He was a mess. He was a mess, the dhampir thought as he paced the room for the 5th time in the last hour. Jae wasn't sure he had ever been quite so nervous about anything as he was for this particular night. And the stupid part of it was that there wasn't even anything to be nervous about. They hadn't even called it a date, just plans to meet up, Hanseol told him there was a place he wanted the dhampir to see and without a second thought, Jae had accepted. Except after everything that happened at the dojo just a week ago, it felt like a date. Hell, it was the first time the celestial had actually used the number he gave him the first night they met, that was a big deal in it's own right. 

He paused as he caught sight of himself in the mirror, running his hands through his still bright blue colored hair, he let out a frustrated sigh, he knew he was making a bigger deal out of this than he needed to but he couldn't stop himself, he hadn't been on anything that resembled in a date in years, what was he expected to do? Was there something specific he needed to wear, was he supposed to bring a gift. He sighed shaking his head, a mess, that was the only word for it. Jae turned his eyes on the clothes he had laid out for the evening, finally giving up on deliberating and starting to change. There was no way in hell he was gonna go through all this panicking and then end up being late too. In the end, he decided on a pair of black skinny jeans which he paired with a white shirt which he tucked into the pants and then an oversized denim jacket to cover his shoulders knowing it was pretty cold out there in Evermore. 

The dhampir scolded himself in his head, he didn't know why he was letting himself get so worked up over something so small, it was like all the confidence he had gained when it came to his thoughts about the fallen star had gone out the window. He just really wanted things to go well, he wanted a night both of them would be able to look back on and smile and that pressure was eating away at him. Shaking his head he turned around the mirror so that he didn't need to look at himself before grabbing his phone and tucking it away into his pocket and his wallet in the other. He eyed his house keys before picking them up, while the front door was unlocked most of the time it was probably wise to keep them on him just in case. 

And before he could doubt himself any further he stepped out of the room, waving a half-assed goodbye to dumb and dumber, who responded by giving him a once over and then wolf whistling "Who's the lucky girl?" they jeered which only elicited an annoyed grunt from the dhampir as he closed the door a little harder than he needed to, the last thing he was doing was getting into that right now. He did his best to shrug it off as he headed out of the building, shaking his head a little. He waved hello to a couple of neighbors who passed him by on the way out and did his best to get a handle over his mood, this was going to be a good night, he reminded himself.

He grabbed his phone, pulling up the Uber app and ordered a lift which arrived about 5 minutes later, the air was crisp this evening but not completely unbearable in the clothing he had decided on, so at least he wasn't going to freeze to death. Climbing into the back of the car he leaned his head back taking slow breaths as he reminded himself over and over that he was putting too much pressure on himself. 20 minutes later and the driver was pulling up outside the celestial's home. Jae gave thanks to the male who had been pretty chatty the whole way here, probably sensing the nerves coming from the half-vampire in the air. Once he got out he tipped the male on the app and rolled his shoulders back.

Before nerves could swallow him whole he started walking towards the now familiar building and made his way up to the door with one last breath he reached up and knocked.

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It was no surprise for Hanseol to thread in his issues of silence and loneliness. It was somewhat colloquial to everything else, so much that it should be something normal, though he didn't want it to be anywhere near the word normal. It was time he broke out of his shell and routines, by replacing it with something new but would bring a far better positive impact to the celestial. Throughout his life, all he's ever experienced were that of heartbreaks, betrayal, sadness and of course, the umpteenth time he's had being alone. The poor fallen star only ever wanted to have a taste of the second chance he was given to begin his life anew in this supernatural haven, whilst forgetting his past and leaving Jr where it belonged; the past. It was easier said than done, alright. He wouldn't lie and say he hasn't been plagued by the nightmares again, so much it disabled him from having any good night's sleep. Because he's still bothered by it, whether it was just his paranoia feeding off his fear and anxiety. It was still there, and Hanseol wanted nothing more but to get rid of it.

When Jae came into his life, everything turned out different. But for the better. Definitely, for the better. The celestial found himself changing parts of himself just so he could accommodate to the dhampir, and though it may seem that he was only doing this out of admiration towards the male, it brought a very positive outcome for him, just as well. He grew more positive and exuded bright energy around himself, where he also managed to unlock his shield formation ability thanks to Jae. His nights were bearable due to him too. The nightmares didn't bother him a snitch because he had something, well- someone to think of. Perhaps, he was head over heels for the 22 year old dhampir, but why does it have to be a crime?

To Hanseol, it was only a sudden revelation but changed nothing whatsoever. He willingly accepted that he was starting to become dependent on someone else, far younger and fresh in the world, knowing fully well his troubles accompanying his species would come haunting him back soon enough. But what he could focus on, was now. All of that will come eventually, there was no stopping them. However, if Hanseol was able to bask within whatever happiness Jae gave him, why not?

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. His entire life was beginning to change, anyways, why not just go with the flow and see where it leads him? He still had enough time to spare and honestly, the celestial had nothing else to lose. Nothing to risk, nothing to care, so even if something bad was going to come out from this, he'll just have to shrug it off and say it's another day at work. It might be just him, but he was extremely protective and territorial when it comes to the people he cares about. Making sure Jae stay content and safe was on the priority list-- a list he only had one goal written on, but now have more than his previous one. More than a page, that's for sure.

Finding himself snickering at the blue haired male, he quirked his eyebrows playfully, giving yet another judging look his way. It seemed to be a habit of him to be doing that every time whenever he looked like he was contemplating whether to live or not. He's a intriguing case, after all. He's an random as you can come across, living up to the name dubbed was an important task. “You say that now. Although you have successfully piqued my interest in this. So believe me when I say, by the end of the month, I will find out the URL to the blog you tried so hard to evade from the eyes of others. I mean, I showed my paintings.. Well- technically you found it, but still, the point still remains.” he pointed out, as Hanseol felt more motivated to find out what it was that Jae kept to himself. He was sure there was no way the dhampir will be able to surprise him again, but was met with interruption and opposition from every side. You see, it's hard to swipe it away as nothing when that happened.

Given the eloquent manner Jae brought himself with, the celestial was curious to see more of his works, simply enough because it was Jaesung Moon's work, and because it was a case for him to unfold due to the dhampir's level of dedication. It was clear that he was just as dedicated as how the star was like with his paintings. Perhaps, even more. But considering how highly Hanseol thought of Jae, it probably just increased whatever significance there was by a milestone. The star felt a pull towards his way, where he just wanted to know everything there was to know about him. What can he say, he's smitten. “I don't forget it, but you know, if you're going to see more of me, there is one thing that you should be well made aware of. I don't repeat the same thing twice unless given a special circumstance. That, and you don't really expect to hear me admit that I was going to say I'm an idiot, right?” he winked before humming to himself and was about to do the dishes when the dhampir dropped him. With a viable reason to why, but Hanseol still didn't want to leave him be alone. He knew it was going to be another excuse for him to stare at the male a lot more. Hey, you gotta make the best of the situation, no?

“I'll help. I am the house owner, after all. I can't bear the sight of witnessing my guest do any work, simply because it doesn't work that way for me.” he sheepishly grinned before collecting the plates. Following back to what Jae responded to his words, he only got taken aback by the level of maturity he showcased. There is no stopping in surprising him, is there? “I don't see why people think a child's opinion is flawed. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a slightly leveled and worded quote, but I don't see how it should affect what the children had to say. I feel like they have another layer of the world to which they see in. Everyone else have different perspectives, if you're respectful, you should take it with grace. It's amazing to see how different others can see our world in their own point of view, especially children that haven't been corrupted with dark wiles of life.” But then again, the celestial was known to be a pacifist, as well as someone who opposed many stereotypical judgements passed around over the decades. It still hasn't changed. Thanks to this, he had plenty of suffering opinions.

