There was plenty of reasons why Hanseol has not yet set a foot outside his residency. One of which he knew to be his greatest misfortune of coming across the Aspect of Magic the last time he went out. Whilst he was immensely grateful that he managed to meet his old time friend, another fellow Celestial like him, that entire evening was more to him remembering the past. More to his long nights in the steel caged contraption back in the Isle of Skye. He knew he shouldn't be keeping to himself so long, especially when everyone was seemingly making themselves at home ever since they came to the eternal city. 

Forcing his body to wake up, he ended up staring at his reflection in the mirror in his room as he made his way to the vanity table and opened the drawer underneath it. Some people who saw it would probably miss the compartment unless they took up the time to take a look once again to actually inspect it. Being a natural attentive person, Hanseol was more than used to analyzing the people around him. In there, laid his sketchbook. Before he got imprisoned decades ago, he was quite the talented drawer. Though he never really looked painting as his interest, drawings and sketches however, made it. Unbinding the book, he skimmed through the pages for a short while just for the sake of his attention. There were plenty of animal drawings there, ranging from dogs, cats, sugar gliders, rabbits, and whatnot. He noticed it to be the ones from his clinic. 


That's it. 

The young male grunted in response when his head finally got used to the ejecting process of his thoughts. How could he forgot he operated an animal clinic when he first settled in here. He was a veterinarian and he forgot all about it when he locked himself in his house. Speaking of, he moved out of the Celestial mansion a few weeks back, as he wanted to have more time to himself in a much more secluded area, away from the prying eyes of others. Especially ones from the particular faction that resided in the south side of the city. He didn't wish for any trouble to occur between their two factions and despite being quite a temperament someone, he learned to tone down his want for vengeance. He finally had the chance to build his life again. After so long. Honestly, he was robbed of it 80 years ago so there wasn't really much of it. 

He took a mild shower and got himself dressed after drying his hair. He donned on a black leather jacket with a cap covering his hair for his final touch as he grabbed a small duffle bag and shoved the sketchbook in it before locking the doors. It was about time he got out and he should remind himself to stop by the clinic slash pet shop sometime to tell his few workers why he was in a short hiatus before. Luckily he didn't have much of them since it wasn't that big of a place for operational purposes. Seeing as he wasn't bombarded by any requests for his attendance, he took it they were doing fine without him.

Hanseol pushed the doors open and entered the cafe so he could get himself a quick dash of a coffee before heading to the park, where he could get some solace and serenity to draw. An artist needs inspiration and those don't come off easy. After occupying himself with a cup of black coffee, he walked towards the park right by the town square, where he sat down against a tree at the corner and took out his sketchbook. The Celestial placed his coffee next to him as he grabbed a pencil and began sketching what seemed to be a dog. It was a small Pomeranian.

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Jae found himself feeling a little lost in this very large and very daunting city. When he had first decided to come to America he had painted himself this perfect picture of what his life would be like here but the reality was far different. Jaesung shared his apartment in the dormitory of Evermore University with two other males who were around the same age as him. Both of them were born and raised in Evermore and knew the city like the back of their hands. Whilst they were both nice enough, it became evident quickly that he had very little in common with them.

That very fact was evident that very moment as the two of them brought home a bunch of people back to the apartment once again and turned their music up so loud that Jae could barely think amongst all the noise. He wasn’t a confrontational person and so he simply closed the book he had been reading and picked it up before slipping on a jacket and scarf and quietly making an exit through the hallway. Jae was sure they would quieten down in a few hours and he could return to his study while the two of them slept.

It wasn’t exactly what he pictured but as he walked the streets of Evermore city, his eyes looking up to the starry night sky, he couldn’t complain, it was beautiful here and for the most part people had been welcoming and kind to him. He still felt himself a little lost in the world though. He didn’t have any friends here like he had before and everyone at his university seemed more interested in parties than they did studying. Maybe one day he would be brave enough to go to one of them, but he knew it wouldn’t be any time soon.

His wandering eventually brought him to a small park not too far from campus. He wandered in and sat down on one of many benches which lined the pathway that cut through the park. Thankfully the lighting was pretty good with many different streetlights illuminating the park. When a man came and stopped by Jae with a small dog his eyes melted a little. He had always loved animals and had always wanted a dog of his own when he was younger.

