Just truly ethereal.

Those words kept ringing in his head, there was no stopping his train of thoughts to go astray off the settled course. The celestial has been thinking about a particular dhampir overnight. Today was an important day, to most people who had others to spend it with. To some, it was also a painful reminder. But to Hanseol? It was a day where he would relish in his own fantasies. It's slightly mixed with anxiety and fear itself, due to him trying to plan things perfectly and not wanting it to be something so precarious like the last time. Even more so, the word might not be suitable because the aftermath and effects from their previous time spent together was not wasted by a single second. Sure, they didn't get to watch the sunset, but they had more fun indoors, unexpectedly. He felt like a school teenager who is head over heels in love with his crush that decided to reciprocate his feelings shortly after a confession being made.

His dark mocha hues glazed over the canvas that stood before him prettily. It sure was pretty. Despite his multiple attempts on trying to make it work previously, today gave him all the kicks he needed to finally get it going. Maybe fate wanted to give a small Valentine's Day gift to him by blessing his painting equipments today. Either way, he was elated. He was able to spend the entire morning getting messy with his artwork. Jaesung Moon alone was already an art, but he wanted to associate the dhampir with something he likes, which was painting.

One night, he just thought sketching and drawing his pictures in his sketchbook wasn't sufficient enough. So he decided to make up for it to create a portrait, an actual portrait. He might not have half as much time as he had this week for next week, due to the work conference, so this will have to finish before the week ends. His entire look was a mess. But the good kind. No matter how far up his sleeves that he rolled up, the paint would eventually find its way on it. Well, he is one messy painter. Maybe next time, he should really debate on going topless when painting. Or at least, wear a sleeveless shirt. All those stains would not go off as easily as it came by, unfortunately. The celestial remembered just how long he spent scrubbing off the red paint. Red and yellow ones leaves the most mark on clothes for him. It was all about timing too. It was only by luck that the amount of shirts he's discarded away permanently due to the stains, we're countable.

For now.

While he was busy edging over the left side of the canvas to make proper measurement, he caught sight of the clock that was hung across the room. Oh yes, he had his own spare room just to work on his art, mostly because he just couldn't be bothered to clean up his mess if it was in the room where he sleeps and rested at. Too much effort, he thought. Twirling the brush in between his hand, he he switched his phone on and went straight to the calendar app. Oh, today is 14th of February. No wonder something felt off to him. Valentine's Day. Hmm, he has been planning for their next date, but never thought it'd come this early. Oh well, it's a special day that requires special occasion, so why not?

Hanseol switched off the lights and exited the room while texting Jae. ‘I hope you're free today, got something planned out. Ish. Meet me at the park we first met in an hour.’ It was short and simple. And vague. Enough to squeeze out the curiosity within. Smiling to himself, he threw his shirt away into the laundry basket halfway to his room and took a shower to get rid of all the watercolor stench. Sometimes mixing them up with the heavier layers would leave a smell. Not one he'd like to use as a cologne for sure. 20 minutes later, he got out from his bathroom, his hair all wet and didn't get the chance to pick his clothes in peace because Yeontan came trudging into his room. “I really need to start closing my doors-” When he saw Byul hopping inside happily, he facepalmed. “-nevermind..” The husky could open the door easily so there was no point in stopping the two mischievous furballs.

In a little over 20 more minutes, he was already ready and good to go. The fallen star tossed a pillow the Pomeranian's way when the pup barked at him as if he was teasing the life out of him for today. Such a brat. Shaking his head in response,  a small smile tugged on his lips as he reminded the two of them to behave while he's gone this evening before he eventually locked the door. Wrapping the overcoat over him, he looked slightly formal instead of his usual casual practical look. Slightly classical look today. No idea why he went with a Gucci cashmere coat today, maybe because he felt like it. It makes him look both mature and slightly boyish at the same time. There is an amusement park not far from the city center, and he's been wanting to go there since earlier this month. This is like killing two birds with one stone anyways.

Yet, he still took the time to walk instead of taking the spare car he made sure to get for emergency purposes that never came. He's a simple guy. By the time he reached the park, the time limit of an hour had passed and he waited for his dhampir, while sitting on the bench with his legs crossed and playing with his phone. He's gotta get around it, eventually.

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The dhampir had awoken with a start as his head lifted from the wooden desk he was sleeping against. It took a few blinks for him to familiarize himself as to where he was and what was doing as he leaned back in his desk chair and stretched with a soft yawn. Jae had these strange bouts of inspiration for his writing lately, a few hours where he could just get everything in his mind down into words without even trying, it had all started a couple weeks after he met Hanseol and it had only gotten more frequent since then. He loved that feeling like his whole mind was alive with ideas and concepts, he felt creative and full of muse.

He reached out to pick up the red pen he had been scribbling with before he had passed out against the desk, Jae had this habit of writing for hours on end until he passed out from exhaustion and it seemed like today wasn’t an except. A smile crossed his lips as he looked down at the ink on the page, the red color reminding him of the hair color the celestial had sported that afternoon they’d spent together in the library, the one he had insisted wasn’t pink. And Jae guessed he was right because the ink looked much redder than he expected on the page.

The paper in front of him formed somewhat of a letter, a collation of all the things that Jae had been thinking about since he met Hanseol, it was sappy as hell and ticked every cliche box there was but writing it had made him feel good. Writing about the fallen star who he could now call his. Jae gave a contented sigh as she slid the paper across the desk and opened his laptop. Before writing the letter he had been working on a blog post. He hadn’t posted it yet because he wasn’t sure how his audience would respond to it, the words were much more positive than a lot of his previous entries, reflecting the sense of optimism Jae had recently been filled with.

With the post open his eyes scanned back over the text and he ran his hands through hair as he debated whether or not to post. It wasn’t that it lacked authenticity, the 3 paragraph snippet was an entirely accurate description of what he believed he was feeling. Jae just wasn’t sure that he was ready to post those words anywhere outside of his mind because that made it very real and he was still working on his own confidence when it came to the emotions he felt. He sighed and assigned the post back to drafts ready to be revisited at a later date.

Jae was about to get to work on another piece when he heard his phone buzz. A smile had appeared on the dhampir’s lips before he even picked the device, of course the moment he had gotten home from their last date he had done the cliche teenage like things in his own glee such as renaming Hanseol’s contact in his phone to ‘Daystar’ and changing the text tone to something slightly different so he would know when the star was texting him. Every time he heard that little ring he swore his heart leaped in his chest.

Jae read over the text on the screen before hopping off the chair he was sitting in and rolling onto his bed, still holding the phone out in front of him “Sounds mysterious ;) See you soon” he returned the message before setting his cell back down on the bed, well damn, now he had an hour to get ready and he was still wearing yesterday’s clothes. He sighed as he headed down the hall and into the bathroom and showered. Once he climbed out he combed his hair and brushed his teeth before wandering back into his tiny dorm room. This time he felt less panicked over his choice of clothes, mostly because he didn’t have time to be fretting so he picked an outfit out pretty quickly, choosing to layer several different warm layers over his jeans and trainers and finishing it off with a long coat. He debated wearing a scarf, but he figured that might get annoying if they were doing any kind of practical activity.

Yet again Jae found himself wondering what the celestial was up to. Of course, he had totally been hoping to hear from him today, it was Valentine's day after all but all this vagueness was beginning to press on his curiosity. Hands delved into pockets as he headed out of the apartment building and onto the streets of Evermore. He was glad that the temperature was beginning to rise because he wasn’t sure how much longer he could put up with red noses and wearing literally his entire wardrobe on a weekly basis. The route to the park was familiar so he didn’t really pay much mind as he walked the usual distance until he came to a stop at the little iron gates.

Pushing it open they squeaked that ear-piercing noise they always did which made Jae chuckle as he headed across the space to where he spotted the fallen star, completely lost in his phone. Hanseol was sitting in the exact spot that Jae had been sitting while he greeted the little dog he had met that night and Jae was standing exactly where he walked over to before very ungracefully tripping over the celestial’s feet and crashing to the ground “This almost feels like deja vu, except this time you would be the one to fall for me” he teased as he attempted to get the celestials attention and then laughed softly when the male looked over to him. Damn, Jae would never get over the bright feeling he got every time he saw Hanseol.

Today was a special day for them both, indeed. It was going to be the first day of them being official, though neither one of them spoke much about it so they never got in depth regarding the matter. Either way, Hanseol has made it clear every single time, that he is definitely Jae's other half, if you'd call him the boyfriend, then boyfriend shall he be. Though he would really require a few knockups on him because the celestial nearly forgot to execute the plan he had for days long, today. Admittedly, it was not scheduled to fall on this day, but the timing was perfect and he couldn't possibly miss this out. It was too good to leave it by. Their first date was successful, ish. It was situated indoors but still, it achieved a good and decent result for something improvised. It was nothing to a full blown date at the amusement park though.

He's always wanted to go there and today, he'll get the chance to do so, accompanied by his favorite person, Jae. There wasn't anyone else that he would rather go to such a place with, for sure. Honestly, for someone who planned for it, he was being quite the excited boy who received a lollipop for his good behavior as a reward. He actually does radiate the same energy, so there was no mistaking it. The fallen star kept checking back for any updates from the dhampir as he hummed to himself while waiting for him at the park. Was he anxious? A likely chance of 90%. It was a public date, after all. While it might not bother him as much as it probably should, he understood the pressure that falls on Jae. God, how he wished he had this superpower to just take all the pain away.

