He remembered running. Running like his life depended on it, because on that time? It does. Hanseol dragged his feet up and fastened his pace as fast his legs could take him. Someone has been tailing him for a while now, he noticed it from the moment he entered the convenience store to buy a few essential items for himself. However, one person turned to two, and it gradually got bigger. From what he could count when he passed over the alley, there were 4 now. Great. Big bulky men who was hunting him down, per usual. It was a miracle the Celestial lasted this long. He should’ve went defeated in less than a day, much less a year. But here he was, passing through the streets of Reykyavik like someone who had to get back home or he’d die.

Until he went into one alley, where he was then pushed against the cold hard wall, the plastic bag he was holding fell down to the wet pavement, as he tried his very best to get the stranger’s grip around him loose. His struggles were futile, unfortunately, as the grip got more firmer and tighter when the other 3 emerged from the shadows. They were Korean, from their facial features. “놓아주시오! 왜 날 놓아주지 않는 거야? 놓아주라고 했잖아! (Let me go! Why won’t you let me go. I said let me go!)” He was only replied with a punch to the face. “어디로 데려갈까? 우리는 이 토끼를 찾아 아이슬란드까지 여행했다. (Where should I take him? We traveled all the way to Iceland in search of this rabbit.)” The male took out his phone and inquired gruffly. That was when Hanseol kicked him and pushed them against each other before fleeing the rather shady scene and into the crowds.


The bright haired Celestial awoke himself from his sleep as he could feel the sweat dribbling down from his forehead. Sighing heavily to himself, he let himself hit the bed as he closed his eyes and massaged his temples. It’s the 4th time he’s had a nightmare, 4 nights in a row. At this point, the fallen star wasn’t sure if going to a psychologist is the best thing to do because he was debating with himself, telling his current self that no one would be able to diagnose him properly. Because it wasn’t just normal occasional trauma that plagued his sleep, it’s more than that. Glancing over to the alarm clock on his desk by his bedside, he grumbled to himself when he saw that it was only so early; 9 am. What is he doing up so early on a Sunday?

He rinsed his face with the cold water of the wintery January weather, and wiped his face with the spare towel before tossing it away into its respective place and make his way to his closet. His mocha hues wandered from one cloth to another, from right to left, as he searched for the most proper clothing to adorn himself with, today. He can’t stay inside. He needed to go find some answers, despite Ophelia telling him over and over again that he was not to pursue this head on. Especially alone. And the Celestial was opting to take the advice from his respected wayfinder, but he’s been bothered by the nightmares. Too often he was not able to let it go and pretend nothing happened when he was attacked and was almost captured if it wasn’t because of his friend; Jaesung, coming in when needed.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this, and who better than him, who’s have the first attack in a while, right in his safe place, in Evermore?

Wrapping himself with a long overcoat to finish his look, he messed his red pinkish hair slightly and slung his backpack over his shoulder as he locked the doors to his home and walked down the streets. The university library was a quite a distance from his place, which was located at the west side of the city, but he enjoyed cardio. It takes his mind off things. Why did he opt to go there instead of the public library? It was because he knew Jae would be there. And somehow, the Celestial wanted his thoughts and views, as well as help, if required. His train of thoughts that was filled with mindless theories were halted on stop when he arrived at the said venue after 28 minutes.He had no idea how the librarian or security allowed him in, even though it was clear he did not possess a student ID card because he wasn’t a student there, but he didn’t mind it. Easier for him to gain access and see Jae.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a silhouette sitting by the table near the aisle; Jae. As he rushed towards the direction, Hanseol plopped himself on a seat in front of the dhampir and placed the bag aside on the empty chair next to him. “Penny for your thoughts?”

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The dhampir was once again stirred from his restless sleep by a loud thud against the wall behind him, the voices of the two people in the next room speaking in low voices filling his heightened hearing and causing an annoyed sigh to escape his lips. Grabbing the pillow he’d been laying on he turned over onto his front pressing it over his head to attempt to block out the noise. Jae wasn’t prude nor unfamiliar with what happened in college dorms here but it was starting to really grate on his nerves now, the guy seemed to have a new girl over every night.

The pillow did very little to help the situation however, which only frustrated the dhampir more, how he wished he’d gotten semi considerate roommates, that would have made his experience of Evermore University so much more tolerable. After another 20 minutes of staring angrily down into the mattress he rolled over again, his eyes moving to the clock on the bed side table, taking in the numbers with a shake of his tired head. Five in the morning. Just what he needed on the only day he had free all week. Grabbing his phone he scanned his eyes over his notifications, a few friends from home posting a few pictures and a couple of emails about an order he’d made.

Jae was once again reminded about quite how lonely he felt in Evermore, he didn’t really know what he was expecting exactly but this certainly wasn’t the life he had imagined when he had dreamed of travelling here. Not to be mistaken, he did love the classes here and he knew the only way he was going to make it as an English writer was by being somewhere it was natively spoken but it didn’t stop him missing home, missing his siblings and the way they would tease him, missing his parents, even with their strict and closed off attitudes and missing the classmates he had grown up alongside who all seemed to have their own lives and priorities now. Sometimes Jae wondered if he was wasting his life, watching everyone else succeed around him and then looking at where he was.

His thoughts were interrupted by another loud thud against the wall, followed by a peal of high pitched giggling that sent the dhampir over the edge. Grumpily he climbed out of bed, grabbing a shirt and jeans and changing into them, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror and grunted, well he looked like he’d barely slept that was sure. He headed out of his room, following the illuminated hallway to the bathroom where he washed his face and combed his hair. It didn’t make much of a different but at least the cool water on his skin helped him to feel a little less groggy. Jae felt like he barely spent any time in this apartment at all, the place was usually filled with strangers he didn’t want to talk to. He wasn’t an antisocial person per say, but there was only so much tolerance he had for others and parties really weren’t his scene. He did his best to stay out the way. Which is exactly what he was doing today as he grabbed his rucksack and phone, fastened his shoes and headed for the front door, slamming it as he did so as a kind reminder to his roommate to keep the damn noise down. Now that he expected he’d care.

Without much thought to where he was going Jae found himself walking the familiar route to the library, he’d spent so much time there the past few weeks that he’d made friends with most of the librarians who had given him a key in case he needed somewhere to go. He’d only used it once before but he figured maybe some early morning writing without any interruptions was exactly what he needed to take his mind off his current living situation. Heading up the stone steps he reached the door, slipping the key in the lock and opening it before ducking inside and closing it behind him.

