Today has been the day he's been waiting for, the day Hanseol actually counted down the seconds until it reached 12 am earlier today. A Friday too, nonetheless; coincidentally his favorite day of the week. Fridays always meant the Celestial could check out early since it's a half-day work for him. It was a good perk that he enjoyed very much. That wasn't all, today is 14th of February 2020, which is Valentine's Day and approximately marks their 1st year anniversary. It felt like it was just yesterday when they first officially announced their relationship. And it was on this very date last year that Han remembered they had shared a rather sweet kiss under the rain, despite the weather ruining their amusement park date. Nevertheless, they were able to continue the celebration once they got home. 

He shouldn't be taking a day off today, if Jae found out that's what he did just so he could properly plan out their itinerary for the special day, the dhampir could quite literally have his head. He would do well not to trifle with a pissed off Jae because that was asking for a death wish and he certainly didn't have any of those hence why he had kept it a whole secret. Jae mustn't know he's at home trying to plan the day instead of working in his office at the clinic. He pretended to go out early as if he was checking in for work today, just before Jae went off for his class. Unbeknownst to the dhampir, Han was actually doing some grocery shopping at the supermarket. Hanseol was a simple soul, if things were possible that way, he wouldn't want to go out at all. 

The dates were cute and satisfactory but he loves spending time with Jae indoors, preferably inside their humble abode most of all. He'd rather cook them dinner instead of having to dine outside with a bunch of reservations being made. What comes from the heart is what truly matters, and Han surely can make do with such a concept given the time. The male may have had an eye out for the dhampir's schedule today so he would know when Jae would come back but he couldn't do much if the other male were to come home early. He's been cleaning the entire house today and he was currently rereading the recipe written down on the book he's holding.

 The doe-eyed Celestial wasn't the best cook but he is indeed the cook out of the two of them and when he likes doing something, he usually excels at them. What better way to show his appreciation by trying to cook something for his boyfriend on their anniversary that ironically fell on Valentine's Day? Han couldn't get anymore cheesier. He had an apron tied properly around his waist and sleeves rolled up neatly to reveal his arms while whistling the same tune of the music that blared in the kitchen. All the ingredients were set in place and the decorations were done prior to his cooking which was meant to be the last measure. The flower petals that were supposed to lead Jae were scattered properly as the Celestial danced to the music playing, with a spatula on his right hand and mixer on his left. 

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Jae was watching Han from across the table with a soft and curious gaze, it was amazing to him how they could be a year into knowing one another and yet still have so much to learn and understand, he felt like he only fell deeper for Han the more time that passed “I guess with everything you went through, finding love wasn’t exactly on the top of your list huh?” he nodded in and understanding manner, a lot of Han’s life had been focused around surviving and little more than that, so he understood why it took Han a while to soften to him “I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you” he spoke softly, giving a smile in Han’s direction “But I’m so glad that I did” it had changed his life in ways he never expected, it had given him the chance to find purpose in his own life and choices.

Jae chuckled and wrinkled his nose “You’re only fragile when you want to be” he saw many ways that Han was much stronger than anyone else, especially when you noticed how he would never hurt a single person, no matter how much pain they brought him. “You know anyone else would want to get revenge for all the things that happened to you” he nodded thoughtfully, but not Han, his capacity to let things go was simply amazing. Jae chuckled and blushed “You’re not the only one with a Tumblr account you know” he scoffed under his breath and shook his head, he was young and very much in touch with current trends. He shook his head slightly “Besides you are a baby” he commented in a grumbling tone as though he had been scolded for saying it.

“I am” he responded without hesitation when Han pointed out he seemed proud of him, Jae always felt proud of Han every day because he had seen him grow so much in the past year. From the sheepish guy he first met that did little drawings of bunnies and told Jae he didn’t have a reason to be happy without him, to this supportive and intelligent man who had an expanding career and a family to care for “And don’t you forget it” he teased when Han agreed Jae often got back at him. Jae raised his brows, furrowing them a little as Han talked about his choice of hairstyle “Maybe it would look nice” he commented in a soft voice, running a couple of fingers through his locks “If not, at least I can get rid of it quickly” he giggled softly, how bad could it be right?

Jae lifted his gaze as he watched Han, the star seemed so sure when it came to the idea of fate, like there was some invisible feeling inside him which assured him he was on the right path. Jae never felt like that himself but it was hard not to believe there was something when you were with someone who seemed adamant “So you really believe that no matter what happens...we’ll make it?” even if Jae didn’t believe in fate, he did love the idea of that. Jae averted his gaze when Han talked about the calmest people being scariest when they were angry “That’s because if you push them far enough to get them angry then you really fucked up” his brother didn’t get mad over any small thing, he would let most things slide, but when you did make him mad, it could be explosive.

