She had been harsh. She knew that the moment the words had fallen from her lips and she had seen the way his hopes were completely crushed where they stood. She told herself it was for the best and would protect them both from the inevitable but she couldn't get her mind off the look on his face just before he walked away. Argent wasn't usually the type to hung up on someone, hell she certainly wasn't the kind of person who almost kissed a man she barely knew and get something about Donovan had completely caught her off guard that night. 

The redhead knew she was getting caught up in her thoughts again and so she rolled off of her bed and searched her mind for some sort of project or hobby to occupy her mind. After a few minutes of pacing the floor of her bedroom doing her best not to lay her eyes on the very spot her and Donovan had been standing the other night she finally decided that she would clear out all of her unwanted clothing to make room for the next shopping trip she inevitably went on.

The Ailward Aspect had come to like the modern style of the 21st century a little too much, she enjoyed experimenting with fashion much more than most of her other siblings and would often find herself down town shopping for different outfits she could wear. Today she was wearing a cut off red sweater which she paired with a wet-look black skater skirt which fitting her small stature well. Her long curls were tied into a half up-do which fell over both her shoulders. She looked young, as she usually did, but she also felt good. 

Humming softly she started to stack all the things from around her room and closet that she didn't see herself wearing again, whether they be too small, no longer in line with her style or simply broken or washed out, they all went on the pile. After a while she looked down at the no longer small pile of clothes and she sighed softly realizing it was now almost as high as her torso to her head. Reaching down she picked up the stack and made her way down the spiral staircase.

As she moved she realized her mistake, every time she stepped another garment seemed to fall off the pile and every one she retrieved seemed to make another fall. By the time she had managed to get out of the hallway and out the front door to the manor she was almost entirely tangled up in clothes, holding some between her knees, others around her feet and somehow also around her neck. The redhead cursed under her breath, the bad ideas she came up with her head wasn't in a good place. Just a few more meters before she made it over the laundry outhouse she told herself.

But the clothes seemed to have other minds as she caught her ankle around a loose sleeve and fell face first towards the ground.

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Donovan did not leave the party as he intended that night the moment he made it outside of the doors huffing in anger to walk back to his car. A woman stopped him asking him if he was okay. The young blonde caught him in a moment of weakness and hurt and so he spent the night with her just talking. Dawn was her name and he learned that she was a guard after seeing the tattoo on her flesh.

When Dawn asked him if he wanted to go out again he agreed and the two exchanged numbers. For a little while Donovan was able to distract himself from the thoughts that consumed him of Argent even if he picked up Dawn from the Manor and he caught glimpses of her without her knowing. He never intended to drag Dawn along, he found he did enjoy spending time with her, she was easy to be around and full of fun, but he wasn’t in love with her.

Dawn had asked him to come that day to move a room from one end of the manor to the other due to most of the guards being on duty and she didn’t want to bother any of the other ones as everyone seemed to be stressed out lately. So he agreed after much convincing he was hoping he could avoid Argent enough that maybe his emotions wouldn’t be messed with. He really was trying to move on and not hold on to someone who clearly didn’t want him, how she wanted her.

As he pulled up to the manor he texted Dawn but she told him to come in and wait for her in the entrance she was just finishing up with Reus with something. With a huff Don climbed out of his car and moved to open the door to the manor when he saw someone buried in clothes and he chuckled to himself as he moved closer to the woman and helped pick up the clothes that were on the ground “Need some help?” he asked as the shirt that was thrown over her her face.

The first thing he noticed was the copper hair from that evening, he knew this moment would happen but he hoped his heart wouldn’t jump the way it just did when seeing her. He bent down to pick up the last of what was on the floor in his arms “Looks like you are doing some spring cleaning early. You should look into these things called laundry baskets they help you carry clothes around.” he said holding the arm full under his arm and then looked her over. Clearing his throat “need help taking these somewhere?” he offered his hand.

The momentum continued forward and Argent fell, quite literally head over heels, onto the ground after tripping over her brand new boots. The redhead groaned, glad that at least being covered in this massive pile of clothes meant her fall was cushioned. Though as she wormed her way out of the mess of clothes she heard a male voice from around her. At first she had just presumed it was a guard who happened to be hovering around but after a moment the tone and dialect set in and her eyes widened.