Before long, Jae had himself settled at one of the tables by the aisle and the dhampir got to work on reading, his eyes scanning over the words. The hours passed quickly, his mind occupied with all the different things he read until he heard the sounds of shuffling by the door. The dhampir looked up, giving a wave to Felicia, the librarian on shift who had come to open up. She simply chuckled at his presence and went off to do her thing. In the meantime, Jae pulled out some paper and pen and started to write a little, just sentences and words that came to mind more than anything.

The words found themselves coming together in a poem of sorts, maybe even a song if someone had the talent to put it to notes, it focused around the feeling of being alone and wishing someone would notice, he was so busy writing it that he didn’t really notice the time passing until the library was bustling with people. When someone pulled up a chair opposite him he sighed softly, Americans and their need to talk to strangers really got on his nerves. He was about to put on a voice and pretend he didn’t speak English when he heard the voice of Hanseol.

Jae’s natural reaction was to push the paper he had been writing on under his arm not so subtly as he looked up at the other male with confusion “How did you?” he questioned, looking over to the librarian sitting at her desk and then back to the celestial. He shrugged it off as he realized the other male had asked him a question, meeting his gaze he grumbled “Roommates are the worst” he affirmed knowing he probably looked as bad as he felt but he shrugged softly, looking up at the bright eyed male who always seemed to lighten his day and broke a half smile “So you’re breaking into university libraries now?” he asked with raised brows “Do I even want to know?” he asked leaning back in his seat, though his arm remained over the paper.

As soon as Hanseol took a seat in front of Jaesung, his eyes followed the dhampir’s movement; which called a lot on a hint of annoyance radiating off the male, which evidently caused the doe eyed Celestial chuckle in response. Cute. He waited for a good while before saying another word, as he delayed them to hear him respond to his remark earlier before. “Glad I don’t have them. I might even build a soundproof room just for myself if my roommates are hectic like that. Such troublesome people.” He mumbled, but still had a smile lining up his features. He looked as bright as ever, he was almost glowing. Ironically. Following the confusion lacing the younger male’s expression, he lets out a small giggle because it really did made him laugh. Thankfully, it wasn’t a laugh loud enough for anyone to hear it audibly, unless they were at same table as them.

“Don’t ask, I have no idea how I got passed security and the librarian. Apparently, they let me in without checking anything. Is it because of my physical appearance? Do I fit the appearance of a university student? Probably.” He shrugged absentmindedly as he unzipped his backpack and got out the things he brought with him; a few coloured pens from assorts of colours itself, and a few notebooks alongside pictures. He’s been spending the entire day yesterday reading up to the newspapers and whatnot, trying to make sense of who the perpetrators were, but to no avail, he found nothing. It frustrated the Celestial to no end.

Scrunching his nose up as he frowned in feigned offense, he shook his head rapidly and held both his hands up in defense slowly. “No way. Why would I be breaking into public libraries, much less a university one? That would make absolutely no sense, at all, considering I can just come in and sit anywhere because it’s a public facility?” There it was, the charming quality the fallen star had to himself. How dense and clueless he could be sometimes. It was still a wonder how he was able to survive alone in the world, truly. “I didn’t break in, I swear.” He persisted, as his dark mocha hues was narrowed slightly. “Anyways, I came here because I had a feeling you’d be here. Hence, my presence in here instead of the public library, and it certainly is not because this is a bit closer than the public one.” Of course, it might be a contributing factor to it.

“Not that I’ve be stalking or anything, I just--” He halted on his words momentarily before he could let himself babble any longer. “Sorry, no. I really am not doing that. You know, since you’re a university student, I just thought you’d be here most of the time. Glad to see I’m not wrong.” He ended his words with a sheepish grin before sorting the pictures and newspaper articles in front of him neatly. “I’ve been, uh.. Doing some research. Even though my ambassador strictly told me to lay off the search, I can’t.” Sighing to himself, his hand held for a while. “I just kept being plagued by all those memories.. The time when I almost got trafficked off in Reykjavik.” Shaking himself back to the land of reality, he shoved one particular newspaper article that was quite aged, towards Jae’s direction as he too, leaned forward a bit to show him the details. “This one. It said ‘Friday Night Lining’ where 4 people literally couldn’t remember what happened after they were blinded by a light. I thought it was those usual headlines. Until I saw the date.” Showing Jae the date titled to the next, which was 16th November 1932.

“This was in Reykjavik too. I know I was the only Celestial in Iceland on that particular year. I was attacked on the same night by 4 people, Korean natives. I was pursued but managed to lay them off as I fled from Iceland. It’s too weird and too much to be considered a coincidence. A few hitman and mercenaries were sent to acquire a Celestial, and that was me that they found. And it just so happened to also have a headline to newspaper, that they suddenly went amnesiac? Surely it doesn’t make sense to you too? Someone was in the same place as I was, and whoever it was, caused the people who went after me to forget what they were asked to do. To me, it sounded like someone didn’t want any loose ends.” Maybe it was just him, maybe it wasn’t.

Jae found that once he was awake in the morning, it didn’t matter what time it was, he couldn’t get back to sleep, that was why he often distracted himself with little activities, mostly ones he could do alone to stop him getting grouchy with the people around him, reading and writing were his main go-tos. Watching the other male as he situated himself opposite him, he saw the amusement in his expression, if he was anyone else Jae would have probably said something sarcastic, but it was hard to be grumpy with the ball of light around “I don’t even think a soundproof room can help me at this point” he shrugged, he’d been looking for jobs for the last couple weeks, anything to give him enough money to get out of there.

Jae had to admit he was a little surprised how easy it was for a non student to get in here but then as he looked the other male over, he supposed there was very little reason to question his presence, he looked even younger than Jae did after all “It’s probably those rounded cheeks, make you look younger than you are” he teased knowing full well it was actually immortality that made the celestial look so young. The tired dhampir was still confused as to why he was here though, it wasn’t like Hanseol needed to study for his lectures. His attention was taken by the spread of items the other male had placed all over the table, closing his own book and tucking away his pen into his jacket pocket, happy for the distraction really.

Jae watched as the celestial took in his words and reacted to them, his head shaking almost a little child like, an amused smile appeared on the dhampir’s lips in response, listening to the words the other spoke and the way he seemed to be stepping around his words. Was he nervous? Jae wondered as he tilted his head to the side, resting against his elbow which was on the table. He blinked a little surprised when he said he was hoping he would be here. It had been a long time since anyone had actually reached out because they wanted to spend time with him, it was a nice feeling. In response to Han’s smile he broke one too “You know I gave you my number right?” he asked with raised brows and laughed “Alright what’s up?” by now all thoughts of what he was doing before were gone, replaced with curiosity for what the celestial was up to.

