"Look, I don't want any trouble, okay? Just leave me be and I'll be out of your sight before long. I promise." That's what he had been telling those weirdly dressed and rugged men who had chased him all the way from the last stop to the docks at Reykjavik. He even promised them he would be out of their sight if they would give him the chance to do so but all he received were laughter that felt antagonizing. He remembered running. All he did was run and run until his legs finally couldn't take it anymore and give out halfway before reaching his destination. He remembered how hard the pavement was and how his knee was scrapped because of his fall. He remembered the shoutings and hoots from the group of men who would not stop chasing him even when he's done nothing to warrant the chase.

 He didn't steal neither did he lie. Han was just trying to walk around and mind his day per usual. He didn't ask for any of that. And most importantly, he remembered how he kept asking the sky every single night, "What did I do wrong?" He didn't know why people kept chasing him and nobody gave him an answer. The memories felt so fresh in his head, like it wasn't that long ago since it happened when it has been over 87 years since it occurred. When he woke from his nightmare, he was already sweating and Hanseol wasn't even surprised. The Celestial haven't had a hard time sleeping due to Jae but ever since Sunmin appeared in his life, he couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that was slowly eating his heart away. What if Sunmin was facing the same trouble he once faced? What if he was in trouble somewhere and he wasn't there to help?

 From the looks of things the last time, he was confident that the other male was able to take care of himself but he still couldn't stop wondering how he was living his day. Did he sleep comfortably? Is it cold where he's at? Is he dressed warmly? Is he eating well? So many questions kept bombarding his head and it hasn't allowed Han to have any peaceful nights at all. In result of that, the brunette had been searching for Sunmin every chance he could. He even went back to that church he found him, but there were no signs of him. It was like he never went there, at all. Han went to every single place he thought Sunmin would be at but to no avail, his search was futile. 

Today was one of those days again, where he would search for the other Celestial endlessly without realizing how much it was slowly taking a toll on his health and well-being. He was supposed to check out from his work 2 hours ago, he was supposed to go home to the embrace of his loving boyfriend, he was supposed to stop wasting his time on this search. There were plenty of things Hanseol was supposed to be doing yet here he was, still waiting in front of the church he first met Sunmin, coughing from the cold weather while only dressed in his work clothes that was nowhere near warm enough for the Celestial to be battling the cold. He even left his coat at his office. The clock struck 11 30 pm and he was still sitting on the bench that was slightly covered by snow, hoping that he would be able to catch a glimpse of Sunmin again. "Where are you, Sunmin…"

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He wasn't afraid of blood, sure. That's his work every single day, he had to deal with animals bleeding out, he had to deal with opening up an animal most of the time, and whilst his sympathetic heart usually would whimper and sigh, he knew what he was doing would eventually bring the animal to have a far better life than they had before. So that was the only thing that fueled his courage to keep on going. The Celestial tried to induce the same narrative in this scenario; save Sunmin, stop the bleeding, give him a better life. You have to do that, Han, he told himself. But in order for him to even attempt to do all those things, he needed to have a clear mind first and Jae was doing very good at ensuring that. The dhampir kept trying to calm him down and sometimes even the simplest touch from him was enough. 

He blinked a few times and bit his lip while staring into Jae's dark orbs before resuming his gaze on a pale Sunmin. Once they arrived home, his instincts kicked in and he had told Jae to get him a few things while he took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves, washing his hands at the sink properly before returning back to the room where Sunmin was now laid in. He was so proud that he was able to drive rationally despite being at the brink of collapsing into a massive panic attack. An achievement, he reminded himself. He cared about the younger male that much to push everything else out of the window. When he was by his side, he made sure the lights were shone towards Sunmin as he took the scissors to cut his shirt, around the torso area where the stab wound was located. 

The sounds of his shirt ripping made him wince slightly, "Sorry dude, I'll buy you another one." Hanseol is quite possibly the only person who would worry about something like that right now. But at least his sense of humor was still intact. That's good. He pulled away the cloth he had pressed to his wound to prevent the bleeding and tossed it to the side before cleaning it. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped so he would be able to suture it. Jae had gotten him his suturing kit to which he spared a grateful smile to as he went over to the side, leaning close to inspect if there were any infection. There wasn't any, thankfully. "Can you please stay with me? I mean if the blood or sight bothers you, you don't have to but I'll be very grateful to have you close to me, Jae." 

