Oh, how people would look at him in a different light after this. Truth be told, Daehyun never saw himself as a pet guy. Why in the world would he want to get a pesky little guy who would end up ruining his sleep? And it doesn’t help that he doesn’t stay at home that much either, the Niveis is out 98% of the time. Either he’s working or he’s working. So why is he actually staring at his laptop screen while browsing for cats? There were plenty of cats on the adoption page and as tempted as he is to get one after that whole pet conversation he had, he wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it either. “You’re not getting a cat, Dae” he told himself and ended up closing the laptop before heading off to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. Would it be so bad if he wanted one though? Surely, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to his life? Surely, it’s not going to impact him negatively, right? 

The thought of having a fluff ball in his life was beginning to give him doubts, his head was practically swirling with ridiculous scenarios where his life is ruined because of a cat. It was enough to send shivers down his spine. The moment he opened his fridge, he realized he hasn’t been restocking the beverages all that well because there wasn’t even a soju or beer in sight. This is why you don’t leave Mirae to do the grocery shopping, he grumbled internally and decided to do it himself as he threw on his windbreaker before heading out. Thankfully, there was a small convenience store just across the apartment complex, so he was able to browse the beverage section without any hassle, especially when most people don’t often venture there. 

The Niveis placed a few beverages ranging from beer, coffee, soda, and even a bottle of red wine in the cart before proceeding to pay for it. While he was busy humming a track to himself as he walked down the dark alley, he noticed something white trailing him. At first, he had dismissed it but it kept following him until he reached the end of the street and was about to cross the road to get back to his place. Standing and nuzzling against his left leg was a comparatively cute white cat who seemed like it wasn’t about to leave him alone. Dae tried to shoo it away but when it literally ran towards him after he crossed despite the traffic, he swore he felt like his heart was about to fall in worry. “That was fucking dangerous...you piece of fluff.” 

With every step he took, it didn’t even budge, it kept following him. If he took one step to the right, the cat would also take one step to the right. He even went as far to throw something to the opposite side before scampering for his life and took a seat at the bench in front of the complex, only to find the cat meowing next to him. “Right…you’re not going away, are you?” What could he say, this is a real emergency. So he dialed one of his emergency contacts; Aeryn. “You need to help me. It’s an emergency… something's following me” Daehyun being Daehyun didn’t even bother to give him the details and only told Aeryn to meet him in front of his residency.

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He laughed under his breath when the other male pointed out that a cat couldn’t talk back “Oh but she’ll find a way to show you that she disapproves with your choices” he commented and laughed softly, he’d known a few people with cats in his time and all of them had interesting stories to tell them, they were very strong characters and did as they wished rather than as they were told. “She reminds me of Marie from Aristocats” he commented and chuckled, maybe it was the white fur but it was also her demeanor and how she handler herself “Ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them” he quoted and teased as he stroked the white fluffball’s fur gently.

Aeryn raised an amused brow when the other male explained how he found it impossible to say no to the valkyr, it was amusing to him just how far gone the niveis seemed to be for this guy but even more amusing to see him try to deny it “It’s only natural to fall for the charms of someone charismatic” he commented and grinned slightly “The real question is why he keeps a grumpy cat like you around” he jested and nudged against Dae playfully, he could definitely see the appeal of course but he did like to tease him. “Hey at least she’s gonna be pretty self sufficient, feed her, give her things to play with...she’ll handle the rest herself” cats were lower maintenance than dogs for sure.

“Humble abode huh?” he raised his brow and grinned “You might need to invest in a good lint roller because she is gonna shed like hell” he chuckled softly, getting a pet was definitely a bit step but he didn’t regret his decision and he got the feeling that Dae wouldn’t either after getting to know Cleo a bit more. “You’ll wanna take her back to the vet with an appointment and get her a microchip, then if she gets lost or stolen people will be able to trace her back to you” he nodded slightly “and a tag wouldn’t go amiss either” he agreed. He arched a brow when Dae responded that he didn’t know what catnip was “Well it’s basically like weed for cats...or maybe crack is more accurate...either way, it’s a great way to keep her attention” he chuckled “Trust me, she’ll love it” he commented as he grabbed some and placed it into Dae’s basket.

