"Look, I don't want any trouble, okay? Just leave me be and I'll be out of your sight before long. I promise." That's what he had been telling those weirdly dressed and rugged men who had chased him all the way from the last stop to the docks at Reykjavik. He even promised them he would be out of their sight if they would give him the chance to do so but all he received were laughter that felt antagonizing. He remembered running. All he did was run and run until his legs finally couldn't take it anymore and give out halfway before reaching his destination. He remembered how hard the pavement was and how his knee was scrapped because of his fall. He remembered the shoutings and hoots from the group of men who would not stop chasing him even when he's done nothing to warrant the chase.

 He didn't steal neither did he lie. Han was just trying to walk around and mind his day per usual. He didn't ask for any of that. And most importantly, he remembered how he kept asking the sky every single night, "What did I do wrong?" He didn't know why people kept chasing him and nobody gave him an answer. The memories felt so fresh in his head, like it wasn't that long ago since it happened when it has been over 87 years since it occurred. When he woke from his nightmare, he was already sweating and Hanseol wasn't even surprised. The Celestial haven't had a hard time sleeping due to Jae but ever since Sunmin appeared in his life, he couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that was slowly eating his heart away. What if Sunmin was facing the same trouble he once faced? What if he was in trouble somewhere and he wasn't there to help?

 From the looks of things the last time, he was confident that the other male was able to take care of himself but he still couldn't stop wondering how he was living his day. Did he sleep comfortably? Is it cold where he's at? Is he dressed warmly? Is he eating well? So many questions kept bombarding his head and it hasn't allowed Han to have any peaceful nights at all. In result of that, the brunette had been searching for Sunmin every chance he could. He even went back to that church he found him, but there were no signs of him. It was like he never went there, at all. Han went to every single place he thought Sunmin would be at but to no avail, his search was futile. 

Today was one of those days again, where he would search for the other Celestial endlessly without realizing how much it was slowly taking a toll on his health and well-being. He was supposed to check out from his work 2 hours ago, he was supposed to go home to the embrace of his loving boyfriend, he was supposed to stop wasting his time on this search. There were plenty of things Hanseol was supposed to be doing yet here he was, still waiting in front of the church he first met Sunmin, coughing from the cold weather while only dressed in his work clothes that was nowhere near warm enough for the Celestial to be battling the cold. He even left his coat at his office. The clock struck 11 30 pm and he was still sitting on the bench that was slightly covered by snow, hoping that he would be able to catch a glimpse of Sunmin again. "Where are you, Sunmin…"

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Jae’s eyes softened when Han said when he lied he did so terribly and then chuckled “You always end up getting all panicked which gives you away and then you get nervous because you’ve been caught and that makes you spill” it unfolded the same way pretty much every time and it was kinda endearing really. “Besides you could never look into my eyes and deliberately hurt me, that’s not who you are” it was really an admirable quality even if it was annoying for the Celestial. He swore everything the star tended to say made his heart flutter a little, he was always so expressive with his affection that it often caught the Dhampir a little off guard “I know the feeling” he spoke softly as he reached up to swipe his thumb gently against Han’s cheek “You’re my person, we make sense” he spoke it softly and nodded his head as he lowered his hand.

“Well preferably we can just talk about everything without feeling like we need to hold things back” that was the progress they had been trying to make all this time, after all, to be upfront with each other even when it was hard to be and it wasn’t a perfect solution and sometimes there were moments where it was tempting to fall into bad habits but what they had was important enough to rethink that mindset “But I don’t always know when you’re locking things away baby, you can be hard to read sometimes” but Jae was getting very good at telling and that would only get better with time as the two of them shared more experiences together. “Well I do like to feel the warmth of your skin against mine but it’s probably not intentional, I just tend to hug you really close in my sleep” like he was cuddling a teddy bear most of the time he would wrap his arms all the way around Han and fall asleep with his head buried against his back or shoulder.