He still had his eyes fixated on the wound as he pulled a needle from the kit after sterilizing it, but he halted for a brief while because he didn't know if Sunmin could feel the sensation. He's not a doctor, therefore he had no numbing agent to be used on. "I only have animal anesthesia... " He had to make do, so he paused for a moment before dashing out of the room and off to the kitchen. Han opened the highest cabinet and took out a bottle next to his sleeping pills and came back with a small vial, it's a pain killer from the looks of it and he had injected an amount of it into Sunmin after assessing his weight. "I know I have to explain why I have a bottle of painkillers and a few vials of opioid in the house, which I will, right after this."

 Technically he didn't hide this from Jae if he got it a month ago. That's when he was free to suture him properly, There was also Jae's blood in his system so things should be better for the younger male. After he finished stitching him up, Han wrapped his torso with a bandage and stared at Jae with a sheepish grin, "So… you probably wanna know why I have painkillers in the house." The vials were understandable since he was studying the same substance, but the pills remained a question. He washed his hands and pulled Jae with him, intertwining their fingers together, dragging him out of the room and took a seat at the couch, "I've been feeling a few muscle pains from training. That's all." 

There was something kinda fascinating about watching Han work, while he seemed on edge and a little panicky tonight, he was always so careful and deliberate with his actions and it was clear the star knew exactly what he was doing when it came to medical care. Jae never doubted his skills for a second because he had seen the way Han treated his wound that day when he had been attacked at the clinic. That was the thing with Han which Jae found most prominent, he just needed someone to believe in him and tell him he could do it and then it was like this switch was flipped on and he could do anything. Jae believed in him always and so if he could be a pillar of strength for the star then that was the exact role he would play for him.

When he heard Han muttering an apology under his breath when he cut the shirt Sunmin was wearing the Dhampir couldn’t help but let out a slightly muffled laugh because it was entertaining to him how Han was thinking about something as trivial as that. But then it was Han, it made perfect sense when put into perspective of the thoughtful person that the star was “He can have one of your 20 spare black shirts, we aren’t short of them” Han definitely liked wearing either plain black or plain white a lot so their closet was made up of mostly those. After passing the kit to Han he settled himself and nodded slightly when he asked him to stay “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere” he assured, though he did his best to not pay the smell of blood too much attention, instead watching one of the monitors “It’s not so much the sight as the smell but don’t worry, I can handle it” he knew he could, because he had been exposed to blood enough now that it didn’t scare him like it used to.

Jae remained patient through the process of the operation and he watched Sunmin intently, he had passed out from the pain in the car but Jae had been listening to the sound of his heartbeat to make sure it was steady along with his breathing. Throughout the time that Han had been helping Sunmin, he could hear the other male’s heartbeat getting stronger, indicating that his blood had begun to help the healing process and he felt relieved to see that he was no longer bleeding. Jae had to admit he was pretty surprised when Han dashed out of the room and he turned on the spot as though he was going to follow him but instead he waited with Sunmin, ensuring to keep an eye on the young Celestial. Jae had to admit he was a little surprised to see what Han came back with but it all happened so fast it felt like a blur, he barely even heard Han pointing out that he needed to explain why he had the painkillers.

Han seemed to make quick work of taking care of the wound after that or maybe it seemed quick because Jae was lost in his own head and wondering why Han had hidden the fact he had painkillers in the house from him. Was he in pain? Jae hated the idea that Han was in pain and he hadn’t even noticed and that made him worried to the point he was feeling a little sick to his stomach. Jae’s eyes drifted towards Sunmin who now seemed to be sleeping peacefully “His heartbeat is getting stronger, I think it won’t be long before he wakes up” but Han was already back on the painkiller topic almost like he had a guilty conscience on his mind.

