He was a mess. He was a mess, the dhampir thought as he paced the room for the 5th time in the last hour. Jae wasn't sure he had ever been quite so nervous about anything as he was for this particular night. And the stupid part of it was that there wasn't even anything to be nervous about. They hadn't even called it a date, just plans to meet up, Hanseol told him there was a place he wanted the dhampir to see and without a second thought, Jae had accepted. Except after everything that happened at the dojo just a week ago, it felt like a date. Hell, it was the first time the celestial had actually used the number he gave him the first night they met, that was a big deal in it's own right. 

He paused as he caught sight of himself in the mirror, running his hands through his still bright blue colored hair, he let out a frustrated sigh, he knew he was making a bigger deal out of this than he needed to but he couldn't stop himself, he hadn't been on anything that resembled in a date in years, what was he expected to do? Was there something specific he needed to wear, was he supposed to bring a gift. He sighed shaking his head, a mess, that was the only word for it. Jae turned his eyes on the clothes he had laid out for the evening, finally giving up on deliberating and starting to change. There was no way in hell he was gonna go through all this panicking and then end up being late too. In the end, he decided on a pair of black skinny jeans which he paired with a white shirt which he tucked into the pants and then an oversized denim jacket to cover his shoulders knowing it was pretty cold out there in Evermore. 

The dhampir scolded himself in his head, he didn't know why he was letting himself get so worked up over something so small, it was like all the confidence he had gained when it came to his thoughts about the fallen star had gone out the window. He just really wanted things to go well, he wanted a night both of them would be able to look back on and smile and that pressure was eating away at him. Shaking his head he turned around the mirror so that he didn't need to look at himself before grabbing his phone and tucking it away into his pocket and his wallet in the other. He eyed his house keys before picking them up, while the front door was unlocked most of the time it was probably wise to keep them on him just in case. 

And before he could doubt himself any further he stepped out of the room, waving a half-assed goodbye to dumb and dumber, who responded by giving him a once over and then wolf whistling "Who's the lucky girl?" they jeered which only elicited an annoyed grunt from the dhampir as he closed the door a little harder than he needed to, the last thing he was doing was getting into that right now. He did his best to shrug it off as he headed out of the building, shaking his head a little. He waved hello to a couple of neighbors who passed him by on the way out and did his best to get a handle over his mood, this was going to be a good night, he reminded himself.

He grabbed his phone, pulling up the Uber app and ordered a lift which arrived about 5 minutes later, the air was crisp this evening but not completely unbearable in the clothing he had decided on, so at least he wasn't going to freeze to death. Climbing into the back of the car he leaned his head back taking slow breaths as he reminded himself over and over that he was putting too much pressure on himself. 20 minutes later and the driver was pulling up outside the celestial's home. Jae gave thanks to the male who had been pretty chatty the whole way here, probably sensing the nerves coming from the half-vampire in the air. Once he got out he tipped the male on the app and rolled his shoulders back.

Before nerves could swallow him whole he started walking towards the now familiar building and made his way up to the door with one last breath he reached up and knocked.

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“Oh god, oh god, oh god, what am I going to do, what the hell is going on.” The celestial muttered to himself as he paced back and forth in front of his wardrobe with eyes from Byul and Yeontan as well as Hanseol Jr fixated on him. His raven colored hair was tousled messily and the situation in the room gave a clear indication to what happened earlier. And is still happening now. Glancing over to the clock on the wall, he swore it was only a few minutes ago that he’s been pacing, but no- it’s been nearly 2 hours. Now, what could the celestial possibly be so anxious and jittery about?

It was his date.

No- it’s not even a date.

Wait, is it?

I don't know 난 몰라..(nan molla)” he grumbled under his breath before letting out a frustrated yell before throwing his body on his bed, face first as he engulfs the bed sheets and clothes. The sudden action earned a surprised yelp and whimper from Yeontan and Byul respectively, while the bunny, yes the actual bunny, stared at the male knowingly. If speaking to animals were a gift, he wasn’t sure if he would want to be blessed with the ability right now, considering the judgmental looks he was receiving from his own pets. “Shut up..” The fallen star threw a pillow towards their direction as the two furballs moved their position but still somewhere in his room. “Why am I getting so nervous... 왜 내 심장이 그렇게 빨리 뛰는지. (Why is my heart beating so fast.)” He even went as far as to actually measure his heartbeat when he placed a hand over it. Letting out a whining cry, he covered his face with a pillow before yelling against it, successfully muffling his deranged and paranoid cries so it would not bother the other neighbors, not that he had many, but still.

His yells however muffled it was, did cause Yeontan and Byul to roll their eyes. If it was even possible. Until he rolled himself to the ground and fell. It wasn’t the impact that earned another whine from him, it was the fact that his room was a mess. Scattered clothes everywhere, from the start of the entrance by the door, up to the bathroom. Usually, Hanseol wasn’t a messy guy, he’s had a rather intriguing case on OCD. Pushing himself up, it took every single fibre in him not to cringe at the current sight. “No, this has to go.” Deciding on what clothes to wear for their date- no, was it just a casual outing together? Ugh, he has no idea. But that was precisely what the celestial has been dealing with all day, trying to find the perfect clothes to wear for their appointment, which is in less than an hour. Dear lord…

After what happened last time at the dojo, he was sure neither one of them could forget one another. He even texted him for the first time! And Hanseol Park doesn’t even like using phones. That’s like a new level there. The things people do for love, wait hold on a second, let’s be very quaint and easy on that. Hanseol scooped every single clothing and threw it back into his closet, knowing fully well he’d have a panic attack if he sees such a messy place any longer. He’ll eventually fold it back and sort it altogether, but not now. Time is running out and ironically, for a species who could manipulate time, Hanseol sure was afraid of it. Finally deciding to go with a black t-shirt and denim jeans alongside his jacket, which seemed to be an essential part to his clothing these days. Maybe due to the weather. His clothing choices are always so dark if it wasn’t white colored, which was a direct contrast to what the celestial actually raves about. He’s a ball of light, literally.

Briefly glancing over to his reflection as he turned around a few times momentarily, he decided it was no use in changing. Again. He shouldn’t be nervous, but the boy was literally struck by an arrow from Eros himself. Straight through the heart, especially considering he’s been drawing at least 2 more of Jae’s portraits, one he actually intends to keep a secret away until he deemed it ‘not creepy’ enough. Ushering the furballs to exit his room as he did too, he was checking his phone to see if he’s missed anything and was actually just waiting for the dhampir to arrive so he could finally show the beautiful scenery of the evening where the sun will go down. Maybe it was just him that found the particular sight to be enthralling, but what better way to show someone enthralling a sight much like himself? While waiting for the latter, he heard a few knocks coming from outside and figured it was Jae. Getting up to his feet, he struggled to open the door properly because both Yeontan and Byul had beat him in a race there, especially Yeontan who formed an attachment towards the male. “Alright alright, I get it.” he shook his head while smiling before unlocking the locks and opened the door. Was it possible for someone to look more handsome and beautiful than he is originally?

Answer’s yes. Definitely yes.

“Hey.. come in. Sorry, these two devils made it very hard for me to get through. They seemed to forget they have paws and not hands.”

