It was the thing every time, Jae's parents would insist on an update from him on a monthly basis where they would sit and go through his report card and GPA, his father would make some snide remarks about his career choice being a mistake, Jae would lie through his teeth about what life in Evermore was like because he couldn't bring himself to tell his father that he moved out of the dorms a long time ago. He knew he would furious when he found out what was really happening, that Jae barely even knew that the dorm room looked like anymore. That his bed was left made and empty night after night while he was warming the space next to Han.

He couldn't bring himself to tell his father that he had fallen head over heels for someone and that he saw his future in him. He couldn't bring himself to break apart his family because of something he had chosen, not because he cared much for his father and his strict ways but because he knew it would mean losing his mother, someone who didn't have much time left. They all knew it and he could barely stand the idea of being taken away from her, even if he felt this sense of guilt in the pit of his stomach every time he lied to her. 

Jae reached out his hand to cup Han's cheek as he laid in front of him, he looked so peaceful but it also hurt him knowing how badly Han wanted them to be public, the star had been hinting for a while now that he wanted Jae to make the step and honestly, Jae felt he owed it to him. But it was so hard. Even if he could survive away from his parent's investments, what happened when he graduated if he couldn't find a job? Was he going to rely on Han forever? That hardly seemed fair. Jae sighed softly as he pulled Han closer "Hey...don't forget I'm staying at the dorm after class tonight" he murmured softly, almost sounding guilty as he spoke it because he hated being away from Han and he knew the star was going to pout about it. 

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“I’d be more than happy to play doctor with you too baby but the last thing I want is for you to be getting hurt… I know you dhampirs heal fast but that doesn’t mean you can just… get hurt, you know?” Jae is very clumsy as a person, it always made the celestial wonder just how this dhampir lived to grow out his days without getting bruises. He probably did get plenty of them upon growing up. “One of these days, I’ll be littering your whole body with those cute bandages…”

He raised his eyebrow and scoffed when he asked if he was calling him mischievous “That is not even close to what you are, baby dhampy. You’re even more mischievous than Yeontan which is saying a lot by the way. Is this what happens when you’re best friends with a Daehyun Stormwind?” Yeontan does seem like he loves the attention given to him and strives to get the most of it. “Honestly I would have thought he’s just a drama queen… that loves the attention.”

The celestial looked down because he knew how true that was, Sunmin was practically forced to accept this bond they have that connected the both of them, even when he probably didn’t want to. “Sunmin didn’t have people taking care of him… he’s naturally distrusting and I can see why. The world is cruel. How can I expect someone like that to just… accept me with open arms? I’ll wait for as long as it takes.” He genuinely wanted to ensure his twin that he is there now and will always be there. “I just… wanted to apologize for not being there for him all these years, you know?”

He could feel like he was pulled towards the other celestial “He’s like the missing half I never knew I had…” Han gasped dramatically and shook his head in retaliation “No no no I’m not the scary looking one, what do you mean I’m the scary looking one. I’m a softie inside and outside babe.” He scanned the basket and looked at the bill that was being generated “Dogs are expensive… thank god I don’t have to invest more on pet clinic… I can be their own doctor.” He gave one of the bags to Jae so they could walk out with the things they purchased. “I had to debate getting another one for you but you are you…” anything for Jae.

Jae raised his brows in surprise when Han claimed he was more mischievous than Yeontan, gasping softly because he couldn’t believe he said that “How could you say that baby….I’m a good boy” he insisted, giving him a pointed look “Daehyun is…a little bit of trouble” he mumbled softly, perhaps a lot if you considered what he did for a living but he was a good person too and mostly his intentions were good, he was just a little grumpy. “What have I done to earn such a title hmm…tell me” he commented, his lips pouted a little.

Jae nodded his head slightly “He’s always been alone” he commented and pressed his lips together, 21 years of that same life would turn anyone bitter right? Living alone and only having to look out for himself, it must have been hard to trust anyone “But you’ve been nothing but kind and patient with him all this time…he could take a hold of the olive branch already…” he just didn’t like to see Han try so hard for so little return. But he knew the other male wouldn’t stop, it was just the person he was “You shouldn’t blame yourself…it’s not like you missed him by choice…” he reassured him and reached to squeeze his shoulder gently.

Jae couldn’t say he could understand exactly because what Han is going through feels almost like it’s never happened before, to find you’ve had a twin all this time but never even met one another before, there must be a weird pull there, especially on Han’s side “He’ll come around…he’s already come a long way since you met him”.