The whole point was supposed to be that she told him to leave and he left, end of story, book closed and both of them moving on and yet somehow he was still her. She felt frustrated at that very thought, infuriated that he wouldn’t just leave her to wallow in her own eternity of solitude so that she could maybe see him at a party months down the line and simply wave and be on her way. Angrily she picked off the tangled web of clothes that was still laying over her leaving them in a messy pile on the lawn next to her.

Naturally she reached to smooth down her skirt which had decided to ride up on the fall and then she took a deep breath before she allowed her green hues to move towards him. She pushed herself to her feet causing a few more lose garments to fall around her feet, it seemed the universe wasn’t on her side today so she would have to make her own luck. His words made sense, obviously but two minutes ago Argent wasn’t exactly thinking rationally “Yeah well when I get my mind on something things like logic don’t really seem to apply” she admitted as she bent down to pick up the pile of loose clothes once more.

“Not that it’s any of your business at all” she commented as she continued to stack, realizing like she probably looked like an angry puppy. Now that she had a hold of all the clothes once more she frowned, it seemed like this pile was much smaller than what she had just been holding. Sighing she forced herself to look over at him realizing that he was holding his fair share of the clothes too.

His words caused her to shake her head “No” she answered, god why couldn’t he have just made this far easier on them both and stayed away, why the hell was he here anyway, she was pretty sure she had said everything there was to say and he didn’t know anyone else in her family, after all she had been the one to break the news to him that they even insisted “So if you could just” she made a beckoning motion for him to drop the rest of what he was holding so that she could pick it up “Please” she added.

When he didn’t do so she huffed and looked up at him for a moment, though she instantly realized her mistake feeling her whole body go numb as she flashed back to the other night and the things she had said to him. She went silent, her mouth falling slack for a loss of words, what did you even say to someone after you were that cruel.

Donovan South African accent raideated the deafening echo that seem to last there for a moment. Now he really wished he had waited in his car, through deep down he wanted to see her. She was never far from his thoughts. As she wormed her way around the clothes it took everything in him not to laugh at her as she somehow manage to get tangled up in them. He moved to take a step closer but her fiery gaze warned him that if he got any closer to her, he may not have a hand, and after watching her shift into a dragon it was enough to make him keep his space from her enough to at least be able to run if need.

His gaze flicked over her and back up trying to to stare too much, the clothes in his hands felt like a weight now as he should have just tossed them to the ground and moved on into the Manor and let her deal with her own mess that she clearly didn’t want help with. He kept ahold of them though and watched her pick up the smaller pile. “Well maybe if you move a little slower you wouldn’t end up on your ass buried in a pile of clothing.” He said as he took a step closer finally. “No it isn’t my business but watching you bust your ass was kind of funny.” He chuckled at her.

As her green gaze finally met his dark ones there was an ache in his chest, not that he would admit it outloud to her or anyone but had he missed being near her once again? Even though the last time they were together it ended in a fight.? He sighed softly towards “You are stubborn woman.” He said to her  as he moved closer and looked her over “No show me where you are going and let me help you carry them there and then I will set them down. Or you know you can keep pouting if you like, I do find it irresistible.”

The way she looked at him made him take another step closer “Or you could just take them from me if you wish, they just may not come to you in one piece.” he said softly towards her closing as much space as the arms full of clothes would allow him to do and he stared down at her. He just stared at her for a long moment taking in the features of her face. He had forgotten in those moments that he was there for Dawn, that she had asked him to help her move things in the manor. When he was around Argent it was like everything around faded. “Show me the way Silver.” He said softly to her.

God even his voice was sexy. The redhead had no idea why this one particular man had such an affect on her but she really wished it didn’t. Argent had known nothing but heartache every time she had let someone like him past her walls and she didn’t intend on falling for it, not even when he kept showing up on her doorstep and causing her heart to pound in her chest like she was a teenager all over again. His words caused her to shrug “I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, when I fall, I fall hard” though she realized the implications of what she said shortly after and sighed.

Her eyes remained on him, giving a warning with her expression as he braved stepping forward, somehow he seemed to be immune to her general coldness, at least to some degree “Well, not even immortal aspects are impervious to gravity” she answered a little sarcastically but laughed too, okay, she would have laughed at that had the roles been reversed so she supposed she would give him props for keeping it controlled.