Jae looked down at the papers and articles that Hanseol seemed to be organizing, the words of the title catching his eye but not really meaning anything to him, he raised his hand for a moment before pulling his reading glasses out of his pocket and putting them on before leaning closer to get a good look at what he was being shown. He nodded slightly taking in what the other male was trying to explain to him. The date felt almost foreign to him, given that it was so far in the past, before the world war even started, it was a little strange for him to imagine being alive back then.

Jae continued to nod, piecing together the story that the celestial was telling, pursing his lips a little, surmising what he had gotten so far “So you think that someone sent them after you and wiped their memories when they failed to do so?” he asked, his brows raising in surprise “Who would even be capable or something like that?” he questioned, pressing his hand against his head, man it was too early in the morning for such deep conversation. “You think this is related to what happened the other day?” he asked curiously, they’d pretty much confirmed that those hit men who had been sent to capture Hanseol were paid soldiers and it seemed like they didn’t even know who was on the other end of the contract.

“He said they were after celestial energy right?” he asked with brows raised “Do you have any leads into why?” of course Jae had noted the fact that Hanseol said he was told to stay out of this but the dhampir could already sense that he was stubborn and he wasn’t going to try and convince him to give it up, he’d rather be involved so that he could step in if things went too far.

Upon hearing the trouble Jae was having, he was a little concerned. After all, Hanseol wouldn’t exactly want his friend to have trouble sleeping unless it was something connected to insomnia itself. Having proper sleep was integral in a student’s life, for them to get enough muse and energy to go about their day.  “I couldn’t fathom how you would be able to withstand it then. I’m a sucker for noises. When I do my work, I like the serenity and tranquility accompanying. Which means, no to any chaotic setting.” It was then that an idea popped into his head, and the Celestial didn’t even hesitate before offering. It was mainly because he was literally the lone wolf- well star, in his house.

After moving out from the Celestial manor, he opted for a much more low-profiled place near the manor at the nearest neighbourhood in the west side too. He’s been living there up to almost a year. “How would you like to move out of your dormitory? I live alone. It’s a rather spacious place, but yeah, it’s in the west side of the city because I still wanted to be close with my faction, in case anything happened.” He wasn’t sure why, but Hanseol really did like the male dhampir’s company. He was like the air of positivity he needed, considering his temper. Most might not have witnessed it firsthand, but it’s there. He just had a rather subtle way of closing and leave it to be pent up. It was only a matter of time before one day, it just explodes. “Yeah, I kinda forgot about the whole number thingy. It’s in my phone sure, but I literally forgot it was there in the first place. It wasn’t until you said about it, that I actually realized it’s within my grasp.” Chuckling dryly, he cleared his throat as he corrected his composure.

When he heard the dhampir talking about his cheeks, both his hands automatically reach up to place a hold on both sides. “I do resemble a bunny, like you said. Obviously I’m going to be uber cute. How can anyone resist me.” He exclaimed, with the sarcasm and snark accentuating his tone. Spending time with Jae had proven to be very beneficial, maybe for both sides. But definitely a pointer for the fallen star, seeing as he’s a lone person before. Following the dhampir’s statement however, he noticed he actually looked younger than the latter. It’s the immortality. But it was also slightly weird that he was the hyung between the two of them. Hanseol noticed how he jittered in between the words earlier and had to knock some sense into himself, because it’s very rare for him to be so nervous around someone who he was sure he’s known by now.

Nodding his head rather obliviously, it exuded the innocent air around him as the look of obliviousness also matched his expressions well. “Someone knew I was there. I’ve been travelling for a while by then, and never have I been ambushed like that. It was too precise, which meant it was planned. We had a few struggle by the docks, but that’s about it. Running here and there, dodging and defending. Then back to running. Until I finally got them to lay off after hiding until it was the first light the next day, so I’m able to board the ship to Liverpool.” He told the dhampir everything he remembered from the day, despite the vague memories that were initially etched dissolving bit by bit. “According to what I’ve found, the people who would have any advantage or mutually beneficial exploits over such energy would be diviners. They channel and tap into energy most of the time. It’s not a surprise to see if anyone was able to use ours. The question still remains however-- why." Ruffling his red hair, he grumbled in distress as he pouted. 

"Is there a supernatural black market that we should know of? I mean, it's a shady world, there's gotta be some shady underworld business, right?" Yes, that's the logic he decided to go with. He's Hanseol.

Jae ran a hand through his tousled hair and shrugged at Hanseol’s comment “I have been falling asleep at my desk a lot” he admitted with a half shrug, he often studied with headphones on and the only thing that really seemed to drown it out was playing music just as loud. It wasn’t the best situation that was for sure, he had been hoping that he would luck out on roommates and not get one of those stereotypical jock characters you saw in American movies. No such luck unfortunately, at this point he felt like the only one in his entire building taking his studies seriously, even if it was only first year.

Jae opened his mouth to speak again but closed it again as he realized what Hanseol was suggesting, he had to admit he was pretty shocked at the offer, it really wasn’t something the other male had to do or owed him after all. He blinked a few times thinking about the possibility of it, he actually liked being around the celestial so that certainly wouldn’t be a problem and it wasn’t like he couldn’t get a bus across the city, commuting to campus seemed like a small price to pay. He was a little speechless about it all “You don’t have to do that for me” he assured modestly, it might have been a really bad situation for him right now but it wasn’t like he couldn’t suck it up and it certainly could be worse. Once again Jae was dumbfounded by the way the celestial seemed to always say or do things that others found awkward or difficult with ease, he was different from most everyone he had ever met.

Jae laughed softly when the celestial’s natural reaction to his comment was to press both hands to his cheeks and pull a cute face, the sarcasm laced in his voice as he spoke sounded completely different to the way he looked in that moment, it was strange. Jae chuckled, biting down on his bottom lip softly before responding “With that ego, quite literally everyone” he jabbed back with a smirk, leaning back in his seat. There was no doubting that Hanseol was handsome, he’d have to blind not to recognize it and he’d already caught the group of girls sitting not too far away from them staring quite obviously a couple times, as usual the celestial seemed pretty oblivious to much going on around him though, which made Jae chuckle.

The real reason Hanseol had come here seemed to be to talk through all of these articles and stories, Jae could tell from the way he was talking erratically that this was worrying him, which in turn worried the dhampir. He listened carefully to what the other male was saying, his eyes focused on the newspaper clipping, scanning over the text for anything of note “So they knew you were there too” he commented as he moved his gaze from the paper over to Hanseol “Do you think they were watching you?” he asked curiously, from what the other male had told him of his past, he didn’t get the impression he stayed in one place long so he must have kept a pretty low profile overall.

