She was suffering. She was miserable. She could feel every single emotion seeping into her slender body. Malva felt downright weak and was so close to the small breaking point right there on the spot. The Aspect of Magic has been pacing back and forth in her spacious dark room since morning and now dusk previously settled in hours ago. The clock that was hung on the wall had struck the number 11, indicating it was already well past 11 pm. Covering her face with both her hands, she found herself leaning against the wall. Multiple books of the dark arts were sprawled open before her with a few parchments crumpled after being scribbled on.

She's been looking back at it for a while since yesterday. She had a feeling that just pushed her to do it. It was rare for her not to do anything nor deny what her instincts are telling her to do. It was possibly one of the many things she actually followed. Unknowingly, she was releasing a plea to Argent. She's been whining and crying out in distress in her head for the Aspect of Light. It wasn't the first time the occurrence happened, but it was by far the first time she managed to project the call in their heads. It was probably due to them living as one entity. She was too much in a delirious state to actually noticed she was doing it, enough to forget what was happening around her. Similar to one whenever she was shutting everything out that was surrounding her.

Despite her erratic breathing, Malva managed to keep herself calm because all it took was a few glides here and there from certain emotional state, and she she could very well set the room on fire. She didn't seem to like that particular idea so she was trying to keep herself dormant as long as she could, until she was graced with the presence of Argent who always find a way to calm her. 

Argent. Argent. Argy.

That was all that she kept mumbling in her head. All she wanted was a desperate sense of tranquility that the redheaded Aspect was more than generous to give. The malevolent light her ruby pendant gave was enough to give her chills so she tossed it under her bed instead. It was surprising to see at least three different books on the dark arts placed in front of her because the Aspect of Magic had sealed the particular set of books some time ago for a very good and concrete reason. She hasn't even let anyone actually read it, not even Gabriel. Neither did she. 

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Argent felt like she knew her siblings on a level she couldn’t explain, she knew their habits, the way they think and the way they react, of course there were times when they would surprise her but for the most part she was comfortable among them. Being around them all the time may be tiresome at times but she wouldn’t have made it this long without them. “I’m the aspect of light, if I can’t say the cheesy things then no one can” she jested in response. Her eyes moved to the books that were sprawled out across the floor, wondering what it would be like to read them. Were they really the solution? Could anyone read them and remain sane?

For the past few days Argent had been getting strange feelings, like an imbalance was on its way but it felt disconnected to her, now it made sense, it was a natural sense in her that something was off with one of her peers. She’d had that many times before and while there was little she could actually do to stop it, she hoped simply by being there for them that she could help in some small part. Argent’s whole being revolved around people, she’d always loved people, making them smile, sharing in their pain, feeling like she mattered to others, it was a part of who she was as much as the color of her eyes.

“And sometimes emotions are the only thing keeping you in touch with your humanity” she countered the other woman’s words, she knew the story of pushing aside your emotions for the sake of the task at hand too well, she understand what Malva meant when she said they got in the way. Argent couldn’t say honestly that she wouldn’t do something drastic or counterproductive to their work if it meant she could save someone she loved. Did that make her weak? If it did then she probably preferred being weak to the alternative. “Any time you feel like you’re losing control you can talk to me, you know I’d never judge you” her eyes turned back to the books with concern on her expression. She reached out and touched the cover of one before closing it shut. She didn’t care right now, Malva’s sanity came before any of this, there was no way they were solving this puzzle without her.

“We’re immortal dragons, rebirthed by the Gods, to try and protect elements which have their own ideas about how the world should run” she chuckled softly “I think we’re afforded a little insanity don’t you think” the aspect picked up the second book, closing it and placing it on top of the other one. When she did so the candle in the corner of the room blew out. The aspect let out a soft sigh, still staying close to the brunette “A psychotic maniac is seeking our downfall” she spoke softly “Sounds like something we’ve been through and seen the other side of if you ask me” the redhead kept her arm wrapped around the other aspect’s shoulder as though it could protect her from whatever wanted to do her harm. Of course it wasn’t as simple as that but Argent had to keep positive, it was all she had most of the time.