Jae blushed softly, both because Han called him gorgeous but also because he used a swear word while doing so, he parted his lips for a moment in surprise before he smiled gently “Well if you’re going to say it like that I might want to hear it even more” he spoke somewhat shyly, while he didn’t rave about his own appearance or have the apparent ego his brother had, Jae enjoyed being reminded that his boyfriend found him attractive. “True, who wouldn’t want me to hug them and never let go” he responded with a slight grin, even when they fell asleep apart from one another, in their sleep one of them would end up reaching for the other and they’d wake up tangled in one another, usually with one of them resting against the other’s chest “Besides if I don’t hold you down then we both know you’d end up stealing all of the covers” he commented and pouted because Han was a serial cover stealer.

Jae could see the situation unfolding before him and he found himself almost unsure what he should do, he was doing his best to try and push his own temper down and be rational though because the last thing they needed was to get into a barfight and then get kicked out of the very place which had provided the first clues they had managed to find in a matter of months. He glared at the male who had spilled his drink all over Han’s painting and watched him carefully to ensure he didn’t wreck anything else. But the moment he started insulting Sunmin his gaze went over to Han, seeing the way the star was almost immediately made upset by the comments. The information was something they could probably use though, if he’d been seen at the park near here recently then maybe this was where he was spending his time “He’s drunk Han you’re not going to get any common decency out of him” he reminded the star in a low voice as he reached for the star’s hand and turned towards him “If Sunmin has been here recently then it wouldn’t hurt to search the club and the surrounding area” he spoke it softly to try and take his mind off the confrontation.

"I guess… in a way that makes me easy for you to detect. Not that I'm trying to lie anymore or something… just… you know" he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and coughed, yeah the Celestial wasn't going to lie anytime soon. Not to Jae. "I should be hating at how weak I am but… if it's you, I don't mind." It wasn't as if he was someone who would deliberately take the initiative to hurt anyone. Like Jae said, that simply wasn't Hanseol. If anything, people would be more likely to take advantage of him. He couldn't help but sigh contently every time Jae made the effort to show him how much he cares, even the smallest gesture like how he would swipe his thumb against his cheek had him purring internally. He was truly a sucker for this guy. You're my person, god that had him reeling inside, "Can you say that again?" 

From what he sees, Han didn't always have a hard time chatting or conversing with the dhampir about anything, it could be his tiring day at work or they could even talk about how Jae's assignments didn't make sense at times, every small topic could become significant because they're talking to each other about it. "I don't want to hide anything from you but sometimes… I need time to think and try to word it better for you. I know you say it doesn't matter even if I splutter, but… to me it does." When Jae came home that day, he was more than happy to show him the new guy he found. He wanted to share his discovery because he was elated by the thought of having a family that was actually given to him by the world. But when it comes to the more murkier depths, Han would take his time. "Don't worry, I like having you close to me. Hug me all you want, I don't mind" he cooed softly, the Celestial took his hand and pressed them gently, "You can always hold me."

 He likes being the small spoon for various reasons, which he always told Jae one by one. Overall, he just likes feeling the dhampir's skin against him. "Your wish is my command, Mr Gorgeous" he teased, to Han, Jae was his entire world, the only person that he would quite literally turn the entire world upside down for. He never wanted to make him upset and whilst he couldn't always control those kind of circumstances, he was learning to push his feelings aside. Relationships needed understanding. A feigned look of offense was displayed across his face when he said he hogged the sheets, "Well then you should've hold me down better" he retorted hotly, "Hold me and never let go. Then maybe you won't have anyone hogging it." The two of them always ended up rolling over but one thing was clear; they're tangled up one way or another. 

He didn't know if he was just extra emotional tonight over his failed search but he didn't like the tone of the drunken oaf, neither did he like to find out his picture, possibly the only picture he'd have of Sunmin, was ruined. Han could always paint another but it won't be the same. How could he expect to let go of someone who quite literally insulted his brother? Thankfully, Jae was there to lead him away, and while it wasn't easy for him to just leave it at that, especially with the alcohol in his system, he decided to relent. The dhampir had his hand wrapped around his anyway, what was he supposed to do? A small wave of calm washed over him as he sighed heavily, nodding his head at Jae with a rueful look, "Let's do that… let's start by getting out of this place... " It was clear he was pleading from the look in his eyes alone. 

