Today has been the day he's been waiting for, the day Hanseol actually counted down the seconds until it reached 12 am earlier today. A Friday too, nonetheless; coincidentally his favorite day of the week. Fridays always meant the Celestial could check out early since it's a half-day work for him. It was a good perk that he enjoyed very much. That wasn't all, today is 14th of February 2020, which is Valentine's Day and approximately marks their 1st year anniversary. It felt like it was just yesterday when they first officially announced their relationship. And it was on this very date last year that Han remembered they had shared a rather sweet kiss under the rain, despite the weather ruining their amusement park date. Nevertheless, they were able to continue the celebration once they got home. 

He shouldn't be taking a day off today, if Jae found out that's what he did just so he could properly plan out their itinerary for the special day, the dhampir could quite literally have his head. He would do well not to trifle with a pissed off Jae because that was asking for a death wish and he certainly didn't have any of those hence why he had kept it a whole secret. Jae mustn't know he's at home trying to plan the day instead of working in his office at the clinic. He pretended to go out early as if he was checking in for work today, just before Jae went off for his class. Unbeknownst to the dhampir, Han was actually doing some grocery shopping at the supermarket. Hanseol was a simple soul, if things were possible that way, he wouldn't want to go out at all. 

The dates were cute and satisfactory but he loves spending time with Jae indoors, preferably inside their humble abode most of all. He'd rather cook them dinner instead of having to dine outside with a bunch of reservations being made. What comes from the heart is what truly matters, and Han surely can make do with such a concept given the time. The male may have had an eye out for the dhampir's schedule today so he would know when Jae would come back but he couldn't do much if the other male were to come home early. He's been cleaning the entire house today and he was currently rereading the recipe written down on the book he's holding.

 The doe-eyed Celestial wasn't the best cook but he is indeed the cook out of the two of them and when he likes doing something, he usually excels at them. What better way to show his appreciation by trying to cook something for his boyfriend on their anniversary that ironically fell on Valentine's Day? Han couldn't get anymore cheesier. He had an apron tied properly around his waist and sleeves rolled up neatly to reveal his arms while whistling the same tune of the music that blared in the kitchen. All the ingredients were set in place and the decorations were done prior to his cooking which was meant to be the last measure. The flower petals that were supposed to lead Jae were scattered properly as the Celestial danced to the music playing, with a spatula on his right hand and mixer on his left. 

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To say that Jae had been distracted today was probably an understatement. How could you not be distracted when it was Valentine's day and everywhere you went were little reminders. Jae had to leave for class pretty early this morning so he had kissed Han goodbye and headed off, following the usual zombified routine he followed whenever he needed to cross the city so early to attend his classes. But he had noticed all the red balloons and heart shaped things as he absentmindedly watched out the window on the journey. This day had never meant much to him before, not until that day where he and Han had their first official date and finally called their relationship official.

It was the cheesiest thing to say, that your anniversary was on Valentine’s day but then it somehow just seemed to fit them, mostly because Han was quite literally the cheesiest partner you could ever find, if it was romantic and cliche then you could guarantee he had either already done it, dreamed about it or wanted to do it. Jae wasn’t as in love with the idea of love as Han was but he adored how happy it made him. So when you thought about it like that, it made a lot of sense for them to share the occasion. Which was exactly why Jae was a little suspicious when Han hadn’t even mentioned the day it was before he left this morning and seemingly acted like he forgot about it.

Class seemed to drag today but Jae remained entertained by people not so discreetly exchanging gifts and notes, he spent most of the time jotting down notes from the lecture and he sent Han a few messages which got some pretty short responses. Still, Jae definitely had this feeling in his chest that Han wouldn’t haven’t have forgotten, it wasn’t in Han’s nature to forget anything. As soon as class got out he had headed out, getting the subway across the city to the store he had come to the other day. Jae wasn’t one for big gestures but he did arrange a few gifts for Han to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, he paid the clerk and thanked them for getting it all arranged for him with a smile.