Jae frowned as he allowed Han to pull him to his feet and lead him out of the room, if he was concerned before, he was really worried now because Han seemed all shaky and panicky, he could feel it just from holding his hand in that moment. When they reached the couch, Jae hesitantly took a seat “If that was all you wouldn’t be acting like you just got caught stealing from the candy jar Han” he spoke it really softly as his hand came to rest gently against his shoulder “You can tell me what’s wrong, you don’t need to downplay it” honestly it did worry Jae because of the whole sleeping pills thing that this might also be an addiction-related thing, he was starting to get concerned over Han’s ability to hold himself back.

All this while, it was Jae who had faith in Han, even when it seemed like all the odds were stacked against him, Jae always managed to sway the Celestial into believing that there was still hope; that he was capable of it. And perhaps, that was exactly what he needed at the moment. Faith. For Jae to believe in him, believe that he could do it. He heard the slight laugh that sounded like it was muffled when he was halfway cutting Sunmin's shirt and knew that was Jae recognizing how his apology on cutting one's shirt could be the most Hanseol thing to do. Though he could easily replace it with one of his own or buy the other male a new one, it still doesn't change the fact that he needed to apologize. After all, Sunmin was pretty much unconscious, anyway. Consent wasn't really… required.

 "Hey… one, it wasn't 20. It was only 17. Two, how do you know it'll fit him, maybe our sizes are different. Three, I'm not sure if I should feel offended or flattered that you seemed to remember how many shades of black t-shirts I have stored in my closet" he retorted dryly, thankfully it managed to avert his stressed gaze away from being even more distressed. Jae talking to him worked. I'm not going anywhere, it must've sounded hopeful to Han who was depending on Jae's presence in the room. He kept telling himself that he can do it because Jae believes in him and that was all that he needed. That, and the ultimate case of focus. The fallen star stiffened a bit when Jae mentioned it was more of the smell rather than the sight, only to calm himself down when the dhampir reassured him he will be fine. Who was he worried for then? Jae? Or Sunmin? Could it even be himself? 

He was grateful that he was no longer bleeding, which made his job a lot easier since he didn't need to panic on closing him up while trying to make sure he was bacterial-free from infection. Multitasking was admirable at times like that. A part of him was thankful that he fortunately, had a few of those painkillers stored away, while the other part of him was worried of what Jae would think. "Good... " he murmured silently in response to Jae's statement. He wanted Sunmin to wake up soon, to see if he's fine and if he needed any further treatment. His safety and health is what matters. At this point, even his hands were trembling, leaving the Celestial to keep his stutters inside and prevent his body from melting down into a puddle; not a good one, this time. His breathing was shallow and ragged, as if he had just ran a full marathon. Every sign was showing towards a potential panic attack building up and that was the last thing on his mind. 

It was hard to calm down when he was trying to find the proper words to describe his situation to his boyfriend who had no idea what was going on with him, until today. Would Jae be mad at him for hiding this? Hiding the pain he's felt for weeks? Would he be furious to know that Han wouldn't spill if he wasn't forced to, under circumstances such as this? There were so many questions in his head. Hanseol flinched inadvertently when Jae placed a hand on his shoulder, only to wince at the cringe-worthy moment, "Sorry" he mumbled quickly, why did he flinched? "I've been having chest pains…" he admitted it honestly, while lowering his gaze, there was simply no courage for Han to meet the dhampir's eyes. He was ashamed. "I don't know if it's connected to my increased panic attacks… but my chest feels constricted, most of the time… I couldn't breathe properly. Neither could I sleep peacefully." He's been taking it a lot more frequent lately, probably more than he should take. 

Jae gave a mock roll of his eyes when Han pointed out that he only had 17 black shirts rather than 20 “Well then I apologize for rounding, though I don’t think he’s going to care much about size, he’s pretty tiny, I’m sure your baggy ones will drown him well enough” and he was sure the other male wasn’t going to be picky over a shirt when Han had quite literally just saved his life “And it’s kinda hard to miss them considering they take up like half the closet hanging space” he defended wondering if Han thought it was weird how he noticed strange little details. He wasn’t even sure why he did most of the time but there were always specific things he would remember in the back of his mind, usually completely random and useless.