Jae looked up at the man who looked tired out and pointed to the little dog “Is it okay?” the man caught his intention and nodded before Jae reached down to pet the little white cloud at his feet. Jae chuckled playing with puppy for a few minutes, blowing softly on the little puppy’s fur and then laughing softly at it’s reaction. After a few moments the man moved on taking his new friend with him and Jae bowed a little telling him thank you.

Climbing to his feet he started to walk across the park to the other side. He wasn’t paying much attention as he moved through the darkness, in all honestly he wasn’t expecting to see anyone or anything so when his foot caught on the outstretched leg of a male sitting in the darkness he tripped almost head over heels onto the grass. “Oof” he spoke before he laughed softly at his own clumsiness and held his hands up “Sorry, I didn’t see you there” he admitted with a slight bow of his head. As he looked back at the male, now slightly more visible because he focused his eyes, he noted that his features looked distinctly Korean.

While Hanseol was busy occupying his head with images and figments from his own imagination on sketching the Pomeranian puppy onto his sketchbook, to say he was startled by the sudden trip by Jaesung would be an understatement. He almost jolted up against the tree bark behind him. Luckily, he did hit head but it wasn't fatal neither was it leaving any signs of markings or bruises. The sketchbook and pencil fell down from his grasp as he held his free hand to rub the back of his skull while groaning in his native tongue. "What in the world.." The young Celestial was close to cursing right there on the spot, but reprimanded himself that it wasn't something he should do given the circumstances. Despite being quite short-tempered, Hanseol was a well-mannered kid and preferred to keep that small tinge of dark side dormant. Of course ever since his imprisonment decades ago, that side seemed to resurface a lot more visibly but now that they have the second chance to restart their whole lives anew into a new place, he intends to make the best of it.

At least, to his very best interest.

When he got a good look of the male who tripped earlier, he noticed his features to be that of a distinctive Korean. He would of course recognize them anywhere given that was his supposedly descent and ethnicity even though he was literally just a star. But if that's what he would like to believe, why not? As he apologized to him, Hanseol dismissed it absentmindedly as he waved his other free hand, indicating it was fine. "It's okay. Both of us didn't actually suffer any injury from it..well-not that serious at least." He said sheepishly, a slight grin gracing his features. "당신은 한국 사람입니까? 믾이 닮셨네요. (Are you Korean? You look a lot like one.)" It was an instinctive gesture for the dark haired male to ask him in Korean seeing as it would be so much better if he met someone who could actually understand his native language. "It's only understandable you wouldn't see me there. It's dark in the night, and well.. you don't always see someone drawing in the dark like a creep." With a light chuckle, he introduced himself. "I'm Hanseol by the way. Park Hanseol. I do have an English name but I don't think that's necessary." Despite being wary of his surroundings, the Celestial made a note to stop being such a paranoid.

Jaesung looked pretty startled as he sat there in the grass in the dark, it was an odd situation to be in, to say the least. Letting out soft laughter he shook his head, he was the most accident prone person he knew, sometimes he wondered if he actually had any spacial awareness at all. He immediately apologized for his actions, it was embarrassing enough to trip in front for his friends but in front of a complete stranger. Just his luck. Letting out a half sigh he listened to the other male speak “I should really learn to watch where I’m going” he reprimanded himself with a shake of his head.

His thoughts were however interrupted by the other male speaking in Korean, without even thinking he responded with ease pleased to hear something from home “네, 있습니다” (Yes, I am) how small the world was that a random stranger he would meet in the park would be from his home country. Hearing the other male’s words he raised his brows curiously “Isn’t it a little dark to be drawing?” he asked wondering how he would even see the picture or know whether it was good or not. Not that he knew anything about drawing, he had never really been good at drawing, or anything art related really, he wasn’t even sure he could draw a circle properly.

“What were you drawing?” he asked interested to know what struck the other male’s attention. Jae was pretty sure if he could make decent art he’d like to make paintings of sunsets or something else equally cheesy and overdone. As the other male introduced himself he smiled softly “I’m Jae” he responded before clearing his throat, his heavy Korean accent sounding much more natural as he spoke his full name “Moon Jaesung” he corrected with a nod “Nice to meet you Hanseol” he added onto the end as he shifted the way he was sitting trying to make himself more comfortable.