Before long he had hopped back on the train home, he felt a little apprehensive going home because he’d barely heard from Han all day but it was more an excited form or nerves because he was excited to give Han his gift and hopefully get to spend the evening together, he felt so busy lately that the idea of whole evening just the two of them was exciting. When his train arrived he got off and headed the short distance he needed to walk to get home before heading up to the door and unlocking it with his key, just about managing balance all the things he was holding while he was doing, propping the bunny plushie he’d picked out for Han under his chin as he shuffled into the house and kicked the door closed behind him “Han?” he called out hearing the sound of music coming from the kitchen he headed that way.

The music blaring was more than enough to get the Celestial going, before he knew it, he was already twirling around happily, following the melody and beat of the song playing while humming to himself. Byul and Yeontan were seemingly cooperating with him today, but then again he's been very good at bribing them to act and behave accordingly for today is a special day. Obviously, he had no idea what time it was because he was too immersed in the music playing out loud. And the puppies didn't seem to interrupt him, they were sitting obediently on the couch with the bunny that was also slowly growing. In a few months time, Hanseol Jr would look like an adult rabbit already and Han dreaded for the day to come. 

Don't get him wrong, he loves the bunny but he would miss the way it would hop on him looking like a cute menace. Though something tells Han that the rabbit would still live up to be a menace when it grows up. Had he paid attention to the clock across the kitchen space, he would've known that Jae should be getting home anytime now. The good thing was that he only needed to wait for half an hour to finish everything else. He was planning on a homemade meal again, he knows how much Jae probably missed Korean cuisine. If there was one thing most Asians were bad at, it's forgetting their own homemade meals. It's been a while since he's cooked Korean food, so he decided to give it a try again. 

The rice was already cooked, he had gotten the kimchi he made alongside the rest of banchan (side dishes) out of the fridge. Did he spend the past week fermenting the kimchi? Maybe. But what wouldn't he do for his boyfriend? He really wanted to bake a cake hence why he had a mixer on his other hand while the other was flipping the hotteok on the pan. It's hard to get hotteok outside of Korea considering it's a street food but he wanted to give Jae the homey feeling here too. Searching for the recipe was hard and he wasn't even sure he perfected it. When he heard his name being called our by a very familiar sounding voice, he froze and cursed before turning off the music, sighing to himself because there's no point of hiding this away. How was he supposed to hide the dishes he's made on the table? He still needs to bake a cake. 

"I'm in the kitchen" he exclaimed and placed the mixer into the bowl. He waited until Jae came to the kitchen and waved sheepishly, "Hi lovely, how's… Class- Is that a bunny plushie you're holding?" His eyes widened and bit when it fell on the plushie Jae's holding. 

The one thing that Jae almost immediately when he walked into the hallway was the smell of food and it wasn’t just any food either, he swore he could smell Korean food so distinctly that even when they walked down a street with a restaurant that served it he could tell almost immediately and because of that he was immediately excited. For one, Jae hadn’t eaten much today, only a sandwich for lunch which wasn’t particularly exciting and also he had been missing cooking from home a lot lately, that was why he had dragged Han out to a Korean barbeque the other week even though they didn’t normally go out for dinner. He heard the sound of the music stop when Han realized he was home, though he sounded a little shifty when he spoke which immediately told him that Han had something planned.

His stomach was grumbling from the smell of the food alone but as he headed into the kitchen he noted the sheer amount of food out on the table and widened his eyes “How did you make all this already?” he questioned almost blanking what Han said but then he realized the star had spotted the cute bunny plushie in his arms “Uh...yes” he commented and chuckled softly under his breath before he held it out to Han “He’s for you...happy anniversary baby” when the star took the plushie he swore his eyes softened because just like he suspected, Han looked absolutely adorable with a soft toy in his arms and he already knew from the way Han was looking at it that he found it cute.

Without another thought Jae closed the gap, purposely sneaking up behind the star so he could wrap his arms around him, rocking them both from side to side a little as he leaned his head against his shoulder “Why do I get the feeling you didn’t actually go to work today” he spoke in a teasing tone because from the look of everything there was no way in hell he managed to do all of this in a few hours, not after being tired from work like he usually was. Though Jae had to admit he was really excited to try whatever it was he was cooking because it was making him feel all nostalgic and happy.

