It had been a blissful few weeks. Jae finally felt like things were how they were supposed to be between Han and him, open and honest. And that didn’t mean things were easy because it meant that neither of them was treading on eggshells around one another anymore. That meant sometimes Jae would come back and be stressed from his classes and just need some space, that meant sometimes Han disappeared into his craft room for a few hours to do art-related things. Jae knew that had been a source of frustration for the star lately, ever since their breakup he had been struggling to paint, he said he had the ideas in his mind but nothing felt right anymore and Jae didn’t really know how to fix that.

He had just finished with his Saturday morning class and gotten onto the subway over to Han’s place in the south of the city, it took him a little longer to get back and forth then the dorms but he didn’t mind because it meant he got to snuggle up in bed with the star every night and that was worth the time spent on public transport. He pulled out his phone to text Han that he was on his way over before tucking it back into his pocket again and closing his eyes as he leaned against the doors of the subway car. He was happy, he was stupidly happy with his domestic life where he came home to his boyfriend every night and they sat and vented about different problems in their life. Han complained about tough times at work, Jae ranted about how his assignments were confusing or unfair.

They went for an evening walk together hand in hand while the two dogs tried to tie them up with their leashes which made them experts at walking while avoiding getting completely tangled. They explored new parts of the city and kissed under streetlights. Every Wednesday they made the effort to go out and do something for a date night. They picked Wednesdays because neither of them really liked the Friday and Saturday night crowds and it felt like a reward for getting through a hard Tuesday. The dates were fun but Jae also enjoyed the nights in where they would get takeaway and cuddle up with the dogs on the couch while they binge-watched some stupid Netflix movie or show.

It was everything a healthy relationship should be and it was his. They’d had Dae and Yeon over respectively to hang out some nights, Jae found himself disliking the valkyr less now he got to spend more time around him and realized he was just overconfident and a little clingy. More similar to Jae than he had first realized. He was lost deep in thought and by the time he looked up, he realized 25 minutes had passed on the subway and he was about to reach his stop. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and frowned a little because Han hadn’t texted back which wasn’t like him but he shrugged it off, maybe he was busy trying to get things out of the attic again.

He walked the familiar route between the subway stop and the house which felt more like home every time that he came back to it and he just took a moment to smile. He felt confident and he felt loved and that was everything to him. When he got to the house he headed straight up to the door and unlocked it, heading inside and looking around for Han, the first thing he liked to do when he got home was kiss the celestial. But Han didn’t seem to be anywhere. “Han?” he called out across the room and frowned when the only response he got was Yeontan coming skittering down the hall and jumping up at Jae’s legs for attention. He knelt down and stroked Yeontan’s fur softly before he prompted the little Pomeranian “Where is he, Tannie? Where’s he gone?”

Yeontan seemed to get the hint because he went running off down the hall in the direction of Han’s craft room. Jae tended to avoid going in there because it was the space Han tended to go to when he wanted to be alone but Jae had to admit he was worried, last time he had found Han in this room he had hurt himself “Baby?” he spoke softly as he knocked gently on the door.

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Jae always reassured him whenever there was anything that bothers him, he wondered if there would be something bigger ring the future that would possibly jeopardize his beautiful relationship with his dhampir, to which he shut down by scolding himself for even thinking of such a thing when his boyfriend is here before him today, trying to help. No more negativity, he reminded himself. At least, not today. There will be plenty of days where he could dwell on his mistakes and attitude. "I don't want to be upset, it feels tiring... " he murmured softly and sighed, it couldn't be helped, though, could it? Feelings get in the way of everything and perhaps it was better that way. "You're always here to help me, sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be so dependent on you. It's not a burden, right?" he bit his bottom lip at stared in Jae's dark hues, blinking a few times as he held onto his hand firmly, "I'm… not a burden, right?" It hurts that there was still so much room for doubt in him but with time, he'll get over it; he'll heal. 

He just needed a reassurance that Jae would be there with every step of his way, to help him. A chuckle escaped him when Jae described him falling on his ass as one of the best highlights of his life, "Really? How so?" Okay, maybe he knew why, but it doesn't help that Hanseol constantly likes being reminded or told that he made someone happy, even if it was just one individual. Today, when Jae chose to help him get over this horrible memory of him not being able to do anything when it comes around the painting department, Han felt touched by the sentiment. Despite being almost a century old, he realized he was still so young compared to everyone else, he had a few insights in life but it doesn't change the fact that Hanseol Park is no more mature than a 20 year old adult. Him being strangely impulsive with his emotions showed himself that. "It's really nothing, it's like seeing this tiny blob of color in the center and then you should swipe it… Then it forms something" He could never really speak better than he paints, "It's hard to explain, I'll… show it to you better, I think." Though, it still didn't make him all on board the idea of painting Jae's body, his head was filled with so many what ifs, what if he messed up and ended up making a giant mess on the dhampir's body? 

Jae was able to make him smile brightly when he confirmed that finding him was not something he expected when he set foot in Evermore, "I never thought I'd find someone too. I've been in Evermore for about 2 years before you came. And I never thought I would find love at all, which was ironic because what do I know about love" he giggled softly, it all seemed so long ago and they've been together for quite some time. The doe-eyed Celestial purred instinctively when Jae stroked his hair, leaning even further into the hug comfortably as he continued to listen to his dhampir talking, "Then you can be my superhero" he murmured and tilted his head to the side so he could meet Jae's eyes, "I don't mean to be the damsel in distress kind of partner but… It doesn't hurt to know that I have my man ready to rescue me when needed." Which was also another step into this relationship from his side seeing as Han used to be self-dependent and kept pushing Jae away from his affairs. The kiss still made him flustered but it was a good kind. 