Dae averted her gaze from the nephilim and onto the white fluff instead, as if he was trying to analyse every pattern she had in her personality, "Really?" It feels like he's a child who just learned about how animals interact in a normal grade class. "I can't read her… the way I usually could read my clients… are they that different from humans" he muttered under his breath, if there was one thing that irks the niveis, it was the fact that he didn't know what was going on at that moment, which also includes what they're thinking. Even a hint would be more than enough but what Cleo is doing… is not that. "I hope that she won't tell me she disapproves by ripping my pillows or the bed sheets…" He could not, for the life of him, get new ones every time she does that. 

When he heard him referencing Marie from Aristocrats, Dae frowned and pursed his lips slightly, "She does have the air… but let's hope you don't try to even start a fight, okay young lady?" He patted her head softly. Judging from the look on Aeryn's face when Dae talked about Yeon, or when he was particularly expressing his own defeat against the valkyr himself, Dae felt like he was thrown off the cliff and into the deep sea. "Excuse you" he hissed and scowled at the nephilim when he asked why Yeon would keep a grumpy cat like him around. There wasn't any wrong in what he said if he was being honest, but he was… sensitive when it comes to Yeonseok Lee. "Why wouldn't he keep me around…" he mumbled and fiddled with his hands absentmindedly, there must be a reason right? "Maybe… he finds my company worthwhile? I mean you find mine to be just the same, right?" Please say yes. 

Cleo does look like she could take care of herself and Dae would expect no less. Especially when his job would often require him to go away for a while and he needs to make sure she's… well taken care of. "Hey, do you think you could take care of her for a few days when I'm away for work? She seems to go well with Zeus earlier. I would send her to a pet hotel but I don't think she likes them. I'll pay for the service of course" he teased. "Lint roller… got it… well at least it's white." He likes the color black but white goes well with plenty of stuff. Though it also means she would get dirty easily. He was taking note of everything Aeryn told him but the catnip was something new. He stared at the packet Aeryn tossed in his basket with an attentive look, "Weed for cats? Even animals get high now?" Before long they went to the counter to pay as he stared at the catalogue that was given to him. "Pets are so high maintenanced" he mumbled. "That's amazing."

He chuckled under his breath when Dae pointed out he wasn’t able to read her “Cats are good at acting coy” she commented and looked over at Dae and back to Cleo “Which makes you two pretty similar” after all, Dae was indeed very good at covering up his feelings. Aeryn knew he had them because he’d seen them in small glimpses but the niveis was indeed very good at pretending like he didn’t care. “I guess you’ll just have to see as the two of you get acquainted, Zeus has ripped up a few of my things but he’d quickly learning what he can and can’t have” he grinned to himself, he was a well-behaved pup really.

He pressed his lips together and smiled slightly as he watched them because honestly, he had never seen Dae so… enamored by something before. And it just so happened to be this white ball of fluff that had managed to pull on his heartstrings, it did make him wonder if he looked at his Yeon the same way but he didn’t comment. Aeryn raised his brow when Dae spoke because it seemed like he was going to refute what he said but instead, a moment passed and then the niveis questioned why he did keep him around “Of course he does, you idiot” he commented and sighed shaking his head “You know I don’t come rushing across the city for an ‘emergency’ for just anyone” he commented. He got the feeling Dae valued himself much lower than others saw him.

Aeryn paused for a moment when Dae asked if it was okay to ask him to care for her when he needed to go away “Sure…as long as she doesn’t cause havoc she’s welcome to come visit” he commented and chuckled, he liked animals so he wasn’t going to mind there being another one around and she couldn’t be any more troublesome than Houdini the goat who he had met previously. “Pretty much…don’t be surprised if she tries to tear you arm off for it” he laughed as he looked through the basket “This should be everything to get you started, though no doubt you’ll be back here to get her more treats before long” he commented as he started leading the way over to the cashier.