All the preparation for this day didn't go without leaving Han feeling satisfied and he was, indeed, satisfied with what he had planned out today. It wasn't too grand or on a big scale, since the Celestial knew his boyfriend preferred their personal time together to be kept between the two of them only. He could get behind that, even if he was so tempted to spoil his baby on their anniversary. The most important thing is to be sure it fits Jae's preferences and taste because in a relationship, it takes two to make it work. He remembered spending an entire day searching for the best Korean homemade recipes, Han won't deny, he was also a bit reluctant to cook on his own because the other recipes, they were not his expertise. The feelings counted the most, right? 

Once he stopped the music, the Celestial was already fiddling with his fingers against the apron, biting his lip in apprehension as he attempted to deliver a smile towards Jae. Talk about being busted. "I may… or may not have taken the entire day off for today" he murmured sheepishly, of course it was justified, in a way, for Han to skip work today just to prepare for their anniversary. But he wasn't sure if Jae won't frown on it either, the dhampir had always advised him to be wise while deciding things, after all. What if this wasn't it? The bunny plushie stole his attention so fast he had his mouth agape, it looks so pretty as it fitted against Jae's hold, so it wasn't surprising when he abandoned all thoughts of trying to test the taste of the food and head over to get his gift. 

With both hands held out, he slowly took it and grinned bashfully, "Happy anniversary too, baby, is this supposed to be me?" he played with the ear cutely, The both of them knew exactly how weak Han was for back hugs, he swore he nearly melted into a puddle when Jae snuck up from behind. He was still holding the plushie while grinning wholly, basking in the dhampir's warmth. "Because i skipped… but hold on before you whip out that 'Han you shouldn't' card, I thought I could take a day off to enjoy this memorable date with my boyfriend" he cleared his throat as he turned around to face Jae, holding both his hands after he threw the plushie, scoring the bunny a place on the couch after he threw it like a basketball shooting guard. 

"That's a good enough reason, right?" He bit his bottom lip and told Jae to wait for a while as he ran off to get a bouquet of lilies stacked away, returning with the exact thing and giving the dhampir a sweet kiss, "Happy Anniversary, Jae, I thought I should start off with something light and sweet."

Jae gave a somewhat wry smile when Han admitted that he had taken the day off work to prepare today’s date, Han was just that kind of person who put their all into things and he had this feeling that he wouldn’t be able to get through today without doing something special for it. It was one of the things he loved so much about Han, every little detail was important to him and he was so attentive and thoughtful. But before he could express any kind of reaction to that revelation, Han’s attention had already been captured by the soft toy in Jae’s arms. Was it a cheesy and slightly childish thing to buy? Absolutely, but the look on Han’s face at that moment made it all worth it.

He grinned too as he watched the way Han cuddled it against his chest, Jae was almost sure it would find it’s way onto their bed before the end of tonight “Maybe, it was adorable and reminded me of you so I couldn’t leave the store without it” there were many things which reminded him of Han but a bunny would always be the first thing, because it was the sketch Jae had first seen in Han’s sketchpad on the night they met and it reminded him of the bunny who Han had renamed because of Jae’s suggestion. Even Jae’s worries about Han skipping work didn’t stop Jae from wanting to wrap him up in his arms though and the Dhampir took a moment to lean his chin against Han’s shoulder and soak up the moment.

“Han you shouldn’t keep skipping” he responded in the same tone which Han had already warned him about but the scolding lacked any conviction because how could Jae be mad when he gave a reason like that “Your boss is going to end up coming around here and dragging you to the clinic by the ear before long” he joked with an amused shake of his head. Jae laughed at the way Han threw the bunny onto the couch, noting the way it landed the right way up “Sometimes I do wonder if there is anything you’re bad at” he mused as he started into the Celestial’s gaze now that he was facing him.