As she raised to her feet the amusement faded however and the aspect fell silent for a moment, just looking back at his dark eyes, she felt a pang of guilt spread through her chest as she thought of the things she had said to him the last time they were together. Argent hated the person she had to play in the name of self preservation but she reminded herself that things were easiest this way, or at least they would be if he stopped making unexpected visits to the manor. She rolled her eyes at his statement about pouting, she had to admit part of her was tempted to just pull the damn things from his arms “My mom always called it headstrong” she muttered in annoyance.

Argent tilted her head back as he stepped closer once more, her green eyes searching his for some kind of truth, why was he here, as she looked back into his dark eyes however, she saw a hint of emotion in them, the way he studied her features like she would disappear any moment. The redhead hated the draw she felt to him and cursed the part of her that wanted to reach out the short distance between them and pull him in close. He was the one that broke the silence however, his tone changing so much from the previous coldness.

Argent sighed softly before she gave in “Fine, if only to prevent me from ‘busting my ass’ as you eloquently put it” part of her didn’t want to break the gaze between the two of them but she did and began to lead the way towards the outhouse. “You can set them down there I’m good from here” she spoke the words as she walked into the room, opening up one of the many washing machines and tossing in the pile she was holding, her tone was soft, almost as if her words were saying one thing but her voice wanted another.

His chocolate orbs held hers for a moment as she shrugged at him once again, he couldn’t help the chuckle that left his lips as she stated something that had such a double meaning that he wondered if she even noticed the double meaning behind it. “Well you didn’t fall that hard after all you clearly had enough clothes to break the fall, christ did you own a store?” he looked over the clothes that he had picked up and chuckled “At least you have taste.” He raised a brow to the adorable sweater she was wearing with the leather skirt.

“Pretty sure you should have tried to use those wings of yours,” he teased her slightly mainly to see the reaction he could get out of her, she was being cold to him and he wondered if that was because maybe she felt like there was something there between them just as he did. He smiled gently at her laugh as it rang out, it was angelic to him and was smooth as honey and he could have got lost in it, he felt like he was just staring at her with a goofy grin on his face.

They had both had heated words the last time they were together, and yet in this moment why had those words faded so easily and quickly. It was strange Donovan was the type of man to hold a grudge and not let go, but with her he couldn’t seem to hold on to it. “Headstrong...Stubborn…. Either way you are both.” he chuckled at her annoyance. He watched her go through the motions the closer he got to her, she didn’t stop him from closing the space leaving only the clothes in their arm keeping them apart. “Though I would image you need to be all of those things, when being an aspect.” He mused out loud and then cleared his throat.

He tried to hide the smile of victory as she finally gave in and let him help her “I have been told I am a wordsmith of sorts.” he chuckled as he followed behind her towards the laundry station that was set up in a separate from the house, he had learned that a lot of people lived in the house and found this to be a great addition to the amount of people that live there. He looked to the ground and he tossed them into a mountain pile on the floor. “You sure you don’t want some help? I mean I have been told I fold like a god.” he chuckled as he move leaning against the machine she was loading. He was focused on her, on talking to her, being around her that he had forgotten about Dawn. Till her voice broke him out of his trance on Argent.

“There you are!” Dawn said as she walked in and smiled to Argent “Hey Argy, hope this guy isn’t bugging you to much.” She chuckled as she walked over and wrapped her arm around Donovan as he stood up straight and wrapped his arm around her. “Donovan this is one of the people I live with here, Argent. Argent this is Donovan, he is kinda my boyfriend.” She smiled up to him, while Donovan gaze stayed locked on Argent, a wave of guilt washing over him “Come on let's go get that room moved and then we can go to dinner if you want.” Dawn said as she moved taking hold of his hand pulling him towards the house.

Donovan forced his gaze from Argent he didn’t want to see her emotion it would mean that whatever she felt would be real, though his own heart aches because he just wanted to stay there with her and talk. He shook his head and focused on the task at hand, helping Dawn move one of the aspects room to a bigger one. Hours passed and after everything was set up, Donovan was sent to the living area to wait for Dawn to shower. He groaned as he moved to the room him and Argent had spend the time crying over his sister. He slowly lowered himself down to the ground and laid out on the marble floor letting the coldness of it radiate into his now sore muscles.