The way Han responded to his gentle touch against his cheek made the Dhampir smile softly, his eyes softening when Han asked him to say it again, he leaned in a little closer so he could look him in the eyes and gave an effortless smile “You’re my person” he spoke softly, holding a look of pure adoration in his eyes as he said it. “You don’t have to explain yourself Han, I know you, I know you need time to process things” he nodded slightly, it didn’t take him long to realize that when something was bothering Han he needed some time to process it all, figure out how he felt about it, sometimes sulk or feel angry about it and then eventually he would find the strength to share it. Jae could be the same way, especially when what it was he was feeling was insecurity because he didn’t like admitting, even to himself most of the time, that he was putting his own self down and saying it out loud therefore felt pretty daunting to him.

Jae grinned, feeling almost tempted to tuck his arm around the star the moment he said he could hug him all he wanted, one thing he enjoyed most about their relationship was how open they were when it came to skinship, they enjoyed being there for each other and sharing affection that way, whether it be a gentle touch of the hand, a soft kiss pressed against it, wrapping their arms around each other or even those times when Han would steal Jae’s pockets in his coat “Good because you’re going to struggle to get rid of me” he chuckled softly, it was definitely a unique experience to wake up in the morning with someone in your arms, nuzzling against their warmth, it also made it so much harder to leave his bed in the mornings.

“Mr. Gorgeous” he repeated after him in a surprised tone and chuckled softly “That definitely sounds like a comic book villain” he commented with a grin “One who is so obsessed with his looks that he ends up getting powers from mirrors or something” he laughed softly, okay perhaps he was always coming up with ideas for characters he could use in his stories, he would love to write the plotline to his own comic one day and who wouldn’t want to play the villain in the story. “So it’s my job to make sure you don’t steal all the covers huh?” he chuckled and nuzzled slightly against Han’s neck “It’s not your fault for taking them in the first place?” he chuckled pressing a playful kiss to his neck and smiled softly just taking in his scent for a moment and the warmth of his skin against him “You’d still find a way to take them even if I had you in a vice grip” they both knew it was true, he wasn’t even sure Han meant to do it but he did love being comfortable and warm when he slept.

After the altercation with the drunk male, he took the painting off the counter and carefully wiped it down with the sleeve of his shirt, there were still smudges on the painting but thankfully it was still legible, still, he was mad at the male for ruining the only thing Han actually had of his brother. But it wasn’t worth getting into a bar fight over and that was the message he tried to send to Han by taking his hand and leading him away from the male. Seeing the rueful look in his eyes Jae sighed “People are assholes” he agreed out loud with Han’s clear frustration. The good news was this was the best clue they had in a long time. His eyes scanned over the bar for any sign of the male in question but no one of Sunmin’s description seemed to be here and if he was, no doubts the drunken male would have found him and picked a fight already “Alright let’s go” he spoke softly as they headed to the door and out onto the streets.

Once they got there Jae stopped to ponder for a moment what they should do next “Okay so if he was at the club recently then he’s probably crashing or working around here, so we should search around a few streets and see if there are any shelters or...you know” by that he meant groups on the streets who tended to trade illegal goods because if you were stuck out here that seemed to be a surefire way to make money. Just at that moment, Jae went quiet, listening out for anything around them with his Dhampir hearing. He head some whispers in the alley down the side of the club and pursed his lips “And speaking of crowds I think I found one” he took a hold of the hood Han was wearing and pulled it up for him “Keep your head down, don’t engage with anyone and let me know if you recognize him okay?” he slowly made his way over to the alley and peered down the gap.

"God I love it when you say I'm yours…" The closer he leaned towards him, the more Han widened his eyes but still retained the same wide grin, he was obviously enjoying this; whatever Jae was doing, it was working. Even the littlest gesture like that was enough to set the Celestial off flying to cloud nine and it wasn't even a kiss. "This is one of your biggest traits I always love about you, you're always so considerate. You don't ask much from me and I have no idea why" If it was possible, Jae could see how honey was dripping down from his gaze alone. The two of them always had a way to resolve their problems, and for the most part, the Celestial was glad they were still holding out strong. 