Jae watched Han with an attentive gaze, he could see the stress he was under from the way he moved and how his mind seemed to go elsewhere for small moments and it frustrated Jae that there was little he could do to help but he did his best to be supportive and assure the star he knew he could do this. It wasn’t the first time he had seen Han be a hero after all. “You did a good job, let’s hope he isn’t so much of a brat when he wakes up” what they had seen tonight was him get into some sort of fight with a gang and then end up getting himself chased down, seemingly over a watch of some kind. Jae wasn’t really sure what to think about all that but it did make him wonder what other kinds of trouble Sunmin had gotten himself into on the streets and therefore what he might be capable of.

By the time they left the room though, all of Jae’s attention was focused on Han, he noticed the way the star was practically shaking which he saw as a sign of distress which Han tended to give out when he was overloaded and unable to feel like he could cope. It seemed it was best to get into a quiet place and sit down. Breathe. But Jae could also tell this was about more than just what happened with Sunmin. He realized that it was another thing which kept seeming to happen to them, secrets.

The Dhampir did his best to remain calm, giving Han space on the couch but without thinking he had reached to put a hand on the Celestial’s shoulder which caused Han to flinch, which naturally made Jae pull his hand away, pressing his lips together both from the worry and the feeling of rejection which flowed through him in that moment. He did his best not to let it get to him though, he reminded himself it wasn’t about him. Jae was quiet in thought as Han described what he had been going through and the Dhampir couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment, because Han had been going through this alone and hidden it from him and it felt reminiscent of everything which happened with Yeon.

This time he didn’t let his temper get loose though, instead, he calmly tried to process what Han must be going through right now “Have you seen a doctor?” if Han was in pain then the first thing he should be doing is seeing a doctor right? This self-treatment thing hadn’t really worked for him in the past after all.

He couldn't help but to let out an amused giggle when Jae retorted sassily, oh how he loves his boyfriend. He could be so sassy he really couldn't get over it sometimes. But at the same time, he was also glad he had Jae to help him through, maybe he needed a little bit of humor to cheer up. There was no use of lamenting about Sunmin's unknown fate that somehow lies in his hands because he was the one who brought him back and stitched him up. The painkiller should leave the other Celestial fine from any recurring pain that would follow so Han was slightly calm about it after he reassured himself that things would be fine. "Please, you still steal them anyway" he rolled his eyes playfully and snickered, he was used to the dhampir raiding his closet for something to wear, he even encouraged him to do so. 

He scoffed lightly when Jae called Sunmin a brat, "That's what he is huh… a brat. But he's a Park, at the end of the day. My brother" he murmured softly as he turned his head around to rest his gaze on the Celestial that laid unconscious still. He wondered what was going on earlier, is this the kind of trouble Sunmin faces every single day? How did he manage? Was he always putting his life on the line like tonight? To say Han was worried over him would be an understatement. "I can't wait to see him wake up... " He was partially excited to see his brother again but he was also afraid. "So you think he'd try to run again when he has the chance?" He hopes not. He didn't want to keep any secrets from Jae, he hated that the most. Especially when they promised not to keep anything from one another, to not lie to each other. 

The doe-eyed Celestial felt miserable and just had to admit this outloud, he needed to confess or else this would eat him up. He could barely keep his entire body still, much less try to hold Jae's gaze. He didn't mean to flinch when Jae placed a reassuring hold on his shoulder, he quickly grabbed that same hand with pleading eyes. Jae had asked him calmly, it made him sigh and Han nodded in affirmation, "I did... But the doctor said it wasn't caused physically. I told him I had panic attacks occasionally and he said it could be related to that… my chest just constricts any breathing and my nerves froze because I didn't know what to do next…" 

The pressure from his chest rose then and it made his attacks worse. "I didn't want to worry you… but I'm afraid it's spoiled either way. I'm sorry." He still had Jae's hand in his grip as he looked back at the dhampir before his eyes. "I didn't know what to do so when the pain got worse, I took medication."