It made him sad, imagining the life he must have been forced into, moving from one place to the next with no real certainty of what tomorrow would be. Seeing Hanseol frustrated caused him to sigh, he knew what it was like to feel angry over things you couldn’t explain well “From what I read about your kind, the energy you have is like the unstable representation of light magic so..” he trailed off for a moment “Surely there must be a lot of worth in magic that powerful” he widened his eyes realizing he’d basically just told the other male he’d been reading up on him. He let out a long breath as he looked away for a moment, running a hand through his hair, a nervous habit he’d had since he was a child.

The suggestion of a black market might have been a bit far fetched to some but during his time in the military Jae had seen some of the inner workings of underground criminals and he didn’t put it past them to handle supernatural goods too, if they were aware anyway “It seems almost certain, with the amount of supernatural objects out there, there has to be a market right?” imagine the money someone would be willing to pay to be able to tap into supernatural ability, or even by a diviner if it meant they could do a spell they couldn’t before “You think someone is selling celestial energy?” he asked in a hushed tone.

Hanseol was not kidding nor hesitant when he offered the dhampir a spot at his own place, knowing fully well that between the two of them, the other one needed sleep just as well as him. They're still functioning beings, who's not exempted from sleeping, unfortunately. So upon seeing Jae being flustered by the sudden offer made him want to push it towards his way even more, while not still wanting to be seen as someone who was pushy. However, the faint glow that was still undefeated under his skin made itself known once again to the dhampir as the enthusiasm whirred thru the Celestial, the moment Jae was attempting to say yes while assuring Hanseol there was no need to do such an action. “Please, I insist. You're not making me do all of that right?” He inquired instinctively as he pondered if the dhampir needed another persuasion under the works before anything else.

Something like a trigger; a prerequisite to whatever it was that the fallen star was suggesting. While he was always exuding bright personality, Hanseol also had a knack on being quiet tenacious and determined when he's dead set on something. “I implore you to consider my proposal, Jae.” He added, sending a jolt of bunny smile to himself as the smile widened. One more thing, another charm that adds up and amounts the Celestial was his state of obliviousness. The fallen star is quite literally, and possibly the most oblivious person to ever walk the earth at this point. So he found it very hard to notice anything unless he was actually keeping an eye on it. Prompting his fingers to proceed on pinching his rather chubby cheeks, his eyes grew wider. “That might really be true, huh?” It wasn't long until Hanseol eventually slapped his cheeks together in awe. See.

He's hopeless.

Maybe it was him, or maybe it wasn't. But Hanseol was never sure if he's too busy trying to makeshift his own life without running away, or if he's generally never been interested in females before. He's never even talked to one other than that one doctor he met at the hospital while he was a patient at, much less befriend one. There was no clear correlation to explain that, and he never prodded much on it. He's a shy guy, after all. It happens just the same with the males, there was no difference. But with Jae, the Celestial found himself to be more at ease than ever. He was supposed to be the ball of light, yet as it seems that he himself had found his own ball of light to correlate with everything else. It was ironic to see him wanting to stay instead of wanting to flee, because it's always been a pattern he's been upholding since before. But the change was a fresh one.

Hanseol never thought much about wanting to spend more time with the dhampir he's only just met a like two to three weeks ago. He just really did like his company, and gives him a sense of relief. When they returned back to the topic that he had initially came here to talk about, the fallen star nodded promptly at every word Jae was suggesting. “It seems so. It's very possible. I scoured the entire island when I arrived that time. There was no other Celestial, I would've never missed it. As for keeping an eye on, quite possibly.” He didn't mean to bring about his paranoia so it could resurface again. It really did not help with his anxiety issues. The poor star had problems regarding it and it's been a while of trying to get his life back on track, so he really did not want any problems for himself. At least, not something he cannot sort out.

Quirking an eyebrow in a questioning manner thrown towards the dhampir, Hanseol snickered softly under his breath as he tried his best not to look him straight in the eye. “Aww, look who did their research. Cute. Look who's being all stalker-ish. And I thought I was the one who had it hard trying to explain to you that I didn't come here with only hopes surrounding my head. Or that I was so close to go to your university to ask for your dormitory unit so I could meet you again.” He might have been real subtle at other things, but let's be clear; he is NOT subtle when it comes to admitting honesty. So to say, this revelation was somewhat very squeamish for him but it was the truth nonetheless. “I'm honoured to be the subject to this said research of yours.” he exclaimed, while letting the smirk stay. It was not colloquial to see him smirk so often as he usually had nothing to smirk over. Now the dhampir's given him a reason why. It was mildly amusing to see the dhampir flustered too, or taken aback, because the Celestial found it incredibly cute.

And who doesn't like cuteness?

“It doesn't even have to be selling. If we look it that way, the supernatural world operates the same system we do. Well-I mean we are supernaturals, but not the point. There's gonna be government officers and there's gonna be underground misfits causing trouble. It's all in the same air. Hit men and mercenaries, wouldn't that amount to contracts and stuff? Someone hired them. And they're in the market. I think at this point, it's not the selling we'd have to keep our toes on, it's more likely on the whole charade on selling ‘us'. “ To see it being so much similar to human trafficking made him upset, to see how easily they were up to barter. “Someone's contracting someone about us. And they want us for the purpose of extorting and harvesting our energy. But the person must have decent Celestial information. To know just how many each Celestial stores up in themselves. Well this is creepy."

Jae wasn’t really the kind of person who liked to take things from other people, that was just the way he was raised he supposed, with a hard working mentality, everything his family had they had worked for and he fully intended on earning his own success too. He guessed he was just more surprised than anything that the other male would offer something so massive without any hesitation at all, not many people were like that, kind or selfless. But with the way he reacted to Jae’s comment he sensed that he wasn’t just offering because he felt bad for Jae which brought a smile to his lips, the other male’s insistence for him to consider it gave him a sense of hope, his studies would be made a whole lot better if he wasn’t having to constantly get up at stupid times or go to his lectures feeling half asleep “Thank you” he spoke, knowing that it was a big thing to give up part of your home to someone else “I’ll definitely consider it” he affirmed, there was a lot more to this than could be discussed now, such as how he was going to get to lectures and how easy it would be to get out of his current housing. Jae knew he’d also like a part time job so that he could contribute fairly too.

He had to admit that the way Hanseol looked so hopeful that he would say yes caused him to feel a little breathless though, the celestial’s excitement and personality was almost addictive, you couldn’t help but feel a little brighter around him, in defeat he spoke again “I want to, but we should work out the details and make sure it’ll work first” he laughed softly, it was easy to be caught up in ideas only to get disappointed by the reality so he didn’t wanna get his hopes up just yet. The laughing continued as he watched the celestial pinch his own cheeks, he wasn’t sure Hanseol knew how to do anything without acting cute. Jae had to remind himself of where he was as he hushed his tone once more realizing he was laughing a little loud “You’re incorrigible” he commented pulling his signature box smile.

