It had been three days in the middle of nowhere. Which, granted, was not ideal for most people but for Caleb was a slice of paradise. Driving through the plains of Oklahoma and all the way into the mountains of Colorado, he had the opportunity to clear all the thoughts from his head and just be alone. There weren’t a lot of people on the roads he took and it was even better when there was an opportunity to go off the path with only the word of the locals as a guide. Meeting his father had been both sudden and not quite the family reunion he’d always anticipated. From Spencer, he’d heard a new side of the story of his early childhood. How his mother hadn’t always been the saint that he knew her as and had left suddenly from what (in his father’s eyes) had been a peaceful and happy marriage. It filled Caleb with questions that his mother could never answer and a weight on his shoulders that couldn’t be lifted. Leaving the ranch had been a difficult decision.

He urged the motor bike to a slow stop beneath him as he came towards a fork in the path. To the left was more wilderness and towards the right the path was more beaten and in the distance he could see what a passerby a few miles back had referred to as ‘ever more’ with no more descriptors than the simple phrase. It was far enough in the distance that even squinting to see proved useless, other than a few lights that could either be a campground, or a city, or a carnival or all he knew. Caleb bit his lip, exhaustion pining at the back of his mind, just where he couldn’t let it take over. It had been a long few days.

A long few months.

A long year. Caleb absent mindedly twisted the ring on his left hand, red hair and a bright smile flashing through his memory. He still wore it.

Til death do you part isn’t supposed to…

Actually die. Caleb couldn’t think about that right now, the wind was picking up and a storm was blowing in. He kicked the bike back into action, but it protested with a grumpy groan. Granted, it had been a few hundred miles since he’d had it serviced.


This was not the time for his singular mode of transportation to fuss out. Rain drops dashed against his face and thunder echoed  in the distance. Caleb fastened the straps of his backpack securely and wheeled the motorcycle further into the underbrush. He’d come back for the bike. Looking once more at the two angles in the pathway, he chose the one facing right.

Ever more? If only things could last forever.

He stepped further into the rain, struggling against the wind. It was heavy and seemed to easily move against his frame. The thought of tornado was the last one on his mind before a large tree branch snapped from above and came hurtling towards him. There was a sharp pain behind his eyes and everything went black.

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When they came to a stop she helped to set the motorbike down in a relatively stable position and she gave it a once over trying to figure out which parts were broken and how they would fix them, unfortunately the redhead was pretty clueless when it came to any kind of mechanics “Good to know” she commented thinking about the pretty major differences between a plane and a motorbike, though she supposed the danger was all the same if you screwed the job up. She cut that thought where it started and shook her head, nope she would not be thinking about plane crashes right now. When he offered the toolbox out to her she took it without questioning it before pulling a confused look though it made more sense when he told her he was going to show her how to fix it. Argent rolled up her sleeves and followed him back outside, she liked learning new things so she was game.

As he explained how to fix it she nodded a little taking each part that he passed to her and studying it, the sizing of the screws and the wheel itself made enough sense to her. She watched as he demonstrated the action and tightened the bolt into the wheel, she heard it click into place as he threaded it through before he tightened it. “Okay here goes” she commented as she took another of the long metallic bolts and threaded it through into the hole. She then took the wrench and affixed it onto it, she paused for a moment as she tried to figure out which way to turn it to tighten. She tried one way but that seemed to do nothing to she reversed it and much to her relief the bolt started to move and tighten “Damn now I know what they mean by elbow grease” she mused realizing it took quite some force to get it to tighten, her arm pushing down hard to finish it off before she hooked the metal tool.

His question made her laugh softly, yeah she didn’t really look like the fighter type she supposed “A little boredom and a little want to protect myself I guess” she answered honestly with a shrug of her shoulders “I’m small but I am mighty” she teased with a bright smile, she didn’t tend to use it in her day to day life but she liked the assurance of knowing she could if she wanted to. Continuing, she started to place in another bolt “How did you get into mechanics?” she returned his questioning curiously.

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