As his knuckles rapped on the doorframe he felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest, Jae still had no idea if this was a date or what it was supposed to entail but he had definitely dressed for the case it was one and wanted it to be one. He did his best to slow his breathing as he heard sounds on the other side of the door, a certain amount of skittering that he already knew was the sound of dog paws against the floors. Jae chuckled softly, thanks to his enhanced hearing he could even differentiate between Byul’s larger steps and Yeontan’s frantic steps to keep up with the much larger husky. And then came the soft footsteps of the celestial not too far behind them, Jae was smiling before the other male even managed to open the door.

The dhampir stepped back a little when he saw the door begin to open, his eyes falling on the dark haired male, the first thing he noticed was that the other male was dressed nicely too, well that was a good sign, he thought to himself letting out a slightly relieved sigh which appeared as steam in the air thanks to the cold weather. He then noticed that the other male was wearing black, while Jae had decided on a lighter color palette for tonight, they had completely swapped from the other night. No change in the celestial wearing tight-fitting shirts that didn’t leave much to the dhampir’s imagination though. He bit lightly on his lip before smiling “Damn” he commented the first word that came to his mind when he looked at the other male.

Jae laughed as the celestial blamed his pets for the delay in answering, really the dhampir had appreciated the few moments to allow him to get himself together, he still felt nervous and jittery but he did his best to push that aside, there wasn’t anything to worry about really. He moved inside the familiar hallway, pushing the door closed behind him. The moment he stepped through the door, one of the little devils, as Hanseol had called them, started jumping all over his feet which cause a giggle to escape the dhampir’s lips “So” he spoke softly as he dropped to a crouched position so that he could run his hand over Yeontan’s fur, there was no denying that the dhampir had a soft spot for the little pup.

His eyes, however, were still on the fallen star, who always seemed to captivate the dhampir’s gaze, he was so handsome, more like someone you would see in a magazine than in real life, it always seemed to knock the wind out of Jae and most people who saw the celestial if the day at the library had been any real indication. Of course, the endearing part was that Hanseol didn’t seem to even notice all the people who stared at him most of the time, though he definitely knew he was handsome. Jae laughed a little nervously as he pushed back to his feet “I really hope this is a date because otherwise I overdressed” he chuckled a little shyly his cheeks flushing slightly at his own directness. Jae definitely felt a shift in his own confidence when it came to Hanseol after the other night.

“Your messages are cryptic, I think I prefer when you just show up randomly” he teased with a laugh knowing the celestial probably had something planned but all Jae really had was the promise of an outing and a time. He reached up to scratch at the back of his neck a little, he wasn’t opposed to surprises per se but they fell in the realm of things that he couldn’t control, which he’d already established set him on edge a little. For Hanseol however he was willing to give it a try, the celestial surprised him all the time anyway and it was somewhat thrilling, having no idea what was coming next.

As his hands fumbled against the door, it was really hard to open it properly when you have one large husky and a Pomeranian trying to get to the door, to greet whoever it was. It doesn't help that the two devils were actually aware of what they're causing, and was more than delightful to keep doing it. He had to push Byul aside using his knee slightly so he could finally open the door. Despite the cold engulfing them, the celestial only felt warmth radiating off himself when his eyes fell on the dhampir before him, who was adorning a complete contrast to his dark colors. It shouldn't be a surprise to him, considering he dresses himself in those quite often. The frown that was once masking his face were no more as they were eventually replaced with a soft smile.

In fact, Hanseol found the breath released by him to be cute, somewhat like a cartoon meme-- and he would be the very hooked cartoon, because even he can't take his eyes off Jae. He wasn't sure whether it was just him not wanting to avert his gaze somewhere else because Jae was looking good this evening more than usual, or it was just his eyesight and mind playing tricks on him that inserted a filter to cloud as well as to enhance them. Not that he minded, he wouldn't complain just staring at someone so beautiful so early in the evening. “I'm not sure who's the light one here.” he started off, as he began pointing to the both of their clothing manners where one is light toned whilst the other is the opposite. “You're not trying to steal away my title and spotlight as the light in this relationship, right?” he furrowed his eyebrows playfully. Yes, he said relationship. Jae wasn't the only one who felt a sudden surge of confidence after last time.

Though for Hanseol, he had to wait for the dhampir to grace himself with his presence first before making such comments. The confidence only seemed to came from the blue haired male who stood in close proximity. The fallen star closed the door before trailing behind him as he walked through the hallways, his eyes never really leaving him. The more he stared at Jae, the more entranced he found himself to be, similar to being under a love spell. But the best thing about all of this was that there were no sorcery involved. Well, maybe on the looks, someone has got to sculpt Jae's face with so much effort that it must took eons to finish. Thank you, God. An eye candy wouldn't be unhealthy once in a while, thankfully with the case that the star wasn't prone to have sudden bleeding. That would've been embarrassing.

The light that illuminated on the dhampir really did its justice adequately, because he had to snap himself out of the gaze when Jae turned to face him. Finding himself letting out a soft chuckle before biting his bottom lip, he offered a seat to the latter. “You never overdress, believe me.” Those words seemed to come naturally out of him with no form of hesitancy nor reluctancy lacing them, which makes it even more believable for it to be veritable. To Hanseol, Jae had a bona fide specialty in making his breath hitch every second and whilst he couldn't complain, it really caused him to be flustered and shy. “Honestly, I really did see it as a date. You really think I'd bring just about anyone out with me in the evening? I don't even give strolls to none other than my own dogs, much less interact to someone else. That was true, the star preferred his confinement but ever since the dhampir came into his life, he didn't know what he prefers anymore.

Much like a circuit tangled up, his words were often flushed like his face. “Hey, I don't even use the phone that much. So me texting is like the first. I don't even conduct my businesses from phone.” he pouted slightly, his bottom lip jutting out from its initial position. “But isn't that the purpose of a surprise? I feel like it's the most important part in ensuring the other party are having fun too. That's what I read in Google anyways. How reliable is it?” he exclaimed enthusiastically when his eyes suddenly train itself on the sketchbook sprawled out in the open on the couch just a few distance away from the counter. “Shoot.” That's surely not what he really expected to show the dhampir to early, so he turned the male around to face the other direction and pushed him towards the exit. “Come on, let's go.”

Jae didn’t really have a set tone to the colors he usually wore, most of the time he would just grab the first clean thing from his closet and call it quits but tonight he had actually made half an effort to look nice, he guessed he wanted to impress the celestial a little. When Han commented on the fact they had essentially swapped wardrobe from the other night the dhampir laughed though it faded when he spoke the word relationship, they hadn’t really talked about that part yet, the whole official thing anyway, the dhampir was still taking things one step at a time, none of this was familiar to him, he cleared his throat and then smiled “You’ll always be the sunlight, Han, no competition” he teased back with a grin, alluding to the nickname that Jae had called him the other night.

It was strange how the nerves that had almost been all consuming just a few moments ago seemed to begin to fade the moment the two of them were together, Hanseol seemed to have a way of putting him at ease, their comments back and forth making the dhampir laugh softly. Once he entered the house Jae moved through the hall taking in the semi-familiar scene, he’d only visited once before but this place felt right to him, homely even, more so than the tiny box room he had back at the dorm anyway. Realizing the celestial was staring at him made the dhampir smiled a little, looking back at him, damn he really probably could just stare at Hanseol for hours when he wore a smile like that.