Jae wasn’t usually the kind of person who tried to make friends with strangers but he got a good vibe from Hanseol and if he was honest, the idea of having a friend who could speak his mother tongue and therefore bring back a little normality back to his life sounded nice “I don’t have an English name, no need when my name already sounds a lot like an English one” he chuckled. “Have you been in America for a long time?” he asked with a tilt of his head. The other male’s pronunciation was a lot better than his, he already knew that.

Hanseol was more than happy to find out there was someone else who had the similarity to speak his native language in the city. He's been alone all his life, living it the nomadic ways and found it easier to keep himself unattached to anyone or anything in that matter throughout his time as he roamed the globe in the few years that he had the chance to. After his adoptive mother's death, since he could not cope with the devastation that left his adoptive father different, he went away and found somewhat a newfound solace in learning the different ways and culture the world has to offer. Until he eventually was captured by the Ailward guards of course. Though he held a certain deep level of resentment towards the entire faction, he couldn't find it in him to truly place every ounce of hatred on them as he was sure they had reasons to do it, no matter how inexplicable it was. 

He was never the forgiving person, but after a while of residing in the eternal city, he's found something in it. Rather than to dwell deeper into his bitter and sorrowful past, he had chosen to move forward. One way to do that, is to let past be the past. There was no good in reanimating it. Hearing the natural Korean coming out from the male, he was relieved. He had forgotten what it feels to miss something. It was highly unnatural to him. When the stranger questioned if he was able to draw well despite the dark setting around them, he chuckled. "Yeah, it's actually quite weird for me to draw in the dark. Let's just say I have a 20/20 sight." The slight jest in his tone brought out the bunny in him. His doe eyes were twinkling with excitement and amusement. "It's just the dog you were petting earlier. The Pomeranian pup. Drawing has always been a passion of mine since long ago. It doesn't take much from you, other than the time and focus. Since I have nothing else to do rather than tending to my pet clinic, it serves as a hobby for me." The Celestial understood that whilst he wasn't the average old guy in the city, the mannerism he held and the way he spoke definitely shows the slight contrast of it. 

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Jae." He tilted his head slightly as if to acknowledge him respectfully. "Yeah, unfortunately for me, it's hard for people to actually pronounce my name back then. Times have changed. That was the sole reason why I gave myself another name since I couldn't exactly settle for people who I'm not closed to call me Han every time just because most could say Hanseol without playing tongue twister with themselves." He knew the modern day 21st century was much more different from his times in the 30's. When Jaesung asked if he's been in America for long, he took a note it was probably due to his current pronunciation. " Ah.. I wish I could say that haha. But not exactly. I lived in Georgia for a few months and spend my entire life going around the globe. I'm a nomad, and a linguist. I thought knowing English would definitely make my life and advancements a lot better. It's easier when you have a few other languages under your belt just as well." While talking, he couldn't help but to beckon for the young Dhampir to speak with him comfortably in their native language. It's been so long since he's actually spoken them. 

"I might be older but you can speak comfortably in Korean. It's been a while since I've actually spoken them." That alone had given off the vibe that he was definitely older than him. He looked younger yet did not look the part of his age. Then again, Celestials weren't really supposed to look about their age at all. 

Jae found it a little strange to interact with someone from his home country here, back there he would know exactly how to act, what to call others and what was appropriate to say but here everything felt like blurry lines, the West were a lot more informal with one another and spoke almost as though they were friends with people they had only just met. Part of Jae wanted to adapt to that culture, because this was his home for the foreseeable future and he needed to get used to this way of life but the other part of him missed home and his parents and the way things were for the entire time he was growing up.

Jae chuckled as he imagined himself trying to draw in the dark and likely failing miserably, he had never really had the best eye for detail in the light, let alone when everything was shrouded in shadow. When Hanseol mentioned he had 20/20 vision Jae chuckled pulling his reading glasses out of his top pocket and put them on with a smirk “Now I do too” he teased with a laugh striking a thoughtful post, he kinda hated wearing them because they gave him headaches sometimes but alas, not everyone could have perfect vision. “Puppy!” he stated with a bright smile, Jae had always loved animals ever since he was a young child, always begging his parents for pets. Jae couldn’t even remember a time when his family didn’t have pets, though now he was in a shared dorm, having a pet was out of the question, at least until he found a place of his own “It must be nice to spend your time with animals every day” he nodded softly, if writing hadn’t been his calling he probably would have joined his sister in veterinary school.