Jae noted the way that Han seemed to ease his tension a little when Jae gave back a sassy retort, he always knew ways to make Han laugh, he was actually pretty easy to get on side when you knew him well enough, a lot of people saw Han as shy and hard to crack but Jae had never had any trouble understanding him, even when they two of them first met. Maybe he just remembered it brighter because it was his boyfriend but he couldn’t remember a time where he felt like Han was hard to approach or make laugh “Well true, if I don’t help to decrease the number of them in the closet then they might stage an uprising and reject all other clothing items I wanted to put in there” honestly he just liked wearing Han’s shirts because they smelled like him and he liked constantly being able to have that with him, especially when he had to go to his classes or needed to spend the night at the dorms.

Jae followed Han’s gaze as he glanced over at Sunmin who was laying on the medical table and sleeping peacefully, Jae could see the rise and fall in his chest from here and he could hear his soft breathing which set the Dhampir’s concerns at ease. “I can see the similarities” Jae commented as he looked back between the two of them “Puffy cheeks, doe eyes, crazy need to handle every single problem in their life by themselves” he pressed his lips together, they didn’t know all that much about the life that Sunmin led but it was evident that he was very much his own person and didn’t want other people to weigh in on his choices. “I mean I’d quite like to see him try, simply because one, he is not going anywhere fast with that massive hole in his chest and two, because I highly doubt you’ll let him get away a second time” he could tell that Han was going to be in this for the long haul which meant he was prepared to be too.

Jae watched Han carefully as he waited for the star to explain what was going through his head when it came to his need to take painkillers, Jae’s expression was one of concern, especially after the star had flinched at his touch, it made Jae stare down at his hands for a moment and wonder if Han was afraid of him still, afraid he would lose control of his temper again. He sighed softly, as he felt Han grab his hand and tug on it, Jae’s eyes following towards him, his thumb rubbed softly against his hand “Well then have you thought about going to a mental health specialist, you know, someone who could help you find the cause of your panic attacks and give you medication especially for it” he knew there tended to be a reluctance to go to a doctor when it was a problem with the mind rather than the physical body but Han couldn’t keep going the way he was.

“I could go with you...if you wanted someone there to support you” though he was sure that Han would have told him about this already if he needed his help so perhaps the star would prefer to handle this alone and as much as he hated the idea of that, Jae knew it was more important that Han got to feel better than keeping his own feelings from being hurt. He sighed softly at the way Han voiced how he didn’t want to worry him “I’m always going to worry when you’re not 100%, the same as you would for me” he spoke it softly and lifted his hand to very gently caress Han’s cheek “You’re too important to me for it to be any other way” he wanted Han to feel well and happy and he wanted to help him when he didn’t.

It wasn't hard to make Han laugh, yes. Despite being shy, Han wanted to make people feel comfortable around him, and he wondered how to make himself approachable so many times. He remembered asking Yeon how people become like that and even till this day, the Celestial couldn't understand how it works. But with Jae, he remembered just naturally gravitating towards the dhampir on their first meeting. Without a doubt, he went forward and got closer to him. Today, here they are, still standing strong even after countless arguments and disagreements. Jae knew him so well, it didn't take long to get him to laugh at whatever the dhampir was spouting. "Please, you know you love them. You wear them around me and sometimes when I get back from my seminars, you were sound asleep in that shirt while clutching on one of my plushies dressed in my hoodie." He may have also secretly taken a picture of that. Jae looked so cute then he just couldn't help himself. 

He didn't even realize he's been staring at Sunmin intently while studying his features and condition until Jae points out the similarities between them both, which evidently caused the doe-eyed Celestial to scrunch his nose up and huff, "Are my cheeks really that puffy?" he quickly brought both his hands up to touch them and pouted, "And what do you mean crazy need to handle every single problem in their life- I'm... " He couldn't even find a proper response to retort back because he knew it was true. "Why is my boyfriend suddenly attacking me… even if it's facts… you shouldn't be so mean to your boyfriend like this. I just got out of a terrifying scene, Jae, you should be hugging me or cuddling me…" Han winced inadvertently when he mentioned the hole in Sunmin's chest, "Yeah… I'm tempted to cuff him against somewhere or tie him up to the bed at the guest room but that doesn't sound comfortable." 

