The evening was dull for a certain celestial. He's been stuck in his painting room, where every corner was filled with blank canvases and the shelves with paints. On the table not far from where he was standing, a variety of sketches were seen lying around. The entire space was filled with at least one thing, whether it was canvases or paints, yet the room still managed to look neat in a way. As neat as an artist can go, at least. A familiar bright haired star was twirling a brush around his hand as he squinted his eyes at the half done canvas in front of him. A drawing of a piano was messily sketched on the white surface with 40% covered in paint already.

Sighing to himself, the celestial peeked outside to see if it was an appropriate weather for him to go out. He's been sneezing non stop since yesterday and he'd prefer it if he would not have trouble with the sinuses again today. That, and the fact that he spent the entire night watching a rather sad drama on Netflix, which pushed against his tear duct to keep working. Yes, admittedly he finished all 16 episodes in one day because he just had to know the ending, which didn't even make him feel better because of how tragic it was. At least the road to inducing himself in an emotional surrounding worked. He wasn't thoroughly bitter now, and he received the clarification yesterday. The road in his neighborhood is literally piled with snow from every side it was actually funny to look at it from afar. Maybe if he could get out, he could receive a bit more inspiration.

And so, the celestial made the decision to walk around the park to see if anything was able to strike into his procrastination. He made sure the documents were settled earlier this morning for the clinic's renovation. It was finally finalized and done, much to his delight. He won't hear any whining from the rest with the exception of his own pets; Byul, Yeontan, and Jr, but at least they were able to return to a much more secure and comfortable home. He eyed his reflection in the mirror for a quick while before donning on a padded baseball jacket and cap, hiding his now magenta red hair that would surely attract a few attention on to him. Bold choice, since it was a lot daring but still darker than his previous red hair he sported before.

“I'll be back soon, don't wreck the house.” he reminded the two fluff balls, both Pomeranian and Husky puppies playing on the couch. The warning in his tone indicated that he wouldn't exactly be happy if he comes back to a messy living room. A small bark from the Pomeranian was enough to assure him that they won't wreck too much havoc, despite being so mischievous. Waving a goodbye at the two, he shuffled his shoes and locked the door using the key before kicking the snow off on his doorstep. With both hands tucked inside his jacket pockets, he pulled his earphone out from the duffle bag he carried and plugged it, leaving the male to his music land as he walked down the pavement, heading to the park in the city center.

The time on his phone showed 9 45 pm, not late enough for the city to be deserted. Usually Hanseol wouldn't mind being alone but after the recent attack on him, he had to be mindful of his surroundings and be careful. There was only so much he could do, especially when he doesn't like hurting people physically even if they were trying to hurt him. Not long after, he arrived at the entrance of the park and took a seat at a nearby bench, unzipping his bag and took out his sketchbook. Music does wonders especially when one was surrounded by a beautiful scenery. The stars in the sky reminded him a lot of his kind. So without hesitating, the fallen star began to draw the night sky. He's never drew them before. As usual, whenever he is drawing, he would always be in his own world.

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Sleep. It's not something that had come to the Celestial easily. Not for a few years anyways; after The Isle of Skye had fell. Any time she had closed her eyes; all Artemis saw was the Ailwards; the species that woved to protect her kind turning against them; locking them up. Making them suffer. The memories of the Isle's destruction; that helped aide their escape was on rewind most of the time. So many things had haunted her from those 100 years, as their prisoner. That evening, was one of those times it was coming back to her. Not having had, good sleep the last few nights. Artemis had went to bed earlier; hoping to get some rest. But like the last 4 nights; she couldn't bring herself to sleep. Any time she closed her eyes. The nightmares were returning.

Her chocolate brown eyes fluttered open; staring at the ceiling of her bedroom of the Celestial Castle. "Maybe, a walk." she muttered to herself. Nature, always helped her calm down. Hopefully an evening walk, might do her some good. Rubbing her tired eyes; Artemis sat up. Running a hand through her brunette hair. It took her a few moments to get herself ready; getting herself dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Artemis put on a loose cardigan. The nights were bit cooler in Evermore. The fabric of the Cardigan wasn't too thin, but would keep her warm. After she slipped on her shoes. She wondered over to the bathroom; turning on the cold water. She splashed her face gently. Feeling the coldness; perk her up slightly.

Feeling slightly more awake. The Celestial had grabbed her camera, putting the strap around her neck, letting it dangle from her neck. Artemitra left the castle. Before heading outside towards the City Centre. Artemis liked spending time in the park. She had spent quiet a bit of time there; especially as it had quiet beautiful scenery around, which she always liked to use for her photographs. The evening breeze ruffled through her hair. Swaying it back and forth. The walk was rather relaxing; getting some fresh air, was probably a very good idea. Glancing up towards the night sky; Artemis couldn't help but admire the beauty of the moon and her fellow unfallen stars twinkling in the night sky. It was a bright, sparkly night.