Instead of replacing his grin with a smug smirk as usual, it was adorned with a genuine soft smile. It seemed as if the world lit up whenever Jae was in sight, at least in Hanseol's eyes. If there was a phenomenon called heart eyes, the look both of them gave back and forth should probably be dubbed thy honor. “Believe me, you're not the only one of the other side doing that. I'm not usually reckless but guess there's always something others can trigger and ignite.” In no way was he blaming Jae to take this accusation the other way, rather he was actually thanking him for blessing his life with the grace of his presence. There were plenty of things that Hanseol admired and felt thankful for, this was one of them. “I'll hold you to it.” he quipped lightly, intending to keep the deal of them sealing the contract of being roommates together, one day. Whenever Jae would initiate skinship, it sends a warm feeling over to him, like warmth as a whole had engulfed the star. He enjoyed it thoroughly and took it as a sign that perhaps, it was a viable option for him just as well.

Eyeing the hand placed on Jae's chest, he chuckled softly before taking a hold of that said hand and pressed it against his own, to show just how much he was reciprocating the gesture. “Like wise. I have to admit, this whole prospect of a relationship scares me. Not because it's different, but because I'm inexperienced in this field, literally. I have no idea what to do or what not to do. As much as it's hard to find things I'm not good at-” he trailed, the tone interlacing the words becoming increasingly jolly. “-this is a challenge. But I do adore challenges.” Of course Hanseol would never live that one down. He was radiating confidence energy whenever he was around Jae, and only when he is around him. You will never see this display anywhere else nor on anyone else. “So we had dinner, we could do what people call Netflix and chill afterwards? Is that an actual abbreviation? I swear it's a phrase I hear people use these days.”

After finishing their wash up, he went over to the couch and switched on the television while patting over to the spot next to him. Though, it was then occupied by another presence. “This wasn't for you-” he mumbled when he saw just how comfortable Yeontan was making himself at.

The more that the two of them talked and spent time with one another the more natural Jae felt around Hanseol, the words feeling freer, the fears that tended to plague on his mind fading into the background, his face hurt from smiling so much, he wasn’t sure he had ever smiled so much because of someone else. There were times when Jae doubted this because he knew how the world around them might judge but when it was just the two of them, all he could think about was how right it all felt, how he felt like a better version of himself by knowing the celestial.

Hanseol was one of those people that were so unaffected by social norms, it was almost a foreign concept for Jae who had lived in the midst of a very conservative culture. But that wasn’t a bad thing at all, Jae had always been more leaning on the liberal side, he believed in personal choice and freedom, he believed that love was love regardless of sexual orientation, he enjoyed being able to express himself however he wished, whether they be dyeing his hair strange colors or getting his ears pierced, all things he’d received judgement for throughout his life.

And he’d be lying if he said that what other people thought of those things got him down, but meeting Hanseol and seeing the way he just accepted things without a single question made Jae realize just how screwed up society made everyone and how different things might be in 20 years time when the younger generation become the leaders. Right now, however, Jae just wanted to enjoy the feeling of acceptance that he felt around the celestial because it was such a special and important thing to him, something he had never experienced to the level he did with the fallen star.

Han had this knowing stare that always seems to make the dhampir feel a little nervous, like he knew something he wasn’t saying, it often made Jae a little self-conscious as to how much he gave away though it was probably just him overthinking, the other male was snarky at times and his facial expressions seemed to lend to that. Jae chuckled softly as the other male pried for more information on the blog, confidently stating that he would get the URL, Jae gave him a doubtful look, a lot of people had tried in the past and none of them had ever succeeded, not even his brother, who Jae had always been pretty close to and already knew a share of the younger male’s troubles “Bold talk” Jae teased with a shake of his head, he definitely wasn’t there yet, that blog was quite literally everything that Jaesung was too scared to say out loud “Believe me it gets a lot darker than drawings” he admitted as he bit down on his bottom lip, he imagined it was the same way that Han felt about the darker side of himself that he sometimes mentioned.

Jae gave a roll of his eyes when the celestial admitted that he hadn’t forgotten what he said, sometimes the fallen star could be a little frustrating with the way he went about things, always teasing the dhampir, but Jae couldn’t really complain because he was the one that kept coming back for more every time and he supposed he found the way Hanseol acted charming in its own way, even if it screwed with his head a little. “I think you enjoy getting a rise out of me far too much, daystar” he commented with a stern look, it wasn’t really hard for the celestial to do considering how invested Jae was in knowing the other male, the good parts of him and the frustrating ones too, Jae did worry about what he thought and how he acted, he probably did read too much into the little things but that was because Hanseol was important to him.

Jae could have argued the whole equal share in a relationship thing but it just didn’t seem worth it, if they worked together then it would be done twice as quickly right. So he continued washing the dishes he was holding while the celestial did his own, Jae was pretty used to doing the tedious stuff by now, especially considering his roommates were pretty lazy so he had no complaints in helping out “Life would be so much easier if my parents shared your opinion” he commented with a sad smile and shrug of his shoulders “But age is everything back home, the younger you are the more you are treated like you can’t make your own decisions” Jae had fought to be able to come here for months with his father and even now it was begrudging and met with disapproving comments more often than it wasn’t “My older brother is much more understanding though, sometimes I feel like he’s the only one with his eyes open in my family” Jae pressed his lips together, he didn’t mean to be disrespectful but that was the way he felt about it.

The soft look that Hanseol was giving him made him feel jittery, the other male tended to cover more of his affections with sarcasm but there were moments like this where Jae could really see the vulnerable person that was underneath that persona, the one who did feel nervous at times and who was thoughtful without saying a word. Jae saw in Hanseol someone who cared more than he wanted to ever admit and that was one of the things he admired most in him. It gave the dhampir a sense of grounding to know the celestial too felt uneasy about how easy it was to trip over himself when around the other “Well you always said you wanted me to fall for you” he spoke giving a gentle smile remembering the way Hanseol had teased him about it. When Jae spoke one day and Hanseol affirmed it, it felt like a promise between the two of them, something Jae knew he would do everything to keep.

Jae was a little shocked when he felt the celestial move his hand, though he eased his tensed arm as it rested over the celestial’s heart, he could faintly feel the male’s heartbeat in his chest, faster than what would be considered normal, much like the dhampir’s own. As Hanseol spoke Jae found himself leaning closer to him, his hand still resting against the warmth of his chest. The dhampir leaned his head forward until his forehead was touching Hanseol’s and he smiled softly “I really like that word” he commented, his voice was quiet because he didn’t feel the need to project when he was this close to Hanseol “It scares me too but you’re worth facing my fears for” that was his way of saying he wanted this.

And then the celestial had him laughing again as he suggested a term he was sure he probably picked up from teenagers teasing one another in the streets “That term has a double meaning that I absolutely cannot explain to you without becoming a mess so...” he shrugged glancing down to the floor for a few moments “Sure” his laughter was melodic as he followed Hanseol through to the lounge humming a random tune that kept coming into his head as he did so.