Jaesung thought about life he had pictured for himself when he told his parents he wanted to study in America, they had been instantly disapproving as he expected but his mind had been filled with ideals, he thought about all the people he’d get to meet and really speak to. His eyes moved over to the librarian that greeted him with a smile and a joke near every day and back to Hanseol who was looking as bright and clueless as he usually did. Perhaps what he imagined and reality hadn’t been so far from each other as he originally thought, he knew he’d been lucky to meet the celestial, the two of them seemed to compliment one another’s personalities, talking to Han felt easy, even when it was about things like criminals and fallen stars being captured.

The two of them had only known one another a few weeks and yet they were on a wavelength that just worked, they were both endlessly curious and didn’t like unanswered questions, Jae had to admit, not knowing the full story about why Hanseol was attacked the other night bothered him, it bothered him so much that he had been doing his own research, though he’d mostly kept that to himself til now. “Damn you just can’t catch a break huh?” he commented wondering how the other male dealt with it all, how did you find the will to keep running and running. How didn’t you sink into despair when it felt like the whole world was against you. He was a little in awe of that, how Hanseol had been through all of this and yet was still the bright person he had met.

Jae realized what he had said when the snicker came from Hanseol’s lips, the dhampir only getting more flustered by his own actions as the other male commented on them, unable to even look at the celestial his head turned to the side to hide “Well I figured it was best to know everything in case you’re in danger again” he sighed realizing that didn’t sound any less obvious, he pressed his hand to the side of his face, he knew the celestial was enjoying having him off guard just a little too much but now he’d started Jae didn’t know how to stop. It didn’t help that the other male could just say things without getting embarrassed, in fact he seemed to like rambling a lot, honesty just seemed to spill from Hanseol in waves, it seemed to come along with his general clueless personality.

Jae realized the very idea of what they were speaking of freaked him out a little, the suggestion that people would go around putting value on other’s lives, it was wrong on so many levels. His face showed a certain level of disgust for the whole thing “Do you know of any celestials that have gone missing?” he asked with raised brows, they may have failed to capture Hanseol but it sounded like he wasn’t their only target, it was scary just thinking about the whole idea, that there were soulless monsters out there who cared so little for the lives of others that they’d trade them in for money, not caring about what happened to them down the line. He was a little afraid to ask the question because he already could tell what the celestial’s answer would be “So you want to find out who they are and expose them before they can hurt anyone else?” that would obviously be way more difficult than the simple statement made it out to be, after all, neither of them were experts on criminal activity. But if that was what Hanseol wanted then Jae already knew he’d throw his name in to help.

Hanseol wasn't usually persistent, most of the times he's actually such a form of trait was when he was adamant into wanting something to be done. That's one way to put it when he was trying his very best into convincing the dhampir he's befriended weeks before, to accept his offer up in hand. Truthfully, since Hanseol has quite literally lived his entire life alone, befitting his nomadic patterns, he's never really had much of an attachment. That has recently changed as of lately. Ever since he befriended Jae, he found himself wanting to be in his company more. Even if it was just a few minutes of his day. That'll be enough. Maybe it was a positive setting towering above him. But one thing was for sure. The Celestial did not mind it one bit-- in fact he actually preferred it. It was a refreshing change to him, as he initially had no idea on such concept. “Well, I'll hold you up to that thought, Jae.” He quipped humorously as he averted his attention back to where they were currently at.

“I hope you know, if you need anything, talk about it. Maybe I could provide a solution for said problem. I might be a little off the rails and book sometimes, but I did settle in nicely. I'm sure there must be something I could assist with.” Jae was quite possibly the only friend he's made the first time in a long run. Even during his years of captivity, he didn't really made much of a friend, other than those who spoke to him occasionally. He didn't know how to be dependent, but he was willing to find out. “I should've expected that from a literature major. Incorrigible. Fancy word you got there, Detective Tiger.” It was also his childish demeanor that calls for such an abrupt nickname out of the blue. But he's Hanseol, at this point, everything about the red haired Celestial was supposed to be unique and endearing. He had exuded a bearing of light. Literally.

For someone who's never had a long term friend, Hanseol was being enthusiastic about it. Only to the people he deemed decent enough by the very least. The poor fallen star was still perplexed by the last time he encountered another person's in the eternal city while shopping for Christmas decorations. He had met a rather presumptuous angel child. The only thing angelic about the guy however, was his baby face. He was sure of it. Since he was still getting used to the idea of society and community itself, he was juggling the concepts slowly. Too much drastic changes could be very fatal and detrimental to him. As he grinned sheepishly momentarily towards the dhampir, he accompanied it with a shrug of his own. “I think we Celestials have this kind of magnet that just attracts trouble. Trouble loves finding us. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had his entire life dead set on running and nothing more. I guess that's a fair price while having the chance to look at the world.”

The fallen star was far from being acceptable to every single event thrown his way, but in time, he managed to get used to it. But just because he got used to it, doesn't mean it should stand. “There's not much to go around about us. We're quite secretive, I'd say. For a good reason too. We're harmful while being alive AND even in our death, we seemed to affect things nonetheless. It's depressing.” The thought of a Celestial's death being able to bring utter chaos to the current timeline honestly left Hanseol mentally impaired about the matter. He didn't wish to find out about it. Like, ever. “Though you can't imagine the amount of gratefulness that I would exhibit to thank you, Jae. It's been quite the ride between us despite only knowing each other for a few weeks. But you still stood by me, it's anything if not endearing. I've never had anyone standing by me.” The bunny-like look resurfaced once again as his eyes curved alongside his lips when it formed crescent-like eye smiles.

“But are you sure about that? I mean I think I'm probably going to get involved in danger again over time. Told you we're trouble magnets.” Even while talking about something so incomprehensible and slightly negative, Hanseol managed to keep the innocent and cheerful air around him. It only questions a lot more deeper into the depth level he possessed. What others sides were there in him? “So far, I haven't heard of any Celestials going missing. But-” Pausing his words, he searched for a few articles underneath the pile and got out three different articles, the date showing different years throughout a few decades ago. “These are three occurrences that managed to get to the headlines. There might be more but this is all that I could find. One is dated 24th August 1959 in Moscow, the other dated 1st June 1969 in Marseilles. Last but not least is dated 31st December 1979 in Massachusetts. Each stated a person going missing after experiencing bright light exposure. The duration between the intervals were 10 years; a decade. I feel like it's not a coincidence. It could be that the perpetrator came from the same party.”