Pulling out her camera from it's case. Artemis took a few photos of the beautiful evening sky. Also a few solidary photos of the moon. It was bigger than most nights. And something about it, always seemed to captivate her mind. 

People were still out and about in Evermore; at this time of the evening. Only a few people being in the park. But, it wasn't long before Artemitra spotted a familiar face. It belonged to a fellow Celestial. Younger than her. But Artemis remembered him well from Isle of Skye. She hadn't seen much of him, since the last of their kind had retreated to Evermore. A lot of them had kept to themselves. Approaching him. Artemitra lightly tapped his shoulder to get his attention. "Good evening,'s me Artemis." she said with a soft smile. Not sure how much the younger Celestial remembered off her. Artemis had helped be there for the younger Celestials, during their imprisonment.  And he was the one, that she would often talk to; despite his closed off nature. Not that she could blame him. A lot of them, weren't the same as they once used to be.

Humming to himself, he fished out his phone from his pocket and clicked the shuffle option on Spotify, before tucking them inside again as he averted his gaze back to his sketchbook and the pencil he had in his right hand. Hanseol was both right and left handed, he recently discovered that surprising fact about himself a few days ago when he was juggling with multitasking between finishing his documentation reports and carving out a few initials. Larking up on the corner of the page, the songs fitted his mood tonight, it was rather balladic and mellow, which was just right for him. The stars shone brightly tonight and a smile crept up. He's never noticed just how bright they were before. Perhaps he's never paid enough attention to realize them because he didn't want to.

The 2B pencil he had twirling around his fingers went down to work as fast as his hands would allow him to. Whenever Hanseol is working, on anything really, may it be cooking or painting, or even thinking, he's always so immersed in it that he completely forgot he's living on the living land of reality instead of his own alternate dimension. Aligning his index finger with the darkened circle in the page, he smudged it slightly and smile softly to himself. He could be insecure on his abilities any day but when it comes to loving his art, he won't hide it away. It was the only escape he had after working busily on a work's day at the clinic now that it was starting to resume its usual operations after the said renovation and reconstruction. Which means, he would need to submit a few documentation on the development on the premise too this month.

So when he suddenly felt a shoulder pat from someone, he involuntarily flinched and turned around to face the source. Upon seeing who it was, his eyes lit up briefly before unplugging his earphones, setting it aside on his lap and gave Artemitra a smile. He recognized her, from his time in the Isle of Skye. Granted, he would've recognized any celestial that was held in the same island, but Artemitra's cage was just across his own so it would be impossible not to notice her. Contrary to other people's beliefs, Hanseol does pay attention to his surroundings. Even his obliviousness couldn't mask away his attentiveness that was generated from paranoia and fear. “I remember you..” he nodded in response when the fellow celestial introduced herself.

The fallen star didn't know he would be meeting more of familiar faces lately but he can say that it comforted him a bit despite their presence bringing a bitter taste of memory in him since all he wished was to forget the imprisonment happened at all. His way to cope was to forget and replace them with a far better option, sue him. “Good evening to you too.” He felt compelled to follow his natural roots in bowing his head slightly whenever greeting others. Artemitra was one of those he would talk to even when he would rather keep on the mute act of silence. It's impossible for him not to lose his sanity had he been quiet for the rest of his time in there. “How are you?”

Feeling the younger Celestial flinch, Artemitra bit her bottom lip slightly. It seemed to be, somewhat of a reaction from certain Celestial’s. Not that she could blame them; given  what happened to them all. It was bound to make everyone, unsettled in one way or another. Relief filled her expression, when the younger one had recognised her.

His question, making her think slightly. For a few moments, Artemitra wondered if he meant in general. Or just tonight? Or maybe both? “I have my good days, and I have my bad days I suppose.” Artemitra answered honestly. Some days,did feel like an emotional rollercoaster for the older Celestial. Especially with memories haunting her. “I couldn’t sleep…” she admitted. Wondering, if perhaps he had the same reason, for being out so late. “You couldn’t sleep either?” Artemis questioned softly.

Seeing the notepad on his lap. Artemis couldn’t help but glance down towards it. Tilting her head slightly, to see what he had been sketching. Smiling to herself softly; as she admired his work. “That’s quite beautiful.” she complimented. Artemitra was a being, that appreciated beauty. Beauty in the simple things; like the nature around her, or art, music. She remembered him, talking about his art during their time in Skye. But she hadn’t seen it yet. But she couldn’t help, but think he was quite talented; from what little she saw on the piece of paper.

After a few moments, she asked softly. “How have things been for you, since moving to Evermore?” It was bit of a surprise, to know that he was the first one to move out of the Celestial’ Castle. Not many, would have been bold enough, to make sure a move. But she couldn’t blame him. Everyone, wanted to live their life; the way they would choose. But, he was probably a lot braver than her; for doing so. Even if Artemis, was trying to live a life; in one way. She was also still hiding, also. Keeping close to their people, for safety.