Naturally when the fallen star bit his lip, Jae found himself following the movement with his eyes and was reminded of the night at the dojo once more, the feeling of the doe-eyed celestial’s lips on his ingrained in his mind, he didn’t even realize the star had offered him a seat and was still standing there lost in thought before he finally realized and perched himself against the doorframe. When Hanseol confirmed he was indeed seeing this evening as a date he felt a weird sense of relief but also nerves come over him, well at least he hadn’t been worrying for hours over absolutely nothing but suddenly those nerves were slowly resurfacing, so this was a date, their first date. Jae held his breath for a few moments as he listened to Hanseol’s adorable babbling, Jae gave a cute laugh and smiled “Well then I’m honored” he responded, Jae wasn’t the kind of person to seek out other people’s company either, he liked being alone at times but around Hanseol, it didn’t feel like things were expected of him, it just kinda happened.

Jae chuckled when Han mentioned his lack of liking for using phones “Never would have guessed that, I’m impressed you even know how to use one at this point” he responded with a laugh and a wink, considering that it took this long for Jae to even get Hanseol’s number in return and he’d had to ask who the hell was messaging him. “You Googled how to surprise someone?” Jae asked curiously, that was too sweet for words and brought a smile to the dhampir’s lips, it sounds like Han might have been pretty worried about this whole thing too, damn they were both totally over their heads. But then suddenly there was a shift in attitude from the celestial who looked worried about something, Jae was about to follow his line of sight when the male suddenly dove over towards him and forced him in the direction of the exit.

Surprised by the push Jae tripped a little over his own feet and stumbled a little as he put his arms out to try and keep his balance “Hey!” he jeered playfully at the other male’s sudden move “Sudden movements don’t work for the uncoordinated” he protested as he turned around to face the other male, giving his panicked expression a once over, he arched a brow suspiciously at the way he was acting “What are you hiding?” he hadn’t managed to catch sight of whatever Hanseol had been reacting to but he sure as hell wanted to know what it was now, he stepped closer to the male trying to cast his gaze into the room he had just been pushed out of though the celestial was firmly planted in his way.

From the looks of it, it does seem that Hanseol wasn't all on board the effort plane alone, both of them wanting to look good for the other-- not really noticing that them dressing up casually still would've caused the other to leave them breathless. But things do take up slowly, it's called progress, after all. He liked the melodious set of laughter that just beckoned for the celestial to keep grinning idiotically until there was something else that caught his attention. The sudden halt on Jae's beautiful laugh really causes the fallen star to stop and examine just as well. He wondered if he had said something he shouldn't have. Hanseol was quite the babbler when he's nervous, a trait he never seemed to be able to shake after so long. He wasn't sure if Jae was taking their relationship as freely as he did, since the celestial was not burdened by other people's judgements and he didn't have to set a bar to himself.

For a brief moment, he had a worried look marring his clueless bunny-like features when the dhampir cleared his throat and threw a sudden compliment his way. This is what made the particular surge of confidence to come fueling himself back again; Jae's readings. The two's playful banter would never die and it was one of the best things Hanseol found endearing regarding their relationship. Nothing was too serious, and honestly, he wasn't sure if he wanted to push themselves into such a setting today. Today was all about enjoying each other's company while basking together. His eyes crinkled up to form small crescents in response to the brief compliment, where he giggled softly. “Well, you did say that my energy derives directly from the sunlight rather than the moonlight, no? For a moment there, I was afraid you'd forget you called me sunshine for a reason.” he muttered cheekily while sending a wink his way. It's all harmless and fun until he actually combined his signature smirk with that wink.

He really needs to know when to control them if he wished to have anyone alive by the end of this-- especially Jae. But the star is learning, so give him a break. “Well, if it makes you feel better, if I'm the sunlight, you're my moonlight. The two differ and are often separated but only because they couldn't handle each other's presence without failing their duties. We wouldn't want the sun and moon to struggle going about their feelings while they need to govern the world, right?” There was this small innocent air about Hanseol that often brings a refreshing effect to others. He could be drenched with naivety just as well. Being cheeky wasn't really his forte but he had to admit, when it comes to Jae, there were a lot of things that he did without considering anything else. He wished to see the male happy, and that's exactly what he'll make sure of.

When Jae didn't take a seat even though Hanseol had offered him earlier, he didn't miss the look the dhampir gave him unconsciously. The gaze was too important for him to actually miss the hint. He wondered if the latter regretted anything that happened previously at the dojo, it's now been bugging him. But the celestial didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, that question can wait for another day. It's too much of a good day to ruin it so early. “Hey I do know how to use one. I'm 89 not 890, mister. I just don't use them often.. It still feels weird.” he mumbled sheepishly. “I thought if we were to surprise someone, the intention needed to overline it and I admit I was jittery and nervous all the while trying to prepare for this. I literally have no backup plan if this fails today.” Scratching the back of his head awkwardly, he cleared his throat a few times before resuming his ushering towards the dhampir for them to leave already.

He didn't even take note about the sudden trip and stumbling, but he sure did take note of the close proximity between them now. God damn it, Jae. You're making it very hard, he thought. All he could focus on was the dhampir's full lips, until he needed to shake it out of his system to get back to the situation on hand. “Sorry. But this is not going to distract me, Jae. Off we go.” he exclaimed dubiously before tapping his shoulders lightly as he prompted for the latter to follow him on this. But the dhampir was quite adamant so the fallen star kicked show tongue annoyedly before training his hooded gaze on the blue haired male. “Do I have to kiss you to get you moving? Because I would.” he huffed, acting as if he didn't actually want to do when the both of them knew it's exactly the opposite. Oh little did he know, he really needed a backup plan because the weather only looked generous for now. But not after a few minutes later, just when the two of them wouldn't expect.

It wasn’t the idea of being with Hanseol that bothered him, that part was easy, that part allowed everything else to fade away and it was just the two of them. Being with the celestial wasn’t the problem, in fact, that was the part he really wanted. The label, however, was that part that scared the dhampir, because the label was what people would judge and pick at. His roommates comments earlier were just another reminder of the society he’d been brought up in. It made him worried to think about what people might say or think when they saw the two of them together. He wanted so badly not to care about what other people thought but it was so hard to break out of that mindset.

Jae laughed with a shrug, though the sound of the other male’s soft giggle made him feel a little lightheaded for a few seconds, he could swear near everything that Hanseol did somehow ended up sounding or looking cute, it was like it was a send nature for the bunny-like male. “Believe me, I don’t think I could forget anything about that night” he admitted a little more honestly that he was originally intending but he shrugged softly, that night had been where everything changed, after all, the memory was etched in his mind. Though he was doubly hit when the other male smirked and winked in his direction, just when Jae thought he was getting used to Hanseol’s presence he’d do things like that and the dhampir would find himself stunned all over again.

There was something that made his heart flutter when he heard way Hanseol described Jae as ‘his’, the word surrounded him a certain feeling that showed itself more and more lately, despite the label being something that scared the dhampir, being referred to that way made him feel warm and soft inside, he didn’t even notice the way a stupidly bright grin appeared on his face, especially because of the irony between moonlight and Jae’s name “You know the moon only shines because of the sun right?” he spoke shyly, running his tongue over his bottom lip, that was a scientific fact actually but he only really said it because he thought it was cute. It was an interesting metaphor though, something just fitted the whole sun and moon persona between the two of them.