Argent shrugged a little as he mentioned the sheer number of clothes she owned, the other aspects had their things, hers was clothes, she loved putting together different outfits and feeling good about the outfits she wore, perhaps that was superficial but everyone had their own materialistic tendencies. “I guess I’ve learned that it hurts to fall” she answered with a knowing nod before she tilted her head a little at his compliment on her taste “Oh this old thing?” she teased with raised brows, she loved every piece in her wardrobe and everything she didn’t love she was now holding “I was actually picking these out to donate”  she added as she gestured her chin to the pile she was holding, because if she wasn’t going to wear them she was sure someone else would.

The redhead gave a playful eye roll in response to his teasing “Somehow I think that would have made things sooooo much worse” turning into a dragon wasn’t just an on whim thing, you had to take out your staff and infuse magic with it, plus dragon wings tangled up in a mountain of clothes. No thank you. She felt herself warming up to him a little, she was still confused as to why he was here, after all she had all but told him to get lost before. But as she looked back at him she didn’t see any resentment or anger in his expression, in fact he looked happy.

“So are you it seems” she commented, noting the way he kept showing up here despite the fact he had no reason to and the way he refused to take no for an answer, he was persistent, she would merit him that. Her green eyes moved to his, the distance between them close enough to touch if their arms hadn’t been full of bundles of clothes. No matter what she did to try and scare him off he always seemed to come back for more, like a moth to a flame. “It certainly helps” she agreed, though the words just kinda came out whilst she kept staring at him, captivated by his piercing, questioning gaze.

Argent hated that he already knew ways to get under her skin, how someone she barely knew could rile her up the way he did and see past her frosty exterior, it was both frustrating and fascinating to her. The aspect of light got to work on loading up the washing machine, most people were surprised by how much Argent did for herself but when she had become an aspect she hadn’t signed on for becoming a snob who couldn’t function themselves, she made her own meals, washed her own clothes, tidied her own living area and bought her own things. “Is there anything you can’t do?” she asked with raised brows, he was an amazing dancer, being funny came naturally to him and he seemed to know how to talk his way through anything.

Their conversation was however interrupted as she heard the voice of a familiar blonde enter the room. Argent smiled brightly at the other woman and raised her hand in greeting but her expression quickly turned to confusion as she watched Donovan cross the space between them and wrap his arm around her. The aspect’s lips formed the word ‘Oh’ as she realized what was happening though no sound came out. She shook her head allowing a fake smile to take over her expression “Not at all, he actually saved me from a pretty nasty fall” she chose her words carefully before her eyes met his for just a few seconds, emphasizing the meaning  “Well I have a lot of work to do and it sounds like you do too, thanks for the help Donovan” she bit gently on her lip to stop the emotion escaping and turned away from them.

Once they had left the redhead leaned forwards to press her forehead against the top of the countertop, her hands furling in and out of fists a few times. How could she be so stupid as to let anyone get anywhere near past her walls again. She knew exactly the story she was in for and yet she had allowed it to happen and now she got to watch him with someone else, someone who she knew was a good person, someone she could never hate. After a long sigh of frustration she went back to the task at hand, picking up the next load of clothes and piling them into washer, distracting herself from the fact they were together somewhere in the home she lived in.

She waited out the laundry by heading back into the manor and tucking herself away in her favorite corner, right in the back of the library. People knew better than to bother her in her space, they knew it was where she went when she wanted to be alone. She had pulled a random novel from the shelf and sat it in her lap flipping through the pages and taking in the story. Argent read a lot of stories about love but she didn't know if she still believed in it herself, everything resembling love she had ever known had ended up hurting her. 

A few hours she looked up from the pages glad the text had managed to distract her from a certain dark eyed male whom she was very aware was still here.

Donovan had found himself sore and exhausted after moving around not only one room but five. Dawn found herself caught up with another diviner guard and she had asked him if he would wait for her down stairs. To be honest all he wanted to do was go back to his apartment above his club and shower and just lay there for hours and think of how he ended up here. Dating one girl and yet couldn’t get another one off his mind no matter how hard he tried.

His mind drifted back to the laundry house they had been standing in before Dawn had come in. How Argent went from annoyed to playful how she seemed to slowly become more comfortable with his presence.  It was almost as if the party at the manor didn’t happen. They were having a good back and forth and he could see bright side she had tried to keep from him shining through. Her question echoed in his head since he walked out with dawn.”Is there anything you can’t do?” yeah there was a lot he couldn’t do and in fact not being a fuck up was one of them.