He then showed him a particular article that stated a brief interview written. “In Massachusetts that time, there were a couple bearing witness to the disappearance of a female. But they said they same thing as the other two spots. They couldn't remember anything about it. They dubbed it a phenomenon and actually string it up with aliens and UFOs, other extraterrestrial events.. Which is absurd honestly.” It was clear that the more this showed evidence to something so similar happening in the early 2019, which is only 40 years after the last recorded happening, bothered him. “I was attacked on the year 2019, 40 years later. Feels like there's a significance towards the number 9 now. I know it's gonna be too much for us to go unravel anything but the least I could do is actually conduct a research and see where it might lead us. Then I'll leave it to the others.” Of course that's a lie.

Really Jae was just appreciative to have someone who didn’t tell him he was ridiculous for not liking his roommates, he’d sent a letter to his parents on the topic and all he’d gotten was some comments about him needing to adapt. Of course Jae was working on doing that but it really was nice for someone to attempt to understand him and then go one step further and try to help him. Hanseol actually seemed to be one of the most selfless people he’d met, his mind always seemed to be on things other than himself, like the animals at his clinic or the other celestials. The fallen star really was too good for the world and didn’t deserve the lot he’d been given. He chuckled softly at his statement which essentially reminded the dhampir not to forget about the offer, he smiled softly “You’re full of surprises, you know that?” he commented, noting the way that Hanseol seemed to do the opposite of what he expected often.

Jae nodded in response to Hanseol’s offer to talk, he didn’t really know how to put into words where he stood on things most of time, he was good at writing but nowhere as good at talking, especially outside of his native language “I was raised in a very proud family” he explained, licking his bottom lip between the statements “It’s hard for me to accept other people’s help” he explained with a nervous look in Han’s direction, he knew that it was a little strange but it almost felt foreign to him to not deal with his problems alone. Jae let out a soft laugh in response to Hanseol commenting on his choice of words “Hey I learn all of these English words, may as well put them to use” he winked and smirked, Jae really liked the English language, that was why he had gotten into writing after all, finding ways to use them in everyday life was fun for him. The nickname the ball of light gave him however caused him to scrunch his nose “A bunny and a tiger huh?” he chuckled remembering the ongoing joke about Hanseol being the humanoid embodiment of a rabbit.

Jae had many friends during his school years but he’d never really been super close with one person, there hadn’t been best friends in his friend group, they all spent time together as a group. Jae had always been the kind of person that got along with most people but he never really tried to pull anyone closer, he found himself actually want to spent time with Han though, it was a strange feeling for him, one that he was navigating his way through as best he could. The dhampir was amused as Hanseol talked about being a trouble magnet “You do seem to get yourself into difficult situations” he commented in agreement before adding on “But then you also proved you can handle it when you want to” his memories flashing back to watching the other male as he handled himself with that crowbar and then the bright flash of light. He guessed it was easier to run through, like he said before, he couldn’t just kill everyone who came after him.

Before he had met one for himself, Jae had never even heard of celestials, when he came to Evermore he heard the whispers about a species who controlled light and time but at that point they were just that, whispers and rumors. It was true that someone had almost entirely erased them from the world, he had to search hide to find any information at all, luckily though the dhampir was good with technology and even better at doing research “Most records about your kind seem to have been wiped, like someone wanted your entire existence to disappear” he admitted, though he supposed that might be a good thing considering how dangerous a celestial’s death seemed to be “Is it true?” he asked before realizing that Hanseol had no idea what he was talking about,in a hushed voice he continued “Can killing a celestial really allow someone to change time?” he was almost afraid to know the answer.

Jae was once again caught off guard by Hanseol’s thanks to him, the dhampir had always been modest about his own actions and so he shrugged softly, a nonchalant smile on his lips as he met Hanseol’s eyes with his “That’s what friends do right? Look after one another” Jae was one of the most loyal people anyone could meet, when someone meant something to him, he would always be on their side, he didn’t stand for half measures, the dhampir was an all in kind of guy. A smirk graced Jae’s lips as Hanseol spoke about being in danger again “Well it’s a good thing I don’t give up on anyone easy then” he didn’t want the other male to just disappear that was for sure, Jae wanted him to fight and would happily be there to help him when he needed it, if he had to jump into a fight with him again, he’d do it without hesitation.

His attention was once again brought to the task at hand, listening to Hanseol as he pointed out the dates, he was right, it did seem suspicious that everything seemed to fall on a date that ended in 9, was 9 significant to something? Perhaps the number held some kind of special meaning to diviners, he reached up to scratch the side of his head as he tried to make sense of all the information “What’s special about the number 9?” he questioned with a furrowed brow. It did seem suspect, the numbers, the situation where someone didn’t remember what had happened, repeating over and over again. When Hanseol said he would leave it to the others, Jae gave him a prompting raise of his brows “I think we both know you’re not gonna let this go” he got the feeling it was going to plague on his mind until he got a real answer and he couldn’t blame him for that.

Jae got to his feet, heading over to the shelves of books before picking up one on the significance of numbers in history. He brought it back to the table setting it down and opened the pages, looking in the glossary for mentions of the number 9 “There’s a library in the city that’s for the supernatural only, we may have more luck there but we can start here at least” Hanseol didn’t have to ask him to help, Jae was just as curious about all of this as the celestial was.

Sometimes hubris gets to the Celestial but most of the time, he didn't really mind them that much. Especially knowing fully well he had enough boisterous energy to channel through himself if needed. There was no telling if the Celestial wished to be seen and regarded like the way he was now. Sure, he liked the treatment he received. He was a soft-spoken and exuberant person. But it's not very likely to convince the other people that might hunt him down to leave him be like that. He had to have a decent factual knowledge on how to rally the strength he needed behind him and store it for the time that will come, one day. Glancing towards the dhampir, he send yet another sheepish grin his way. “People tend to tell me that. I never actually knew what it meant but somehow it makes a lot of sense, coming from you.” There was literally nothing else separating him from the attachment he formed with Jae.

Honestly everyone else could see they had heart eyes for each other but themselves. But some things are better when they take their time. Such as this progressive state. “Ahh.. That might explain a lot. But given if you were raised in such a proud family and grew up wanting to be independent, sometimes being too independent will end up becoming a burden. Allow someone to take a portion of that burden to ease it into something else. It's okay to be dependent is okay.” Hanseol wasn't usually around the strings of dependency too, but he actually liked the feeling it gave him. Like now. Instead of doing his research alone, he was able to share what he knew about the impending trouble planted before him with a friend. It really meant a lot to him. So when Jae told him its what friend do for one another, boy, was he sold by the very idea and concept of it. If this was what friendship was like, then sign the star up. Because it's nice.

