Four Months. It had been four months since Yeonseok had decided to take a chance on Hanseol Park. Yeon didn't know exactly what it was about Han that drew him in but from that day they had stuck quite the interesting friendship, mostly they just annoyed one another to death but it worked for them. For the most part, their meetings had been about trying track down the person behind the attack on Hanseol before they met, while Yeon hadn't been there himself he had managed to pry out of the celestial how worried he was for his own safety and the other celestials in the city and that had been enough to get him on board.

It hadn't been an easy investigation considering they had to work around Yeon's crazy and constantly changing schedule, he had seen more time on a plane in the past few months than he had in years before that, he didn't mind traveling but the constant flights with his travel sickness made things exhausting for him, work was slowly draining and considering he hadn't been able to get much relief lately he found himself getting pretty stressed and worked up over little things lately. He had become more and more snappy with the people around him, especially Han who was probably the person he talked to most, he did his best to rein it in when he found himself doing it but it was hard when the other male liked to talk about his significant other often and how happy the two of them were together.

Don't get Yeon wrong, he was happy for Hanseol and his significant other who he'd managed to get the name of after much pushing, Jaesung. Just because he didn't believe in the idea of love for himself didn't mean that he didn't think other people deserved happiness, it just kept reminding him of the fact that things were...difficult in the intimacy department right now. Since he had met that damn snowy-haired blond who had quite literally blown his mind and even now he still hadn't managed to pick up all the pieces. That wasn't Hanseol's fault though so he tried to control his aggravation around him.

But they had, in the time they had known each other and spent together, become pretty good friends, they talked about everything really, it didn't feel like there was a subject that was off limits between the two of them and some of their discussions got quite in depth and heated. Yeon had been pretty majorly involved in encouraging Hanseol and later helping with the expansion of his business, he had gotten the chance to look into how well the clinic was doing in Evermore and make suggestions on how to improve the place. They had many long car journeys together back and forth between Denver and Evermore on the weekends Yeon had free so that the blond valkyr could give input. But really it was also an excuse to spend time together and talk.

Having someone share his mind in a small part unfolded differently than he was expecting it to, he definitely thought he had taken up some of Han's tendencies to worry about other others more and despite not being particularly interested in animals before, he suddenly found himself wanting to stop people on the streets and ask to pet their dogs. The pain thing was a bit of an annoyance because the two of them weren't exactly gentle with themselves, especially when it came bedroom activities, it was hard to know what could be a real danger and what was simply collateral damage. Still, they had agreed on a certain spot on their body to use to communicate if they were in real danger, Yeon's was his right wrist, somewhere he could easily pinch but not somewhere he would typically feel any pain.

He honestly felt like having a Volakiri had been a good thing for him, it forced him to let someone in, he'd already learned pretty quickly that he couldn't lie to Hanseol, or rather, he could but the star would almost instantly be able to tell the insincerity in him. It wasn't without its challenges, they argued a lot because they had quite conflicting personalities and Yeon often pushed Hanseol to come out of his shell which could backfire if the star was feeling especially shy that day. It happened when they were around a lot of strangers usually. Han was stubborn too when his mind got onto something it was very hard to change it or make him see any different. Yeon was getting used to those traits in his friend though, he learned how to ease into topics with the star and to compromise. Most of all though, he found himself caring about the celestial. caring that he was safe and well, interested in hearing about his day or how things were going with Jae, invested in another person, which was very unlike him considering he never really let anyone in. With Han that felt easier though, maybe because they were linked now or maybe it was because he thought the celestial was a decent person.

He was tired as he made his way through the airport, passing through immigration and handing over his papers before collecting his suitcase from the turntable and headed out to the exit. Normally he would get an Uber or taxi back to the studio after a flight and get a nap in but Han had been texting him about some new information he'd found just before Yeon had gotten on the plane and blond had suggested they talk over what he found over a coffee once he got back into Evermore, which then became picking him up from the airport. He knew how much Han actually hated driving, most of the trips to Denver, Yeon had driven but the airport was only about a 30-minute drive from the city. When he got into the arrival lounge his eyes scanned through the crowd of people before they fell on Han, looking a little lost and grumpy at the back of the crowd.

Yeon shuffled his way through the people dragging his pretty compact suitcase behind him before he threw his arm around Hanseol's shoulder "Try not to look like someone just kicked your dog" he commented as he pulled the star along with him a half smile on his face. Despite the long flight and still feeling frustrated as hell, he was glad to be back in Evermore and this time he actually got to stay for a few weeks, the prospect of his own bed instead of hotels and not having to get up at 6 am to go to the airport was enough to tempt his mood to the brighter side. Plus, despite the fact he had just gotten off a plane, he looked good, dressed in black skinny jeans that fitted him perfectly, paired with a white button up and a red blazer, his hair was still it’s usual sandy blond color that he had kept for quite a long time now, he pulled his sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on, already noticing it was bright outside "Alright, I need coffee and I need it now, otherwise I will actually pass out" the valkyr stated leading the way even though he had no idea where Hanseol parked the car.

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Of course they put a lot of efforts into making that work, he knew that, but he didn’t really wander around the prospects of it because he’s not exactly the kind of guy who likes to flaunt things on other’s face, and even though this wasn’t anywhere near that, the celestial is still learning what’s right and what’s not, so give him time. Admittedly, between the two of them, Hanseol was the pessimistic one while his Volakiri is the optimist. It was somewhat balanced out, ironically. But despite their butting heads over differing opinions and such, there are more similarities to them that they would let on.

Due to the life that the celestial led before all of this, he was more prone to having bad and negative thoughts, jumping into them before washing it away with the waves of optimism, which also would take quite some time to get around. It’s just who he is, even Jae had taken a spare time in patience when it comes to convincing and encouraging the star. He’s very relieved that both Yeon and Jae took a chance with him and gave him their undivided attention and care despite not deserving of all of it. “I guess I should, I mean, I am. I’m just not that well-versed around feeling excited over things like that. Working, is still a foreign concept to me, strangely so. Even though I’ve been in this particular field for two years now. I should get used to it, but I never did” he wheezed, covering the bottom half of his face as he leaned back against the driver’s seat. “But thank you for reminding me that. Look at you, my personal cheerleader number 2.” Don’t get offended, Jae’s always going to be his number 1 for everything, that’s not a territory you can just walk in blindfolded. It’s uncharted for a reason.

Of course, there wasn’t one day where he didn’t witness a narcissistic Yeonseok Lee, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing too. Hanseol only called him a narcissist because it riles him up and that’s fun, but truthfully, he envied the amount of confidence the valkyr exuded. He wished to have at least half the amount he oozed, sometimes, and slowly but surely, ever since their bond was enacted, it’s planting its seed. “That you did, how can Yeonseok Lee ever look bad. It’s against the universe’s rule, let’s be real.” Feeding into his Volakiri’s ego is one of what he also likes to do, surprisingly, even though they bicker and banter a lot. It’s just a part of their chemistry together, maybe. The scowl was still existing on his boyish features, clearly not amused by what his friend is saying. “Hey, give me a break. You’re lucky I even know how to use them and actually use them. Be glad I didn’t give you a blue tick for more than an hour unless you interrupt me on sometime later that’s not consultation hours.” Oh yes, Hanseol Park has consultation hours. Apparently, all that high-maintenance care from the valkyr transferred a bit of itself into the star.