He allowed his feet to carry him to the one place in the manor he had been in with her the first time they met, after he had accused her of running a crack house. Why did this woman not kill him on sight he slightly wondered. He fully expected her to be locked away in her room, he was sure she would avoid him now more then ever after she came to understand that he was here for Dawn how her eyes held a touch of sadness and her lips held a fake smile. Why did it break him so? She had rejected him when he was clear he felt for her. Yet she was still there running in his head like a hamster on a wheel and he hate that he hurt her.

He pulled open the door to the library and his eyes fell to the empty couch that was there where he had cried his eyes out to her over the lost of his sister. He felt the ache in his chest as he closed the door behind him and stood there for a moment before he heard the ruffle of pages being flipped through. He moved towards it seeing there reading in a corner tucked in the back of the library. He looked to the shelves lined with books as he tried to figure out what to say. He cleared his throat as he moved closer to where she was. He found himself sitting next to her and sitting there for a long moment in quiet before he spoke softly.

“I should have told you that I started seeing one of your guards.” he said honestly as he rested his arm on his knee not looking to her but facing the books in front of him. “I just have never been good when it comes to relationships Argent. Seeing you there tangled up in those clothes I was focused on you, making sure you are okay.” He mused softly as he offered a soft shrug. “I… I really want to try and make things work with Dawn, she is a sweet girl. I just hope you can handle seeing me every now and then.” He leaned his head back to the wall and looked to her “Maybe we can even work towards being friends.” he said softer to her, waiting for her to give him an earful. Even if he did nothing technically wrong it felt wrong because he had feelings for the aspect sitting beside him, even if he didn’t fully understand the depths of those feelings.

Argent had to admit she felt better as she delved her way into the book, something about love stories had always been so beautiful to read for her, as unrealistic to real life as all of them were, they did help to restore a little bit of hope to the world. Argent’s personal greatest love story was far more like a Shakespearean tragedy than the current novel she was reading, somehow everything she ever tried for ended up with her heartbroken. There was only so many times she pick herself back up again before the walls came up too.

She pretended she didn’t hear him come into the room, though her whole being longed to look up at him for a few moments, show him just how crazy complicated he had just made her life. Instead she stayed quiet, her fingers flipping through the story as she read the words but despite doing her best to keep herself distracted, she stopped taking in the words and she simply scanned her eyes over the page out of habit more than anything.

Despite the fact that she was completely blanking him out she felt his presence move nearer to her until he was sitting down on the other end of the sofa she was sitting on. With a gentle sigh she lifted her eyes from her book for a few seconds to glance over at him. It would have been so much easier for her if the other night was the last she saw of him. Tearing her gaze away she forced her eyes back on the text, breathing slowly. She wasn’t sure whether she should say anything and so the two of them sat in silence for an extended amount of time until he broke it.

Her initial response was to be short with him, she didn’t even really know why she was mad but the words just seemed to roll off her tongue “It’s fine, not like you owe me anything” she assured with a shrug, she was the one who had said no to him after all, it wasn’t like she had any right to feel the way she did. She took in his words but she didn’t respond to them, giving him time to say his piece the way he wanted to say it before she took a long and drawn breath.

She started talking like she was telling a story off the page off her book, except the story wasn’t glorified or sugar coated, it was the realistic account of the life she had endured so far “800 years ago there was a girl, bright and optimistic, she loved everything, people, art, animals, life as a whole” her eyes were focused on the book as she talked “But she was naive and put her faith in a lot of people who didn’t deserve it” a lot of poor decisions were had on her part that was for sure.

“She thought that one day it had finally ended when she met what she wanted to be the love of her life” she felt her voice shake a little as she remembered back to 100 years ago “All the heartbreak seemed to fade away, every mistake felt like it lead her to that moment and she felt happiness in another person again” she wasn’t even paying attention to the pages anymore, just running the paper through her fingers as a distraction.

“And then, she lost everything and she promised herself she would never fall in love again, because whether they choose to leave or not, they always do” she pressed her lips together feeling tears pricking in her eyes, she leaned back to try and blink them away. Once she had composed herself she turned to look at him for a moment. “I can work on being friends but this…” she lifted a finger and pointed to him and then herself a few times “This has to end here” she hated the fact that she had allowed herself to feel just the tiniest bit for him because that made this hurt too.