Jae gave a soft smile, he hated to think about what might happen with his father but it did reassure him to know he wouldn’t lose Han “Of course you’re worth it” he whispered in a shocked tone as though he couldn’t believe Han would even say that and shook his head slightly “You’ve never met a master manipulator Han” he explained in a slightly strained voice “He even had someone like me under his thumb” and if Jae remained in Korea he would probably still be there. He allowed Han to pull him up and nodded slightly when the star said they would survive this “Thank you for being patient with me” he spoke softly before he headed into the kitchen, carrying his stuff over to the dishwasher and starting to load it up “I still can’t believe it’s been a year...where did the time go” he laughed softly as he glanced over at Han.

It was nice watching him from across the table. It could be the simplest thing ever but Han could stare at the dhampir all day if possible. "It was… a privilege for me to find love this way. To find an actual person who really loves me inside and out… for who I am. I have never regretted that. But yeah… I spent my entire life trying to keep myself low profile which didn't really work that well… so love has never been in the books for me." Han wasn't even sure he understood what it truly meant, aside from familial bonds. He knew of platonic love but that was about it. "I love you too babe" he teased in response to Jae's words about falling in love with him. The Celestial cleared his throat awkwardly and offered him a sheepish grin when the dhampir pointed out how he was only fragile when he wants to be. "I wanted revenge for everything that has happened to me" he sighed, he actually did, for a time. Until he realized there was no point in pursuing a path that will lead him to a darker life. 

"But I didn't want to live in the shadows… it's not fair." So he tried to be the better person. It was easier said than done, considering how impulsive and emotion-driven he could be but it worked. Somewhat. His cheeks flushed almost instantly when Jae said he wasn't the only one with a Tumblr account, "As long as we don't try to find each other's accounts, I'm totally fine." God knows what they'll find. "I'm not-" Wasn't he? Was there any relevance in refuting his statement there? None. So Han clamped his mouth shut and only grumbled in retaliation. Knowing Jae was proud of him made the fallen star grin from ear to ear. "How could I ever? You always remind me." He really did remind him how brilliant he was every single time. "I think it will look good on you…" he hummed softly, Jae was already handsome so any look was possible to look good on him either way. 

He was a true believer, seeing as it was the only thing he had with him all this time. "I have faith in it. Soulmates… they are very much real and I am sure the connection will go through all universes and timeline one way or the other. I mean this could be a plot to some dystopian fantasy series but… you get where I'm going." Han held onto hope when there was none and that is why he was here today. That's why he survived this long. "So yes baby, we'll make it." The idea of having the calmest person in the room angry at you does give him the goosebumps. "So no angry Eun… Got it." He willl believe Jae on that one when it comes to anger issues. "You Moon brothers do have something on anger don't you? I mean you're pretty hot when you're pissed… but also very scary." He smiled softly to himself and looked down briefly before meeting his eyes again, Jae said he was worth it. He will never get tired of hearing that.

 "You shouldn't have to live under such treatment. He's your father… you're his son…" what kind of a father would do that to their own child? It was absurd, Han couldn't understand it. But he decided not to question much on it any longer, he didn't want to spoil the day. "I'm not the most patient guy but… I'm learning. You help me too." Indeed, it has been a year already. "It feels like yesterday when you tripped over me. When we kissed…" There were so many memories he has made with him over the year. Once they cleaned up, he turned the dhampir around and pulled him close by the waist and pressed his forehead against his, "Mine… I can't believe you're still mine" he murmured and pressed his lips against his while savoring the time they have together. As if knowing it was a moment to be interrupted, Yeontan barked loudly and jumped against their legs with Byul trailing from behind, "Now how did they escape their room…"

He really enjoyed just being able to sit together and enjoy a quiet romantic dinner, it seemed like their lives so busy and everything was moving so fast that they didn’t always have time to just stop and be happy and he was cherishing this time he had with the person he cared about “I think I’m so stupidly lucky to find you at this point in my life...when we’re young and we have the whole world and life ahead of us” Han was immortal but it still stood that they’d met before the star had experienced anyone breaking his heart, he could love so purely like it was brand new and Jae was just figuring out his place in the world and Han had changed and helped to guide that in ways he thought was good.

The dhampir reached up to cup Han’s cheek and stroke it softly when he admitted he wanted revenge for the time that was stolen from him “I think the best revenge you could possibly take is to be happy...they tried to take that from you” so if he could find some sort of happy life then what they did, didn’t break him and in the end, made him stronger and there was something beautiful and dignified in that. Jae blushed and looked around for a moment when Han said they shouldn’t try to find each other’s accounts “Should I worry about what you have hidden on there?” he teased with a playful smile, Jae’s was mostly made up of inspirational quotes for his writing or anything which inspired the aesthetics behind his characters. Jae couldn’t help the giggled that escaped his lips when Han went to argue he wasn’t a baby only to end up cutting himself off and he smiled effortlessly when he spoke about how Jae reminded him of his pride for him “And I’ll keep reminding you over and over until it sticks” he responded pressing a soft kiss against his cheek.

