Aeryn said. They're different. 

"I can't believe someone threw her away or abandoned her… she must've been so pretty before this" he wasn't stupid, if you take away the dirt matted on her white fur, she would probably look like the usual fancy house cat. If he wasn't already aware he was going to be red with the blush on his cheeks, he would glare at Aeryn for saying Yeon has him well-trained but decided not to say a word about it. Was he agreeing or was he disagreeing? Who knows. But there was some truth to the nephilim's words, he would admit that. "You just likened me to a pet… but a puppy because cats don't really follow their owner's instructions right?" He bit his lip afterwards when he realized he totally just outed himself by following whatever Yeon asked of him. Fuck. Way to go, Dae. 

He stroked Cleo's head gently and smiled slightly, "Don't worry, you're going to a better place now and no it's not heaven… but maybe it'll come close to it" he cooed silently. Then he looked up at the nephilim with a look that says 'nobody saw that'. Aeryn would probably use it as an opportunity to tease him anyway so what's new? "Got it… so no bows" he nodded, yeah he didn't think she would be the type to wear bows either. She seemed girlish but a cat who knows her own worth.  "I've taken care of people plenty okay, just not outside the bedroom" he grumbled and started rounding up the items in the cart he was holding in his left arm. He followed exactly what Aeryn told him to get and tilted his head cutely once he stacked up a few toys, "So cats don't like to wear anything? Should I get her a customised collar?"

Aeryn had to admit that this ‘emergency’ had turned out to be pretty entertaining for him. Though he wasn’t sure what else to expect when it came to Daehyun because honestly, the other male was so enigmatic and curious at times. “Though you’d probably forgive her for it anyway” he commented as he watched the two of them, he could tell that Dae had committed to taking care of this cat without even taking time to consider it, he’d seen her face a hard situation and jumped into the middle to help. It was heroic though he was sure the niveis wouldn’t want it to be referred to as that.

“Me neither…” he commented under his breath as he looked at the cat, she had some mats and mud on her but it was clear from the way she interacted with people that she had been owned by one before “She’ll be pretty again though, just need to get her a comb and some time to groom her” he was sure most of the knots could be brushed out and then she would be back to being a very fluffy white cat. Aeryn raised his brows in surprise when Dae rambled about how he must be more like a puppy because he followed his owner’s instructions “I’m not sure I’m more entertained that you just confirmed Yeon basically owns you or that you actually obey him” he grinned slightly, it seemed the niveis was whipped, even if he didn’t want to admit it.

Aeryn couldn’t help but smile as Dae assured Cleo she was going to be safe and happy with him “Dare I say it’s going to be somewhat like a palace, your own domain” he chuckled slightly, knowing Dae it would only be so long before he was buying her more toys and treats before the place was slowly taken over with all of her things. “Definitely no bows” he agreed and chuckled before tilting his head when Dae argued that he’d taken care of people in the bedroom “Not quite the same thing” he pointed out with a wry smile watching as the niveis pretended not to care while also carefully selecting things he thought would suit Cleo “A collar is probably a good call...then if she ever gets out again, people will be able to find you and bring her home” though he hoped that would never happen because he was sure Dae would be devastated.

Aeryn looked into the cart of stuff Dae had collected and grinned, well this cat was going to be rather spoiled “Alright...next we need to pick out some food and” he raised his hand as though to whisper “Some catnip” which he was sure would drive Cleo completely nuts.

He should probably deny that but he knew there was no point putting up a defense that would just crumble before the day ends anyway. It's a waste of time. Especially when the nephilim knows him better than he thinks he does. "She's a cat… it's not as if she can actually retaliate and talk back when I sass her… won't it be a waste of energy if I end up chastising her for hours?" That's logical when he thought about it but a part of him felt like he's going to end up pouting and still chastising the white fluff a few times. Aeryn was right, Cleo's fur was a bit dirty from rain water and dirt, save for her head. A little washing up and grooming would make her look brand new again. "She still manages to look fancy and I don't know how she does it" her eyes were a clear blue and her eye lines were pretty prominent, it makes her look as if she was wearing an eyeliner. 

The niveis knew he should've kept his mouth shut but he couldn't help himself from rambling about how obedient he finds himself to follow Yeon's instructions without even protesting or questioning it. He was whipped but he didn't even know how to word that. "It's not easy to say no to him okay, he doesn't even say much about it but his stare… kinda makes you feel like you just can't defy him. Whatever energy he's on, it's affecting me…" he should be worried about it if not for the fact that he actually likes his company. "I can't believe I'm gonna find myself becoming a cat father… I can barely take care of my own welfare, what more of another living being" he muttered under his breath, it still doesn't change his mind about adopting Cleo and bringing her home with him but it was still a surreal concept to him. 

"I feel like I'm not gonna regret this decision in the future but rather the part about letting my humble abode be her… Palace." It feels like something big was gonna happen and he is normally not dramatic. "I should probably leave some basic but important details on her collar in case she loses her way somewhere… or a tracking device…" It has barely been a day and he was already feeling protective. "Catnip? The fuck is that? Sounds like weed…"

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