Despite the fact the other male looked young, Jae got a feeling that he was older than he seemed, he couldn’t really explain why, perhaps the way he phrased things or the way he handled himself. Jae however understood his dilemma with names, the difference between Korea and America already felt really large to him and he had only been here for a few weeks, he asked most people to just call him Jae because it was easier than correcting their pronunciation “Sounds like a smart move to me, I don’t think I’ve had a professor get my name right first time yet” he gave a mock eye roll and shrugged. Jae listened to the male’s explanation of his life and much like his first instinct, he pretty much confirmed he was much older than he looked “I always found English easier than everyone else at my school, they always used to ask me to help them with their homework” he laughed and shrugged, here he felt like he almost had to start again with learning because everyone here was native speakers but he enjoyed the challenge.

Jae nodded softly at the other male’s prompt to speak in his mother tongue “때로는 집에 가고 싶지만 항상 생각 나게하는 방법을 찾습니다. “ (Sometimes I miss home but it always finds a way to remind me) such as a him randomly stumbling over someone from it on his random wander. He smiled softly tilting his head to the side as he looked back at the male.

Hanseol had a good vibe coming from the younger dhampir in front of him. He was filled with dilemma on who to trust these days, with a good reason too. Him being what he was, it was a huge risky move. Anyone could get a hold of him any time at any day just to use him for his abilities and whilst that scares and left him mortified, Hanseol was sure Jaesung was not one of them. The faint natural glow that surrounded every single part of his body gave him a reassurance whenever he needed to make decisions. Such times like this. It made him comfortable to hear someone else speaking Korean. The Celestial might have spoken English throughout his whole life, but he could never really forget his native tongue. It's absurd to even think so. Korea served him memories he would rather forget yet still had string of memorable ones just as well.

However, seeing the younger male's formality even when addressing him made the dark haired star chuckle silently. "You're still speaking so formally, Jae. It's refreshing because I don't think anyone has ever spoken formally to me. I'm never used to it and sometimes had to remind myself the world has changed." He noted on the last marker of every sentence he held. Instead of using informal -요 at every end of his sentence, he used -습니다. "걱정 말아요. 별일 아니다. (Don't worry about it. It's nothing out of the ordinary.)" He then dismissed it absentmindedly as he got up from his seat, pushing his sketchbook inside his duffel bag and saddled it onto his back. A boyish grin made its way to his lips as he prompted for the dhampir to follow him. "때로는 향수병에 걸리는 것이 좋습니다. 그것은 정확히 당신이 누구인지 상기시켜 준다. 그것은 대부분 소유하지 않은 독창성이다. (Sometimes, it's good to be homesick. It reminds you exactly who you are. It's an originality most don't possess.)" He reassured and ran his fingers through his dark messy locks before inviting him to join him for a coffee or so, despite it being late evening already. 

"나와 함께 커피를 마시러 와. (Come join me for coffee, Jae.)," the young star beckoned for him to follow as he crossed the road. "What are you majoring in? English Literature? Journalism?" Hanseol knew he should make friends around the eternal city and stop depending on only himself as it was quite the lonesome life, so that was exactly what he was trying to achieve now. "Must've been fun. Joining university, I mean." Deep down, the Celestial wasn't sure on what he actually wanted. His every dreams were deprived off him when it slowly faded away during his captivity. He settled down as a veterinarian but he still wondered what was up for him to venture within. 

Jae had to admit as he looked back at Hanseol he got just the faintest sense of familiarity, he could already tell this person could be someone he could really get along with, not just because they had similar roots but because he seemed like an interesting and kind person. At least that was the impression he got as he sat across from him anyway. Jae had sort of expected it to be hard to see the other male in the dark but something about the lighting around him was off, almost like the other male was lighting up the area around himself.