A chuckle escaped him upon hearing the dhampir refute how it was going to be hard to get rid of him, "As if I would want to do that ever. It's one thing trying to get rid of you. It was also another thing wanting to get rid of you. Which I don't want to do. So… I don't see the logic." He loves to see Jae every morning he wakes up, evidently, Han wasn't the early riser but most of his working schedule consisted of early mornings so there were times when he would have to wake at least two hours earlier than the dhampir. There were also times when he needed to check in on weekends when the time demands for it. "If that's your comic book villain name, then I would love to your captive, Mr Gorgeous" he purred, "I don't mind seeing your reflection on every mirror I see." 

Han grinned sheepishly and nodded before nuzzling against him when asked if he was responsible for the covers, "I'll make sure to reward you properly if you're able to keep it up." The kiss against his neck had him squealing, sometimes he forgot how high pitched his voice could go and times like these managed to prove how wrong he was, every time. "You don't know that. We haven't tried out that theory yet… maybe it's your fault you don't wrap your hands around me tight enough to stop me from hogging it. Next time don't let me go." If anything, it was more possible to find Han dragging Jae with him in a blanket burrito the next morning because the Celestial loves being warm, exactly like what Jae would describe his tendencies. 

He was glad that he was able to get out from a potential bar fight because he didn't venture there for something like that, he came there to search for Sunmin, he reminded himself to get a grip of things, which was admittedly harder with his drunken self but still, trying for the sake of Jae and Sunmin shouldn't be hard. As he was led away from the other males, Han glanced up to meet Jae's eyes and sighed heavily, "Why do they need to be assholes… I was just asking for help... " he murmured faintly and after the two of them made sure there was no sign of Sunmin in the bar, they decided to move forward. Han grimaced at the thought of the other Celestial spending a night out in a cold weather like this, he couldn't imagine it. He blinked in confusion when Jae suddenly pulled his hood up, "Okay... " He was positive he could find him, he still remember how he looks like. The doe-eyed Celestial trailed behind Jae while eyeing the groups gathered around that was seemingly chatting together, some of their boisterous laughs made Han tightened his grip on Jae's sleeve, "Jae… are you sure we should be here?" 

Jae gave a soft smile when Han said he loved it when he said he was his and he chuckled softly “You know you’re like the easiest man to please ever right?” he nodded slightly, all Han ever wanted was love and he acted like it was the single most important thing he had ever received to the point where Jae could actually believe it was. “So I guess that makes two of us right? All we ever ask of one another is for the other to love them” it was simple and it was beautiful. He stared back into Han’s eyes with a soft look which returned the way Han was looking at him, honestly, he could be happy forever just to see that look every day, it filled him with such strength and determination, Han made him want to push further in his life and to shine the way his boyfriend told him he did.

Jae chuckled softly when Han said he wouldn’t want to get rid of him in the first place “It’s an expression baby” he spoke it softly while his gaze followed the Celestial slowly with a grin on his lips “It means the world can try and drag me away from you but I’ll fight it off and come back to you every time” and he meant that, he’d found something worth fighting for in his eyes and he knew one day the world was going to test them and he would fight for Han. He laughing thinking about the comic book character “You’re not supposed to be on the villain's side Han” he chided with a low chuckle, though it found it incredibly sweet when Han basically said he enjoyed looking at Jae “Being able to jump from mirror to mirror would actually be quite an amazing power actually” he chuckled softly “Would you help me find my redemption?” he asked as he fluttered his eyes towards the star.

“Reward me huh?” he responded with a grin, enjoying the soft squeal Han let out in response to his kiss which made him chuckle softly, he had missed being this close with Han so much and if it wasn’t for the fact they were here on a mission he would have wanted more from him too. Unfortunately though, they were here for a reason and that reason was to find Sunmin. “You do realize that you usually wriggle in your sleep right? It’s like trying to hold onto a restless frog” he giggled under his breath, though Jae was getting better at keeping his arms around Han and burying his head into Han’s shoulder, holding him until the soft rays of the morning light drifted in from the window.