The dhampir giggled when Han insisted he wasn’t the scary-looking one “Baby you’ve been bulking up like crazy lately, you look like you could win a boxing match against most street thugs” he jested softly and gave him a look “I know you’re a softie, but from first look I’m not sure that’s the impression others are getting” he gave him a pointed. As they headed out of the shop with all their new things, leading Apollo along with them he smiled softly “They are expensive and they don’t even know how good their lives are…so spoiled” he clicked his tongue “Speaking of though…we should really get back to Byul before she gives us a lecture for leaving her too long…” she was a princess.

He raised his eyebrow judgingly and hummed “Yeah sure Jae, sure” as much as he loves him, even the celestial couldn’t deny that the dhampir boyfriend of his can be just as playful as his pet pomeranian. “A little bit of trouble is one way to word it.” Han wasn’t the biggest fan of the niveis Jae calls friend, of course he didn’t dislike him either. How could he? He’s a good person and obviously he can’t dislike someone who’s connected to both his boyfriend and volakiri. It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

“Yeon is so smitten by him sometimes I wonder if there’s a hidden charm that I just couldn’t see.” What was so great about him? He was curious. “The question is… what haven’t you done baby?” He teased and pinched his cheeks playfully. God he was just so goddamn weak for this man.

Han knew Jae didn’t like seeing him so discouraged and dispirited, and all of it was thanks to Sunmin, the twin brother he
never knew he had. The celestial was obsessed with righting the wrongs, and to make up for his absence in the latter’s life but it was easier said than done, especially when the younger male won’t open up. “I know it wasn’t by choice but if I had taken good care of myself back then perhaps I wouldn’t be caught… and perhaps I would be where he could find me. He must’ve been so afraid…”

But Jae was right, it has been a while and Sunmin has come around slowly to the idea of having a brother like him. “Hey, I am not fit for those boxing stuff, I’m a doctor” he protested, sure he has gotten bulked up lately and by going to the gym, he was probably adding to his diet even more. “Are you saying I should stop going to the gym? But I thought you liked me going to the gym…”

When Jae mentioned they should get back to Byul, he scoffed and said “Yeah… we should. She will be whining all night long if we don’t.” He had led both of them back to their home before long. Thankfully it was a smooth and pleasant journey home. Han unlocked the door and was greeted by Byul’s incessant whines. “And there she is…”

Jae chuckled softly, there was always some sort of feud going on between Han and Dae, mostly because Dae liked to tease Han and the celestial was pretty easy to bait into reacting. They were at opposite ends when it came to their attitudes and humors so naturally they didn’t get one another the same as others did “He’s grumpy but behind all that grumpy is someone who’s really loyal and caring” once you mattered to Dae he didn’t think the niveis could ever leave that person behind.

Jae bit his lip sadly, it was hard watching Han punish himself for something he had no control over and getting hung up on what ifs he couldn’t change “No one should ever blame you for what you went through, that was on them and them alone, you were a victim” if anything Sunmin should be grateful he didn’t have to experience what Han did because the star still had nightmares and fears over it all. How badly Jae wished he could take away those memories for him because he knew how much they haunted him.

Jae bit his lip softly “I think that you love going to the gym and you seem so confident and happy in your own body” he assured him and squeezed his shoulder gently “But you have to admit baby, you’re getting ripped, people will be scared if they thought you were going to fight them” though to be fair the only way Han would end up fighting someone would probably be if they stole his snacks because he took that kind of thing seriously.

He enjoyed getting to walk Apollo back, though it was slow going as the little golden ball of energy wanted to investigate every new thing around him as they went, still, it was fun seeing him have so much fun and it was a welcome distraction from everything. As they headed in, Byul excited greeted Han and then him before finally giving Apollo a welcome sniff before starting to initiate play. Yeontan however, skipped straight to him, pushing straight past the golden pile of fur to insert himself as the ruler of this house.

Jae really did like his best friend, if Han wasn’t in his life and got to him first, the celestial was sure the dhampir would have hit it off with the niveis. “You know I thank god everyday I got to meet you first…” And that Yeon got to Dae first. God knows what would happen if the opposite were to happen. “Can’t imagine my life without you in it.” Han can be dramatic but the good kind. “All I see is a grumpy cat. That’s it. A grumpy cat is a grumpy cat, Jae.” There was no way around it. And that’s coming from a vet himself.

“Yes I’m a victim but still, you can’t help but ask yourself… the what ifs. What if I was stronger…” He put both hands on his chest and blinked innocently “I guess my chest is getting bigger…” he murmured softly, perhaps that’s what is happening. “I don’t want to fight anyone” he whined, though he looked much more intimidating now, the celestial was a sweetheart. “How could anyone actually see me as anything other than a cinnamon roll?”