“You know I can’t say anything yes when you give me that look” he protested, giving an amused shake of his head as he watched Han ask off into the next room and come back with a bouquet of flowers, his favorites of course, pretty orange lilies “Oh these are so gorgeous, thank you” he responded as he leaned in to return the soft kiss Han pressed to his lips “I really can’t believe it’s already been a year” he spoke almost dumbfounded as he laid the flowers down on the kitchen counter “I swear that night at the fairground almost feels like yesterday” or maybe he just replayed every moment from that night so much that it felt new in his mind.

Han never slacked when it comes to showing Jae how much he loves him, sometimes he gets a little cheesier than usual but the dhampir never seemed to have a problem with that so Han never thought about stopping those antics because that was him; whatever he does, that's him. He would love to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Jae everyday if he could, if his schedule wouldn't give him any time constraint, he would love to do all of that but alas, both had their own individual responsibilities lying on their shoulders. It was why Hanseol wanted to make today more special, it is their first anniversary, after all, signifying their one year together. Sure he wouldn't go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner but he had compiled the things they would do today and he was positive Jae would like them.

 He didn't forget today's date and neither did Jae, judging from the plush toy he held in his hand. The Celestial felt like a child who just received his birthday gift as he cuddled the fluffy toy against his chest while staring at the dhampir with a loving and thankful look, "It reminded you of me? That's sweet, baby." Another one to add to his never-ending collection of plush toys. At the end of the day, no matter how mature Han tries to make himself out to be, he is still a kid at heart. And for plush toys, age is not an issue. It was evident that Jae was still growing, sometimes he would take a look and realize Jae was slowly towering above him already, the dhampir had also been working out the last time he checked. Han never had a problem being the smaller one, he was fine with being the small spoon and allowing Jae to comfort him that way. 

Despite the words that escaped his lips, the tone didn't have the same conviction it usually does, which made the doe-eyed male scrunch his nose up cutely and giggle heartily, "I knowww, I'll do a few OT next week to make up for it, I promise." He didn't like working overtime most of the time because it meant leaving Jae alone at the house longer than he needed to, but work is work. Fortunately, he was able to evade the tasks that would bring him to Denver, volunteering to stay here in Evermore and monitor what's needed. The excuse of needing to study to gain more experience is always under his belt. "Oh please, my boss loves me. A little too much, sometimes, but she also knows I have a busy life back home" he purred teasingly and caressed his cheeks, Han was still that shy worker but his confidence and personality also made him friendly with others, one of them was his boss.

 "I'm bad at denying you." It sounded so casual yet so serious, especially given the stare he gave the male in front of him. If a love-sick puppy is what he is, then he's fine with loving Jae this much. Even though the kiss lasted briefly, he didn't complain because it wasn't going to be the only kiss for them today. It was just starting. "A year… and we've been through plenty, haven't we?" He unconsciously rubbed the spot where he had once kicked Jae soothingly, "All those times I messed up and you forgiving me every time because you love me… I'm blessed to have someone like you; someone that is you." He ruffled the dhampir's hair playfully and came back to give him a porcelain vase, it was clearly new, but what Han wished would catch Jae's attention was the design and initials carved; it was a mix of blue and red hued vase and had a few words written such as 달까지 널 사랑해 (I love you to the moon and back) and 달 때문에 별이 밝게 빛나다 (the stars shine brightly because of the moon) as well as their Korean initials. It was handmade. 

Jae had never actually celebrated an anniversary before so he wasn’t sure how big or small to go when it came to gifts but he decided to rely on his gut instinct and his feeling was that Han would really love the plush he got him, Han sometimes had these cute childish tendencies which Jae found really endearing and that was why he knew he would love it. “I know you have loads on them upstairs but I’ve never given you one before so…” he twiddled his fingers hoping that his gift choice didn’t seem underwhelming. Though it wasn’t the only gift he had brought for Han.

