It had been three blissful months since that night at the amusement park where Jae had told Hanseol that he loved him for the first time. What followed was a sense of exploration for the two of them as they slowly figured out the foundation of their relationship. Jae really liked being in a relationship, he liked the confidence that it fed into his daily life now and how much inspiration it had given him for his writing. He hadn't really told anyone yet but he had started work on a book of sorts which he was really happy with the progress of. honestly, it was kind of writing itself at this point and that excited him a lot. 

There were still a few things he did struggle with when it came to his relationship though, the first was finding balance in his life between all the things going on, with classes, working on the weekends, hanging out with his friends, of which he had made a few in the time he had been in Evermore, namely Daehyun Stormwind and then making time to spend with Hanseol, he was a very busy person nowadays. He liked that though, it was exciting for him to always have things to look forward to. He enjoyed the mix of things that he and Hanseol did, they tried their best to make it out for dates at least once a week but most of their time together was spent at the house, honestly, Jae was pretty sure at this point he was addicted to Hanseol's cooking, or just addicted to Hanseol in general really.

One thing that really weighed on his mind now was the fact that he hadn't shared any part of this life with his family, it was the reason he couldn't update his relationship status online and why he would always avoid taking calls from home, especially if it was his father. He'd promised Hanseol that this was what he wanted and that he had every intention of telling them, but every time he thought he had the courage to do it, he ended up finding a reason not to. Honestly, he was just scared of losing anyone and he wasn't sure that feeling would ever go away but he did intend on telling them, he was at the place now where he was sure this relationship was good for him, being around Hanseol made him feel like a better person and he really liked caring for someone and having them care for him in return, he didn't give a damn that Hanseol was a man rather than the perfect woman he knew his parents wanted him to meet. 

Jae had finally been busted by his roommates though, which was probably for the best considering he was barely ever at the dorm anymore, only coming back late at night to sleep because he needed to be in class early that day and Hanseol's house wasn't exactly the best location for getting to campus early in the morning. It had kind of becoming a running joke that Jae would never be there in the morning, he was a morning person and he found it really hard to stay in bed once he was awake so when Han woke up, the dhampir was usually gone, though Jae did make a habit of always leaving him little notes and letters to make up for it but he knew that the celestial was probably getting tired of waking up to an empty bed.

These were all the thoughts that Jae had as he stared down at his phone while riding on the subway, changing the music on his phone and waiting for his stop, this was his regular route over to the west of the city to where Hanseol lived, it felt like such second nature to him now that he didn't even need to look up and check the stops as the subway went along its usual route. He was running later than normal because he'd stayed for an extra ad hoc lecture offered by his professor but he'd already let Han know he was going to be late so he didn't have to worry. It had been a good lecture, but by the time he was done, he was buzzing to get out of there and not think about study for the rest of the evening. When the subway stopped at his stop he hopped off the train and started walking the familiar route from the station to the place he kind of considered a second home, at least he had a drawer of things there anyway. 

It was the day before his 22nd birthday, though he hadn't mentioned that to quite literally anyone, he wasn't much for birthdays and always preferred to treat the day as if it was a normal day, most of his friends back home didn't even know when his birthday was because they'd never managed to pry it out of him. Hanseol of course though, had managed to worm the truth out of Jae, he just hoped the other male didn't go too overboard with any celebrations because Jae just wasn't the party type, though neither was the celestial so he didn't feel like he had too much to worry about. He looked up and pulled his headphones out of his ear as he walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. 

It was a bit of a pain that Han always locked the front door but he couldn't question the fallen star's need for security after what happened at the clinic so he always waited patiently for the other male to come and let him in. When the light cracked open and the door swung wide the dhampir smiled brightly as his gaze fell on Hanseol, his star, honestly his whole world. Every time he saw him he still beamed that same way, as though he was looking at his beauty for the first time "Hey there gorgeous" he spoke softly as he leaned in and captured the other male by his clothes and then pressed a warm sweet kiss against his lips. He instantly noticed the amazing smell coming from inside the house and raised his brows "Okay what smells utterly divine" he commented as he stepped inside, his eyes twinkly as he looked over at Han for a moment "Other than you of course" he chuckled nudging the door shut behind him. 

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Today was that day, yup the day where most people just feel discouraged over everything on quite a literal sense. Well, today was that day for Hanseol Park, where he's currently running his hands through his dark locks. It's in a lighter shade of brown now, feeling a bit in the mood to dye his hair after seeing the colors on Jae. It's safe to say that the celestial is slowly following his boyfriend's footsteps bit by bit in so many things revolving around his life. Sighing in distress, he grumbled grumpily and dropped face first on the mahogany desk, mumbling profanities under his breath, flailing his arms a little bit. The papers compiled messily was scattered around the edges of the table, matching his disheveled state, from the tousled mop of hair up to his crumpled wrinkles on his shirt. It made him look older than his initial appearance, up to aging 8 years older for sure.

Mumbling distinctly to himself, he wondered what time it was, glancing over to the clock that hung neatly on the caramel-wallpapered wall across the room. 6 hours had passed and he had no idea. But it does feel longer, that's for sure. Fishing out his phone from his pocket, a smile curved itself on his lips when he caught a glimpse of the lock screen wallpaper; Hansung, he liked to call them. Like any other sappy couples, they pieced their names together, and did so many ‘couple' things together throughout the entire time. The date was 13th May, just a little over 3 months since they first became official, yes on Valentine's Day too.

Leaning against the leather chair, he fluttered his eyes closed as he slowly reminisced the memories that unfolded over the span of 3 months, with a smile still etched on his lips. They've learned so much about one another, from the littlest things on their habits to their favorite food and things to do. They both shower themselves with so much affection and love, that Hanseol was always finding himself so up in the cloud nine whenever he's in contact or spending his company with Jae, his euphoria.

Over the months, the celestial admittedly grew more busy, he was always occupied with work every day, he would stay back a few more hours after his coworkers ended their shifts, even sleeping over a few days just to finish everything. But despite all of that, the celestial still managed to spare time for Jae, allowing the dhampir to assert any positiveness and optimism into his daily lives. The nightmares unfortunately hasn't stopped, not even when Jae slept next to him in most nights, because he's never slept over until morning. A few hours after Jae left, he'd succumb back into that shell of a person that he was, allowing his head to be plagued with it once again.

The sleeping pills were starting to get out of control, the prescription wasn't logical and somehow Han just managed to procure them from the local pharmacy without any questions. The owner belonged to the supernatural majority too, which makes sense for the lady to understand what he's dealing with. It was common to see them struggling with a good night's sleep, afterall. The fallen star would either often doze off extra hours or couldn't sleep a wink, it's always one or the other, but never a middle ground between them.

With Jae however, he made sure to keep a level head and steer everything clear, occupying it with only good thoughts and it wasn't hard to do that when you are spending time with someone as lovable and beloved as Jaesung Moon. Han admitted he was often put off when he woke up alone, with no sign of the dhampir by his side, he was either a light sleeper or dead one, but during the rare times when he actually could sleep, he always ended up being a dead sleeper, so it was no surprise that Jae was able to sneak out without waking him up. Swiping the lock in his phone, he eyed the messages from Jae, widening his eyes a bit at what he was supposed to be doing. No wonder he felt a bit weird, as if there was something that he was due to do, because in reality, there was something. How could he forget..

Standing up almost abruptly from his seat, he hit his shin on the desk, causing the celestial to whine in pain, rubbing against the sore spot a few times before limping his way towards the door, but not before making sure the papers are at least sorted out in orderly fashion before doing so. Halfway making his way in the hallway, he stopped by the small mirror on the wall, staring into his reflection and groaned out, complaining to himself as he rushed to his bedroom to get rid of that messy and tired look on him. Hanseol knew Jae would worry over his state, no matter how many times he would tell him it was nothing or how he's fine. The dhampir was too caring for his own good, and that caused his heart to swell in happiness. Where else can you find someone like him? The humility Jae possessed had nowhere near his own, sometimes. Or anyone else, for that matter.

He remembered how the latter visited his workplace a few times, always finding himself buried nose deep into the papers or just sorting out the medicines at the storage room. How the playful caring dhampir would always distract and drag him away from his work, even up to bribing the celestial at times. He was immensely grateful for it, of course. God knows how much Hanseol needed that push, because if it was up to him, he'd spend more time cooped inside the premise instead of snuggling with the dhampir at home. Admittedly, the other option was so much better. He was able to sleep a few hours without any worry when he's with Jae, and unfortunately the topic surrounding his sleeping problems never surfaced. Neither did they want them to, because he knew how Jae would find it to go around his way to make sure the celestial is comfortable.

The amount of times he's been over his place and him at his, they were uncountable. Exactly like he always said, he had no problem pushing everything off and clearing his schedule when it comes to Jae, so there was also no surprise to see the star spending his time at the dormitory, though he would remember to go back after a few hours passed, especially when he's sure Jae was asleep. They were becoming very domestic, which he had no idea what it meant until the better adapted person of the two told him, and Hanseol was starting to cook meals for him, specifically specializing in Korean meals because he knew what homesickness can do to someone.