Jae laughed and reached up to run a hand through his hair, a habit he often did when he was nervous or embarrassed “I was always raised to treat my hyung’s with respect” he answered honestly with a shrug of his shoulders hoping he wasn’t wrong in assuming the other male was older than him. Everything about him was so woven with Korean culture and that made adapting American life very difficult for him and at times made interacting with others very uncomfortable. Somehow the way they were switching between Korean and English felt more natural as they continued their conversation and kept Jae on his toes “내 기억이 모두 좋은 것은 아닙니다” (Not all my memories are good memories) he shrugged softly, he hoped to build some originality for himself here in America, become his own person away from the pressure of his family and his sibling’s achievements.

Jae was considering whether he should head back to the dorm but pulling his phone from his pocket and looking at the time he decided against it, the offer of coffee would be nice and perhaps Jae could make his first friend here instead of avoiding everyone he met for once “그게 훌륭 할거야.” (Sure that would be great) he spoke before climbing to his feet and brushing down the grass from his jeans “English literature” he confirmed with a nod of his head “I like writing stories” he admitted with a bright smile, writing had always been his passion and while he knew it would take a lot of work he truly believed he could make something of his talent.

Jae pulled a face when the other male mentioned joining university being fun however, so far his experience had been so far from that word but perhaps that was simply because of the type of person he was. Following Hanseol as he led the way to the shop he put his hands in his pockets to stop them getting cold from the bitter wind chill that had seemed to pick up “Most of my classmates would rather party than go to their classes” he shrugged, perhaps that was normal here but in Korea everyone worked very hard at their studies “I’m not sure I have much in common with them” he bit gently on his lip before trying to turn the conversation away from himself “Have you been in this city for a long time?” he asked curiously as they stepped into the little corner shop they had reached.

Jaesung is an English Literature major, that made Hanseol remember the times he thought of enrolling himself in the university the first thing he followed the others into settling in Evermore. He looked the part to be a student since he was youthful looking due to his species. He never really thought long about the possibilities though. If he was going to go and further his studies, he would probably find himself majoring in Veterinary Medicine or any medical courses. Even Hanseol would admit that the American culture differs from their Korean one, in so many ways. 

"That's good to hear. Writers and authors are always so creative with their mind. It's filled with endless imagination. Especially the ones who writes about supernatural, which was ironic to see how much they seemed to pinpoint the accuracy. It was spot on the last time I read this one vampire book that was 100% accurate. Maybe the author could be one. Who knows." The Celestial shrugged casually as he led the young dhampir to the cafe nearby. Pushing the entrance door gently, he took a seat at the very corner of the cafe. He shifted in his place slightly as he made himself more comfortable before ordering yet another cup of coffee to go with a cheese cake. 

The dark haired male took out his sketchbook and laid it on top of the table. "Are you also interested in art perhaps? You seemed to know about it. Wouldn't be surprised. You're a literature major so it wouldn't really come off as a shock since the same creativity lies within." Ever since before, he wasn't sure when he picked up the hobby and habit to draw everything he could see in his peripheral vision whenever he's bored. It was better than letting his head wander off to god knows where. "You are already so different from them in another matter. I'm sure you know that." He mumbled, not being so subtle like he usually is, before letting a bunny-like smile make its way up. He was talking about what species Jae originated from. The Korean dhampir emitted some sort of aura Hanseol wasn't sure if he could point out.

He didn't exactly have a degree on species. "Being different isn't bad. I'd say being normal is overrated." Sipping his coffee nimbly, he then placed the cup back on the table before leaning against the chair. "To answer your question, I haven't been here as long as many would like to think. Came here about maybe- a year ago? I couldn't recall's been a while haha. And you?"

Jae was a bit shocked to hear Hanseol talking so openly about the supernatural, so much so that he pulled a bit of a puzzled expression, he had never really written about the supernatural specifically in his stories though he was sure parts of his dhampir side were probably hinted in the main characters he wrote about “Not sure whether writing books about the truth like that is a good thing” he admitted, pretty much confirming to the other male that he knew what he was talking about. Jae had always been taught to hide what he was at all costs and yet there were people who basically advertised it proudly here.

