Today has been the day he's been waiting for, the day Hanseol actually counted down the seconds until it reached 12 am earlier today. A Friday too, nonetheless; coincidentally his favorite day of the week. Fridays always meant the Celestial could check out early since it's a half-day work for him. It was a good perk that he enjoyed very much. That wasn't all, today is 14th of February 2020, which is Valentine's Day and approximately marks their 1st year anniversary. It felt like it was just yesterday when they first officially announced their relationship. And it was on this very date last year that Han remembered they had shared a rather sweet kiss under the rain, despite the weather ruining their amusement park date. Nevertheless, they were able to continue the celebration once they got home. 

He shouldn't be taking a day off today, if Jae found out that's what he did just so he could properly plan out their itinerary for the special day, the dhampir could quite literally have his head. He would do well not to trifle with a pissed off Jae because that was asking for a death wish and he certainly didn't have any of those hence why he had kept it a whole secret. Jae mustn't know he's at home trying to plan the day instead of working in his office at the clinic. He pretended to go out early as if he was checking in for work today, just before Jae went off for his class. Unbeknownst to the dhampir, Han was actually doing some grocery shopping at the supermarket. Hanseol was a simple soul, if things were possible that way, he wouldn't want to go out at all. 

The dates were cute and satisfactory but he loves spending time with Jae indoors, preferably inside their humble abode most of all. He'd rather cook them dinner instead of having to dine outside with a bunch of reservations being made. What comes from the heart is what truly matters, and Han surely can make do with such a concept given the time. The male may have had an eye out for the dhampir's schedule today so he would know when Jae would come back but he couldn't do much if the other male were to come home early. He's been cleaning the entire house today and he was currently rereading the recipe written down on the book he's holding.

 The doe-eyed Celestial wasn't the best cook but he is indeed the cook out of the two of them and when he likes doing something, he usually excels at them. What better way to show his appreciation by trying to cook something for his boyfriend on their anniversary that ironically fell on Valentine's Day? Han couldn't get anymore cheesier. He had an apron tied properly around his waist and sleeves rolled up neatly to reveal his arms while whistling the same tune of the music that blared in the kitchen. All the ingredients were set in place and the decorations were done prior to his cooking which was meant to be the last measure. The flower petals that were supposed to lead Jae were scattered properly as the Celestial danced to the music playing, with a spatula on his right hand and mixer on his left. 

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Jae couldn’t help but smile because of the name which Han picked out for the bunny along with his explanation of why “Has anyone told you that you’re adorable when you’re romantic?” he grinned slightly, the star always seemed to make things sound so important and special, sometimes Jae took some of the lines he spoke and wrote them down because they could come in useful when he was writing. The dhampir loved how important Han always made him feel, he barely had the time to doubt his own worth because the star would always be reminding him how much he loved him and Jae couldn’t get enough of that “How did you manage to snag such a rare person?” he asked playfully as he stared back at him with a hint of a smile on his lips “Other people might want to know your secrets” he teased with a grin.

His eyes softened because of the way Han didn’t even ask him why or question what he said, instead he just reiterated to his promise again, his heartfelt so full knowing there was someone who felt this deeply for him, someone who he felt he could be his real, honest and whole self with, someone he didn’t even know existed until around a year ago “Me too” he spoke softly in response to the sentiment that they complete one another “I don’t think I even knew who I really was until I came here and met you” he admitted it with a soft smile, he was really happy with the person he found. Jae laughed and shook his head when Han said he was his cute and clumsy person “Well I guess one of us needs to balance out all your talents” he jested and grinned “Besides you have to admit my clumsiness makes for some really interesting stories” Jae was always wondering what silly thing he might do next.

“I could remind you that many many times and something tells me you’d still try to do it” he joked, shaking his head in an amused manner, he had never seen someone who loved food quite to that level before Han, it was literally a game of eat it before Han finds it in the house. But his little innuendo did make Jae laugh out of surprise and then nudge Han with his elbow “Gosh we haven’t even had dinner yet and you’re already like this” he teased and shook his head slightly. Jae blushed slightly when Han asked him if he was the brother that was good at flirting “Well I’m not sure I’d exactly call myself good at it but...I managed to get you to fall for me so I must have done something right?” he grinned shyly as he traced his thumbs slowly over the soft skin of Han’s cheeks “We do” he responded in agreement with his words, Han had been through so much, he deserved so much happiness and Jae was happy to be the one who gets to bring it to him.