The moment he opened the door, he was greeted by Byul’d big build and chuckled “I missed you too Byul.” Yeontan obviously liked Jae more and he shook his head because amidst the big dogs, there’s the tiny Pomeranian. He went to the kitchen quickly and brought a fancy paper bag before giving it to Jae “For you baby…” He had been eyeing the watch all month long and thought Jae would love it. “It cost like half a month’s pay but worth it…”

Jae bit his lip softly when Han pointed out that he was glad he met him first “I would have still chosen you…there’s no way I wouldn’t have chosen you” there was nothing that made sense to him more than the two of them together, they complimented one another in a way that no one else did and he treasured every second of their story “Well you won’t know…I don’t intend on going anywhere” he insisted before leaning in to kiss Han’s cheek softly “Dae might be a great guy, but he’ll never be you” it was honesty foreign for Jae to even imagine it any other way.

“Well you weren’t stronger then, but you can say you are for sure now right?” he offered a smile of encouragement “You’ve come so far with controlling your powers and physically you’re stronger too” he praised, Han had been very focused on his training. “You don’t want to fight anyone but the difference now is…you can” he nodded his head a few times “Just don’t go getting any more tattoos…you really will draw attention then” but he suspected the celestial already had plans to get more.

“But you’ll always be my cinnamon roll” he knew Han’s heart, he was incredibly kind and empathetic, the sort of person who gained so much joy from making others happy and who always searched for a way to make them smile. “I don’t think Tannie is the biggest fan of our new resident” he commented and chuckled, he’d come around though he was sure. He looked up from taking care of Apollo’s collar when he saw the bag and bit his lip softly “What’s then occasion…” he asked curiously but peeked inside the bag, taking out the box which was inside and opening it. He gasped when he saw it “You picked this out for me?” he was surprised honestly, it wasn’t his birthday yet.

Hearing it coming from Jae himself made him feel better because the dhampir was reassuring him. It was more real when the person himself says it instead of the celestial telling the same thing over and over again just to convince himself. “He’ll never be me yeah, I’m the only one who’s meant for you Jaesung Moon. There can be no one else.” He was so sure that Jae really won’t find anyone who would share this epic love story other than him.

Han had a slight pout because he really didn’t want to fight anyone at all “Of course I don’t want to fight anyone. What would be the reason?” Until they incite it, then why would he even bother to respond? Peace is the way, he thought. Han sincerely believed that. “But… my tattoos aren’t even scary Jae” he whined, he looked at the tattoos he has gotten and traced over them “They’re really not… I swear.”

He had given the dhampir the biggest puppy eyes ever, as if to say I want to get another one, please let me. “Tannie is just jealous. You know he’s possessive and jealous all the time. He needs to be on top, remember?” It made sense because of course he would be that way. The Pomeranian was too predictable. “Do I need an occasion to spoil and pamper my boyfriend? I don’t think I do… I’m your boyfriend and you’re mine, that’s more than enough.”

He took it out and put it on him gently. “I know you wanted it, so I put it on my wishlist… what you want is what I want, baby…” He kissed his forehead and hugged the other male “I love you.”

Jae softened his eyes slightly and reached for Han’s hand so he could reassure him, he knew the celestial was often insecure in many ways and he always wanted to make sure he knew just how much he cared about him “That’s right, no one is ever going to have what we have” and he would describe what they had as pretty epic, no one was ever going to be his first love, his Hanseol Park.

Jae scrunched his nose and chuckled “Well you’re a fallen star and that does mean that maybe one day you’ll need to fight, so it makes me feel more comfortable that you’re able to fight if you have to…I want you to be safe” he mumbled softly. Han was getting really good at making a shield to protect himself too since the first time. “Your tattoos are very artistic baby” he assured him as he trailed his thumb over the back of his hand “But not everyone is so receptive of art” he thought they made him look more handsome.

Jae chuckled and patted Han’s shoulder “You do whatever makes you happy baby” he couldn’t tell him not to do something when he gave him a look like that, it was pointless anyway. “Tannie is jealous all the time…he runs this house and right now he’s questioning what we’re so unruly to bring a new house guest” he chuckled softly, such a dramatic little dog.

“You…don’t…but still…this was expensive Han” he pressed his lips together because he felt a little guilty that he couldn’t buy him something in return…not this expensive. “Does it make me look handsome?” he questioned and posed a bit after he put it on him. Before smiling and pulling him closer when Han hugged him “I love you too…god I’m so lucky I have you” he whispered softly.

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