Changing out of his clothes and taking a brief shower, Han dried his hair quickly and was halfway putting on his shirt when he heard the knocks. For once, he raced Yeontan to the door. Yes, the fluff loves Jae, it kinda made him feel jealous at times. Unlocking the door as soon as he was properly dressed, he opened the door and greeted the dhampir the same way he did; a kiss on the lips. “Beautiful man, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit,” he quipped, chuckling softly as he closed the door behind them, Yeontan barking at the brown haired male enthusiastically. “just kidding, you're always welcomed. And please don't take this the wrong way, I was trying to make myself presentable.. And Yeontan was trying to race me,” stopping his sentence midway to get air, he exhaled sheepishly. “the point is, I'm glad you're here.”

It was amazing how far that Jae had come in three months, not just in his relationship but also in every aspect of his life, when he first came to Evermore he had little idea of what he wanted from life other than to prove his parents wrong when they said he couldn’t make something out of writing. Now he honestly saw so much more than that, he had a life that he honestly really loved, from getting to study his passion every day to feeling like he’d gained some of his own independence and self-sufficiency to finding someone who loved him for who he was.

It had made all the difference on the dhampir who had once again blossomed into the silly goofball he had always been known for being in high school, he found himself less and less shy when speaking English with natives, even making friends with a few people at college and he didn’t even hate his roommates that much anymore, admittedly, he was rarely there when they were any more but it really was amazing what the very idea of happiness could do to a person and while he knew there were still challenges to overcome, he felt like he was in a good place to tackle any that came his way.

His sleeping schedule was still on whack though, no matter how much he tried to get into a routine he just found himself always waking up a few hours after he fell asleep, always getting just enough but never quite enough to feel completely rested. He knew it bugged Han that he was gone every morning, honestly, it bugged him too but he couldn’t seem to kick it and every time he tried he’d just end up laying awake until he got frustrated and ended up getting out of bed to do something. The fact that Hanseol was such a heavy sleeper was a blessing though because Jae didn’t have to worry about his insomnia bothering the celestial too much and he was always sweet enough to leave something behind to apologize for not waking up in Hanseol’s arms.

The effects on Jae’s life had even begun to show in his tiny dorm room, which really didn’t have room to swing a cat and yet he’d found ways to start making it own instead of a completely empty room, there was a single frame on his desk which he kept a printed copy of a picture of the two of them in, Hanseol had given it to him and written ‘Hansung’ on the back of it, which sounded crazy to him but he thought it was sweet how the other male meshed their names together to make a new one. Jae normally hated photos of himself but he found himself warming up to the idea for the celestial who liked to use them for his art, plus whenever Hanseol pouted Jae was quite literally unable to tell him no.

Jae did notice little things about Hanseol now though, like the way he tended to work himself away into oblivion at times, he was a little obsessive at times, once he got his mind on something it was very hard to get him off. Especially if it was long days at the clinic or painting, the dhampir often had to attempt to pull the star away from either one and he’d lost count now of how many times he’d come to the house only for the lights to be off and he’d have to go and coax the celestial to leave work. He didn’t mind though, Hanseol took care of him by making him meals and Jae returned the favor by making sure he got rest and brought him sweets sometimes because it always made the celestial’s eyes light up so brightly.

Jae remembered how on their first month anniversary the two of them had a really nice dinner at Hanseol’s house, they’d thought about going out someplace fancy for it but in the end decided they liked the food better at home. The day had, of course, followed the usual pattern of their official dates and Jae had accidentally set his sleeve on fire from one of the candles on the table, he swore he’d changed clothes out of pure bad luck more times than he could count since he met the celestial that it was becoming somewhat of an in-joke between the two of them. Jae smiled as he spotted the hydrangea he’d gotten Han in the window, blue, his favorite color, of course, sitting proudly on the sill as he headed up to the door.

It took longer than normal for Han to answer the door to him which made the dhampir wonder what he was up to, though he got his answer the moment that he pulled the celestial in for a kiss, smelling the soft scent of his shower gel against his skin. Jae’s full attention was on Hanseol for a few moments, a lopsided grin on his face as the celestial played coy to his visit “Oh you know, I was in the neighborhood and all” he winked as Hanseol closed the door behind them. Hearing Hanseol start to ramble his smile only grew “Are you implying you’re not usually happy to see me, Han?” Jae questioned as he nudged against his shoulder.

Jae kicked off his shoes and placed them on his little spot on the shoe rack and then leaned down to sweep Yeontan up into his arms to stop him from barking, the little pup responded by littering Jae’s arms with dog kisses “How’s my favorite troublemaker doing anyway? Hopefully not causing my baby too much stress” he made a teasing tone as he spoke and stroked Yeontan’s fur with the spare hand he wasn’t holding him with. He headed through into the lounge before sprawling himself out on the couch, setting the dog to run free over his stomach and his head hanging off the side a little as he peered over at the celestial.

“So, if I ever tell you I’m staying late for a lecture again I need you to spam me with ‘Don’t do it’ texts because I think I lost at least a million brain cells” he commented and shook his head a little, now Yeontan had his fuss he hopped off of Jae and scurried off to the other room, no doubts to show off to Byul that’d he’d gotten attention. Jae, however, had his sights set on the celestial’s attention “Come here and help me forget the past three hours of my life” he pouted a little and opened his arms implying what he wanted. Jae did worry a little that Han was stressing himself out again though, he was a bit of a stress cleaner and by stress cleaning he meant stress showering, the celestial often got so lost in things that he didn’t even notice how much time had passed and then he’d have forgotten to do something important, like showering of eating.

Jae never really brought it up, he just leveraged the influence he had on the celestial to coax him away from whatever he was currently obsessing over and it worked most of the time, though there were some days when even Jae didn’t seem to be able to snap him out of it, he remembered one time when the celestial had refused to leave the clinic and Jae had ended up going home after waiting for a long time. He’d made sure the celestial made that one up to him though and Han was certainly good at those kinds of apologies, it made it impossible for Jae to stay mad at him for too long.

A lot of things changed for Hanseol ever since he got into this relationship, three months – it's a long time, especially for someone like him who literally counted every single day on his calendar, marking each day with everything that could've happened in his journal. Yes, the celestial had a journal where he kept to himself, sharing most of his problems with the blank sheets if not demonstrating it on the canvases. But never with a living being. Not even with his boyfriend who he cherished dearly. He felt like he wasn't ready, and the day is still so young for him to ruin it with his problems that can still survive for another day and the next.

Besides, the dhampir was more invested and curious in the not-so-hidden room at the end of the hallway, the room where he kept every painting with their equipments and the likes. The amount of security he poured in it does rise up a few suspicions, especially when there's a variety of locks there. But nothing he couldn't dismiss, or at least that's what he thought happened, since Jae never pried again. He never scolded him, because the last thing Hanseol wanted was to get angry with his loved one because of that room. That's never going to happen so long as he has control over his feelings.

Ever since Jae came into his life, everyday was a constant reminder of how his life can improve for the better when he gave them a chance. It was becoming a routine lately, Jae would stop by his place after his classes and he would be visiting his workplace a few times occasionally. Let's not forget to mention that he always bought sweets with him almost every time, knowing exactly what would lit the celestial up like a Christmas tree decoration. Hanseol was always famished because of it, craving more sweetness everytime. And Jae was more than happy to reciprocate, which made him feel bad sometimes, but he does made up for it. It was always a win-win situation between the two of them.

Knowing that they preferred staying indoors most of the time, he would get a few things going, like the candlelight dinners, minus the candles after the latter had unfortunately burned his sleeves because of it. And once again, that's always the highlight of their dates – the fact that they would end up getting a laugh out of it. The world hates them, he said. The reason for their impending trouble, for their recklessness and carelessness were only a bonus in the tea. After their dates, they would snuggle up to one another, ending up on Han's bed either way by the end of the day. It upsets him to wake up on an empty bed, finding himself alone without his other half, but the star understood why that happened. Hell, it was the same to why he always left after Jae fell asleep if he came to the dorm. But Han would be lying if he said he never once thought about the prospect of them waking up next to each other in the morning.

He wanted that, but taking things slow is also a recommendation. At least the dhampir was considerate and sweet enough to leave him meaningful and sappy notes on his desk, knowing how happy it made the celestial. Truthfully, he's old-fashioned, which meant he liked the smallest gestures, like receiving a letter instead of a text. The things he can look back and smile upon laying his eyes on them. The letters would get old one day, and it won't last forever, but right now he's living his most beautiful moment in his life, and the celestial wasn't picky nor did he took things for granted, this was his second chance and he intends to live it to the fullest while he still could.