As far as things go, Hanseol was still very perceptive about his surroundings. If there was anything that seems a little too out of the depth, he would pack up and leave right there, on the spot, without any care in the world. Paranoia does that to you, and he's been locked up for most part of his life not to get used to it. There were days when he would always find himself looking back on his shoulders, knowing fully well that there would always be impending danger waiting to strike when the time is right aka the moment he lets his guard down. So to see him flinching when he felt a sudden tap on his shoulders while he was immersed in the drawing and music, would be an understatement. He never thought he'd see that familiar face again though. Artemis was one the few companies he made during their captivity, their cells being just across one another.

Nostalgia has a way to bite them back like a rabid dog, leaving a pungent smell and bitter aftertaste that never be replaced by anything else. Perhaps if something worse were to come, it could change the ranks and hierarchy, but that particular memory of being locked up against their will, that one will always be embedded inside his head. “It seems only likely for us to experience that like any other being in the world.” His words were quite cryptic in general, but he knew Artemis could detect the meaning laced behind it without trouble. Hanseol always had a way on delving deep into the world of ambiguity itself. It gives him a sense right relief, knowing there was a way to play around with words without having the proper skill set.

When the older celestial expressed her distress on not being to able to sleep, he found himself relating so closely to the case. Insomnia was a colloquial term in his life. Despite him working fully by day and paint by night, the celestial still couldn't sleep properly. “Me neither. I don't think any of us could actually sleep now.. Whenever I tried, I would always wake up to nightmares. It's like a reflex now, waking up just to check if I'm out and about in the world and not having any actual trouble other than sleeping problems.” The discourse of reality scares him, and how cruel it was for them celestials having to survive in the harsh world. “But I actually came out tonight because I needed some fresh air. I've been too cooped up in my house that it was starting to get suffocating” he chuckled, grinning sheepishly as he scratched the back of his awkwardly.

Hearing the compliment fly out from Artemis, he beamed on delight. “This is only a sketch, but thank you. It's nowhere near the real thing, just a quarter of it, if not ⅛.” Hanseol is very meticulous, a perfectionist if you'll say, he always finds the error in things and would not stop to fix it by the end of the day. But his definition of perfection differs occasionally, between corporeal forms and non-corporeal ones. Twirling the pencil in his hand, he shrugged casually. “It's been decent so far. I found someone I could relate to, and things bloomed along the way. He's been helping me a lot, and Phe has also been training me, aiding me into adjusting to the celestial part of me.” It didn't come as a shock to hear that he's never tapped into his celestial side even before, fearing that it would only cause him to get more attached and it was already the reason for all his mishaps when he was busy running from hunters like a fugitive, before he was shortly captured by the Ailwards. “And you? How's you?”

It seemed like the two Celestial’s were alike. Then again, many of the Celestial’s were alike; in a few different ways including their fear, inability to sleep after all that they had been through. Artemitra couldn’t blame, the younger one’s for being more paranoid than the rest of them. It was cruel really; many of the young one’s had spent their almost entire life in captivity. They didn’t have that chance to see the world, explore and learn about ‘things’ like the rest of them. Artemis just hoped, that this freedom could remain. That no one would seek them out; to hurt them any time soon. She couldn’t cope if they’d be thrown into another prison. Once was quiet enough; enough to leave them all scared in different ways.

“I don’t blame you...I suffer from night terrors as well.” Artemis admitted with a deep sigh. Sometimes, the terrors felt so real. It was hard to tell, whether it was just a dream or if she was reliving everything all over again-it felt so real, almost like she was back at the Isle of Skye again. And that was quite terrifying. The younger celestial made her smile, with his comment about being cooped up inside of his home for too long. “That’s reasonable...I mean, fresh air is known to be good for everyone. I thought, taking a walk might help me; think about something else.” And hopefully, tire her out enough that she could at least then fall asleep. And if she would be lucky enough, have no nightmares. But she wasn’t holding her breath.

Artemis could tell he was a perfectionist. A slight giggle escaping her. “You’re welcome….well, even though it’s not’s still quiet detailed.” And it did catch her eye. Listening to Hanseol fill her in on a few things that had been going on, in his life. Artemis was nodding along, listening intently. She was glad, that he had found someone. Everyone deserved happiness in their life. “Sounds like, things are going well for you.” Artemitra said with a warm smile. “I am glad, to hear you found happiness. How did you two meet?” Artemis asked curious. Taking a seat near the young Celestial, on the bench. “Well, if anyone can teach you, more about your true nature...Ophelia’s the right person to go to.” Even though, Artemis was old herself. Ophelia was more gifted and powerful than any of them. It was incredible really, what Ophelia was capable off. So no doubt, that the wayfinder would make a good mentor for the younger Celestial’s.