He looked back at the Nephilim when he mentioned how similar Cleo was to him, to be fair, he had been likened to a feline, especially a cat, plenty of times. “I never understood why people thought I was like a grumpy cat but I guess I get it now.” Somewhat. He couldn’t help but scrunch his nose up and cringe when Aeryn told him Zeus had a field day with the things back home, “God it’s one of the times I’m grateful for her teensy cute teeth that can’t really rip much…” He was sure she could bite him and he’d only spare an endearing look back her way. She looks like she knows her worth but also tried to get more affection from him, someone she only just met a while ago.

“She better know what she can and what she can’t have” he gave her a somewhat scolding look but the warmth lying behind his gaze clearly said everything; she could have whatever she wanted. Cleo was exactly what he probably needed but didn’t think he would get, a cat. A freaking cat, of all things. As if Dae could commit himself to anyone or anything aside from himself. It tugged on his heartstrings and made his heart flutter upon hearing the possibility of Yeon enjoying his company, he enjoyed the valkyr’s too. In fact, he tried to make the time they spend together longer sometimes. “I don’t know man, if I could bribe you with a bottle of good stuff, you may rush over here” he teased, but he knew why the Nephilim rushed here over his ‘emergency’. Aeryn’s a good friend, Dae knows that. He likes to think he could read people better than he thought he could.

He spent his entire life keeping people at arm’s length, including his own blood sister. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t cherish them. The niveis just didn’t know how to express those feelings well. It was as if his heart also froze up externally. “I don’t think she’ll cause much trouble, besides she looks like she’d get along with Zeus, or at least tolerate the fluff” he stroked her chin softly and felt slightly sad, he just got himself a cat but he’d probably be away most of the time. That’s not very responsible of him as an owner. “I’ll make time for her… she deserves love and care.” He paid for the stuff he got once the cashier ran them over and pushed the plastic bag filled with the goods towards him. “What else do I need? I mean… I could use a drink right now but aside from that.” At this moment, Dae really did look like a worried new parent who’s not sure what to give his firstborn their birthday present.

He chuckled slightly when Dae pointed out that he understood why people likened him to a cat now “Because you only like certain people and the rest you hiss out and pretend like they don’t exist?” he commented and smirked playfully, well he had to admit it would probably be easier to keep most people at arm’s length and not have to worry about how they might react to you. Dae definitely owned his own persona “Just make sure you keep the cat nip where she can’t reach it or break into it, you don’t want her going through the entire supply in one afternoon believe me” he chuckled because it would be quite amusing to see.

He chuckled “I’m sure you two will figure it out, just don’t get too mad at her if she makes a mistake” he commented and grinned because he had a feeling there wasn’t anything to worry about there, especially because of the way Dae was already looking at Cleo, who seemed very happy to have her name and be with her new owner. Aeryn rolled his eyes playfully when Dae pointed out he would rush over if he had a bottle of expensive alcohol “In my defense, so would anyone, though it also matters who the company you get to drink it with, is” he commented and tilted his head slightly, you couldn’t bribe him to drink with someone he didn’t like, he was far too busy for that.

“Zeus will get along with anyone as long as they don’t try to claw him, he’s a crybaby whenever that happens” he chuckled under his breath, he had learned very quickly that Husky’s were dramatic and talkative and they liked to make a point whenever they felt wronged by quite literally anything. “Something tells me she’s in good hands” he commented as they headed over to the checkout and before long the things were bagged up and they were heading out of the store. He was honestly pretty intrigued to see how things went for Dae in the next few days “I think it’s about time you took her to see her new home” he commented and smiled softly “She’s got to claim her kingdom after all” he commented and smirked.

He was about to argue with Aeryn when he said that but then he paused momentarily and pressed his lips into a thin line, rethinking back what it meant, was he wrong though? “Okay, fine, you’ve got a point there. I don’t like people, but I think everyone knows that. You got that vibe off me, don’t you?” To be fair, their first time had been the two of them just drinking at a bar and then straight off to the bed. But he was sure he gave off the unapproachable vibe still. What’s the point of having so many friends, anyway? “I do have more enemies than friends though, so that’s something at least.” His job obviously gives him a lot of those but so long as they know they can’t do anything to him, Dae’s fine with that.

