It had been a blissful few weeks. Jae finally felt like things were how they were supposed to be between Han and him, open and honest. And that didn’t mean things were easy because it meant that neither of them was treading on eggshells around one another anymore. That meant sometimes Jae would come back and be stressed from his classes and just need some space, that meant sometimes Han disappeared into his craft room for a few hours to do art-related things. Jae knew that had been a source of frustration for the star lately, ever since their breakup he had been struggling to paint, he said he had the ideas in his mind but nothing felt right anymore and Jae didn’t really know how to fix that.

He had just finished with his Saturday morning class and gotten onto the subway over to Han’s place in the south of the city, it took him a little longer to get back and forth then the dorms but he didn’t mind because it meant he got to snuggle up in bed with the star every night and that was worth the time spent on public transport. He pulled out his phone to text Han that he was on his way over before tucking it back into his pocket again and closing his eyes as he leaned against the doors of the subway car. He was happy, he was stupidly happy with his domestic life where he came home to his boyfriend every night and they sat and vented about different problems in their life. Han complained about tough times at work, Jae ranted about how his assignments were confusing or unfair.

They went for an evening walk together hand in hand while the two dogs tried to tie them up with their leashes which made them experts at walking while avoiding getting completely tangled. They explored new parts of the city and kissed under streetlights. Every Wednesday they made the effort to go out and do something for a date night. They picked Wednesdays because neither of them really liked the Friday and Saturday night crowds and it felt like a reward for getting through a hard Tuesday. The dates were fun but Jae also enjoyed the nights in where they would get takeaway and cuddle up with the dogs on the couch while they binge-watched some stupid Netflix movie or show.

It was everything a healthy relationship should be and it was his. They’d had Dae and Yeon over respectively to hang out some nights, Jae found himself disliking the valkyr less now he got to spend more time around him and realized he was just overconfident and a little clingy. More similar to Jae than he had first realized. He was lost deep in thought and by the time he looked up, he realized 25 minutes had passed on the subway and he was about to reach his stop. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and frowned a little because Han hadn’t texted back which wasn’t like him but he shrugged it off, maybe he was busy trying to get things out of the attic again.

He walked the familiar route between the subway stop and the house which felt more like home every time that he came back to it and he just took a moment to smile. He felt confident and he felt loved and that was everything to him. When he got to the house he headed straight up to the door and unlocked it, heading inside and looking around for Han, the first thing he liked to do when he got home was kiss the celestial. But Han didn’t seem to be anywhere. “Han?” he called out across the room and frowned when the only response he got was Yeontan coming skittering down the hall and jumping up at Jae’s legs for attention. He knelt down and stroked Yeontan’s fur softly before he prompted the little Pomeranian “Where is he, Tannie? Where’s he gone?”

Yeontan seemed to get the hint because he went running off down the hall in the direction of Han’s craft room. Jae tended to avoid going in there because it was the space Han tended to go to when he wanted to be alone but Jae had to admit he was worried, last time he had found Han in this room he had hurt himself “Baby?” he spoke softly as he knocked gently on the door.

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He saw the expression on Jae once he decided to dim his own glow down, he was fully aware that the dhampir preferred to see how brightly he could glow whenever he allows his emotions to control it and while he does too, Han had to make sure it wouldn't be blinding. It could get uncomfortable, after all. "Of course you would never ask me to dull my shine… but I have to be sure that I won't be  blinding my sweet boyfriend. His words may be the main asset but his eyes are equally beautiful as his heart, so…." You succeed, I succeed. Those words always made Hanseol feel equal in the terms of this relationship where he was sure, Jae had felt similarly neglected in this case, once upon a time ago. But he's fixed that. Somewhat. It's going steadily. "A year ago I was just getting started on making sure my life is on the right track. I got into this amazing internship programme the year before and managed to get a chance to further my studies this year while working. Who would have known that I would find a boyfriend along the way? But god did I like that stop I needed to do just so I can examine this resting place before resuming my journey, this time, with that person I brought with me." In a way, that was Han's way of telling Jae that he was also a big part of his life now. 