A smirk crept up when he heard the blond talk about his restless antics when it involved his dhampir having his fun with him, that really did amuse him until today. The fallen star has heard about Yeon’s current ‘situation’ and even he felt bad for him. “I’m only a softie around certain people,” he shrugged, until he realized how that would feed into the valkyr’s pride, he shook his head as quickly as lightening a few seconds later. “And yes, I’m definitely taking that back.” But unfortunately, the rice is already simmered down to porridge and it’s already spilled. “Oh yeah, I’m definitely keeping you around for the sweets, thanks for reminding me what you’re good for” he snarked, surprisingly, Hanseol can be quite the sarcastic guy, but it’s also not a new thing, he just didn’t get to use them a lot because he’s busy fulfilling those predicaments in his shell of a person.

Hearing Yeon talk about gifts, he could attest to that, since during Jae’s birthday, it’s all coming from the bottom of his heart, he took the time to paint both himself and the dhampir because he knew how his boyfriend liked the idea of him painting him. The key to his house and ownership collar for Yeontan, it’s sweet. “Don’t get jelly on me because you couldn’t get any action and gain satisfaction, Yeon. I’m sure that problem of yours will die down afterward.” Granted, according to the valkyr, it has been over 4 months. That got out after a month of keeping it because the celestial could sense what’s bothering his Volakiri and it didn’t take long for him to prod him into telling. “Besides, I gave him a spare key to my place on his birthday, I even gave him a collar for Yeontan, I think that’s more than enough of a push to tell him that I wanted him to move in soon, no?” He didn’t think things through, most of the time, and it always ends up like this. That’s Hanseol for you.

It didn’t surprise the star that he didn’t know what coffee to get, and he didn’t even make any attempts on shoving the valkyr away from leaning on him, until he saw Jae, obviously. Sitting just across the cafe, was him and who he assumed to be Daehyun. Uh oh. The way the blue-haired dhampir stared at him burns hotly and he could even feel himself gulping in response. Fuck, how is he gonna get out of this? He couldn’t get out now, that would be like telling his boyfriend that he’s afraid, which he is, but it would also give Jae more thoughts on Yeon. No thank you. All he could hear was a question asked by Yeon if that's Jae. "No shit sherlock..." He's fucked, isn't he? So without thinking much about it, who is he kidding, he’s been cursing internally, but still moved his feet to scurry towards the dhampir’s direction quietly, making sure to tug the valkyr with him. He’ll explain, yeah he’ll do that. But seeing the intense glare Jae’s giving his Volakiri scared the wits out of Han. This is bad. “Jae… I didn’t know you’d be here.” Really, Han? The way he stuttered already said a lot.

Jae gave him a look that spoke the word ‘seriously’ when Dae tried to make his actions sound better by saying he didn’t use a staff today, admittedly, the dhampir was glad that was the case because those wooden beams hurt like hell when they caught you but it still didn’t stop the stinging he felt in his jaw right now. Jae grumbled at him as he lectured the dhampir on how Niveis powers worked, Jae had seen Daehyun’s frozen powers in action several times already but it was still pretty foreign to him, he didn’t have powers that really involved much other than his own body and a weapon so the idea of using some kind of magic was weird to him “Funnily enough Dae I don’t give much thought to the people you’re kissing” he scrunched up his nose a little, nope he didn’t want to think about it, especially because he knew Daehyun had a lot of ‘partners’ as he called them.

Jae listened to Daehyun spelling out the situation with the girl and lunch for him, the blue-haired male going quiet for a moment as the reality of the situation set in, it was always Dae that seemed to be able to get through to Jae and make him see reason, probably because the Niveis was always so straightforward and honest with him and so Jae just naturally trusted him and the advice he gave, there wasn’t any questioning openness with it came to Daehyun. “Oh come on, no one’s getting drugged” he responded with a heavy sigh, he was probably right about the wanting to get in his pants part though, maybe he owed Han an apology for being so oblivious, which was ironic since it was usually the celestial who was curious “I’m not used to...people being like that okay, everyone always just saw me as a friend back in Korea” or maybe he had misread that too, the dhampir sighed, now he was questioning everything he knew.

Jae scoffed a little at Daehyun’s comments about flirting, Jae was pretty sure the pale-haired male only did it to see what reaction he could get out of the dhampir, he was so used to it by now that he just brushed it all off “Well according to you I’d be too oblivious to notice anyway” he retorted with a shrug of his shoulders though he did give an amused chuckle at Dae’s teasing, he was definitely an amusing character to be around, that was for sure. “He’s not a dog!” Jae insisted with a glare, his boyfriend was nothing like a dog, he had met dogs, spent a lot of time around them thanks to the fact he now technically owned one, though the whole living situation stuff going on made that a blurry line. “Pretty sure you sailed way past midlife crisis already” Jae spoke a little grumbly as he glanced over at the snowy-haired male but he didn’t comment on the sex part, if Dae had stopped then it must be a pretty drastic reason.

Dae continued the conversation on it and the dhampir’s eyebrow raised “Sounds like you need to go to a club or something” Jae commented with a sarcastic grin, the Niveis wasn’t a club guy though so Jae had no idea where he found all of his ‘partners’, didn’t want to know if he was honest, he could go his entire life not knowing that and be happy. Jae grumbled as he rubbed the makeshift ice pack against his face trying to soothe the pain, who knew a niveis could pack quite such a punch. Jae was still laughing lightheartedly at the joke about the feather and the reaction that Dae had to it which was exactly what the dhampir expected it to be “And yet you still keep me around” Jae teased with a chuckle. He and Dae ripped the hell out of each other most days but he really enjoyed the other male’s company, he was a good friend.

His good mood was soured the moment his eyes fell on Hanseol and the guy who was pressing his chin against his boyfriend’s shoulder though. It was a knee jerk reaction for him to be filled with angry thoughts and jealousy without knowing anything about the situation, he didn’t like seeing someone else with their hands on his man. But he did manage to quickly rein that in because he reminded himself that he trusted his boyfriend. He caught his name being spoken by the blond he didn’t recognize, a frown showing on his expression as he looked at Hanseol for an explanation. Moments later and the celestial was making his way over to the table and while the blond didn’t have his arm around Han anymore, he noticed the way Han had tugged him over by the wrist.

Jae sucked in an annoyed breath and swallowed it offering them both seats opposite him and Dae at the table as he heard Hanseol speak, he didn’t like the uncertainty he saw in Hanseol’s expression, nor the choice of words he used or the way he could barely say them without his voice shaking, add onto that the fact that other guy looked offput and his mind was already assuming the worst. “Hanseol, this is Daehyun, my friend that I told you about” he spoke, stressing the word friend as he glanced over to Dae, who for some reason had decided this cafe needed to become a freezer and then his boyfriend. Jae turned his eyes on the blond who had joined them at the table still eyeing him down with a scrutinizing expression “Dae this is my boyfriend” he spoke while watching the unnamed male’s reaction, Jae didn’t even know what to think at this point, he was waiting for someone to explain something, his eyes turned back to Hanseol, he’d introduced his friend, he was waiting for the celestial to explain his.