"Your cuteness is the only counter? Are you sure about that? How confident are you that it remains your only counter hm?" he poked his sides teasingly as his lips curved itself into a smirk, pinching his cheek lightly and clicked his tongue upon hearing about Yeontan being mischievous before the Pomeranian even met Jae, "Excuse you, but that little devil did not learn his rebellious ways from his good owner, aka me. Look at Byul, can you see the contrast?" he exclaimed and scoffed, okay perhaps there were a few resemblance there somewhere but Han wasn't about to admit that out loud, especially when it gives Jae another reason to tease him. 

"Of course, Jae. I imagine it would be boring if not. You won't distract me, don't worry, it'll take a lot to distract me, Dhampy" he chastised playfully and took Jae's phone before handing it to the dhampir, "Play some songs. Anything you would like, and then talk to me whatever you want to talk to me about. Who knows, maybe being in the presence of multiple forms of art will reignite that artistic spirit in me again." His thumb swiped against his chest, drawing another line as he opened another lid of red paint, dipping his forefinger inside it before drawing yet another vertical line on the same spot, he did the same thing over and over again with other colors until he stopped, only to drag the colors meshed together from the same line, down. 

“I know” he responded in a soft voice as he looked back at Han and bit on his lip gently “But it’s also part of being human” he nodded slightly “Or having humanity in our case” since they were not human but the way they acted and felt was very much human so it counted. He rubbed softly against Han’s back in a comforting motion as Han talked about dependence. Jae nodded thoughtfully as he considered what Han said, it seemed like he took too long to respond because then Han asked the same question more directly, he looked back at Han and shook his head “Taking care of you will never be a burden Han” he spoke it in an assured tone, parting his lips slightly in disbelief that the other male would believe he was for even a second “You’re so incredibly important to me, you know that right?” Han had single-handedly changed his life and his perspective on so many things “I mean you helped me find out who I really am” and he was happy with the person he had become.

Jae gave him a playful look when Han played dumb and asked him to elaborate on how falling might have turned out to be the single best moment of his life so far, he gave a mock eye-roll “Oh you know, just wandering through the park and minding my own business, heading towards a cute dog I saw when I tripped and laid my eyes upon something ever cuter” Jae wasn’t normally the hopeless romantic of the two of them so him being cheesy usually meant he was teasing “It was a drawing of the very same dog, absolutely adorable, I’ll never forget it” he had a smirk on his face as he tried not to snicker because obviously the real highlight had been meeting Han and befriending him quite unexpectedly that night. Jae’s expression clearly showed that painting wasn’t and probably never would be his calling but he really liked hearing Han talk about it and how passionate he sounded doing so “I love it when you talk all arty” he commented, his eyes full of care for the other male as he watched him.

Jae wasn’t kidding, when he thought about what his life in Evermore was going to be like, who he met and the person he would become, it was so different from what he saw now and that wasn’t a bad thing. Jae felt like he had found himself in Han, which wasn’t so much of a romantic cliche as much as the dhampir realizing parts of himself he’d been pushing away for a long time in the name of being the perfect son or keeping his image him. Caring about Han had let him see a glimpse of what life might be like if he put himself first and seeing Han support him every step of the way was encouraging. Jae trailed his thumb slowly over Han’s cheek “From the way you talk sometimes, I’d believe you’d been in love for years” Han was definitely the one who came out with the sweet lines and loved incredibly deeply, he had done since the two of them confessed and even though it had only been months, it felt like much longer. Jae’s breath hitched for a moment when he said he could be his superhero and he stared back into his eyes with a stupid grin on his face “That’s okay, because you’re mine too” even though Han often put himself down, he was so important to Jae.

He gave Han a knowing look and shrugged “I mean there are other less PG13 methods to get your attention” he winked slightly suggestively as he grinned into the pinch against his cheeks that Han delivered and gave him a playful glare. Hearing Han talk about Yeontan and his habits made the dhampir snicker though because from the way Han responded he could tell he had hit a small nerve “Well how do you explain all the misbehaving when I first met? Was it really love at first sight?” he grinned slightly because he knew how much Han cared for and worried over his dogs, it was really cute, the way he acted like they were people and usually put them ahead of most people he knew. Not that he could blame Han for that, he did find that dogs were typically better company than people.

Jae gave a slight sigh of relief when Han said it was okay to talk because he was a little worried he’d have to find a way to occupy himself in his head so he didn’t distract the other male from his work. Looking down at the phone he had to think for a moment before he opened up the music app and loaded some songs he liked, setting the speaker slightly louder before setting to the side and leaning back a little to give Han better access to his chest. “Don’t make it sound like a challenge” he tased softly and then bit on his lip “If you could live in any fictional universe for a day, which would it be and why?” he dropped his eyes as he watched Han running his fingers over his chest with relative ease and the colors begin to layer against his skin. It seemed almost random and yet purposeful which was a strange collection of thoughts for the dhampir “I think I’d choose Pokemon because I think it would be fun to just leave home and go on an adventure with my pets one day” he laughed softly “Especially if they had cool powers” okay, Jae was a bit of a nerd, he would admit but it would be a lot of fun.