Upon hearing the familiar timbred baritone voice of Jae, he turned around slightly to face him and grinned softly. “How is that supposed to go? I mean, you fell for me the first time because technically and literally tripped over me and actually fell. I'm sitting right here, why would I trip over you?” he teased, of course he got the memo. He's not that clueless. Tactless, maybe. But not to Jae, definitely not to his dhampir. But sometimes, using that card is actually fun around him. The blue haired male exuded big energy on positivity, one he intends to get influences from. If there was a time where he would take advantage of it, now's the time. He was not going to waste it.

His dark hues glazed over the latter who stood before him in all of his majestic rights, looking as ethereal as ever. There was really no stopping his beauty, is there? Not that he was complaining, he'd stare his way all day if he could. The fact that he knew about the dhampir's personality, only adds up to the bunch, making him a lot more irresistible. Oh, he's hooked. Again. “You look good. I mean, you always look good, but today, you look exceptionally brilliant.” There he goes with his mindless ramblings again. Yep, it's never going to be shaken off by him any time soon. Or perhaps, ever. Hanseol wasn't as confident as he mad himself out to be. And when he's around Jae? Makes it even easier to get him flustered. A well-known talent that Jae exuded without effort.

“Come on, we should go now if we want to have any chances to enjoy the rides and attraction.” Getting up from his seat, he literally dashed for his hand and linked his hands together before dragging the dhampir away with him. It really did showcased his domineering possessive side, one he probably never thought he even possessed, in the first place. Talk about discovering something new everyday. He's a confident guy who knows what he wants, so he's not going to shy away and act as if things are going to come crawling his way just because he wished secretly for it from the bottom of his heart. Things don't work that way.

Thankfully, when Hanseol said the amusement park wasn't far from the city center, it really wasn't. What, the celestial likes being precise. A couple of minutes later after trudging through the pavement, they arrived at the said venue. The huge neon sign highlighted the name of the place. This was literally a dream come true for any child. “Have you ever been to an amusement park before?” he inquired instinctively. He also wasn't going to miss out all the potentials in knowing more about him. It was a bonus. Hanseol gave a curt nod and smile at the female worker as she gave them their tickets. Despite the long line of queue, somehow, just somehow, he managed to get them as soon as they arrived. Knowing fully well it would raise questions from the dhampir, he shrugged casually. “I told you I like to plan things.”

Jae would be lying if he didn’t feel bubbles of anxiety in his chest about all this, the problem was the last minute and the not knowing was that he had no idea what to expect and that set him on edge, he’d known that a public date was the next step in his and Hanseol’s relationship but he’d kinda been hoping to gather his courage for it. But maybe this was better, he hadn’t spent days pondering over it and worrying about scenarios that probably wouldn’t happen and it was valentine’s day, so with any luck people would be too wrapped up in themselves to make any nasty comments or looks.

Just seeing the celestial’s face, sitting there so lost in thought as he looked down at his phone with that little furrowed brow expression he always pulled, helped to ease Jae’s worries though, it reminded the dhampir of the reasons he wanted this and suddenly things didn’t feel quite as scary. The smile on his face was evident as he heard the first words that escaped Hanseol’s lips which erupted a laugh from Jae “Ah yes, I forgot you are you are the king of coordination” he teased with a smile, the half-valkyr was certainly the one who did all of the falling around here “Except when flour is involved” he added with a knowing smile remembering their first date clearly in his mind.

The blue-haired male scanned his eyes over Hanseol noting the slightly formal way he was dressed today, it looked good on him, refined, it reminded him of the doctor vibe he got from the celestial at times and the intelligence that the fallen star had. Well, he was a vet not a doctor, but they were both really hard professions to get into. He found himself wanting to pull closer to the celestial already but he stayed where he was reminding himself where they were and what today would be for them. The celestial’s compliments made him smile though, that signature box smile that made him scrunch his eyes up a little “Thanks” he responded running a hand through his silky blue hair “You look like you’re ready to take over the world and look killer doing it” he teased not missing the designer coat he was wearing.

“Rides?” he asked curiously though he had barely any time to process what he had heard because he felt the celestial’s hand wrap around his and then pull him off balance as he was dragged along towards the exit to the park. There was a moment of panic in his mind the moment the celestial’s hand touched his but instead of letting go as was his instinct he paused and then eased into the touch holding the fallen star’s hand tightly. Either way, if rides and attractions were involved then this really was their first public date and that meant it was time for the dhampir to start facing his fears.

It wasn’t long until they made their way to the amusement park and things started to make sense, Jae had heard about this place from a few people at the university and he’d heard pretty good things, Jae hadn’t been to any kind of theme park in a long time. Jae still kept his hand wrapped tightly around Hanseol’s, a way of channeling away his nerves if he was honest. Especially as they entered the relatively crowded area and he was struck with the feeling people were staring. The dhampir did his best to ignore it, he was here to have fun with his fallen star and that’s what he intended to do. Looking up at the big neon sign he gasped a little in wonder, he loved places like that “Yes” he answered Hanseol’s question with a laugh “But not since I was about twelve and my sister begged my mom to take us to one” he laughed remembering the way she had pouted until she got her way “My favorite was always the pirate ship” totally not because he’d wanted to be a pirate when he grew up for a while or anything.

“Have you?” he asked with a raised brow, considering Han hadn’t lived many years of life free to do what he wanted and amusement parks weren’t really prominent when he first fell. Jae nodded thanks to the woman who served them their tickets before giving the star a questioning look to which he shrugged it off. It made Jae’s heart do a little lurch in his chest knowing how much effort Han put into spending time with him “Romantic” he mused softly and then tugged on the celestial’s hand as they headed out into the park. The dhampir’s eyes reflected all the bright lights and colors that completely surrounded them and he gave a joyous smile, he realized he hadn’t really gone to the effort of going somewhere just purely to have fun in a long time and it excited him.

“Well you went to the effort of planning this out so it only seems fair you get to choose the first thing we do” he was here for all of it, he liked rides and playing games, the smell of food hanging in the air was also amazing, Jae had always loved street food “I was going to say I was surprised this is your scene but..” he paused as he looked at the other male “This actually seems like the perfect place for you” and he meant that as a compliment, the more he got to know Hanseol the more he realized he was free-spirited and a little childish like Jae was.

Perhaps, he wasn't being original when it comes to dating spots. But at least, the celestial had the courtesy to take this up a classical notch. Who wouldn't want an amusement park date? Well, lest for those who preferred indoors, but even an introvert like him who shy away from the public crowd could muster up the strength in him to take Jae there. Really, Hanseol wasn't really one for such publicity. But, it was a good spot. The more he thought about it, the more it was clear to the male, that at the end of the day, it's for Jae. Things you do for love, huh?

Now, he wasn't sure what else he's got planned under his sleeves. All he did was booked the ticket in advanced and got early entry than the others. Kind of like a speed pass. The moment he knew this existed, the celestial rushed to get it. He wasn't really a social butterfly, and you want him to wait in line? Don't get him wrong, he's not a spoilt brat, sure he'd be slightly annoyed if it goes on longer than estimated, but Hanseol didn't even want to think about making Jae wait. Nope, not it. He also knew the risks that accompanied their date today, they are going to be at a very public place that's no doubt going to be filled with so many visitors due to Valentine's Day. Oh well, maybe they'd finally mind their own business.

Shaking his head slightly at the dhampir's antics, he could remember distinctly just how even the flour couldn't gloss away Jae's unearthly looks. What, he's not going to stop complimenting his boyfriend, obviously. The title is there for a reason. “Hey, nothing wrong with being coordinated. It sets things well. I'm terrible at improvisation as you well know of last time. I still hold a grudge over their weather.” he grumbled grumpily as he stared at the sky above them, that looked surprisingly well today. “But the weather forecast said it would be fine today. Let's hope it won't rain on my parade again today. Or at least until the date is over.” Clasping their hands together, the celestial watched as their fingers intertwined themselves perfectly. Like there was no other place they'd rather be. “And excuse you, you were the one that started the whole flour incident. But at least it gave me a reason to kiss you, so I can't say I have a grudge for it.”

Hanseol liked teasing Jae. There was no doubt in that. He noticed the contrast between their clothing choices and he couldn't help but to allow the grin to travel upwards. He did admit he dressed semi-formal today because he wanted to look a bit mature. Emphasis on the bit. If they're literally speaking, Hanseol is four times his age, so he is older. Though his mind sometimes resembled that of a child instead. It's a refreshing thought because it meant he wasn't too broken by the world entirely yet. Not just yet. He still had a chance in making this life worth it and the longer he stared at Jae, the more he was able to grip the reality of it. He loved his signature box smile. At this point, Hanseol loved everything about him. His dhampir. His man. His euphoria. All those titles passed on to the dhampir made him weak. In a good way.

When he commented on his clothing, he chuckled softly. “The only world I want to take over is yours.” he winked playfully and let out a small sigh as his eyes wandered over to the sceneries that provided aesthetically pleasing sights for them. “And of course I have to look good in it. I mean, I look good all the time, but still. I don't think I've ever wore this coat.” It was a clear indication that the fallen star dressed up specially for him, when he's never been paying that much attention into it. He's a practical person despite his perfectionist nature that only applies to certain areas. He admitted he soared a glance to see just how he was reacting to the sudden tug and he was immensely happy about it. Jae didn't let go. Could this be the start to beat those fears of his down?