Seeing the way that Yeontan jumped into the spot that the star made, Jae laughed pulling an adorable smile before he knelt down and gave the pup a stern look “We’re not going to have a problem now are we mister?” he asked with a raised brow, to which the Pomeranian stared him down for a few moments and then eventually got to his feet and hopped onto the floor. Jae was surprised by how easy it was to get him to comply but didn’t complain as he took the spot for himself, glancing over at Hanseol for a moment “I hope you’re ready for this, choosing something to watch is a real test” he gave the male a challenging look before reaching up his arm to wrap around Han’s shoulder.

Hanseol was sure the bond and connection he shared with Jae was different from everything else he's ever done, and contrary to people's beliefs and his own, he's actually done plenty. He just didn't think much of it to consider it a significance. Hell, he could cook a hundred times in the last two years alone, and he'd still say this is something new because of how Jae increased the level of significance it was to him. It was something special. Nothing that he hasn't done before, maybe, but definitely something that will embedded itself at the back of his head forever. It was one of those moments in life when you recollect every memory to create a collage. He's done nothing but spend his time with the dhampir and yet, the simplest things managed to climb its way up to the charts and knock everything else from number one spot. It's making its home and it looks way too comfortable for it to leave any time soon, so he wouldn't bet on it.

The celestial often had differing opinions on everything, literally, everything. He believes that all of this limitations and boundaries placed on someone would hinder their growth and progress. By growth, he did not mean physical and biologically growing up from adolescents to adults, no. He meant in every aspect. People who are close-minded, to him, they will never get far. It was time for the world to open their eyes and see what's in front of them and learn to accept it or it will be a harsh period. Hence, the reason why social norms never bothered the star. It's not because he didn't have my knowledge prior to the issues, no. He just chose not to pay attention to it because it didn't deserve the attention span given. Sexual orientations? He had no idea why people would even feel the need to classify gender bending roles. Hetero? Bi? Pan? Asexual? What is it even, anymore? He couldn't grasp his head around it. Such thing so simple but so complicated at the same time.

Scrunching his nose up at the playful teasing tone the dhampir gave off regarding his URL links, he couldn't help but to see this as another challenge he will have to work hard on. Though, at the end of the day, he didn't really think it mattered to him. The blog Jae wrote and chose to keep away from everyone's eyes, it was his choice that the celestial respected. He didn't mind not knowing. He didn't need to give off the vibe that the dhampir felt the obligation to show his work to him just because Hanseol showed his. It could work one way and he still wouldn't mind, since he wanted him to see, anyways. He'd never admit that out loud, maybe. But it was no surprise that Hanseol wished that Jae would be able to witness his works, one day. A hobby that served as his savior. Something that would lead him to someone that would seemingly save his life.

“I'm always bold. When it comes to you, there's not really much I won't do. See what you do to me, Jae? How are you going to be responsible for this, huh?” he poked, his tone growing tantalizingly louder than usual, accompanying his word by word with a slightly higher pitch. “Everyone has their own dark sides. We're not proud of it, sure. But it doesn't change who we are. I admit I was a bitter celestial because of what happened to me 85 years ago, and I still am, actually. But I'm learning to let all of those pointless grudges away in hopes robbed a better person. But for who, exactly? I believe there's no need for any questioning on that part.” He's confident in admitting outright that Jae became his motivation, inspiration and everything else that was good to him. He was the beacon of hope for the star. He might be a fallen star, but for him, he'd rise back up any day. It wasn't a joke when he accepted the fact that he's truly fallen for the dhampir.

“If getting a rise out of you means I can see more of your reaction, per se, maybe your smile. Why not. That's exactly my mission 24/7 then. To make you smile and laugh, because that is the only emotion you deserve.” If Jae had asked him to get him the moon, honestly at this point, Hanseol might actually do just that. Which is to say, don't underestimate his level of sincerity and dedication. It's over the roof when it comes to the blue haired male. There wasn't anything else that he would not have done for him, well maybe except for the whole you die I die. He wasn't about to go full Romeo and Juliet. But Titanic's I jump you jump? That's still viable.

Placing both his index finger on each sides of his lips, he actually traced a line to form a smile. “Smile. If you smiled a lot more when I'm around, it makes me feel special.” he confessed, matching with a bunny-like smile of his own. It wasn't a competition between the two. They were cute in their own rights individually, but when combined? There was no escaping the nuclear bomb that will plague the entire space. “Well, I hope one day they can see how right you were. I'm sure a day will come, when they will be proud of how far you've come. This is only just the beginning. It'll mark its spot eventually, so- let's work towards that way, aye?” he encouraged, while putting a firm hold on his shoulders, patting it a few times to reassure the male that there were plenty of good days to last for them. Sometimes, Hanseol envied how others had siblings with them. An older brother, younger brother or older sister or younger. Either one of them, really. He wished to have one, to quench the thirst of loneliness in his parade. But now that he has Jae, supposedly that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

He was not going to be alone, anymore. At least, no now. You'd be surprised to see what that means and just how much it brings to someone who's known nothing else but a lonesome life their entire life. “From the sound of it, he sounds like a really cool guy. Wait, is he by any chance, inheriting the same looks? I mean, he's gotta be a looker if his younger brother is looking like a full course meal.” he teased, allowing the corner of his lips to curve into a smirk. It wasn't going to rest forever, knowing him. Following Jae's coy remark, he couldn't believe he threw one back his way. ‘You're really throwing that way, huh. You're something, Jaesung. I guess I should take it pridefully, knowing that I actually made someone fall for me. Wait, that does mean you're admitting that you fell for me, right?” Wiggling his eyebrows together, he prodded the dhampir slowly, teasing the life out of him just because he could.

God, how he loves the skinship between them. The electricity coursing through his veins every time they touched, much less someone more than that. It was a surprise he's not dead yet, from the amount of excitement he's got going on. When Jae leaned their foreheads together, he responded with  soft smile while intertwining their fingers together, gazing downwards where he could witness their right hands modeling together like it's always belonged together. “I told you you're gonna have a hard time shaking me off. See, you're starting to get smitten all over again.” Of course, there can never be a session where he's not teasing. Strangely enough, it's becoming a tradition for him to poke the fun in the dhampir. “Careful now, anyone might think you're really falling for me.” he murmured, as he trained his dark mocha hues on his own, unwavering while seeing through the sudden glint that crossed him.

It didn't surprise him to see Yeontan following exactly why Jae asked him to, because the Pomeranian pup is madly in love with him, it's not even a joke. The puppy was infatuated with the dhampir and while she couldn't deny the impact, it does mean more competition. Yes, he's actually competing with his own pets. A whole new level of crackhead behavior. “I have no idea why people call them Netflix and chill. Isn't it the same equivalent to picking out a show and watch. What's the point.” he shook his head slightly at the thought of such an absurd idea being approved for the millennials. Excuse him, he's a world war II veteran easily. Very old-fashioned. Per usual, he was a sucker for skinship, so he swore he actually purred as he leaned closer to Jae's hold. “Wait, choosing a movie is a test?” he stared cluelessly at the display. “How hard could it be?”