Okay, bad choice of words, Dae. Should’ve just kept his mouth shut, but no, Daehyun being Daehyun, just had to voice his own opinion on things. Well, at least that means he’s honest? Even if he’s brutally honest, it’s at least something Jae or others would have to worry about if he’s going to lie, because he won’t. Following the distaste lacing, Jae’s voice had him wheezing internally, and the niveis only spared him a dirty glance who showed how he’s silently judging the dhampir. “Of course, you don’t. Not that I’m not flattered, but your boyfriend won’t exactly like that his man is thinking about other prospects of his friend kissing others, right? Makes it sound as if you’re having one for me, Jae. Careful,” he cooed.

Hey, Jae is an attractive guy who’s in his early twenties, humble and smart in his own, it’s pretty clear why there were people hitting on the dhampir already. Though it does seem like he’s also inheriting that obliviousness from his significant other too, seeing as the blue-haired male had no idea about others using him to their own interest and personal gain. This only made him want to protect him even more. The snowy-haired niveis arched a questioning eyebrow towards the younger male who rebuked the idea and possibility of someone getting drugged. “Clearly you haven’t experienced the truth behind that twisted thing, then. Sokay, man. I got you.” He placed a reassuring pat on his shoulders before slowly losing himself in the land of laughter because it’s hard not to laugh with Jae around. It’s a natural thing.

“It’s okay, your obliviousness is cute. Plenty of people dig that, you know.” Who knew Daehyun could also push aside his pessimistic side for a brief while so he could cheer and encourage his friend? Not him, obviously. Holding both his hands up in defense, he nodded slowly. “Alright, alright, he’s not a dog, I get it,” he murmured silently, but couldn’t help himself, so he cleared his throat a few times and spared him a glance. “But seriously, would that really be a bad thing? They’re cute, though.” Okay, Dae. “I mean, technically I’d turn 180 this Christmas. But no one’s counting, Mr. Judgy. Is there really a midlife crisis for people who are immortal?” he enquired, nudging the other male, prompting him into answering that vague question.

Don’t expect him to really give up, he has this tendency to fly around the particular topic for days long. He’s not someone to give up. Scrunching his nose up in distaste, he gave the dhampir a once-over and may as well paint the words are you kidding me on his forehead. “Me? Club? Please, at least pick somewhere more classy, Jae” he rolled his eyes, Dae’s not picky but even he has standards, maybe. Oh well, Jae didn’t need to know that.

A scowl marred his face like it was the most obvious expression to wear around, which is not a surprise since the elder Stormwind does look either emotionless or grumpy, most of the time. “Careful, Moon. Don’t make me regret keeping you around. Besides, I do get to beat your ass up, so that’s like a very good reason to keep you around too. It’s boring to only kick your own tribe’s people, or some random douches I get myself in trouble with” he warned, though his tone was playful and teasing.

Much like how Jae’s mood dropped, so did his. Unfortunately, his mood wasn’t the only thing that dropped, obviously. The temperature of the entire cafe is slowly but surely turning itself into an igloo. The grip he had around his Iced Americano tightened when his dark hues fell on that certain blond clinging on Hanseol. He could even swear there were swirls cracking as it makes its way up to the said cup that he’s holding. The way the celestial brought that guy with him, with his hand wrapped around his wrist, made his blood boil if that’s even possible for the niveis.

As quick as things go, the scowl replaced itself as his default look, no more was the laughing gummy smile Daehyun. “Pleasure to meet you, Hanseol” he exclaimed gruffly, eyes still fixated on the still ridiculously hot and attractive valkyr. “We have the boyfriend, who’s that with you? Won’t you introduce him to us?” Bold to assume he didn’t know his name. Of course, he did. The name engraved on that business card he received that night was still embedded in his head, and he wasn’t surprised to find the card gone alongside the owner the next morning. But he also wasn't about to release his hold on that guy, not when he's also becoming a suspect in the celestial's cheating affair. Out of all people it could've been, why did it have to be him? Him? The guy he's actually having a hard time forgetting since 4 months ago. The world truly does have a weird way of working, and it hates him. What's new. 

“Well that’s probably not a bad thing, if you get used to it too much then you become normalized to it, you should see it as a challenge every day, that’s how you know you’ve found the right work” his work definitely fit that bill for him, he was always busy doing different things and taking different risks and decisions, some of them panned out, some of them didn’t, it made life very interesting and challenging for him and he hoped many others got to feel the same way about their work. When he called him his cheerleader number two he wrinkled his nose not really liking being called second best for any reason but he knew why Han said it, it was evidently clear to him by now, just how much Hanseol cared about Jae so he couldn’t really be mad “You’re welcome” he spoke shrugging it off.

Yeon chuckled when Hanseol agreed with him, doing a mock hair flip to emphasize his point and then rolled his shoulders, Yeon had always been confident, something that came with being raised the way he was, his father had been a businessman through and through and there wasn’t room for weakness in a business field, the shakes would smell the smallest hint of blood and hunt you down. The valkyr could come off pretty ruthless in a business setting but in a social setting, it just made its way up in the form of unwavering confidence in himself “I’m glad we agree on something” he commented with a nod of his head. “Uh excuse you, no one leaves me on read” he prompted the other male with a narrow of his eyes, he didn’t waste his time on just anyone, Hanseol was someone he chose to be around because he actually quite liked him as a person but they could both be as annoying as each other at times “And since when did you have a schedule?” the male he’d first met had been a homebody, he was either at work, or at home. The valkyr however? If you didn’t know where he was, good luck actually finding him.

Yeon saw the smirk that graced the celestial’s lips as Yeon talked about the bites he’d been feeling, namely around his neck area, he grumbled and shoved the celestial’s side with his elbow but said nothing on it. When he admitted he was only nice around certain people the valkyr smiled proudly though, he might put on an act that he didn’t like being around the celestial but he actually really enjoyed his company, he’d never really had a friend like this before and it was important to him, neither of them really said that out loud “Ah I knew you secretly liked having me around” he teased with a chuckle despite the fact the star instantly tried to take the statement back, he rolled his eyes, rustling the paper bag he held in his hands as they talked “and listening to you talk about Jae, and giving you business advice and driving you to and from places, and generally watching out for your wellbeing” he shot him a look that prompted credit where credit was due.

Yeon sighed softly running his hand through his hair when Han called him out for being jealous, okay he was a little, he hadn’t been able to get any real satisfaction for months now, he was starting to wonder if that damn Niveis broke him. He simply gave an annoyed grunt in response to the other male’s statement not wanting to talk about it, or think about it anymore, it was frustrating enough already without having to talk to Mr. I’m so in love about it. Instead he focused on the other topic they were talking about “I don’t doubt that he must have gotten the hint by now Han but maybe you need to be asking him why, it’s clear something is stopping him” he shrugged, probably not his business but he was sure if the dhampir wanted to move in he would have by now.

Yeon was too busy staring at Daehyun and choking on his coffee to really comprehend what was happening at first, he really was tempted just to run out of the shop considering how stupidly ironic this all was. So Daehyun knew Jae and Jae was Hanseol’s boyfriend and Hanseol was his Volakiri, oh fuck this just got so complicated. He was just kinda standing there debating whether he had to be a part of this trainwreck to be when he felt Han’s hand grip around his wrist, dragging him along with him to the table. Yeon gave a semi-awkward smile to the blue-haired male who looked like he wanted to kill him as he took a seat opposite. He blew out a frustrated breath and shot Hanseol a look when he said quite possibly the most guilty thing he could possibly say.