“Yup. Rides. You'll see.” The twinkle in his hues did not escape the light. Hanseol was excited to bring him there, even if he wasn't an avid fan of amusement parks. Probably because he never actually heard of one back then, much less got to to one. His time running did not enable him to spare some time to even check them out and they weren't that viral in the 30's. At least, where he was, that time. Shortly after they arrived at the venue, the celestial found himself quirking his eyebrows in a questioning manner. “Pirate ship, huh? I'm guessing you don't have acrophobia then? At least I know you won't puke on me-” Stopping abruptly on his steps, he gave a blank look towards Jae. ‘-you don't have motion sickness.. Right?” Oh if he did, it's going to be interesting. An interesting evening, indeed.

Answering his question about his experience at an amusement park, Hanseol shrugged. He wondered what he missed other than this. “Nope.. I didn't have the time. I missed out a lot of things, I'd say. But at least I'm not missing out on you.” There it goes again, and it wasn't even intentional. It just came straight out from his lips without even thinking about filtering anything. It came as natural as it sounded. He heard the soft murmur from Jae, who said he was being romantic. Oh, he never thought he was one to go down to these lengths but you discover something new everyday, and with Jae, he's starting to unlock a lot of new things. He only smiled to himself like nothing else could ruin this perfect day. Though, be careful what you say, Hanseol.

“I should take offense that you are not-so-subtly telling me I'm a kid, but I don't think I should be the one who can suggest any ride to get on. I'm inexperienced, Jae. All I could get my eyes on is that cotton candy.” Oh, the celestial had a sweet tooth. “I think it's time you show me what I missed out on.” However, his eyes still glazed over the cotton candy stand. “-right after we get cotton candy.” With that, the star tugged the dhampir to follow him to get the desired cotton candy.

Jae didn’t care that the idea was cheesy, he loved the thought Hanseol had put behind this whole thing and Hanseol had read him right without even trying, Jae adored places like amusement parks, where his inner child was allowed to roam free for a few hours, he was definitely young hearted, he didn’t even have shame to admit that. Jae would love to go to Disneyland one day, it was just one of those places that he was sure he would get tangled up in.

Han didn’t seem to mind the child-like spirit that Jae had however, he often rolled his eyes or gave him a judging stare when he did it but it was always followed with that sly and soft smile the celestial reserved for those moments he was in disbelief. Jae could be unpredictable in that respect, he went with the whims and ideas that came to mind at the moment and those could surprise even him at times but he liked spontaneity, it was what kept life from becoming mundane and Jae was very good at going with the flow, that was why he hadn’t let Hanseol get caught up in the hitch on their first date and why things had turned out pretty well in the end.

Jae gave Hanseol a mock glare of jealousy when he spoke about being coordinated “Of course there’s nothing wrong with being coordinated, I would love to be coordinated” he responded with a chuckle and a shrug of his shoulders but let it go, no point missing what you never had right? “Whereas spontaneity is more of my style” he admitted with a laugh “Though my lack of a schedule tends to drive most people I know crazy” he always made time for the celestial though, he could be in the middle of plans and he would probably drop them if it meant he got to spend time with Hanseol, Jae wanted to be with him as much as possible because he enjoyed the person he was about Han, the more confident, happier version of Jae. “I will never look at flour the same way again” Jae admitted as he peered down towards their joined hands, it felt right to him and filled him with a certain sense of security and certainty he hadn’t expected, especially considering the gesture was there for anyone to see.

As he looked back at Hanseol at that moment there seemed to be silent words exchanged between the two of them, a mutual sense of adoration for one another. Jae had never had feelings for anyone this way before, never felt such a sense of attachment to one person. He’d read a lot about love, the good and the bad and while he’d never had personal experience of it, this matched closely to every description. Going to sleep and waking up with thoughts filled with his celestial’s face? Check. Replaying songs that reminded him of his fallen star? Check. Noticing all the little things he’d never even second guess in others? Check. Loving the fact that he could call the bright and beautiful male he was currently gazing into the eyes of hopelessly, his. Checkmate.

His feelings only swelled more when he heard the teasing from the other male “Believe me you’re already winning at that game” Jae shook his head slightly, his whole existence had shifted since he met Hanseol, he was like a teenager with his first crush, changing his ringtone, getting into stupid laughter fits when something reminded him of Hanseol, it was embarrassing really. Jae glanced down and then smiled taking in the look of the coat the star was wearing “You look amazing” Jae admitted without a word, it meant even more knowing Hanseol had purposely made an effort because they were spending time together, as vain as that sounded, Jae would have thought Han would have looked good in quite literally anything though, he was breathtaking to the dhampir.

Jae shook his head when Hanseol asked him if he had a fear of heights “The only fear I really suffer with is so ridiculous” he admitted as he glanced down to the ground, especially considering how common an occurrence it was and how it always led to the dhampir burying his head under the blankets and waiting for it to be over. At the mention of motion sickness Jae shrugged “I used to get a little queasy on long car rides in the city but I think that was almost more due to the fact I tried to read in the car than actual motion sickness” he chuckled softly “I think we’re safe unless you have either of those things” he could tell just how much of his hope Han seemed to invest into the these plans, it was sweet “I do uh…” he trailed off “I do have this kinda inner fear of anything that goes upside down though” he admitted reaching up to scratch his neck a little “Though I think that’s more fear of the unknown than anything” he bit down on his lip, maybe another fear he would get to face today.

Jae had of course expected Hanseol to say no, who would have time to make it to an amusement park while living the life he did after all but it made him sad to think about all the things that Jae would take for granted that Hanseol never got to experience “That makes me want to make a list of things you’ve never gotten to do just so we can tick them all off together” he admitted with a smile, he liked the idea of being there to see the star see all of these things, the big and the small. He loved seeing Hanseol’s reactions to things, seeing the smile that would appear on his face or the look of surprise which if he could get a picture of it, could definitely be a meme.

Jae gave a gentle laugh when Hanseol commented on what Jae had implied “You cannot refute the idea that you are childish and then talk about cotton candy like that in the same breath” he shook his head a little, he liked that part of Hanseol though, the impulsive side that surprised him in the best ways. This date so far was pretty much the half-valkyr being dragged around by the celestial. Not that Jae minded, it was fun to watch Hanseol’s eyes light up with every new thing that he saw. It did, however, draw a lot of stares to the two of them which, whilst Jae tried his best to ignore. Bothered him like he knew they would. He did his best not to show it too much as he followed Hanseol to the little booth and ordered the cotton candy.

It was fun to watch Han’s reaction as they prepared it fresh putting the sugar into the machine and then twirling the stick to pick up the strands until it was puffy cloud of sweetness. Jae took out cash and paid for it before stepping back so the man could hand it to the celestial, the dhampir was a firm believer on participating in the date and since he hadn’t planned it or paid for the tickets it only seemed right that he buy the star a few treats tonight. As he watched Hanseol begin to eat the sugary floss he took a moment to look around them, taking in all the attractions there were to see, it was a pretty big place with lots of spinning rides and even a roller coaster towards the back entrance “We should probably test the waters first” he commented as he pointed out whip style ride “Make sure neither of us have sudden motion sickness” he teased with a laugh. This time it was him who reached for the celestial’s free hand and lead the way, though he did less tugging and more leading.

Hanseol loves planning things. If he wasn't a veterinarian by profession, he would easily pass off as a planner. Any kind of planner. He likes putting thoughts into what he does, perhaps, that's the reason for his hobby on art itself. Whenever he paints, he likes to think out of the box and focused more on showing the traits of that person by adding the colors into it. That was saying something, considering he's never had the bravery and audacity to draw an actual person until recently. Thanks to Jae, he was literally practicing more on the idea. The dhampir didn't only give him motivation and inspiration, as he became his muse, the celestial was able to enjoy things in life again. It was really that way. Jaesung Moon became someone who held everything in his life. He was practically his everything.

He wondered if Jae knew just how much he meant to him. Maybe one day. One day, he's going to tell him that the only reason why he's the person he is today, was because of him. The latter might not believe in such things like fate and destiny, but the hope that still runs around inside Hanseol prompted him to still believe in it. He didn't have anything at first, remember. Despite having a high paid occupation and living it well today, he didn't have anyone to share it with. No one to share his time with, much less anything else. One time ago, he wished to try so many new things, but noticed he didn't have the number of people to do it with. Or, even a person. It was precisely the reason why he cherished and treasured his pets. Byul and Yeontan being one of the most frequent visitors to his talking land. It's almost sad.

“If it makes you feel any better, your spontaneity is what attracted me to you? I mean, over many other things that pulled me, but it's definitely one of the things that did.” Hanseol always found it in him to make sure Jae stay content, it was almost like a switch to him now. He couldn't bear to see the smile being wiped off from the dhampir's face. The only thing he would tolerate being wiped off is when he kisses him. Period. “But if I had to rank, I'd say your whimsical self won me over.” The mint haired dhampir was not classically beautiful, but more to a very appealing way. His stares were always so enigmatic, so much it enthralled the fallen star into his grasps. It was like a siren luring their victims. Jae had that allure to him, one you just can't shake off easily.