Throughout the time, they also picked up each other's tendencies, especially their pet peeves. When Jae is busy with his classes and life as a student, Han was juggling with managing his clinic and attending a few conferences, but nothing too far, just the ones situated in Colorado mostly. Truth to be told, he's still somewhat scared to step outside of Evermore. God knows what'll happen. But sometimes he had Yeon accompanying him, so things were well. Next week, the ministry would conduct an audit and inspection, which really made Han stressed out because of how nitpicking they were. It was why he stayed behind a lot more frequent lately, much to Jae's dismay. Jae would always come by and sometimes even stayed there for a few nights with him when he was stubborn, which made the celestial feel bad for treating him like that.

He'll make up to him, he promise.

But the amount of care and love the dhampir poured was what made him smile, he wondered if Jae knew that all he ever needed to do to give him so much energy was to be there with him, hold his hands and tell him sweet nothings. That would've been more than enough, more than what he deserved. He couldn't deny the ability Jae possessed on always succeeding to distract his mind elsewhere. He does it with so much ease, it had to be a talent. He couldn't count the times when all Jae had to do was peck him on the cheek or somewhere, and he'd push his work away. Of course, it came with a side complaint from the celestial who told him it was unfair that he was able to do that to him. Oh well, it's only fair then, because Han would distract the male when he's studying, in return.

Tomorrow was 14th May, their 3rd month anniversary and Jae's 22nd birthday, of course she remembered. He's the guy who keeps tabs over everything, remember. Except the time when he gets too delved inside his work and forget about everything else. A naturally perceptive and attentive guy, Han had already prepared his gifts for the dhampir. It was nothing much, but the timing and effort he poured in should make it worth his while, because the celestial also knew that his boyfriend doesn't like him going overboard on things, even if Han likes to spoil him. Because of the respect he still holds for him, he complied. He didn't want to upset Jae. “You seem to always find your way to this neighbourhood frequently, mister. Not that I'm complaining, I get bored very easily” he returned the wink playfully and held both his hands up following the next sentence uttered by the dhampir.

“Hey, I didn't say that nor did I imply on it. I'm always happy to see you. But you know it gets unfair because I can never get enough of you so whenever you leave, I'm like deprived of love.” The feigned whimper that came out after was an exaggeration to his point, per usual. It's hard not to spot Hanseol being overly dramatic and lovey-dovey with Jae. Scowling at the sight of Yeontan who's having the time of his life within Jae's embrace, he scoffed in response to the question Jae rolled out about the Pomeranian. “He's way too happy to see you. Like he's not even sparing me his feelings.. Way to make me feel betrayed more.” That's why he got something for both these two today. Well, it was planned over two months ago with precision but eh. They don't need to know that.

“He's causing me more stress than the audit and inspection” he grumbled, mumbling the accusatory tone as he narrowed his dark hues on the fluff ball. “But you can get rid of that, so..” he shrugged. He chuckled softly and shook his head at the dhampir. Being a student is so time consuming. “I'll be sure to remind you that.” The moment he opened his arms out, Han wrapped both his arms around the male, and rested his head on his shoulder, nuzzling into the nook of his neck, kissing it softly before dragging him away with one arm around him. “Come on, I haven't eaten too..,” before Jae could say anything, he made sure to insert an explanation. “I know.. I shouldn't skip meals.. But I kinda got distracted with work I'll make up to you today, anything you want.”

Honestly, it was just really nice to have people in his life regularly again, for the first couple of months in Evermore Jae remembered writing a lot about the topic of loneliness, something he had never really experienced in that magnitude before, he had always spent so much of his life surrounded by people, he had 3 siblings that weren’t too far from him in age after all and at school he had a lot of friends. He didn’t have anywhere near that many here in America but he felt like he’d made a really good start on surrounding himself with good people, he’d found a really good friend in Daehyun and something totally unexpected and real in Hanseol, both of which he always went out of his way to make time to spend with, even on weeks he was stressed and tired.

His study was going well too, he felt like he was getting better with each assignment he turned in and new thing he learned, he enjoyed the challenge of university and the way it made him think about writing. He’d kept writing letters to Hanseol, they were goofy, full of jokes and memories he had of their time together, he always made sure to remind the celestial of all the things that stuck out in the dhampir’s mind. Hanseol must have at least 20 stashed away wherever he put them by now and Jae still didn’t see an end to the writing, every day he came up with a new silly reason to write about.

And Jae had gotten to see a few new paintings done by the celestial too, albeit not the special ones he was sure the celestial was hiding in that room with the 4 locks but he did really like the paintings he had seen, it amazed him how talented the celestial was and how real his paintings always turned out to. The room came to Jae’s mind often though, mostly because when he had asked about it Hanseol had given him the most blatant lie about it and then distracted him away from it, the dhampir had never done well with the unknown so that made him endlessly curious but he’d managed to bite it down so far and not bring it up again, he hoped one day Han would feel comfortable enough to bring it up himself.

Jae really felt like he was starting to really know Hanseol, he could often pick up on the little things he did and what they meant, like the crinkle on his forehead that told him he was concentrating, the way his eyes would always shift when he lied or felt guilty about something, the excitement he tried to contain by rambling, which also surfaced when he was nervous or stressed, though you could usually tell which by the look in Hanseol’s eyes. Those doe eyes could tell Jae a lot with just one look and no matter how used to Hanseol he got, the dhampir never lost the look of wonder he got as he stared into them, it was honestly his favorite thing in the world to do.

When Han teased him about always finding this neighborhood Jae shook his head a little “Definitely something in the water” he commented with a soft chuckle implying that he was addicted to it “Or maybe it’s the food” he mused innocently, it was obvious by now that Jae really liked coming here, he felt at home here, more so than he did at the dorm, he wasn’t usually the kind of person who made themselves at home in another person’s home but here that felt natural and right, he spent so much time here that he’d kinda started calling it home in his head. Though he was still yet to make an official move here, it was already obvious to them both that he wanted to. There was just the final hurdle to get over. His parents.

“Oh the horror of me needing to get a degree so I can be free” he spoke dramatically as he looked back at Han with a teasing look, truth be told they couldn’t get enough of one another, Jae spent so much time here and when he wasn’t here he was thinking about being here. Sometimes he wondered if it was healthy to be so addicted to someone but it wasn’t like he wanted to or had any intention of stopping. When Han mentioned Yeontan’s excitement Jae laughed looking down at the little pup “He loveeeeees me” he drew out with a teasing tone as he was carrying the Pomeranian into the lounge “But he knows who my number one is” Jae smiled softly as he set the pup down “You just have to accept that I’ve stolen him from you” Jae smirked, he guessed they made good dog co-parents, he often walked them when Han was too busy or tired, quite enjoyed it really, it helped him clear his mind.

Jae’s face softened as Hanseol mentioned the audit, he knew that had been weighing on the celestial’s mind a lot and he couldn’t really blame him, he’d seen the stack of paperwork he’d needed to complete and almost ran a mile “I could burn it all and blame it on the dog if you want” he teased softly as he looked back at Hanseol, he knew he couldn’t do much to solve that problem but cheering Han up was always top of his priority list. Feeling the celestial’s warmth against him as he enveloped him in a hug made the dhampir smile, closing his eyes and squeezing him tightly as he rocked them both from side to side a little. “So much better” he spoke softly as he felt the celestial nuzzle against his neck and felt the soft kiss pressed against his skin. He could have stayed in moments like that forever.

Jae grumbled a little when Hanseol got up and pulled him with him “I just got comfy” he protested but didn’t stop the other male from pulling him towards the kitchen, Jae had a sandwich at lunchtime but that was all he’d really had so he wouldn’t protest the idea of food. He did give Han a slightly judgemental look when he said he hadn’t eaten though “So not only did you forget to shower, you forgot to eat too?” he chastised as he moved over to the kitchen counter and hopped up onto it. He sighed letting it go and pulled Hanseol closer to him backwards his hands resting on his shoulders as he rubbed them gently “You gotta take care of yourself baby, don’t make me worry” he protested for about the 100th time they’d had this conversation and returned the favor from earlier pressing a soft kiss against the celestial’s nape.

Just like the homebody that he is, Hanseol only ever went out whenever he needed to run some errands, and the places he went to were easily counted. There would be times when he would do a few grocery trip down the supermarket in the city with Jae, buying things to restock his place because he likes to cook for the dhampir whenever he comes over, which is quite frequent, much to his delight. If he's not busy at his clinic or making his monthly checkups at the local pound to do a few volunteering services to the poor animals there, he'd be at the park, staring up the sky to count the stars. Then, there's also the dates between them both. He would sometimes bring Jae out, though it was made clear countless times already that they prefer to be indoors because all they ever needed was one another. Cheesy? Sappy? He never saw himself to be this person, but he kinda likes it. It's slowly shaping his persona.