His cheeks flamed up as soon as the mention of him falling asleep on his working desk back in his office at the clinic resurfaced, which prompted the Celestial to cover his face and groaned in embarrassment, "Ugh, don't remind me. That was one time, Jae. I don't know about you but the thought of me falling asleep while drooling on my desk is not a picture I want embedded inside here" he then tapped on his head before grimacing. "I must've looked horrible" he grumbled whiningly because he could already picture how badly he looked. A scowl flashed upon his face when Jae brought up how Yeontan had this tendency of disobeying and rebelling by doing exactly what they have told him not to do, "He had the audacity to push me away with his tiny feet the last time…" There were times when the Pomeranian would end up snuggling in between them just to be the divider and the doe-eyed Celestial always complained about it. 

The smallest reactions he could get from Jae, it was more than enough for him. It was always enough, the way his breath would hitch considerably when Han did something out of the ordinary to surprise him, that was his favorite expression ever. It was so content and pure. He nodded as he hummed softly in affirmation, "Mhmm… quite the canvas. I have to admit, your chest is sturdier than before. Has my baby been working out? At this point, you're going to beat me at being a muscle bunny, Jae" he purposely whined just because he wanted to take this chance to be playful with the dhampir, halting halfway because he wanted to brush the center of his chest. The fact that Jae had used the endearment term while addressing him made him feel slightly relieved that he wasn't mad, he didn't mean to show his uneasiness so openly but he couldn't help it when he couldn't control his emotions then, he craned his neck instinctively when Jae rubbed against it softly and sighed, "Why does it have to be so complicated? For once in our lives, can't things just… go easy?" He knew it wasn't supposed to be easy but Han being Han longed for that feeling too. Without feeling conflicted or in doubt that something would wash this picture he had of them together away, one day.

 "Well, if they have to drag you away, I can promise you that I won't ever let you go, they'll have to cross over my body first before attempting to take you away from me" he grinned sheepishly and brushed his thumbs soothingly underneath his eyes, "You're mine, remember?" He knee Jae was more likely to choke up on his own tears when talking about something so sensitive such as this which was why he made sure to comfort him by hugging him, which may have worked in his favor. The sacred three words made his heart flutter every time, Jae could say it so many times and he would never get over the feels. "I love you too" he cooed and stroked his hair gently before resuming his painting, he was determined to get something done today and he didn't exactly want to make Jae wait for another hour, he'll be sore. "Talk about being spoiled and wasteful" he pulled a look when he mentioned the 3 weeks worth of leftover, "I can already hear Yeon and Dae scowling at the food wastage. You sure they wouldn't crash our place for the sake of doing so? If not for the food, then for the cock block" he had said it bluntly because it hasn't been the first time that has happened either. 

"We can give him a new collar, too… let's not forget to do our Christmas gift shopping. Pretty sure that devil in disguise is going to expect a gift" he teased because knowing Yeontan, he's a big sulky pet. He fell into a brief silence as his hands stopped painting for a while before he eventually resumed painting the flower on his chest, "I want a family. I never thought I'd be that family-oriented guy who wanted to live his domesticated life. But the thought of having people to go home to every time I check out and stopped by the bakery to bring a few sweet treats back home to… it warms my heart greatly. I won't lie, Jae" his eyes glanced up to meet the dhampir's dark gaze, his own orbs telling the genuine truth behind it, "I want to have a spouse and children at home. It's a far-fetched idea… but I don't exactly have the capacity to think small, right? You have to think big… That's what Yeon told me. Though he'd probably laugh at me because I'm a kid myself… how can I take care of another kid" he had dismissed it with a wry laugh but the tight lipped smile told Jae everything he needed to know. "I know it's a bit silly but…"

Jae smiled effortlessly, it was amazing how much life had changed for the two of them in the space of a year and while it wasn’t entirely attributed to one another, they definitely brought a lot to one another’s lives. “And to think we’re standing at the bottom of the hill right now and there’s still so much to climb” to do that alone sounded daunting, but to do that with Han at his side, he knew it would be filled with cheesy lines and laughing till he cried and chatting about anything and everything. “I thought you looked pretty cute, all exhausted because you’d been working so hard” Jae remembered wrapping Han’s arm around his neck and carrying him home, holding him close to his chest and just seeing the way he relaxed in his arms to the point he was fast asleep again before they got home. “He definitely thinks he’s managed to stake a claim in the bed but then we let him get away with it so really it’s our fault” he laughed softly, giving a playful gaze at the Celestial because Han complained but never actually made the pup leave.