“I guess so. That's what friends do for each other. I never knew how it really felt like, so it's somewhat a foreign thing for me. Similar to someone who would experience culture shock, this is a shock to me. But I don't mind it-- it's nice.” Any glimpse into the bunny-like male, no one would have ever thought anyone would want to harm him. But that's what his life entailed him the moment he fell to earth. “I was just complimenting you on it okay hahaha.” As if returning to a defensive mode, he held his hands up slightly as he feigned offense to what Jae said earlier. “Yeah. A tiger and a bunny. Because why not, right? I feel like they're very distinctive to each other but mold one another perfectly.” It seemed similar to their current bond. The thread the lines over their relations to each other was sturdy and firm. Though Hanseol was sure fate has so much more stored for him, he was glad to have met the dhampir that helped him slide into the new world.

Smiling briefly at the comment of praise coming from Jae, he shrugged but still had a rather sad smile etched on him. “Told you we're trouble magnets. I learned martial arts a time ago.. For fun, really. Then I had this instinct telling me I'm going to need it more, so I started learning more from taekwondo to jujitsu while travelling around the world. Thank goodness I trusted my instincts, right? I would have never held my own. But I still needed to run.. They'd keep coming after me and I can't just throw them off every time. A day will come when I'll be outnumbered and severely incapacitated, and the worst thing was that I won't be the only one suffering.” Pursing his lips lightly, he nodded in affirmation to Jae's hushed whisper of a question regarding their death effect. “I would've caused so many other deaths if I died. No doubt they would've used it to go back in time and alter the timeline as they wish. I couldn't give up to that.”

Upon remembering Jae telling his all the records regarding his species were wiped off, he had a clear distinction on who might be the one that's been doing that. “Now that did not originate from our perpetrators. That one is strictly from the higher ups. You remember I told you earlier, that the supernatural world works just like the human world? That there were people governing it and there'll be misfits? If I got it right from my last time encountering.. They wiped our memory off when we were captured. So no one else would have been able to discern us from anywhere. We came back to the species that no one knew about. I guess that one was for the better good since people who knew about us only seemed to fall down to two categories; those who are harmed because they were protecting us and those who sought our downfall to use us to their own best interest.” It was quite possibly the only thing he's grateful of coming from the Ailwards.

When they came back to the question of the number 9, he pondered for a while before getting up from his place and went towards the mathematical aisle, where he came back with a book soon after. Placing a book on the table, the title was shown clearly. ‘A Guide to Numerology : Path of Life'. “If we're going to try to discern any differences to why, with numbers, it's always started with numerology right? So let's start with this.” However, before he was able to open the book, his gaze came back to the dhampir. “Wait- there's a supernatural library? I mean a library for the supernaturals? How- nevermind.” It shouldn't come to him as a shock already, considering Evermore is already a magical place generally. Nothing should surprise him anymore. Hanseol stopped at the page of number 9. It seems like this could be the start of it. “Number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation. It is the last number before the next harmony.” He stopped himself from quoting anymore as he bit his bottom lip as he was trying to get himself back into the land of the living.

“Ironic. Harmony indicates balance. And diviners are known to be nature's servant in balance itself, right? Number 9 is highly emotional and spiritual. Numerology 9 holds the path towards mystical knowledge.” He then continued quoting the words from the book. “So number 9 wasn't a coincidence because the diviner just so happened to like the number in preferential terms.” He concluded as he jotted down a few notes on his notebook. “Now that I've heard of this. I remember reading about mystical energy, I guess I was just concerned and curious because mine is considered one. What I found, is that diviners tend to channel their energy at some peak times, like eclipses, full moon etc. What's the moon phase for all three of these years?” He asked before he got out his phone to google it. Thank you for internet. “The first one was the waning gibbous at about 68%, the second was full moon. The last was waxing gibbous.” It was then that he noticed a piece of information that really just made him sigh and chuckle. “Guess how many moon phases we have? 9.” It was clearly not making sense for a coincidence by now.

Jae had to wonder what Hanseol meant when he said ‘coming from you’, was his opinion on things different from others? Jae wasn’t usually the type to try and push his thoughts onto others but he had always been strong willed, it took a lot to make the dhampir budge on his standpoints “You just do a lot of things I don’t expect I guess” he explained with a crooked smile “It’s good though, not many people are so honest” shamelessly honest sometimes, Jae still found himself shocked by how easily things came from Hanseol’s lips but a part of him did envy how easy it was for the fallen star to speak his mind.

The longer the two of them talked the less Jae was bothered by the group of girls who’d been staring at them or really anyone around them, his focus entirely on the fallen star, hell he’d even managed to forget the fact that he’d only had 4 hours worth of sleep. Jae didn’t really talk about his family all that much, not because he didn’t like them but because there was a lot of pressure on him when it came to them, he felt like he was constantly trying to live up to their ideals “I guess because I watched all three of my siblings do it all alone I feel like I have to as well” the problem was he wasn’t his elder siblings and probably never would be, he had always been different from them, always been more people focused than they ever were. He ran his tongue over his bottom lip, he’d never told anyone that before. Maybe sharing his burdens was the solution after all.

Jae found it a little sad when Hanseol spoke about how he hadn’t really know what having a friend was truly like, the half vampire had been pretty lucky so far in terms of friends, he’d always gotten along well with his eldest brother, who cared for him and in school he’d had a wide range of friends, though Jae had always been the kind of person who kept certain things to himself, he didn’t like to trouble other people with his problems, his expression turned to a smile when Hanseol said it was nice though, he agreed, it was a nice feeling, not to feel so alone. The dhampir just smiled softly at Hanseol when he got shy, he knew that feeling well, especially lately. Jae chuckled as the male talked about the two of them working well together “So that basically makes you the cute one and me the scary one right?” he teased wiggling his eyebrows a little as he spoke.

Jae nodded gently leaning his hand against his cheek as he listened to Hanseol talk, the other male talked a lot, he’d noticed, Jae was definitely the quieter of the two of them but he didn’t mind, he’d always been a good listener, liked learning about other people. “There is only so long someone can tolerate being a victim” he commented with a half smile, he found it was only a matter of time before someone’s natural instincts would kick in, lucky for him, fighter mentality had been a part of him since he was very young, it felt second nature to him now. It scared him though, to hear the celestial essentially confirm the stakes that were tied to his own life and the worst part was there was nothing Jae could say or do to ever change that, it was hard to accept that as reality, especially as someone so naturally protective. He swallowed hard before opening his mouth to speak “I don’t understand how you even begin to process that” he commented. Of course he knew Hanseol had much longer to face up to it but it still felt so foreign to Jae.

Jae had done his research on this part too, the way Hanseol had explained the Ailward faction hadn’t clicked with him instantly but now that he thought about it harder, a group of supernaturals determined to ensure balance in the world would probably take issue with a species with such power “Well they certainly made life difficult for me” he commented in a grumbling tone, it had taken him hours to get any actual truth on Hanseol’s kind. His face softened a little as he looked back at the astral male “Aren’t you angry at them?” he asked curiously, thinking about how he’d react to someone locking him away just before being what he was “I’d be angry that someone tried to erase my existence” he commented, though it wasn’t exactly a secret that Jae had issues controlling his temper at times.