He had to admit the vase looked really beautiful with the spray of flowers now set in it “Yeah he’s gotten into some bad habits huh” he commented as he moved over to set it up on a shelf high enough that Yeontan wouldn’t be able to jump up there “For such a tiny thing, he really can get himself into such big trouble” he grumbled shaking his head as he finished setting the table and then looked over the table as Han came to help set the table “Sure, we are celebrating after all” he chided as he headed to the cabinet and picked out a sparkling white wine and then held the bottle out in front of him, pulling a face as he started unscrewing the cork knowing it would pop, when it did it went flying across the room, bounced off the wall and then landed on the carpet which made him stare for a moment like a guilty child before laughing softly and heading to pour some into each of the glasses.

As usual, he would scrunch his nose whenever he found whatever Jae said cute and would have anyone think he attempted to deny it only to nod with a smug grin, "I know, you tell me that every single time, how could I not know when you do that? I'm your romantic cutie" he giggled, knowing how much the dhampir swoons whenever he dialed it up the notch to make it more special than it probably was. He only ever wanted to see that smile gracing his lips again. Han wanted Jae to know how incredibly loved he is and made every effort to show him that over and over again. Whenever he thinks Jae forgot about it, he would remind him once again. It was a never-ending routine that he didn't mind doing. "I mean maybe I'm a beloved star… sent to earth to find his loved one so they could be destined to be together."

 He gasped and covered his mouth with one hand, eyes widening as to play into his own act, "Maybe I got so lucky and got him… when everyone else could only afford to look at him from a distance." "What to do… I guess they will only have to cry because I'm not going to let them on my secret. Why would I do that… what if someone tries to steal you away from me? What would I do then? Fight every being who tries?" Every single day he had spent with him should be commemorated, they were equally as special but today marks the day they started their journey and it meant so much to the Celestial. For today to be a success was his biggest wish. And of course, to wish that Jae would keep loving him the way he's loved him. Perhaps, even more, if that was possible. With the way their love was growing, at this rate, he couldn't even keep count anymore.

 "I'm glad I could help you in this stage of your life. I heard it's a very important for you to make your decisions at this age because you've stepped into the adult world" He always had to remind himself that Jae was young and from what he's seen, they were at the age where everything gets a bit harder. He wanted to be there for him. "Oh Jae, if only you knew how much your reckless actions always keeps me going, I swear you underestimate how cute and adorable you are, it's completely unfair" They do make up some interesting stories, he could still remember how the dhampir had caught his sleeve on fire from the candle during their supposedly romantic candlelight dinner. He could never forget how worried he was, and how much he laughed. It really was the highlight of that night, for sure. "It's not my fault food are created to sustain us and is so damn delicious... " he mumbled, he does like to eat. It was almost impossible to find Han who wouldn't snack on anything. Whether it was a pack of gum or a whole buffet, he would be occupying himself with it. 

He had a wry smirk when Jae nudged him for the innuendo he pulled earlier, he was proud of himself, that's for sure, "I mean… there's always dessert… and does that mean you're ready for me after dinner? Are you implying you're looking forward to that too, Jae?" he teased and wrapped one arm around his waist, he enjoyed touching him, it was already established. Han basically lives on the affection Jae pours. "Oh you've done everything right, baby" he murmured and pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead, he could feel his energy being fueled when the other male stared at him with such love, if only he could have this sight forever. "I'm not sure who he's picking it off from… he's never been this mischievous before... " 

With that mischievous glint in his dark hues, it was clear that Han was trying to imply that Yeontan was taking all of that from his owner, Jae, "Reminds me of someone I love and cherish." If only he could snap a picture to see the reaction on his face when he uncorked the bottle, but he did capture it in his head, "Cute baby, don't look so guilty. That's supposed to happen, let's look at the right side, at least it didn't hit Yeontan?" he chuckled and dragged the seat out for Jae so he could sit down, the barks he heard later on made him grin, especially when the Pomeranian came and took the cork away, "I think he found a new toy."

Jae shook his head with an amused smile, you’d think he’d get used to Han’s cheesy lines and nature but somehow she star found a way to keep coming up with new ones. Still, he saw the way the star loved him in many other ways too, ways which weren’t spoken but in things he noticed he did, like how he would fold Jae’s clothes for him whenever he forgot to or how he would always make sure the Dhampir ate dinner even when he had been so busy studying he didn’t even notice he was hungry. “So you’re worried someone is gonna come and steal me away huh?” he questioned him with a raised brow and smiled shaking his head slightly “Let them try” he challenged because there was so much here and they had been through so much already, he couldn’t see himself wanting anything different.