When Han got defensive over the phone jab that Jae had made, the dhampir laughed shaking his head “Could have fooled me” he teased with a shrug, he should probably cut the guy a break considering he had only spent probably 2 years in the modern era that used things like cell phones and computers and he wasn’t a complete technophobe. Jae realized the more that Hanseol was talking about this particular night he had planned that he’d really put a lot of thought behind it, it made the dhampir smile, Jae wasn’t the kind of person who expected big gestures, he definitely found value in the little things but it did feel nice to know Han had gone out of his way to try and impress him “I didn’t agree to come for the cryptic message Han, I came because I wanted to see you” he assured the other male with a smile, trying to convey that he didn’t need to put so much pressure on things going perfect, as long as they were together that was enough for him “But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort” he added afterward, he did, no one ever put so much thought behind spending time with him like this.

If there was something that really bothered Jae, it was the unknown, he hated mysteries, he always wanted to know the answer to them, so when he realized that the celestial was trying to deflect something it only made him more curious, so much so that he closed the gap between them without a thought. This close he could smell the soft scent of the cologne the other male was wearing and soon his attention was taken by the other’s eyes, which were fluttering over his lips. He allowed them to twitch into a smirk “Distract you?” he asked in an innocent tone “You’re the one who practically shoved me out of the room” his eyes were still drifting over the other male’s shoulder wondering what he was getting so worked up over. The other male’s words brought him back to reality, however, his eyes widening a little in surprise at the ‘threat’ that the dark haired male made “If you kiss me now there’s a high likelihood we never get out that door” he answered in a low tone, expression completely serious. It was obvious the celestial wasn’t gonna relent on this and so he decided he would revisit it later.

“You win this battle, sunshine” he teased as he stepped backward, though his heartbeat was racing a little from the whole moment, god just the idea of kissing the fallen star again sent his head spinning, especially because this time he wouldn’t need to pull away. Jae forced himself to shrug it off before moving towards the door “But don’t think I’m gonna forget about it either” he added as he grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. The chill of the wind from outside instantly hitting him, he glanced over his shoulder at the other male, he was a frustrating puzzle to the dhampir sometimes but it was definitely one the half-vampire wanted to solve.

Hanseol still has yet to understand the community's norms and what's not, and whilst it wasn't easy for him to comprehend, he was against a lot of their terms-- if not everything. The pacifist self of him was just working very hard to debunk every single misconception the people had, and it didn't seem that things changed that much while he was away, even though he was pretty sure 85 years were quite the time to evolve slowly. He wondered if it bothered Jae, because Hanseol knew very well that if it was going to be hard for them, it'll definitely be targeted towards the dhampir first before anything, considering the celestial couldn't care less about everyone else's views. He was given a second chance at living so he didn't want to screw it up. The celestial intends to make the best of it, and now with Jae in his life, it does seem that things are finally looking up nicely to his views. Why shouldn't it be? He is happy and content.

But it also formed one worry in the pit of his stomach that he refused to overpower him, but was still there nevertheless. What if one day he was forced to leave? He just couldn't think of that while thinking of happy thoughts with Jae, so he pushed it away everyday. Letting a smile etched itself on his lips, the dimples from both the center of his cheeks that was usually very invisible just came out and made itself known. The fact that it was rarely seen only made the sight even more endearing so it meant Hanseol was happy, and the person that made him feel such euphoria is Jae. “Although I still didn't like the thought of me kicking your torso.. I can't deny the result in the end wasn't convincing. It wasn't expected but I definitely did not want to deny them.” As oblivious as the celestial goes, his shamelessness is also a minor trait that hung by from the tree branches of his personality.

Seeing the bright grin gracing the dhampir's already handsome face, Hanseol could feel himself just wanting to caress it. Could he really blame himself when Jae had such a face? No one could deny that the dhampir truly was ethereal and unearthly. “That sounds even much better than my own earlier. The moon gets its light from the sun. In the same way that the sun illuminates Earth, the moon reflects the sun's light, making it appear bright in our sky. I really like the mention of that. Also, your name sounds like moonlight. How ironic is that? A moonlight meeting a sunlight. You sure that our encounter wasn't fated?” he prodded cheekily, liking that the positivity filling the air made him very comfortable. Whenever Hanseol was within Jae's company, he's always so reassured and left no room for paranoia or any pessimism to crawl up.

“If we're being technical, I've only lived like 2 years in the modern world. That has to make me a baby.. So I don't see where you get your logic.” he exclaimed, sticking out his tongue in a childish manner as he shook his head in retaliation. For a while once hearing that the dhampir didn't come venturing here and agreed to meet him due to his rather cryptic message, he felt the feeling sunk, until it was propelled back to the surface the moment Jae said he just wanted to meet him. Someone wanted to meet me, he thought fondly. No one has ever made any gesture like that to him, so to experience it directly from the person he really liked, it was overwhelming. Overwhelmingly precedent. “I just wanted to give and show something special to my special person.” The same wave of compliment came back to hit the dhampir again as Hanseol referred to him as ‘his’ again. But then again, the celestial is also quite possessive.

Knowing that Jae wouldn't leave it be so easily, he shielded the living room with his body, successfully refraining the male from taking a peek. Jae's resoluteness is quite unexpected but not surprising, was it possible to also make him look even more attractive in the eyes of Hanseol? Yes. Their heights are basically the same, though in some angles the other night look an inch taller. But overall, they meet each other's eye levels perfectly, and all other levels-- such as lips level too. No need to crane their neck whatsoever. It was very convenient. The fallen star didn't even realized the how close both of them were until he could smell the fabric softener from Jae's clothes. Training his gaze on the male, both gazes were unwavering, neither one of them wanting to give up, ws expected.

As soon as he saw the smirk working its way up to Jae, he scoffed lightly before placing his right hand against the wall, making the space even more restricted. From the angle, it looks like he was towering above the dhampir when it wasn't really. “Well, I have to say you do a pretty convincing job at distracting me unconsciously, dhampy. You can come waltzing through the front door and I'd still throw away everything I was doing just for you.” Well, guessing that flirtation wasn't going to lower its game around the dhampir, after all. Though what came out afterwards from the blue haired male caused him to almost lose his step internally, he even leaned in, where his eyes was strictly on Jae's lips. For the love of God, he really is making this very hard, he sighed heavily. Biting his bottom lip in response, the smirk was still present on his face as his eyes twinkled in mischief. “Not sure if that's worse than what I have planned in store. Or better.”

Just as the dhampir relented, despite making sure to say he would revisit this again, the celestial shook his head while smiling fondly at the male. It was still surprising to see how quickly the duality demeanor between the two changed so quickly. It has to be a talent. Patting the shoulders of Jae, he went out first to lead. The cold breeze gave him a comforting touch while being so icy cruel. He wasn't sure how to describe it. Hanseol had also intertwine their fingers and laced their hands together as he tugged the male towards him slightly. After successfully catching the grip of the dhampir, with the soft scenery surrounding them and just them, Hanseol took a leap of daring himself. The celestial placed a brief and chaste kiss on the dhampir's lips, before chuckling. His eyes however, was exuding protection, sincerity and passion itself. It was literal heart eyes. “Come on. If we're late, we would not be able to see it.” The grip on his hands were firmer but even then, the celestial didn't really budge despite saying so.