Maybe he’d even be grateful someone came with a punch just so he could have the excuse to pummel them. “You sound like you have experience…” he stared at him weirdly when he talked about the cat nip, “But I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” Why would he get mad if she makes a mistake? “She’s a cat, Aeryn… I don’t expect her to be a megalomaniac who wants to take over the world. But I’ll be happy to know my cat isn’t stupid enough to jump off a railing from the 41st floor, which I’m sure she’s smart enough to know what that meant.” The last thing he wanted was a devastating funeral for miss kitty. “If their company was me, Daehyun Stormwind, you either want to get a taste of your own medicine, or you want to fuck me. It’s always between the two” he shrugged, Dae knows he’s not the ideal company unless you’re friends with him.

The niveis chuckled when the nephilim described his puppy as a cry baby, “I’m sure Cleo won’t be that mean” he brushed her ear softly and received a mewl in return. She did look pretty sleepy now that Aeryn mentioned she probably should go home, “Yeah, I’m going to run her a bath for a bit and clean her before tucking her in” and of course, Dae already sounded like a good father. “Do you want to come by? Or do you have any other prior ‘appointments’?” He didn’t want to impose on his time obviously, he knows how precious it could be, he’d love a company but it’s fine if Aeryn is occupied either, they can always see each other. He’s more grateful at the fact that he even came when he called.

Aeryn shrugged casually in response to Dae’s words “You don’t exactly make it subtle” he commented and chuckled softly “But that’s just part of who you are, we wouldn’t change you” he teased slightly and nudged him “Besides, once you get past that cold exterior you’re actually a pretty cool guy” he teased and smirked. Aeryn was one of the luckier people who actually got to see the other sides of Dae, he considered himself privileged to have gained his trust in such a way “The number of friends matters less than the quality of them” he pointed out and shrugged “Don’t trust many people but the few I do, they’re important” he was sure Dae was much the same.

He chuckled and shrugged slightly “Always been a dog person myself but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been around cats in my time, they love to come down to the docks and see what scraps they can get” he chuckled, he enjoyed their company a lot and there was something incredibly gratifying about having a cat choose to spend time with you. Aeryn laughed and tilted his head slightly “Well initially my reason was the latter but now it’s a solid neither of the above” they’d had their fun when they first met but they’d settled into a good friendship since then and he enjoyed it.

“You two already look like best friends” he commented and chuckled softly. And Dae definitely seemed like he was going to be a doting owner. He raised his brows at the comment about prior appointments “Hey as long as you’re good with a hyper husky running around your place, I’ve got all the time in the world” he teased with a wry smile, Aeryn worked but he certainly didn’t prioritize it over living his life, he kept as much free time as reasonably possible. “Why not, it’ll be fun to see her get a lay of the land on her new home” he teased, how much had changed for Dae in the space of a few hours and yet the niveis didn’t seem to have any second thoughts at all.

He chuckled when Aeryn said he wasn't being subtle "Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I didn't want to be subtle?" The nephilim knew Dae wasn't the type to play pretend when he couldn't care less about it. And he's usually a straightforward and blunt individual. "We like what we like, no?" No point in changing that about yourself. Unless he had anyone he wanted to impress, which is pretty low on his list, there was no reason to go out his way. "Was that pun intended?" he raised his eyebrows playfully because he caught that part. "I'll take that as my crumbs of you admitting I'm I'm important person to you" he shot, he didn't always vye for Compliments nor attention but it didn't mean the niveis didn't like hearing it. Especially when it comes from the few he actually gives a damn about. 