Walking up to the counter he ordered himself a hot chocolate with extra cream, he had never really been a coffee person, it just tasted bitter and nasty to him but he certainly had a sweet tooth. He paid and took the mug as he followed Hanseol across the cafe floor to where he was sitting nodding the cashier a thank you as he went. Sitting down opposite the other male he raised the cup to his lips sipping some of the warm liquid before closing his eyes and savoring the taste for a few seconds.

He was brought out of his chocolate daze when Hanseol placed down his sketchpad on the table top, naturally Jae’s eyes scanned over it, curious about the drawings in there. When he asked if he was interested in art Jae shook his head a little “I like looking at it but I was never very good at it” he admitted with a shrug, he found with things like that you were either great naturally, worked for years and years to be decent or were simply terrible, he fell in the final category.

Hearing the way he so casually hinted he knew he wasn’t human Jae sighed softly, he really wasn’t one to be shouting about what he was and didn’t think he ever would be thanks to the way he was brought up “I assume that means you’re nothing like them either” he’d already guessed the other male was supernatural but he couldn’t quite pin what species. Taking another sip of the warm sweet liquid he listened to Hanseol’s answer to his question, good, he had been here a while “Only a few weeks, still getting used to” he moved his hands around in the air a little as he searched for the words “everything” he chuckled.

“It’s very different from what I pictured in my mind” he admitted with a gentle shrug of his shoulders, he wasn’t sure exactly what he had been expecting but the differences in culture were almost shocking to him. He wasn’t complaining though, he found it really interesting to see the differences in life back home to here. Though he had to admit he wanted away from his roommates as soon as possible. “Americans are very loud” he mused as he pretended to put his hands over his ears to block out the noise.

Hanseol noticed he was speaking quite casually and simply about the supernatural world. It was probably due to the fact that he still wasn't used to being in the company of other actual supernatural beings. Other than the Celestials, which was his faction, Jaesung was the second supernatural being he has had the chance to befriend or even met. The first was Willa who was a Nephilim that he actually liked the company off. And of course, her Pomeranian pup just as well. "Yeah, I can't imagine that would be so useful for us. Next thing we know, if they actually had knowledge about us being real, we're on the next hit list of the witch hunt. No pun intended." He caught up with the modern 21st century ways by reading the history at the local library and used the phone to google Wikipedia to read up on some other things. Given, the dark haired star wasn't really that old compared to others, he was only about 88 to 89 years old.

"Well, we always needed both ways to ensure things go on smoothly and balanced, don't we? It's the same with artists. We wouldn't perform as well if there was no one to watch. It's good to find someone who appreciate art though, we don't have a lot of them these days, it's almost surprising." Hanseol admitted, when he first settled in the eternal city with the rest of his faction, he was skeptical. Almost reluctant to stay there, a place where other's proudly called the supernatural haven. It was supposed to be his safest place, especially with his kind being hunted down by irresponsible parties and forces. One death was all that it took to trigger a chain of events. Unfortunate ones. 

Other than their deaths, he also had to be mindful of his abilities as a Celestial. Their energy was purely derived from all the light aspects. It had to be ironic. When Jae hinted how he was being clear that the star wasn't exactly human, he couldn't help but to let out a dry chuckle. "I never said anything about that, specifically. But I assumed, a dhampir like you should know. I'm not sure if it's aura or something, never actually got used with all of these.." He had to emphasis on his abilities that he wasn't even used to, despite being one with it for a few decades long. "I was talking about how people categorized themselves with introverts and extroverts..all that stuff." The grin was still present on his face, almost letting his bunny self dance around in his doe eyes. "Well, I guess it's only right for me to welcome you to the eternal city. Hope you find a home here. There's a lot to choose from." Scrunching up his nose, he tried to find the proper sense of words carefully.

However, the Celestial couldn't hold in his laughter when Jae mentioned on how Americans were being loud. "I can't disagree with you there about that. Very peculiar people though."

Jae agreed, being supernatural was considered being different and being different was what tended to get you singled out in most places. Here though the supernatural seemed to have a much greater presence which he supposed was a good thing, though he did feel pretty overwhelmed with the large communities of supernatural they seemed to have here “People are afraid of what they don’t understand” he commented thinking about how nearly every major conflict in the world had been triggered by someone believing someone else or a group of people were wrong for being different.