He pushed Jae softly against his shoulder as his attempt to bring a lighthearted mood on their situation, "Yeah, well, you're the half human, I… on the other hand, am not. I'm a star, remember?" he teased and chuckled, well, at least he wasn't too sad as he used to be. Jae being there means a lot to Han, and he wasn't sure if he shows enough of his gratitude to the dhampir. The Celestial closed  his eyes briefly when Jae rubbed his back, it felt nice and it helps that his dhampir knows exactly how to calm him down with the smallest and simplest gestures like this. It shows that Jae really does know Hanseol from inside and out. When Jae told him he'll never be a burden, his dark hues lit up significantly, as if someone just quite literally give him another pint of hope, "Thank you. For thinking I'm not a burden. I know it must be hard for you. I'm not the easiest star to take care, right? But you did it anyway." That was something he'll never be able to comprehend, but he believes that is what love stands for. It was clear to the Celestial that Jae loves him and he loves him all the same, if not more.

 "You're important to me too" he quipped, Jae showed him that perhaps hope is not over for him and for once in his life, he wanted to be selfish for himself. He wanted Jae. He wanted a good life with him. Away from all the troubles a Celestial would encounter. "I didn't help you find who you are, Jae" he shook his head and pressed his forefinger against his chest gently, "you found yourself. I was just here to accompany you." Jae had so much room for growth considering his young age, and Han wanted to help him fill it up with meaningful stances. A blush crept up upon hearing him reminiscing their first meeting together, it made the Celestial cover his cheeks with both hands, "Were you satisfied?" he poked, "Were you satisfied with the one you thought was cuter?" With how he's behaving with the dhampir around while ago, he was afraid that Jae perspective on him would change. 

He quickly facepalmed when he said it was the drawing of the dog, prompting Han to push him away playfully while his jaw went slack, "Unbelievable. Is this the same cute guy I met last year? Well… admittedly he was cuter then." Two can play at this game. He darted his gaze back at the dhampir upon hearing his compliment, "You always know how to make a man flustered, don't you? I swear you have the talent." With the amount of red seeping in his cheeks right now? Definitely. "A part of me misheard arty as dirty" he whispered and giggled at his own hearing. Meeting Jae was quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened in the Celestial's life. Scratch that, it is the best thing that's ever happened. Finding love along the path of their friendship was not expected but god, it was a beautiful serendipitous incident. Everything he has done for Jae every since then had been contributing to his own development and progress, the dhampir helped him in so many ways it was unbelievable to see one man's power over him. 

"Perhaps I've always been a hopeless romantic. I just didn't find the right person yet" he cooed and smiled softly while intertwining their fingers together, holding his hand on his lap while staring into his dark hues lovingly, "Now no one else is allowed to receive that from me. It's your fault, you stole my heart and now you won't give it back at all." If it was possible to hear the honey dripping from his voice, now would be the perfect example. "Glad we made it clear to each other that the only good ending for both of us is if we end up together because mark my words, Jaesung Moon, I'm never letting you go. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and words may betray the owner but the heart never lies." He placed one finger under his chin and tilted it gently, leaning in closer until there was only so little space between then, "And when have you ever fail to get my attention when you use them?" he smirked coyly and stole a kiss by pecking his lips.

 A scoff escaped him when he brought up the misbehaving, "It was definitely love at first sight. I am nothing like the bratty Pomeranian" he huffed and crossed his arms in feigned annoyance, only to break into laughter moments later. "But the bratty Pomeranian is still so lovable and devilishly cute so perhaps Yeontan still deserves his rights." Nowadays, he could never see Yeontan away from Jae which does make him feel significantly better because he was aware of how much he's neglected the pups lately, something he'll have to fix soon. He was already ready to start painting the dhampir but was visibly floored when Jae leaned back with his hands holding his stance, puffing his chest out for the Celestial, causing Han to snicker in response to that, "I know you've been working out, babe. I got the message clearly" he also purposely patted his chest teasingly just to make his point. He had to ponder for a while when Jae asked him that question, though his hand never stopped, it kept brushing against the center of his chest while dragging it out to every corner like he was making a web.

 "Harry Potter. Simply because being a wizard sounds cool. Though I probably wouldn't want  to be living a life on the run like Harry did. Other than that, dueling sounds like a blast. Imagine being able to prank people who pissed you off." His answer on the Pokemon made Han giggle, because that does sound tempting. "Can I keep you in a Pokeball then? So I can keep you close to me?" He knew it was cheesy, it's why he said it. He dipped his hand into another lid and hummed to himself while covering his arm with the paint, "Can I ask you a question?"

He poked against Han’s cheek and shook his head slightly “You still have humanity, even if you are an alien” he teased back grinned at him, he was glad he was able to provide some kind of comfort and help for the other male because he hated seeing him sad and always wanted to do everything he could to cheer him up. Seeing the way his gaze widened in awe when Jae said he wasn’t a burden made the dhampir press his lips together because it was so sweet that his words could mean so much to the star “You’re horribly high maintenance, with all these shopping list demands and need for cuddles all the time” he laughed softly and stroked against his hair “I enjoy taking care of you Daystar” and he meant that, Han was one of the few really good things in his life.

The way Han discredited himself from everything was just one of the most Han things. The star was nothing if he wasn’t humble and doubting his own worth “All I’m saying is I think my life would be very different right now if I didn’t meet you” which he was sure Han could agree with, he definitely felt like Han had given him a reason to more and more like the person he wanted to be, someone who loved him without expecting him to change his passions or be someone he wasn’t. “You know it was scary at first because I wondered if there was something wrong with me, I guess I couldn’t see how someone like you would feel something for me” but then Jae had never had such a deep and emotional connection with someone like that before either, it was like he was a pin that had been completed bowled over “God I’m so glad I didn’t give in to my fears” now it all made sense in a way it never did before.