The feeling of his thumb circling against his knuckles reminded Han that this is Jae, someone he could always confide in, someone who loves him and wouldn't leave him to his problems, even if he insists. When Jae suggested that he seek a mental health specialist because this pain was connected to his mental state, Han found himself whimpering instinctively, it almost sounded pitiful, like he was a dog who just kicked to the side, "I'm afraid…" Doctors in general scares him, not because he couldn't handle another needle or the likes, he himself is an animal doctor, but because he didn't know what to do when the doctor starts asking questions he couldn't answer. He could go with Jae but he also didn't want to burden him. He lifted his gaze to meet the dhampir's dark hues and sniffled, "You… could?" Was it fine to ask him to do that? 

"I don't want to go through this alone... " he murmured faintly, he's extremely traumatized on handling this alone, it reminds him of all the times he had to do things alone. Han leaned in his touch when Jae caressed his cheek, his touch felt so warm Han could feel himself naturally pushing towards him again, he missed this. "Then… I'll go and set an appointment later tomorrow. And then you'll accompany me right?" he was looked at him with the same puppy eyes, ones he usually displayed when he's pleading. "Because I need you."

Jae gave a playful eye roll, they had this argument about the closet many times and Han always won out because he was right, in the end, Jae would end up wearing those shirts because they smelled like Han and whenever he missed him it was a way of making him feel like the star was here with him even when he wasn’t “I miss you when you go away okay” he responded giving a slight pout in response because he hated it when Han had to go away for a while, some people talked about how distance was supposed to make you feel closer with your loved one but all it made Jae want to do is fly out so he could be with Han. 

Jae could almost sense Han’s worries when it came to his brother from the way he held himself and how he kept staring in Sunmin’s direction, he wasn’t a mind reader but he did know his boyfriend pretty well by now “They are adorably puffy” he responded with a grin because he really liked how young and sweet they always made Han look, though they didn’t always seem like they went with the lean body the Celestial liked to keep. He saw the way Han was going to deny what he said and then backtracked on it which made Jae chuckle softly under his breath “It’s not really an attack if we both agree that I’m right about it Han” he teased and shook his head slightly, he was glad that he could ease some of the tension the star seemed to be feeling and make him smile for a little while. He wrinkled his nose when Han said he was tempted to tie the other star down “Don’t worry, I get the feeling you might have gotten through to him” he nodded slightly, Jae had heard a little of what they talked about as he was coming up towards them in the car. 

It was natural for him to touch Han, to have some part of him which was holding onto him, whether it be their hands like today, or leaning against the star’s shoulder, often Jae would fall asleep with his head on Han’s chest because he liked to listen to his heartbeat to help calm himself. The way Han whimpered at the mention of talking to a specialist made Jae’s heart clench a little and he squeezed Han’s hand when he said he was scared “I know, but things aren’t going to get better by themself” if they were then they would have already. He met Han’s eyes and nodded softly when he asked him if he would really come with him, if that would help Han to feel better about going then he would happily come with him. 

“You’re never alone” he assured him with a serious expression, he would always be here to support Han and he would always be the one who put his interests and wellbeing first, Han was someone he wanted to protect and that protection extended to his heart and his mind. He smiled gently, eyes softening when Han leaned into the touch Jae pressed to his cheek “Yes, I’ll clear my schedule and we’ll get you some real answers and when things get hard you can look back at me and know I’m there for you” and he hoped that would help Han not to feel panicked going in there “I need you too” he spoke softly and felt the emotion pouring out from him, he pulled Han in against his shoulder and enveloped him in a hug. 

He remained there for a while, just holding Han tight, his eyes closed just processing everything which happened today and how close he felt with the star right now, he just wanted to hold him until everything that was hurting him went away. But not everything fell on the Dhampir’s shoulders to fix, he was reminded, as he heard Sunmin begin to stir in his sleep in the next room “I think you should go be there when he wakes up” he spoke softly as he stroked Han’s hair gently “You two have a lot to talk about” and as always, Jae would be waiting for Han when he was ready. 