You spoke too soon, Hanseol. The next thing he knew, almost half an hour had passed and the two of them were bickering about the selection of movies. “I swear choosing a Netflix movie is a lot worse than letting a game of Monopoly ruin someone's relation ties.” he grumbled to himself. So far, the banter between both celestial and dhampir were harmless and rather cute, especially with the amount of pouts and whines coming from Hanseol. Eventually, he settled for a movie of Jae's pick because the puppy dog eyes he gave, it wasn't something he was strong enough to deny. He did find it hard to concentrate on the movie. Occasionally, he would end up staring at the dhampir rather than paying attention at the actual movie that required his. Talking about being easily distracted, Jae really was good at distracting. Even when he didn't actually notice them. During his time staring, he actually noticed how soft and prominent the male's features were. He was half tempted to whip out his sketchbook or even a canvas, so he could start working on the masterpiece that was Jaesung Moon.

Everything was new and exciting right now, every touch, every word and every gaze, it made the dhampir feel elated and giddy, he looked forward to each new development between them his mind remembering every single detail of what it felt like, he wanted to remember every moment. Jae had always been the type to get hung up on details, that was what he loved so much about writing, writing encompassed every single part of those details, from every sense to the thoughts that whirred in his mind. Some of the things he was thinking and feeling tonight, however, would be his alone, moments he just captured in his mind because he knew it would be one of the most important he’d ever had. He wasn’t even sure how he knew that, he just did.

There were many things that Jae liked about Hanseol but if he had to pinpoint one thing that drew him in most, it would probably be the star’s openness, which was a strange thought considering the judgy looks the fallen star liked to pull but Hanseol hadn’t once made Jae feel bad for being the person he was, in fact, he seemed to pick out parts that Jae disliked about himself and give a totally different perspective on them. He liked being around someone who boosted that confidence in him, made him feel special and important. He liked how Hanseol was his own person, aware of his own flaws but didn’t let them define him or hold him back, he was someone that Jae felt he could learn a lot from and could help him to be a better person by being around him.

But there was only so much the dhampir could handle when the celestial started talking the way he did, Jae felt like his head was up in the clouds sometimes when he heard the things that Hanseol spoke too easily, whenever Jae made a confession he had to work up the courage to say it and yet Hanseol could just say it without overthinking it. Jae chuckled softly a smirk gracing his lips as Hanseol reprimanded the dhampir in a teasing tone “Hey I did nothing” he defended holding his hands up in a surrender though his expression showed that he liked the idea of having that effect on the star. The tone, however, turned a little more serious and Jae nodded softly “I give off a very bright and funny persona and that’s definitely a defining part of who I am” he spoke honestly before following it up “But sometimes that’s a front, my way of dealing with my own doubts and insecurities” if they were going to start something today, which he hoped they would, he wanted to accept Hanseol’s good and bad parts, just as he hoped the celestial would embrace his “It must take a lot of strength, to move past something as traumatic as that” he commented in nod to the way Hanseol explained where he was at right now, Jae wasn’t sure he could have done the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Jae could understand Hanseol’s want to see the other smile, Jae had always been driven by the effect he had on others, he felt at his happiest when he was making someone else happy which was only magnified by the feelings he had for dark-haired male, Jae wanted to be the reason a smile was on Hanseol’s face, he wanted the other male to remember moments they had together when they were apart and be happy and perhaps even miss him a little  “I know that feeling well” he expressed in return, it was strange how another person’s happiness could be so connected to his own.

Feeling the celestial’s hands against his face as he traced over the dhampir’s lips Jae couldn’t stop the beam that shone through, Hanseol had this really precious way of showing his affection that made the dhampir weak, especially when he pulled that adorable smile “You are special” he insisted in a sincere tone as continued to lean into the male’s touch, honestly Jae just really liked the way he felt around Hanseol, he felt empowered, like he could do anything, like nothing was holding him back which was odd for the dhampir who was used to people emphasizing his shortcomings. That was only reinforced by the way that Han encouraged him in regards to his parents “They let me take a chance by coming here, I don’t intend to waste it, that’s for sure” like any child he wanted to make his parents proud but he knew it wouldn’t be authentic for him to do so studying something that wasn’t his passion, writing was a risk but Jae hoped to prove he could make something of it, make something of himself.

“He is” Jae answered without hesitation, he and his elder brother had always had a certain understanding and bond, they were both alike in the ways they thought and acted and his brother had always been somewhat of a shield for Jae, always protecting him from their parent’s expectations by living up to them and then some. Sang-eun had always been the family’s golden boy but Jae had never resented his brother for that, if anything he was in awe of him. When Han commented on the two of their looks Jae blushed a little, pressing his hands against his own cheeks “All my siblings inherited my father’s good looks” he admitted with a nervous chuckle “I think you’d really get along with Sang-eun though” Jae was less close with his elder sister and other brother but he loved them all regardless. The teasing only got worse and Jae’s face only got redder, he nudged against Hanseol’s shoulder cause he knew the other male was enjoying this far too much “I’ll admit there was a trip” he murmured as he hid behind his hands, God he was such a mess when it came to his feelings for the fallen star.

Jae wasn’t sure he would ever be able to get over the feeling of chills that washed over his skin every time the two of them touched, like now with their foreheads resting against one another in a strangely intimate gesture only to be topped with Hanseol intertwining their fingers together, Jae opened his eyes to look down at their laced hands and sucked in a long breath. All of this was all he had been craving since the night he first kissed Hanseol, when he finally admitted to himself that he wanted more than just friendship from the other male. He had pictured what it would be like in his mind but it didn’t compare to what he felt now it was real, he couldn’t even believe it was real. The dhampir squeezed Han’s hand gently with his own in response to his teasing. Though his dark hues moved upwards to meet the star’s as he gave a light warning to Jae “Would it be bad if I was?” he asked vulnerably, sincerity showing in his gaze.

Jae glanced up towards Hanseol as he continued to speak about the term that the dhampir was now almost certain he had picked up from the younger generation, realizing he wasn’t gonna give Jae a pass on explaining it the dhampir cleared his throat “That’s cause it’s not actually about watching something” he sighed a little frustrated that he’d have to spell it out “It’s what they tell their parents they’re doing” he raised his brows a little as he took the spot next to the other male. It was natural to the dhampir as he rested his arm around the fallen star, leaning slightly into him as he did so, feeling the warmth of his body against his side. “Oh you have no idea” Jae teased with a shake of his head, it was a real test of a relationship to try and agree on something to watch.

And no surprises, 30 minutes later they were still bickering over what looked good to watch, Jae had warned the celestial it would happen, though the dhampir had confidence they could figure it out, it wasn’t like it really mattered what they watched anyway, they had agreed to this date to spend time with one another after all, the fallen star was cute, with his pouting and whining about disliking certain kinds of movies. When they finally did settle on something Jae was just glad to finally not have to focus so much on the tiny font on the screen. It wasn’t a secret at this point that Jae needed glasses for reading and since he didn’t bring them with him, he was straining his eyesight a little. As he watched, the dhampir absentmindedly ran his fingers in circles on the celestial’s shoulder, his touch gentle. It was about 10 minutes in that he first noticed the fallen star looking over at him which caused a half smile to cross Jae’s lips.