“Mhmm.. I don't think that will affect me. Y'know.. Since you already drove me crazy in the first place.” See, he's always flirting around him. It was an automatic switch only reserved for that one guy that managed to win his heart over. Hanseol might be naive and oblivious, but the road to win his heart was not as easy as it might've sounded. In fact, it will only make it a harder road to trudge through. Tied around the tragic life he had, it hardened his heart to the point where he wouldn't simply think about caring anymore. Or so he thought. Obviously, it wasn't long lasting since the moment Jae poked into it, he was good as a melting splash of puddle. The celestial was endearingly soft for Jae and it wasn't even funny. “I don't mind looking flour in a different light. At least, that way I'll be sure to remind myself of you.” Smooth star is what he is.

“You say I'm winning the game already, that's a reassurance. But you're dangerous.. You go around and people will flock over. Not that I'm afraid you'd forget about me, but I won't lie and say I'm definitely okay with a bunch of people shamelessly flirting with you.” A small pout made its home on his lips, as he recalled the thoughts of having people eyeing his dhampir. Jealousy was going to be another trait he never knew he had. Well, to be fair, he wasn't jealous of Jae managing to win Yeontan over without efforts, that one was more to the betrayal left by the Pomeranian. “I spend recklessly.. Like, no kidding. Most of what's inside my closet.. I only wore 40% of them. The same things every week. I swear I've never even remembered I bought the other 60%.” That's true. He really did spend recklessly. He spoils his pets and always reminded himself to take care of their welfare twice better than an actual living person should be receiving.

When Jae expressed the only fear he had was ridiculous, he wondered what it was. The curiosity level just went over the roof. “I don't think being afraid of anything is ridiculous though. Everyone has flaws. Sometimes they can be controlled but we have to remember, nobody's perfect at that. I think everyone else forget that the flaws are what makes someone perfect. So raw and genuine, what's not to love.” Bopping the dhampir's nose, he literally send that message over to him into no-so-subtly telling him that the celestial thought he is perfect in every way. “I don't think I have any motion sickness.. But that's mostly because I've never experienced anything close to it so one can never be too sure. Let's hope I don't. I don't want to spend my day thinking I might throw up.” he exclaimed in distaste, shuddering at the mere thought of it. Today was going to be day to be remembered, afterall. He can't ruin it.

“Upside down? Like rollercoasters?” he asked, as his eyes wandered over the amusement park to pinpoint any rides that might resemble one. Fun is fun, but he had to make sure nothing happens to Jae. The topic shifted into something about him instead and boy, the star was giving heart eyes towards the male's way. So thoughtful, he thought. “The idea of that.. It's endearing, Jae. I never got to experienced a lot of things, that's true. But maybe, just maybe, it's all for the best? Perhaps it's the world's way to teach me not to take what I have now for granted.” It was supposed to mean everything else but the star couldn't avert his gaze away from the guy he called his. “But are you sure? When I said I never got to experience a lot of things, I mean like.. A lot. I missed out big time. It would probably take years to even get them on the list.”

Staring at Jae like he had grown two heads overnight, he shook his head and wagged his index finger in front of him before clicking his tongue in dismay. “For your information, cotton candy is not entitled to kids only, okay. Adults can have a sweet tooth too.” he remarked dryly, a coy smile playing on his lips, obviously showing just how proud he was that he was under that category. “Cotton candy should be for everyone. It's a heaven made candy, I swear.” The guy who was busy making the cotton candy for him only chuckled at the childish manner the celestial pulled. The way his eyes brightened and his pupils dilating at the sight of the cotton candy getting bigger, yep, he's a child alright. A man child.

He's probably going to get diabetic if it was up to him to continue eating candies, but what's new. Unfortunately, succumbing to his obliviousness, Hanseol didn't notice the looks being passed around them. Before he could even pay for it, he saw the gesture Jae offered. Deciding against saying about it, he allowed Jae to do that for him. Halfway through finishing the sugary goodness, he suddenly said something randomly. As random as it can get for Hanseol Park, at least. “They say your pupils dilate when you see something you love. Is that true?” He averted his gaze in front to the dhampir next to him, his doe eyes asking for confirmation. “Just something I read on last week. I didn't know what it means.” It was so like him to ask something so random stuff strange times.

As a whole, Hanseol is technically still a child so there were plenty of other things that did not require formula or theories for him to learn. His coordination did not enable him to learn about the arts of life from another perspective. “You'll have to guide me though. I literally have no idea what most of the rides are even called.” Peeking over from the side to watch the spinning rides around them, he couldn't help but to say this. “If I puke, promise me you won't love me any less.”

Til now, Jae had always just considered himself to be an average guy with an average life, he was the youngest of 4 children, his siblings had grown up to be a doctor, lawyer and vet respectively. They were all half human and half valkyr. Jae was never the smartest, strongest or really best at anything in school. He’d always been somewhat of a looker but he never believed looks really got you anywhere in life. All of that had made Jae determined though, determined to make something of himself, to one day prove everyone who doubted him that he could go far through sheer intention alone.

That’s why it was so strange for him to have someone in his corner, someone who brought up parts of him he didn’t like and spoke about them like they were so important. Jae had never really had someone who was a real cheerleader for him and he loved that feeling, it did wonders for the confidence he had in himself and his own ability. Hanseol had really become an anchor for him, the start of him realizing his own worth and value. He truly couldn’t believe someone like that would feel ever feel anything towards him and yet every time they shared a long gaze he felt a sense of depth that he’d never felt with another person, Hanseol truly was a light for him, guiding him towards the person he had always wanted to be, he brought out the best in Jae, pushed him to question why he felt the things he felt about himself.

Jae smiled softly when Hanseol talked about the dhampir’s spontaneity “Yeah well it’s that spontaneity that made me show up at an animal clinic at 7 in the morning because the cute guy I gave my number never called me” Jae chuckled gently, that day had been awful, there was no mistaking that, but Jae couldn’t deny the irony of what had led the two of them together. His lips parted a little as Han mentioned the word whimsical, it was a really nice way of describing the childish side that the dhampir tended to harbor “I think that’s one side of myself I’ve always liked” he commented in a soft tone “I like being in touch with my humor” he commented with a half nod “You have that side to you too, I’ve seen little glimpses of it” though Han was better at covering that side up he had seen the star’s playful nature in little bursts since they met.

Somehow Hanseol seemed to take everything that Jae said and turn it into some cliche romantic line, some people might find it ridiculous but Jae really liked it, he actually liked the way that Hanseol always teased him, tried to bring out the confidence in Jae and make him rise to it. And it was working, the more time they spent together the more he found himself able to bounce back from the things Hanseol said without becoming a complete blushing mess. There were still plenty of times when the fallen star managed to knock Jae off the edge though, he had a suspicion there always would be too. “Oh I never said it was a bad thing” Jae commented with a soft smile “I live for the little moments in life” he explained with a nod, it was a motto of sorts, to grab every good moment and hold onto it, every little thing, no matter how insignificant it might be to others, it was how he got through the tough times, by holding onto the good and lately there was a lot of good.

Jae raised his brow a little as he heard Hanseol voice his concerns about other people approaching Jae, well considering Jae hadn’t dated anyone since high school he was pretty sure the celestial had nothing to worry about in that department, though he had to admit he kinda liked the idea of the fallen star being a little jealous of others who saw Jae that way “I only have eyes for you, daystar” he admitted with a soft smile in his direction and it was true, Jae had zero interest in anyone else, even before he met Hanseol he was completely uninterested in dating, it was Hanseol who had awoken that want in him. “Besides it’s you those girls were giggling over in the library” Han was gorgeous constantly, if anyone was going to get unexpected attention it was probably him. Jae gave him a slightly judging look when he admitted to the way he spent “My broke college life ass cannot relate to you there” he commented with a laugh, Jae was actually very careful with money, mostly because he knew it was possible one day that his parents would cut him off and he would have to fend for himself.

Seeing the curiosity in Hanseol’s eyes when Jae mentioned his fear he knew he wanted to know what it was, Jae didn’t wanna just go ahead and blurt it out though because he honestly found it so silly considering who he was. He spoke it softly almost under his breath “Yeah it’s thunderstorms” he commented before looking around as if someone would be listening in to their conversation. Jae scrunched up his nose and pulled a cute smile when Hanseol touched his nose though “I think everyone has a little motion sickness, we all get dizzy right?” he chuckled softly, if a ride made you feel ill then you could just take a break for a bit, get some food or play some games, he wasn’t too worried, though he did know how much Hanseol worried over details “Even if you did we’d still find something else to do” he assured the other male.

“Yeah or those arm things that flip all the way over” he commented with a laugh and shook his head slightly “I saw one as we were walking in and it’s already got my heart racing” he chuckled softly, okay Jae was a bit of a scaredy cat when it came to things he’d never done before, he put this picture in his mind of what things would be like which was probably completely different than the reality, those were the kinds of fears he could face and come through the other side of though. It was sweet, the way that Hanseol seemed to get so excited about the things they could do together, his eyes just seemed bigger and brighter at that moment as he looked back at the dhampir “Of course I’m sure, seeing your eyes light up, that’s like kryptonite to me” he admitted though he felt the return of the damn blushing as he spoke it, obvious Jae, obvious as hell. When he warned him about how long it might take Jae laughed softly “Are you trying to get rid of me?” he teased with a chuckle,

Jae laughed as Han told him off for making comments about cotton candy, the dhampir had never really been a massive fan of the stuff, he preferred fruit if he was going to eat something sweet, though he was impartial to the odd binge of chocolate too “What’s your favorite sweet?” he questioned interested to see what someone with a self-proclaimed sweet tooth would choose. Jae had to admit this was...easier than he was expecting it to be. His hand was still threaded through the celestials and yes people stared but with Hanseol he felt stronger and the feel of the male’s fingertips threaded through his own only cemented that. Absentmindedly he swung their joined hands a little in response to his own thoughts though his eyes remained on Hanseol as the man passed him the massive stick of cotton candy, the look on the star’s face was priceless, pure bliss, so much so that it made Jae break into a bright grin.