Yeon probably would have been more vocal if it wasn’t for the fact he could quite literally feel Daehyun’s eyes judging him, along with Jae being quite rightfully cold sounding with his words, it was clear that Hanseol hadn’t told Jae about him now. He sucked in a long breath as he played with his coffee cup and tried to pretend like it didn’t bother him. He heard the stressed ‘my’ spoken as Jae looked directly at him which caused the valkyr to raise his brows in an amused manner, of course that’s what he would assume, he was about to explain it was nothing like that when he heard Daehyun speak up and he clicked his tongue a little as his dark gaze finally moved over to the other male “It’s really not what you think it is” he spoke directly to the snowy-haired male not realizing that would probably piss off Jae because he’d just completely avoided his comment. Yeon glanced over to Hanseol for help, he didn’t know what to say to make this better because he didn’t know Jae or their relationship that well enough.

One of the best things about Yeon was that he really could give a whole prep talk in less than a minute, it’s like you’ll be instantly rejuvenated once you hear such a speech. It’s why Hanseol never ceased to tease him about the way he speaks, saying how the valkyr is often giving him a mini public speech whenever he’s discouraged. It’s good, and he enjoys it. “I guess, in a way you can say I’m still learning because I’m still young,” he shrugged but did spare him a glance a few seconds later. “Technically I’m 90 in human years, but, I only lived outside the cell for 6 years, counting this one, so…” Most of the times, Han hated calling himself a baby, because in all honesty had they feel the need to calculate things, he’s the youngest.

But with Yeon, there was no running away from any perspectives on lying, so he never bothered. He only chuckled in response to his Volakiri’s narcissistic traits, it’s refreshing really. Whenever he would glance at the blond, all he could see was someone he would love to be, in the next life. The level of confidence that he oozed was addicting, which drew a lot of companies in his life, for sure. “Surprising, isn’t it? For us to agree on something without butting heads about it” he quipped, recalling the times where the celestial would grumble and grunt every time they would not be able to reach a consensus on literally anything. Things did got better gradually as more time passes and they grew closer as friends, so it’s hard to find anything that would put a stent in their friendship nowadays.

Rolling his eyes at how dramatic his friend is being, Hanseol scoffed and pursed his lips lightly before parting it to resume his ‘commentary’. “I did. I must be pretty immune to your charms,” he even went as far to place a thinking look on himself, with one free hand propped under his chin while the other rests on the steering wheel, stroking an imaginary beard, alongside a smug look that is obviously enjoying getting something out of the valkyr. “I started having a schedule since I decided to take our relationship up a notch for the past month, duh. There’s something called privacy, Yeonseok Lee. Perhaps, you’ve heard of them? Also, because I’m slowly throwing myself back into the medicinal world, I’d probably take up a few classes after I’m done with the grand opening in Denver.” The fact that he’s being quite snarky around the blond shows just how comfortable he is with his company.

A few months ago, every time Yeon would flirt shamelessly, the fallen star would not be able to escape the conversation without having a faint blush resting on his cheeks. But now? He’s the one making crude jokes, sometimes. Which really shows how far they’ve gone in this path. Fueling the male’s ego is what he does constantly, even when he would complain all the time, Hanseol never actually acted on his words. It all but remained words. “Okay fine, that too. But you can’t deny you’re a high-maintenance guy, it’s hard for others to keep up with you. So those sweets are a serious big factor for me keeping you, that and the fact that we’re literally bonded and connected for life now, anyway. Can’t really take back that kind of contract, right?”

Having someone else in his life that’s not just his boyfriend was a wake-up call for him to come delving into the outside world again. His shyness would prevent a lot of things, but his desires would kindle it. “Unless one of us kicked the bucket.” Okay, there’s pessimistic Hanseol back at it again. The celestial is very thankful that Yeon still spared his time to look after him, even though they’d be a few hours away, phone calls were a constant that sometimes, he felt guilty for keeping the valkyr up with his rants and worries. The nightmares didn’t stop, his usage on the sleeping pills used to get worse, but he managed to keep a secret from Jae. With Yeon keeping him awake and company, he didn’t have any worries on falling asleep scared as much. “I hate it when you’re right,” he huffed and leaned against the seat, eyes still fixated on the road, but his head elsewhere. “I just don’t wanna seem pushy, you know? All these desires and wants coming to flood me makes me feel so selfish, it feels wrong.” The way he shuddered at the thought of making Jae out of all people, uncomfortable, gives him the jitters.

He can wait. Even if he couldn’t, he’ll force himself to. For all it’s worth, he’ll be able to wait because he loves him. Little did Mr. Star know those words are going to come back to eat him; especially a few minutes later. When Yeon choked on his coffee, Han could almost feel the searing hot liquid going down the wrong tube, which caused him to internally gag. The more time they spend together, the more it seems that they’re more connected than usual. Seeing his boyfriend today in this particular cafe that his Volakiri had chosen was not what he expected, it wasn’t supposed to go on like this. Jae wasn’t supposed to find out like this, he yelled internally. Like a child who just got caught red-handed, he averted his gaze to the table as he shuffled in taking a seat just across his boyfriend, tugging Yeon down with him. And that question earlier? What the fuck, Hanseol?

He knew he majorly screwed this up on another level because he promised not to keep anything from his boyfriend and yet the dhampir has yet to know of his connection with the valkyr. Han was busy trying to think of ways to get out of this, so he didn’t even notice the looks Yeon was giving Daehyun, up until he spoke, which really made the celestial turn to face the blond with a whole did you just made things worse plastered on his face. The tone on his boyfriend made him curse internally because it was scarier than the look he’s giving his Volakiri. The stares and glares were intense, and as if his tone got deeper, Han could feel himself fidgeting in his seat. The star made a minimal attempt in giving a half-assed greeting towards Daehyun before sinking his teeth on his bottom lip, still searching for words to say. Tread carefully, he mumbled. “This is… Yeonseok...uh, someone I met some time ago, a friend.” Doesn’t sound as convincing, but it’s what he could muster up at the moment. Unfortunately, it did not help his panic from jumping out. “Babe, I swear to you, he’s just a random guy who I just so happened to befriend, nothing more than that!”

Jae scoffed a little at the other male’s words, shaking his head a little “I am not thinking about you kissing anyone Dae” the dhampir rolled his eyes, shuddering a little at the very idea of it as they started walking. Despite the fact that Dae teased him to hell and back, he was actually quite the funny guy and was always making the dhampir laugh with his sarcastic reactions to things and his always on point quips about different subjects “No, clearly I have not been drugged by some psychopath” he stated as though it was the strangest thing in the world to even suggest and then he eyed the pale-haired male for a moment “Wait have you?” he asked with widened eyes, his friend had some really strange stories to tell it seemed if he thought that someone drugging you was a normal occurrence. He did laugh though, the Niveis’ laugh was infectious on the rare moments you got to hear it.

“Dig people having no idea you’re flirting with them? Isn’t that kinda counterproductive?” Jae asked with a curious arch of his brow, he always thought he’d been pretty upfront with where he stood when it came to relationships, he only had eyes for Hanseol, the only person he wanted to come home to every night, was Hanseol, there was no questioning any of that in his mind and if people wanted to try and convince him otherwise they may as well bash their head against a wall. When Dae gave in on the dog comment he nodded a little but then groaned again when he brought it up one last time “Dae!” he scolded with a glare in his direction, what a handful this guy was to keep around. “180 huh?” Jae responded with a shrug, he knew Dae was around that old already but he didn’t have the actual number “Sounds like the perfect year to make a full turn around” Jae laughed at the irony because of the number shaking his head at his own joke.