Jae would be lying if he said that going out in public and doing the kind of things you did on dates didn’t worry him some, not because he didn’t want to, he wanted to a lot but because he knew the looks people might shoot their way and while Hanseol might be pretty thick skinned when it came to those kinds of things, Jae was not. And if someone made a nasty comment about the celestial then the dhampir wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold himself back. He knew he had to face those fears though, first around strangers and then around people he knew and he was willing to try for the fallen star and for himself.

The star was smiling so brightly that the expression seemed to light up his whole face, it was beautiful to see, he enjoyed the idea that he could be the cause of so much happiness in the celestial, especially knowing that Hanseol hadn’t had the best run of luck in his life and when they had first met had barely been able to point out a happy moment in his entire life. “The thought?” he grumbled softly remembering how that had bruised up nicely the day after, sure it had healed pretty quick, but it had been painful for sure “Try the actual bruise you left” he teased with a shake of his head, Jae didn’t hold a grudge for that at all, he’d been the one that pushed the anger on Han after all. Despite all that, that night was held as a good memory for him “Admittedly I deserved that one” he admitted with a smirk, assuring the celestial he didn’t mind.

The more they talked about the sun and the moon the more it felt right, Jae being a species of the night, derived from a vampire but still linked to a strange blue light every time he used his weapon and Hanseol being an actual living sunshine, bright and golden, though when the celestial mentioned fate the dhampir laughed and shook his head softly “You can bring up fate as many times as you want and I still won’t believe in it” he admitted with a half smile, if fate was real then it was awfully cruel to some people while too kind to others, he didn’t believe in just sitting around and taking the hand you were given, if you wanted something you made it happen, you worked for it with everything you had “Irony however, seems to be plentiful” he smirked, he’d always liked the sound of his name, though he liked it even more when the celestial spoke it.

Jae laughed and shrugged, Hanseol was right on that one, there were far more important things to catch on after 85 lost years than texting, though it would probably make the star’s life a hell of a lot easier if he didn’t need to chase the dhampir down every time he wanted to talk. Every time that the celestial referred to Jae as ‘his’ it made the dhampir melt a little inside, the sound of it was like music to his ears and made him all jittery, like when you saw your crush smile at you from afar when you were in high school. Damn it he was an adult acting like a giggly school girl around this guy. “Now I feel bad for not putting as much thought into this as you did” he teased, his expression soft, it was unfair how easily the celestial was able to break through Jae’s exterior, everything was honest when it came to what he showed Hanseol, something he didn’t have with anyone else.

Jae was an endlessly curious person, if there was something he didn’t know then he was the type to search it down, he didn’t like unknown variables, it was why he was so terrible at handling surprises, when he was younger he had ruined his own surprise party because of that trait. He knew the celestial was hiding something and whether he found out what it was now or later, he knew he would eventually find out. Pulling in close to the other male had quite a different reaction on the fallen star though, who seemed almost stunned by the gap being closed between them. Every time they were this close, Jae found himself getting lost in the raven-haired male’s eyes, they were one of his most distinguishing features and thanks to their height, usually the first thing he always noticed when he was looking at Hanseol, Jae swore he could get lost in the celestial’s eyes alone for hours.

Jae wasn’t caught off guard by their proximity this time though, as he had knowingly put himself there but the flirty comments that came from the older male always seemed to catch him off guard, cause his breath to hitch just slightly, Hanseol was very good with his words, that was for sure, which made the dhampir a little jealous considering he was the literature major, Jae leaned in a little closer in response knowing it was the easiest way to set the other male on edge too “You’re infuriatingly smooth at times, you know that?” he asked as he turned his head slightly to the side. But what Jae had said was right, if he kissed Hanseol right now, with the way the two of them were looking at one another, he didn’t think he'd have the willpower to stop and Hanseol’s plans would be ruined. He let out a low chuckle at the celestial’s words “It sounds like you’ve put far too much effort into this to just waste it” he admitted before stepping back to give them both the chance to catch their breath, all of this was such a rush, so new and thrilling.

And next came the part he had been internally freaking out over. He followed the dark-haired male out of the house without a word, Jae was kinda proud of himself for not giving in to that internal voice that was telling him to ask where they were going, he was doing his best to swallow it down, accept surprise. He was a little surprised when Hanseol reached for his hand but Jae didn’t protest, his fingers slipping into place against the celestial’s hand, it felt nice, being able to hold onto him like this, like he got to have a small part of the star to himself. It made his heartbeat quicken some seeing how the celestial was so easily able to show affection in public, Jae had always been more shy about that kind of thing, but he’d told himself he was gonna be brave tonight.

He was even more surprised when Hanseol pulled him off balance and Jae almost fell into him as their lips met in a soft, sweet kiss, he smiled softly against Hanseol’s lips just before the celestial pulled away, though the look he caught in the celestial’s eyes was what widened it to a grin, he reached up and poked the celestial’s nose. Maybe this wasn’t as scary as he had painted it to be in his mind. Taking the arm that was still holding tightly to the celestial’s hand he lifted up to wrap around the celestial’s shoulders and then he started walking, despite having no idea where they were actually going “So you’re not even giving me a tiny clue?” he asked leaning his head slightly onto Hanseol’s shoulder and then laughing, putting his arm back where it was and sending their joined hands swinging a little.

Honestly, Hanseol has been thinking about all of it the whole night before. It wasn't as if he wasn't aware of the public community's reaction to such relationships, but he was hoping since they were in America, things would be slightly different. Maybe he was really depending on their level of conservativeness to be mild, compared to Asian countries such as Korea, where the two originated from. It wasn't because the celestial could care less about other people's thoughts on them, but he was rather concerned about Jae's settlement in this issue. Such a shame how it had to be an issue that ‘arose', when it's literally a normal thing. He had to be considerate about his own partner's feelings and he intends to be the best friend the dhampir will ever have. It's becoming a challenge for him that he really wanted to strive in.

The nostalgia hitting him so deeply really caused the celestial to cringe internally, as his facial expression morphed into a frowning one. It made Hanseol resemble a bunny who just ate something sour, ironically. He could feel the wind up of those memories of that night at the dojo flying by around him before striking the celestial down with every single detail that wasn't even left out. It's surprising to see how he remembered every detail, but Hanseol has always had good memory-- long term speaking. Maybe it's mostly due to him not having much to really remember for. The kick he sent the dhampir's way was admittedly one that was going to bruise, considering how much brute strength he poured into it, while it not being so harsh. “How are you on that, by the way? Does it bruise still? Tell me you at least put ice against it afterwards-- wait no.. My mother, well.. Adoptive mother, used to tell me how ice doesn't help when healing, because we need warmth.” The shift between the two emotions were distinctive to the dhampir's eyes.

It was a quick change between caring for Jae's injury that he self inflicted the last time, and remembering fondly on what his mother advised him on that one time he accidentally broke his arm. At least the two found another similarity they could reach a new level of solidarity with; their recklessness. It's amicably very expressive to one's character, especially theirs, but quite careless and troublesome, at times. “You have to let me check that out some time later. I'm not a professional medical doctor, but I have basics and treating the animals really helped on the side. I mean-- you are a gremlin.” he couldn't stop the snicker from being released out of his mouth before he eventually clamped his free hand over it.

