Nayoung looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table, it currently read 2:23pm and she was just waking up from her tormented slumber. Ever since she had returned from her journey, she hadn’t been sleeping right, and when she did sleep she would wake multiple times throughout the night in a cold sweat. Even though she knew that her brother was dead, she couldn’t help the feeling that he was still alive, tormenting her even to this point. Things definitely felt lonely around her home now, her puppy was missing, and she could only hope that he was with her best friend. “I miss you Ivory” she said to herself as she finally climbed out of bed. She fumbled her way through her closet, looking for anything to wear, she didn’t feel very picky these days in her clothing options. It felt like everything was crushing in on her, and she had no way to free herself.

Shaking the negative thoughts from her head, she picked out a pink sweatsuit that she had bought quite some time ago. Placing the outfit on the bed, she went into the bathroom that adjoins her bedroom, so that she could take a shower. Despite not really caring about her appearance while at home, if she was going to go out of the house she should at least clean herself up a bit. After her shower, she did her hair so that it was just straight, and a light bit of makeup. Then she got dressed as she prepared to face yet another day alone. Once dressed she went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat, nothing fancy, just a simple sandwich to tie her over until the upcoming supper time. “God, I need some coffee. This is going to be another long day” she said to herself as she turned on the coffee pot.

After eating and having her coffee, the young Nephilim pulled on her white puffy winter jacket, and her sneakers; before exiting her home. Ever since she had gotten home, she had gone to her best friend’s house, but she was never home. Sure Nayoung could have gone into her friend’s home, she had a key that allowed her to do so; but until she knew for sure that her friend didn’t hate her guts for what she did, Nayoung felt like it would be the wrong thing to do. She wandered through the streets of Evermore City, the cold winter air nipping at her flesh while music played in her ears through the headphones that she used as earmuffs. As she reached her friend’s place, something felt different this time.

Was Ivory home this time? She stood on the doorstep as she did many times before and raised her hand to knock, then froze. She had thought about this moment for so long, but she honestly didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t seen Ivory in over a year, and what was she supposed to say to make that better? “Hey Ivy, I’m back” she practiced to herself, still standing on the doorstep. “No that’s not it. I missed you?” she said in a questionative tone. Shaking her head no, she wondered if she should just leave and try again another day. Turning away from the door, she heard the door open behind her before she could even take a step.

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It had been a pretty crazy year for Ivy, after getting cast as the lead in a large scale movie franchise, her choice to come to Evermore and make a home here had been seriously tested and the back and forth had definitely taken it’s toll. Filming had been in long and gruelling batches that meant she barely knew what time it was half the time. Add to that the turn her love life had taken and the fact that one of her best friends had practically disappeared off the face of earth and honestly it was a wonder she still got out of bed every morning.

Still, she wasn’t the kind of person to ever give up, even if she wasn’t feeling determined or motivated she could rely on her own stubbornness to keep her going. And when things had finally wrapped up and she was finally able to take a break she had been glad to be able to just go home. It would have been quiet at home if it wasn’t for the little white ball of fluff that was always there to greet her. She was still baffled by Nayoung’s decision to leave him with her and then just not come back but she’d taken care of him regardless…hoping one day he friend would come back for him.

She had just finished feeding him his breakfast when she heard a notification on her phone, telling her that someone was around the front door. It wasn’t a rare occurrence, fans managed to get her address from time to time and would show up with the hopes of getting a chance to meet her. But when she pulled up the camera on her phone she was almost in shock of the person she saw standing there. She stared completely baffled for a moment before seeing the girl begin to turn away and immediately dashing for the door, opening it and calling out “Nayoung?” she questioned and before she could even process what was happening the pup dashed out from under her feed to tackle the other girl.

As the door to Ivory’s place opened, Nayoung felt frozen in time. She wasn’t sure what to say, what to do. She was stuck as if she were sinking in quicksand. The young Nephilim was snapped back to the moment when she heard her best friend speak, followed by the excited attacks of Bambi. It was too late to leave and search for the right words now, all she could do was turn around and face Ivory, and hope that it wouldn’t be too bad. Turning herself around, she reached down to pick up the pup, standing back up to face her friend. “Hey Ivory” she began with a nervous pause. “I’m back” she continued, knowing all too well that she would have to do more explaining than that to hopefully mend her possibly broken friendship. “C-Can I come in?” she questioned with a soft smile.