But as the movie got further on he noticed that the star was paying less and less attention to what was going on, the staring got Jae’s attention and he turned his eyes from the screen to meet Han’s “Is the movie boring you?” he asked in a curious tone though his focus had now also moved entirely over to the other male. Jae held his breath for a moment, there was no more need-tos in the way of the two of them now and the realization of that brought a sudden wash of need over him. The dhampir lifted his fingertips to caress Hanseol’s cheek gently, his thumb sweeping over his cheekbone as he did so, the half-valkyr’s eyes were filled with the desire he felt for the other male, something he had been holding back for many weeks now. As he looked at the dark haired male he had a look of disbelief on his face “You are so stunning” he spoke as his eyes wandered over every detail of Hanseol’s face and then his gaze dropped from Han’s wide and bright eyes to his perfect full lips, the feeling was almost magnetic as he felt himself pulling closer to the fallen star and then he closed the gap between them, his lips meeting the celestial’s in a soft, lingering kiss.

There was no way to describe the feeling the celestial was driving on right now, was he happy? Of course. Elated? Definitely. If there was a possible time where he had to list down the countless synonyms for happiness itself, he would've gladly done so, just because it deserved the appreciation. If spending time with Jae alone was enough to spark the fire that was once reignited because of it, he wondered what would've happened if he continued to get daily dosage of it, no matter how minimal it was. Would it form into an addiction? Huh, an addiction for the attention he wished to gain from a particular 22 year old dhampir, such an irony. If he had asked past him of what was happening today, he was sure even past him would hit his head a few times while telling him how he needed to get back to reality before he gets himself killed. Let's be clear, there was no longer any opposition displayed in neither one of them regarding this relationship. They were weak for each other. Fairly enough, it could be said that Hanseol and Jae remained as each other's catalyst-- an inspiration and motivation.

Both of them were artsy, there was no debunking that. Hanseol was involved in physical artistic approaches like visual representation made up from every detail and aspects he had thought out carefully in his head. It was conceptual art. Meanwhile, Jae focused more on the art of writing which really depends on his level of creativity, imagination and makes up a big emotional expressive door in him. No wonder his words were well-placed and even from the way he brought himself to be was eloquent. Graceful, despite his reckless and careless manners. That was where he found it increasingly hard to grasp. How someone like him was able to be two people at the same time. Maybe he still has yet to learn more about him, following his words, Hanseol grew curious about the dhampir's dark side. They've witnessed his, for a brief while. But other than his temper, Han knew nothing about that dark side of Jae and he would be lying if he wasn't slightly tempted to find out.

“The fact that you did nothing is basically it.” he rolled his eyes, really rethinking his odds on who's the more clueless one in this scenario. Honestly, the celestial only made it seem like he knew everything and acted like nothing bothered him. Whilst the social norms did not bother him the slightest being true, everything else had a limit to it. He wasn't a perfect forgiving machine, no. He had his own flaws that he fought until today. It did make him feel like a hypocrite for acting the opposite while he preached about accepting one's flaws to be a part of themselves, but it was a transfusion in his view. An exchange between the two sides of him, in order to create a better outcome. He would exchange his bitterness for something positive. He didn't wish to hide that away from Jae, seeing as the last thing he would ever want to do was seal himself away from the dhampir.

“It does.” he affirmed, hanging his head low as he was reminded of what happened. “It wasn't easy to move past it, I'm not sure if I've actually put it behind me. If you would ask me to push aside our differences to form an alliance for the better result of our future, I would. But I don't think I can ever stop being angry and scared of them. It left a mark in me, and that mark will continue to stay embedded as a scar. And you know scars don't actually fade.” Striving to be this positive and bubbly person that he is now was quite challenging, per se. It also didn't help when he's been a quiet introvert all his life and strayed away from any form of socializing. So to be thrown back into that kind of world, it was slightly overwhelming. “Just thought I should tell you something. You shouldn't hide who you are. We're still in the progress of getting to know each other, and it might seem early, but I hope to gain your trust little by little, just as how you've gained mine.” It seemed naive for him to give off that away to someone he's just met a few months ago, yes. But he had a feeling that Jae wouldn't betray him, and he's always trusted his instincts.

They say when you truly love someone, you would give your everything just to see them happy, even if you wouldn't be in the picture. Is this what it was that he was feeling? Making Jae happy contributed heavily in his attempts on leading a bright and content second life, but mostly because he just couldn't bear to see someone so pure like him to be burdened by the world's weight. Perhaps, it was both. Why did it always to be just one? It's nearly impossible to choose, Hanseol fell as a victim when it comes to choosing, because he was horrible at it. One of these days if you'd ask him to choose between the two, it's most likely that he'll never be able to go through with it.

He thought by now, he would've gotten used to all the compliments and genuine tidbits being thrown around his way, but he was proven wrong once again. This saga was never-ending. “I am, am I..” Instead of the usual smug smirk playing on the corners of his lips, it was a look of endearment. A mixture between looks of disbelief and shock. He knew how hard it was for Jae to speak his actions verbally, so this means a lot to him. If not, everything. At first, he wasn't sure if what he felt for the dhampir was just an illusion of his fantasies to be loved, but now, he had enough evidence to prove it was legit. “아..다시 한 번 말씀해 주시겠습니까? (Ah.. Can you say that one more time, please)” he mumbled as he stared at him fondly, both of his fingers still curving a smile on his cheeks. “I'm sure they would've been proud if they could see what their son is becoming.” he smiled as ran his fingers through his mint greenish blue hair while humming softly. They really should.

정말 믿을 수 없다. 어떻게 너보다 더 잘생길 수 있니? (I can't believe it, how can someone be more handsome than you..)” Whenever he switched into Korean, his voice would naturally either go an octave lower or higher, depending on the mood and setting. The Busan accent would also insert itself in occasionally. “Sang-eun? Is that his name? Why do you think that? Are we alike or something?” Suddenly, Hanseol grew curious to know why Jae thought he would get along with his elder brother. When his face grew a shade redder, the celestial snickered as he eventually removed the hands covering his face away. “You shouldn't shield your face away. It's a criminal offense.” And leave it be to Hanseol to go along with his readings. It wasn't as if it was going to be something he often does with anyone else, so he didn't mind pouring the affection over to the male.

Can someone just kill him and get it over with? Because no way he would be able to survive after that gaze was thrown his way. It was a killer look. If he wasn't holding on to him, he probably would've leave it to his jelly legs to fall. If this was it, why did he even bother continue, knowing one word from Jae was enough to send him over. “I wouldn't say it's bad. I got hooked up so fast it's unreal. But I can tell you, things are gonna be harder for the both of us.” And he did not mean what people thought of them. He meant exactly what he said, which was literally making it harder for the both of them not to go full on heart eyes towards each other every time.

He admitted, he did not expect the topic of picking a movie from a wide selection of those in Netflix, to be an issue. But it became one. Still, he was still not understanding the whole concept of teenagers telling their parents the slang. It was almost funny to see just how confused he looked, like a bunny caught in the headlights. His pupils dilating every few minutes whenever he tried to comprehend Jae's explanation to him. “People are so weird.” he surmised, accompanying it with a deep grumble. Why did they have to make slungs so hard to get around? During the first few minutes when he saw Jae squinting his eyes slightly to read the subtitles and see the picture clearly, he paid attention to o every detail. Of course, the detail being Jaesung Moon and not the movie that was chosen. The soft frown that came across his features every time he tried to focus properly on the screen, how here was a small but visible pout gracing his lips whenever he couldn't achieve it. Boy wasn't kidding when he said he was hooked.