“I’ve been quiet good, in some ways. I met quite a few people that I’ve grown close to. One in particular, is Kane. He’s more like a brother to me, than a friend really. He owns a bar called The Pure Country Den. It’s quiet different and very friendly there.” Artemis knew, Kane’s bar always needed more faces to come and visit. So why not spread the word? “I’ve been focusing on Photography, since we arrived in Evermore. And so far, it has been going quite well-I’ve had a few private jobs, because of starting that up.” Artemis was glad, she could make something for herself. Just like, everyone else was trying to do. Everyone, so far finding a passion of sort. “I also run into an old friend, from Romania...that I’ve met...a very very long time ago. It came as a shock, kind off. As I haven’t seen him for so long.”

Hanseol couldn't remember the last time he's actually saw someone familiar. Artemis wasn't the first, yes, he's met a few other celestials before her, but she was definitely one of the ones that he conjured up a friendship with during his captivity. A silent friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. And with Han, he doesn't get a lot of them. The only other company he had with him these days was his boyfriend and his Volakiri. All of the other days, he spent them with his pets and the other animals he treated as a veterinarian. He would pay occasional visits to the local pound to give them proper care personally, since no one else would look after them, he had the resources and knowledge, might as well make the best use of it. Afterall, the celestial believes in the idea of giving back to the community.

His sleep terrors that plagued his entire being was still there but lately, it hasn't been hindering his celestial ability since the younger star had been taking lessons with Ophelia. At least the next time an attack happens again, he wouldn't be too helpless, not that he would wish for another one to ever occur. Hanseol knew Artemis was older than most of them, ranging about three centuries old, which meant she had plenty of experience to go around, and that she also knew the life at the Isle of Skye before all of this – before the tragic fall of their kind where they were locked away like animals. A part of him was curious to know what happened and Phe wasn't saying much about it and since he didn't want to come across as a pushover, he never questioned about it afterwards. The celestial wanted to know badly why it happened the way it did. Did they do something wrong?

“I don't think we can ever run away from them.. It's always going to be there. Especially for the likes of people like us. We don't have that luxury to live like normal people..” The bitterness in his voice sounded so delicate yet broken, because he was that fragile, though sometimes people seemed to forget that. Han only showed himself to be strong to others but really, it was so easy to break him down. The boy still suffers from phobias and traumas, for sky's sake. He's still yet to fall asleep elsewhere, if not at his clinic while buried with paperworks and work itself in general. “Yeah, it helps. The fresh air is good. If you're lucky, you'll fall asleep. But I still have yet to get that” he exclaimed, a soft smile sat comfortably on the corner of his lips, as if his statement earlier didn't change his demeanor at all. Hanseol was a rather peculiar case, he's weird, the duality he holds are surprising, but when you live in a world filled with supernatural beings, nothing's weird anymore.

He did allow a small faint blush to rest itself on his cheeks when she complimented his half finished work, no one's ever paid attention to his arts, mostly because of how often he hid them away from others’ prying eyes, but still. More reason to feel his cheeks flaming when it comes to the topic of Jae. “Uh, we met here actually. I was sketching in the dark, leaning against the tree there,” he pointed across them, where a big tree was located, the leaves covering everything so it felt cooler there, since it's shielded away. “he tripped on me. Ironically, you can say he fell for me.” The light-hearted chuckle escaping him didn't waver, which meant the celestial was being genuine.

Nodding in response to her statement, he agreed. Ophelia was very maternal-like and kind, which really gave Han a lot of motivation to drive in. “She's an exceptional mentor. Has been nothing but kind to me. Not too pushy, and I'm grateful for her lessons.” As time passes, Hanseol could find himself wanting to relate more with the affairs of celestials. They are his kind and family, afterall. And you look after your own. Especially with the impending danger looming over them, if he was attacked in the open, only time tells for the others. Surely it was a coordinated attack. Was there a bounty on his head that he didn't know of? So many questions whirred inside the head of his.

“I'm glad you found some friends.” Past ghosts too, it sounded complicated sometimes. Even if they were friends, that's gotta be confusing, especially when they went missing for a period of time. It's gotta raise some questions in their head. “I'm a veterinarian. But I might take up learning about human anatomy and their medicinal field one day. I just wanna heal people, same way I wanted to be healed.” Han was in a way, quite pure. Don't let that fool you though, since what lies beneath that was a bit dark, but the fact that he leads it his way makes it better since he wasn't letting his emotions make his decisions.

Friends and Normality.

Those were a few of the things, that had lately been keeping Artemitra sane. She hadn’t been really trusting, since the Isle of Skye. But the people that came into her life, since moving to Evermore all had proven they were worthy of her trust and friendship. The one that really had helped her, had been Kane. Artemis hadn’t really let anyone in, for a long time until he came along. But he was the person, she had learned to trust-and after him the others whom became dear friends to her. But she was still weary of well as those that haunted her past.