“Believe me, if it was up to me that night, I would've inflicted more..” Internally, he was secretly arguing and bickering how they should've just kissed in the first place instead of fighting one another while antagonizing each other. But the celestial saw the intentions on Jae, who only ever wanted to help him by pushing him, something he clearly needed to aid his progress and development. And the fallen star was eternally grateful that he's blessed to have found someone who would stick by him through thick and thin slums despite everything. Before this, Hanseol didn't know what he needed was just a reason and a purpose to fight. Jae had provided that easily for him. Now he no longer needs to think about running. The thoughts didn't come as frequently as it was and he could feel himself marching into the brighter path gradually day by day.

“Fate doesn’t have to be a bad thing entirely, dhampy. Sometimes, it's good. And while it might be biased for me to be choosing, the good ones always deliver the results.” he exclaimed, the twinkle in his eyes making his doe orbs grew bigger. He didn't mind if the blue haired male was his definition of fate, because he'd take it either way. Once again, Hanseol reminded himself on how distinctive yet similar they both were to one another, it was interesting to see their dynamic together. “Phones are helpful, I won't deny that. But if I have to travel across the city just to meet you? Why not. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to do if it meant I could see you again. Feel like the efforts would make it more meaningful, that'll just be me probably, since I'm an ‘old-fashioned’ individual.” he winked frivolously before chortling himself after.

“Don't worry about it, today's all about me surprising you. So, let me do all of that and leave me to my peace of planning, why won't you, hmm?” Nudging the dhampir slightly against the shoulder, the light banter between the two really made it easier for the star to communicate and interact comfortably within the vicinity of Jae. Admittedly, when the latter retaliated by leaning closer instead of backing away, Hanseol was slightly taken aback by such movement. So much that he actually almost stumble on his steps backwards, but Jae didn't need to know about that. Following the compliment given by the dhampir, the celestial shrugged absentmindedly before raising his hands in the air halfway while giving him a cheeky smirk in return. He understood that when he feels comfortable, all the shyness goes away and was replaced with smug and confidence, or really just cockiness. It was a boost to his interior character, and it made the dhampir blush, so that's extra pointers for him.

“You're right, it'll be such a foil to my plans if things were to be ruined today. Especially when the spot to get there isn't easy.” He really shouldn't speak so soon. “But doesn't mean I couldn't take rain check on that.” Another wink was send his way as he shook his head tenderly. The moment he intertwined their hold on each other, the warmth seeped in and successfully earned a satisfied and content sigh from the celestial, which ended up coming out as steam due to the current weather. The dhampir however, wasn't the only one flustered with the celestial's actions, seeing as he himself found it hard to keep his flushed state when he felt the smile in the brief kiss. He's a shy ball all over again. He blinked cluelessly when Jae bopped his nose and looked as oblivious as ever. “You're weird.” he said, giving insight to the weirded tone, but his smile states otherwise.

However, before they could even bask in this short-lived moment, they were only halfway down the road down when it got darker and the clouds decided to give a run on Hanseol's money by raining on their parade, literally. Groaning under his breath, he was heard to mutter a few profanities silently before letting out a distressed sigh as the droplets became heavier and came with its own army. “I swear.. The world just hates me.” he pouted as he dragged Jae back to his place, obviously knowing arriving to the place he intended to take them that's a few more kms with their wet and annoyed state, would've been a foil. When they arrived under the roofs of his doorstep, he stared at their now wet self. “I hate you.” he grumbled, indicating his message towards the sky. Nevertheless, the rain only grew heavier the entire time and the thunder didn't help. “Yeah.. I hear you.” The waters had made him we from head to toe, with his t-shirt clinging to every part-- successfully outlining his entire upper body without efforts

It was a good thing that the two of them were in America, while same-sex relations were not illegal back home they certainly weren’t something that was normal or accepted yet, here the culture did seem to be more liberal, Jae was still shifting to that mentality himself though and it was difficult for him, it was hard to go against what you have been taught since you were young and impressionable. But then he also knew that there was nothing wrong with the way he felt, he didn’t feel ashamed for it by any means, he had always been way more forward thinking than most around him. Jae just knew the people in his life, often were not.

Jae blinked a little confused when the celestial asked him how the wound was, naturally the dhampir moved his hand to rub over the area where Hanseol’s kick had connected with his ribs “You didn’t manage to break anything” he teased softly, though the kick had still been pretty powerful, he realized the raven-haired male was still worrying over it though so Jae smiled softly “It’s fine, pretty much healed” he assured the other male, Jae rarely had to worry about bruises staying around for longer than a couple of days, healing blood and all but this one had stayed around a little longer since it wasn’t just from him  bumping into something, this was a full powered kick. He was half tempted to pull up his shirt just to prove so but he stayed his hand because he noticed that celestial looked like he was lost in another thought.

It made him wonder what the celestial was thinking about, Jae would love to be a mind reader just to see a little bit into Hanseol’s mind because he really found the celestial fascinating, the words he spoke and stories he had to tell despite not living many years of life, just kinda captivated the dhampir. “Careful, I might start thinking you’re looking for a reason for me to take my shirt off” he mused with playful eyes in Han’s direction, though when the male called him a gremlin he pulled a face at the word, what the heck was that supposed to mean? The laughter coming from the other male made him shake his head a little from the confusion “I am not a gremlin” he commented grumpily and totally gremlin-like as he nudged the other male with his elbow.

“And I would have let you” he answered without hesitation, it was pretty obvious that Jae had been throwing semi-convincing punches to piss the celestial off but the anger he had caused in Han was real and he couldn’t blame the other male for kicking him, frankly he had been prepared for worse. But Jae just hadn’t been able to continue, the celestial’s words got at him much deeper than he’d been expecting them to, they hurt him far worse than any bruise and he’d found himself doing something he didn’t even know he had in him. Jae had been convinced that if he could make Hanseol feel something so intensely that it consumed him, it would trigger his celestial energy and the dhampir had been right, he just greatly misjudged what emotion would be the push.

He thought it was sweet, the way the celestial put so much of his faith in letting things be, even if Jae didn’t in it himself he could see the beauty it brought to the celestial’s eyes, if Hanseol wanted to believe them meeting was fate then who was Jae to tell him he was wrong. He smiled softly, it was a nice thought, believing the universe had some sort of plan for you but it just wasn’t something the blue-haired male wanted to invest himself in “I like the optimism it gives you” he conceded with a gentle chuckle, that was the best the star was going to get. Jae pressed his lips together with a half smile as he heard Han talk about the lengths he would go just to see him, he’d never had someone enjoy his company that much, it was a really warming feeling, his heart fluttering inside his chest “Alright, have it your way, captain romantic” he teased with a wry smile, Hanseol was so unlike everyone else he knew.  

“I swear every time I’m with you is basically you being surprising” he admitted with a shake of his head, it was a running joke in his mind now that it was impossible for the celestial to stop surprising him, every time Jae thought he knew what the male would do, he seemed to turn around and do something else, it kept the dhampir on his toes, which was exciting, naturally he leaned into the nudge he received from the star and nudged him back with a laugh. Jae arched his brow as Han spoke about what he had planned, Jae definitely wasn’t an expert at date planning but he literally had no clue what the celestial was up to but he was doing his best to play along, following him out of the door and down the road.