Even when he knew Jae noticed him staring, he didn't stop. He's shameless like that, sometimes. Still, it didn't mean that the celestial wasn't taken aback by surprise when the dhampir turned his gaze onto him, leaving his speechless and flustered. While struggling to find his words, he cleared his throat a few times. “Th-that's not it. I just.. Like to multitask?” What a terrible excuse, Han. At this point, he was giving up on trying to find a viable reason to tell him anymore. Even more so when the latter traced his fingertips on his cheek bones, where a small almost invisible scar etched itself on him. It was a reminder of one very unfateful night prior to his arrest by the Ailward guards, one that he would rather forget. “Hm?” Receiving another compliment was not what surprised the star, it was the fact that Jae leaned in closer to close the already minimal gap between them. Did he said it was possible to just kill him and get it over with? Yes? Well, this is another time he'd say it.

It was the ultimatum at his end. Like the night at the dojo, Jae initiated the kiss first but this time, it felt different. Not lacking in any part, but even rosing up the passion and vulnerability that lies beneath him. Choosing nothing else but to reciprocate, Hanseol allowed his hands to travel, one placing a firm hold while cradling behind the dhampir's neck to provide support whilst the other free hand tangled itself in his bright colored locks. As he deepened the kiss, the celestial found himself leaning towards the intoxicating warmth the male exuded. Up until he actually pushed Jae down on the soft cushion of the couch while still maintaining his gesture. Things were going fine, but all good things must also come to an end. That being said, the barks of Yeontan and Byul was enough to emit a growl from Hanseol.

Jae knew there was still a lot for them to learn about one another, a few months only scratched the surface after all but he was excited by the idea of that, he was curious what Hanseol would do in all different situations, he wondered whether he liked to sleep on his left or right side, what his favourite way to waste away an evening was, what stories spoke to him and touched on his emotions, things that most wouldn’t even occur to most people and yet fascinated the dhampir. Jae was definitely a sucker for details and this relationship would give him the chance to discover so many of them, he was sure even a year down the line the celestial could still reveal things that surprised him, it was a thrilling thought, one that kept pulling him back in over and over without fail.

Jae chuckled and shot Hanseol a look, raising his brows “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t isn’t the expression?” he commented with a half smirk, Jae hadn’t really intentionally got himself into this after all, hell two months he had been absolutely sure he was straight and there was nothing more to it, now he found himself practically tumbling down a hill for the fallen star. And he was still coming to terms with it all, what it meant for Jae as a person, the things that made sense in his mind now though the dhampir wasn’t even sure if he was bisexual or simply found girls and Hanseol Park attractive. It was confusing for him still, it went aside from a lot of things he knew about himself but the strangest part was that it made sense, this felt right to him, perhaps even ‘meant to be’ if he believed in such a thing.

The blue-haired male showed concern on his expression as he watched the way Hanseol’s body language changed as they talked about what happened to him, even now Jae wasn’t really able to process the idea of someone being locked up for 85 years of their life, Han had spent more of his life locked up than he had free and that was such a screwed up thing to process. The fact that Hanseol could even contemplate working with them spoke a lot “Han you had 85 years of your life taken away from you” he spoke empathetically “If that didn’t leave some kind of scar I’d be worried you really were a robot” he commented with a proud smile, Jae supposed he was lucky to be able to meet the version of Hanseol he did because if the celestial had completely given over to those dark thoughts, things might have been very different. When Hanseol spoke about trust and hiding one’s self Jae shook his head “I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you because I do, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t” he ran his tongue over his bottom lip “There are just parts of myself that I’m still working on and I’m not proud of them, I want you to see the best of me before the worst” and they would both show themselves in time he was sure, but right now he didn’t want to taint what was becoming such a highlight for him with darkness.

Jae nodded when the celestial asked him to affirm that he meant what he said, he did think that Hanseol was special, he’d never met anyone like him and he knew that was a cheesy line that everyone said when they had feelings for someone but Jae believed it with everything he had, no one had ever made Jae feel so sure about anything, which considering how big of a risk this relationship would be to him, spoke absolute volumes. When Han switched to Korean, Jae felt his breath hitch a little in his chest, somehow it felt more real to say the words in his mother tongue, he was quiet for a few moments, just staring back into the celestial’s eyes before he chose what he wanted to say “난 너에게 빠졌어, 난 너한테 빠졌어” (I’m falling for you, I’m crazy about you) he wanted to break eye contact from the nerves that bubbled up from saying that but he forced himself to stay where he was, completely lost in the celestial’s smile, Jae knew he was so far gone but he had warned Hanseol that he didn’t do things in half measures many times “내 타락한 별” (My fallen star) he spoke the words affectionately.

The topic of family was a little touch and go for Jae, if it hadn’t been clear from the ways he talked about his parents and siblings before, they had somewhat of a difficult family setting, his parents had put so much pressure on his eldest brother that eventually he had all but shut them out of his life, Sang-eun had stuck around longer but he still disagreed with most of their father’s beliefs which meant they argued a lot “Our relationship is much more complicated than that” he admitted with a sad smile, he was pretty sure the only reason they had let him go was because they knew they would lose him too if they didn’t. When Han spoke of his disbelief that someone could be more handsome than Jae the dhampir simply made a cute point at the celestial and grinned “Yes that’s his name” he responded and then shrugged in response to his questioning “You both have this…” he tried to think of the words for it “Way about you, like other people’s judgements don’t matter” his brother had always made his own decisions and wouldn’t let anyone tell him otherwise, it made Jae a little envious.

As Hanseol pried Jae’s hands from covering his face the dhampir laughed “Then stop making me blush” he insisted with a shake of his head, it was unfair how the celestial knew exactly what he was doing and yet continued to anyway, once the dhampir started getting embarrassed it was a spiral staircase downwards for him. As he looked back into the celestial’s eyes, he noticed the way they were as dark as the night sky and yet the artificial light gave them a glossy shine, the words Hanseol spoke made Jae chuckle softly “I never asked for easy” he admitted, his expression genuine “I like to be challenged” he admitted with a slight shake of his head.

It felt almost surreal, doing always these things that he pictured to be completely normal date things with Hanseol because he was quite literally sitting next to a fallen star, who fell from the sky. It was still strange for Jae to think about the reality of that, to even comprehend what it must have felt and been like for Hanseol, sometimes he didn’t even believe it himself. Jae eventually gave up trying to explain the phrase to Han and just agreed with his comment on people in general “Indeed they are” he could relate, only had to go back to his dorm to find proof. He wrinkled his nose cutting off that thought as quickly as it came, he wasn’t going to think about his roommates from hell right now. Jae was mostly so focused on the screen because it was a little hard for him to see it, he cursed not bringing his glasses with him but he hadn’t expected to be watching a movie tonight based on the invite. Note to self to bring glasses anyway in future.

It was sweet, the way Hanseol’s eyes kept drifting away from the screen and towards the dhampir, at first Jae had just pretended he didn’t notice to see how far the celestial would take it but after a while, he realized Han wasn’t planning to look away so he interrupted him. The words the star spoke in response made Jae raise his eyebrows in a questioning gesture but he didn’t say anything. Jae wasn’t really interested in the movie anyway, he just liked the excuse to be able to have the fallen star close to him so when he saw the opportunity he took it, moving in closer towards Hanseol. The moment their lips touched he felt a warmth spread through his body that he got completely lost in.