Seeing the way that Han scrunched up his nose and giggled made Jae smile, he always acted cutely when he was caught doing something he shouldn’t and wanted to get off the hook and the Dhampir couldn’t bring himself to reprimand him when it was for such a sweet reason “Okay, just don’t get yourself into trouble for my sake okay” he reached out to pat Han’s cheeks gently “We can always find more time but your work is important too” he knew how much Han loved working at the clinic and being around animals all day and the last thing he wanted was for him to jeopardize that. “You do have this habit of managing to get everyone under your skin, it’s like there’s a massive sign saying protect me on your forehead” he could think of several people who were protective of the star but no one was more so than him, sometimes Jae was tempted to wrap the star up and refuse to let him leave.

“And I have never successfully managed to deny you” he responded and folded his arms with a shake of his head, one pout from Han and Jae’s switch immediately went into the mode where he wanted to give in and let him have what he wanted, usually it was that he wanted sweets but didn’t want to go out in the cold to get them. Speaking of sweets. He looked down at the paper bag he was holding before he offered it out to Han for a moment “I got them from that bakery you love, I figured since neither of us can bake to save our lives we could have them for dessert” they were brownies, the kind Han never seemed to be able to get enough of, with his constant sweet tooth.

“So much” he commented with a grin “And yet here we are, still fighting for this together” he was proud of everything they had overcome and how they were now here to celebrate this day together, in a way which felt completely them, he loved their dates when they got to stay home and just spend time with one another, he always felt so calm and happy, especially because it usually led to them watching a movie on the couch which meant he got to be cuddled up in Han’s arms. When Han came back, Jae’s eyes softened the moment he saw the vase Han held in his hands and he leaned in close to get a good look at it before putting out his hands so he could take it and study it, it was red and blue, their colors and there were little inscriptions on it in Korean, he read each one and felt himself tearing up a little because they were quotes which related to him and Han “Did you make this?” he asked softly, he was amazed by it, his eyes staring at every detail and running his fingers gently against it.

For someone who’s never even celebrated his own birthday until Jae brought it around, Han was slowly getting down to planning; from casual candlelit dinners to the dhampir’s birthday, and now their first year anniversary. Special occasions required his utmost attention and he had no problem sparing his time for that. Especially if it was to signify their union and bond, that’s something to celebrate. “You’re right, I have like a dozen big ones but still, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop collecting them, so don’t worry. You can give me nothing and I’ll still kiss the air you’ve granted me” he grinned sheepishly, talk about being cheesy. He was sure he would cherish the bunny plush in time. “It’s more meaningful to me because the things you give, it resembles me or made you think of me. It’s the thought that counts, right?” 

He wasn’t a slacker and whilst he did take his leaves for granted at times, he tried his best to make up for it. But work is the least on his mind, right now. Not when his boyfriend is here in front of him on their special day. “I love how you are always so worried over me, sometimes it makes me wonder who’s the older one in the relationship, always worrying over your hyung, aren’t you?” he teased and pinched his cheek playfully, he didn’t mind, it makes him feel more significant and that automatically directs him to feel more loved. “It’s my charm” he whispered and giggled, Han tries to portray himself as someone who was bright and friendly, it’s worked out for him this long. He didn’t seem like he’s made any enemies either, how could he? His current life is too important for him to put it in jeopardy. 

The Celestial’s doe eyes fell on the paper bag Jae offered him, taking it in his hands, peering from above to see what’s inside, eyes lit up like a Christmas tree once he realized they were brownies and came from his favorite bakery. “I feel that tiny jab to my ego when you said we couldn’t bake to save our lives, do you want me to go to a cooking class later?” he narrowed his dark hues in the feigned offense before sniffing the baked goods, “But since you brought such an offering, I’ll let you off. One day when I can bake brownies, this place is gonna be a brownies fortress. Maybe I should ask Eun how he bakes… the blueberry cupcakes he made for you last time were good” And admittedly, Han finished like half of them. 

“And we’ll be fighting this for more years to come, right? You’re delusional if you think I’m gonna ever let you go so easily” he hugged him firmly and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek before he tilted his head to the side, desperate to gauge his reaction on the vase. “I took a pottery class once but couldn’t take more because of my working schedule so I’m not sure how it turns out… I hope it’s to your liking.”