He had to laugh at Han’s reaction to his teasing but his own mouth opened wide when he shot back by saying he was cuter back then compared to now “So rude” he responded and nudged his shoulder against the star’s as he continued to chuckle. “Well the specialty is more about making you flustered, just you” he grinned slightly noting the way Han’s cheeks were flushed red from a combination of all the compliments. Jae liked telling Han nice things because it always put this effortless smile on his face which was breathtaking to see. When Han said he thought he misheard when he said the Dhampir gave a wry smile “Well that too” he responded with a playful look on his face. Even if this painting thing didn't work and everything turned out to be a big mess of color, he was glad just to be able to make Han smile like this for a while.

“Or maybe almost a century without it made you go all loopy” he laughed and tapped softly against his forehead while looking down at the hand Han placed in his lap, rubbing his thumb softly over his skin while getting caught up, yet again, by those wide doe eyes that he swore he could just fall into. “Why would I give it back?” he asked with the softest smile on his lips “It’s the best thing I ever found” his tone pretty much matched the one that Han was giving him. “It’s crazy to me that you can talk about endings so easily” he nodded slightly, he was young so he felt like he’d barely even had his beginning and yet the idea with being happy his whole life with Hanseol didn’t seem scary at all, how were things that easy? “How can you be so sure about me?” he spoke it softly as his eyes lifted to meet Han’s and then dropped to his lips as he returned the gentle kiss he gave “Only that one time when you were so wrapped up in work you forgot to come home” he pouted slightly.

He laughed, okay maybe it had been love at first sight because from the moment Jae met Yeontan the two of them had pretty much been inseparable and the little pup had barely left his side since him and Han got back together, probably sulking because he wasn’t here in the first place “He’s not that much of a brat, just needs to work on his short attention span” he swore the Pomeranian was so skitty and always running here there and everywhere, it was hard to keep up most of the time. Seeing the way Han stared at him all wide-eyed for a moment made the Dhampir wonder if he had done something wrong but when he talked about working out Jae realized what he was implying and pushed against his shoulder slightly “Don’t do that I thought something was wrong” he glared at the celestial for a moment before his expression softened slightly as he watched the other male working diligently.

Han’s answer to the question made Jae smile because Harry Potter was definitely one of his backup options considering how much fun it would have been to go to school for magic and learn to do all different wizard-like things “So you could be the Hufflepuff Quidditch champion” he teased softly because Han always argued that he was a Slytherin but Jae was convinced that he was a Hufflepuff and liked to tease the star about it. “Isn’t dueling like...frowned upon though?” he laughed softly lowering his gaze to watch as Han painted against his chest, the touches were lightly but thoughtful and it was evident there was some kind of thought process behind what Han was doing. “Well I was gonna say I probably wouldn’t fit in a Pokeball but then I remembered they literally hold dragons so” he shook his head in amusement “What adventure would we go on together though” the lighthearted conversation was making the time pass faster than he expected. “Of course you can” he spoke softly as he raised a curious brow.

He gaped at the dhampir and slapped his back playfully, careful not to hit him too hard which he was sure that Jae could take it because god knows the dhampir was actually a lot stronger than he looks, especially after he's been training rigorously from the last time he heard. "How could you call your boyfriend an alien, real charmer, Jae. Real charmer. No wonder I fell head over heels for you" he rolled his eyes dramatically just because he could and huffed, crossing his arms as if he was a toddler. If he had the chance to be all that with his boyfriend, you bet he was not about to waste any of that, not when he gets to be playful with him. It makes up for the somber and dull mood earlier. A bit. "But hey, if it makes you feel better, I'm glad I still have what you humans call humanity" he purposely turned up a higher pitch for his voice, trying to mimic an alien before eventually falling off the abyss of laughter, holding Jae's arm for support while doing so. 

He had a pout on his lips when he heard Jae list down all his demands that was supposedly hard to meet, "Excuse you, you said my cuddles are the best you've ever received, were you sugar coating that? Jae-" he gaped and covered his mouth, his eyes widening as he pointed at him accusingly, "Do you have another who gives you better cuddles? Don't tell me it's Dae, that guy is like a whole popsicle!" But the nickname got his knees buckled, quite literally. God, he felt so weak for him. "I like how you name me over something that is actually hazardous." When he gazed up to meet Jae's eyes, he felt like he just got caught by a net thrown by the dhampir because he couldn't look away, his gaze was practically trapped in the other male's. "My life would've been so dull and boring without you, Jae. I'll still be so alone then… so thank you for gracing my life with your joyous energy, my dhampy" he cooed and giggled softly, taking the chance to pinch his cheeks teasingly.

 Sometimes, he wondered how Jae could doubt his own worth to the Celestial but then he realized he usually does the same and that made him grinned wryly, stroking his head tenderly while his gaze remained unwavering, locking his dark hues on Jae's, "You are so beautiful. So real to me, and I love that golden heart of yours, of course this ethereal face is also a bonus but let's not forget I fell for the dhampir who never gave up because that's not him." He was ashamed that he had jeopardized their relationship a while ago but it made them stronger now, that's progress. "I'm glad you still believed in me. I know that's a hard thing to do." He had a bright grin worn on his face because the truth is, he loves hearing all those compliments coming out of Jae's mouth, every single one of them. "Well if your intention was always to make me flustered, mission accomplished." Han purposely leaned forward to close the distance between them until he had his forehead against the male before him, "Maybe. But I only need to experience it with you, I don't need anyone else. I only need you." As cheesy as that may be, it's the truth. 