He was lost in his own thoughts as Hanseol started devouring the pink candy, Jae didn’t like the stuff himself but the fallen star made it look like it would taste amazing. Unable to resist he reached to steal a bit and placed it into his mouth. It was exactly how he remembered it, so sweet it made his teeth hurt a little. He was busy reacting to the taste when the celestial threw a complete curveball his way. Jae looked like a deer in the headlights as he looked back at Hanseol “I have no idea” Jae responded with a confused expression, where did this come from? “Maybe you should test it by looking at your fur babies” he commented with a chuckle knowing how much Han loved those animals.

Of course, Jae had taken note of that word that Hanseol spoke, that word that scared the dhampir more than a public date did and while he had deflected it he knew why Hanseol might have mentioned it. The dhampir sank his teeth into his bottom lip, 8 letters, those 8 letters he’d never said to anyone. Jae realized he had completely spaced out so he didn’t hear a word Hanseol said after that, except the part about loving him any less which brought back the flustered shocked look to his face, Jae coughed a little awkwardly, had Hanseol even realized what he just said? “We promised the good and bad right?” he deflected again hoping he didn’t hurt the celestial’s feelings too much as he tugged him up towards the ride entrance.

The attendant saw their tickets and opened the gate, Jae lead the way to one of the cosy little capsules and climbed inside of it, once Hanseol had climbed in too the attendant came over and pulled down the lap bar which squished them both in tightly together, Jae laughed softly as he glanced over towards the star “Well this is definitely a good excuse to get close to you” he commented with a chuckle, Jae knew how these rides went, when it hit the corner it would turn and go in another direction, the g-forces always pushed the person on the inside against the person on the outside, effectively crushing the person on the outside against the side of the car. Jae, being the gentleman he was, put himself on the outside seat, which was probably a mistake considering the fallen star was made up of pure muscle.

When Hanseol first thought of this kind of date, he didn't think it would play out the way it was planned, no matter how thorough he went with all the details. Things have a knack to ruin itself for the celestial. Frankly, he thinks it was just the world playing a joke on him, to test his faith on the concept surrounding the talks of fate and destiny. Well, unfortunately, Hanseol wasn't easy swayed away from that particular path. That's probably why there's a part of him deep down that worries about what will happen next. Would it rain? Would either one of them end up getting hurt? So many possibilities came flooding his mind and he wasn't sure which one to even start worrying over. For a while, he blanked out entirely because he was busy occupying the state of his mind with his train of thoughts.

“I guess I know who to thank for sending that's guy who came by the animal clinic so early.” he chuckled, and stared at his phone that was still within his grasp and even showed it to the dhampir. “I know how to use a phone, Jae. I just.. Forgot things revolve around gadgets these days.” he stuck his tongue out playfully as he scrunched did nose up at the thought of depending oneself to technology solely. It was preposterous to him. The idea of it alone caused the celestial to shuddering involuntarily. Maybe he's just old-fashioned, but he wasn't all on board with the gadgets surrounding them every day. Can you blame him? “I read about singularity and it just freaks me out. What if that day comes when humans.. Well living people, are considered to be of no use to humanity and civilization anymore? What if the AIs finally took over the world.” he mumbled as he clasped a hand over his mouth. He's really that kid who reads too much into some things that no one even thought of thinking.

“Don't leave your humor by. Life's too dull not to have one of those lying around.” he reminded, his tone soft and small, as if he was thinking about the same thing in his head. He couldn't help but want to shrug off the thought that the two of them might not have a smooth ride down and will got though plenty of rollercoasters in this relationship. The paranoia drive in him increased by a milestone and there was no pushing it down. It came to a point where someone need to assure him that they were going to stay together for more years to come. The fate of two intertwined under the shining moonlight, a fragile and twisted fate trapped under the grasps of the cruel world. The mere thought of it scares him. Which he thought was stupid since today was supposed to be a day he'll never forget.

“Only a few can unlock it. Congratulations, you got the first key.” he shot back, there was a stark contrast between his dilemmas internally and the front he wore around as a mask. How was he able to maintain such a facade when he was panicking inside? But at least, he wasn't faking it. Perhaps, that was why he always tried to turn everything into something positive or happy, be it tacky or cheesy. A way to remind him that he was still enjoying his time on cloud nine but it's a long way down to get back. “You really should. Live the littlest moments of life, I mean. You don't know which day will be you last, it was until then that you desperately wished you would've made the most of your time.” It was then that the star noticed the sudden shift in his tone and mood. From the cheerful energy that he exuded earlier, once he got deep into his thoughts at the back of his mind, everything changed. It became somber instead.

Shaking his head and replaced the frown with a beaming smile, he couldn't let this ruin today. He had no idea why his paranoia chose to strike today of all days. It's Valentine’s Day for heaven's sake. “I'm just kidding.” he quipped sheepishly and tightened his hold on Jae's hands, as a way to ease the worries in him that might eventually overpower him and ruin the day. And it was working, because the moment Jae told him he was the only one there for him with a hint of using the endearing nickname the dhampir gave him the other day, he found himself sighing in relief. He's got nothing against competition but he didn't want to fight anyone for Jae. It makes him feel like a try hard and he still had the confidence assuring him that Jae chose him.

However, when the dhampir brought back the topic about the library encounter, he furrowed his eyebrows to form a frown and allowed his lips to straightened the thin line that was already there. “It's not my fault they kept saying I have pink hair. Maybe they wanted to know how I got to make my hair look that way?” Of course he didn't know the girls were hitting on him. He's Hanseol Park, the celestial who's over 89 years old come this year. He didn't even know what dating actually meant until it was two years ago. When it comes to things from the encyclopedia, he's good, but when it comes to general terms? A hopeless fool is what he is. If you'd ask him to describe Jae, you'll probably need a whole day for him to finish alone, if not a week. He would explain from the tip of his brush to trace over the outline of his body proportion until the measurement of his jawline etc.

“That's because you're still a student no? The only reason why I'm living this kind of life is because I got lucky with having a job as a vet, which just so happened to be a high paying occupation.” He pulled him closer just for the sake of wanting to bask in the warmth the dhampir exuded. That, and because he wanted to see the look in his eyes. The same dark hues that would enable him to get lost in. “Maybe I should spoil you too. Like I do to the living beings that I love and cherish.” he beamed lightly, tapping over the dhampir's cheeks, squishing it a bit. So squishy, he thought. His squishy.

When Jae professed that what scared him was thunderstorms, he didn't laugh but ruffled his hair instead. “That's not silly. I'm claustrophobic. Tight spaces just gives me the chills. I can't handle being in a small room for more than 10 minutes of my time. So that's not silly at all. But this does give me a wicked idea, at least I know what to do when a thunderstorm hits whenever we're together.” Of course he'd find a way to make this about them. It's an annoying relentless trait of his. The topic of motion sickness caused a queasy feeling inside his stomach, which he desperately hoped wasn't the case. He had no plans of throwing up today please. Especially not after he ate sugary sweetness. He'd be sick. While he was busy stuffing his mouth with the cotton candy, he pondered for a while before answering his question. “I can't really choose since it's considered a sin to me to be picky. But if I really had to, I love chocolates and I enjoy chewing jelly beans. There's so many things you can improvise with chocolates though.. Maybe that's why.” It wasn't a surprise now that Hanseol had a liking into creating things; from art to cooking.

He didn't forget the comical reference Jae pulled out earlier though. It never left his head and was what occupied his head while basking in the heavenly sweetness. “What's kryptonite? And no, I'm not trying to get rid of you. You're not leaving my side.” Spare him, he didn't have time to even read Jane Eyre, much less comics. “Is that a chemical? Sounds like a nasty chemical reaction name that some scientist created.” The look of confusion masking his face really made his eyes grow larger. As soon as Jae spoke about the lovely mischievous fur babies, he clicked his tongue and mumbled a small “I have an idea.” and turned the latter around to face him. He leaned forward to capture his eyes clearly and hummed. “I wouldn't know if my pupils dilated but I do feel happier. Come on.” And just like that, the celestial dragged him away again. Someone needs to tell him all that is not normal.

It was the first time he saw such a ride. When he saw Jae taking a seat on the outside, he analyzed the ride scrutinizingly. It was until the lap bar came down and he tilted his head aside before tapping on the steel bar. “Would this mean I'd propel your way? Considering the construction, it's only right in the physics rule to have it that way. Why are you sitting outside?” he trailed off until a tone of realization came washing off him. “I know we agreed to go through he good and bad together but I don't think you being hurt is applicable to the deal.”