Jae gave a soft laugh, he kinda liked how cute Han could be with his plushies and how he insisted on keeping all of them, Jae sometimes wondered if they would run out of space because the star couldn’t bring himself to get rid of them “Yeah but...I wanted to make sure to get you something you would love...I thought you could take it with you when you go on your trips and then you’d have a reminder of me to hug when you miss me” he knew Han had to travel for business sometimes and he was fine with that but Han always said it was hard because he missed him too much. Honestly, Jae just wanted it to be perfect because that would bring out the smile he loved so much on Han’s face, the one he always searched for ways to draw out.

Jae blushed slightly when Han called him out for worrying over him, saying that since he was the older one he was supposed to be the one who worried, he scrunched up his cheeks when Han pinched against one of them “I just like making sure you’re happy” he responded a little flustered for being called out, sometimes it was hard to remember he was the younger of the two of them because Han could sometimes be quite childish and silly, it made Jae forget for a while that he had lived for 90 years before the two of them met. “Your charm huh? No wonder everyone wants to check on you and take care of you so much” he spoke it softly and shook his head, everyone seemed to want to make sure Han stayed safe, him, Yeon, Sunmin, even Dae most of the time.

Seeing the way Han practically lit up when he realized that he had brought back brownies made the Dhampir smile brightly, there was nothing he liked seeing more than Han being happy. He could still smell the food which Han had been preparing and his stomach was rumbling because of how good it all smelled. “Well...maybe we could go do one together, then we could both...not be hopeless at it and we get to come home with new sweets to try every time, win-win right?” plus it could be fun to go and learn the basics and then find new recipes together at home, something they were both bad at which they could work together on. “We could definitely ask Eun for some tips and recipes, he loves baking, he will explain everything given half the chance” he chuckled and shrugged, it could be fun right?

“That’s the plan” he commented as he closed his eyes, returning the hug and holding Han in his arms for a moment before the star pulled back “We’ll be celebrating our second anniversary and then our fifth and before we know it we’ll have spent a decade together” or that’s what he hoped for anyway, he loved his life now and he wanted to keep it so much. He was so surprised by Han’s gift that he kept staring at it with wide eyes, it was beautiful and Han had made it all by himself “I love it, thank you” he commented as he set it down on the table “Now I just need to get some flowers to put inside it” he spoke sheepishly, he would get those tomorrow but for now, he pecked a soft kiss to Han’s lips as thanks for such a thoughtful gift.

He's a simple person, but loves to spoil whenever he could. Jae became the person he would always find a way on spoiling, which he justified every time because he's his beloved. So to see the dhampir's effort in trying to gift him something that would knowingly make him happy only furthered his enthusiasm for this day. "You're very considerate, baby" he cooed playfully and stared at the bunny plushie he received, Jae wasn't wrong, he had plenty of plushies all stacked up together in his room, he even made the effort to have a new cabinet and shelf made for those cute things. Really, secretly at heart, Hanseol Park is still very much youthful. Upon hearing that he bought it so the Celestial could take it with him whenever he has to go away for work, Han could feel his eyes softening at the thought of it, "It's a lovely gesture. I'll make sure to keep it with me always."

 He'd remember this one was particularly special because of the person that gifted it to him. "FaceTime is no longer enough for us, huh?" It surprises himself how clingy he could be but he didn't mind, they were both young and they've only been in this relationship for a year, to the Celestial, they still had plenty more to learn. "You make me happy, Jae. You know that has always been enough, and will continue to be for more years to come" he reassured gently and grinned bashfully, the man before him truly was beautiful, especially when he smiles or blushes, "Have I told you how much I love it when you blush?" Probably more times than he could count. "Here's a secret" he whispered and pulled Jae closer so he could tell it to his ear, "The one I love most to take care of me is right here with me. He's all I need" It was a given that the Celestial could be quite cheesy but he always held that sincere tone whenever he's genuine, and with how expressive his eyes could go, it was hard for him to lie properly without being called out on it.