The slice of normality in her life, with having a job that she was passionate about was helping her get through the tough times. And take her mind off of it. Artemis always tried to keep herself busy, to stop her mind from wandering back to the dark times, of their imprisonment. But any time it did; the Celestial felt bad for the younger Celestial’s...whom hadn’t experienced much of life and the different cultures around the world, unlike the elders like herself. But when she thought about her time, before the capture of their kind. Artemis missed the good old days, and what seemed like start to them having the life-that they always wanted. And a part of her wished, that the younger Celestials would have enjoyed that part of the Isle aswell...and that the bad never happened. But they couldn’t change the past. Even if they wished they could.

“ may be right.” Artemis said with a slight sigh. “I guess, we just need to do our best, like we are doing. All of us, are trying to have some sort of normality...and that is a good thing...even if it completely isn’t always doable, with us being….so different and easy targets.” The night terrors came and went, whenever they pleased really. The elder Celestial was always glad, when she didn’t suffer from them for a little while. But she couldn’t fully get them under control. Could anyone really? When it came to falling asleep; Artemis had always loved nights, but ever since the night terror came...she hated the idea of falling asleep; if she was about to relive memories she wanted to forget. So it was a bit of a mixture of feelings. “If I am lucky...there’s no night terrors.” She sighed softly. Falling asleep, wasn’t entirely the’s what awaited after she fell asleep, that was the worry.

Seeing the blush forming on his cheeks, made the elder woman smile softly. Glancing over towards the tree he pointed out, she couldn’t help but giggle at the story he told her. “Sounds like quite the adorable love story.” Artemitra said with a warm smile. It may have been a bit of a strange way to meet someone, but also quite endearing. It seemed, like that tree could be labelled Hanseol’s and his mate’s spot.

Artemis knew Ophelia for centuries; she knew the Wayfinder would never push anything onto anyone. That she only wanted to the best for them all. “Pushy, isn’t Ophelia’s you have nothing to worry about there. I’ve known her...for almost my entire existence.” It would do him good, learning more about his own nature and what they as a species were capable off, when they put their mind to it.

She was glad, for the people in her life too. Honestly, they were making things better. Artemis smiled warmly, at what he told her about wanting to help heal people. “That’s very noble of you Han...I am sure, if you set your mind to’ll do it one day.” It was in their nature to want to help people. So she understood where he was coming from. He was already helping the sick animals, so why not help mortals too? Albeit, more confusing and complex than the animals...but it would be worth it, if he learned more the way human bodies worked….at least in the medical field.

His life was far from being normal, no, he’ll never be truly normal when he’s a celestial, however, it’s a reality and truth that Hanseol has been beginning to accept as a whole. There was nothing he could do to change it anyway, so why would he bother? It was slow, but it’s something; progress, so he’ll take it. Better than nothing at all. The only friend he has as of then was only Jae and Yeon, though. One is his boyfriend, and the other is his Volakiri, two of them couldn’t exactly go anywhere. But he could understand Artemis’ paranoia around the topic, since he too, could relate to it. It wasn’t easy to gain a star’s trust, as amiable as that sounds, it’s even harder when they’ve spent more time being locked away from the world.

Hanseol was one of them, but at least he didn’t have the chance to befriend those from the Isle, the betrayal, he could never handle it. He’d resent them forever since he’s pretty big on such issues. Regardless of that, he did spend 85 years in there, just close to 15 years until it reaches a century, which is the longest any celestial would’ve spent in the place. At least, as prisoners, not as guests. The dark-haired celestial did wonder when did it go wrong with them. It seems like everything just fell down one day, and no one outside the mysterious faction knew why. Only Ophelia and they knew, no one else. Han did know not to pry, so he never tried asking Ophelia much about it neither did he try pushing her off the edge.

“It’s the glow, isn’t it?” he asked, pursing his lips lightly before sighing heavily too. “The one that really made us stand out from others? It’s the glow, right? Anyone else can see it being emitted, it’s kinda frustrating to have all those curiosities wandering around. Especially when you don’t know how to provide an answer to it.” The fallen star couldn’t count how many times he had tried to evade those bullet-like questions that just kept on raining on his parade, every day. Had it been something positive, he wouldn’t mind, but when they make it as if he’s very different from them, in a city fully infested and populated by supernaturals alike, it did make him aggravated. It also didn’t help when he too, felt out of the place.

The whole idea of moving here into the eternal city was to forget all the bad pasts and move on into a much more promising and brighter future. But why did he find it hard to do exactly that? Han guessed it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. “Then you’re really lucky to have none one of these days, I can’t relate. There are bottles of sleeping pills in my drawers and on my desks, it’s only so far until I eventually get cut off my supply since they’d disable the prescription. Unhealthy, I know. But I can’t keep going on without sleep in my profession, I really hate the idea of falling asleep at my workplace.” He’s a working perfectionist, he couldn’t even handle a crinkle of his bedsheets after making them, much less dozing off at work.