How could he deny the dhampir when he looks that cute with his furrowed eyebrows and nose scrunch? Sometimes Jae forgot he was even doing the cute gesture but Han always noticed it, of course, he did. He noticed the things he wanted to remember, every memory was captured and forever stored in his head. “Awww, my baby misses me when I’m away? That’s fine, you’re supposed to miss me when I’m not here, the same way I miss you when you had to have study week at the university, leaving me alone to sleep on that big bed by myself” he pouted and pinched Jae’s cheeks playfully, this is why he couldn’t hold himself back when he had to travel for seminars. Even though most of the time, it meant he would only be at Denver, it was far enough for the Celestial. Was he clingy? Probably.

 “They are?” he blinked a few times and actually went as far as to pinch his own cheeks to test the theory himself, “Maybe I should start on a journey to reduce the fat on them?” sometimes he wasn’t aware of how much Jae loves those cheeks, like now. “Shush…” he pressed one finger against Jae’s lips as an attempt to silence him after the teasing, yeah, he missed teasing his man like this. Is this what he’s been missing out on for the past few months? It seems like it. Has he really gotten through the younger male lying down on the table? Han decided to trust and believe Jae on that. Sunmin couldn’t possibly try to run away again after today, right? Every touch Jae gave him felt so natural, he only felt right to lean into them instead of flinching away, which was not what he truly meant to do the first time.

 Nonetheless, he was glad Jae stayed and still held him how he needed to be held. The Celestial wasn’t ready to face a stranger and tell about his problems, mainly because it feels weird and he couldn’t fathom the burden it will rest on another’s shoulders instead. Nobody should have to shoulder his problem, but Jae said he should seek treatment if he wanted to get better. And he does want to get better. He wants to get better more than anything else. “As long as you’re there… I think I’ll be fine.” Despite distancing himself with his boyfriend before, all he could think about, at the moment, was having him by his side while he undergoes this. Han realized he couldn’t do anything he wanted, alone. It traumatizes him. With Jae as his company, at least he would have the dhampir to look to when everything is done.

 When he fluttered his eyes open, he saw the smile he had on his lips and instinctively smiled as well, “Thank you, Jae. Thank you for being there for me.” He felt himself melting into the hug he received, his embrace around the dhampir’s body tightened as he took in his scent by burying his face against Jae’s neck, “I hope you’re right…” They do seem like they have plenty more to talk, and judging from the way Jae was trying to give him the space needed to talk to his brother only melted his heart further, “Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you” he chuckled and pressed his lips against the dhampir’s briefly before making his way back to the room, the first thing he did was checking the younger male’s pulse. “You’re stable…” he sighed out in relief.

He remembered the pain as he got into the car and then everything had gone dark, from what he could recall, the Dhampir had been holding him while Hanseol drove him. Hanseol had promised him that he wouldn’t take him to the hospital but that did make him wonder where he would take him. Was this it? Still he felt himself fighting back the pain, every time another wave came he somehow managed to fend it off. He kept telling himself it couldn’t be now, that there were still things to be said and he couldn’t leave just yet. That was the one thing that kept him holding on. Hanseol wanted to know him and he owed it to him to at least let him understand the person his brother was. Though he couldn’t promise the other star would like what he learned. 

He remembered looking down at the blood-stained watch which he had stolen back from those thugs. It was reckless and stupid, he knew that, but after she had been attacked and it taken, he couldn’t stand the thought of them having it when she looked so sad. She had begged them not to take it, saying it was the only reminder she had left of her home and yet they had laughed in her face and ripped it from her hands. Sunmin wasn’t usually the guy who threw himself in danger for the sake of someone else. But he felt like he had to do something to make things right. This is what you get for helping others though, a gaping hole in your chest and a headache to match. 

The first thing he noticed when he started coming to was how quiet it was, the next, that his chest hurt so badly he wanted to scream. But he didn’t. He felt a gentle touch against his wrist, someone taking his pulse. It really had been as serious as he remembered them. With a grunt, he stirred a little before his sleepy eyelids opened and blinked a few times “I guess I didn’t die then” he commented in a croaky voice as his vision cleared and he spotted the same face he had seen not long before he had closed his eyes. He could feel what felt like a hard surface below him, it was cold and definitely uncomfortable, making him fidget a little to avoid laying in the same spot he was before. 