Things were going well at the clinic, they've been receiving a lot of demands, which is always good for business. After coming to an agreement with his supplier after a few discussions and convincing to do, they sealed a pretty decent contract annually. Everything was well. Of course with the demands rising up, they were getting more busy and he was even thinking about hiring more manpower to handle the supplying management since there's been talks about opening a new branch in Denver too. Not too far, which is still viable for Hanseol to go back and forth for a few inspections, to which he has been doing since last month.

The process was gradually getting better and the celestial was glad. It was honestly all thanks to Jae and Yeon too. If it wasn't because of them both, he wouldn't be prompted to take this huge leap into his career. Yeon had a background experience on being a businessman, so his advices are always welcomed, and with Jae, well it's Jae, he always gives Han the best solutions to everything. Combining both their help, he managed to do this today. Despite his schedule being hectic nowadays, he never forgot to spare time for his boyfriend. This relationship stemmed from trust and love, all of which he intends to uphold. To be fair, he wasn't keeping a secret from Jae, not directly. Problems about his sleeping issues and the locked room, they were more to revelations he has yet to unveil yet. And he will. In time.

The letters he received from the dhampir never ceased to amaze him. Yes, he reads them almost every night before sleeping if he had the time. The box consisting them was sealed neatly, kept in a place where not even Byul or Yeontan can locate. “I mean, I'm a pretty good cooker, wouldn't you say? But unfortunately I don't have the strength or effort to cook anything more than instant noodles..” he exclaimed sadly, a pout displayed in front of the dhampir. Truthfully, his muscles were sore. It's been aching a lot lately and he figured it was all due to stress and him pushing himself while training physically. There's only so much a person can handle, afterall. Hanseol was glad to see how comfortable Jae's been, his place is his too. The topic about moving in wasn't foreign too, the celestial has been expressing his wish to have him move in soon. Perhaps in the near future, but he definitely wanted that. He didn't like to see Jae coming back and forth, transiting in between, just to visit him. It's not fair. The distance between the university and here was a bit lengthy but it was better than to change transits.

Following his snark teasing about his studies, the celestial scrunched his nose and huffed. “Hey, I'm working too, you know. Can't blame me for craving such affection. You probably put a spell on me, I'm sure of it. I can't stop thinking about you so that must be it” he accused, pointing his finger towards the dhampir as he narrowed his dark hues on the other male teasingly. Of course they'll have a way to make this into something light-hearted. That's the charm about them. “Ungrateful pup, that's what he is. He forgot I raised him up once he set his eyes on someone more beautiful. That's unfair, don't you think? Then, all my pets are gonna abandon me for you. What a good way to teach them.” At the sudden mention of it, Byul came trotting in, brushing against his leg and then to Jae's. “See.” Byul would never leave him, he knew that. She's the most loyal dog he's ever met, and raising her for two years really gave him all the closure he needed.

“I better be your number one forever, dhampy. Don't make me you forget other things, because you know I will.” That suggestive tone would never escape the dhampir's radar for sure, not after they've spent 3 months together basking in those. “I wish you can burn it but then I'll have to redo so,” he sighed heavily and leaned in closer into the hug, before he pulled away, but not before offering the latter an apologetic look. “I'll make up to you, I promise. I'll be your personal pillow tonight, don't worry.” Well he did plan things for tomorrow. What a shame Jae wouldn't stay the night until morning though. Then it would've been perfect.

The fallen star went over the kitchen counter, only to be pulled back by Jae. When he felt his long slender fingers rubbing against his shoulder, Han moaned softly at the tender touch. Exactly where he's been aching for the past two weeks. “It's not my intention to make you worry, jagi. It's just that sometimes I forget.. I'm sorry.” It was another nickname he pulled out for Jae, calling him a shorter version of honey in Korean. He pulled one of his hand over from his shoulder and placed a soft kiss on the knuckles, a normal gesture from him whenever he wants to reassure the brunette. “I'll be back on my feet soon, I'm sure.” But the aching on his muscles says otherwise, he even craned his neck slightly when Jae kissed his nape because he really felt strained there too.

Jae was really proud of what Han was doing with the clinic, he didn’t really understand all the stuff about the supplier deals but when the celestial rambled about them just to get it off his chest the dhampir would listen with an attentive look on his face, what he’d managed to summarize was that they were looking to branch into a second location in Denver which at first had made Jae worry that Han would be around less often but then he was reminded of how much Hanseol was putting into his work and how the success was making him happy and that made a few lonelier nights easier to swallow. Jae was just really happy to see Hanseol have a real sense of purpose in his life and his work.

Jae was still working at the little corner store not too far from the university, it was a little newsagent that was a staple for people living around it, his workday was mostly spent being a friendly face to the locals and talking to them about their day. He figured he must be doing okay because the old guy, Gus, who had hired him, rarely came into the shop to check on him anymore, he left Jae to it and the dhampir was quite popular with the elderly ladies who came in every day to buy their groceries and a copy of Evermore Daily. He liked the job and the flexibility it offered, especially because Gus usually let him have the weekends he asked for off, even though he didn’t have to.

His favorite place to be, however, was right here with his star. The celestial’s home was so familiar to him now that he was completely nose-blind to the scent of the place like it was his own. He was pretty sure if you tallied it up then he spent more time here than he did at the place which was listed as his official address and he wasn’t even sorry about it. If it wasn’t for the fact he’d have to talk to his parents about his living arrangements he would have moved in already but he didn’t think it was fair on Hanseol to lie about what they were to his parents and he just wasn’t quite there yet on gaining the courage to tell them the truth. “You are a wonderful cook” he stated as though it was an undisputed fact to him. He did pull a bit of a face when Han mentioned his lack of strength however, he could tell he was pushing himself to the limit too often lately “Instant noodles is better than nothing” he assured the celestial with a slight nod of his head “But I can make those just fine so maybe let me take care of you tonight?” the dhampir offered with a half smile, Hanseol was always making sure he got food, he’d quite like to do the opposite for him.

When Hanseol reminded him he was working too Jae wrinkled his nose in amusement at managing to get a rise out of the celestial, Han was far too easy to wind up for his own good, the dhampir had to admit. “I know you’re working very hard” he stated with a smile on his face “I’m proud of you” the spoke honestly as he touched the bottom of Hanseol’s chin with his finger, something he did as a habit whenever he wanted to express his sincerity of what he was saying to the fallen star because he knew his jokey persona could often drown out the meaningfulness of what he was saying. Jae did laugh as the celestial complained yet again about the effect Jae had on him “Yeah I have a diviner friend working a little magic for me, how could I win you over any other way” he jested as he nudged against the celestial’s chest giving him a ‘you’re a dork’ look that he pulled way more often lately.

Jae had always liked the little Pomeranian pup, he had a feisty and enigmatic personality that the dhampir was drawn to and the two of them got on like a house on fire, in that respect it was pretty easy for him to gain the pup’s favor “I don’t think any of them would be able to handle leaving you behind” he admitted with a low chuckle, Hanseol spoiled them after all and they all knew that every time he went out they got excited when he came back because he rarely went out and when he did he usually brought them back treats, Jae was a little jealous of how spoiled they were sometimes. When Byul brushed up against his leg he stroked her fur a little and smiled “Byul tolerates me because you like me” he commented with a smirk “She’s definitely a daddy’s girl” the husky did little to refute that statement as she stood between the two of them like a doggy shield.

“Oh believe me, I can never forget anything when it comes to you” the dhampir chuckled but it wasn’t even an understatement, his mind would often wander to time spent with the celestial at the most unexpected moments, he’d become quite the daydreamer in class lately as he thought about his star and specifically all the things he wanted to do with his fallen star. The sigh as Hanseol leaned into the hug brought an ‘aww’ to Jae’s lips as he squeezed a little tighter “Well at least once it’s done you don’t have to worry for at least another year” he encouraged as he followed the celestial towards the kitchen “You’re my personal pillow nearly every night” Jae teased in a tone just above a whisper and he was very comfy too, which was surprising considering who muscly the star was “The dorm pillow just doesn’t compare anymore” he mused with feigned annoyance, they could both overdramatize things at time.

Jae knew he was distracting when he pulled the star back into his grip but he couldn’t help himself, when he saw a way to help he nearly always took advantage of it and hearing that moan from Hanseol told him he’d hit the spot, in response he pressed his thumbs down a little harder as he massaged against the spots where he got the most reaction from the celestial, Han had a somewhat obsession with Jae’s hands and he had quickly learned how to use them to his advantage. “I know” he responded to Hanseol’s words nodding gently his chin brushing against Hanseol’s back as he did so “But it’s my job to worry a little” he spoke as he worked on a particularly tight spot on Hanseol’s upper shoulder blade while the star took his other hand and kissed it gently. He was a sucker for those soft kisses against his hand, so tender and sweet, he hummed softly in pleasure from the feeling.