Jae nodded thoughtfully “Sometimes I forget quite how young I still am” he admitted and nodded his head slightly, he guessed things felt different after you lived independently from your parents and started making your own decisions, cooking your own meals, washing your own clothes, it gave you a different perspective on the world. “I never expected life to happen” he grinned a little sheepishly, he wasn’t saying that it was a good or bad thing, just that he didn’t predict or expect him to be in the place he was in now. Jae laughed softly when Han explained his weakness as food which made the Dhampir grin “If anyone wanted to defeat you all they would need to do is bribe you with your favorite food huh?” he smirked slightly “I’m curious, could you ever actually pick a favorite food?” he had the feeling he couldn’t because he would keep adding more things to the list.

It was hard to remember a time before he met Han when all he had done was kiss someone because he and the star were so intimate with one another now and as evidenced by the star’s suggestive comments, pretty open with talking about it too “You know I’m always ready for you” he responded playfully, wiggling his brows and little and smiling, leaning into Han’s touch against his waist and staring into his eyes for a few moments.

Jae gave a roll of his eyes when Han implied that Yeontan got his mischievous streak from him “Probably because he’s a puppy getting into his teen years and he’s testing us” he retorted shaking his head slightly “He has managed to learn a few of the tricks I’ve been teaching him though” he didn’t pull on the leash when he walked him anymore with and Jae had taught him leave it which comes in useful whenever he grabs something he shouldn’t. After the cork had flown across the room he chuckled pouring out the glasses “I actually thought it was going to hit him” he mused with a laugh as he took his seat at the table and leaned against it as he watched Yeontan run off with the cork “Looks like he’s getting his revenge” he spoke and laughed “At least it’s only the cork this time and not your expensive work shoes, I swear I thought you were never going to speak to him again” he had ripped a hole in the toe and Han hadn’t been impressed at all.

“So what are our plans for this year hmm? I personally vote we plan a vacation since we haven’t been on one together least a trip somewhere out of the city” he pursed his lips slightly, they kept mentioning plans they would make but Jae wanted to start putting them in motion, he wanted to live their lives and enjoy their happiness.

There were probably plenty of things that they needed to talk about; something one should talk about over dinner. Even though it’s an auspicious day, Han still wanted to talk to him about his future arrangements, such as telling Jae how he managed to snag an opportunity to finish his papers at the latest facility in Denver. It’s been in the talks for months long, and now he was finally given the chance to prove his worth, all the hours he spent on researching the new vaccine finally paid off. Just like Jae who was slowly piling up his mountain worth of work every time he’s near a study week, Han too, got busier in time. “I probably shouldn’t be worried” he really shouldn’t. The way the dhampir incited that challenge with the burning gaze in his dark hues made the Celestial chuckle, how cute. “That’s what I thought.”

 He was proud, in so many ways. Perhaps, to others, it was a bit of an understatement, but to Han, seeing the man in front of him flourish at a young age, there wasn’t anything he shouldn’t be proud of. “Me too… it feels like it’s been forever. I’m not in the place where I could say I’m young but I sure feel like it” Comparison wise, he’s only lived about 1% of his portion. How he wanted to deny so badly that it wasn’t that easy to bribe him but he knew, it could actually be that easy. “Shush” he mumbled and rolled his eyes playfully at the dhampir who seemed to thrive on teasing him. That makes the two of them. When he was asked if he could pick a favorite food, “I think it’s still possible… I have a soft spot for dessert or any sweet things, sure. But I can’t deny my all-time favorite dish that would make me feel like I’m living in cloud nine would be beef. Yeah… tenderloin… filet mignon, for sure.” The thought of it alone was already causing him to salivate.

 If his heart was finding a time to stop slacking and picking back the pace, it was now. His heart was beating rapidly as he grinned smugly upon hearing Jae’s response to his suggestive comments, “Glad to hear” he cooed gently and stroked his head. “I’m this close to actually pull a whole PowerPoint slide on you to explain how pups get their mischievous streak and why some of the others wouldn’t follow in that path, perhaps someday… I’ll even make that devilish Pomeranian watch and hear too. It’s about time he sits down and hear what I’ve got to say.” The delightful barks he heard implied the Pomeranian found a new toy and was happy with it which made the Celestial shake his head in mirth, “I still remember having to change those shoes twice a week... I think he’s growing out of the chew toy phase and wants something sturdier to bite. But I was not impressed… those were some expensive shoes.”