“It seems I have you to thank for that” he commented in a low voice as he watched Hanseol cautiously, he didn’t really know what to say, he hadn’t exactly had the chance to process this whole reunion thing but one thing was for sure, he wasn’t in the hospital which meant he had kept good on his word and that meant something to the younger Celestial who wasn’t used to people actually listening to him. 

Jae decided to give him the room with Sunmin showed as still laid on top of the table. He wanted to move the other male to a much more comfortable place because the table would end up hurting his back, and of course, Han wanted him to be as comfortable as he could be. He's treating an injured person, after all. He should be giving him the utmost care, even if he probably got into this kind of trouble on his own. But at the end of the day, Sunmin is still his brother, no matter what happens to him, a part of him would always feel responsible over him. Han pressed two of his fingers against his wrist to check his pulse, and while it was faint, he knew it was fine. The grunt that came from the other male had the doe-eyed Celestial blinking a few times in awe before rushing over to check if he's fine, "Are you okay? How are you feeling?" 

He also realized he probably didn't have the time to show a good appearance wise, especially when his dress shirt is basically stained with Sunmin's blood and his hair was a disheveled mess. "Yeah, thankfully… you didn't die" he murmured gently and leaned against the table before letting out a heavy sigh, he's glad he's awake now, "You shouldn't be up so soon but I guess you're that stubborn" Not even the painkiller could induce him into a longer slumber, it seems. Perhaps, he was stronger than Han gave him credit for. He did survive alone for years, after all. Surely, he had experience streetwise. Han noticed how he was fidgeting slightly against the cold surface, which made him hold him down for a while.

"Calm down… let's move you to a better place where you can lie down without having to fidget. Anymore sudden movements, you'd be tearing your wound. I didn't spend the entire time panicking to close it just so you could be bratty and reopen them again" he chastised half-heartedly, Han was tired and it wasn't as if he had the energy nor the intention of scolding Sunmin anyway. "Come on… we can talk a bit once you're moved to a better spot" he placed a firm hold on the other male as an attempt to hoist his weight against him so he could lead him to the guest room that was coincidentally located at the ground floor. Halfway out the door, Byul scurried over and barked softly while attempting to follow her owner around with this strange guy she met the last time. "Well, someone else seems to recognize you…"

There was something strangely comforting about opening his eyes and someone being there, the worried expression on Hanseol’s face definitely said a lot and caused Sunmin to take a deep breath to calm himself. The other male wasted no time in bombarding him with questions which made the younger Celestial smirk a little “Like I got stabbed in the side” he responded to his words asking how he was feeling. Well, his usual knack for sarcasm was intact so he must be okay.

He noticed how tired and worn out Hanseol looked, as his eyes slowly traced over him he noticed how his shirt was stained in blood and there were dark circles around his eyes and Sunmin felt this small clench in his chest in response to the sight, had he really made him worry that bad? Idiot, why was he wasting his time worrying about him. “Sorry doc, not one for following orders” he responded when Han told him he shouldn’t be getting up, honestly he did feel a little better for moving though, laying in one place like that had made his body stiffen up a little.

He gritted his teeth and glared at the other male when he pushed him to stay in place though, evidently sending the message that he was impressed by being manhandled, the only reason he didn’t try to fight him was because he heard the defeated tone in Hanseol’s voice and it struck a chord with him, enough that he did as he was asked and leaned against the other male as he allowed him to lead him through to the other room, stumbling a little as they went. He wasn’t used to feeling this helpless in his own body. He did smile when he saw the dog from before and Han commented how she was happy to see him “I have one of those faces” he teased as they headed into the room and he allowed Hanseol to help him get onto the bed, his eyes watching the husky who came and placed her head in his lap as he stroked her gently.

“Alright out with it, you’ve looked like you’ve been ready to blurt something since the moment I woke up” no doubt he was pissed at Sunmin for ditching on him the first time, which honestly had crossed his mind again this time but there was something about that worried gaze which was keeping here, though he really wasn't sure why.


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