Even the littlest gesture from Jae was enough to make him content, like the way he rubbed his thumb against his knuckles while holding his hand securely like he was never going to let it go, yeah, that kind. "You took my heart and now you have no intention of returning it back to me, what can I do about that?" he grinned sheepishly and brought his hand up, the one Jae had been holding earlier, and pressed his lips against his knuckles softly, "So I ask in return to please cherish it and love it as I would do the same to yours." The reason why he always found it easy to talk about endings was because Han always thought about the future, there will be plenty of hurdles to overcome but if he planted the idea of their happy ending together, it's more than enough to keep him going so he can eventually get there one day. "Because I know what I want, Jae. Every moment is precious to me. I don't have time to waste and I don't want to. Maybe I'm being forward to picture that kind of future but it keeps me going and that's important for me. To believe that I do have a place with you" he murmured gently, his grip on his hand grew firmer as if he was indicating that he never wanted to let that hand go.

 "I'm a simple guy. At least, I try to be. I know what I want, I strive for it so I can get it. In this case, I want you. It doesn't have to be complicated, Jae, love may be a bitch but I don't intend to give it satisfaction, it's mine, my feelings… so why should I? Why do I have to ask if I'm right for loving you when I obviously fell for you for a good reason?" The doe-eyed Celestial brushed his hair back and spared a small apology, "And that's my fault. I know how precious time is and I should spend all of that with my beloved, next time I'm pushing everything off for you babe" he promised, and he intends to keep it. "Short attention span huh? Like his owner... " he giggled because truthfully, Han is easily distracted and it seems like his pet didn't take that from anyone else. Though he was sure he needed to hold in his laughter because the dhampir had gotten so worried over him gawking at his toned body, the works from all of his training, "I'm just complimenting how good my man looks, nothing to be worried about. Next thing you know, you're gonna beat my assignment at exercising" he teased, poking his shoulder playfully while resuming his painting delicately, he had no idea what he was actually drawing, he just allowed his hand to move while he keeps himself entertained by conversing with his boyfriend. 

Exactly like what Jae predicted, Han had his nose scrunched up when he heard the particular house, "Really? I like the mention of the charming and dashing Quidditch Champion but Hufflepuff, you really do like a Puff boyfriend huh?" Okay, he's in denial, he's a whole Puff and Jae could see that. "Forbidden things makes it more… fun" he winked, definitely all the side effects from having a whole Yeonseok Lee as his Volakiri. "Any adventure you want. If you told me to choose, it's most likely for me to get us in trouble or killed so" he grinned sheepishly and pressed his thumb against his torso, pausing momentarily because it's a question he was sure Jae found personal, "Your family… will they ever accept me?"

He laughed when Han slapped against his back playfully because of the slightly cheeky comment he made, he liked teasing the celestial because he was very easy to rile up, one slightly jeering comment was enough to set him off and he always got this adorable pout on his face in response to it “Well you are completely out of this world, baby” he teased softly with an innocent expression knowing he was in trouble for the comment “You’re human in many ways” he spoke it softly as he looked back at him “In the way you just want to be loved, in how you care for animals, in how sweet and patient you can be” he nodded slightly because he noticed pretty much everything about Han.

When he teased about him getting cuddles for elsewhere the Dhampir gasped as though Han had uncovered some hidden secret “How did you know?” he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face as they teased back and forth with one another, they knew not to take things too seriously when they got like this, it was just playful banter. “He’s so cold though, it’s not the same as my warm hot water bottle” naturally he went to wrap his arms around the star in a bear hug for a few seconds, rocking them both from side to side before finally letting go. He grinned slightly when Han commented on the nickname he used for him “I thought it was romantic, calling you my weakness” he blushed softly as he averted his gaze for a moment and shook his head, Han was supposed to be the hopeless romantic one but the star was rubbing off on him “Who else would annoy you all day every day if not me?” he snickered pressing a soft chaste kiss against his cheek.

In a way they were both always in a state of figuring things out, this was new for both of them and neither of them had the answers to all the questions, there were times when they would argue, they sometimes found it hard to understand one another’s thought process but the thing they had in common now was they were trying with everything they had to make it work. Seeing the intensity in Han’s gaze made Jae lose his breath for a moment as stared back at the celestial “How could I ever give up when I have all of this to fight for” he meant that, to him, Han was worth his every breath and more and he would protect him with everything he had. “Maybe it was a little tricky but look how far we’ve come” he squeezed softly against his hand and gave an encouraging smile, leaning in as Han pressed his forehead against his “I only need you too, as horribly cheesy as you make it sound” he just paused for a moment taking it all in with him.

He opened his eyes when Han spoke again, talking about his heart and how he was asking to Jae to take good care of it, the Dhampir nodded a few times taking heed of what the star was trying to say, even now they felt vulnerable handing themselves to one another, especially after they had experienced what it was like to lose each other for a while. Jae found himself wanting to hold Han closer than ever but he also didn’t want to suffocate him or give him any reason to love him less. “I promise to take good care of it” he spoke the words only just above a whisper as he stared Han in the eyes, he meant it when he said he would protect him and that meant protecting him emotionally too. The way Han was so direct about what he wanted with his future made the Dhampir part his lips because he could tell how much thought and passion Han put behind all this “A future” he spoke softly as he nodded a few times “I really like the sound of that, I like feeling like this is something which could last for as long as we want it to” which was his way of saying forever without saying the word explicitly.

“Nothing is as simple as we want it to be Han” he glanced downwards at the painting noting the way that with time Han was exploring more and more spots on his body and while the Dhampir wasn’t sure what Han was trying to create, it was really beautiful to watch the process unfold for himself, he never really got to see Han do a whole painting normally because he would usually get busted watching and have to excuse himself. When Han said he had a short attention span like his owner, Jae pointed towards Han “Mister distracted so easily” he laughed softly and shrugged. “I thought for a moment I’d gotten some dirt on me or something” he commented with a slightly grumbling tone as Han teased him but he cracked a smile before long because he was enjoying seeing Han painting again and smiling while doing so.