 When Jae mentioned vacations and plans, his eyes lit up as he took a seat next to him, “Oooh, yeah we didn’t have one just yet, right? I should probably make use of my annual leave for that. Speaking of which, I got offered a position as one of the two junior researchers for the dose administration on the vaccine I was studying.” It’s been going on since last year and it was one of the reasons why Han decided to pull in a few overtime hours lately. It’s only right to break down good news like this over dinner, no?

Jae let a natural smile appear on his lips, he and Han had finally found their comfortable place where they could just enjoy one another’s company, it had taken them a while to figure out their differences, Jae had his own insecurities he had to overcome and Han was slowly learning to be more open and forthcoming “You shouldn’t be, if I was going anywhere I would have by now” he believed in them, as cheesy as it probably sounded and as much as people would tell him he was blinded by first love, they had been through so much in a year to make this work and that did mean something. They weren’t perfect but that was part of the charm of them, that they had their differences and quirks.

Jae chuckled under his breath and smiled “I think in certain ways you are young” he commented and smiled “I’m not sure you can really count all that time stuck in the dark as living so when you think about it like that, you’ve done a lot in a very short time” not to mention that before that Han had fallen to the earth with no idea who or what he was and still managed to find a life for himself “Not everyone would have been able to adjust to the modern world as you did, after all that” it was impressive when you thought about it “What was it that made you want to be a vet?” he realized he never really asked before about Han’s path to his career choice, he’d always seemed so sure in it that he never really thought to question it.

Han definitely loved food, he was always the one who would take longer to pick what he wanted to eat when they went out because there were so many good options and he always wanted to have dessert, even when he had eaten so much already that he might burst “So he’s never going to want to go vegan then” he joked with a chuckle and smile “Then one day I want to learn to cook you a will probably take me a few tries to get it right though” he would never be a master chef but he would learn to make one special meal. He was determined to. Jae scrunched his nose and laughed when Han threatened to go full lecture about how dogs reflected the traits of their owners “Alright alright, spare me the Powerpoint” he held his hands up in defeat and laugh “At least he didn’t chew your assignment, do you know how impressed my lecturer was when I had to tell him the dog ate my assignment” he pressed his lips together and chuckled.

He saw the way Han seemed to practically light up at the idea of getting to do something new, they hadn’t really had the chance to make actual plans like that together yet but he thought it would be fun and give them something to look forward to but as he listened to Han’s excitement he listened to the topic change and he looked back at the star his jaw dropping for a moment “You mean that vaccine paper you’ve been working on for months?” he remembered how stressed Han had been about getting it just right and how many times he had rewritten the same parts “Han this is huge?” he broke out into a wide smile unable to contain himself as he got to his feet and enveloped the star into a bear hug, lifting him off his chair in the process “I’m so proud of you” he spoke softly not letting go as he did so.

Maybe they could sit down and talk like this more. The two of them were always so busy, Han with his work and Jae with his studies, it was honestly hard to find them with both having the same spare time. However, the two of them make the effort to spend time with each other so there's that. "You could be trying to scam me... " he pointed out teasingly, his lips were jutted out, forming the all too familiar pout the dhampir has seen gracing the Celestial's face frequently. Jae often played into his whims and Han was grateful to have someone who could play along with whatever he conjured up, sometimes the scenario wasn't what mattered, it's the reaction he got from Jae that really did it. "So we're youthful… I can get by with that" He didn't really count the days he spent in the dark as much for living anyway, and it wasn't as if he was going to grow physically, Hanseol was still going to be the same 18-year-old kid who was disguised in the ID that said he is 21, albeit slightly more mature now with the change of his wardrobe. "I feel like you've helped a lot in finding out what I want, so I thank you for that." 

Before Jae came into his life, all Han ever thought about was what to do the next day, and the day after that. He never once thought to think what he would do in long term, such as a month, or even 6 months to a year. They've definitely gone through quite the journey together. "When I was running from the hunters, there was a dog that accompanied me when I spent a few nights in the slums. She was a very old one but she never barked, it gets cold at night so she would often lay on me to share whatever warmth she had. I felt touched that an animal would treat me better than humans." Sometimes that memory would bring a tear to his face but now he looks back at it and smiled, because he was confident the dog would've been proud of the person he is today. "You probably never thought it'd come from a story like that, huh?" "The dog helped me but I couldn't help her. She was suffering from something that I couldn't identify back then. This is my way of paying homage." 