He hadn’t really expected to find Sunmin easily, or rather he had guessed the crowd he was caught up with might not be the best in Evermore but part of him wasn’t sure whether Han was ready to face the reality of the life his brother led. He was sure he had his reasons, namely the fact that it seemed like he didn’t actually have a home which meant the streets were all he had but it still seemed like Han thought highly of the kid. “It sounds like Sunmin got himself in trouble with the wrong people, the guy in there, his watch wasn’t cheap which tells me he’s probably not on the right side of the law” either he stole it himself or he was a drug-dealer, he suspected.

He led the way down the alley, keeping his own gaze low to the ground but keeping himself in front of Han to shield him as they walked. He saw groups of males who were loud and rowdy and seemingly jeering and mocking someone. He looked around from one group to the next before moving forward, when Han asked if they should be here Jae simply reached back and squeezed Han’s hand softly to tell him to trust him. Just then a scuffle broke out amongst some of the people and he heard a couple shouts along the lines of ‘look who’s back’. A brief fight broke out in the alley between a few members of the group and a lone male. No one seemed to notice the Dhampir and the star because they were too busy chasing the lone figure down the alley. Jae gave Han a stern look before he grabbed his hand and started walking in the direction of where he saw the young-looking figure run off away from the group.

He covered his mouth with one hand, slapping Jae's shoulder because he could, "Shut up... " he grumbled, "But yes, I do realize that I am the easiest man to please, lucky for you I don't ask for much" he even stuck out his tongue because in reality, he is that childish, Han didn't ask for much, at least not the things that Jae wouldn't deliver within less than a minute of every time. Sometimes, what would make his day was a kiss to his cheeks or lips, or anywhere else. A hug would do just fine. "Mhmmm, it's a very easy thing yet so meaningful with every stroke." There wasn't a day when he doesn't stare at Jae with the look of utmost admiration. Anyone could see that he was head over heels in love with the dhampir. It was going to be hard to steal his attention away when a whole Jaesung Moon is in the room.

 "Well… that expression is very confusing" he pouted, in all honesty, Han wasn't experienced in the literature world as Jae was, he was basically the most dense person the dhampir could've ever met because of it. The only thing he knew about was science and biology, specifically. "I like that expression though..." Of course he did, especially after Jae explained what it meant. "Shhhh, I can be on whoever's side I opt for, who said I'm going to root for a hero? I mean, no offense, but if every villain looks like you, I can totally get why girls are even rooting for them, because have you seen you? Mr Gorgeous who gets his powers from mirrors ready to take over the entire place, while brewing his plans for world domination mwahahaha" He gave a look that said see, I told you when Jae mentioned it was nice to have a power like that.

 The doe-eyed Celestial felt his heart flutter as the sight of Jae fluttering his eyes towards him asking if he could aid him in finding his redemption which made him clutch his chest instinctively, "How can I say no? What if I'm your redemption?" He couldn't help but let the grin cover his entire delighted expression when Jae was teasing him like that, it felt so lighthearted, he almost forgot they were here to search for his brother. "I will. I'll reward you when we get home, I promise" he even lifted his pinky finger up, prompting the dhampir to do the same so they could intertwine it, "Just as soon as we find Sunmin, okay?" As much as he would love to do nothing more to drag Jae back home and give him the loving he deserved, he was on a mission right now. A mission he really didn't want to fail or go home with an empty heart.

 "Then hold onto me even tighter or firmer then" he shook his head and flicked his forehead softly, "Come on Jae, you're strong, pretty sure you can do that with ease." Finding Sunmin wasn't supposed to be easy, he knew that. After all, he did spend weeks trying to find the painting's culprit, it seems that unless the latter is being reckless or wants to be found, it's going to be hard to locate him. When Jae told him that the guy Sunmin got himself involved with was not your average guy, he had the gist that the grumpy drunken oaf earlier wasn't working an honest life, "I just hope he knows what he's getting himself into." The alley wasn't the part he would like to find himself at, in fact, he hated that he had to be there but for the sake of finding Sunmin, he'll have to go through it. Jae was doing a good job of shielding him away but when a fight suddenly broke out not far from where they were, his eyes caught a figure standing in between and sprinting away, "Jae, what just happened?" 

