It was the thing every time, Jae's parents would insist on an update from him on a monthly basis where they would sit and go through his report card and GPA, his father would make some snide remarks about his career choice being a mistake, Jae would lie through his teeth about what life in Evermore was like because he couldn't bring himself to tell his father that he moved out of the dorms a long time ago. He knew he would furious when he found out what was really happening, that Jae barely even knew that the dorm room looked like anymore. That his bed was left made and empty night after night while he was warming the space next to Han.

He couldn't bring himself to tell his father that he had fallen head over heels for someone and that he saw his future in him. He couldn't bring himself to break apart his family because of something he had chosen, not because he cared much for his father and his strict ways but because he knew it would mean losing his mother, someone who didn't have much time left. They all knew it and he could barely stand the idea of being taken away from her, even if he felt this sense of guilt in the pit of his stomach every time he lied to her. 

Jae reached out his hand to cup Han's cheek as he laid in front of him, he looked so peaceful but it also hurt him knowing how badly Han wanted them to be public, the star had been hinting for a while now that he wanted Jae to make the step and honestly, Jae felt he owed it to him. But it was so hard. Even if he could survive away from his parent's investments, what happened when he graduated if he couldn't find a job? Was he going to rely on Han forever? That hardly seemed fair. Jae sighed softly as he pulled Han closer "Hey...don't forget I'm staying at the dorm after class tonight" he murmured softly, almost sounding guilty as he spoke it because he hated being away from Han and he knew the star was going to pout about it. 

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He could even grasp the idea of perfection as he wondered how was it possible for his father to strive for perfection when such a thing is hard to even comprehend? What is perfection in the first place? "I don't see the big deal in it… but it could be because I'm still ignoring and have much to learn about the world…" and he's not the type to want to talk bad about his boyfriend's father. There was a clear discord between the father and son, and the celestial hoped that his father would find it in him to accept Jae for who he is. "The dhampir I know is already perfect in my eyes…" He stroked his hair gently and grinned when he said he didn't want to be perfect if it didn't include him, god he felt really loved. 

"I'll be there, I'm not going to leave you, Jaesung Moon, very bold of you to assume I would." There was no way in hell that he'd even think of that in the first place. Right, Eun was said to be engaged to someone else prior to his arrival in Evermore, where he obviously fell in love with another. "How would that go… I don't suppose breaking it off is easy?" No, it probably wouldn't be easy and knowing the elder Moon, he'd probably want to appease his parents first. "I feel sorry for your brother… you're… not gonna be in an arranged marriage, right? Or do they have that planned out too…" and now he's worried. Rightfully so. He believes in their love but what could he do more if Jae couldn't? "I'm going to make a frame out of it… a photobook… and obviously it's going to be on our Christmas cards this year. I'll book us a session soon, so we should get them groomed… and new clothes definitely…" 

He's an animal enthusiast, being a vet also helps him to understand them a bit more on the technical side. This also meant that they already had a family vet if any of their pets got sick or hurt. Han puffed out his cheeks and scoffed while trying not to meet Jae's eyes when he called him out about his garden "Shush… Who wouldn't want a perfect garden? It's a beautiful sight when you go out for work and get back home after a tiring day… I obviously would prefer for it not to be fenced but knowing Yeontan and his mischievous days, no." He swore the little devil could bait and manipulate anyone. 

"Apollo likes to be outdoors so yeah you probably found yourself a hiking buddy… finally. Because we know the other two at home are not going to be your companions for that." Byul is active but very reserved and Yeontan is generally just minding his own business. Soon enough after walking for a while, they finally reached the town square where the streets are still bustling with people and transports, which made the golden retriever bark in excitement. 

Jae looked down for a moment “I never saw the big deal either, I mean perfection is basically impossible to achieve when the standards are so high” you had to be the smartest of everyone around you, while also being lucky enough to be good looking and you had to fall into line when it came to your social life and how you conducted yourself, it was exhausting. Jae’s eyes softened when Han said he was already perfect in his eyes “I’m far from perfect” he commented in a soft voice, “But I work hard every day to be the best I can be…shouldn’t that be enough?” he murmured softly.

Jae felt really lucky to have him and to feel reassured he wasn’t going anywhere because he knew things were going to get complicated from here and he was going to need the star by his side to make it through “Not easy at all, the girl, she’s sweet but she’s also totally infatuated with my brother and the moment she hears she isn’t going to get what she wants…things will get ugly” not to mention how powerful her family were “My father didn’t care about Eun’s feelings in all of this, only what the partnership could offer him” he chewed his bottom him and glanced at Han for a moment “I can’t tell you they won’t try to make me do that…but I can promise you I won’t go through it…I’ll choose you” he was sure of that much today, after everything.