The Dhampir thought about it and Hanseol was right, if everyone was good at the same things it would be boring right? If everyone could sing well then they wouldn’t have idols to celebrate and if everyone was good at art then paintings wouldn’t be worth a penny because everyone could simply make their own “It makes sense, everyone is good at some things and respects the talent of people who can do what they can’t” it made sense to him, he would never make a good doctor but his older brother made an excellent one. “One day I plan to write stories for the world to read” he admitted with a nod, that was his passion and what he hoped to share with the world one day, he reached out and pointed to Hanseol’s sketchbook “May I see?” he asked curious to see the other male’s work.

Jae had for the entirety of their their conversation been trying to figure out what species the other male was, he didn’t have the telling eyes of a nephilim, nor diviner or initia. He couldn’t see any tattoos which would tell him anything more and he didn’t get the feeling the other male was a vampire “Dhampirs don’t have any aura detection, that’s only nephilim” he furrowed his brow, in fact he had no idea at all and he really didn’t like it being treated like some kind of guessing game like he was supposed to know. Jae kept his voice hushed, knowing they’d get weird looks from the humans in the room if he kept spitting out supernatural species names. “Ah” Jae responded in regards to being an introvert or an extrovert “I’m definitely the stay inside and keep to myself type” he admitted with a soft smile, he was okay with that, he was happy with his own company.

Jae bowed his head a little in thanks to the other male’s welcoming him to the city “Hopefully outside of that awful dorm room soon” he chuckled holding his crossed fingers up for a moment. He was sure his roommates were lovely people when they weren’t drunk and rowdy but that was the only side of them he tended to see. “It seems like they act like your friend before they even know you” he admitted with a soft shrug, it might be nice for some people but he found it a bit off putting, people talking to him so casually before they knew a thing about him. Jae reached down picking up his cup to take another swig of the sweet chocolate mixture “Do you live near here?” he asked noting that Hanseol didn’t seem to have his own mode of transport on him.

Thankfully Evermore left supernatural as the majority instead of their usual minority. They were easily oppressed back in the early days, it was somewhat refreshing to see a change. Especially when it concerns their community. However, he had a small feeling that non eof the Celestials felt the same. Despite the city being a 'safe' supernatural haven for their lot, their main worry were not the humans, but rather the other supernaturals. Celestials were supposed to be enigmatic to the likes of them, if he was right. Therefore, the star had to be careful and attentive to wherever he might find himself to be at. 

Nodding at what the younger male said, he agreed that people always find it easier to fear things they don't and couldn't possibly understand. It was unfortunate, really. They had so much potential if they were willing to break through the shell that held their own self under. "And eventually the fear slowly turns into hatred. Hence, well-today." He shrugged absentmindedly as he tried to find the proper word to call the term. He wasn't sure if he was a normal person, would he be the same as they were? He never had the need or curiosity to find out because he knew he wasn't normal, not even in the supernatural community where prying eyes were still looking out to them. 

The only thing Hanseol tried to write were song lyrics. He had tried that decades ago, briefly before being captured. "I respect writers a lot. Their inspiration and imagination differs with that of artists, but there's something eloquent and calming about their own art. The only thing I have only tried to write were song lyrics, to which I actually failed miserably the first time." The brunette doe eyed star chuckled, as a part of him took a small walk down memory lane. Given that the male didn't exactly have many good memories to hold on to. He never lived that much. Pushing his sketchbook filled with all his drawings on the picturesque things such as nature, or even just random lines he traced with paint towards the dhampir, he beckoned for him to accept it as per request. "Go ahead. You should send me a manuscript of yours sometimes. I would love to read what you have wrote." 

"Well, I prefer being an introvert. I don't think the world's kind to me." The slight jester accentuating his voice made the bunny like Celestial chortle in his own laugh. Hanseol leaned forward closer, before letting out a hushed whisper. "I think it's better if you don't know what I am, Jae. But if you ever want to know, I guess there's no actual reason not to divulge it." All his life, he found out about other species but he still finds himself to be weird. He has much to learn about what and who he was. It might take some time. When Jae asked if he lived nearby, he shook his head. "No, not really. But my clinic/shop is nearby. Veterinarian, hahaha. My place is a little far off but I'm a cardio guy." 


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