The kiss, which started off sweet and sentimental quickly deepened as he ran his tongue over the celestials lip and felt Hanseol’s hands, first against the back of his neck sending a tingle down Jae’s spine and then tangled up in his hair. Jae’s hands moved too, reaching to rest against Han’s waist though it was only for a few seconds before he felt himself being pushed down onto soft couch beneath him, Jae obliged with what the celestial wanted without question only breaking the kiss for a few seconds before he went in for more, this kiss much rougher and passionate than the start of the first, the dhampir wrapped both his arms around the other male who was now on top of him. And then the barking started and he heard the low annoyed growl escape the celestial’s lips. At first, Jae tried to ignore it, leaning up to press a gentle kiss against Hanseol’s jawline but it quickly got louder and more frequent.

Jae sighed softly falling back down against the cushion beneath him “Can you ask whatever fate or destiny you believe in why there are so many interruptions?” he gave a frustrated breath, though his eyes told a completely different story along with his now messed up hair which was falling all around his face, there was literally no denying how much he had wanted this. Glancing over towards the dogs who had now joined them once again in the room he pulled a face “They can’t actually be jealous can they?” he asked with raised brows as he pulled his legs to his chest and rolled over into a sitting position once again.

It was a lot to take in for sure. The both of them has been struggling with this concept for some time, but it didn't seem to influence their actions too much. Hanseol could pinpoint the shyness radiating off Jae whenever it comes to him initiating anything, but it has seemingly flee away. The peer pressure from both community and family could prove to be quite a load of burden weighing on the dhampir's shoulders. And Hanseol wanted nothing more than to help ease it, though he wasn't sure what he could do that would actually lessen it by at least one percent. The only thing he could offer the male was his company and sincerity interlacing this event that took place in both their hearts. The genuine look the dhampir always gave him made his heart flutter, like there were a swarm of butterflies residing in the pit of his stomach. Sounds a little fairytale-like, no? Eh, he's allowed to be extra dramatic sometimes.

Much like Jae, the celestial wished to know more about the latter. It was a two-way work that required both parties’ utmost cooperation for this to work. He found a few things he liked about him, but overall, it was the fact that there was still a lot that he has yet to find out, that really excited him to the core. The prospect of knowing more in depth surrounding the dhampir's character, it enticed him. If he was willing to let Jae come inside the doors that has been locked and barred for decades, surely he could do the same for him. “You always have a way with words, don't you? It's unfair.” he pouted, jutting his bottom lip out in response to the blue haired male's words. Granted, he is a literature major and an aspiring author, why is he even surprised at this point? No idea why, must've been for the whole hooked part. Every part surprised him to no end, it was like preparing another heart transplant and a defibrillator just in case he needed them again every time Jae came with a new revelation. It's tiring, but the good kind.

For some, it might be difficult to forget about the past. So far, he's only known two kinds of people with bitter past; the As forget about it and move on with lives. The Bs left that part in them sealed and dormant in one door, never to be poked around or ventured into, ever again. He was somewhat a mix of the two. He was still sensitive on certain parts, and this was one of them. He didn't want Jae to see the part that he has so tirelessly tried to bar from the world, but at the same time, he wished to embrace it and leave it in his memory lane before moving forward. Truly, the fallen star was conflicted in this dilemma. Hopefully, Jae would be able to give a key revelation that will lead to a solution. There was only so much he could take, after all.

“Sometimes being a robot means for the better, Jae.” he smiled sadly, as he ran his fingers through his bright locks. “If it means it would seal away the pain no matter how unrealistically, I believe I wouldn't turn it away. I like to think good things happen to good people too. Forgetting about the past seemed to be tempting, but I needed a reminder of it to keep going. A form of motivation, if you will. Maybe that's why I'm blessed to meet you.” He was careful when wording it. Rather than using ‘someone like you’, he made sure to surmise it to ‘you' instead. It might not mean much to most people but to him, it does. As much as he thinks it would bring the same effect to Jae as well. “I told you before.. It's okay to take your time. I'm not going anywhere, remember? I spent 89 years in the dark, Jae. These past two months were significant to me, I can wait a little while longer for you. So don't worry, darling, for I'm not leaving.” he reassured as his hands cupped the male's face. It was no surprise to see Hanseol being an affectionate doer who leans a lot towards skinship. He had no idea he liked them until now.

“I want to see every side of you. If you would allow me to, I'll show you mine too. It's hard, but knowing I share the same burden as you do, if makes it a little extra worthwhile.” he beamed. Making Jae uncomfortable was the last thing he would think of. “난 그 말이 그렇게 긍정적인 것으로 들리라고는 생각지도 못했다. (I never thought I'd hear the word crazy as something so positive.)” he grinned softly, the smile travelling up to the corner of his crescent like eyes. It was still amazing to see how quickly Hanseol was able to master the eye smile when talking to Jae. It was like an automatic switch. “너네.. 너 말고는 아무도 없다. (It's you.. There's no one else but you.)” he hummed lightly. He liked speaking in his native tongue, something about it just gives off the more meaningful vibe. Because it was natural, and according to bilingual reduced emotional resonance he read about, the words you utter from your first language was more significant and harder to send through. It just feels right. Especially hearing the nickname from him, makes it even more endearing. “맞아요. 난 너의 별, 너의 떨어진 별. (That's right. I'm your star, your fallen star.)” he repeated, in no way was he letting the latter forget what he said. He likes compliments, what's new. His ego floating so high in the sky was just a proverb at this point.

Family was a sensitive topic for anyone. It's only right that way. It proves to Hanseol just how humane that person was. So to hear Jae spill about his family, it made him happy, because he was able to feel the significance slowly seeping in. So he wasn't just special to him, but important too. It might bring the same meaning, but to the star, it was two different things. He wondered if Jae will ever get the chance to prove to his family that he's on the right path. “I guess I'm glad you had someone similar with you since a child. Growing up, I don't have that so I don't know how it feels like. When I fell, I look like this. I didn't get the privilege to grow. At some point, all the mental pressures just pushes you off. But I'm sure your childhood is filled with at least a few happy moments. Cling on to that to remind just how far you've come. Because to me, it seems like you undergo quite the transformation and character development.” he pointed out, and knew instantly there was still a long road mapped down for Jae. His wish was to accompany him. “I don't think everyone else's judgements didn't matter. I just think mine is a lot better because I don't conclude things easily. It takes precision and time. That, of I'm just being a smug little brat again, per usual.’ It wasn't like Hanseol not to end things with a lighthearted situation, so he it was again.

When he told the celestial to stop making him blush forming the retaliation of him covering his face, Hanseol scoffed. “That's unlikely for me. Teasing you is becoming a habit now. It's fun and it's enjoyable. What I would do just to see them this-” he traced his lips again to curve a smile on him. “Well, congratulations to you. You are a challenge to me. A puzzle I'm happy to figure out. It'll take time, but eh, if good things will come out of it, it can take years and I still wouldn't mind. You can't leave me though. That's the rule.” he reprimanded, a part of him really meaning it as something serious overall. Really, the celestial wasn't sure what would happen if the dhampir was to leave him. Would he spiral back downstairs? Succumbing to the previous state he was in? Filled with midlife dilemmas and worries while also being empty? Just the mere thought of it scares him to no end. He didn't even want to think of the possibility happening. He was happy now, let's leave it to be long lasting.