Jae was excited about doing the photoshoot simply because of how excited Han seemed about it already, planning what he was going to do with the photos and how they should prepare for it, he broke out into a wide smile “You just love having something to plan don’t you?” he commented and grinned slightly, it was going to be fun though, if they could get all three of the dogs to pose decently enough for the photo “I hope it turns out really well…” he murmured softly, they could use more happy mementos. “Then we will work on the garden, I’m sure we can make something beautiful together…in spite of the dogs trying to work against us” he chuckled, of course they would be an obstacle.

“Byul went hiking with me a couple of times but I can tell she’d rather be with you” he commented and chuckled, she was very attached to the star, rightly so considering how long they had been together “And Yeontan just doesn’t have the legs for it, even if he’s convinced he could do it” he shook his head slightly. It was nice to go on the walk and despite being excited and bounding around a little, Apollo was going well “Look at all the people who are going to tell you how cute you are Apollo” he teased the pup and stroked him softly.

It sounded so constricting, Han could never see him going through such a life and was a bit grateful that even his adoptive parents weren’t overbearing like that. He did feel sorry for Jae and his siblings obviously, especially because he also knew the reason why his eldest brother was lounging around in Evermore with his boyfriend was because he didn’t know what to do once he returned home. Poor guy, he thought. He hummed softly in affirmation and pulled him close “Exactly, that’s already more than enough baby, so don’t worry. I’d like to quote someone and say your imperfections make up your perfection. To me you’re already the best version of yourself” he murmured, Han was working hard to be the best version of himself too.

He pressed his lips together and cringed when Jae explained that the fiancee is totally infatuated with his brother “Has… he talked to her? About anything in general?” Of course, they have, right? They can’t be strangers even if it’s a modern day arranged marriage, that’s just way too invasive. “Exactly what does this partnership have to offer him… your family, I mean?” As far as he’s concerned, he knows Jae’s family is not struggling financially nor do they don’t have an upstanding reputation. “Is she rich? Does she come from a rich family?” Or were they influential? He was a bit reassured to hear from Jae that even if a similar thing happened to him, he won’t go along with it. “You better… I’m not gonna sit around and watch my baby get taken away by a girl he doesn’t even know to begin with…” 

He could feel his cheeks getting redder when he pointed out how he loved planning things, which made him rub the back of his head awkwardly “Maybe?” Han is definitely a planner of sorts. He likes being on the track with practically everything and he hates being messy and uncoordinated. “I’ll make them behave well enough for the photoshoot and for the garden… I’m sure it’ll work somehow…” He does like the idea of a new garden, one he could expand but he had to admit, he also did not like the idea of their hard work going down the drain either. “Byul is the closest to me and she has been with me through pretty much plenty when I first came here, it’s understandable” he chuckled, since all of his dogs are rescue dogs, he wasn’t surprised to find some being pretty attached. 

“Even if Yeontan wants to convince us he’s the most active pup there is, little guy is still struggling a bit with his stamina, I hope he’ll be more careful.” Since they’re rescue dogs, it also meant some really did struggle health-wise, Yeontan especially. “I guess it’s also time to check his diet too, I’ll do another evaluation next month to see if we need to change anything” at the end of the day, Han is still a veterinarian student who’s actually good at what he does, so of course he’ll be meticulous. “I do wonder if we could go on vacations when we have this many dogs though? Who’s gonna take care of them?” he teased.

Jae shrugged his shoulders slightly “Eun has never really been that good at letting people down…so yeah they’ve talked but not on a deep level, not enough that he could tell her how he really feels” and honestly he knew how it would go if he did, as soon as word got back to any of the parents about it all, they’d start taking measures into their own hands and getting stricter. “Her family own mines…they have a lot of money and a lot of power…going against their family would be…bad” he pointed out and pressed his lips together, so powerful they could pretty much have anything they wanted and no one would even bat an eye to stop them.

Jae smiled when Han pointed out he would fight for him “I never wanted power or success like that…making people smile has always been enough for me” and that was only amplified with Han because he wanted to make the person he loved happy. Jae grinned slightly when Han admitted he loved to plan “It’s fun to watch you with all your spreadsheets and schedules” it showed how passionate the star was about the thing in question which Jae admired a lot, Han was such a hard worker and it showed.