Jae still wasn’t sure he believed in destiny but one thing he did know without a doubt was that he believed in Han, through everything he was the person who the dhampir felt he was able to rely on without a doubt, his rock. “So what you’re saying is that we could totally run away from zombies together” he commented with a playful smile, honestly he did like to imagine what their lives could have been like if situations were different but his imaginative brain always ended up thinking their stories would intertwine one way or another. The talk about angry Eun made him shudder slightly and when Han talked about how Jae had a temper too “The difference between us is that when I get angry I just kinda snap and forget what I’m doing, my anger makes me go blind...he knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s pissed” that’s what made Eun terrifying, he never lost control.

Jae nodded slightly, Han was right when he said he shouldn’t have to deal with this but he was also aware that he didn’t really have a choice and that crying over the way the cards have been dealt wasn’t the way to move forward “I know” he spoke softly, stroking Han’s back as though to comfort him “But this is my life doesn’t matter how I think it should be” he just had to make the most of what he had. “I’m still a lot luckier than most” he definitely had Han to thank for that one. He stroked against Han’s chin softly. He felt himself get all light and jittery when Han leaned in to press his forehead against his “I’m yours” he whispered back before leaning in to kiss him back. He jumped a little when he heard the sound of Yeontan’s bark before chuckling softly “It seems we’ve used up all our alone time huh” he took Han’s hand in his “I was promised a round of video games” he commented as he tugged him towards the couch, before long the TV was on, the controller was in hand and the two of them were sidled up together. Yeontan was laying next to him and Byul had her head in Han’s lap “You know there’s still room on this couch for another fur baby” he murmured softly with a playful look towards Han.

If Han was being honest, he missed the times they could just sit back and enjoy things. Their schedules have been a bit more hectic these days and he knew they could hardly do stuff like this again unless it was really the weekend. Even then, they were busier just cuddling to each other or sleeping the entire day because both were exhausted by the weekdays. "Likewise, Jae…" He found himself to be just as lucky as the dhampir, if not more. He had a bad past and a tragic backstop that didn't really resonate well with his being, but he was filled with hope and positivity, that allowed him to take this into heart with a smile. So in a way, he was loving Jae like how a teenager loved their first crush, the only difference being he genuinely loves Jae for him, and that it was more than just a simple crush or attraction. When Jae told him the best revenge he could take was enjoy the time he had currently to the best of his ability, Han grinned sheepishly and nodded in agreement, the dhampir wasn't wrong there. 

"That's what I'm doing now, enjoying things. I have you… Byul… Yeontan, a small family of my own. Oh there's the two being Yeon and Dae too… yeah those two too" he giggled, he had a good life honestly. Why would he want to give it up for the sake of chasing a rabbit down the hole that wasn't going to bring him any satisfaction? He giggled when Jae asked if there was something on his Tumblr account that he shouldn't be seeing and shrugged playfully, "Maybe… I read… I watch, Jae. You know those stuff are things we don't necessarily… share with each other" he cooed teasingly, implying that he has been reading erotic novellas in there, which was basically a wormhole for plenty of things. Of course that wasn't what he was using his account for but nevertheless, it was fun to tease the dhampir. With the kiss pressed against his cheek, Han could only grin sheepishly, it was hard not to do that when he realized how every action Jae did to him that had endearment attached to it meant everything to him. 

"Of course we can… why wouldn't we be able to? In calculation, zombies couldn't run faster than an average human. Sure their glands are probably cut off which by the way wasn't fully proven but it is possible we can run faster, given our stamina and physical built." It was so much like Han to say that. "We can do things together… we'll survive" He was sure of it. It would take a lot more to actually crush them. When Jae explained to him the temper between him and Eun, Han found himself gaping in awe, they were both brothers but they were also different even when they are similar. It was the most fascinating thing ever to him. "That makes him sound scary… you too, but for someone to be completely aware of what they're doing and choosing violence… that's… another level." He knew he could be impulsive, he had a short circuit at times and he was slowly controlling it. But he knew he could never get angry voluntarily. It made him feel sad that this was the life Jae had to go through but there was nothing he could do to change it, except give him some happiness.