The change in the kiss did not went unnoticed to him. The first was languid and smooth, filled with endearment and fragility. A sincere nod to their building relationships, a sign from Hanseol that he took them seriously and genuinely. The sudden shift to it transferred into a more passionate length. The pace grew slightly faster and it fired him up, successfully kindling the spark in his heart, giving off jolts from defibrillator every time. If this continues, he might need to find a new heart because the old one couldn't handle it. The gesture changed but not lesser from what it was earlier. A few minutes in enjoying the lip lock, the sudden interruption from the two lovable furballs really ruined it for him. So much it resulted a low growl from him, now that's definitely the first. Even when Jae gave pecks over his jawline, the barking only grew louder. They were obviously seeking attention. But at a time like that? There was an underlying motive, for sure.

“I don't think I'm going to believe in fate or destiny for this. I mean sure the world hates me generally. But this is just mean.. I'm starting to really get tired of it. You said we carve our own destiny, right? Let me hold you to it.” he mumbled audibly before getting up and placing his hands over on his hips, while giving a judgemental look towards Byul and Yeontan who looked as innocent as ever. “That's it. Last streak. Time out for you. You two are going to bed early today. “ he exclaimed in a finalized tone before scooping their squirming bodies with him and placed them into their room, bidding them a sarcastic good night and closed the door. At first, there were plenty of whining cries from inside but as soon as Hanseol knocked on the door four times, it subsided and soon, there was no mention of them no more.

As he returned to his seat, he clicked his tongue happily as the movie was still ongoing. “Right, where were we.” he murmured lowly before pulling Jae on top on him when he laid down on the couch. The space gave them the chance to lie next to each other, so it was quite convenient. Wrapping his arms around him, he bopped the dhampir's nose and peppered his face with kitten kisses before he eventually nibbled on the latter's bottom lip, seeking entrance. And the rest? Eh, history. Just a dhampir and celestial making out on the couch. Right, the movie is still going on but no ones watching. Truly, Netflix and chill, indeed.

“Words are my thing” Jae answered honestly a smile toying at the corner of his lips “You have many talents, you can let me have my one” he chuckled, of course, the English language and writing wasn’t the only thing he was good at but he was proud of how far he had come with it, how naturally he felt he could use English words now, even if his pronunciation wasn’t always perfect. The adorable pout on the celestial’s lips did captivate him for a moment though, just when he thought Hanseol couldn’t look any cuter he did things like that. In his mind, Jae had already been thinking about the things he might write about this particular night and the list just seemed to be getting longer and longer the more time the two of them spent together.

“I refuse to believe that” he commented, though he closed his eyes as he felt the celestial’s fingers running through his hair, Han’s touch was gentle and warm, it was comforting to Jae “After seeing what I have of emotions and love” he continued to talk “I refuse to believe that not feeling could ever be better” there was a quote he had read before that really spoke to him, ‘pain demands to be felt’ and he believed it, without the lows the highs wouldn’t feel so blissful and Jae hoped he felt a lot in his life, because feeling was what made things real. He didn’t miss the way the celestial attributed his motivation back to him though, Jaesung smiled brightly, the two of them were slowly getting more and more direct with the words they said to one another. Jae felt reassured by the way Hanseol constantly spoke about not going anywhere, it was comforting to the dhampir to know he had time to figure all this out. Though the words made his legs feel weak and so when Hanseol reached out to touch his cheeks Jae moved his arms up to rest against Hanseol’s shoulders to give him stability “Okay” he breathed the word softly like it was a sigh of relief.

Of course he felt the same way, one day Jae wanted to know everything there was to know about Hanseol, he wanted to be the one that knew him better than anyone else and he wanted Hanseol to know and understand every part of him too, including the ones that he struggled with, Jae was by no means a perfect person after all “It will come with time” he assured with a soft nod, he knew if anyone could get to that part of him it was the fallen star. Jae chuckled softly when Han spoke of the word crazy not usually being a positive one. He was though, completely crazy for the celestial, he felt like there was a whole new side to him that became unlocked thanks to the dark haired male. It was the smile that Hanseol had on his face, the one that was so genuine and covered his entire face, from his lips to his eyes that really had Jae’s heart racing, followed by the words he spoke afterwards. Jae felt his heart swell in his chest, those words meant everything to him and only deepened the connection he felt to the celestial. Looking deep into his twinkling eyes Jae beamed his signature joyous box smile “I guess that makes us official then, I am yours and you are mine” he sighed contented and leaned his head into the celestial’s touch.

Jae always felt a little strange when talking about his family with Hanseol, not because he didn’t want to share that part of his life with him but because he knew that the fallen star didn’t have his own to talk about in return and that made Jae sad, especially when he heard Han speaking of the adoptive parents he left behind all those years ago “You may not have aged in the literal sense Han but I can tell just from the words you say that you’ve grown too, in your own way” Jae assured, the celestial had mentioned a few times now how he had dealt with his time when he was locked away and the way he handled the whole thing really was incredible and not something that many would be able to do if Jae was honest. “But you’re right, I shouldn’t take for granted the family that I’m lucky enough to have” and because his father was a valkyr and his siblings were dhampir, there was a potential for them to be in his life for a long time to come. “I’m just a little in awe of the way you don’t let what other people think stop you” he commented sincerely, it wasn’t a bad thing at all, Jae wished he was able to disregard negative opinions so easily.

He didn’t have much faith in the celestial stopping teasing him any time soon but he was beginning to get used to it, perhaps even enjoy the way that Hanseol always had him off his guard, he managed to do it so easily every time and Jae just didn’t have the will to fight it any more, his gaze dropped as he felt the celestial touch against his lips again. Jae really liked the way the little touches between them, warm and sweet, they had started off sparing but as the two of them got more comfortable it felt more natural to lean into the touches initiated by one another. When Han spoke about the two of them being a challenge to one another Jae agreed, this wasn’t easy but that’s what made it worth the effort and he was willing to see where it took them, even eager for it “I don’t intend on going anywhere” he admitted with a soft nod, all in was his default after all and it was clear now that Jae had thrown himself over that ledge spectacularly.

The two of them were wrapped up in their own little world the moment their lips with met, Jae pulling the star in over and over again like he wanted to drown himself in the passionate kisses they were sharing, his whole body felt like it was lighter, like he was actually floating from the elation he was feeling in that moment. Jae had shared kisses with others in the past but nothing compared to the way he felt in the arms of the celestial, every part of them entangled as they explored one another and then came the barking. Jae wanted to curse as the incessant noise caused the celestial to pull away and he found himself sinking down into the couch, it really did feel like a curse at this point,something always getting in the way of the affection they shared, though he had been the cause of the first one so maybe it was him who was cursed.

Watching the determination on the celestial’s face as he dragged the two culprits from the room Jae laughed softly, he pulled his knees to his chest as he sat on the couch, his eyes moved back to the movie that was on the TV and he squinted a little, he had actually been paying attention at first but now he had no idea what was going on anymore, not that he really cared. The dhampir eyed Han with a raised brow when he returned, Han really did seem to be an animal whisperer because before long the two dogs were completely silent.

This time the celestial was the one to pull him in, Jae obliging with whatever he wanted as he was pulled on top of Hanseol, he gave a sweet smile as he looked down at the celestial, he told himself to remember this moment in his mind, to remember every single detail of the way the fallen star looked in that moment. Jae scrunched up his nose a little when the celestial tapped it and then he felt the dark-haired male’s teeth graze his bottom lip and he was gone, he would have kissed every inch of the celestial’s body right then and there if he asked it of Jae. Instead, he focused on the passionate kisses between the two of them, exploring Hanseol’s mouth with his tongue. The was literally nothing a movie could do to take his attention now, he was Hanseol Park’s only.


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