Jae raised his brows when Dae turned his nose up at his location suggestion “Yeah well I don’t exactly know how these things go down for you” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders and then held his hands up “Nor do you need to explain that in any way shape or form” he added quickly afterwards because knowing the Niveis he would take that as an offer to explain all the detail behind his antics and honestly Jae didn’t need to be thinking about that.

Overall the two of them got along well though, Dae had definitely helped Jae to feel more comfortable and relaxed in America, showed him the ropes on many different things and had generally just been there to talk and listen, sometimes you just needed someone to talk to and acknowledge your opinion on something and that was one of Dae’s best traits, he would always respect someone’s opinion, even if he disagreed with it. “Yeah don’t remind me” Jae commented with a chuckle as his eyes flicked to the napkin he was holding against his face to cover the red bruise that was now setting in.

Jae’s eyes moved between all the different people at the table not sure what to think about it all, it looked bad, really bad. He wanted to believe the best in Hanseol, he really did, that was all he ever tried to do around his boyfriend but Han was entirely avoiding eye contact with him. When he heard Dae speak to the two of them he gave him a quick glance, glad to have him on side for this one, even if he was turning the whole place into an icebox for no apparent reason. The blond, he was acting as though this was funny to him, he could see the hint of a smile on his face and the amused expression he wore as he looked at Jae and then spoke to Daehyun instead of him. Jae tensed his jaw in frustration, he could feel his temper trying to set him and make him act rationality, frankly, he wanted to wipe the smug look off the guy’s face but he let him speak instead.

“I don’t even know what to think right now” he admitted as he glared at the blond again, his hand twitching at his side but his attention turned back to Hanseol, there had to be an explanation for this that didn’t fit exactly the worst thing that came to his head right? Tell him they were related or that this guy had been bothering him all day and he needed help getting away, tell him he just met him the other day and he’s unusually clingy. But no. He could see how off guard Han was being, shifting in his seat the way he always did when he had something to hide, before Jae would have let him keep his secrets but no this one. Not when another guy who had just been holding him was involved “Some time ago” Jae repeated curiously though he stopped, looking like he had just been slapped in the face when Hanseol lied to him. His hand curled into a fist at his side, he was so done with the lies, he could feel his temper rising up in his chest and threatening to take him over.

“You’re really going to sit there and lie to me about this?” he asked, his face showing disbelief as though the celestial had literally slapped him in the face, Jae pushed himself to his feet out of sheer frustration about what was happening to him right now, his mind was thinking the worst wondering if the two of them had been seeing one another, for how long? God, he was so stupid to think things would stay so good forever. Hell, he didn’t even know how long they’d know each other, how long was some time? “After everything we’re still lying to each other” he shook his head a little, he really hated that he had to say these words, he hated that they were a reality. Well he didn’t even know the other guy but if Han was going to lie about it then maybe one of the two of them had an honest bone in their body so he narrowed his attention onto Yeonseok “Who the fuck are you?” he asked the other male directly this time “And don’t give me the bullshit answer he did” he warned, he could feel his control slipping away moment by moment but he couldn’t stop himself, he was so full of emotions right now.

Shrugging casually, the snowy-haired niveis held both his hands up in a knowing manner, as if he was weighing options down like a scale, because let’s be real, Daehyun Stormwind is a walking judging machine, you’ll never be able to escape his eagle eye if he is set on fixating his gaze on you. One of the perks on being a well-versed guy around the arts of spying thankfully, though it’s been a while since he’s doing much of snooping around, at least not personally. If not, he probably would’ve gotten a wind up on that blond valkyr that left his frustrated for more than a few months to deal with his problem. “Doesn’t hurt to try,” he mumbled, he had a way on making things very awkward or very carefree, it’s either this or that with him, and around the dhampir, he seems to prefer the latter.

That’s fortunate seeing as Dae could actually make things very awkward if he wants to, so much the tension can actually cut the air. When Jae enquired whether he’s been drugged by some freak or not, he gave him a weird look, judging him once more. “Really? That’s what you had to ask me?” he scoffed and shook his head, but didn’t evade from the said question. “Once or twice, can’t really remember since I was literally supposed to be in a drugged state, you know. I told you the world is shady,” The way he had made it out to be something very usual probably made it weird, but Daehyun had plenty of experiences during his recon years, and let’s just say, he’s gotten himself in that clog more than a few times to actually get tired from it.

“Plenty of weird people roaming this earth. I guess it was about 10 to 15 years ago or so, it was in Wyoming and it was hazy. That’s all I can recall, which she probably gave me a huge dosage because damn, that could put a horse to sleep, I tell you.” Despite his healing rate, unfortunately, it still took him quite a while to get back into land 101. By the time he woke up, he’s already having a pounding headache and didn’t bother to hunt whoever the weird chick was. Shaking his head at the dhampir, he gaped briefly before snickering at how forward he sounded. “You’re hopeless, Jae.” When he got called out for calling the dhampir’s significant other a dog again, he made sure to clamp his mouth shut this time, though it did not help him from refraining that stifle of laughter that’s threatening to spill.

That age comment did get him to give him a point-blank look. “You did not just do a dad joke- oh god you did, are you sure I’m the one who’s older here? You sound like those guys I’ve encountered who likes telling old jokes way too much.” They’re pretty funny given the correct circumstances, but it also gets annoying. With Jae, it doesn’t seem like the niveis could actually get annoyed at him so everything was good. “But if I go turn a whole 180 again, I’d be 0 years old and a baby, what part of me being a baby do you like? I can still beat your ass.” The elder Stormwind didn’t comment on what he said next since it didn’t feel like it could go on much longer without making it weird. Dae gave him an apologetic smile when he saw the bruise and that napkin dabbed against it. He probably should recount his punches, next time. God knows what’ll happen the next time he actually goes agro.

Despite paying attention on the blond valkyr who’s also with the celestial that he knew to be Jae’s boyfriend, he took a note on how his friend’s face fell and all trace of that laugh and happy expression got erased in a split second, which really caused him to bite his inner cheek in annoyance. Not only was he annoyed and pissed off, but now his friend is also the same? Well, if he was in Jae’s place and he saw his boyfriend around another male, who by the way, is heavenly beautiful, then he would be beating the other guy to a pulp once he dragged him out to the back. Because he still had the decency to spare the public an eye out for that kind of stuff. Raising a contempt eyebrow at the valkyr who said it wasn’t what it looks like if he could laugh, he would, but instead, he only allowed a scoff to escape him. He’s not jealous, nope. For all he cares, that guy can go screw whoever the hell he wants. But Hanseol of all people? That’s just screwed up.

“Are you trying to convince us, or yourself?” He was careful to use the pronouns because it wasn’t just them both, it involves a lot more than that. Though he had to point out how pissed off the dhampir next to him was being, he was fuming. The way the star pulled the blond down to sit next to him had him clenching his jaw because it also seemed like Hanseol wasn’t doing any better for his situation there. Either he really did two-timed Jae, or he’s just really a daft guy right now. Either way, it doesn’t matter because what they can see right now is clear and unless someone clears up the misunderstanding, Jae might really go off right there on the spot. He knew not to provoke the dhampir when it comes to his temper, knowing it to be quite aggressive than usual.