"Do you have a specific breed you prefer? I mean… you're obviously more experienced than me when it comes to all these… specifications" Dae has always seen himself to be a cat person if he ever had a pet, because it's been more than once that people tend to liken him to the said feline. He may not show it but it was clear that he was trying to get more information regarding cats from Aeryn. He wanted to know what he needed to prepare for Cleo. The niveis chuckled and smirked smugly when he heard that "Don't worry, you're not the first to go with the latter, I know I'm an amazing guy." His gaze fell on the white fluff upon hearing that he already looked as if he was friends with her "Kinda have to get along soon right? If I'm going to accommodate her- I mean… uh… care for her for the time being..." That's definitely how he decided to play the angle. "I have to get along with the mistress of the house." 

His home is pretty minimalistic, considering the niveis didn't really use a lot of the interior to his advantage, he only ever used the bed a lot. And the kitchen, that too. So to have exuberant company like the husky would be very much appreciated. They chatted some more while walking back to his apartment complex, and before long both of them were already holding onto the things they bought and their pets in front of his door. Dae slid his key card and unlocked the door before beckoning for the new company to come in "Welcome to my humble abode… sort of."

Aeryn chuckled and shrugged his shoulders “Maybe you should tone it down just a little, you can’t be scaring literally everyone off, that’ll get awfully lonely” he commented thoughtfully, after all, despite being someone who often wanted to be left alone, the niveis did seem to seek comfort in others often. He laughed at the irony when Dae asked if his pun was intended “Perhaps, it’s hard to resist” he teased, it wasn’t like you met too many people who had relations to temperature like that. “You are important” he responded without hesitation “You shouldn’t need crumbs for someone to tell you that” he pointed out, he was sure he wasn’t the only person who thought as much either.

“Cats?” he responded when he asked if he had a preferred breed of them “I find cats all generally share the same characteristics regardless of their breed, some are bigger or fluffier than others but they all tend to take care of themselves and show affection as and when they feel like it” dogs were more challenging because they had been bred for different purposes and therefore different breeds tended to exhibit more specific tendencies. He chuckled and rolled his shoulders back “I have an eye for attractive men, what can I say” he wasn’t ashamed of it, besides two played the game that night, Dae wasn’t innocent either.

“You’ll figure things out, even if it’s confusing at first for both of you” it was still preferable to the alternative where the cat remained on the streets trying to find a way to make it. After they got to his place, Aeryn wandered inside, bringing Zeus along with him and looking around the place, it seemed pretty minimalist, though there were a few things here and there that spoke about its owner, a polaroid sitting on the table without a frame, Dae’s signature leather jacket hanging on the door, some expensive looking clothes around which made the Nephilim raise his brows in surprise “So is this the famous Yeon?” he questioned as he pointed to the photo on Dae’s table, studying it for a moment “Hot” he commented.

He narrowed his eyes at the nephilim who told him to tone it down, that grin from earlier threatening to break into a scowl once again, of course he’d say that, why is he even surprised? Most people do. “I’ll tone it down when I want to tone it down” he grumbled, if they can’t take it then they’re not exactly worth his time, right? But Aeryn wasn’t wrong either, just because he said he didn’t want people to bother him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t relish in other people’s company every once in a while, especially those he actually likes. 

The niveis huffed softly when he told him he shouldn’t need other people’s validation “I try my best not to care obviously, but it was far easier said than done.” Doesn’t stop him from trying, but is it working? Unfortunately, no. “So in your conclusion, cats are the same” he exclaimed bluntly and stared at Cleo, she looks pretty fancy, probably would look a lot prettier after some cleaning up and grooming. “Fancy cat this one is…” he mumbled and even lifted her paw up for no reason, scratching the back of her ear which seemed to make the white furball purr in response. Dae smirked because it does take two to tango, and he was more than happy to play into the game when Aeryn showed his interest. If it was mutual, then why not? It wasn’t as if the man is not one of the most attractive people he has ever met. “And a very good mouth, if I could recall.” 