The blush was faint, but it was still around. Truly, he found himself to be quite lucky in that department because he found someone to accompany him in this horrible world. “I think it sounds cliche, but doesn’t take away that it was cute, I guess” he chuckled, recalling all the memories he’s made with his boyfriend. He agreed with Artemis, Ophelia was the best mentor anyone could’ve asked for, he’s found a lot of solace in confiding with her regarding his insecurities, eventually pinpointing it as what’s been keeping him back from unlocking his actual potential. “Perhaps, once I have the time to enroll in a few classes, I’d take it up. It feels wrong to keep all that knowledge to yourself and not share it, right?” There was a youthful air around Hanseol, despite aged up close to 90 years already, it’s evident that aura will never go away from him.

If the Brunette had to venture a guess. She’d say that the young Celestial in front of her was full of questions. Unanswered questions. Answers which only a few certain people might be able to give them; since Artemis might be wondering a few things, that were near-enough on the same level as what Hanseol wanted to know. His question about the glow, was not unexpected. For a few moments, Artemitra tried to find the right words to say. There was no sugar-coating it really. And she wasn’t going to stand here and lie in front of a fellow Celestial and a friend. She couldn’t...but no doubt, he probably already could guess the truth too.

The female nodded, with a slight sigh. “Unfortunately, yes. It’s the glow. I mean...we are stars after all.” Artemis said, looking at Hanseol. Giving him a sympathetic smile. “We shouldn’t be ashamed to be who we are….but a lot of things, make us cautious to be in tune with our true nature. Those, that haven’t used their energy in a long time..” Like Artemitra herself, they seemed to be glowing a lot less. But Hanseol’s glow was more brighter, because of the training sessions with Ophelia. “....They can suppress their glow, in a way. But the more, you use Celestial energy...the more you glow.” Artemis wasn’t sure if she might be repeating, something that Ophelia may or may have not already told him. But a reminder didn’t hurt, right? “I suppose, that it doesn’t help either that we’re a rarity among the other Supernaturals.” In all of the Supernaturals that existed; the Celestial’s...were quiet the rarity. At least in her eyes. Other Supernaturals; you could either detect easily by certain features or markings. But others, could hide their true identity quiet well.

She wouldn’t call herself, that entirely lucky when it came to her nightmares. If she had a day or two off from them, that was at most. “I still get my bad days, when it comes to them. That’s for sure.”But it sounded, like the younger one was more haunted by nightmares. Her face creasing with concern as he mentioned sleeping pills. “Have you tried any herbal remedies?” They were more healthy, natural and no doubt better for your system; than any synthetic sleeping pills. At least for Artemis, few herbal remedies and teas; at night seemed to what was helping her get better night sleep. But sometimes, even that wasn’t strong enough.

To see the young Celestial blushing, was quite endearing. It was the first time, that Artemis had seen him happy;truly happy. “It might be cliche, but maybe sometimes that’s needed.” Fate had different ways of bringing people together. Whether it was Cliche, or not. His question, made the other Celestial smile brightly. “If there’s anything, I’ve learned in my centuries of that if you have particular skills or knowledge; which you can pass down onto others. I’d encourage you to do so. One day, it might come in useful to other people and I am sure they’ll thank you.” Artemis said softly. It was refreshing to see his energetic, happy self. It’s been awhile, since she’s met a young Celestial whom was so bubbly like him.

To everyone else, he would either pass off as a shy and timid guy, or the opposite, which is the cold and calculating guy who would kill you with his glare. But fortunately, he’s very much in tune with the A side of him rather than the bitter side that was born and groomed over the decades he spent locked in his cell, not knowing when he’d die or how many more days would he have to suffer being compressed inside the steel cages. Staring at those cold walls every morning and night, giving a standoffish look at the guards who would bring in their meals, sparing no more than one glance at them because the celestial couldn’t be bothered.

The positivity around him also helped, namely his boyfriend and Wayfinder, Ophelia, who’s done nothing but try to help him get over his fears on his own identity and abilities since it was what seemed to suppress the potential inside him. Hanseol wasn’t sure what to make of that, but only nodded and took her advice without much noise or questions. It was the least he could do after what she’s done to aid and help him, no? Artemis is older, while Han belonged to the younger side. He is only turning 90 this year, after all. That, compared to others who are also immortals, is just a tiny fraction of what they’ve lived. Though it’s easy enough to say, that the red-haired celestial was not ready to embark this life being alone, not anymore.

He’s suffered enough for that and he couldn’t fathom the pain he’ll feel had he been forced to do that, once again. Once was enough, there’s no need for a second try. Not when he’s been blessed with a second chance. At least he was able to make the best use of his second chance, he found someone who accepted him for who he is and loved him either way, and his Volakiri turned out to be one of the best people he’s had the chance to encounter in this life. Everything is fine. Frowning softly towards Artemis, he could relate with the glow. A part of him thought after training with Ophelia, he would be in more control of his glow and dim them down after a few tries but the celestial is still very much influenced by his emotions.