So he’s just going to be there for the dhampir and wait for what happens next. Hanseol couldn’t answer Jae, and Dae’s just eyeing the valkyr, prompting for him to speak because the star couldn’t do anything to even try to save himself. He really hopes it’s just a misunderstanding but from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like one. God help him if that guy is really two-timing Jae with that guy of all people. He might need to calculate his punching power now. However, the moment Jae demanded an answer from Yeon after pushing Hanseol off, he squinted his eyes scrutinizingly and crossed his arms before leaning against his seat, with the temperature still being relatively low that someone else started sneezing. “Go on, Hanseol’s friend, his boyfriend wants to know stuff. It’s not polite to keep a guy waiting, you know.”

He couldn’t argue with Hanseol there, he may be the eldest in actual physical years he’d been on earth but he hadn’t lived most of them and was generally clueless in the world, Yeon didn’t mind, it was nice to have a youthful perspective on things “Alright I’ll give you that one, we’ll trade the zimmer frame for a rattle” he commented with a smirk. They did agree on a lot actually, they just normally feel the need to speak out loud about the things they were aligned on “Not that surprising, surprising that we’ll admit we’ll agree perhaps” the valkyr chuckled softly, it was nice to be around someone who wasn’t just a yes man though, a lot of people he worked with were like that and those tended to be the ones he avoided, he didn’t need suck-ups, he needed people who could be real.

Sure, the two of them were pretty much stuck together now because the bond kept them together, but really he was getting used to being around the celestial, he was easy to get along with and Yeon had seen him grow so much as a person in the time they had known each other. He burst out laughing at the celestial’s attempt of looking thoughtful though, the idea of the star having a beard pretty hilarious because he literally looking like he was fresh out of high school and probably never had facial hair in his life. “Up a notch huh?” Yeon wiggled his brows in the celestial’s direction knowing that the bites started around then too “There’s no such thing as privacy with this bond Han” he commented with an unimpressed look towards his Volakiri, they knew more about one another’s lives than a friend typically should, that’s for sure.

Yeon was a flirt at heart, if he wasn’t in a business setting he would quite literally flirt with anyone and he didn’t have any shame doing so, it didn’t mean he necessarily wanted that person though, he was just that type of personality most of the time, with Han he respected his limits, though he did always find it fun to rile the other male up with suggestive comments because it made him blush profusely most of the time. When Han called him high-maintenance he blinked a couple of times and then shrugged, okay that was true, he was very hard to keep up with, always here there and everywhere, onto the next and more important thing, he could understand people feeling like he was too far into the sky for their reach “Alright I’ll give you that one, though I do make it worth your while” he shook the paper bag again with a smirk.

To this day he didn’t regret striking up this bond with the celestial though, it gave his life another purpose and he had taken a chance on someone who was yet to let him down. He did his best to look out for Han, who often needed little nudges in the right direction or just someone to talk to, the number of times that Yeon had stayed up in the middle of the night just to talk Han down because he wasn’t doing well with his sleeping was pretty high. Not that Yeon ever complained because the valkyr suffered from night terrors himself and so the two of them had that in common with one another and coped with it together. “I’m often right, quite the observant person if you hadn’t noticed” which was definitely a dig at Han’s obliviousness “I think eventually you have to at least get the reason, maybe it’s something you can help him with, or at least set your mind at ease about where he stands” for someone who’d never been in love he did find himself with a lot of decent relationship advice.

Han wasn’t doing very well at explaining this without making both of them sound very guilty, the valkyr was doing his best to let his Volakiri handle this the way he wanted to and not push him to say or do something he didn’t want to but it was starting to make him look bad too. Normally Yeon wouldn’t give a fuck what people thought about him but these two particular people were more important than your average people. On the one side, there was the blue-haired male who was rightly looking at Han like he’d just shot him in the chest, he saw the telltale signs of anger escalating in him which on the other side, the pale-haired male who’d haunted his mind for weeks now, was not helping. He let out an exasperated sigh at the whole thing, he understood why Han didn’t feel ready to tell the truth, but things were just getting worse.

He did wince a little when Han referred to him as just a random guy but he processed the words and swallowed them down, that was what this meant to Han huh, just some random guy. He tensed his jaw much like he saw Jae do. “I don’t owe anyone an explanation” he snapped back at Daehyun before he shook his head at himself for getting out of hand. It was hard, being face to face with the very reason you felt so incredibly aggravated and not being able to do anything about it. Jae’s words to Hanseol had him suck in a long breath though, he had a feeling this wasn’t going to be a first time thing, there were a lot of things Hanseol had tried to hide from him too but his Volakiri soon learned it was useless to try and lie to someone who shared a part of your mind.

The blond valkyr couldn’t stop the ironic laugh that escaped his lips when the dhampir turned his eyes on him and then swore at him. Jae had stood up to assert his height over them and attempt to scare them but Yeon wasn’t the type to scare easy and he didn’t particularly like being cussed out either. He’d been trying to be polite all this time because of the company and because he knew how much Jae meant to Hanseol but the dhampir was acting like a self-righteous asshole and Yeon was sick of it. Despite being shorter he raised to his feet and stared up at the blue haired male “Alright tough guy, calm the hell down” he spoke directly “I gave your boyfriend the offer to fuck me plenty of times and he still chose you so give credit where credit is due” he tilted his head to the side a little, he could be the bad guy if it saved Hanseol some of the heat, it didn’t matter if Jae hated him, he reached out and grabbed the dhampir by his chin “So why don’t you sit down and hear this out like an adult? Hmm?” he prompted as he stared him down.

Which one of them was the baby of the friendship? That would be Han, he acted a lot like how his physical vessel is attained to look like. Much like his appearance, the celestial had no shame in keeping up the standards the same way. Being young isn't something he frowned upon, aside from the fact that he looked younger than the actual legal age that raises a bar. Thankfully, his identification card says he's officially and legally 22, and even if anyone else had a problem to rebuke that, it's still substantial by the law, so it really doesn't matter to him what others think. Looking like a fresh outta high school graduate? No problem. But if he's gonna get interrogated for appearing younger without any proper identification to clarify his actual number? No, thank you. God knows he's had enough of that in the past two years already and does not need more of it.

“On second thought, just let me use the zimmer frame or rattle to walk your head every time you decide to be an ass because I'll take up that offer, any day.” Either way, those things could still be used as a weapon so he really didn't mind. He may look like a bunny, but he's definitely a built bunny. Albeit not at how he acts. “Ugh, I am never going to say it outloud ever again. You're unbelievable... “ he shook his head in feigned disgust as he scrunched up his nose, which really did just made him out to look like a bunny who just ate something way too sour or salty. When he received the stares from Yeon at the same spot where those bites have been lingering at for the past month, he squinted his eyes judgingly and dragged his shirt up to cover that spot as if he was feeling violated. “Rude, Yeon. Just… rude. Of course, there's never gonna have privacy with you but I thought we could try something along the lines of carnal or pleasurable kind of privacy. You know, the department where you're utterly lacking at these days?” he jested, making sure to tease the valkyr until he was high up the sky and out of the world. Two can play at the game, okay.