Won’t it be confusing for the both of them, indeed? The moment he put Cleo on the floor, she was quick to flop on the couch as if it was her place to start with, that made him chuckle because she looked so comfortable. “You need to go bathe, young lady… which means you” he pointed towards Aeryn, “need to help me do that… I don’t know how to bathe a cat.” And he honestly hoped it wasn’t that hard and that she was fine with water. His eyes found the polaroid picture of Yeon and cleared his throat before nodding “Yeah, hot, I know right? God just wait till you spend a night with that guy… he will blow your whole world.” Literally. “Do you think she’s gonna take kindly to water… I mean I can handle scratches but not from cats…” 

Aeryn chuckled, Dae was nothing if not stubborn to an amusing level “Don’t come whining to me when you have no friends” he jested slightly, yet somehow there was something almost endearing about Dae’s grumpy demeanor, perhaps it was the feeling of breaking through to him that felt worthwhile compared with the time putting up with his grumpy comments. “I guess you’re lucky that sometimes you aren’t the most stubborn one in the room” Aeryn was known to be pretty persistent himself, if he saw the good in someone he wouldn’t turn away from them.

“Someone who doesn’t want to open himself up, constantly spends his time thinking about what others must think of him” he chuckled under his breath “They’re wondering why this guy is such an enigma” he jested softly and grinned, he wondered what it must be like for the guy Dae clearly had his eyes on, did he have to pry him out of his shell or was it easier than that? “Well I wouldn’t say they’re the same, but practicable, definitely” he chuckled softly and shrugged slightly, Cleo was indeed a fancy cat “There’s no way that one was raised on the streets, she looks like she’d be offended if she stepped in a puddle” he teased softly.

Aeryn bit his lip and chuckled playfully when Dae commented on his mouth “You’d know huh” he jested and shook his head playfully, quite a strange way to begin a friendship but he wouldn’t change it. Aeryn pulled a face when Dae mentioned that Cleo needed a bath…”Generally you try to avoid it all costs because she is probably going to try and claw your face off” he commented and shrugged his shoulders slightly “I guess try running a little warm water and see what she thinks of it” he bit his lip “And wear gloves…just in case” because he was pretty sure the claws would come out.

“Kinda out of your league” he teased softly noting how expensive the other male looked “But then you can be hard to resist so I can’t really blame him” he cooed softly “And I have the feeling you aren’t gonna want to share him for much longer” and honestly if this guy was interested he was fully encouraging Dae to shoot his shot.

The idea of him adopting a cat was still going through his head. What is he even doing? How did he, the bounty hunter, come to adopt a pretty fluffy white cat such as Cleo? And named her Cleo? He's still going through it because he had no idea what this means. But he's already back in his apartment complex with Aeryn and his pup, he may as well just go along with this. "I don't need friends" he grumbled, that's not true but that's exactly what Daehyun Stormwind would say. He would have no nonsense whatsoever and Aeryn was already used to his demeanor. 

Though Dae is quite grateful that Aeryn came to his rescue whenever he actually needed him, one call or a text and the nephilim would actually come flying through the window like the good friend he is. Okay, maybe he does need some really good friends. When he pointed out how Cleo was the type to be a house cat because of how she behaves, he hummed softly in affirmation "That's true, I don't mean to brag she's the right cat for me because she judges every single thing… but she does judge everything… like the fancy cat she is" he did feel a bit worried because what if she misses home? 

He was already starting to get attached to the white furball so he could only imagine what the owner must feel. "I wonder if the owner is frantically searching for her right now…" Poor thing. "Oh you know I'd know, I'll never let a good talent out of my sight" he smirked, they both enjoy playful remarks like that, it's what made their friendship dynamic improve. Nothing off the balance. He stared at Cleo when Aeryn recommended him to wear gloves "I'll go get some for us…" He went back to get some, coming back a few minutes later with a pair of gloves for both him and Aeryn. 

"I don't want to share him unless it's for the pleasure of us both" he exclaimed, it was pretty clear too, that Dae won't share him unless Yeon wants it. Dae picked up Cleo and went to the bathroom, putting the cat on the sink as he ran warm water from the tap. "He is out of my league… but he sticks around anyway… I don't know why."

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