“You don’t have to rush to feel better, just let me care for you” Jae spoke softly after Han dropped his hand so that he could get back to work on undoing those knots “So much tension, you must be working so hard” he complimented as he ran his hands over Han’s shoulders and then wrapped around him in a back hug. Jae closed his eyes leaning into the hug before he moved around the celestial to hop down from the counter. He went to the cupboard and pulled out the noodles grabbing a couple of packets before filling up a bowl with water to put on to boil in the microwave. This was one of the only meals Jae had down to perfection so he was taking the opportunity to lead in his only area of expertise.

Honestly, there has been a few worries plaguing his mind that was a lot more than just his daily night terrors. The second branch would be opening in less than two weeks or so, and once it's opened, it does mean that Han might go back and forth a lot more than usual. Does that mean he'll hand lesser time to spend with Jae? Perhaps. Admittedly, it was one of his worries. It shouldn't be an issue but for the celestial who's still new to this, it was hard for him not to worry, especially when he knew it might bother the dhampir just the same. His head was already whirring to create some sort of plan for them to still have the same initial plan to spend time with one another, no lesser than what they're doing these days. Consideration is a huge favor, but he would never ask it from Jae. It also helps that the fallen star himself didn't want to distance away from him.

He'll find a way to spare his time, because a person's will is a lot stronger than it looks. It is powerful, afterall. Hanseol has yet to find out just how powerful it actually is, but he's very enthusiastic to find out. It's been serving people all along, maybe it would do the same to him. It still surprised Hanseol until today just how flexible they've been with each other, somewhat having the ability to juggle this and that with their personal lives without a problem. Speaking of which, where trust is concerned once again, did Han thought of telling his dhampir that he has someone else on standby almost all the time? He's been delaying from telling him for three months already, he'll admit that. A part of him is just scared to see how Jae will react to this type of news. This is where the paranoia slowly starts to seep in, manipulating every route the celestial wanted to take, leaving her with a stumped end of a choice.

3 months is a long time, give or take. The fact that Hanseol has successfully evaded this topic in the time span was worrying. But how will Jae react to this? He would be telling the dhampir that someone else has access to his head and feelings including his life, and while he wanted to say it's strictly professional, they've become good friends. It's not as easy as to say ‘oh hey, yeah I gave him my blood and I drank his too, to complete the bond. But at least I won't be in danger too much these days'. If only things were easier that way. Not at how Yeon also accompanies him occasionally whenever Hanseol had to go to Denver to oversee the progress. How long can he go without telling the person he cared for the most?

But all of that went out the window soon as he heard the dhampir compliment him. “I know” he responded cheekily, sn*****ing in response to how coy he's being. The fallen star can always count on Jae to get his mind off. A soft smile rested on his lips as he stared at the male tenderly. Jae wanted to take care of him, and whilst he knew, hearing it out loud sounded so much better in his ears. It was as if his heart could literally burst in happiness there. “Aww, my dhampy is taking care of me. I guess I can allow you to cook me instant noodles without having to worry you burning down the entire place.” The mixed accusatory tone with teasing clearly indicates that he was deliberately joking about the entire thing, it was an in-joke between them. “Please take care of me then, sir.” He scrunched up his nose cutely. He always liked using a few formal terms with Jae, it was endearing when he thought about it. Wordplay is one of their biggest habits too amongst other things.

His ears turned a bit red following the brunette's words. Hanseol is such a sucker for compliments, all it takes for him to blush like a feverish guy was one compliment. One. He can never get enough of hearing how Jae's proud of him. Admittedly, he's been very progressive for the last 3 months. “Nothing makes me happier than to hear you say that. It means everything to me.” His voice is always leveled calmly around Jae, sometimes the high pitched frequency would come across honey like. “That's probably why I can't look at other people the same way again. I'm madly in love with you so much that I can't think straight,” pausing briefly, he gaped in awe. “I'm a lovesick star.” What a weird conclusion, but was there any wrong to it?

Looking down to the blue-eyed husky female who's literally standing between them both like a divider, he chuckled. “She's always been a daddy's girl ever since she was little. What can I say, I tend to raise my pups good. Except that one, that one is just living up to his mischievousness, he's more alike to you than me, honestly.” And he meant it as a compliment, Jae had this fiery sense about him, the Pomeranian also dabbled around that. They were both soft yet intimidating. If Jae wasn't smiling or acting like a goofball with him all the time, he could've sworn he'd be intimidated by the dhampir's refined and strong features. His looks can never be downplayed, it played a role in showcasing the kind of person Jaesung Moon is; strong, brave, selfless and everything nice in Hanseol's perspectives. His imperfections made him more perfect, if anything.

A soft giggle escaped the vicinity of his mouth when he heard Jae telling him how he's his personal pillow every other night, that is true. The toe of them fit perfectly, they possessed the same height so it meshes up. Han would find himself nuzzling against his neck because he liked inhaling his scent mixed with the cologne he wore. It overwhelms his senses. “Not to worry, I can always remind you if you forget” he winked playfully, he's a little slow but he never fails to capture the dhampir's remarks, because it fuels his ego. See, when this happens, he can't even grab anything from the fridge or shelf because he's currently basking in the warmth the dhampir gave him. He fitted so well under his embrace, he didn't want him to let go. Food, who?

The gesture Jae did by massaging him mildly evoked a few more moans from him. He knew those hands are magical. Not just pretty in physical aesthetic senses, but useful just as well. It was hard not to move but he kept his moves minimal. All thoughts of food and being famished literally went out the window again. The back hug was exactly what he needed. A cuddling session too. Clasping his hands over the dhampir's own, he hummed in delight. “Your de stressing ways are always effective, no kidding” he murmured audibly, tilting his head slightly to the side as he leaned in his touch. “Let's hope all of that work will mean something soon.. Which means either the audit will have to be lenient on me this year or it'll allow me to escape it.” The previous two years, it hasn't been troublesome, but after the damage the premise suffered earlier this year, things could change with their nitpicking behaviors. That, and the days off that he took for the reconstruction and renovation period. He took a seat near the kitchen counter and perched his arm over the marble surface, his doe-like hues following the dhampir's actions.

Jae liked to think he was a pretty upfront person with this relationship but there were things he still kept to himself, mostly anything that was to do with his family because he had no idea how to handle all of that, he would always make excuses or delay it for one reason or another because he never felt ready to sever that tie. The dhampir knew he would lose his parents when he told them the life he was now leading and possibly some of his siblings too, the only one he really thought may understand was Sangeun and even then Jae hadn’t managed to talk to his brother properly in several months and so the only person he’d really come out to in his previous life was an old friend from high school who actually took the news pretty well, but he’d only told them because they were in town to visit one weekend and he needed them to keep their mouth shut.

Knowing Hanseol’s possessive tendencies he had told the celestial about Daehyun almost immediately after he made his new friend and the two of them hung out on Jae’s days off when Hanseol was at work mostly. Dae had been right when he told Jaesung he was scary to train with but by now Jae was used to his ways and had even managed to get under the Niveis’ skin a little. Jae had been looking for the opportunity to introduce the two of them for a while now but the timing just never seemed to work out. The dhampir was always up front with his partner about where he was and what he was up to though because he knew that set the star’s mind at ease.

Hanseol, however, seemed to be more of a wanderer and sometimes Jae wasn’t sure where he went and what he did, the dhampir tried not to think too much into it because he knew how oblivious Han was and he was usually just tied up working every time that Jae went to track him down. He did sometimes get the feeling like there was something he wasn’t telling him though, like in the random moments when he would twitch like he was in pain and then downplay it like it was nothing. Jae worried about those kinds of things because he couldn’t stand to see people hurt, especially Hanseol.

Jae had to laugh every time that Hanseol called him ‘dhampy’ because it sounded really cute and endearing , even when the celestial used it in a teasing tone it still made the dhampir crack an amused grin in response “I only got set on fire once okay and I didn’t touch anything” he protested with a pout shaking his head a little, it was an in-joke though that Jae pretty much broke or tripped over everything he touched, only he would set fire to his own sleeve on a date. When Han agreed to let him take the reins he smiled though, it was rare that the celestial would let Jae anywhere near the kitchen but there really was very little he could do to screw up noodles. Seeing the fallen star scrunch up his nose Jae laughed and pecked his lips against it quickly “Your wish is my command” he smiled brightly, another one of their ‘things’ which kept coming up time and time again, he liked having someone to care for, someone who he alone could bring a smile to just by being who he was. It was one of the best feelings in the world.

Jae really liked that his compliments still made the celestial blush from time to time, it helped to remind him how sensitive Hanseol could be at times and just how much words and gestures meant to him. Jae was much harder to embarrass nowadays, he had really come into his own when it came to Han but there were still things that caught him off guard, like the little nicknames Han would use to call him. “It’s true” Jae admitted with a smile “I may not always understand what you’re talking about when it comes to the clinic but you never fail to get across how much it means to you” which he was incredibly proud of and it was something he felt like he could cheer Hanseol on for. Jae chuckled when Han turned things sappy though and he tilted his head to the side “I’m not sure it’s possible to be lovesick with the amount of time we spend together baby” he shook his head a little, he knew the feeling though, he was totally lost in the celestial too “I love you too though” he spoke softly knowing the star liked to hear it out loud from time to time instead of just in Jae’s letters.