Jae was almost shocked by the way that Hanseol could even joke about that day at the animal clinic, it had been really awful and an eye opener for the dhampir into the life that Han must have lead til then, to be honest, the thought of it still scared him now, probably even more so now that his feelings ran deep for the celestial, he wanted so badly to be able to protect the star from all of it. The dhampir chuckled softly at Hanseol’s defensiveness over not calling “I’m just teasing baby, you didn’t owe me anything” he assured with a chuckle, though he realized the word he had used to refer to the star and widened his eyes a little in surprise at himself, he hadn’t intended on saying that. He brushed it off with a shake of his head and a slight smile “I think if we’re gonna spend this entire evening talking about robots taking over the world we may actually terrify ourselves” he commented and blinked a few times, that was enough of that negativity.

“I don’t think I could shake it even if I wanted to” he admitted with a lift and drop of his shoulders, eyes meeting the dark hues of Hanseol’s as he did so, there was parts of himself that he felt would just always be there, things that had stuck with him through his entire life and his silly nature, he hoped would always be a part of him “I like being positive, it makes the world around me just a little brighter” he admitted, his eyes still focused on the fallen star. Hanseol made the world brighter for him too, he opened his eyes to things Jae hadn’t even thought about before and he would always treasure that because they had already changed the dhampir in small ways, for the better.

Jae gave a chuckle “The first key huh?” he asked with raised brows “You make it sound like some kind of quest” he smiled softly, okay Jae was a little bit of a geek, he liked playing games and reading comic books, those kinds of things, though he didn’t go as far as to quote obscure references. He just liked getting himself lost in stories in all kinds of media and games especially helped him to put himself in the mindset of the characters involved. The next words from the star, however, caused Jae to hold his breath for a moment his expression showing a little concern, that was a very fatalist way of seeing things he had to admit “Does that worry you?” he asked his features softening a little “Not knowing if you’ll have a tomorrow?” they’d talked about wanting to know the darker sides of one another, he supposed this was one of them.

But then it was if the darker tone of the conversation completely faded away and a perfect smile appeared on the celestial’s lips, except the smile almost seemed forced, maybe even fake and then it was followed by the nervous tone of voice the celestial gave him. The touch around Jae’s hand tightened and the dhampir’s brow furrowed further “Hanseol” he spoke softly at first and when the celestial just tried to move on he spoke again “Hey” he said more sternly as he moved around in front of him so he couldn’t just pull away “You know you can talk to me right?” Jae spoke as he searched for the other male’s gaze with his own, he hated the idea of the celestial burying things for the sake of forcing happiness, that wasn’t the way to start building a real relationship and Jae wanted real.

It was frustrating sometimes how blind Han seemed to be to the world around him, he didn’t even seem to notice all the people around them that had shot judgmental stares, he didn’t hear the little whispers they spoke or the uncomfortable noises they made. Jae noticed all of it and it made him feel a strange mix of emotions. The dhampir was doing his utmost not to let it get to him though, because the only person who mattered here to him was his star. The jealous stares, mostly from girls, hadn’t escaped Jae’s notice either, a lot of people took one look at Hanseol and went weak, hell Jae did. Jae gave him an expression that might as well have painted the word really on his forehead “Han literally everyone stares at you” he spoke more directly that he thought he had in him “They do so because they find you attractive, not because they want your hair color” Jae sighed softly in frustration, of course, it bothered him to see people staring at his boyfriend like they had any right to him.

When Han pointed out that he was still a student, Jae couldn’t really argue, that was true, he had to get through this part before he could get to any real success and even then with the profession he had chosen it was quite possible it would take time to see it come into fruition. He noted the way that Hanseol pulled close to him, he could feel the warmth radiating from his skin as he did so, the same warmth that he had been cherishing from their conjoined hands. “Don’t you..” his voice was steady until he felt the other male pinch his cheek and he shied away from him a little a blush appear on his cheek “d-dare” he finished his eyes locked on Hanseol’s. This was testing Jae’s nerves to the limits and yet he didn’t shrug off the star’s touch against his face.

“You wait until you see what I’m like during one” he admitted with a soft tone, he had tried his hardest to deal with that particular phobia but no matter how much he told himself he wasn’t afraid or that his worst-case scenarios were highly unlikely to happen they still scared the hell out of him. But it did make him feel a little better to know Hanseol had his own fear too, though it being small spaces surprised him a little until he remembered the celestial had been locked in a cage for 85 years, of course, that would stem some kind of fear. Hanseol’s words about his idea made Jae raise his brows “That troubling look in your eye scares me” he admitted with a soft chuckle, he was sure the other male didn’t have malicious intent but Jae still had his thing about things he didn’t know. Hearing Hanseol choose his favorite sweet Jae came to the decision that the celestial seemed to be indecisive, often when he asked him to choose something he seemed to deflect or choose more than one “Chocolate huh?” he responded with a soft nod, good to know.

Jae was a little taken aback when Hanseol asked him what kryptonite was, he opened his mouth to explain but then the dark-haired male continued to ramble a little which made Jae chuckle softly, forgetting where they were and his own concerns for a moment he reached up to run his thumb over Hanseol’s cheek gently, his fingertips resting at the side of his face “It’s kind of a long story if you don’t read comic books” he admitted with a slight shrug of his shoulder “But it’s the same reason I call you Daystar” he added with a soft smile “The one thing that makes me weak, my weakness, my Daystar” Jae widened his eyes as he caught a woman staring at them with a horrified expression in the corner of his eye and he quickly panicked dropping his hand and stepping back a little. Jae felt bad the instant he did it, he really hadn’t meant to react like that, there was just a part inside of him that seemed to trigger reactions like that, no matter how much he told himself he didn’t care his actions always seemed to prove him wrong. “I am so sorry” he admitted as he shook his head a little hanging his head a little in shame.

As they moved on however, the two of them were talking about the randomest things, like pupils dilating, a conversation that seemed innocent at first until Hanseol had turned Jae towards him and stared so deeply into his eyes that the dhampir felt like he may actually melt on the spot and then Hanseol spoke about his reaction, while looking Jae directly in the eyes. If the celestial hadn’t dragged him off and changed the subject so quickly afterward Jae may have actually collapsed right then and there. Was that an inadvertent way of saying he loved him. Jae swore he forgot how to breathe for a few moments.

The dhampir was too shy to bring that subject up again and so he lead the way onto the ride instead, climbing into the seat and making himself comfortable, he was looking forward to just spinning around and not thinking about the mess of thoughts that this date was causing him to have but Hanseol seemed more focused on the physics of the ride than anything else. The words Hanseol spoke made Jae laugh “It’s a fun ride and I have enhanced strength Han, I’ll be just fine” he assured, it was too late for them to switch places now anyway because the car started moving, slowly at first but as it started picking up speed he felt the celestial start to slide up against his side. The dhampir laughed softly, the bright lights flashing around them and the music was loud and upbeat “Don’t worry I’ll forgive you for squishing the hell out of me” he assured as he put his hands up in the air and enjoyed the feeling of the wind through his spread fingers.

To be honest, Hanseol didn't remember more than what he's allowing himself to remember from that other day. Being surrounded and targeted, that was all normal news for him. But to see Jae coming to his rescue? That was new. And he could be stupid about not knowing his priorities, but he only remembered the dhampir in action that day. Just that. And how he'd gotten himself hurt in the process of doing so. In his head, all he remembered was just how real the dhampir was that night. It's not like he wanted to see him hurt, no. But it made his heart swell in happiness to see someone caring for him like no other. Boy was he was right. Jae didn't care for him like none had. Because now, that blue haired dhampir is now his boyfriend.

Okay, there were plenty of what he expected from today, but this was not one of it. Not that he was complaining. Nicknames from the dhampir were fine, he loved them. The sort of name-calling he actually fawn over. But baby? Someone could literally drive a knife to his heart and leave him to die because his heart wasn't going to stop beating. Remind him to bring an extra heart transplant everywhere when he's with Jae, please. A simple thing like that was enough for him to propel into the sky. Now, he was not smug, but rather flustered. His pale complexion was no longer pale in definite. His cheeks had a tangible amount of red pinkish hue on them. It felt warm, and he knew that it wasn't from the cold weather that biting him even under the layers he's in.

“Baby? You know...the first thing that came to my mind when I heard that was, you calling me an actual baby. The other one is that endearing form of calling. I'm going to go with the latter, so I hope I'm not embarrassing myself in that.” he said, obviously never hiding what his thoughts said. Except those that he knew would burden Jae, now that, he'll keep it to himself. “Look at you.. So many nicknames for me. You can't always make me soft, you know.” Despite the time of playing it cool, Hanseol's cheeks were literally betraying him. It was really giving out just how flushed he was. The celestial was blushing. What a rarity. Thankfully, he could shift to another topic, because if this persisted, he probably would end up looking like the cold got to him and he was sick. “People in general are already so frightening. And they are supposed to have humanity.. Can you imagine how cruel and emotionless robots would be.” he flinched involuntarily at the thought of it and dismissed it off by shuddering.

He had a love hate relationship with himself, always finding himself in this dilemma when he meets the dark hues belonging to the mint haired dhampir. He likes looking into them, of course. But considering how many times he always get jelly legs and melt underneath the stare, that one was bound to get him in trouble one day. Literally those eyes paired with a pout is all Jae needed to make Hanseol agree to anything, even if the dhampir was wrong. The power he had over the celestial was astonishing. He wanted to avert his gaze away but how could he? “One would think you're trying to steal the title of star from me. I'm the star around here.” he pouted, his eyes eyeing the male scrutinizingly. “One star is enough in this relationship. I'm filing a copyright.”