“She’s definitely bonded to you in a way that most people don’t understand” they had this unspoken connection that anyone could be envious of because it was so rare but also so pure and Jae couldn’t help but be endeared by it. “He’s been doing pretty well lately but…yeah…it’s always a roller coaster ride” he needed a lot of care and got very sick sometimes but Jae never gave up on him. Jae raised his brows and chuckled “Well that brother of yours is always home and he likes animals, even if he denies it” just then a little girl came past with her mother, fawning because of the puppy before coming over to ask if she could pet him “Sure…he’s still learning so hold out your hand and let him come to see you” he encouraged in a soft voice.

He pursed his lips slightly because that sounds really complicated, to know her but not enough to tell her he doesn't want any of this. "I hope things work out… for him, he looks really happy with Leigh and Leigh too…" the last thing he wanted was to see their sincere love being broken because of an unnecessary arranged marriage. When Jae explained how powerful her family was, the celestial couldn't help but gape in surprise "Oh… that's… wow." Powerful would be an understatement at this point. "What to do…." He mumbled, with a rich and influential family like that, much like what the dhampir said, going against them would be swerving into a lane you wished you didn't. How was Eun going to get out of that? 

"Mhmmm look at the way you lead your life now, you want to make people smile and honestly? You have already done that plenty, baby" He purposely grinned widely to show him how successful he has been in his attempts "See? I'm the happiest guy you've made, for sure." Han is very meticulous and a perfectionist in almost everything he does, which does seem ironic considering he is always endeared by how clumsy his boyfriend could be too. He was next but not too next to the point he'd develop a major OCD symptom. "When they said dogs are man's best friend, they weren't really exaggerating in any sense." To him, Byul means everything and all his dogs mean the same to him, but of course there are just certain times when you are reminded of what you did for each. 

"Don't worry, Yeontan's a fighter, he'll grow up more and healthier… I'll always be there to monitor him always" he reassured. That was one of the perks of being a vet. He stared at Jae in realization because yeah Sunmin likes animals, he didn't have a hard time taking care of them either, especially Byul who can be pretty picky. He pushed both hands into his pockets and watched as Apollo went to the girl, with a smile. The celestial purposely made a whistle to acknowledge the retriever's efforts and he backed happily. "Mhmmm he reminds me a lot like you."

Jae nodded his head a little when Han said he wished that Eun could figure things out “If I know anything, my brother is way stronger than anyone thinks, I’m sure he’ll find a way..” perhaps he was hoping he would because if there was hope there then maybe things would turn out well for him too. Seeing the surprise in Han’s eyes he pressed his lips together “Yeah…my father is able to pull a lot of strings and this was one thread he has grasped onto and won’t let go” he wanted to get into business with them and he was using his son as bait to get what he wanted “I feel bad for her too…she’s in love with someone who’s in love with someone else” he murmured softly.

Jae blushed slightly and grinned when Han said he made him the happiest “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do…take care of you” he spoke softly and looked into his eyes “I remember a time when you were so shy and insecure but look how far you’ve come now…” he was so proud of the person Han had turned into, someone who was so passionate with his work and kind when handling others. “It’s really like nothing else huh…” he’d had a dog back home in Korea but she was always with Ahri so he never really got close and had the same bond as he did now with Yeontan.

“I know he is…he’s come over so many hurdles already, I just hope he gets to have a break soon” despite all the health issues he was a happy pup who was always playing and causing havoc around the house and Jae wouldn’t change him for anything. Jae chuckled at the way Han seemed surprised by his suggestion that Sunmin could take care of the dogs “We just have to make sure he gives Hanseol Jr the attention he deserves” he smiled as he watched Apollo interact with the girl, showing his excitement with his wild wagging tail “He does?” he questioned with a raised brow “In what ways?” the girl thanked them and headed off excitedly.

Though he wished Eun would find a way, something else that has been bothering the celestial is the way Jae has been behaving, it worries him greatly to see him being so twitchy and anxious about where his position lies in the eyes of his family, especially his strict father. "Do you think he'll let it go once he realizes his sons are better off without them? That his sons are truly happier… with the people they chose to love?" Somehow it sounded as if Han was asking Jae if it will work on him too. The celestial has been antsy whenever he comes back to this premise, it could even bring him nightmares. 

"If we're putting ourselves in the poor girl's shoes, we must also put ourselves in Eun's… which wouldn't be hard for us considering the current situation. Because if some other girl is in love with you, I can't bring myself to feel sorry for her because you're mine." He's possessive like that. He stroked his hair gently while talking about Yeontan, he could see that the dhampir truly loves the pomeranian that's been fighting for his own life since the very beginning, which was the whole reason why Han fell in love and drove him to adopt. "I'm glad I was there to see how hard he fought… he's a fighter, just like his owner. Very much like his owner." No wonder Jae had a strange resemblance with the tiny puppy. 