Jae had a slightly sheepish look on his face when Han mentioned that he’d been working out “Well I took your advice and kept going running until I got into the habit of it, then I added the weight training and this is the results” he was actually quite proud of how far he had come and how committed he had been to the training, especially because it was very time consuming and it was easy to push it away “but I learned from the master, I could never exceed him” he grinned slightly, Han’s physique had always been a massive attraction for Jae. He watched Han as he took in what Jae was trying to say about the place their relationship was in “You wouldn’t know how to recognize the highs without the lows” he spoke softly as he rubbed softly against Han’s side “The real test is being able to hold onto one another throughout every change in altitude” and he didn’t intend on letting Han go, that was for sure.

“Then no one will be able to get between us” he spoke softly as he looked into Han’s eyes, it was hard for him to believe he could ever feel anything less for him than he did right now because the other male was so important and central to his life now. “And you are mine, my Daystar, my Hanseol” he stroked hand gently in circles on Han’s back while they embraced one another close. Jae had to think back to a few months ago before the breakup and he wasn’t sure they would be able to have this conversation back then without it becoming far more difficult than this. When Han said he loved him too Jae felt his heart swell because every time he heard that he felt so important and wanted, those words alone could make his entire day. But what was really bringing him joy today was seeing the way Han was caught up in painting against his chest and making art, something he hadn’t seen from him in many months. “If we invite Yeon and Dae over there probably won’t be any leftovers at all, I swear you three could eat an entire store” he laughed softly, Jae definitely ate the least out of them all. He did frown when Han said they would cock block though “They do like to pick their moments huh” he commented thinking of when they had been making out on the couch and the two of them showed up out of nowhere.

He laughed and nodded a few times “You do realize if we give him anything loud he’ll find an excuse to make it loud in the middle of the night though” he chuckled lowly and then eyed him softly “Which devil in disguise, you’ll have to be more specific” he poked his tongue out at Han playfully “Though that Volakiri of yours probably wouldn’t fit Yeontan’s collars so” he laughed softly in a teasing way because while he had made up with Yeon and the two of them got along decently now, he still liked to tease about the other male.

Jae wasn’t looking at the painting on his chest, he was looking at Han, his heart pounding a little as he waited for his answer on what he wanted. His breath hitched a little when he heard it and he processed what Han was trying to tell him. He wasn’t surprised, he had seen the effect the star had on those girls who had helped him out with his grand date gesture and Han was the traditional type who valued the little things in life and the bigger things it seemed. “It's not silly” he insisted back in response to his words and shook his head slightly “It’s big goals which will take time to achieve but it’s not silly Han” he looked into his eyes to affirm that he meant it “One day I want to give you that” he spoke it softly but it was meaningful, they still had a lot of growing to do before they were ready for marriage and kids, he was sure they both knew that, but Jae would be lying if he said he didn’t want to call Han his husband someday.

Jae always had something new to bring to his life and Han is eternally grateful that the dhampir feels that he could share those aspects with him because it really means a lot to the Celestial to have such an emotional part of his man. "I agree… there is so much laid in front of us and we're just getting started. We have so many to go through, so many hurdles and obstacles alike" he pursed his lips slightly and ended up grinning, "but we'll do it together. We will go through it together." He blushed visibly when Jae reminded him of that time he had to carry him back, he always did forget his boyfriend is a whole dhampir and was quite literally stronger than him physically, "You think I look cute always, baby. I remember I probably was drooling over the desk and you still took the chance to take a photo because it's a memory to remember" he rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance, but since it was Jae, he never bothered to tell him to delete or anything. "If you wanted a photo, you could've just told me you wanted some, I'd gladly take photos for you, my boyfriend" he cooed. However, he does like to lay his head against Jae's shoulder because it was broad and comfortable enough for him to rest on. 