Jae gave a mock roll of his eyes when Han insisted yet again he wasn’t a Hufflepuff “That’s because you are a Hufflepuff, sweet, caring, puts others before himself always” he watched him for a moment and smiled softly “Oh come on, your decision making isn’t that bad” he teased as he poked his tongue out at the other male playfully while dropping his eyes to watch as Han nervously swept his thumb over his chest.

Jae had known this topic was going to come up eventually, how could it not when family was such a big part of Jae’s life til now, but he felt like the breath felt him the moment that Han said it and he had to avert his gaze for a moment just to gather his composure. “They’d think you’re amazing, smart guy, so gentle and caring, smart enough to be a vet, my sister would gush with you over the animals and my brother other the finer details of medical health” he nodded “My mother would try to impress you with her cooking” he pressed his lips together “They’d think you were perfect for me” he pressed his tongue against his cheek “If I was a girl”.

He went quiet for a moment and took a long breath “I don’t think my father will ever understand the decision I’ve made Han and while I don’t regret it...I’m terrified to face him” perhaps if he wasn’t there, things would be different but everyone in his family fell in line to what he said and no one argued back to him.

He enjoyed the times Jae could easily get to him like this, he loved the times he could smile and grin sheepishly because his boyfriend said something funny or tried his best to cheer him up. All of that was more than enough to make Hanseol realize that this is the life he wanted; a life that he would do by any means necessary to retain. This was his, and he wishes to keep it for as long as he could. The way Jae's eyes would deliver his genuinity to his boxy smile that the Celestial loved so much, those were the moments he lived for. "But your beauty supersedes mine. You look more ethereal than I, a whole celestial being, pun intended, can ever be" he cooed, choosing to ignore that comment and pinched his cheeks in retaliation instead, okay maybe he did not ignore it. "I can be anything for you" he murmured faintly, staring back into the other male's dark hues, reveling in how soft they looked, "I can be your sweet Celestial at any moment you need." 

Though Han was really having the time of his life when he faked his reaction by crying after covering his face with both hands as soon as Jae admitted that accusation, "How could you, cheating on me with your own best friend?" He pretended to huff in dissatisfaction when Jae went to wrap his arms around him for a hug, to which the doe-eyed fallen star leaned in instinctively, taking every moment to bask in the warmth Jae emitted. He pressed his lips together and an effort to refrain himself from breaking out a grin and brushed his thumb against his cheek tenderly, "I make you weak huh?" The kiss he received on his cheek caused them to flame up and it didn't take long for the blush to take its rightful place. He noticed how young they actually are in comparison, despite being 90 years old, Han is still a young adult in so many ways, where sometimes if not most of the time, Jae was the more mature out of the two. Young love, they said. It never lasts long but when it does, it's cherishable. 

Pressing his forehead against Jae was always a sign of affection he wishes to deliver every single moment of the day, a message that witnessed their love to each other. "I'm proud of us." He's not going to run away from this, this is all he's ever wanted and he got more than he thought he would. A life he would be proud of. A life someone else would also be proud of. When Jae promised to take good care of his heart, Han squeezed his hand assuringly and allowed his hand to linger on Jae's left chest a while longer, rubbing his fingers against his skin softly. "You and I… we have plenty of roads to cover so we better get resuming that, nobody is gonna wait for us anyway." His hand dropped to Jae's lower chest as he smiled to himself while resuming his work on the dhampir's body, the base seemed fine enough for him to start on another piece. 

"Nothing is as simple as we want them to be" he nodded in affirmation and continued to let his eyes roam, "But we can make good work of that." He trusts Jae with his life. He clicked his tongue so as to chastise Jae when he said he had short attention span by holding his waist firmly, "Oh I can be very distracted. And whose fault is it most of the time, hm?" he purposely rubbed his thumbs against both sides of his waist then, shaking his head as he 'dismissed' his allegations playfully. "You can be covered with mud from head to toe and you'd still outshine anyone, Jae. You severely underestimated how beautiful you are." He only grumbled defensively but said nothing to his claims about being a Hufflepuff. He's forever in denial but Jae knows that.

 He knew what to expect when he asked that question but the answer still hit him hard, shattering his hopes of ever being accepted into millions of pieces, he could even hear the whimper that escaped him unconsciously, "Oh… " His hand had completely fell from any proximity between his skin being his canvas earlier, it was no longer against his chest but he had them clasped together on his lap. The Celestial was trying his best to keep the tears of disappointment at bay but it was so much easier said than done. Jae may as well kick Yeontan off with the expression Han is wearing after hearing that. "So… what's going to happen to us?" So much for the talk of the future.

He could feel his cheeks getting warmer as Han insisted the way he usually did that he was better looking than the star which Jae disagreed with but it made him happy that Han liked the way he looked so much “Too bad I don’t have the glowy skin you have” he teased softly as he swiped his thumb gently against his cheek, he adored that little glow Han got and seeing the way he got a little brighter when he was staring back at him, it made the Dhampir’s heart swell a little every time because he knew it meant that he was the one making Han feel an intense emotion “You’re always my sweet Celestial” he spoke softly refusing to leave Han’s gaze which he enjoyed holding for a while, there was so much that could be said between them in complete silence, he knew that much.