He rolled his eyes when Jae said that and scoffed playfully "Please, once he hears the bunny's name is Hanseol Jr, he would make it his mission to torment it just so he could transfer that energy to his twin instead." He stared at the happy retriever as he went back to them after he whistled, "Look at how eager and excited he is with everything. I don't know if you noticed but you, baby, have this look on you when you're excited about something. Twinkling eyes, and your left leg twitches a bit. If you're a dog, you'd be wagging your tail already." He beckoned for Apollo to follow them further down the pavement. "Do you want to make a custom collar for him? We can go do that right now."

He pressed his lips together and grimaced slightly “It’s hard for me to know…but my guess would be that we shouldn’t…hold out too much hope” his father wasn’t the type to see much past his own priorities and interests and while some distance might help him to see the consequences of his choices, Jae also knew how stubborn he could be. Jae reached to take his hand and squeeze it softly in a reassuring manner “Even if he doesn’t change his mind…all I can think is that it was only a matter of time…one day we were going to disappoint him…the standards are too high” it was hard to face up to.

Jae chuckled softly when Han said he couldn’t feel sorry for someone who cared for him because he was selfish enough to want him for himself “I guess that’s how Leigh must feel…though I imagine he feels guilt too…” considering he had kinda come along and stolen Eun away, surely it was a little hard to reconcile? He was proud of Han’s strength, allowing him to be an advocate to animals, he saw how much the star invested himself in others around him and he knew it must be pretty exhausting, especially because in his field, not every ending could be happy “He was lucky to find you” he commented and smiled softly, he could echo that sentiment.

Jae laughed softly “Your brother is too soft on animals to do that” he pointed out playfully, Sunmin was grumpy and sometimes hard to be around but he was a fan favorite of the animals and more times than not when he couldn’t find one of them it was because they’d decided to camp out in his room. “You Park brothers are like magnets for animals” and Sunmin was new to them so of course, he won out. Jae rolled his eyes playfully when Han likened him to a dog but it wasn’t like he could refute his statements either “You didn’t have to say it so boldly” he grumbled softly and nudged him slightly.

Before long they were getting towards the shopping district in the city “That sounds nice…I’m thinking a teal one would suit him” he wasn’t really sure why but he seemed to have a cool, ocean-like personality.

He pursed his lips when he said they shouldn't hold out hope, that's true but Han couldn't help but feel sad because hope is all they have, no? But he also understood where Jae is coming from. Jae had a complicated family, and based on what he has heard from Eun too, it applies to every Moon family member there is. "I just want you to know that even if your father is disappointed in you, you will always have a place here with me baby, I will always be here with you... you are my beloved" he murmured softly and pressed a kiss against his cheek gently.

"No matter what happens, I'm here..." He knows he couldn't invalidate the dhampir's feelings, but all he could reassure him is that he won't leave. "He might have been lucky to find me but if he wasn't showered with affection and love from his owner, he would not have come this far" and he is giving all of that praise to the dhampir who loved Yeontan like his own. The pomeranian was not easy to deal with but he just needed affection, much like most stubborn things.

He chuckled when he mentioned the twins were a magnet to animals, he did notice that actually, even when Sunmin first came to stay with them, Byul was quick to like him, even sleeping in his room one night when Han couldn't find her at her usual spot. "Well I like to think animals sense the good in people and Sunmin, he's a complicated guy, and given his past, I don't blame him, but clearly even Byul knows he's good. " Byul doesn't like people easily, even with Jae, she took her sweet time to open up to the other male. He let out a loud chuckle when Jae gave him that look likening him to their new dog "I mean a golden retriever suits you no? Everyone wants to be a dog at least once in their life... what do you think I'll suit? What breed for me?" He always wondered that, he wasn't a big guy in general but he's not small either.

"Though if I'll be honest, Sunmin fits a cat better than a dog..." He had that grumpiness and crankiness to him that reminds the celestial a lot of their niveis friend, Dae. "Teal huh? Well, Apollo does look like a rather happy go lucky dog..." He had his hand clasped around Jae's as they walked past the pavement, because here they don't have to pretend. They can be themselves, they can love each other. Upon seeing the pet shop he likes venturing to, he dragged Jae and Apollo with him and greeted the cashier. "We're going to need a color selection, Pam, because someone is gonna get new collar" he nudged Jae playfully and whispered "Do you want one for me too?"

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