The scent of coffee and caramel filled Francesca's nose as she gazed out the window of her café. The snow falling was fascinating, as she thought of the first winter season she could remember. She could still hear her mother's laughter as the young dhampir's father threw confetti around her to make it seem like snow. Sighing, wistfully, she wished she were back in California. The cold was something she wasn't sure about. Her favorite barista came up to her table and placed a peppermint mocha in front of the brunette dhampir. "You better get going, boss. Apparently, there's going to be a huge snowstorm coming in. Plus, if you leave now, there's no chance of you falling," Katy stated. Looking over at the barista, she smiled, and laughed. Shaking her head, she retorted back, "It was one time. We all know how I get when it's icy outside. Don't forget to close early, please." Katy laughed as she walked away. Fran gathered her things up and slung her camera around her neck. She took a deep breath and walked outside.

As Francesca walked the streets of Evermore, she couldn't help but smile at the sound of people's laughter. By the time, she got to the edge of the forest, she was shaking from the cold. She trekked her way into the woods and began to look at the scenery around her. The trees had icicles hanging off them. As she set her coffee down in front of her, she began to capture pictures of the winter wonderland surrounding her. The brunette was amazed by how beautiful the scenery was. Fran smiled as she captured a lone bird flitting through the trees. Taking a look closer through the camera lenses, she made out the distinctive blue feathers. A bluebird. The snow began to fall at a quicker pace as she set her bag down by her favorite tree. She began to traverse through the woods, capturing photos along the way.  

As the snow began to fall faster, Francesca decided that it was time to pack up and go. As she made her way back to her bag and coffee, she began to panic a bit. The snow was starting to cover her footprints and so she hurried back to her favorite tree. By the time she reached it, the snow had already covered her footprints. Grumbling, she picked up her bag and coffee, then started to leave. After what seemed like a couple of hours, she came to the conclusion that she had gotten lost. It wasn't her first time getting lost in the woods but this time she didn't know what to do. Her phone wasn't getting any service and it was frustrating to her. Fran finally found an opening to a clearing in the woods. The clearing was covered in snow, as she made her way towards it. Farther in the clearing, she could make out a figure standing there. Curiosity struck her and she started to walk towards the person. Suddenly the figure wasn't on the ground, but in the air instead. Amazement struck her as she froze in her tracks.


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The morning sun beamed through the semi-sheer, white curtains of Nayoung’s bedroom, and the pitter-patter of little paws could be heard against the hardwood flooring. Little Leo came rushing in through the ajar bedroom door, yapping happily as the young Nephilim began to stir from the warmth of the sunlight beaming onto her face. As she opened her eyes slowly, a smile began to form on her face as she listened to the yapping of her puppy on the floor, prancing around to get her attention. “I’m awake Leo. Good Morning to you too” she spoke sleepily. Nayoung wasn’t exactly much of a morning person, she’d much rather sleep in; however she also knew that she had much to accomplish. Being trapped in that snowstorm a while back with her best friend, had made Nayoung realize that she hadn’t really conditioned her Nephilim wings to adapt to the cold. It was because of that lack of conditioning, that she hadn’t been able to fly them out of the situation, or fly them somewhere safe at least.

With that thought clear in her head, Nayoung had planned to go out into the woods today, and just use her wings as much as she could in the crisp, cold, winter air. The woods provided her the perfect amount of cover, far enough away from the public and civilization that she wouldn’t have to worry about being seen by the regular humans, those who knew nothing of the supernatural world. After spending nearly two hours getting herself ready, including feeding both herself and Leo, Nayoung went to her room to choose her outfit for the day. Given that the day would be spent out in the cold weather, she would need to dress warmly, so she would definitely need to remember that when choosing her outfit. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be out in the cold air with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on, in fact she laughed at the thought as it came into her head. Once she had her outfit chosen, she collected a few items and packed them into a backpack before heading out of her place.

Nayoung had taken her time to walk to the woods, just so that she could get her body a little more used to the cold air that nipped at her skin, as she walked the streets of Evermore. The young Nephilim took the time to stop at one of the local cafes in town, and got herself a nice hot mug of cocoa for the road. Once at the exit of the city, she looked around for people, before smiling and stretching her wings out. Nayoung hadn’t exactly used her wings much since she got them, just enough to know how to handle them properly. She had been more focused on the task at hand which was training, and finding her sister’s murderer. As she leapt into the air, she couldn’t help but smile as the wind swept through her long, flowing dark brown hair. When she came upon a small clearing in the woods, the young Nephilim went in for a landing, “This looks like a good place for training” she said with a smile as she hung her backpack on a nearby tree. After hanging her backpack up, she went to a smaller tree, put up her hood, and shook the tree enough to cause some snow to fall on her and her outstretched wings.

Shivers went through her as soon as the cold snow landed on her wings, causing her to shake the snow off. “Well that was colder than expected” she commented to herself with a nervous chuckle. The whole point of this training was to try and get her wings to acclimate to the colder temperatures of winter, so as long as she was there in that forest, her wings would stay out… or at least that was her plan. She started off pretty slow at first, just flapping her wings in place on the ground, which sent the fresh snow on the ground flying around her. When she started to find her wings getting too cold, she would take a break and get out of her own little snowstorm created by her wings. After doing this for nearly an hour, next was a flight with snow on her wings. Once again she went to the small nearby tree and gave it a shake, however this time she didn’t shake the snow off her wings, as much as she wanted to. She prepared herself to take-off, unbeknownst that she had an audience in the nearby distance, then leapt into the sky, trying to keep as much snow on her wings as possible. Once in the sky, she essentially hovered in place and twirled herself around in the air, that was when she noticed that she was no longer alone in that part of the woods.

Landing on the ground once again, she thought about putting her wings away, but then decided that there wasn’t much point in trying to hide it now, the cat was already out of the bag thanks to her carelessness. With her wings out, but not spread, she made her way towards the person. She didn’t know if they were human, or supernatural, but she sure hoped that they could keep her secret. “H-Hello” she stammered nervously. “I didn’t see you there. What’s your name?” she asked politely before extending her hand to the other female. “My name is Nayoung. Nayoung Choi” she added with a polite tone and smile. With the secret of her wings out, she could only try now to remedy the situation by convincing the young woman to keep her secret.

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