The playful way Han responded to his teasing made the Dhampir grin, he liked how he could just be himself around Han and make silly jokes and knew the Celestial would play along with him, though he had to admit his fake crying was scarily realistic, he reached for Han’s hands which he was covering his face with and pouted “Don’t hide from me” he drew the words out in a whine “You know I’ll always choose you” by now he had pulled Han into a hug which made him smile when the star couldn’t help but ease into his arms. Jae closed his eyes for a moment just enjoying the moment “In some ways” Jae admitted when Han asked if he made him weak, the star was the one who made his heart soft and squishy, just looking at him made Jae feel like he was going to melt into a puddle sometimes “But you also make me stronger in many ways too” that was what made them work, they strengthened one another to the world but were able to be real and vulnerable together too.

“Me too” he admitted as he basked in the moment they shared, foreheads touching and eyes closed as he thought about everything they had managed to overcome to get to this point and Jae saw many hurdles over the horizon but now they seemed less tall and scary with the two of them together. Perhaps some people would tell him it was foolish to feel this deeply for someone this young but he would argue that his life was different to a human’s and that he had met someone who made a previously dull looking world brighter. Jae would never regret meeting Han or choosing to love him. “I’m ready when you are baby” he spoke softly feeling the way Han’s warm touch felt against his chest “I don’t have a clear picture of the future like you might but I know whatever it is, I want you in it” that much he was absolutely certain about and no one could change that.

“You’re right, but if it was easy then it wouldn’t feel worth it either” he spoke thoughtfully, he truly believed the struggles they went through helped to define and shape their relationship into a better one and it wasn’t the last of it, there would be more challenges and there might be more times when they tripped and fell but it was getting back up again that mattered. He widened his eyes as Han gripped against his waist tightly, looking him in the eye and shrinking a little from the intensity of his gaze “Mostly mine” he admitted with a slightly playful grin “Not that you usually complain” he teased sightly. He swore his heart was always soaring whenever Han complimented him but he never knew how to take it, which was now evident by the reddish hue on his cheeks “I love it when you call me that” he spoke softly, in a voice barely above a whisper.

Til now Han had been painting away, his hands doing most of the work and his eyes moving between Jae’s face and his body, there was clear intent and purpose behind his movements and while Jae couldn’t see what Han was seeing, he did see the serene look on the star’s face as he worked away. But this topic made it fizzle out completely and Jae’s heart lurched the moment Han pulled away, seeing the way he twiddled his fingers in his lap and his eyes teared up. Jae’s throat went dry and he swallowed a couple of times “Nothing is going to happen to us Han” his voice was really soft because there was a lot of emotion in this topic for him too “I told you when we got together that I choose you and I mean that” he pressed his lips together.

“They’re small-minded people who have this idea of how a relationship should be drilled into them from the moment they’re born” he continued to talk in a soft voice and give Han the time he needed to process all of this “But this” he pointed between the two of them and nodded “This is the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn’t change a thing about it” his voice was steadfast “Not anything” which also meant the fact that Han was male and not female, because he loved Han for who he was, not some imaginary what-if version. “And that means there’s going to be some not so easy times in our future” he nodded again “And I’m scared Han, I’m really scared of losing people but I can’t change who I am and I wouldn’t want to” he finally reached for the star’s hand placing his on top of it to cover it “I don’t want to live a lie, I want to find a future, with you” which would take time but he supposed they had all the time in the world.

When Jae prodded on the way his skin glowed unlike his, Han already had a big grin present on his lips, there was no denying the dhampir's impact on the Celestial, every word that comes out of him seemed to bring a new elevation to Han, he wanted to hear what Jae has to say about him and to him. "Even if you don't have glowing skin, you're still glowing to me. So which one is better? Having actual glowing skin or being the one glowing because I'm so fucking in love with you?" Oh god, that is so cheesy but so worth it. Sometimes he would binge watch a few shows or movies on his Netflix account at worth, yes, he may have watched them while working late at night and he always takes note of what boyfriends or girlfriends do just so he could try to do that in the future. Hey, a guy should do his part in the relationship right? And Han was very invested in theirs, there was no way the Celestial would leave it be without any attempts to make it worthwhile. They did have plenty of date nights weekly, and had their own gaming night actually, though it consisted most of them two competing like hell and Han knew Jae always allowed him to win most of the time, which always made him beam in delight considering how competitive he could be, at times. 

Jae never showed it when he does, which really just made the doe-eyed male fall even further for how humble and down to earth his dhampir could be. When Jae pulled his hands away from the way he had been covering his face, Hanseol cleared his throat and pulled his hands close and kissed his nose before giggling softly, "I know. That's the best feeling in the world, you know. Knowing you would choose me." Finding out that he was his weakness made the Celestial beam brighter, he could feel his body engulfing the light that emitted, oh he's happy right now. "You make me stronger too, Jae" He didn't find it hard to paint right now, but there was no direction of where it was going. He was still confused about where he's going but he doesn't feel as reluctant to move his hands on Jae's chest. He never thought he'd get the chance to delve further into his life with Jae, he wasn't supposed to come into his life right? But he did. And now the Celestial has no idea how to let go of him, which was a big joke as if he was ever going to let go of the other male ever. He was now part of his life, and without him, it'll feel extremely empty and dull; that's not what he envisioned for his future. 

"That's good to hear... " He knew Jae always had the best thoughts for them but hearing it was another miracle he finds his pleasure in. Clarification, he said. He had to refrain himself from smirking by biting down on his bottom lip when he saw Jae widening his eyes the moment, he only brushed his thumbs playfully against his waist and tilted his head to the side, "So you admit your faults then? That you're the reason for most of my distraction? Tsk… what a bad dhampy. But you're right, I never complain… how can I when you would always make it hard for me not to fall for those eyes you give me" He swore his heart made a flip once again as he fawned over the way Jae even looks like now. He leaned in close and brushed his nose against his left cheek and nipped his earlobe, "When I call you what?" Of course he's teasing. That's what Han does best whenever he's playing around with Jae. He had to admit, he wasn't sure of what he wanted to hear or what he knew he would hear.