 He knew he was grateful to have people to care for him, it meant everything to him considering the life he had once led. Now he wasn't alone. Han knew Jae understood his sweet addiction, especially chocolates, in general. So the brownies from his favorite bakery was a cherry on top, of many cherries. Yes. "True… I like how your sexy mind works, Jae. Genius. Maybe we could start next week, once a week and try to see what we could come up with, right? Start with the easy beginner recipe first" Like cupcakes. Before long, they may even be able to do brownies, which was his favorite dessert. It was also an opportunity for the two of them to spend more time together at home, that's the big bonus. "Gosh does your brother have to be good at bachelor stuff?" he teased, it was a wonder how the male was still single though he had an idea that may not last from how things went. Something was going on between a certain kitsune and that elder dhampir, for sure. His eyes lit up at the mention of celebrating a second anniversary and a fifth, and so on. 

"I love that you really believe we'll live to those." I love you, he grinned sheepishly. He didn't have enough time to make another one aside from the vase he just have him, but fortunately, Jae seems to give off the positive liking vibes, the peck he received made the Celestial halt him before pulling him for another passionate kiss, his hands skipping behind Jae's behind and grabbing the bouquet of lilies he gave the dhampir earlier, bringing it up to his vision once he pulled away, "You mean these flowers? Jae, were you that happy you forgot I have you flowers already? I mean unless you wanna mix it with my lovely hydrangeas as well, that works too" he teased and stroked his hair a few times before taking off his apron, pushing a few plates towards the dhampir, "Do you mind setting the table? We can eat then." 

Jae laughed softly when Han said he was considerate, he thought it was the minimum he could do, giving his boyfriend something to make him smile on their anniversary. Seeing the way Han stared at the plushie made him pull a bright smile, he knew how attached Han tended to get to his plushies and now he finally had one which came from Jae. “You’d better, he’ll be lonely if you don’t take him with you” he commented with a soft smile, really that was him saying he felt lonely when Han had to go away but he understood that was something which couldn’t be avoided, but at least now the star would have something to remind him of him while he was gone.

“Yeah I mean it’s definitely better than not seeing you at all but” he smiled sheepishly, the distance thing wasn’t something they did well with, perhaps they were just the young and in love types right now who couldn’t handle it and with time they would but Jae felt like the bed was too big and cold when Han wasn’t in it, he would wake up realizing he rolled onto the star’s side and feeling disappointed. Mostly Jae worried about Han’s ability to sleep, knowing that he often had nightmares when he slept alone. “Of course I know that” he commented softly “But even then...sometimes you can feel sad, it’s only natural and I like to be the one to lift your spirits” sometimes no matter how much good there was in your life, all you saw was the bad.

Of course, Han pointing out he was blushing only made him blush harder, pressing a hand to his cheeks as though that would cool them down but really made him look shy and bashful, when Han leaned in against his ear he swore he felt the urge to shiver before a sheepish smile appeared on his lips “That’s quite the secret to tell” he commented in a soft voice and chuckled slightly pressing his hand against Han’s cheeks so he could look into his eyes for a moment “I love that you always remind me how much you want me” he spoke softly rubbing his thumb gently against Han’s cheeks “Please never stop...doing that” Han always helped to boost Jae’s confidence and in the past year he felt his insecurities begin to die out.

Jae laughed slightly when Han called his mind sexy, shaking his head because that was definitely something which the star picked up from someone else because it didn’t sound right coming from him at all. Jae widened his eyes when Han agreed to the idea of baking together though, it could be a lot of fun, they didn’t often set aside time to do something special like that often “For a minute I thought you were going to outright say no because of my clumsy nature” he commented with a laugh, he remembered the time they were cooking potatoes for sure “You can’t eat all of the results through, you have to let me try at least one” he scolded playfully with a laugh, he knew how much Han loved his sweet things after all. Jae grumbled a little when Han pointed out Eun’s ability to do good at bachelor stuff “Ahhh don’t remind me, I swear he is good at everything, I can’t think of anything he’s bad at...except maybe flirting” he shook his head slightly.