Over a year without communication, Nayoung regretted that decision. If she had kept in contact with Ivory, then surely this meeting wouldn’t have felt so awkward, and Ivy may have even figured out something was wrong sooner. Maybe if she had let her friend in, she wouldn’t have been captured for so long. However, there was always the opposite end of that spectrum too. The one where her brother would’ve captured Ivy and used her against her, or worse killed her. “I know I have a lot of explaining to do, Ivory. I should have kept in contact with you. There were so many things that I should have done” she added, lowering her head in shame. Nayoung waited for an answer, and hoped that she wouldn’t just get the door slammed shut in her face.

Ivy stared at her almost blankly for a moments, all words seemed to rush from her mind and she could barely move, it had hurt when her best friend had pretty much up and left without a word, the pup she’d been taking care of since then the only reminder she had of her for months now. She’d tried calling and messaging but after a while of no answer she had resigned herself to the fact that she might never see her again. She blinked a few more times in utter shock as the other girl muttered line after line in excuse.

But in the end, the rush of emotions that came over the initia as she stared back at Nayoung won out and she stepped forward to bring her into a hug, wrapping her arms around her and holding her tightly. “I thought I lost you” she mumbled softly as she pulled her in tighter and closed her eyes for a moment. A rush of emotions came over her that she realized she had probably been pushing aside over time.

After a while she let go and wiped away the stray tears that managed to escape before stepping back as though to imply she’d better come inside “You better have the most epic of apologies lined up” she scolded her as she closed the door behind the two of them and lead the other girl inside “I just made some tea” she mumbled as she lead her towards the kitchen.

After the long-winded excuse had left her lips, Nayoung soon found herself in the other female’s embrace. A warm hug enveloping her as she allowed her arms to wrap around Ivory. She hadn’t expected this to be the outcome, and the fact that she was now hugging her best friend, brought tears to her eyes. Hearing Ivy’s words, Nayoung bit her lip a little before responding. “You almost did,” she admitted truthfully, because it was sheer luck that she was alive. Nayoung wasn’t going to lie to her, or hold anything back as she explained the details of her disappearance. Even though some details might be harder to swallow than others, she knew that Ivory was tough enough to handle the truth. 

As the hug finally came to an end, Nayoung watched as Ivy wiped her eyes of the tears that flowed, which reminded her to do the same. The touching reunion hadn’t gone quite as imagined, but in a way, it had gone better. “I don’t think anything I say could ever be epic enough to call it an apology Ivy. However, I do have quite the story for you. It’s time for you to know everything, including the stuff that I discovered on my trip” she told the female as she entered the building. A place that she’s been many times over, now felt like she was entering it for the first time. As she walked through the place toward the kitchen, Bambi followed closely, pouncing at her legs, happy that she was finally home. “Tea sounds great. Not saying we both might not need something stronger by the end of my story” she said with a slight laugh.

Taking a seat at the table she looked over at her friend, “I’ve missed you so much Ivory. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about what I did” she began with a saddened tone. “The day I left Evermore, I actually came by your place. I was coming here to tell you about my decision to leave, and maybe I even wanted you to talk me out of it” she began, not wanting to waste any time. “When I got here, I saw you in your window and you had one of the biggest smiles on your face that I ever saw. I couldn’t take that smile away, not at that point” she continued, looking at the female to see how she was reacting.

It didn’t matter how much distance or how annoyed she was, she would always care about a friend, especially one who meant as much to her as Nayoung did. She squeezed just a little tighter as though if she let go the other girl might disappear into thin air. She knew that Nayoung had a complicated life of her own, it was hard for the Initia to keep up at times “Don’t you dare disappear on me” she scolded her before finally releasing her from the vice grip she was holding on her.

She narrowed her eyes a little as though to warn the other girl that she shouldn’t try and skirt around anything this time because she wouldn’t accept it. Luckily it seemed like Nayoung was ready to talk about what happened and honestly, the Initia was ready to listen…lose herself in something other than her own drama. “Well it never hurts to start with caffeine” she commented and chuckled as she headed over to warm up the water “That little one was a handful too you know” she pointed out to Bambi and pressed her lips together.

Ivy took a seat opposite after pouring the tea into two mugs and pushing one across the table to her “You mean I would have tried to knock some sense into whatever crazy thing you were planning to do” she pointed out as she mixed hers with a spoon and narrowed her gaze slightly “I hope whatever it was…it was worth it” but maybe it really was for the best that she didn’t come to her, because knowing the Initia she would have either done everything she could to stop her or would have insisted she was coming too.

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