A world of trouble. That was what he found himself in. The other night he had witnessed a bunch of thugs on the corner by the club corner a girl and take her stuff, he hadn’t been able to do much to fight them off but he had tried anyway. She had been visibly shaken by the ordeal and crying because the watch in her bag had been a special gift she bought for her father. Sunmin might appear the kind who doesn’t care but that was far from the truth, he cared, he cared so much it actually hurt him sometimes and he had made it his mission to try and get the damn thing back.

Which had ended about as well as you would have thought. He was one guy up against a whole gang of drug dealers after all. After eventually being chased off far enough that they wouldn’t follow him he knew he should have given up but if there was one thing the Celestial was, it was stubborn. So he had planned another run. He wasn’t going to be able to fight all of them but all he needed to do was get in, swipe the watch and get out before they could catch him. After that, he could disappear from the area and never return and turn in the watch the police so the rightful owner could get it back.

And it was all going well, right until one of the assholes turned and slashed him in the chest with a knife, that definitely didn’t help his ability to run but he did so anyway, the watch was firmly in his grasp as he sprinted off down the alley as fast as he could. He knew this area better than them, he knew that much and since finding out he was a Celestial he had been making use of his time ability. One hand clutched against his side, it hurt, it hurt so bad that he couldn’t think about how much it hurt without wanting to scream but there was no time for that. He knew he was a dead man if he didn’t make it out of here.

He could hear footsteps behind him but he did his best to veer off down different paths which wouldn’t let them cut him off and after about 20 minutes of running, things finally fell silent. Sunmin was breathing heavily, his gaze looking around either side before his legs finally gave out and he curled up against the ground, he held onto his side tightly, hands shaking as he noticed how much blood was coming from the spot where he got stabbed. He couldn’t go to the hospital, how was he supposed to explain what happened and he couldn’t afford the medical treatment. It was cold, so damn cold, he noted as he curled his knees to his chest and shivered slightly.

Jae chuckled under his breath because of course Han would like the expression once he explained it to him “Me too, it gives me hope” he responded with a smile as he stroked gently against Han’s cheek like he was the most precious thing the Dhampir had ever seen, because honestly, he was. “So what you’re saying is that we could take on the world together?” he chuckled under his breath, it was an imaginary situation and yet it came back to the idea that they would support and be there for one another no matter what. Honestly, Jae couldn’t imagine a day where he didn’t love Hanseol Park, he felt for him so deeply, he saw the good and bad in him and loved him regardless of both. “Do you think we would make good word overlords?” he asked with a wry smile in Han’s direction.

Jae blushed softly when Han asked him if he was his redemption “Then I beg you to save me” he teased softly as he looked back at him with expressive eyes which said it all, they really were the best parts of one another and he was mad at himself for doubting their connection for even a second, Han would never turn his back on him purposely, Jae knew that now. He giggled as he looked down to the pinky which Han held up and gave a sweet smile in his direction before he reached out to link his with Han’s “We’re going to find him” he added, making the promise more about resolving this conflict he knew Han was feeling. He was definitely looking forward to said reward but right now both of their minds were where they needed to be, focused on bringing a very lost Celestial home.

He parted his lip in shock when Han flicked his forehead “Oh you are so going to regret challenging me like that” he jested and nudged against his side with his elbow, he could do that with ease, indeed, but he also treated the Celestial like he needed to be protected, he wanted to make sure Han felt protected and comfortable and safe. “We’re both hoping that right now” because those males seemed pretty threatening and dangerous, enough that he had sensed the need to get Han away from there as soon as possible.

Going down the alley was dangerous as hell, he knew that, but despite his clumsy exterior, Jae was actually quite a quick-thinking in a dangerous situation. The moment they fight broke out Jae instinctively positioned himself in front of Han protectively and as they watched the lone male run off down the side alley he looked to Han “Han, I need you to use your time powers on us, right now” he instructed very clearly as he placed his hand in the Celestials having complete faith that he would do so. There was no time to explain what was happening right now so he was relying on Han’s trust in him to get them out of there.