Donovan had said what he need to say and yet he was still sitting there waiting for her to respond and at first she was just so quiet.  Then came the short response that was rather cold, if he was being honest he was expecting it to be far worst. He was sure she would kick him out and tell him to never return and it would have been in her right too. Even if he had not truly done anything wrong, it still felt wrong to be here and it not be because he was to see her, but one of her guards. He was trying to work through his own feelings, if Dawn was a person he could spend his life with. If he was being honest he had Argent on his mind far more than Dawn wondering if she was smiling, or if she was locked away busy being a dragon, it was truly maddening.

Her long drawn in breath caused his eyes to wince slightly which caused him to drop his gaze to the book that was in her hands. His eyes quickly returned and held hers as she began to tell her heartbreaking tale that he quickly caught on was of her own love life. Her eyes may have been running along the paper but she was clearly not reading the page. He frowned slightly and felt his own heartbreak all over again this time deeper for her.

He cleared his throat softly as she came to a finish  her tale of how she closed her heart of and it would not be open again, blinking quickly to stop the tears that threaten to spill over. Thankful she seem to take the moment to compose herself also. His dark gaze held hers for a long moment before he reached his finger up touching it to hers as she pointed to him the last time. “I won’t cross a line with you again. You have said no to me and I respect you far more than I have shown you.” Letting his finger run softly over hers until his pinky finger touched hers.

With a skilled swift movement he had his pinky wrapped around hers and gave her a classic innocent smile “To becoming the bestest of friends. You have pinky promised no taking it back now.” as he worked on easing the tension in the air. “We will figure it out. After all we both loved the same person.” His eyes dropped down to the locket around her neck “so I am sure we got some common ground.” He moved to stand up slowly and looked around the library. “Was it bigger on the Isle?”

He moved to one of the shelves and ran his finger along the leather binds of the book. “Your get away on the Isle I mean, while this library is rather impressive to someone of my intellectual class, I have a feeling this is only a fraction of what you have grown accustomed to.” He looked over his shoulder with a crooked grin “you should tell me your favorite book sometime, maybe I can manage to read it some time. As long as I can find it one of the languages I can read.” he said as he trailed a finger slowly alone one of the binds, the slight space was good for both of them in that moment he knew that. “Shakespeare always held a special place in my heart.” He hummed softly “be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” He quoted softly.

Argent had to admit that everything was confusing for her, there were always parts of her that yearned to let people in, asked her what the worst that could happen was, edge her towards people slowly. There were guards she had let get under her skin and a lot of them had been lost in the fall of Skye, another bitter reminder of what it really meant to care about someone. Still it was his face that kept coming to her mind, picturing the way he had reacted when she had rejected him, replaying the moment in her mind, wondering if she should have said something differently.

This time she wanted to be honest with him, if he was going to be around more and the two of them had to see one another every day, it would be easier if he understood, maybe they could both move forward and be friends like he asked for. Feeling his fingertip as it moved over hers though she found herself holding her breath, looking back into his eyes which always seemed to hold her in a way she couldn’t explain. She smiled softly as she realized what he was doing, interlinking both of their pinky’s, she scrunched up her nose as she laughed a little “Okay” she spoke softly, the tears she almost had a moment ago fading away.  

Argent nodded softly as he pulled his hand away and she reached for the book she had been reading setting it down on the table in front of her, he was right though, if he was anything like Ayra had been then the two of them should be able to figure out how to get along right? She leaned her arms against the arm of the chair as she watched him move through the library, taking in all the books that surrounded them “Sooo much bigger” she answered honestly, if she closed her eyes she could see it so clearly, the old spiral staircases on either side of the room, books as far as the eye could see in every color, shape and topic.

“But then I think everything I remember is probably rose tinted now” she admitted with a shrug of her shoulders, she placed her chin down on her arms as she watched him wander, seeing which books took his interest and where he moved “I do remember that I never managed to read them all though” she chuckled, it would probably take her eternity to do so she had to admit “Do you find much time to read?” she asked with raised brows, she always wished she had more time to read, so many stories she wanted to see and so little spare time, which was funny considering she was immortal.