Things just kinda felt right, as they played with one another’s hands and found solace in a short but sweet kiss, everything just felt easy when it was just the two of them, the dhampir completely clear from the worries he had. The innocently confused look on Hanseol’s face when Jae reached out to touch his nose made the dhampir laugh “You’re cute” he responded without a beat and scrunched up his face a little in a cute smile, something in Hanseol always seemed to bring out Jae’s goofy sweet side. Jae wasn’t really paying attention to much other than the celestial as they walked, though he kept his eyes on the pavement to avoid any patches of ice because he knew his klutzy nature was likely to make an appearance at some point. So he was a little shocked when he felt the first few icy drops on the back of his neck.

A shudder rolled over the dhampir’s shoulders as the heavens opened, water falling quite literally everywhere, he normally didn’t mind the rain or being wet but it became evident very quickly that the rain was absolutely freezing. He turned towards Hanseol who was already cursing under his breath and smiled sadly, well there went best-laid plans he supposed. Without another thought the two of them made  a dash for it back towards the way they had come, thankfully they hadn’t gone too far so it wasn’t too far to go but by the time they made it back onto the porch they were both soaked to the skin, Jae’s hair falling in his eyes which made him laugh as he brushed it backward with his fingers, another shiver took over his being though he laughed as Hanseol cursed the sky.

It was now that the dhampir’s lack of belief in fate was useful, he reached for the door and pushed it open before stepping inside, without another word he wrapped his arms around the celestial from behind and pulled him backwards with him “Jeez you are freezing” he commented softly against the other male’s ear and laughed gently, Jae wasn’t going to let something like rain completely ruin this evening for them both, surprises weren’t Jae’s forte, but making the best of a bad situation definitely was. Now they were inside he let go of Han and reached to push the door closed “Alright, no pouting, this is still going to be a good night okay” he assured the other male as he looked back at him, closing the space that he’d just put between them again, though the moment he did his gaze began to wander over the celestial’s torso, if his shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination before then it may as well not even be there now, from here he could see the curve of his muscles through the material that clung to him tightly, the dhampir ran his tongue over his lips, how the hell was he supposed to concentrate now. Widening his eyes, Jae looked down at the white shirt he was wearing, which was pretty much see-through now. Well, this was quite the turn of events. Jae gave a soft chuckle, though it was low and dry.

Hearing how he hadn't been able to land a hit that would break any bones on Jae, he lets out a sigh of relief. He was glad he didn't land a kick to any vital parts. It would've been a never-ending torture for the celestial if he had to live knowing he left a mark on the dhampir, and though he understood how deep the pain was when he uttered those words mindlessly that struck the male, at least he wouldn't keep averting his gaze back at the spot. He's never had his own hit before, but has experienced more than enough hits to render him weak. Every single punch, he remembered. “I guess it's a good thing you're a dhampir, you at least have accelerated healing. Couldn't imagine a bruise on you.. It wouldn't look pretty.” he mumbled distinctly, while refraining himself from denying the thought to come back to his head.

Though he was lost in his own train of thoughts when the dhampir teased him lightly. As light as it may seem, it was more than enough to tip him off the ledge so easily. The celestial didn't have a lot of experience when it comes to being flustered, most of the times, it was because he didn't stay around to dwindle long to watch it happen, but with Jae, things were different-- everything was different. From the moment he met the dhampir, he knew deep down inside of him, that he's signing up for something else; god knows what. But he couldn't say he was regretting those choices now, because he doesn't. In fact, he found himself relishing in them. More challenges are ahead of them, and while it does mean for yet another innocent persona to get themselves involved in the star's messy life, at least he'll have someone to fight for. His face flushed and if he had low tolerance to such compliments, he would've been beet red by now. Thankfully, he's not.

“Well, I wouldn't exactly oppose to that.” he retaliated playfully as he turned around the direction the blue haired male was bringing him forth to. It's been said again and again; a philosophy the celestial would like to follow-- two can play the game. Scrunching his nose up, he shook his head in response to the defense Jae came up with. “You just literally showed how ‘gremlin-like’ you are, the more you try to deny yourself that nickname. See.” he gestured to the facial expressions and emotion emitted from the male. “Hey, gremlins are cute. I wouldn't mind having my own. My own personal cute mischievous gremlin.” Things seemed to be way too good for the celestial who had his own fair share in luck coming back to bite him, but he wasn't complaining. He just wished to bask in this a while longer. There's no reason why he couldn't experience happiness,  right?

His fate was not carved out to be an endless hole of tragic and misfortunes in a whole. Surely, there must've been a few times where he was able to choose another option to enjoy his time, with what he's left with, at least. Whilst the star did grew much more positive than usual throughout the months, he also did not forget his ‘limited’ time in this world. The attack on him previously was only a sign that would further the theories into his claims. But whatever time he has left, he wanted to make the best of it, and he sure as hell doesn't mind spending every single millisecond with the beautiful male with him now. It's amazing how fast things can turn around.

“I know this shouldn't be a topic to be spoken no longer, but I really wanted you to know that I didn't mean any of those words I said. They were true, and it was said under immense pressure of rage, that couldn't be swayed away from the truth. But the point still stands, when I said I didn't mean it towards you. They were only to my own.” Self-blaming seemed to be so often for the celestial that he eventually developed an immunity towards it, and grew numb to the concept of it. Between the two, Hanseol was sure he was the one who would rather dwell around with fantasy and alternate dimensions whilst Jae would be steering clear into reality, which was ironic, considering the latter is an aspiring author who's also a literature major. The small differences had placed contrasts over their characters and the fact that it was raw and real, only gave the star more encouragement that it wasn't a lie. That he wasn't imagining either one of this. It was actually happening and not just in his head.

“Do you have an automatic generator that just spouts out a nickname every time you meet someone, Jae? I swear the number of nicknames you've given me throughout our time spent together is beguiling. Sunshine, Daystar.. Not that I don't like them, it's just very endearing, so much I feel bad for only calling you dhampy and nothing else. I'm bad at nicknames.” he scratched the back of his head sheepishly in a rather grinning manner before he went down the road to generate yet another one for the dhampir. “I'm a simpleton who relish in his mundane life, well as mundane as a fallen star's life can get.. I have enough time to spare to make plans here and there. Wouldn't that make all celestials romantic by default?” he pondered into distance, his orbs growing bigger by the second. “The surprises should be good, right? Or do you not prefer them because of their ambiguity?” The rushed tone accentuating his words made Hanseol worry that the male might not find this advancement to be comfortable. After all, all he wanted to do was make sure everything would cater to the other's heart just as well alas it did to his own.

Shrugging his shoulders absentmindedly, he coughed up an “I know” when Jae referred to him being cute. All the confidence might've gotten itself a little too comfortable in his head, so much that the smugness started to slowly travel back. When the rain came, the celestial could feel everything coming down to a ruin. Did he even bother to carve up a backup plan for this? Did he have one thought out in his head? Unfortunately, the sudden change of events,  or weather had taken him by surprise, leaving the star a speechless mess. This was not what he expected, but he knew it was too good to be true for the cold to have pretty sunlight shining over to them. What a troublesome weather, he thought. When he was busy staring into the raining mess from the front doorstep, he stumbled backwards when Jae suddenly wrapped an arm around him to drag him back into his own shelter to take refuge from the cold weather that now became worse with the rain.