"Hope is all we need" he murmured gently and squeezed his hand, when everything was hitting down on him, he would look back at the sky and hold onto hope, it was the only reason he was still here today. He had dreams and hopes he wanted to fulfill someday. It may not be tomorrow or next month, but he will wait until he achieved every single one of it in his bucket list. "Please, we can defeat anyone. Nobody would stand a chance against us, and you know it" he puffed out his chest and beat it a few times, from how he sees it, it didn't matter what happens, Han would always return to Jae's embrace. He loves the dhampir too much to let him go. It was why he always looked afraid and distressed when he had to wake up without having Jae by his side of the bed when he was sure he fell asleep with him the night before. Every little thing mattered to him.

 "I'm saving you" he cooed teasingly and pinched his lips playfully using his fingers because he wasn't giving him a kiss. Hanseol has always had a pair of expressive eyes, it was the one part of him that couldn't possibly lie, and it contained every single emotion he's feeling hence why he loves gazing into Jae's eyes because that meant the dhampir will be able to see how it's reflecting in the Celestial's own. Once they linked both pinkies together, Han beamed brightly, "Promise sealed." We're going to find him, Jae said. "I know we will" he nodded gently, giving a soft smile on return, maybe today's the day. The day he will finally find something about Sunmin. He rolled his eyes and tried to mimic the way Jae exclaimed saying he's going to regret challenging him like that. The route into the alley was already shady and it got worst knowing there were plenty of those people all gathered around, probably waiting to pounce on them.

 Technically, Han didn't have anything on him that was considered fancy except his wallet and phone. But they didn't know that, obviously. He tried his best to make sure he was not seen but his eyes were busy trying to follow that line figure who ran off. However, before he could anything, Jae had shielded him and the sudden request from the dhampir had Han blinking a few times in surprise, "You want me to what?" But seeing how serious Jae was being, he bit his bottom lip and complied, it didn't take him long to generate it. By the time he fluttered his eyes open, with his hands still holding onto Jae, everything around them stopped, "I don't think I can hold for long. What are you planning? Jae?" 

“Exactly” he responded as he looked down to their joined hands, he really believed they could figure this all out if they were together, he probably sounded like one of those deluded teenagers who swore their first love was their only love but he was just happy and comfortable with the relationship he had now “You’re right, we are Hansung after all” he commented with a bright smile remembering the way Han had meshed their names together before and thinking it was a cute way to describe the two of them together. The way Han dramatically beat his chest did make the Dhampir snicker though, he could be pretty cute and expressive at times, always surprising Jae with how sweet and thoughtful his gestures could be.

“You’re always saving me” he responded in somewhat of a cheesy tone and grinned slightly as he felt him pinch his lips “How could you deny me like this?” he teased with a shake of his head, he was feeling more confident now, more confident in them after the heart to heart they had earlier, he felt like they were on the same page again and that meant they would do everything they needed to, to find Sunmin. “You call me childish but use pinky promises as binding contracts” he jested with a grin but then nodded, it was time that they finally resolved this and he had the feeling after the club and hearing the whispers that he did that they were close. He just knew it was going to be dangerous. He was grateful at that point for all the training he had done the past year which had him feeling more confident in his own ability.

Jae was smart when it came to situations like this and for once he felt prepared to actually be able to do something, he saw the way Han watched the male who ran off down the alley and he already had this feeling in his chest that this was the person they were looking for. The moment that he saw the figures around them stop moving he breathed a sigh of relief, pulling his daggers out his pocket and without a second thought he carved the invisibility rune “We have to chase down the guy who ran down the alley but we can’t let the lackeys see us, your time power should give us time to catch up and my rune will keep us invisible, hold onto me tight, don’t say anything until we manage to lose them”.

He didn’t waste any time waiting for that to sink in before he took off running in the same direction the male had run, managing to spot him frozen in the distance, he tugged Han’s hand with him as they both sprinted down the street just about in time for the time to resume once again. Jae glanced back seeing the mob of males in black clothes chasing the other male down, who was about 10 paces ahead of them. Thankfully, they couldn’t see him and Han thanks to the rune. Each time the figure turned a corner, he followed them without hesitation. His lungs were burning but he was determined to chase the male down.