The way he could hear the sweets bouncing inside that paper bag got the celestial narrowing his dark hues at his Volakiri. “Ugh, I am definitely getting those sweets, one way or another, today.” Oh he's getting that. Yeon wasn't wrong when he said he did make it worth his while, in a lot of ways more than one, the blond has proven to be a competent and good company to the star who had a hard time opening himself up and stepping out of the shell of the person that he is. It's a huge step, but one he's willing to take now that he has people backing him up. Though, Hanseol really shouldn't say those things too soon.

The valkyr is a lot of things, observant and naturally attentive is one of them, but he'll never say that outloud ever again, not when he knows it's gonna have him rolling his eyes at him again.  One of these days, Hanseol is gonna have to make sure his eyes won't roll back permanently due to the consistency of doing that gesture. Following the advice Yeon gave him, the fallen star arched an eyebrow and snickered. Yeon was actually giving him advice about his love life. What a shocker. “You should be a love guru. I mean I know you got those things settled down with the whole master at flirting and stuff, but you actually do give viable and sensible advices.” That's just how far he's gonna take it. He's just bad at this, period. Hanseol knew he wasn't the best when it comes to explaining things, and it doesn't help when he's equalized as a bad liar too, but never would he have thought this day would come. In public too.

He could feel his cheeks warming up in embarrassment. Muster up your strength and fucking tell him the truth, he grumbled. But the way his feet would thump on the ground like his tics were activated, and his fingers fiddling with the helm of his top, eyes still searching for something else to focus on, it's hard. Especially hearing Jae's words, that's when the doe-eyed celestial stared directly at the dhampir sitting just in front of him with a pained and offended look. Of course, he knew he was at the wrong here for not telling the truth when he could, but counting the reasons why he did not, was it really worth it? Han felt like he just got struck by an arrow and it may as well stay embedded if things are going south. “Jae… I didn't mean to lie to you-” hell he couldn't even find the right words to say, no, not only that. He's finding it increasingly hard to even allow his dried up throat to squeak a few syllables out.

The way he had cursed got the star flinching involuntarily. Jae's never cursed that much, and he couldn't recall the times that he did. It sounded so foreign and honestly frightened the celestial. He knew Yeon didn't like being the victim of the situation too, especially when he's got no wrong in it. The celestial is current stuck in the middle of his boyfriend and his Volakiri, still contemplating what to do. Daehyun prompting the blond to speak up too didn't help. What else didn't help? Oh right, that exact moment when Yeon chose to open his mouth and speak because he is not having this bullshit now. But what came out surprised even the star, who stood there with his eyes widened and his mouth agape slightly. Did Yeon just- oh my god, he did. He was going to say something, he was tempted to. “Yeon-,” Clearing his throat lightly, when he saw Yeon gripping the dhampir's chin, he knew shit's about to go down. You do not, simply, poke a sleeping tiger. “Jae, that's not what he means-” 

When he got closer, he saw the bruise that was on Jae's face and frowned, all thoughts went out of the window now, which is just bad for him because it made it seem like he was trying to evade the topic purposely, which he wasn't trying to. But the worry just swerves into the lane and snatched him. “What happened to your face?”

You live a strange life hyung” Jae commented as Dae spoke about being drugged, where did he even go for something like that to happen and how could he talk about it so casually, the dhampir couldn’t believe the Niveis sometimes, he was so relaxed about things that you wouldn’t believe he even cared at times. At least not until you spent time around him and got to know him anyway, Jae knew he cared a lot more than most people saw, especially about his younger sister who he would always avoid talking about at all costs. Getting drugged though, that was a seriously scary thought.

“Hey I am not….” he defended when the other male called him hopeless, though he just closed his mouth and shook his head, okay maybe he was a little hopeless, he just knew that he cared about his boyfriend so much that everyone else just kinda faded away and so he didn’t need to worry about their advances because he had everything he needed. That was sappy and ridiculous he knew, but it was the way he felt. Jae couldn’t even believe the joke he said either and laughed, it sounded like something that would have definitely come out of Eun’s mouth, the dhampir chuckled softly “Hey that was a killer opportunity and I thought of that right on the spot, really you should be praising me” but yes, it was very cheesy, he would admit that much. The talk about a baby Daehyun made Jae frown, he couldn’t even imagine what Dae would have looked like as a baby, he’d never given much thought to it “The part where I wouldn’t have to listen to you run your mouth” he responded with a grumble because the other male had talked about beating his ass which reminded Jae how much that punch had hurt.

But now half as much as it hurt to see his boyfriend in the arms of another man. Jae didn’t really know what to think or how to act, everything he was doing was on impulse, his eyes moving to and from each of the other male’s sitting in the table as he took in all their actions and expression. The main emotion that was overwhelming him was anger but it was also laced with disappointed. He’d really thought him and Han were in a good, honest place with each other and now this very situation had come along and blown a hole in his reality. Why hide the fact he had a friend for ‘some time’ if it was nothing and there was no need for an explanation as the blond and the celestial had been trying to tell him since the moment they walked over to the table. He was trying to keep a handle over his temper, trying to see reason and not cling to pessimistic thoughts but with every new thing someone said or did, it only got worse.

What made it worse was Hanseol’s sorry attempts to try and tell him he was taking things the wrong way while also refusing to tell him the truth, all Jae had ever been asking for was the truth and he thought they were past this, he thought that they had agreed no more lies when they talked that night before his birthday and now the entire past month just felt like a lie to him. He felt betrayed by this single thing, it could be nothing, they could be right on that part, but that didn’t change the way he felt in his chest right now, a sinking feeling that was threatening to consume him. His anger came out in the form of words, demanding that the blond tell him the truth if Hanseol wouldn’t.

He stared the other male down as he watched him rise from his seat, his hands were already balled into fists and were shaking at his sides, when Jae got like this it was almost impossible to talk him down, he’d done classes his whole life to handle this part of him and yet once he went past the line, there was no stopping him. He was teetering it as he stared Yeonseok in the eyes and then he heard his words. Jae felt like he had been slapped in the face as he heard those words ringing in his head ‘offered to fuck me’ this was the kind of person Hanseol had as a friend? Clearly there was far more to this than he knew but his reflex reaction the moment the valkyr touched him was to go for him “You son of a bitch” he swore loudly, drawing the attention of the whole cafe as he threw a hard punch which held the weight of all his anger and frustration against Yeon’s face, not giving a damn for the consequences, it was a moment of weakness and in it, he started thrashing towards the other male only to get pulled back by strong arms.

He looked at Hanseol who was trying to move towards him and asking him about the bruise on his face and he shook his head “Don’t come near me” he warned him very clearly, he would never forgive himself if he flipped out on Han and he needed a moment to calm down, he felt so full of emotion in that moment that he barely recognized himself, this wasn’t about some other guy, this was about the soundness of his relationship as a whole, the blond had known who he was the moment he walked in and yet Jae had never even heard his name before. Thankfully it had been Dae who dragged him off and dhampir had been smart enough not to fight him on it.

“The world is strange, not me. I’m just another one of its inhabitants working my way up to match its pace” he rolled his eyes at the blue-haired dhampir. Yes, he’s kind of relaxed when it comes to those things like it was the most normal thing that’s ever happened to him and frankly, getting drugged by a freaky chick is quite possibly one of the most ‘normal’ things that have happened to him. Despite how he always seemed to overlook a few things like it mattered less than it should, Daehyun had plenty of stories and adventures to go around, he just wasn’t sure if they were worth remembering, but just because it wasn’t worth remembering to him, didn’t mean it wouldn’t serve a good story to others, namely Jae, who feeds on stories since it sparks up the oddity in muse, not that the niveis could understand.