Jae’s breath hitched for a moment when Han spoke his next words “No I don’t just believe it, I know it” he spoke softly as he stroked his fingers gently against Han’s cheeks “Don’t think like that, I can’t stand the idea of you thinking like that” they deserved this, they deserved a happy life together and he would be damned if he let the world take that from him. The moment he pulled back from the peck he felt Han pull him in for another kiss which made him chuckle slightly, smiling against his lips and returning the kiss before pulling back. Seeing the flowers Han grabbed and held up Jae covered his mouth and laugh “I cannot believe I forgot that you just gave me those” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, heading into the kitchen and filled the vase with water before taking out the flowers and cutting the stems and placing them inside the vase, staring at it with a smile on his lips “Now it’s perfect” he spoke softly as he ran his fingers across the engraving.

Before long he had grabbed all the things he needed to set the table, their fake candles because Han refused to let him have real ones after the sleeve fire incident and silverware, two plates and wine glasses because he figured they were celebrating tonight after all.

"Please, I don't usually bring my luggage along because it's burdensome but now I know I would, I'll put in the plushie inside and bring it with me, don't you worry about that." One glance at the plushie had Han wondering what he's going to name him, "I think I'm going to name him Sowon, meaning wish. Every time I miss you, I'll kiss it and wish for it to be delivered to you… who knows, if luck has it, you may be able to feel the sentiment from afar." It's the thought that counts, right? The two of them often felt lonely without the other, the bed feels a lot bigger and emptier without both of them occupying it. He shares the same view when it comes to being apart, had it not been due to his work constraint, he wouldn't even think of going somewhere else. Not without his dhampir, which gave him the idea that they probably needed a break from everything soon; a vacation maybe. Maybe he can schedule it during Jae's semester break, he still had his annual leave. 

"You are the one who could lift up my spirits, easily too. I think everyone should be envious, because they may not have their own personal Jae. I do. Rumor has it he's a limited edition, only one in the world." Which was why he would always be grateful to have the dhampir by his side, the love they shared was something else; something that couldn't be measured. Han seemed to realize where all the worries came from, he couldn't sleep as well when Jae's not around, prompting the other male into spooning him often before they went to sleep. It was a childish antic for Han but Jae kept doing it up until now. He never let go of him and Han couldn't find it in him to say it's fine not to hug him. His cheeks felt slightly bunched up when Jae pressed his hand against it but he was way too mesmerized by the look the dhampir gave him, "I promise. I'll always want you baby, all of you. Every flaw and every imperfection too, because you're what makes me… me. You complete me."

 Han didn't expect to whip such a statement out of the blue but it felt so right. "You're my cute clumsy baby though… I decided to make use of it since it's a part of you anyway" he teased playfully, he had an inside joke with Jae, on how the Celestial kept a tally on how many times clumsy Jae strikes. "You're gonna have to remind me not to hog all the food then... " Most of the time, Han tends to forget and wouldn't stop. "You know how much I love putting things in my mouth" he smirked and winked at Jae before laughing to himself. "So you're the brother who's good at flirting?" Surprisingly, Eun really didn't know how to flirt. God, he loves it when he would brush his thumbs against his cheeks, especially when Jae would often stop underneath the small scar on his left cheek. Every gesture he made was meaningful. "We deserve this, huh?" 

When Jae came back with the flowers poised in the vase he gave him, Han beamed in delight, "Now it looks livelier. Just be careful not to let that little devil come and knock it over… Yeontan's been active on hopping up… next thing we know he's gonna be spidercat." Once he saw Jae furnishing the table with silverware, he brought out the dishes and placed them on the center. It felt like they haven't had a romantic dinner like that since forever. "You wanna do the honor of picking the wine? I have a few stored at the top cabinet" Nor that Jae wouldn't know, at this point, he was positive his boyfriend knows every nook and cranny in the house. 


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