He noticed he always hummed lightly whenever he's happy, that didn't change. Here he was, humming a soft tune to himself while smiling towards Jae. How he's made him so happy that he was willing to change his path in life just for him. “Well, it's not easy to get to the center of my heart. No one's tried and no one's ever got there. It's rusty so you probably oiled it over to get it working again. Wouldn't that be a quest?” The twinkle underlining his doe eyes really made him look like a child, a man child. And this is why he hated letting his head take over him because Jae noticed the change in his mood, it wasn't a surprise to see how fast the latter was going to talk about it. Hanseol couldn't lie to Jae. He would hate himself for lying to someone who's literally the world for him. So when Jae tightened the hold around his hand, he tried his best to change the subject but Jae was tenacious about it. So much that he stopped him from walking any further. Upon seeing the stern look on him, that was when Hanseol knew he couldn't lie or evade this. Not when Jae wanted an explanation.

Of course he could talk to Jae. But did he want to? Yes and no. He desperately wanted to bury this inside him so that one day, he can forget about it. But if it'll make things strained between them when it's just begun for the two of them, then he'll set it aside. “I think-” his breath hitched and it disabled the star from being able to find the right words. “-I think that I'm afraid on a lot of things, Jae. Three months ago, if you asked me if I'm afraid of dying, I'd say no. I've already accepted it and come to terms with it. I just didn't want to run anymore, but the pressure of not wanting others to get hurt got me going. I thought it was gone the moment I met you. But no, I feel like it got worse.” The pause in his tone says a lot. He was conflicted. “Now that I have someone.. I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to spend with them. I'm afraid to see if I might not have a tomorrow and lose the chance to continue my road with you. I wanted to wake up one day and not feel sad.” It was one of his inner struggles. He didn't have the struggles of public pressure, but he had this for exchange. He will never stop fearing for his life, but when Jae came into his life, it was so much more than just that.

However, he was quick to shift the mood around them. He didn't want to ruin this perfect day. Negativity can go away for all he cares. It did occur to him that he received plenty of stares, but he never thought much about it. “Well.. Even if they find me attractive, too bad, because I'm all taken. I only want one person to find me attractive and that's you. So don't worry about it. Just think of your handsome boyfriend whenever.” he assured, a playful grin masking his features as he pulled the dhampir closer until the proximity had no problem anymore. The blush on Jae's cheeks only made him grin even wider. “Relax, if this is how you are, I wonder if I should take pictures whenever I kiss you.” It should scare the celestial to see just how fast he was at shifting his demeanor, but right now, all he cares about it the guy he had in his arms now.

“I can't believe you call it a troubling look. I'm just saying that if you come scurrying to me whenever the thunder strikes, I'll protect you and I will take care of you.” he huffed, puffing out the steam that came due to the cold weather. The star liked skinship. For someone who's never had anyone else pouring him affection other than his adoptive mother, the one that only lasted for 3 months, he craves them. Even if he tells himself it was just a phase. Heart eyes should be an extension to him already, considering just how often he gives them to Jae. But just as he was about to reply cheekily to the explanation of kryptonite, he saw how quickly the dhampir retracted his hand away. The dark haired male admitted, it was like a slap was delivered to him. A pang in his heart, like someone just hit it like one would hit the drums. And it wasn't as happy as it would sound. He forgot Jae still had an issue about that, but still, it actually bothered him a bit. Why wouldn't he be bothered? The dhampir is his boyfriend, someone who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, seeing him do this just because the public would frown over them, it was hurtful.

“Don't worry about it.” Behind the smile, laid a broken one that faltered slowly just like Jae's hand did earlier. But it wasn't about him, anyways. He shouldn't be selfish. When they boarded the ride, he was a bit worried. Han knew Jae had enhanced strength but the words of reassurance did not reassure him at all. His eyes wavered slightly as the ride started. But his worries were quickly put to rest when he caught a glimpse of Jae just starting to enjoy himself. Rather than focusing on the ride, he had his eyes fixed on the dhampir the whole time. Well, that was a bit hard not to, when he could literally recall just how many times he's been thrown towards Jae. He'd propel here and then back to him. The amount of sorry's in his head was uncountable. As soon as the ride finished, he bit his lip and checked if Jae suffered any serious injuries. “Even if you could heal quickly.. You can still feel pain.” The pout became visible as the celestial still tried to pinpoint any bruises. “If you wanted bruises, you could've just said so. I have plenty of ideas how to give them harmlessly.” Hmm, sure he did.

Jae hadn’t even meant to say the word until it was right there in the open and at first, he hoped that Hanseol wouldn’t have noticed it but the moment he said it he noted the way Hanseol reacted, his cheeks flushing a little as he processed it. The dhampir only started blushing a little in response to that, of course, he’d thought about calling Hanseol that plenty of times before, dreamed about it really, a bit of a fantasy he supposed but he didn’t expect to just say it like that. Jae was still a little wide-eyed, panicking about what Hanseol would be thinking about that word, what if he didn’t like pet names like that. He kinda hoped the ground would open and swallow him whole for a moment from his embarrassment.

And then Hanseol repeated the word back to him and Jae reached a hand up to hide behind, hearing him try and explain it just made everything so much worse and they were both blushing while looking at each other “I totally just did that thing where my brain says a thing without fully thinking it through” he admitted as he tapped two fingers against his own forehead and sighed, though the other male didn’t seem to be showing dislike for the word and the words Hanseol spoke after that made Jae drop the hand he was hiding behind “I can try” Jae responded with a ghost of a smile, his voice dropping tone a little “I can say it again if you like it” he teased a little, he might be embarrassed himself but somehow it seemed like Han was more flustered then him for once.

When Han accused him of trying to steal his title Jae couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his lips “As if I’d want to to steal it” Jae scoffed with a somewhat knowing smile before he followed it up “I enjoy looking at them too much” he chuckled softly, honestly he could just watch Han for hours and not get bored, especially when he was happy and laughing and that faint ethereal light surrounded him for a while, it made his dark eyes so much more prominent and his smile just lit up. “Besides I’m the Moon remember” he teased pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth as he grinned “Pun completely intended” Jae chuckled, he was okay with Hanseol being the bright star whose light he reflected, it felt pretty accurate really.

There were little habits that Hanseol had when he was happy, the first and his overall favorite was that breathtaking smile he pulled which took over his entire face, reaching his eyes and instantly striking arrows into the dhampir’s heart every time. Another was the way his eyes would always linger on things that mattered to him a little longer than he needed to, Jae supposed that meant he was focusing on something or he was lost in his own thoughts. When Hanseol likened winning the celestial’s heart to a quest the dhampir smiled softly “That sounds like a quest that would definitely be worth the reward” he teased softly leaning in a little closer to the other male as he spoke “I may not be looking to take your title Daystar but I am fully intending to steal something else” Jae chuckled, it seemed the embarrassment from earlier had given him a surge of confidence as he reached out to rest his hand over the male’s chest where his heart laid. He could felt Hanseol’s heartbeat drumming rhythmically under his touch.

The moment moved on though, shifting to a sadder and rawer topic, Jae had this feeling that Hanseol put on a front sometimes, he saw glimpses of the moments where he delved into a darker side of himself, one that he couldn’t blame the fallen star for having considering the amount of pain he had been subjected to. Jae felt bad for pressing it the moment Hanseol’s breath hitched though, realizing that this was hard for the dark-haired male to talk about. It was pretty moving for the dhampir, who had only really seen the brightest side of Hanseol so far, to get some honestly about his fears from him “It’s okay to be afraid” Jae admitted, there was a hint of emotion in his eyes “I’m afraid too, I told you as much that night in the dojo” his hand squeezed the other male’s softly to show he was here for him “It’s not the same I know” he ran his tongue over his bottom lip “But I think that’s part of falling in love with someone, being afraid to lose them, scared to hurt them, caring about someone else more than yourself” at least that’s how it felt for him anyway, he wanted to protect his star with every fiber of his being “Being afraid just means you’re living Han” and hopefully with time those fears would subside a little.

With that particular topic out of the way Jae hoped he could take Hanseol’s mind off of his worries a little, the dhampir was somewhat of an expert in living in the moment, after all, there wasn’t a bad situation he hadn’t managed to turn around yet. Though the topic moved to one of Jae’s weaker points, insecurity. The dhampir had never really been the most confident person when it came to himself being around Hanseol definitely showcased that, Han was very confident, especially when it came to the way he looked, which other people certainly noticed. Though it was the use of the word boyfriend that had Jae’s lips parting in surprise, they hadn’t actually said that word out loud before and it was absolute music to Jae’s ears, he started beaming brightly in response “Say that again” he spoke a little childishly, his eyes lighting up a little as he allowed the star to pull him in closer, space beginning to disappear between them. Though Jae grumbled a little when Hanseol mentioned pictures “I told you how I feel about photos” he commented with a slight shake of his head.

Everything felt good for him and he was truly happy, he was with his favorite person in the whole world and he loved the way things felt with him, he loved the feel of Hanseol’s skin against his, the warm and electric tingle that filled his entire being with excitement. There was no problem with how he felt in this moment and he knew that. And yet he still couldn’t stop himself from panicking as the woman shot a glance his way, it was direct and unapproving and it instantly reminded him of the time his mother had seen a homosexual couple on the streets when he was younger. As hard as he tried to fight the reaction, it happened and he instantly felt awful for pulling away. Jae wanted to get past his fears about his own sexuality and how it made the world see him, he wanted so badly not to care about it like Hanseol didn’t seem to. And he saw that brief look of upset in Hanseol’s eyes in response, which he fully deserved, Jae wanted to say something but he wasn’t sure what to say.