The two of them were busy delving through their respective books, though Jae continued to listen to the words Hanseol was saying as he studied over the page “Guessing you don’t read Evermore Daily” he commented in a dismissive statement in reaction to Hanseol not knowing about the library, while the regular version of the newspaper was fake news at best, the special version that was published was essentially a supernatural’s guide to Evermore city. Everything they were doing seemed to come back to this one number. 9. Reading over the pages of his own book he pointed out several instances of where 9 showed some significance, for the most part it was a year that ended in 9 and strange crimes or wars. His eyes moved over to the male catching him lost in thought, biting on his bottom lip cluelessly, Jae felt his hand tighten around the desk he was holding the edge of and forced himself to avert his gaze back to his book.

All this talk about 9 made him feel a little weirded out about the number, like the hairs on his arms raised “So what we can probably surmise is that years ending with 9 are when diviners are at their most powerful” he commented noting the evidence they had found so far “But that still doesn’t bring us any closer to know why they’re targeting celestials, celestials aren’t linked to the moon, if anything they’re closer to the sun” Jae was reminded of the bright flash of light that Hanseol had shot across the room the last time they met. Yes, definitely closer to the sun.

Hanseol was not sure if that was meant to be a good thing or not. The moment he heard Jae said he was a rather peculiar person who did a lot of things one never expected him to, his expression shifted from that of a focused one to a much more clueless one. He was literally the most oblivious person to live up to this date, today. For someone who's attentive, he was very bad at discerning the people around him. Sometimes, he could read them, but most of the time, he was left clueless in his own pile of questions. This is one of those moments. But it didn't last long, as the Celestial grinned wider when the dhampir told him it was a refreshing trait and how it was good. Wanting praises and compliments weren't part of him, but he had to admit, receiving them from Jae was another level of it. He liked being appreciated, especially by him. Though, he never really thought much of it. They were friends, were they not? Developing attachments to one another was going to be something normal.

Or is it really? Was it truly just a friendly reminder? Or was it something even more? Something that transcends the concept of friendship? For all he world might know, Hanseol Park might never find out if he wasn't able to trace it down. But he was occupied with something else at the moment, he'll get back to that later on. It was only after going deep into his thoughts, that he was able to notice a group of girls staring at them from a few tables away. How had he not notice it before? He had no idea whatsoever. “Tell me, is it just me or are those girls staring at us?” He got a quick look at himself as he rubbed his hands over his arms abruptly. “Am I glowing too much? Like literally?” The worried tone lacing his voice made it obvious that the fallen star didn't want others to see his Celestial status. At least, not to people he knew nothing of. Being a Celestial wasn't something to be proud of, nor was it something for him to be flaunting around. It was dangerous for him.

Hearing Jae talk about his family made him smile however. He appreciated the values that people inherited from such good upbringing. Jae seemed to be a very good example of it. “I think you're already a remarkable person, Jae. You don't have to be like your siblings because you've glowed yourself. You'll get there, eventually-- the road you wanted to pursue, if you haven't already.” Much like his age, Hanseol had a time where he was able to give out viable advices. Even though it was very ironic, considering he wasn't able to take some of those for himself. But he was still learning, after all. Surely, that granted him a pass. Shaking his head at the dhampir, he pouted slightly and waggled his index finger in front of him, indicating it wasn't that altogether. “Nope, a tiger can be cute. Don't you find them cute? I do..” The childish air returned briefly to grace the Celestial as he pondered at the thought of it. He is a veterinarian after all, he's bound to be an animal lover, of any kind. Of course, he, out of all people, would still call carnivorous predators, cute.

“They're protective too. You're protective from the first time I met you, Jae. They're also loyal to their flock, doesn't that say something about you.” He jester, his eyes curving into the same crescent-like eye smiles as he laughed softly. Much of his chagrin, the talk about his species resurfaced. But he knew just as anyone else, that he wasn't able to evade this status of being one, any longer. It was his identity, and he should be blessed to even receive one, even if it wasn't the best from the lot. If there was anyone that he would talk about it to, it'll be to the dhampir. “You're right. There's only so long one can pent it up. Honestly, I'm just ashamed. Because I'm not always like this-” He then gestured to himself with his gaze lowered to the table. “All calm and exuberant. All of that came from my good side, but everyone has a bad side too. The negative part of them. I just choose to keep them dormant after being released. It took some time, under the two years span, but it worked. I was cold and vengeful the moment I escaped with the others. I wanted nothing more but to wish pain to befell my captors-- all of them.”

Pursing his lips, he could feel the shame shrouding over him, almost placing a tarp over the male star. “That wasn't me. I just thought it was the time being locked away for so long, that has made me so bitter. But in the end, nothing could affirm to it. I was not that person. I shouldn't hold them responsible for my suffering, especially when I know it might be for the better good. I'm not trying to justify their means, but from what I've heard about them elsewhere, they've been protecting the balance of this world far longer than any of us had lived even tenfold. So the answer to your question is yes, Jae. I did resent them for locking me away just for being what I am. But at the same time, I learn to understand why they did what they did. Besides, there's always another side to everything. Don't expect me to go being besties with them, but I don't hate them. Not anymore, at least.” Despite his appearance, Hanseol felt like he's matured a lot more during his two years in Evermore, when compared to his time before. He tried opening his eyes to see the bigger picture and finally see through it. He was proud of himself for that, at least.

“Besides, all of that anger is only going to strip me from who I am. I don't want that to happen. If it does, then who am I really? I'd be a different person overall.” He smiled sadly, his fingers twiddling with the helm of his sleeves. But he returned to their main topic fast enough, as he nodded in admiration on the newspaper called Evermore Daily. “Guess I should probably get one of those.” The number 9 seemed to be holding something much meaning inside; though it was mostly comprised of malevolent elements. It upsetted him to see such light creatures be affiliated with so much darkness. When Jae concluded his hypothesis, Hanseol was hearing to every single word uttered, intently. “Celestial energy are known for our rather unpredictable elements. I don't think we ever really got to experiment every single nook of it. It's light energy, but it just doesn't stay at one place, you know? Overall, it still confused me. I have no idea why they'd connect us to the happenings of the moon phases, but if it's dark diviners doing this, which is honestly not so far-fetched, wouldn't they derive their energy from the moon? Seeing as they're stronger at night time?”

"Oh, this is a perfect time to be doing puns about how I shine bright like the sun to you." Yup, there he is. 


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