“A lot of people don’t like change, nor particularly like doing anything that doesn’t benefit themselves” she commented, though her words were more soft spoken as they talked, for the most part people who opposed them didn’t understand the bigger picture, only saw the parts personally applicable to them. Everything the Ailwards did, they did as a group, they all had equal say. “You’re definitely the fighter of the two of us Mal” she commented thoughtfully, thinking about how the aspect of magic always seemed to be the first one to dive in head first, she was fearless in that sense, always putting what she believed in over her own safety and wellbeing, Argent was jealous of her relentlessness at times, even though it meant she got herself into difficult situations a lot “Our fearless protector” by now her words were a whisper as she continued to lean against her shoulder, slowly falling asleep.

“You know what I mean” she murmured softly, her eyes closing now and her breathing slowing as she allowed the pure exhaustion of the night to take over and she faded into the darkness.

Malva would admit, it was so colloquial to see her spending such quality time with her siblings, neither was it a normal occurrence for any of them to go into each other’s arms and talk about their day, much less comfort one another. It’s becoming something rare these days, it’s almost upsetting. It seems as if they didn’t have any time left to use them to make sure their sanity stayed their number one priority, at least that is what’s currently happening with the Aspect of Magic, who found herself falling down the ledge deeper and deeper. Scrunching her nose up as she feigned offense, she shook her head and pushed her younger sister to the side playfully. “Would you like some nachos with that? Add some salsa to it too while you’re at it.”

She was sure each one of them felt the same thing, what the other was feeling. They were connected, after all. It’s weird for one to feel while the others did not. Now that she’s reminded of it, staring down to her sister’s sleepy and exhausted state caused her to frown. She really should get down to making a new mixture from all the herbs to remedy their sleeping trouble. One that was sure to give a lighter effect than the previous sleeping draught. “Of course you’re the one who’s not to debate with, sister.” She remarked dryly as she chuckled softly, hearing every single word coming out from the Aspect of Light when she talked about emotions being a prerequisite to the forms of life. Balanced, just like how everything should be.

The Aspect of Magic admired how her sister is always so keen into making people understand her points, despite it being differing with one another most of the time. She was able to make them listen, for once. That is why it’s easy to be persuaded if it was Argent. A natural talent she exhibited for centuries long, she wasn’t even sure how she kept a control temp to it. “I will remind myself that, Argy.” She smiled gratefully, and stretched her limbs out as she leaned against the wall a little more comfortably. Watching the redhead close the books in a thud and made her way to the shelves so she could keep them away with the other books, Malva only stared at her bright hues was following her. She remembered how old the books were, and thought about how long she’s had it in her possession, for centuries now.

Hearing from Argent that her sanity needed to come first, it gave the Aspect of Magic all the encouragement and motivation she never even knew she needed. It’s time to put everything else aside and train herself to control her element more moderately. It might push her off the edge when she tests herself, but as long as she was able to keep a control over it, it’ll be fine. Chortling at the mention of them being dragons and given the luxury card to feel insanity for a while, she agreed profusely. “You’re right, we’re afforded at least that.” The demeanor in her however, changed, when the light on the candle was blown out, as if the wind graced itself in the room. Her hues trained themselves on the candle, before she got up slowly and grabbed a hold of it. Of course she took a seat at the initial spot again, where her sister joined her company again.

“What’s new, right?” She tried her best to crack up what’s left of her humor switch as she held the candle in front of her, her sharp icy blue optics staring into it. It was then, when the candle lit itself up moderately. The fire danced in front of their views, and she found it to be very fascinating. Malva was taken aback by Argent’s statement, shortly before the caring Ailward Aspect doze off on her shoulder. Unknowingly, she was already forming a small smile in regard of what the Aspect of Light said earlier. She was glad Argent had faith in her and even looked up to her elder sister from time to time; it gave her a huge run for her insecurity. She was the big sister, it was supposed to be her job to look after them. And she will. Starting today, everything was going to change for the Aspect of Magic. She is going to do everything according to her family’s best interest. “You’re my baby sister, you’re all that I need to have, even when the world cracks into two, if I don’t have you and the others, what’s the use of it.” She mumbled as she caressed her bright red locks. Malva admired every single one of their siblings, how much impact they held to her. Much like what Argent spoke of, they were a force to be reckoned with, for their sole strength is that of their family.

“Rest well, Argent. When you wake up, everything is going to be better.” She cooed softly before she softly pushed her into her bed and covered her sister’s body with her blanket and smiled endearingly at her. Argent Ailward was truly a ball of light that exuded so much optimism and positivity; someone she would go through hell back and forth again to save. Not many had faith in her, but she did, and that was all that the Aspect of Magic needed to get back on track.


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