"So… more discipline lessons for our Pomeranian? Got it. If he gets mad at me, it's your fault" he crossed his arms, his tone clearly saying that he was going to put the entire burden and fault on Jae if Yeontan ends up sulking. They both know that Han wouldn't be able to say no to the Pomeranian puppy even if he wants to. His eyes widened as he covered his mouth with one hand when Jae said he's been adding weight training too, "Oh wow… weight training? No wonder your chest feels firmer… I mean not that I've been feeling it or anything" he quickly cleared his throat as he attempted to dismiss that. It didn't help that his blush had deepened when Jae said he couldn't exceed the master, it made the Celestial nudge him a bit hard because his cheeks had been flaming up because of it. "You say that now, one day you may. You're already so much stronger, you're my dhampir who could beat me easily when he wants to" he purposely used Jae's signature chin lift using his index finger to lift the dhampir's chin playfully. 

"Maybe next time, we can work out together? I'd love to watch you for a change" He was curious to see how strong his boyfriend is though, the thought of watching him lift things up is just attractive to him. "You're right, we'll know the highs without the lows. The important thing is we remain strong and will go through all of that with a sound mind because you're the most important person to me. Your heart is the most important thing to me." He wasn't just saying this, it meant everything to him, the same way Jae meant everything to him. Hearing Jae call him his daystar and his name made the doe-eyed Celestial's heart flutter, as if he could fly at any given moment, "Have I told you how much I love hearing you call my name? Hanseol. It's very attractive coming from you. Can you say it again?" His voice sounded so vulnerable while whispering in his ears, and so was his body as Jae engulfed him into a hug. His hand was already drawing the flower petals which doesn't really resemble one but would eventually make sense in the end once he finishes it. 

Han's lips were jutted out in a pout when Jae pointed out that the three of them being him, Yeon, and Dae, could eat an entire store, "That is if I was ever going to share to begin with. You know I won't share my food even if the world is ending and I need to help them survive." Okay, not true. Han would never be so selfish but it was a point he needed to deliver. He scrunched his nose up when he was reminded of how the two always knew how to make their appearances known whenever the two of them were occupied with one another, "First, the couch. Two, in the shower, three, while I was cooking!" he huffed. "Can't they get a better timing…" His eyes darkened considerably as he licked his lips and leaned closer, "With this tongue out, maybe I'll end up giving you a bell for Christmas" he winked suggestively and chuckled. "I can give Yeon another collar, he'd look good in it and rock them, Dae would probably appreciate the sight too, everyone knows he's been wanting another piece of that." 

He could feel Jae's heart pounding against his chest while he was trailing his fingers around it, his answer wasn't unexpected, "One day you want to give me that?" As if his eyes wasn't big enough, it grew bigger. "You really do? Are you telling me I wasn't the only fool fantasizing about calling you my husband?" His hands stopped briefly before resuming, his cheeks were basically a flash red of tomatoes right now, and even his ears are red. He knew he couldn't say any word afterwards because he was too taken aback by his response so for the next few minutes, Han occupied himself to focus solely on finishing the painting on Jae's body. The black, white, and red earlier had now been blended with other colors to form purple, where he quickly added a simple touch up by smearing the last color on Jae before brushing against them, "There… all done." The center of the flower was basically at the center of his chest.

Together, he really loved that word. There was a time this year where he was starting to wonder if he would have to go this alone and while he probably could, it had been a scary moment for him because he realized that ever since he had come to this city he had someone on his side who was always looking out for him. Even before they dated, Han had been the person who came into his life with the intention of saying there and for someone who had always chased down others and wanted them to live him, it was refreshing for the feeling to be completely mutual. “Yes we will and now we’ve gotten over our first hurdle I feel like we can do anything” cheesy he knew but they communicated so well now and were so open with their emotions, there was no bottled up pain threatening to explode sooner or later. “But you look adorable when you’re asleep, your eyes flutter really delicately when you’re dreaming” he reached out to stroke the side of his face “But I usually fall asleep before you, I wasn’t wasting the opportunity” holding Han while he slept had been a particularly fond memory because he looked so serene and peaceful.