He still felt bad over it as the two of them climbed into the ride, though he did his best not to dwell over it too much and enjoy himself, the ride was fun as it swung them around quickly, the air whipping through his hair and making it fly everywhere like he’d been rubbing it against a balloon. Every time Hanseol knocked against his side he was pushed into the side of the car which made him laugh. He could tell that Han wasn’t enjoying it so much, it made the dhampir wonder if he was still upset over what he had done earlier or if he really was just worried about squishing Jae. He was feeling a little dizzy and high on adrenaline when the ride stopped, so much so that he had to double take as he saw Han checking his arms for bruises and then made a rather suggestive comment. Jae went quiet and then swallowed, did he mean what he thought he meant? His teeth sank into his bottom lip as he imagined what that might feel like, his mind wandering at the very idea of it all “Don’t make promises you won’t keep” he spoke in a teasing tone though he was somewhat serious about it, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want more, more touches and kisses and feeling his skin against the celestial’s.

Something in him snapped, as he climbed off of the ride, leading the way to the exit he wasn’t even thinking about the hint of pain in his side from being squished, all he could think about was Hanseol and the fact that his actions earlier had upset him. When the celestial caught up with him Jae very purposely lead him over to where a crowd of people was standing around, going about their own business, Jae reached forward and placed both hands on Hanseol’s shoulders “Okay if you could just….stay there” he stated for a moment before he shook himself off a little building up courage and feeding off the energy he was feeling, Jae reached forward, captured the dark-haired male’s collar with his hands and pulled him close, very publicly and very boldly pulling him in against his lips, in response the crowd around them made generally uncomfortable noises and one guy wolf whistled in a teasing manner but Jae didn’t care, all that mattered to him right then was proving to his boyfriend that he mattered more than the stupid expectations Jae put on himself.

It was no longer a surprise to see Hanseol just purring at the mention of any nicknames given out by the dhampir. Okay, maybe not physically nor literally purring out in the open. But it didn't mean he wouldn't come down to it if he wanted to. Just imagine, nicknames alone was enough to render him weak on his knees, much less on the others? He was afraid what else the dhampir had in store for him. “You mean the thing where your words went totally unfiltered and automatically spout them out? That's me.. On some days.” he beamed, his eyes forming those crescent-like curves that made the smile even more genuine since it travelled upstairs. “Most days..” he continued, but then stopped momentarily before sighing. “Alright.. Everyday.” The small huff emitted from the celestial was cute. Like a child asking for a candy but then he finished it too fast and wasn't able to get a new one.

Hanseol admitted he's always speaking things out in turn and 99.8% of them are totally unfiltered. Thank god he wasn't that bad when expressing his feelings. It seems that Jae was liking the situation before him, the part where the celestial got flustered by the 4 letter word. “I'm afraid if you say it again, I won't be able to stop my legs from going full gelatin mode.” he murmured, hiding his face away from the view in embarrassment. That could actually happen. It was only by luck that he was holding on to Jae as the latter was doing the same to him. He couldn't control the first of giggles that came following after, when Jae used his surname as a pun. “So, that does mean I'm yours? Directly and indirectly? Since stars couldn't exist without the moon. They only shine because the moon allows them to occupy the space above.” Gosh, how he just loved saying those words that had a way of connecting them both even more than usual. He enjoyed making metaphorical phrases just for the sake of using it sometimes.

But then the bright happiness undergo a quick swift check when Hanseol squinted his eyes towards the dhampir in a rather scrutinizing gaze as he leaned closer until there was only a few meters left. They're already close in proximity, and this is just a whole new level of ‘personal space'. “Does that mean I should blame you for letting me fall? I'm a fallen star. What did I do that was so wrong, so much that you needed to get rid of me on sharing the night with you.” A pout became visible as the star crossed his arms in retaliation. Did you really expect him to be so serious if it has nothing to do with his past? Or future? The doe eyed celestial hates to worry Jae, so he would always try to stick to his positive exuberant mode. At least when he's around. Relationships are supposed to be built on trust and not lies, true. But this wasn’t exactly a lie, even if it was, it’s a white lie. He's just making sure they wouldn't be burdened by it.

He was very much taken aback when the dhampir placed his hand over his heart. Even the clothes and layers covering him wouldn't be able to hide away just how fast his heart is beating whenever he's within the vicinity of Jae. If that wasn't enough, now it's twice faster than usual and there wasn't even a usual pace originally. His face ran out of color until it recently got painted red. He was flushed. Like really flushed. His entire face was getting warm and it wasn't due to the cold. Han wanted to remove his hand away so he could live without having to worry if his heart might move too fast but the other part of him desperately wanted to keep them there. So what he did was placing his own free hand on top of his, as he slowly interlaced their fingers together. The celestial brushed his thumb against the dhampir's hand with a look of fondness capturing his eyes. It was all hearts.

“What if it's already yours? Surely the pace says a lot. It doesn't even move this fast when I got attacked or whenever I'm nervous.” It was like everything else around them froze and it was just them in the timeline. Ugh, how he wanted that to happen. For a species who is highly associated with time warping, he could do that, if he wanted to. He had plenty of practice to accompany his time, but was too afraid to actually showcase them. The last time he did was the shield he conjured at the dhampir dojo when the same fluttering feeling overwhelmed him. “But I think you really should stop doing that if we have any hopes on continuing this trip today. You don't have extra heart transplants ready right? I'm pretty sure I can still die with a broken heart.” It meant different today, but it's ironic how Hanseol had this tendency of speaking things that was supposed to be so far into the future instead. Talk about deja vu.

“I've.. Always cared for others before me. It's just part of who I am. That's sadly the only reason why I even try to evade death everytime it comes taking a hit at me.” His head was hung low, as if he was embarrassed of himself, because truthfully at the moment, he is. He was too quick to give up on life and revealing this to someone he cares so much for, it gave him a slap to the face. He didn't want to live a life where the people he cares about will have to worry about him. One of them worrying about the other is enough. Despite reminding himself that Jae's dhampir protective nature will always want to protect him, he just couldn't bear to transfer such burden to the mint haired male who looked as if it didn't take much to break him. It was weird meeting someone who cares as much as he does. It was the first for him.

“But I can't help but not wanting to feel this that normal? Or is it just the paranoia speaking?” his voice was timid and small, like he was trying to hide himself away from the world. “Perhaps I've just lived enough of my life in fear, that I don't want to live in it again.” he added, and finally looked up to Jae as his hands snaked over to his and held both firmly in his hands. If this is how it means to live, then I don't want it, but that never left his mouth. Though his eyes could speak measures. If you look deep enough into them, it was easy to read him. “But I want to continue.. For you. I want to spend more time with you. Another week, another month. Another year. Hell, another decade if possible.” Even another century wouldn't be a problem for him if he had someone like Jae by his side. No, someone that is Jae. But he couldn't be far into it, since Jae wasn't even sure if he wanted to switch on his immortality switch. Hanseol knew that if he did, the celestial would do everything to keep living.

His sad smile faltered into a brighter teasing one when Jae prompted him to say that word again. “Yes, my boyfriend. My sweet cute lovable boyfriend that could kill anyone with his looks. In a good way.” he winked his way and the grip on his hand only grew firmer by the second. “Then it's a good thing I can paint you anytime I want then. Good memory in here.” he pointed to his head and grinned. Indeed, it's a good thing. The star admitted even during the ride, his head was filled with so many possibilities. His insecurity rate got higher with every minute. By the time the ride ended, his head was already filled with negativity. Questions like ‘what if I was just too deep into this', ‘what if one day he'd find someone else, someone better?’, ‘what if he was just fantasizing this and it was just in his head?’ kept bombarding him. There were so much what if's that even he wasn't properly reassured even when he saw Jae to be away from the injury zone.

But it didn't mean he wasn't still able to exploit this situation. The suggestive comment he made earlier, it never left his mind. He meant what he said. “Have I ever broken any promises I've made? I never do things I know I can't do, Jae. I'm a man of my word.” he mumbled, his voice dropping lower by an octave and his gaze was hooded. When Jae dragged him somewhere, he didn't protest and just followed wherever the dhampir wanted to go. He knew such places better anyways. But considering he was just squished by the star earlier, Hanseol was worried. “Hey slow down, you'll hurt yourself.” What he did not expect was for him to do that. Quirking his eyebrows in confusion, he was halfway into asking what he was planning when he told the celestial to stay put. He obliged but the curiosity was nearing the roof. “Jae? Are you ok-” He probably should keep his mouth shut. That was when it happened.

Ever since the dojo incident where they had their first kiss, Jae never instigated any affection that withhold kisses. It was always him, and it never bothered him of course. He knew that the dhampir was still settling himself. Their lips molded together perfectly, like there was no mistake. The whistling.. The groans.. And the disapproved complaints went deaf to his ears. He felt like time stopped momentarily for them, and it was just them in this time continuum. What Hanseol did not notice was that once again, the celestial side of him was enabled and because he kept thinking about time stopping, it really stopped. Like, literally. Since he had his his arms around Jae's waist, the dhampir was pulled into whatever state he was currently in. Of course, he didn't really notice any change.


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