Jae purposely gasped dramatically and reached out to cover Yeontan’s ears when Han spoke about him not being raised good “Excuse you, he can hear you, you know” he stated with mock offense in his tone though it quickly became a laugh as the pup wriggled out of his grasp and playfully snapped at the dhampir’s finger “Alright he’s a little bit devilish” he commented with a quirk of his brow before he made his fingers snap back at the puppy who pawed at him “He’s got too much pent up energy like me, just gotta run him around the block a few times and he’s very compliant” Jae smirked, Yeontan’s little legs were easily tired, especially with a dhampir’s stamina “You’d think Byul would be the energetic one given her breed, but no, it’s this guy” they were such dog parents though, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

Hearing that bell-like giggle from Han was always one of the highlights of his day, it was so pure and soft and he felt all warm and fuzzy inside every time he heard it, honestly if the only problem he ever had to deal with in his life was arguing about and pouting about who got to be the big spoon that night then he really would have the perfect life. Of course, things were never as simple as that but a guy could dream. When Han said he could remind him of anything he forgot the dhampir gave a wry smirk “Something tells me I don’t need to forget to be reminded anyway” he responded swatting a teasing tap to the celestial’s behind. Jae’s confidence had essentially gone through the roof and made the person he was 3 months ago seem like a shell of the man he was now and that was all thanks to Hanseol.

Jae loved how easy it was to elicit those sounds from Hanseol, he’d gotten pretty good at knowing what the celestial really liked by now, his weak spots and how to drive him completely crazy if the dhampir so wished, but in return Han knew all of his too so it was a double edged sword which always kept things interesting for them. But it was the gentle hug they shared that had him filled with warm, little moments like that just made him feel so secure and safe with Hanseol, it made him grow into the person he was now. “I’m glad to be of service” he commented in a soft tone as he leaned against the celestial’s shoulders, honestly if he could do anything to make the star feel more at ease with all the things he had to deal with then he would. “Well the new clinic must be down to the 2-week countdown by now and you have nothing to hide on the audit right?” he knew it was troublesome but it wasn’t like Han had done anything to warrant getting himself in trouble with the auditors.

“I could come with you next time you make the trip up to Denver” Jae suggested as he pulled the water out of the microwave and then broke up the noodles and put them into the bowl, added the seasoning and then put it back in to cook. So far so good, he hadn’t spilled hot water on himself and it hadn’t completely overflowed in the microwave, maybe he would get out of this one mishap free “And if you’re thinking, it’s just an excuse to see all the new animals you’ve gotten in, you’d be half right” he commented in an innocent tone and smiled brightly, he loved visiting the clinic every so often just to spend time fussing the animals and watching Hanseol work though he tried not to do it too often because he didn’t want to be a bother.

Once the noodles were finished he drained them and grabbed two bowls from the counter before dividing the food into two “Cheese or no cheese?” he asked with a suspicious look on his face and speaking in a tone that sounded like he was quoting ‘to be or not to be’ by Shakespeare.

Did he know that Jae had yet to tell his parents and family about their relationship? Yeah. The dhampir didn't need to tell for him to know, he could read it off him easily, especially how tensed he seemed whenever they run around the course of the same topic a few times. Did it cause a frown to be present? Yes. But did he mind? No, not really. He understood the pressure it must've placed him in, he wasn't really a Korean, since he only crashed there in Busan, but the celestial did lead his life as a Korean ever since, so he's learned enough regarding the conservative society Jae grew up in. It's hard to debunk the theory just like that, you can't change a system that's been running for centuries long, afterall. He wished they were more open minded now that they've set a foot in the modernized days, it's 2019, for crying out loud.

Hanseol wasn't about to push him to take a step in that when he's not ready yet, so he'll end up reassuring Jae that it's fine. It wasn't a topic they talked about frequently anyways, so it was easy to forget about it.  One day he'll tell when he's ready, and he'll be there to smile at it. Just like how he wished Jae wouldn't take things the wrong way just because he decided to push away the fact that he had a Volakiri by keeping it hidden from his eyes and knowledge. He'll tell when he's ready, just like Jae will tell him family when he's ready, that's viable, right? Somehow, it doesn't sound as convincing to him as it sounded at first, which caused the celestial to worry. Was this right? Is he making the right decision by keeping this away from Jae, the person he's supposed to trust? It's for their own good, but why does it feel so painful?

He admitted, he was slightly jealous when he found out that Jae had befriended another guy in the eternal city, a newcomer. But overall, it was more leaned towards the fact that Jae found someone else who he found to be compatible with. That means Jae wouldn't be alone that much when he's not around, which he's sure that might be a potential problem to arise in the near future because of his packed schedule in Denver. He didn't know how Daehyun looked like since he has yet to meet the niveis, but he was confident that Jae loved him till the end, so he wasn't bothered. Though the celestial did allow the frown to crease his features whenever he saw bruises marring the dhampir's body, always making sure to kiss it better afterwards. But Jae is a dhampir by nature, it's in his blood like how being a celestial is in his, so there's no reason to push that away from either of them. It's their heritage.

Secretly he knew he couldn't keep on holding this secret about Yeon any longer because Jae is smart, he's careful to pinpoint any incident that occurred around them, especially concerning the fallen star. There were times when he felt the sharp end of being the other half of Yeon's Volakiri, but nothing he couldn't handle. It did make it harder to explain to Jae whenever he felt a throbbing pain here and there, it's only a matter of time until he eventually spilled. Han only hoped it would be up to his own decision to tell him rather than being discovered or caught red handed.

“Still reckless. It was supposed to be a romantic night, the candles were even scented. Then you had to catch yourself on fire, pabo” he shook his head, clicking his tongue in a chastising manner. Well it did provide them quite the amusement for the night and gave him more reasons to discard the shirt, even though it was just burnt at the sleeves. Hey, he's an opportunist. The sudden peck caught him off guard, causing the celestial to widen his eyes, the red tinted hue flaming, showing a much more prominent blush resting on his cheeks. “Sneaky brat..” he scoffed, but the stupid grin he wore showed just how much he liked that gesture earlier.

“Hey that's my catchphrase..,” he pouted, obviously taking offense playfully to the dhampir's words.”Guess I need to start copyright things now. Starting with Jaesung Moon,” he stole a kiss from him sneakily and brought Byul up to eye level, nuzzling against the furball. “Byul.. And I guess I can give Yeontan to you.” He gave a dirty glance towards the Pomeranian and chuckled. “If you didn't encourage me, I'll never get over the fears of branching out.. So thank you, don't worry even if I'm busy with the project in Denver, I told you I'll fly back and forth just for you.” And he would. Make no mistake of that, Hanseol Park will do that without any hesitation. The confession really send him spiraling down the steps, a single three worded sentence was enough to kill him. “I love you too.” He'll never get over the feels he got whenever he heard those words coming out from the dhampir.

“A bit? He's the devil's spawn. Just look at that face, that cute face that held so much mischievousness behind those eyes” he mumbled, squinting his eyes and send a rather scrutinizing look Yeontan's way. “Mhmm, his stamina is like yours. But unlike you who can put that stamina to good use, he can't.” At this point, there was no way to stop how suggestive he can be sometimes. The more comfortable they were with one another, the more seductive he brought himself to Jae. Byul is lazy, she would always prefer snuggling up to the celestial rather than running around, which is why she served as a good company and dog pillow sometimes. But he's afraid he's replaced the most comfortable pillow with the dhampir instead of the husky.

A lighthearted chuckle escaped him when the dhampir gave a teasing slap behind him which made him roll his shoulders casually. “I'll happily assist with the whole reminding thing. Free of charge too” he winked, biting his bottom lip softly as he leaned closer, fluttering his eyes closed, humming in between the pleasurable moans elicited from the massages given by his dhampir. “You're always a blessing, Jae” he murmured gently, his mellow voice soothing the brunette. True, he doesn't have anything to hide, but the damage he suffered a few months ago was proving to be a difficulty since they'd ask for explanation, and if he doesn't give a solid reason for it, they'd deem the place not secured enough. Which could cut the fund too. “The attack on me at the clinic few months ago.. It's gonna be a problem. I can't exactly tell them I was attacked since I had a clean background of everything, being implicated in that situation would put me on the hold for funding request” he massaged his temples, a frown creasing his features again. It seemed to be his frequent go-to emotion nowadays.