Fortunately, after plenty of encouragements and words of praise from Jae, he gradually grew to like and accept his glow rather than to complain at every tidbit. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want to dim it down to make it easier for him to blend in the crowds without wearing a red alert on him before every other supernatural, which in this case, where he’s living at, is the majority. “I didn’t get to use my energy properly until this year, you know. I didn’t know Phe personally, I only heard about her from the stories, and I only came to see her face to face this year, even though we escaped a little over 2 years ago. If I can tap into mine, I’m sure it won’t take much for you to reconnect with yours,” he smiled reassuringly, the twinkle in his eyes expressing just how sincere he was being. Hanseol possessed a pair of very expressive eyes, and despite being harder to discern the dilating activities due to his dark hues, if you look carefully, he has a whole galaxy behind them. “It is yours, after all. Just like how we are who we are.” He’s not one to go on parading with speeches, he’s terrible at that, but don’t exclude him from giving off advice either.

“We’re the midst of lycanthropes, vampires or valkyrs, whatever they call themselves, witches and wizards, it’s weird.” He wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be at the disadvantage or the other way around. Seeing the concern flashing on her face didn’t come to him as a surprise, sleeping pills are not exactly exemplary. “I’ve tried, but they didn’t work as well as the pills did. I’m not sure if it’s just my immune system rejecting it or if it’s not entirely used to it…” he shrugged absentmindedly. Admittedly, it wasn’t healthy but is anything about their tragic backstories were supposed to be healthy? He believed that everything happens for a reason, perhaps there’s a reason for this too? Keep a level head on optimism, he reminded himself. “Being thanked, I think I’ll like that. A lot.” Being carefree and outgoing is not really who he is, but he’s mostly deriving this energy from his significant other who’s giving off a very positive impact on the celestial, much to his delight.

Artemis had spent quite a lot of her life moving around; by choice mainly. It wasn’t long after she had fallen in Asturias Spain; that she had the urge to explore the world, see places. At the time, she was fully embracing her nature, the glow and helping people where she could. It was her desire to help, and her impulsiveness that often led her into sticky situations. And some sticky situations had ended up to her getting hurt; almost at death's door sometimes. And often not, resolving in running from dangerous beings and hunters that caught drift of her existence. But she was a good person. She was always usually, very friendly and liked being in the company of others. Like everyone else however, she had resentment and bitterness inside of her. And whilst, it didn’t feel like her to feel that buried anger and hatred; it was still a part of her. Those that crossed her, got the bad side of her. And it wasn’t often pretty, as the Celestial was capable of being quiet emotional and unleashing those emotions in the spur of a moment. Even if she thought, she had it under control at times.

So, she could well understand how the younger Celestials were struggling more. Most of their life, had been ripped away by the Ailwards by keeping them in captivity. They had maybe more reason to hate, than the elder one’s. But if one focused on the hatred and negative; it wouldn’t do anyone any good. It wasn’t healthy. It was the sort of thing, that could eat a person alive. It was best to look forward to a brighter future, knowing they were giving a chance to start over; settle down, find happiness and live some sort of a life that they wanted before hand.

Something that Artemis had to remind herself was; for every downfall, there was an up. For every bad thing, there was something good around the horizon. You just had to embrace life, and open new windows and doors of opportunity when they came. And sometimes, she forgot when thoughts of the past were dwelling on her mind. But, she didn’t feel as comfortable as she once was; with her ethereal glow. It scared her, to glow in case someone would snatch her up. And for a being of her age, fear...well it was something that didn’t come to her often.

It was often a surprise, to learn just how the younger Celestials were getting to know Phe now. Artemis nodded her head in understanding, listening to the younger Celestial. Artemitra had done her best to look out for the younger one’s on the Isle,Han included. “You’re not the only one getting to know Ophelia now, I know she worries a lot..about all of us. She’s always wanted what was best for our faction. If she’s concerned, it’s her mama-bear persona coming through.” Artemis said with a soft smile. Ophelia was very motherly in their faction. Always trying to make sure everyone was happy, putting their people first. Artemis was the one trying to remind her, to put her own needs before-hand also. It wasn’t a sin. “You know, you can come to me also...if you ever need help with anything.”It was something, she had told him back at the Isle. But she wasn’t sure if it had stuck; with what trauma they were all going through. But, she was here to help too...if he needed a friend, or someone elder to turn to besides their wayfinder.

The twinkle in his eyes as he spoke, made the elder Celestial smile. “You should give advice more often.” Hanseol was right. It was her energy; a part of her. And she knew it better than anyone. But it was nice to hear encouragement from others, especially younger one’s. “But...I actually took up Ophelia’s offer for classes for training also.” Hopefully, it’d help her gain some confidence and lose the fear about embracing her glow and nature once more.