“He gets mad when you ignore him for like ten seconds” he spoke with knowing eyes, how that pup whimpered every time that Han locked him out of their room. “He’s not going to like it at all but someone’s got to show him who’s boss and we know you’re the…” he gave a slightly playful smirk in Han’s direction “Bossier of us two” though Yeontan seemed to get a free pass most of the time because Han had such a soft spot for animals. Han’s reaction to his workouts did make the Dhampir flush a little because he seemed so intrigued by the development which in turn made Jae feel more attractive and assured in his physique “Not like I gave you free rein or anything” he teased it softly but it had been nice, seeing the way Han worked with his hands and slowly applied the paint, he had been watching the star as he worked and he had to admit he found the concentrated stare he gave as he painted against his chest sexy. “Well I have an unfair advantage whereas this, he gestured to Han’s muscular arms “Is all hard work and you still manage to lift me as though I weight nothing” he snickered slightly letting Han pull his chin up and meeting his eyes for a moment.

He got a little nervous when Han suggested working out together though, Jae had been working very hard on his body but he still had insecurities about the way it looked and he knew Han had been a gym regular for a while now, he blushed softly but nodded “Won’t it be distracting for us though?” he knew it would be for him anyway, seeing as Han being shirtless always affixed his attention, the star could only be changing to another shirt but it would still draw Jae’s attention. He felt his heart flutter at the way Han assured him how important he was to him, Han had there little ways of reminding Jae every day just how significant he was. When Han asked him to say his name again he grinned his signature boxy grin because that was such a sweet and simple ask, he cuddled up against him in that brief but meaningful hug they shared, his lips close to the Celestial’s ear as he spoke again “My Hanseol” he spoke gently as he fingers slowly ran down his back and then he let him go, leaning back so he could admire the paintwork so far.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the way Han pouted when he pointed out how much the three of them ate though it was even funnier when he realized Han was bothered by the suggestion he would actually share his food “It really depends with you, but if there are sweets on the table then may the Gods help anyone who tries to get between them and you” he giggled softly knowing how much Han loved food, which was why he often made the effort to bring him home a treat after class some nights. “And then they have the audacity to tease us for taking so long” because no way in hell was Jae leaving that shower for those two when he was pretty sure they literally waited for the worst moment possible to show up and he was going to suspect the Valkyr’s hearing had something to do with that. He was looking into Han’s eyes and saw the way his gaze intensified at the mention of getting a bell for Christmas, he swallowed hard, naturally reacting to Han’s somewhat seductive statement “So I wasn't the only one who noticed them eyeing one another” he commented with a furrowed brow “It doesn’t seem like them to hold back from what they want though” if it meant they’d be occupied with each other instead of interrupting him and Han he’d be all for it.

The way that Han completely lit up at what he said had the Dhampir’s heart fluttering and he blushed softly as he noticed the way his eyes grew bigger like he was looking back at the most important thing in the world “I mean I think we both have a lot of life to figure out first but” he nodded slightly, breaking into a lopsided grin which assured the Celestial he had definitely thought about it “Who wouldn’t dream about marrying you someday” Jae had always felt like he was punching a little with Han but he was sure the star disagreed. Han made him happier than any person ever had before and he wanted that to carry on for his entire life, however long that may last. His eyes trailed downwards when Han said he was done with the painting, gasping a little because the flower he had painted looked so beautiful and it’s petals spread over all different parts of his body so delicately “Purple?” he spoke it softly wondering if there was meaning behind the colors he chose.

“It’s beautiful” he spoke softly as he reached for Han’s hand and closed both of his around it “You did it” he spoke it in an encouraging tone because this was the first painting that Han made in about a month or so now and it was absolutely stunning. Jae was relieved and elated to see the design on his chest because it confirmed what he was hoping, that Han still had the ability to make beautiful art like this.

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