Hanseol almost fell from his seat when Jae offered to go with him to Denver, he's always went with Yeon, and the next visit was one he wanted to schedule with Yeon again, his confidence always influenced him. “You sure?” But could he really deny Jae? “It's quite the journey, but if you want to, I can bring you along” he beamed, oh well, Yeon can take a cancellation, right? It wasn't until 2 more weeks anyways. “You did not just use Shakespeare tone on me, babe,” he gaped, but shook his head refraining himself from laughing. “Cheese. I'm a cheesy guy after all. I need to rejuvenate myself if I wanna have endless cheesiness with you.”

As a whole, Jae thought that the two of them were in a pretty good place, of course, there were still topics that were yet to come up or be handled but right now they were doing well at getting to know one another on a really deep level and also figuring out where a relationship fitted into their current lives. That was much easier for Jae than it was for Hanseol who, unsurprisingly, had a lot on his plate when it came to running how own business. Jae had learned quickly just how fortunate he had been to get a little bit of the celestial’s time, especially considering how difficult it was to get him out of the house during the free time he did have.

Jae did have fond memories of their trips out to the grocery store together though, you’d never think that something so simple would feel like so much of a test of your relationship but figuring out what the two of them wanted to eat during the week, which nights Jae would spend at Han’s and what the two of them intended to do was actually much more difficult than he first pictured it to be. They’d learned after the first few trips what each other’s favorite foods were and where the middle ground laid when it came to their preferences. Though Jae often had to stop Han from buying every sweet treat he laid his eyes on.

Those little tests and challenges were what he lived for though, figuring out their story and how they worked together, surprising one another with new sides to themselves even three months into their relationship. And they had fought before too, it was inevitable considering they both had passionate personalities but Jae was yet to find a subject that they couldn’t eventually find some middle ground on. In that respect he was putting his trust in Han, the assumption that the celestial would always make decisions based on what was best for them and would be upfront with him when it was important.

Jae laughed when Hanseol called him reckless, the candles had smelled really nice he had to admit, though all he could remember about it now was the scent of the cloth as he had singed on the ends before Jae had managed to cut off the Oxygen supply and it had gone out. They had both sat there in confusion and shock for a moment before falling into a fit of laughter. Jae always found himself laughing around Hanseol “I don’t remember you complaining about having an excuse to take my shirt off so early in the night” Jae jested with a suggestive quirk of his brow, though they rarely needed a reason nowadays. His sneak attack kiss had the desired effect of surprising the celestial who blushed softly which made Jae smile “Always” the dhampir responded with a chuckle, Jae always tried to keep Han on his toes when they were together.

When the celestial pouted because Jae stole his line the half-valkyr laughed and shrugged “Well I’m normally the one calling you sir so it seems only fair that I get to steal your line right back” Jae laughed, he liked quoting the things Hanseol said back to him at times just to see his reaction. When Han attributed some of the credit for his success back to Jae the dhampir smiled softly, a humble blush creeping over his feature, he did love to be able to help others to realize their dreams, even in the quietest ways “You had it in you all along” Jae assured in a matter of fact tone “I just turned you in a direction you already wanted to go” and he was proud to see Hanseol come into his own and really push to see success “Besides if things get too bad I will pass my driving test just so I can drive down there and steal you back” Jae mused coyly, it wasn’t a secret that Jae had been doing driving lessons lately, though they were slow progress right now.

Jae shook his head a little defensively when Han called Yeontan the devil’s spawn, sure the pup was a little unruly at times but Jae saw the sweet playful personality the dog had and that was enough for him “You cannot resist that face, just like I know you cannot resist this face” Jae drew the words out slowly his voice low as his eyes traced over the other male. Especially when he came back with a suggestive comment that made the dhampir’s eyebrow quirk slightly in surprise “Maybe if we get him one of those machines that automatically throws the ball for him then he’ll be distracted” Jae teased with a chuckle. Hanseol was very good at distracting the dhampir, though his were usually accidents while Jae could be a lot more tactical with his advances, he had to be when Hanseol was so easy to lose to work or anything else he let his mind get attached to.

“Of course you will” Jae commented with a chuckle, the two of them couldn’t get enough of one another, that was a fact, every night they ended up falling into bed with one another before long, if they even made it to the bed, it did make Jae wonder why he ever allowed himself to wait so long to know intimacy like this but he figured the two of them were both making up for lost time now. He was only reminded of that more when he heard the moans coming from the celestial’s lips and he ran his tongue over his bottom lip “Mmm I could listen to you like this all night” he purred softly with a chuckle, though the sincerity Han used when he spoke about being a blessing made his lips twitch into a smile “I try my best” he answered modestly as he got to work on the food for both of them, the faster he got the food done, the faster they could get back to that after all. “You filed a police report for the damages though didn’t you?” Jae questioned with a raised brow, at least Jae had told him to do that in order to save any issues down the line “Surely you can play it off as attempted theft or vandalism?” he commented as he moved across the room waiting for the food t finish cooking.

Jae had to admit the surprised tone the celestial gave him when he suggested coming to Denver with him was unexpected and it made him furrow his brow a little wondering if he’d overstepped or if the celestial didn’t want him getting involved in work-related things “Or not, it’s not a big deal” he stated with a shrug when it became clear that the fallen star didn’t seem to be all that sold on the idea, it was a dumb idea anyway, considering how much trouble they were having fitting their schedules together already. “Oh but I did” he perked up as the celestial picked up on his reference and Jae chuckled softly as he went to the fridge and dug out the cheese before grabbing the cheese grater, he stared at the two for a moment before he pouted in a, I could try but I’m gonna get myself hurt, look over to Hanseol “I think I need your help” he commented with a chuckle.

Jae stepped aside to let Hanseol do the work with the cheese grater while he went to the drawer and grabbed out the silverware they’d need for eating and circled around to the table to set it, it was only instant noodles but it was the thought that counted on the gesture right? Jae liked to think so anyway. By the time he was done he came back around to Han and smiled sneaking up behind him and hugging him from behind as a quick thanks for the help “We also need to sort out Netflix out at some point because we left it running while we were asleep again and I can’t even remember what episode we were on” such a trivial problem to have but it made Jae pout regardless.

The way Hanseol has never felt connected with anyone else before Jae, nor did he possess the current connection with anyone else that wasn't Jaesung Moon, in quite a literal sense. Granted that he did form a bond with his Volakiri, Yeonseok, but that one was a different case. This one is romantic, whilst the other was purely platonic. Yeon has been helping him from a distance, and that's even saying a lot because he understood how busy Yeon is, and yet they never cease to stop the occasional phone calls since the valkyr is opting more of a settlement in NYC at the moment. With Jae, everything was different. The way he felt for a living being, he never thought he will ever be able to discern the difference he held between liking the animals and plants with humans on the side.

But now he knew. His love for Jae crossed everything else. They've grown so much, Han, in particular. From being a shy bean to a well-established domesticated guy. And it's only been 3 months. He's curious to see how much more he'll grow after a few more months. He's a blessed guy, with a beautiful boyfriend showering him with love, a good job with stable income, a faction he could rely on, a city he can slowly feel safe and accepted in, and of course not to exclude the two devilish furballs, Byul and Yeontan gracing his life with their delectable behavior. But some things took a longer time, like his personal problems regarding his species, that he has yet to inform Jae about. The only one who knew what he's been doing for the last few months was Yeon, who basically knew everything that he does; such as how he's still adamant in tracking down the perpetrators to that day that single-handedly left him scarred. But when he didn't focus on that, the moment he got home, he was greeted with their endless endeavors together.

Even a grocery trip down to the supermarket could be so memorable. Also pushing aside that he's a horrible spender, thank god for Jae being there to stop the celestial from buying everything. Hey, he's still learning. Especially when they're spending a lot time at his place nowadays, it's good to have something stocked, just in case. But every couple had their moments too; spiraling down a rocky road a few times. Admittedly they've had a fair share with arguments amongst one another but it was nothing too serious. Them venting out to each other was more healthy than to keep it pent up, afterall. They didn't go near sensitive topics yet, but Han knew that it'll come someday, but what he knows now is that it won't come anytime soon. He'll let it go, and Jae's very caring to be a pushover, so the dhampir won't push him to the truth either. When he said he was blessed, he was not kidding.

Coughing in response to his statement about that night, he cleared his throat and grinned sheepishly. “I'm just saying that just because you're hot, doesn't mean you're not susceptible to fire, genius” he retorted, nudging the dhampir on the shoulder slightly. Okay maybe he didn't have much of a self control around the male, but is he really to be blamed? “I really like you saying that word, always. Sounds peaceful and calming.” It does. It gave Han an assurance that they were going to be happy for a long while, and the star is free to dream about that. The fallen star hummed in delight, agreeing to every word Jae said about him calling him that. “True. It's not like I'll be able to ever say no when it comes to you, so it's not a fair case” he stuck his tongue out in defiance playfully, how the truth never swayed. Even if he said no to Jae when he's neck deep buried with his work, a few hours later that day, he would make up for it, so was it really an actually no?