 A part of him knew he wasn't going to receive a pleasant answer, he knew what to expect. But it hurts worse than he had anticipated the attack would be, it felt like Jae could very much take out his heart and step on it in front of him, at this point. His gaze wavered slightly and he had to avert them as he cast them downwards to his lap and withdrew from the dhampir completely, both hands going nowhere near any of his body parts. "And I want to believe that it's enough, Jae. But is it? Would our words be it all?" He shouldn't say that, as soon as those words came out, Han winced and moved backwards a bit from his position because it felt uncomfortable, "I'm sorry… I shouldn't say that. I shouldn't doubt our relationship." He didn't feel like he wanted to paint anymore honestly, and he could see why. He listened to him talk and he could feel the swell in his chest, Jae believed so much in them and it sucks that people important to him wouldn't accept it, Eun is Eun, he alone wasn't enough either. Perhaps, Han was being selfish on his part but he couldn't stop himself from feeling that way. 

"What if you lose them? You said you're afraid of losing people and I understand that. But you also said you don't want to change yourself… where do you really stand when it comes down to making a choice?" His tone was nowhere near accusatory, it was leveled and soft, though it was clear a whimper slipped up in between. "I want to build my future with you, Jae. I don't want… to be left alone again. What do you think is there for us in the future to do? Can you picture anything you want to see?" It was a genuine question, he didn't think he ever asked Jae that. 

Jae swore his heart skipped a beat in his chest just at Han’s words alone and he pressed a hand over it as he stared back at him with a look somewhat filled with disbelief, Han always had this way with coming out with the sweetest and most romantic lines which he was sure others would find over the top and too much but to him, that was just Han and his way of showing how much he cared about him. He felt his cheeks getting slightly red as he looked back at the star and shook his head from side to side a little “Both are pretty damn amazing” he spoke softly as he stroked softly against the star’s cheek, seeing the way he always lit up told the Dhampir just how much he meant to the star without a single word and that was almost addictive to him, he loved seeing Han light up a room with his happiness.

Han’s mix of confidence and shyness used to confuse Jae but now he understood him pretty well, knew that he was good at giving a confident front but when things were really important that was when the humility set in, he’d seen it several times with Han, that raw and slightly apprehensive reaction he had when things got real between them. He scrunched his nose when Han kissed against it “Well get used to that feeling because I’m going to keep choosing you” Han had become this pivotal place in his life that represented all the good things he had experienced since coming to Evermore and he was holding onto him with everything he had “That’s what they say a relationship is supposed to be right?” he spoke it softly “Two people who can boost one another in ways that are important” Han gave him confidence in his writing and sharing it, he made him more open and real with his emotions, something he had always contained back him, Han made him believe that maybe a happy life was in the cards for him.

He have a slightly mischevious smile when Han tried to get him to admit that he was a bad influence, maybe he was, he definitely found it hard to keep his hands to himself sometimes and they certainly were pretty intimate with one another. That was natural though, he was sure of that much, wanting to be close with your significant other wasn’t frowned upon at all “Well I wouldn’t want to be the reason your needs are neglected you see” he smirked a little because he was subtly dodging the question while also answering it “Always so wrapped up in his work that sometimes he forgets who’s waiting for him” he giggled softly feeling the way Han brushed against his waist and then leaned in closer, nipping against his ear which made the Dhampir shudder from the sudden affection “Beautiful” he breathed the word slowly as he reveled in the closeness shared between them, it did feel really intimate to have Han painting on him like this, even though he still had no idea what the star was making.

But this topic, while he knew it was one they needed to talk about, it was hard for him to tackle because he wanted to cheer Han up and make him feel secure in their relationship but he also didn’t want to lie to him or make any false promises about the future they were building together. He looked back at the star almost as though he had been slapped when he asked if all they had was words and he was searching for what to say in response as he swallowed down hard. It bothered him that Han had put distance between them too but he let him have the space he had claimed as he processed it all, he let out a soft sigh when Han apologized for saying something that bluntly “Have I given you a reason to doubt my commitment to this relationship?” he asked it softly because he needed to know if he had. Perhaps his reluctance to let go of his family could be seen as that and it was bothering Han more than he let on. He wouldn’t have brought it up if not right?

“If it’s a choice between losing them and losing the person I am, I choose me” he spoke it without hesitation, that wasn’t a difficult question for Jae because he had been thinking about this for a long time, it wasn’t about choosing between his family and Han, it was about choosing between the person his parents wanted him to be and who he had always been. “And it is going to hurt like hell when they ask me to” he felt tears stinging slightly in his eyes so he took a long breath to push them away. “And the reason I am so sure about this” he pointed between the two of them “About you, is because I know you would never ask me to be someone that I’m not” that was what drew him to Han, knowing he wanted Jae for the very person he was.

When Han asked about their future Jae took a shaky breath “I don’t want to rush things” he spoke softly “I want to experience every first there is to have with you, first Christmas, first New Year, first couple’s vacation, first graduation, my first book, your first clinic opening” he breathed shakily and smiled at Han “and one day when we’re ready, the big steps too” maybe he was naive to think about all of that so soon in a relationship but he’d never felt like this about anyone and it was easy to get caught up in this picture of a life they might have.

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