He could feel his heart fluttering like hell when Jae said their ship name out loud, he forgot about that and for a brief while, Han had to slap himself internally for forgetting they had that going. Perhaps, he's been very busy. That doesn't mean he could abandon this affection. He realized that. "Exactly, we're Hansung" he nodded in affirmation, his smile growing wide because he was reminding himself that he had Jae by his side. That snicker that was elicited from the dhampir when he neared his chest dramatically sent him flying to cloud nine considering he's been trying to see more of those lately. "I know I haven't been the best boyfriend as of late but… I hope you'll forgive my slacking self. I'll make it up to you, baby" he promised, the pinky promise was taken seriously by the Celestial, not simply because it was a pinky promise that should be sacred enough to be upheld, but because Han didn't want to break any promises he made.

 It makes him feel terrible, especially if it's to Jae, of all people. "I'm not denying you, babe, I'm just holding myself back. Refraining is a good exercise when it comes to training yourself to get around self-control, don't you know that?" he jested and stole a kiss not a minute later. Han was wearing a rather proud grin on his lips. "Pinky promises are sacred, Jae. You can't be disrespecting it like that" he gasped and covered the dhampir's mouth with one hand, "Shhh, nature didn't hear it." He knew he wanted to go find Sunmin tonight and perhaps even if he couldn't find him, the least he could do is find clues on his whereabouts. But from the looks of things, they may be getting closer.

 The scuffle that broke out earlier kinda scared him a bit because it was so out of the blue, what was he expecting from a group of people hanging by the shady alley? No offense to others. So when his eye caught the lone figure running off to another turn, he wanted to go after them but Jae told him to stop the time. He's been training with Phe for a while now, he knew how to use his abilities better and ever since the night he was able to conjure a shield with the mere memory of wanting to protect someone, he got better at the time aspect. Everyone was frozen the moment he fluttered his eyes open, leaving only him and Jae standing. He watched as the dhampir cast the invisibility rune on them, so they could manage their way around. "Mine would give us only a while so we need to hurry... "

 And he was right, time resumed when they passed the alley, but with the invisibility rune on them, they were able to dodge the route easily while not hitting any of them, trailing the figure that took another turn. It wasn't until they were very close that they were only 3 to 4 paces behind the figure when he took another turn that he saw him slumped against the wall while curling his body up, "Sunmin… is that you?" he exclaimed softly, he was just about to get closer but the sight of blood didn't make it easy for Han to control himself. Oh, he wasn't afraid of blood. He's a vet. It's where it came from that mortified him and caused him to freeze. 

While he was running, Sunmin had this weird feeling like someone was helping him and that was spurring him on, he kept running faster until his lungs wanted to give out but even then he didn’t stop. He realized he had overstepped his own skill this time and the only thing that was running through his mind was how badly the wound hurt and how he had nowhere to go, he could run from another hospital, the only reason he got out last time was because there had been a Diviner who teleported him out of the city. His breaths got more and more shallow as he got further away and the watch was still in his hand, a few drops of his blood staining the silver chain strap. Well, hopefully the girl from the other night would be able to get her precious gift back.

As he slumped to the floor he pressed his head back against the wall behind him he heard a familiar voice which made him slowly open his eyes, he couldn’t see anything there but the voice was there, ringing in his head “Of course I would hallucinate you” he spoke softly to the mysterious voice, his voice was weak, between panting breaths and holding tightly against his side “This is my brain’s way of punishing for never making good on my promise” he grumbled to himself as his head tilted to the side a little “For never searching him out right? I said I would, I promised myself next time I saw him I’d make up for running, for leaving without a single trace” he gave a slightly sarcastic laugh as he closed his eyes “Now it’s too late huh?” it was clear he was in a lot of pain in that moment.

His hands were shaking as he lifted them, seeing the way they were soaked in his own blood, well this was always going to happen one day right, a kid on the street with no name was going to die a kid on the street with no name. His brother had told him he could be more than that but he had been too scared to want it, to believe that he could have more for him than just what he had always known, too scared of change to ever reach for it.

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