“Perhaps, but either way it wouldn't have worked if you didn't push me towards it. You're such s catalyst, Jae. And I'm the sappy lovesick boyfriend who likes being pampered way too much,” He speaks in baby boy culture, literally. “so with that being said, please do surprise me frequently so even if I die from a heart attack, at least it was a good one.” He feigned a dramatic pose where he fell into Jae's arms as if he fainted. A loud scoff and inaudible gurgle escaped the star as he backed away in defense, following the dhampir's response to him calling the Pomeranian the devil's spawn. “He's corrupted you too.. Oh my god.. I may need to cleanse you so you can be born anew. A clean slate, ya know?” he winked, a smirk widening a bit more, and quirked his eyebrows suggestively. “I mean, I have a free session tonight” he purred, the corner of his lips twitching slightly to form a much more prominent smirk than earlier. “But you're right, I can't resist that face.. And this face,” he brought both his hands up to cup Jae's cheeks and caressed them delicately, as if he was made of porcelain, because let's be real, Han thought that's it. “this beautiful unearthly face.. It's really unreal to see how symmetrical your features aligned with one another. I need the metrics...for researching purposes” he mumbled, his doe-like gaze getting lost in the dhampir's own dark hues and refined facial features. It matched his honey kissed skin, making him glow. If Hanseol wasn't a being who literally glows, he would've easily went with Jae being the glowy one between them.

“I'm gonna say it, that fluffball has never had a toy to himself more than a month. It always ends up getting.. Damaged. I concluded it's a curse.” But the chuckle escaping him didn't say that Han thought much about it. All in good company, he said. It made his life amusing and slightly more interesting than the grey stale life he led before meeting Jae. The times he always end up in Jae's embrace, god knows how many times they've ended up pressed against one another on any other surface in the house. To be fair, Han lost so many of his time so this was all very new but he likes it way too damn much. Those moans weren't meant to sound sexual, but either way it was perceived in the dhampir's eyes goes well for him too. And if there was anything he likes, it was being the opportunist in any situation.

The purring elicited by his boyfriend caused a sudden elevation, causing the hairs to stand up. Quite frankly, he was so close to shuddering in pleasure. He did whine when his fingers left his body, and had his bottom lip jutted out in a pout as he eyed the dhampir by the kitchen counter. “N-no. That's not what I mean. It's just a tiring journey haha. Of course I'll be more than happy to have you tag along. Don't take it the wrong way, Jae,” the whine got more distinctly louder as he drawled every syllable. “you know I always love your attention.” He didn't meant to come off standoffish about it, he was just taken aback that Jae would even think about tagging along since the topic never came around.

But the celestial was eternally grateful to be saved by the cheese grating situation. Chuckling softly at the dhampir, he shook his head and took both things from his hand and took over for them. “We need to wrap you in a bubble wrap, Jaesung Moon” he jested, and placed them aside after shortly finishing the said cheesing. The back hug got him weak again, the stupid grin working its way up to his lips and his knees wobbled a bit. “I remembered,” Han had a long term memory, but when Jae gave him a knowing look, he coughed awkwardly. “I mean, isn't that a good thing?"

For Jae, the best part of all of this was getting to see Hanseol come into his own a little, when they first met Han had been a timid person who was pretty secretive about the things he cared for but the longer they were together the more of those things that Jae got to see, from the celestial’s art to his work, to the control he had over celestial energy, over time he was embracing who he was more and more and the dhampir felt blessed to be able to see those developments and the happiness it brought the fallen star with his own eyes. Han had once told Jae that he wanted to live for this relationship alone, but Jae was starting to believe that maybe he saw more good to the world now, perhaps even had a little more hope.

Whereas Jae had always been driven and focused, he was the first member of his family that had been brave enough to tell his parents no when they told him what he was supposed to be and somehow they had actually listened. Jae was pretty sure they were biding their time with the assumption he was going to come running back home when he realized how hard it would be to make something of what he wanted but he was stubborn and hard working. And now he had someone supporting him and his work wholeheartedly which only made him want to do better. He wanted to be the person that Hanseol told him that he saw and every day he worked to get a little bit closer to the person he was now becoming.

Jae chuckled at the defensive cough he managed to evoke from Hanseol, a wry smile on his lips as he glanced over towards the other male “I warned you on the day we met that I’m a walking hazard and you kept me around so really you brought this on yourself” he teased with a laugh, Jae was so used to his own clumsiness by now that he simply just laughed at it most of the time. Jae didn’t really remember when he had started saying the word ‘Always’ around Han, it just kinda became part of his vocabulary he used one day but it felt like a promise every time he said it, even when he was teasing the star, it was like saying it was okay to be comfortable because he didn’t intend on going anywhere and Jae didn’t, he believed they had found something worth fighting for after all “I really like saying that word to you” he admitted with a soft, boyish smile towards the celestial, Han always knew how to trigger the inner sappiness in Jae.

The dhampir laughed when Han called himself a sappy lovesick boyfriend, well he wasn’t wrong, if Hanseol could find a way to make whatever he said romantic or cheesy then he certainly would. It was charming to Jae, though it could make having a serious conversation a little difficult at times. Still, it was a part of the celestial he’d come to know and love and the dhampir definitely never felt short on love. When Han dramatically fell back into his arms Jae was surprised and shifted his weight a little to stop them both from falling, he laughed gently “You can’t just fall on the uncoordinated you know” he teased, though his arms were crisscrossed around the celestial as he cuddled him a little, enjoying the way the other male fit in his arms. Han was pretty funny when his dramatic humor took over and as Jae let him go as he backed away the dhampir was struggling not to fall into a fit of laughter “Is that a promise?” Jae asked noting the suggestive undertones of the star’s words and then tensed a little at the purring sound which came from his lips. It took Hanseol about 2 minutes to completely unravel him at any given moment, he was so head over for this guy.

Feeling the celestial’s hands as they captured Jae’s face, he smiled, taking the opportunity to look into Hanseol’s eyes, they had become so familiar to him in the time they had been together that he could even picture them in the moments when the two of them weren’t together and Jae wasn’t a particularly visual-focused person. He closed his eyes for a moment at the sweetness of the touch, feeling his fingers move over his face, Han was always so delicate with his touches to Jae’s face, as though he may break it somehow. Fluttering his eyes back open he smiled, faint blush adorning his cheeks the same way it always did when Han complimented his looks “Researching purposes huh?” his look was a knowing one “You’d think that you’d get tired of drawing the same thing over and over” he commented and pulled a cute facial expression.

Jae laughed thinking about ways that Yeontan probably used to destroy all of his toys, he’d already caught the Pomeranian trying to bury a few things so he figured there was probably a fair amount of truth to it all “It’s his way of ensuring he gets attention, get rid of all the distractions” Jae shook his head at the pup disapprovingly “The world doesn’t revolve around you mister” he scolded which made the dog bark back at him as if to argue his case. Jae just sighed, Hanseol was probably right, he would never win this war.

Jae did like it a lot when Hanseol was loud, especially when he made those whining noises that struck the dhampir the whole way through his body, when Han whined at him he found it almost impossible to not give him what he wanted, he had that much control over the dhampir and sometimes Jae wondered if he knew it. He did manage to force himself away this time, the need to care for the celestial outweighing everything else going on in his mind as he got to work on making the food. Jae still wasn’t convinced by Hanseol when he continued to talk about Denver, every time they talked about it was like there was something he wasn’t telling him which worried him and this was just another time in a string of many that he felt brushed off by it. He shrugged a little and gave a weak attempt at a smile “It’s fine, it would be too hard to arrange at short notice anyway” which was true. When Hanseol whined again Jae sighed though “I know baby” he responded softly “I’d really like photos of the animals though if you get the chance” he spoke a little brighter, he was a sucker for animals and Hanseol was surrounded by them all day every day.

Jae was about to argue the bubblewrap comment but then he just shrugged and nodded, it might actually help “At least I know when you draw the line” he commented with a laugh, he’d had a rather unfortunate run-in with a cheese grater before and he didn’t particularly feel like getting blood in noodles today. He was thankful Han was good with kitchen related things so he didn’t have to be, but Jae was good at other things, like fixing cars, which his father had taught him when he was younger “Your memory makes me very jealous” Jae teased as he pressed a kiss to Hanseol’s cheek, especially if he could remember things while all of that was going on.

Now the food was done he sat down at the table grabbing his fork and starting to dig into the food, he crossed one leg over the other as he watched Han from over the table a soft smile on his face. Jae had been trying not to think about his birthday tomorrow too much because it made him feel homesick, his family had always had traditions they did on birthdays and this was the first year he would be spending his alone. Except he wasn't alone, he had a fallen star of his own to spend it with and that set his mind at ease a little “We should get an early night tonight, you're exhausting yourself and I have class stupidly early tomorrow” he nodded a little, Jae really wasn't a morning person so he couldn't say he was all that excited for it.


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