As Hanseol pointed out all the variation of species around them, it made the Brunette laugh softly. Almost, like they came from some mythological fantasy movie or something. But nothing was normal around them for sure. She had to agree there. Artemis pursed her lips in thought. “Mhh, it’s probably because your system is so used to the sleeping pills….it’s rejecting other methods of helping you sleep.” Artemis said softly. That seemed to be the only plausible explanation she had. If he wasn’t so dependent on the sleeping pills, it would have been easier to get used to the herbs instead. Artemis smiled at his optimism. “I am sure, you’ll achieve that goal.” she reassured. He was smart, and had many years ahead of him to do so. And if he had been determined enough, to live away from the castle and others to have his own space and life. He could achieve this also.

Hanseol didn't have many friends, it was not until he came to Evermore that he was able to seek out one or two, those he could actually count using his hands. From meeting the person that would end up being his boyfriend and lover, Jae, to his Volakiri, Yeon, to finding a friend and mentor in his Wayfinder, Ophelia, and now perhaps he could rekindle what's left of their friendship between him and Artemis. Unlike Artemis however, Hanseol didn't embrace his identity as a celestial as fast, he was left in the dark regarding what he is for so long, until he was eventually captured and dragged to the Isle of Skye where he would be spending the next 85 years at. For starters, Han hated and resented his glow, he just really disliked how prominent it would be the more he's angered. It wasn't until he realized that the glow can be manipulated according to their will and emotions, it was no wonder that Hanseol ended up glowing brighter than usual almost all the time due to his raging blast inside.

He did wonder, if he was able to have a different life, or perhaps another chance at one had he not been captured by the Ailwards. Was that possible? Before his imprisonment, he wasn't leading his life any better anyway, dare he say his time being locked away in captivity actually ensured him a safer life and gave him a break from having to run and move around every time someone gets a whiff of him. Hanseol was too used to running away, he did spend what's little as 3 years running away from hunters alike. Maybe he's an easy target because of his tolerance and promise on not wanting to hurt or maim any living being, regardless of their intentions. It was the same thing he did when he was attacked at his clinic, and even though he could've suffered an injury from the slashes his antagonist send, he still refused to hurt him until Jae got hurt. That triggered a switch in him and he made every effort to sweep them off the floor.

Looking back to his past, it was painful and it made him bitter. But once he looked at where he's currently at, he realized he had a second chance at life and with the way things are going these days, he wasn't complaining. He had Jae, didn't he? He has a stable job, a shelter, every means of continuing his life in a normal continuum. Chuckling softly at her remark regarding Ophelia, he nodded in agreement. "You're right, Phe seemed so protective it's sometimes a bit overwhelming, but for the most part, it's lovely. You know for someone who's never had anyone looking out for him or accompanying him through everything in his life, Phe's presence in my life is a very positive one" he pointed out, chewing his inner cheek as he curved a smile. The idea of having a family makes him happy, he feels that perhaps he didn't have to be alone. The dark-haired celestial wasn't blind to Ophelia's affections, she had that maternal vibe surrounding her aura from multiple sides, it was a refreshing sight, especially for him who only relied on his mother's care and love before she passed away.

Regarding Phe similarly to an older sister given her appearance would be better, perhaps. Had she been a mother figure for him, then he would've easily started being so clingy. "I'll be sure to take up that advice of yours, Artemis" he nodded in understanding, there's no harm in widening his circle of social life, right? Artemis is a celestial, much like him too. They're basically one big family or faction, either way they worded it. He brought his hand up to his nape and rubbed it awkwardly while offering a sheepish grin in response to Artemis' compliment regarding his advice. "I'm still young, honestly. Age doesn't have to define maturity, I know that. But I'm still so childish in here, maybe it has to do with the fact that I only managed to live 3 years before being captured and even then, I was much like a lost child trying to make out what's happening around him and why everyone wants to hunt me down the first time I tasted a knife's hit thrown at me that managed to make a cut here" with that, he brushed his thumb against his left cheek where there was a small and almost invisible scar looming over.

"The only reason why I want to motivate and encourage others is because I wish I can do the same to myself. But hey, if I can't help myself, the least I could do is help others in need who I could help, right?" That's one was to put it. Upon finding out that Artemis took a class too, he beamed in delight. "Then I should be able to find you in the sessions then. Maybe we'll be able to train with one another when the time comes" Han was really excited to know that they're growing stronger and was slowly picking up the strands on the floor. His addiction is not something he's proud of, and it's been a while since he noticed the cycle. "Perhaps… " he murmured silently, fiddling with his fingers briefly before meeting her eyes again. "I'm still searching for rehabilitation methods for it that won't take me to a center. I can't leave now."


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