Turning his head to face Jae, he placed one elbow on the table and propped his chin, "What made you want to be a writer? I feel like there's a story deeper to it" Jae's skills were exceptionally fine, but surely that passion came from somewhere, right? The Celestial gasped dramatically when he heard Jae said he's never going to be a vegan, "You said the v word… how could you utter such a disgraceful word in the house of meat." His eyes softened considerably when Jae expressed his wish to be able to cook for him one day, how did he score this kind of guy? "I'll look forward to that day." Han couldn't refrain himself from letting out a big laugh the moment his boyfriend said that, "This is why you always make a second copy, baby" he teased, "I think he wants to bite something, his canines are probably sturdier now, I'll bring him for checkup later, you should come too" It's been a while since Jae's been to his workplace. 

Vacation plans and now this news, they could really be thrilled today. He couldn't stop the big grin on his face when Jae lifted him up for a hug, "Mhmm, it finally paid off" he placed his hands on Jae's waist and beckoned for them to return to their seats and back to their food. "It's… going to consume a lot of my time though." Then comes the worry. 

Jae raised a curious brow when Han said he could be trying to scam him “If I’m a full year into a scam then I think that makes me a really bad criminal” he laughed under his breath shaking his head in amusement a little. They were still young, they had their whole life ahead of them and they were going to make decisions and change courses and figure out their paths, there was a sort of beauty in knowing that and feeling as though they still had time to make mistakes and figure things out “I’m glad I could bring...some sort of consistency to your life, I’m sure it couldn’t have been easy for you to feel as though you couldn’t even be excited for the future” it sounded terrifying to Jae if he was honest, all he really had was his dreams and ambitions right now, he couldn’t imagine being without them.

Jae had an effortless smile on his lips as he listened to the story about the dog and how she had taken care of him, the dhampir could picture the situation in his head and while the nature of it was very sad, there was a certain warmth in knowing that at that moment, Han wasn’t alone, that he had a companion to take care of him. It made Han’s motivations when it came to animals make a whole lot more sense, how before he spent more time talking to them than he even did people and also how emotional he could get when something happened to them “I had no idea” he spoke softly, he was happy that Han felt comfortable to share things like this with him now “It’s a shame you couldn’t save her” he commented softly under his breath “But I’m sure you gave her exactly what she needed at that time, someone to love her” he nodded slightly.

Jae smiled sheepishly when Han returned the question to him “You wasn’t just a single moment where I decided that I wanted to be a writer, it was a combination of things” he nodded slightly “My parents told every single one of my siblings what job they would do in their life and each of them just kinda...said okay...even if it wasn’t what they wanted” he shrugged slightly “English was always my passion, I was better at it than all my other subjects, I remember reading so many books, I loved the stories, I loved that people got to share small parts of themselves in the pages” he pressed his lips together and smiled “I’ve never been the best at know...never been the top of the class or the likes but” he shrugged “When it came to writing it just felt it all made sense” he nodded slightly hoping that explained Han’s question.

Jae smile sweetly when Han said he’d look forward to the meal he cooks him and then rolled his eyes when he scolded him for not making a second copy of his essay “I know but printing is expensive and I didn’t want to waste paper” he sighed under his breath “Yeah we should make sure everything is okay with him” Jae was very attached to Yeontan, he wanted to make sure he was happy and healthy. He had to admit he was a little shocked by the news of a promotion, Jae in his shock had forgone all dinner plans and just captured the other male in his arms, eventually, he set him down and smiled sheepishly “We knew it was going to be” he responded softly “But we can figure it out right? If we write out the schedules then we’ll be okay” maybe he was being optimistic but he would never want to stop Han from chasing his dream.

He scooted closer and held his hands, "Who knows… maybe you're trying to make this scam look believable and then just when I really thought you loved me like no other, you would poison me in my sleep and run off with whatever monetary value I leave behind" he jested, "Hey, this is not bad. A handsome criminal scamming this guy into thinking he loves him and then killing him after sex, running off as he converted everything into money. You could write a book about it" It wasn't going to be a best-selling material but knowing Han, he would probably be half as invested as he is with his work when reading something like this. The sight of Jae reminds him that things could improve for the better, a few years ago, when he first came to Evermore, he never would've thought he'd be able to be the person he is now. A year ago, he didn't think he'd be sharing his home with someone who held his heart. But here he is. 

