Jae didn’t go back to the dorms that much these days after the dhampir was finally convinced to start moving in for real. However, there were times when he’s in his study week and it was easier to stay at the dorms since he’d have access to the university library any time he wanted and could do with some discussions with his classmates. Today is one of those days, Jae had stayed back and told Han he’d be away for two days. He had already texted him that and told the celestial a few days prior but it was cute of him to still leave a note on the fridge to remind Han to not forget his meals. Work has been hectic for him as usual and last week he fainted due to being dehydrated, and Jae has been quite strict with his meals ever since.

“It’s been 8 hours since you left home and I’ve already missed you dearly” he cooed as he held the phone to his ear while giving the dogs their food. “I have a day off today so I’m going to head over to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. I hope you won’t study too hard, don’t forget your meals too.” The call was brief because Han had to end it soon if he wants to go out. Thankfully, the supermarket only took him 10 minutes of walking, the celestial never preferred to drive due to his claustrophobia and he still couldn’t get over them so it was better to evade that. The last thing he wanted was a case where he hurt himself because he couldn’t focus on driving.

It’s been a while since he went on a grocery run, mainly because he likes doing all his shopping with the dhampir, and these days both of them have been pretty busy. It’s more than good enough that they were able to come back to snuggle one another by the end of the day. Sometimes Han would need to stay in Denver for a few days to do his work because most of his work line is directed at the new facility there. He refused to move, of course, and his supervisor understood the reasoning behind it. However, not everything could be done virtually so there were days where he simply needs to be physically present. Han soon finished putting everything on the list in the cart and passed by a woman he remembered talking to, at the apothecary, which caused him to halt.

She was a kind lady from what he’s seen and they had a small chit chat while he was trying to understand the labels plastered on the bottles back in the apothecary, something she had experience and knowledge on. She helped him get what he needed and he never got to thank her because she had to leave. “Hey, you’re the kind lady I met at the apothecary last Wednesday, right? I never got to thank you… I don’t even know your name because you had to rush out.” He held out his hand with a sheepish grin “I’m Hanseol, you can call me Han. Please, can I get you a coffee or something? I felt bad not returning your kindness…”

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Octavia kinda liked living in a city as opposed to the isle of skye, not that she didn’t miss her home back there but she felt much more integrated into society here, she liked being able to get in her car and head into the city, go into a few shops or a restaurant, order take out and have it delivered, there were many conveniences she wasn’t even aware she was missing until they had come here. Still, the busy nature of the city was something she found it hard to get used to, everything was so fast paced she found it hard to keep up sometimes.

The blonde had finished early and Mal was in a particularly sour mood and told her to stop hovering so the guard had taken the chance to hop in her car and head out for a bit of shopping, she liked to get groceries fresh from the supermarket sometimes so that she could plan some of the meals she made for dinner or even pick up a few bits for baking if she was in the mood. After parking her car she headed in and started wandering around the store, eyes lingering over the shelves as she picked up a few bits and pieces and tucked them into her cart.

She was focusing on deciding on two different flavors of icing for the cake she was planning to make when a voice piped up to get her attention. She was dazed for a moment, blinking a few times before recognizing the young man she had met at the apothecary the other day. He had caught her attention then because of his glow, it was kinda impossible to miss but he certainly made himself memorable by the way he was rushing around like a mad man “Oh yes, I hope the herbs you chose helped with your sleep, though honestly all that rushing around should tire you out enough” she commented and smiled.

It was hard for her to face celestials after everything that had happened, there was a certain guily that weighed down on her wondering if she should have done more to help them “Nice to meet you Han, I’m Octavia, though you really don’t need to thank me, anyone would have helped you” he seemed so well adjusted to life now, she wondered if he was enjoying his freedom and what he would do with it.

Han is someone who would never just forget any form of kindness done to him. The other day when he was rushing to the apothecary trying to find things needed to help him with his sleeping, she had helped him with her vast knowledge. It fascinated him honestly, and by the time he tried to find her to thank her for her help, she was already gone. And now here she is again. Fate is a funny thing. 

If only he had known there was more tying their connection together than just a simple help at the apothecary, he'd probably be surprised, considering how much he still stiffens and scowl at the mention of Ailwards. They did rob 80 plus years of his life. Years he could've spent to help his twin. He will never forget about that. "I struggle with insomnia and even with hectic schedules… and the kind of work I'm doing, it still makes me feel fresh as the day when I try to go to sleep… but it's not just that" he murmured softly, it's definitely the nightmares too. "But you know how people have night terrors too, right? That's mostly the main factor." 

He shook his head when she said anyone would've helped him "Not everyone, they would look at me weirdly and pass by. Sometimes I wonder if I emit bad vibe energy but I don't think that's it?" Maybe people just didn't want to get along with him. He might've been a bit confused with how issues are circulating in the modern world but he's learning. "Octavia… that's such a nice name. I still wish to know how you were able to pick the correct herbs that really just kicks in… It's not everyday you find someone this knowledgeable so can we talk… by coffee? Or lunch?"

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