When he spoke about her favorite book she went quiet as she thought about it, what was her favorite book? She had read so many, a few more times than she could count, how would she ever pick one above the others. The quote however brought a bright smile to her lips “Twelfth Night” she spoke wistfully, Shakespearean writing had always captured, she loved the way he had brought his stories to life in his plays and felt some regret that she’d never got around to seeing one in person when she could have. “Anything by Jane Austen is for sure one of my favorites” she admitted with a smile, she loved the perspective each of those stories held “It’s hard to choose a true favorite though” she admitted, it was like what she imagined choosing a favorite child would be like.

“Do you have any interesting hobbies?” she asked curiously, truthfully she didn’t know all that much about him or the life he lead outside these walls, she didn’t even know what he did for a living, how strange it was that it felt like she knew him already in some sense of the word.

The laugh that came from their pinky’s interlocking made his heart larch forward, her laugh was something he could find himself getting lost in. He prefered the laugh and soft smile over the sadness her face had moments ago. It was strange to him how such a simple act could make her sadness fade away slowly. He chuckled at her honest answer and looked to her as she closed her eyes remembering her past get away. He wondered if she missed it as much as her expression seem to express towards him.  He knew he missed his home but he doubt he would ever return to the land that he once was born on.

He didn’t know much of his past, other than the small bits his mother and father would tell him. The Dhampir knew that most things just same to come easily to him. No one in the Dhampir community ever questioned him, he had began to wonder things but never expressed them as he was sure if secrets were kept from him it had to be for a good reason. Before he began to travel the world it felt like he had no say in his life, but after Ayra ran off his parents began to focus more on their elder son, letting him just be Donovan. Though lately he wasn’t even sure what that meant himself anymore. “Seems like the past tend to hold a rose tinted haze when we think back on them. Our brains try to trick us in only seeing the good to protect us from the pain we hold.”

“With the time I am sure you have being immortal you may end up reading them all but in the end wouldn’t that be a bittersweet day?” He mused as he smirked slightly “Maybe you really put of reading them all because then you would be left with nothing to look forward to.” he pointed out to her and shrugs slightly “I try to read a book a week. I enjoy getting lost in the pages. Though it has become increasingly more difficult.” he admitted to her. “I thought settling down in one town would mean I had more time. Turns out to be the opposite.” He shrugged and them he smiled faintly as she spoke the name of what the quote he said was out.

He turned still at the shelve holding his gaze to hers as he crossed the space slowly leaning to the table in front of the aspect and smiled crookedly to her. “I always held a soft spot for Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice was one of the first books I read thanks to my mother.” He moved  and settled on the table and looked back to the vast library “I get why it is hard to choose a favorite, with time and resources like this I doubt I could chose a favorite either.” He answered honestly. “But there will always be those authors that hold a soft spot with in our souls.” He moved his dark gaze back to her as she suddenly shifted their conversation back to him.

The realization that everything they had known about each other was almost nothing. Had he really fallen head over heels over the copper haired woman in front of him just by her looks. Maybe getting to know each other would be better for them both in the long run, they could learn that they actually didn’t share many common interest and being friends or civil would be easier. She chuckled slightly towards her and chewed his bottom lips softly “Well I have many hobbies.” he answered honestly. “I traveled the world for a good twenty five years, developing my fighting skills with different dhampir communities and just having fun.”

“Through my travels I learned that I love playing the piano, I picked up on it rather quickly and spent years perfecting my skill. Piano is probably the one thing I don’t know I could live with out now.” He mused “My music passion started there, spent my time in and out of music clubs learning new instruments, how to write my own music and songs.” He cleared his throat rubbing his hands together. “I meant Valeria in one of my travels, we became friends. So I gave her my number and told her to call me if she needed any help. Though I thought it would be more travel advice then her asking me to move to Evermore. But I packed up my bag and arrived and the moment I hit the the ground and saw how stressed and upset Val was I knew I couldn’t leave.”