"I'm happy to think about the future now, you taught me for the better. Once upon a time ago, I would be scared to even look out the window and think about tomorrow. So yes, you've done so much good in my life." It wouldn't even be an understatement to say Jae shaped his life for the better. He influenced him a lot. "I think even the dog knows what I was going through then… it's a bit ironic, I'm bigger than her but she's the one protecting me from the bad men lurking around like she was my mother." It was kinda cute. It was something Han needed back then, assurance. "I have plenty of love to give" his gaze settled on the dhampir as he showed his pearly grin. The Celestial sat by and listened to every word that came out from him, he knew of his parents being slightly controlling, especially the father, but hearing this story from Jae himself delivered him a momentum that wasn't going to be able to be described by someone else. It was two different things. 

"You don't have to be good at everything" he mused and brushed a strand behind his ear gently, "It must've been unsettling for you. But I'm glad you broke the streak. You made your choice and decision… you are carving your own life. Your own dream. And someday, you're going to make your debut as an author; the most charming one. You'll share your stories with others and make them happy… or sad… or angry" he chuckled, whatever genre he wanted it to be. "I know it may sound like I'm biased but those notes you gave me when we first started dating… I kept them. They were beautiful words." He wished that Jae would be able to share similar things like that to the world one day. Such talent shouldn't be suppressed. "I know we're both go green enthusiast but baby, sometimes you need to make a sacrifice for the better good" he cleared his throat and tried to make it sound as dramatic as it could be. 

His grin returned as quickly as it faltered earlier, as expected, Jae would come by with his optimistic self, reassuring Han that they can make it work, "Yes, we'll make schedules. I love this opportunity. Maybe we can plan our off days too. We should have those, where we can just lounge together and do whatever we want last minute? Is there anything you want to do that we haven't?"

Jae found it funny how Han continued with this narrative about how he was a scammer trying to take him for everything he had “You really do have quite the unique imagination Han” he teased with a laugh, though he wasn’t wrong it could make for a very interesting basis for a story “Seems like it would be a pretty empty ending though, I prefer writing stories which feel satisfying in one way or another...that one makes me just feel a little sad” maybe he was a little sappy but if he was going to write a crime related story he would probably do so from the point of view of a detective and follow the clues of the story to eventually solve it “You kinda want a protagonist you can root for and believe in...I think” that was just Jae’s preference in narrative more than anything.

Jae was really glad to hear that Han felt like he could feel optimistic about the future now because he remembered a time when he didn’t and that showed how far he had come since they met, he was proud of him for gaining confidence and direction in his life and while some of that strength might have come from their relationship he was pretty sure a large portion came from Han himself “It’s amazing to me just how much you’ve grown in the past you’re even expanding your career” there was a sense of pride in Jae’s voice, he was very impressed. “Well it sounds like you both needed one another” he spoke softly in regards to the dog “What is it about you that makes everyone want to protect you” he spoke softly as he looked back at Han, he had felt it pretty much from the moment he met him. His gaze softened when Han said he had a lot of love to give “I know” he spoke softly and smiled gently.

Being raised in the family he was, he did feel like he had to be good at everything and he felt like he didn’t measure up when he didn’t, it was something that had been ingrained into his brain ever since he was young and it meant he put pressure on himself, he didn’t know how to stop. “No one has ever told me that before” he spoke softly as he looked back at Han, naturally feeling vulnerable. “Taking my own feels like the scariest decision I could have made” he admitted and nodded his head, he was afraid of failure for sure, he had no idea where all this would lead in the end, but Han’s belief and faith in him made him feel like he could let out a breath he had been holding “You kept them?” he spoke it in the quietest, softest tone and pressed his lips together “I could write you more” he spoke softly, if Han loved them that much then he would happily give him more.

They were both supportive of one another’s dreams and wanted the best for the other, neither questions the reasons why because they believed in the other’s desired “Gosh you must be so excited to get to jump into the research even further, who knows what you might discover” Jae didn’t understand much about what Han did but he did understand that it was important and could help to save a lot of animal lives in the future “And definitely, we’ll make plans to do things, it’ll feel special, we can look forward to it” he reached up to stroke Han’s cheek before grinning and going to pour Han’s drink for him and then server out their meal “I’d like to go to the beach at some point, just us” he nodded a few times.