“Only people who are actual hopeless doesn’t want to admit they’re hopeless, Jae,” he pointed out, a wry smirk tugging on the corner of his lips as the triumph masked his features. “Just like those people who called themselves kind and whatnot.” Well, to be fair, he too, called himself considerate, sometimes, but it really didn’t matter to him what other people think, so there’s that. While he acknowledges people’s differing opinions and views alongside a bunk full of critics, it doesn’t mean he’s more likely to give a crap about them. That dad joke coming from Jae really was unexpected since he never pegged the dhampir to actually roll around that way. Nevertheless, he accepted it light-heartedly, as light-hearted as Daehyun Stormwind could be. At least he didn’t roast him on the spot.

“Fine, o’ mighty dhampir who managed to struck me with his horrible comedic adequate joke, you wound me.” He purposely made his voice drop one octave lower just to tease the hell out of the male. “Excuse you, hearing me talk is like huge praise considering I don’t always talk to people. Since I’m who I am, I just say a few words and if they won’t do whatever I asked of them, I make them. So be glad I’m conversing with you rather than beating you up-” Until he took a once-over at the still reddish bruise marring his face and bit his bottom lip before offering a sheepish grin. “A valid point, I guess.” Most of the time, when he had to get his hands dirty, he would never hesitate, unless it took too much of his time because boy, does the elder Stormwind favor his time management. But it’s lessening, ish.

The look on Jae wasn’t normal, it was somewhat scary and Daehyun would lie if he said he wasn’t feeling the slightest intimidation radiating off the male who’s so close into sucker punching the blond valkyr. The snowy-haired niveis did wonder, what connection did the two have with one another as it seems like the blond could recognize who Jae is, but not the latter. Something was going on, and currently, following the male’s dry and snarky comment earlier, he knew the valkyr fucked up. So, that’s the kind of friend he is to Hanseol, why is he even not surprised? Regardless of not knowing who the hell the valkyr is as a person, all his thoughts about being a decent person went out the window once he heard what he said.

Dae gave him a heavily accentuated judging look that says really? Out of all the things you could’ve said, you had to say that to the boyfriend, and perhaps things were exactly what he thought it was. Hanseol is two-timing Jae? That bastard. To see the celestial not even budging even after hearing his friend said that to his boyfriend, the niveis shook his head, clearly disappointed with the star. He thought he was more than this since Jae always raved all the good things about him, but clearly, he wasn’t. The punch delivered by the pissed off dhampir wasn’t a surprising pull, but still, Dae had taken the liberty to hold the dhampir behind before he got inflict anymore injury that would definitely hurt a lot more than just that harsh punch.

His expression fell and grew colder as he glared at the valkyr and star alike, god those two deserved one another. “What the fuck, man, you’re just asking for it.” There was no way the blond didn’t know the repercussions that would accompany his words. The entire cafe was staring at them, and it was about to get a lot more intense than this. With his grip around the dhampir, restraining Jae back from pulling more than one punch, he whispered faintly towards him to calm himself down but did nothing more than that because god knows how much he deserved that punch. What also got him aggravated was the fact that Hanseol even dared to ask what happened to Jae's face and moved slightly to the side after the blond got punched. "You're fucking stupid, do you know that?"

Yeon was laughing softly at the celestial’s dismay over his teasing, he knew he was a handful to be around but Hanseol seemed to have risen to the challenge pretty well, which considering how shy and jittery he had been at first, meant a lot “That’s okay, I already heard it once and it’s ingrained in here” he spoke softly as he tapped his finger against his forehead with smirked, it was a win in his books so he’d take it. There wasn’t really a topic the two of them could avoid, not even their nighttime activities because as soon as pain got involved, the other would feel it and it seemed neither of them had an issue with introducing a bit of that to the bedroom. When Hanseol teased him for his lacking in that area he sent him a glare and then rolled his eyes “Don’t tempt karma on yourself” he warned with a quirk of his brow. He’d figure it out eventually, keep trying with different people until someone measured up, someone had to measure up right? He let out a long sigh, maybe if he kept telling himself it then he may believe it.

Yeon didn’t really know why he was taking it on himself to advise the star, it wasn’t like he’d ever followed any of this advice himself, nor would he let himself get in the situation where he wanted to live with anyone, the valkyr liked the freedom that came with living alone, he didn’t really want to have to share anything. When Han suggested he should be a love guru the blond scoffed a little and shook his head, definitely not at the top of his lists of things he wanted to be referred “I just know what people are like, when a business partner has hesitations, doesn’t matter how many times you push them, they won’t sign until their concerns are address and often they won’t tell you what they are” he shrugged, people were like that, sometimes they needed a nudge to open up, much like he had done many times with Hanseol while they were getting to know each other.

Yeon wasn’t really sure how to feel about this whole thing, on the one side, he wanted Hanseol to tell the truth because lying about this wasn’t the way to go and he could already see in the blue-haired male’s eyes how hurt he was by this whole thing but on the other side, he wouldn’t be the one to force Hanseol to tell the truth, that wasn’t his call to make and as his closest friend, it was Yeon’s job to stand by him and support him even if he didn’t agree with the way he was going about it. The more the dhampir pushed Hanseol, the quieter the star got, Yeon had seen this with Han a few times, when he got distressed he would clam up and pushing him just make things worse. That was why he had pulled the attention over to himself.

Jae was a little scary when he was angry, all of them recognized that, he saw the way the other male clenched his jaw as though he was holding himself back and perhaps his choice of words was poor but his focus at that moment was taking the heat off Hanseol so that he could calm himself down enough to explain this. Neither of them had actually done anything wrong, though the celestial should have told Jae about him way before now and it really confused the blond as to why he hadn’t yet. Hanseol talked as if he was deeply in love with this guy so why was he hiding things from him “No that’s exactly what I mean” the valkyr had spoken as he looked the dhampir directly in the eyes, testing his patience and control.

And low and behold, Jae couldn’t keep control over his temper. The valkyr recoiled backward the moment he felt Jae’s fist connect with his face, searing heat spreading through his face and he shuddered as he heard the crack against his nose which he instantly knew was broken. He let out a loud pained grunt as he moved back from him and was about to launch himself at the younger male but stopped in his tracks when he saw Daehyun jumping in to pull Jae away from him. The valkyr knew better than to continue this fight so he swallowed his hand reaching up to cover his nose which was now streaming with blood, he felt a little dizzy and a lot pissed off but other than that he was fine. It wasn’t worth getting into a fight over, he told himself.

He shook it off, assuring Hanseol he was fine as he watched him go to approach the dhampir knowing that was a really bad idea. If Dae hadn’t been there he feared to think how far Jae would have taken this but looking at him now he saw instant regret on Jae’s face. He knew a little bit about not being able to stop your reactions to something and he felt a little bad for him, enough that he didn’t push it any further. Instead he grabbed some napkins off the table and pressed them against his face “I’m fine” he assured the people staring “Go back to your uneventful lives” he scolded though he did cringe a little when he heard Daehyun raise his voice, well he wasn’t wrong but Yeon was doing what he thought he needed to do to protect Han. Speaking of, Yeon shot him a warning look and he mouthed the words ‘Truth. Now.’ at him, his friend was about to lose what he called the best thing in his life over nothing and he felt for him, more than the stinging in his nose right now.

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