He looked off into the library, “So I settled into Evermore, Starting a business which is a club called Eternally blue which is on the dhampir side of town. Then began to help with Dhampir duties, such as Dojo duties and so on,  that need to be done in hopes to help relieve some of Val pain and pressure.” He cleared his throat and moved to stand up. “She needed some time to herself so I told her I would step in and sent her off with a ticket to find some peace. She deserves it after all, she is one of the greatest people I know.” He said and then shook his head “I think that is enough about me for today.” he chuckled slightly “you should come check out the club some time I already know you have the moves to give everyone a run for their money.” He tossed her a wink and shrugs slightly “What about you? Any hobbies or do you just master everything?”  he chuckled softly to her,

“I suppose it’s better than holding onto all of the bad things” she admitted honestly as she looked back at him, the thing with living so long was that you really had to learn not to dwell on the past too much or you ended up staying in it. Argent didn’t intend to be left behind by the world and that was why she spent so much of her time learning new things, grasping all the new things around her and taking them in one by one “At least when the present day sucks you can think back and remember all the better times” but that also came with wanting them back, which of course was impossible.

When she thought about it, he was right, it really would be a sad day when she managed to read them all because then there would be no more adventures to look forward to “I think you’re right, it’s always nice to have something to be excited for, whether it’s an evening alone with a book or a trip or seeing a certain person” what was the point in living life if there was nothing to gaze forward for after all. She hadn’t really thought about it before but now that it came up, she really had been looking forward to the little things for a long time, especially since Raven had died “Is that what us immortals do? Live for the little things” she mused with a curious expression, what was the point when you lived forever?

She felt her heart lurch in her chest as he pulled his signature crooked smile and she cursed herself knowing just hard this was going to be for her, everything about him invited her in, in a way she hadn’t felt about anyone in a long time and yet she knew she had to push it down, pretend it didn’t exist. “I think that’s just a reflection of me” she admitted with a half smile “I’ve always been that person who loves everything” she laughed realizing how crazy that sounded “Art, books, dance, science, animals” she chuckled throwing out examples before following it up “People, in every shape or form” the pan part of her showed its side there, she had never seen anyone as different “Choosing doesn’t come easy to me” she admitted with a laugh “I think things tend to choose me more”.

Argent could see that in him, she got the impression he was quite the free spirit, the kind of person who could throw caution to the wind and just jump without knowing what was below. She imagined his travels must have been exciting and great, seeing all different cultures and just exploring at his own pace. There had been a time when she longed for that kind of life but she knew it wasn’t on the cards for her. “Ugh I’m jealous” she stated with a laugh “I always wanted to travel, I used to have this list of places I wanted to go” she reached up to run a hand through her hair as her expression softened, she couldn’t be away from her siblings longer than a few days.

Piano was something she had never mastered, or well playing an instrument in general hadn’t, not for lack of trying though, she had picked up and tried many but none of them seemed to take her. She did however have a small knack for singing when others weren’t listened and she didn’t think she sounded awful “I love the sound of piano” she admitted as she closed her eyes for a few seconds “Just thinking about it reminds me of rain against the window on the Isle” she smiled softly following up on his words “I’d bet anything the music you write is as beautiful as I imagine” though she would love to hear it in person, she implied it but didn’t say it, after all if someone asked her to sing she would probably just shake them off.

Hearing his story about coming to Evermore was interesting lined up pretty well with what she had gathered about him before. She smiled softly, it was nice to hear how dedicated he was to his old friend “Sounds like she’s lucky to have a friend like you” she commented, it couldn’t have been easy for him, adjusting to stand still city life after the world quite literally being his playground but yet the way he described it didn’t sound like it was a burden so much as another challenge for him “A club huh?” she noted interested in what the place might be like, she could picture it pretty vividly though, something understated but refined she imagined.

When he turned the subject around on her she laughed “Got it in one” she stated before she went to elaborate “I’ve never really been the kind of girl who can just sit around and do nothing for long so..” she chuckled and shrugged “I have done a LOT” she raised her fingers and started counting on them as she thought of a sample of the list “Reading, gardening, cooking, ice skating, tai chi, there was a woodwork phase, I jumped out of a plane once” she paused realizing the list was already getting pretty long “My real passion is other people though, there’s nothing I love more than making someone’s day just that little bit better” which was probably why she always tended to find herself volunteering.

“I think a lot of it comes from not being allowed to do these things when I was younger, it wasn’t considered proper for young women to learn to fight or take part in sports back then” it hadn’t been easy growing up a forward thinking girl in a very backwards world “Now I kinda wanna take every chance I get” she was glad her life became so much more than just getting married and having children.


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