He loves Jae. There was no doubt in that statement at all, and he made sure everyone knew it. That Jaesung Moon stole his heart and he was his, from that day forth and so on. So yes, he wasn’t shy to flaunt just how much he loves him and how deep his affection for the dhampir goes. “Thank you, kind sir” he made the tipping hat gesture and giggled, “My head is a place filled with endless holes of possibilities baby, it’s just going to keep going on and on if you keep feeding it” and Jae is surely feeding them. “You like those stories a lot, don’t you? I think I’ve seen plenty of books lying around and I know it’s not Yeontan and Yeon is not that kind of guy, so it’s gotta be you” he teased, he’s guilty of taking a few peeks in too, Jae had a wide range of stories going around and every once in a while, the Celestial would ask him to recommend a few books that he could read. 

“Aren’t you the protagonist in your story, Jae? Then who’s the antagonist? Yeontan? For constantly cock-blocking us?” Of course he knew who was considered the antagonist in the dhampir’s story but he wasn’t about to bring that matter forth when they’re enjoying their time together. His cheeks were blushing profusely when Jae complimented him, he was always the sucker for compliments, especially when it comes from Jae, “It’s amazing how you have come too, a year ago you were this timid guy I fell in love with… now you look more mature and knew what he wanted to do. I’m proud to see the man you’re becoming, not to mention you still have so many years ahead of you to improve” This progress between them both was for the better. 

Han got better all thanks to Jae, and he was more motivated to make their life better. Everything could always use an improvement, after all. Han parted his lips in awe before grinning sheepishly when Jae asked what it was about him that makes people want to protect, “I don’t know Jae… you’re one of them. Wouldn’t you know better than me hm?” he poked his cheek gently. He had a frown etched on his youthful features when Jae admitted that nobody’s ever told him that, “Well they should. You don’t have to be good at everything, baby. You’re already enough, hell you’re more than enough. There’s no need to prove yourself to others when you’ve already proven to yourself.” But Han could understand where his fear originated from, Han himself wanted to be the best for Jae, so he could provide for both of them without having to worry there is anything less. But that was also because the doe-eyed Celestial didn’t want to remember a time where he had to struggle to live, now that he was given the chance to make it better, he sure as hell was going to take it. He owed it to himself and the people around him.

 “Of course I kept them, they’re in one pretty box I painted under my bed” he whispered with a smile, “It’s stored alongside the origami I made for you. I always read a few every once in a while. Nobody paid me compliments the way you do and it’s not because you’re an author in the making, baby. It’s because your feelings for me are pure and genuine. You love me and I could feel that from the letters you wrote to me.” It was no wonder he treasured it. “No pressure but the thought of finding more cute stuff is endearing, so if you could write more, feel free” he cleared his throat and fiddled with his fingers, as if he didn’t just expose himself. “I am excited, I feel like all the work paid off and now I could finally venture deeper with more resources, it’s a big thing, Jae” his smile was practically stretched out from his cheeks. He took a few sips from his cup and blinked a few times when Jae expressed his wish to go to a beach, “Anywhere specific? Like, we have a lot of beaches here in America” he joked, “I wanna go camping too. Just the two of us exploring the wilderness.”

Jae laughed under his breath, sometimes he wondered if Han would ever get tired of loving him but from the way the star always came out with these cheesy lines, he wasn’t sure that was possible, Han cared about him in a way no one ever had before and their connection felt deep and genuine. He gave a shifty look when Han asked him if he liked those sorts of books “Maybe...I always got teased back in school for reading romance novels but I appreciated the quality of the writing, it could make someone who had never been in love before understand how others must feel” he had a soft smile on his lips, he understood it himself now and while some of the lines were definitely exaggerated, the thoughts about how your center shifts and your priorities change, that he resonated with.

Jae scrunched up his nose when Han asked if he was the protagonist in the stories he wanted to write was him and then laughed when he said it was Yeontan who was the antagonist “I think my protagonists have elements of be but then they are also not me...they have their own options and the go through things I haven’t” he nodded a few times “I like writing stories which feel real but also describe a world we don’t live in and situations we would never find ourselves in” in that way it was his way of exploring his imaging and thinking about how things could be different, he found that a lot of fun. Jae looked down for a moment, a blush resting on his cheeks when Han complimented how far he had come “I think the independence has helped me a lot, to figure out what person I wanted to be” he smiled “It helps having someone who would support me to the ends of the world and back” he returned the compliment and nodded.