“You're right, I shouldn't let the rain stop my plans to spend the entire evening and night with you.” he beamed enthusiastically, wiping off the pout that was previously resting on his lips. Though the statement really made it seem like an innuendo, the innocent obliviousness radiating from the celestial really didn't bring much meaning to it. “Well.. We have Netflix, animals.. I cook sometimes, and luckily I just did my grocery shopping yesterday. Yup.. This can work.” he mumbled to himself while letting his eyes wander to the kitchen counter. When he reverted his gaze back on the dhampir who was just as wet as he was, he frowned softly. Admittedly, Jae's see through white top wasn't really helping the situation for him but the caring side of him just jumped out and focused more on the point of getting them changed into warm clothes so neither one of them would suffer a case of hypothermia. “Uh-come on.. Let's get you changed. I'm sure we're the similar size.” Luckily they probably weren't very different when it comes to weight or height.

He came back with a pair of spare clothes for the dhampir to change into. “You can change in the bathroom by the living room. Leave the wet clothes on top of the laundry basket.” he said and excused himself to his room to change too. Little did he know that his sketchbook that he was trying desperately to hide away from Jae's gaze was laying so openly on the couch at the living room.

Jae didn’t really have any scars thanks to his dhampir healing ability, though he had been injured a fair few times in his life, it didn’t help that he had always been pretty clumsy, always falling into or over things, really he was lucky he hadn’t been seriously hurt considering “I wouldn’t hold your breath on that” he teased with a shake of his head “Bruises are pretty much a constant for me because if I can trip over it, walk into it or somehow hurt myself with it, it’s fairly possible it’ll happen” he gave a half eye roll “I’m the kind of person who falls UP the stairs” if anyone was expecting grace from the dhampir they would be sorely disappointed.

Jae had to admit that he liked the moments when he was able to catch Hanseol off guard, the celestial was very good at doing it to him so to return the favor was nice, at this point they both seemed to know just the way to draw a reaction out from the other, it was like a game of back and forth between them. The slight blush to the star’s cheeks looked good on him though and reminded Jae that this was still very new for the both of them. Jae didn’t want to screw this up, he wanted to get lost in the little moments with the fallen star, his fallen star, like the times when they would look at one another like no one else mattered or how it felt to have Hanseol’s hand threaded through his, he wanted to remember it all, good, bad and everything in between.

Jae smirked softly when Han teased back, despite Jae being able to make the star flustered he liked the way that Hanseol always seemed to find something to come back, some witty quip or surprisingly honest statement that would have the dhampir breathless all over again. When Hanseol once again called him a gremlin Jae shook his head a little “Aren’t gremlins supposed to be grumpy though?” he asked tilting his head to the side, was Jae considered grumpy? He wrinkled his nose, he didn’t think he came across as grumpy, to be honest, skeptical and temperamental at times yes, but not grumpy. He shrugged it off with a smile.

Jae was very aware that things wouldn’t always feel this light and carefree, these were the moments of bliss that they got before things got a lot more complicated but he wanted to make the most of them, the fallen star brought out the best in the dhampir, made him feel bright and optimistic, made him want to be a better person and he was doing his best to embrace that feeling, capture it in his mind and hold onto it, so when times were hard there were always reminders of things like this. And sure, tomorrow could come around and the two of them may have some new problem to face but just for tonight, it was just them and that was all he wanted.

When Han brought up the things he had said the other night again, Jae gave him a soft and understanding expression and then shook his head “Believe me I know that” he responded before going quiet for a moment “I know we’ve only known each other for a few months but…” he pondered how to phrase what he wanted to say “I feel like I know you” perhaps that sounded strange considering there were still a lot of things that hadn’t talked about but the words made sense to him “At least I feel like I know your nature anyway, I know when you’re putting up a front” he didn’t want the other male to live in guilt for things he’d said with anger, sure Jae had been upset hearing them but he really didn’t believe the star meant them. Jae was slowly getting good at picking up on the little things the celestial did, like the way he would stare a little wide-eyed when he was scared or surprised or clicking his tongue when he was annoyed.

Jae laughed as Hanseol brought up the number of nicknames the dhampir used, he didn’t really think about them that hard, things just kinda popped into his mind and felt right to say and so he did, especially when he was teasing the other male “They just kinda come to me” he answered with a soft smile “Little things that remind me of you I guess” he shrugged “I’m a words person, I associate the words with people and memories, that’s how my writer's brain works” and man had some really pretty words come into his writing since he met Hanseol. Jae laughed softly when Hanseol called himself words like simple and mundane, the dhampir thought quite the opposite “Definitely not words I’d use to describe you” he commented, the fallen star was fascinating to Jae, the last thing he would refer to him as was mundane. Though he realized quickly that he’d made Hanseol worry about surprises “I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t handle the unknown well” he confessed with a shrug “But I’m learning that being surprised can be good too” he nodded softly, like tripping over a fallen star one night.

Jae liked it when the celestial was confident, he liked the way that the raven-haired male pulled him in close, he liked the feel of the gentle kiss against his lips that spread through his entire body and made his skin all tingly to the touch. He enjoyed that breathless feeling of not knowing what came next and yet continuing on with it anyway. That’s why, despite the fact that the heavens opened and they both got entirely soaked to their skin, Jae didn’t feel any sense of disappointment, all that mattered to him was spending time with the fallen star, didn’t matter to him whether that was on a cold street or on a couch watching a movie. Though he did want to get inside now because the last thing he needed was for both of them to catch the flu. Could celestials even get sick? He had no idea.

Jae snickered a little when Hanseol spoke his next line, picking up on the double meaning of what he said, though it was clear from the celestial’s face that he hadn’t realized how his words could be taken, the sentiment wasn’t unnoticed though. “Of course it can work” he responded with a bright smile “You’re you” he stated and tapped gently against the male’s chin with his index finger. It was cute though, how the caring side of the celestial seemed to take over, he could see the concern in the other male’s eyes before he mentioned that they needed to change. Jae hesitantly looked down at his clothes and laughed, okay he did have a point, he was gonna be cold for hours if he stayed in these. When Han went off to find some clothes Jae moved through the hallway looking at the decor that the celestial had chosen for his home, it was simple but homey, he felt strangely comfortable here, considering it wasn’t his own home.

Before long he returned with clothes which Jae took with a polite nod “Thanks” he spoke softly before following the direction the star had given him, heading into the bathroom. Catching his reflection Jae laughed at himself, his brightly colored hair looking kind sad all flopped down over his forehead. He shook his head before shrugging out of his jacket and pulling the white shirt over his head before picking up the plain tee that Hanseol had given him to wear. Even before wearing it, it smelled just like the star, which made the dhampir smile, he pulled it over his torso before undoing his belt and changing into the loose-fitting pants, not the most fashionable outfit ever but it was comfortable.

Once he was changed he left his wet jeans and shirt on the laundry basket, spreading them out a bit so they would dry out and then opened the door stepping out into the hallway. Since the celestial hadn’t come back yet Jae continued his exploration, heading into the lounge. Suddenly he was reminded that the star really hadn’t wanted him to come in here earlier which quickly made him curious once more, his eyes fell on the sketch pad which was sprawled out on the couch open and he moved towards it. Jae had seen the book before since Hanseol had let him flip through it the day they met but this drawing he saw was new and now he was closer he realized it was him. The dhampir’s lips pursed in surprise and awe not sure how to even react to the drawing, it was beautiful and so realistic, he was about to move closer to study the detail of it when he heard footsteps.


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