“I know you don’t always understand what I’m doing when I sit with my nose buried in textbooks but you always ask me how it went anyway” he laughed under his breath “And even though you have that clueless look on your face, just knowing someone cares...that helps me to reach higher” and that was all there was to it, having someone to support and love him, made him better. “You’re rare” he spoke softly “No the same as you” that was what you made you want to protect Han, because there would never be someone who exactly replicated the way he cared for everyone around him so endlessly. Jae went quiet, just shaking his head in quiet disbelief because sometimes he couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to find someone who was so understanding and supportive of his dreams, someone who only ever boosted him up instead of telling him to be more realistic “I’m still working on proving it to myself” he spoke it in a determined tone though because he was going to keep working on it until he achieved it.

Jae smiled when Han said that he kept the letters he wrote him in the box under his bed, Jae never asked to look in there because he could sense it was very personal to Han and he liked the idea of him having a place which was just for him “I’m glad you see that now” he responded softly “When you met...honestly it felt like you didn’t know yourself or what you wanted, you seemed so lost...those letters were my way of reminding you that there was a lot of good to see in you” he nodded slightly “I hope you feel like you’ve found a part of yourself now” it wasn’t something Jae could do for him but he had been here with Han through all the expansions of his work, through his personal ventures, through training Byul and Yeontan, through the journey Han had gone through with his painting “So I’ll give you a spoiler for the next letter” he spoke softly “I’m proud of you and I’m so excited to see how far you go” which was exactly why he wasn’t going to let the potential distance get him down.

“Any beach is fine...they’re all the same” he responded with a grin “I just want to walk down the beach with my boyfriend, go swimming, buy some food at those little pierside cafes and just...get away for a while” did that sound like too much to ask for?

He didn't always know how to express his love, but he always tried to make sure Jae knows he loves him even if sometimes he may have gone too cheesy. He tried to scroll down on Google whenever he searched up new ways to show one's significant other how much they love them. He had fun doing them so he never found it burdensome, and Jae always smiled and laughed. That's all he wanted, to see his baby happy and delighted by whatever he displayed. "Who dares to tease you for reading what you like? Who do they think they are" he grumbled and huffed, if it was possible, he was probably ready to fight every single one of them. "I think it makes you very romantic and I love how romantic you can be, it's always a new thing with you" From what he's seen, his dhampir is quite the creative lad, he always had something to think about, and he was beginning to think all that supply came from his endless imagination when writing. Han was looking forward to reading his first completed work one day. 

"But now that you've finally fallen in love… how does it feel?" he was curious to see what kind of picture Jae's had when it comes to falling in love, it must be different from his own. "You know… when you say it like this, I feel like I'm this stupid kid with no previous knowledge about literature and writingship, and you're this author that I can't keep my eyes off who keeps telling me stuff that I have no idea what it meant but it felt like it resonated well with me." He imagined it was the same with Jae when he came home to gush about his work, especially with he tends to use jargon in the conversation. "But I get it… you wanna write something that is realistic but still so different so that we could delve into another world while being able to resonate with it. I don't know if I got that right or not but… It sounds beautiful." The Celestial appreciated his work a lot, much like how Jae would compliment him on his paintings, Han would do the same on his literary works.

 Sometimes Jae would use words that weren't in his vocabulary and he would marvel at it, especially when the dhampir didn't have English as a first language. "I'll always have your back, Jae" he reassured softly, "Always." His eyes softened and Han couldn't help but whimper gently when Jae worded it like that, he felt so loved and cared for it was insane to think that he would ever reach this milestone in his life, "If I had told myself from 3 years ago that this would happen… I don't think he'd believe me." That was how surprising this was to him, to have someone like Jae by his side, it was still hard to believe this is real. "You work on it Jae, and I'll be here to cheer you on it" he was positive that Jae would succeed, he's seen his works in a smaller form and with how determined the dhampir was, it was hard not to see the glow of success nearby. "I haven't seen half of what you've seen in me but… I'm getting better now. You taught me how to love myself… you taught me that I have reasons I should love myself and I love you even more for that."

 He kept all this letters nearly in the box and was very protective over it. He would often clean them so it wouldn't get dusty and placed it somewhere even Yeontan and Byul wouldn't be able to get. "We've grown a lot since then huh? A year already… wow, who would've thought." His eyes lit up when he said he was giving him a spoiler for the next letter, "Is that a hint that even distance won't be able to sever our bond?" he wiggled his eyebrows playfully and nudged him, "Of course Jae, we'll set a date and plan it all. Whatever you want, we deserve a vacation anyway. Our own personal gateway, besides… having the chance to spend your quality time with my baby? Who could pass that up? Do you have something else you wanna do aside from that?"


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