 "I'm gonna make your feel luckier" he teased and poked his cheek gently, feeling the soft pillow of his lips pressed against his own. He would love to let things escalate further had it not been due to his dogs breaking the moment they had. "Well this is unfair… they're cockblocking us… again" he grumbled and whined at the two, in which he received a laugh from Byul herself. He took his seat on the couch where Byul rested herself comfortable against him and raised his eyebrows in surprise when Jae mentioned there was a space for another. "Oh baby… does my baby want another fur baby? Hm? Yeontan might be jealous" he rolled his eyes playfully at the Pomeranian and started the game, which was honestly Mario Kart. 

He felt lucky to be included in the list of things which brought Han happiness, he was such a thoughtful and kind person who always put others ahead of himself, he was sensitive and arty, Jae swore he could watch the star paint for hours on end and never get bored because he was so talented. That was the very first thing that had drawn Jae to Han, he had seen those sketches he had drawn, of the bunny and the dog in the park and he had been curious from there. “You’ve gained so much since you first came to Evermore” Jae spoke softly, he felt the same way considering how many new friends he had made since he came here. Jae giggled when Han mentioned what he liked doing on Tumblr and the dhampir blushed slightly “Will you at least tell me your favorite pairings?” he teased playfully.

Jae couldn’t help but be amused by the fact it seemed like Han had really thought hard about their chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. The dhampir grinned playfully “I could probably take out of a few of them with my daggers too” he nodded playfully, plus Han would be able to get over his no killing rules for zombies that were literally trying to eat his brains right? “I think our story of survival is less...literal than that but yes...we’ll make it together” he spoke softly, they were strong together. Jae nodded a few times when Han said it sounded scary to know how in control Eun could be when he was angry “If someone is stupid enough to make my brother angry, they probably deserve whatever comes next” he nodded slightly, Eun had never tried to hurt Jae and the younger dhampir had been quite an annoying younger sibling when he was a child.

Jae purred softly when Han said he was going to make him feel luckier, he was so inviting to kiss, it always felt like home whenever his lips were pressed against Han’s which perhaps explained why he always came back for more every time. He laughed when they were interrupted and Han called them out for cockblocking, he shook his head in amusement as he squeezed Han’s hand gently “Yet we love them anyway” he jested as they made themselves comfy on the couch. Jae blushed softly when Han asked him if he wanted another fur baby “We haven’t had a chance to raise a puppy...together yet” speaking of puppies, he was totally giving Han puppy dog eyes as he looked back at him right now.

Before Jae, he wasn't sure if anyone found him particularly interesting or special. There were times when the fallen star wondered if he was considered significant enough to someone. Even one person would be enough for him, he just wanted to be important to them as an individual rather than being grouped in a collective way. He respects and treasures Phe as his leader and sister-like figure who ended up being one of the best friends he ever made, but he wanted to be loved in another way too. Jae gave him that and he will never forget it. "I've learned a lot" he nodded and grinned sheepishly, the amount of time he spent here had taught him more than what he has learned in the past while he was going from one place to another. "Pairings?" He saw the blush on his cheeks and wondered what he meant, until it dawned on him, "Oh! Soulmate tropes… mostly… friends to lovers… star-crossed lovers… you know all of those destiny thingies" Jae knew Han is a huge believer. 

He was always amused by how intricate the stories curated by the authors, it was only fanfictions but to him, it told him a whole other perspective. "My brave boyfriend… who I forget is an actual warrior who can protect me easily" he chuckled and pinched his cheeks lightly, "Given your training, you'll be sure to take down more than what we expect." There was no telling how much Jae has improved since the first time they started training with one another. The dhampir is resilient and never slacked on his training despite his hectic schedule. He felt reassured once he heard Jae believed that they would make it together. It's the thought that counts. The sentiment was buried deep within themselves. Jae clearly looked up and respected Eun a lot, Han couldn't recall any instances where Jae would grumble about the elder Moon, with the exception when he didn't make enough of those blueberry cupcakes. 

"It must be nice having someone to care about you. I never knew how it felt until now" the smile he spared the male conveyed his message; thank you. It didn't need any words. With Byul's head resting on his lap as he held the controller in one hand while the other pets her, the Celestial shook his head at Yeontan who loved getting Jae's attention. "I did wonder when you were going to pop the question… did you have any specific breed you wish to get? I can go through a few files and see which suits you the best then." The fact that Han was ready to give him another dog to welcome in their humble household says a lot. He is utterly whipped for the dhampir sitting next to him. While his eyes were fixated on the screen as the game started, his attention did not waver.

They had both learned a lot, about how to give and take when it came to a relationship. Finding compromises, giving one another enough space while also pulling one another close and treasuring them. It was harder than most people made it out to be, it wasn’t all happy perfect moments but when you added everything together, Jae felt very lucky. He’d found something willing to work with him to try and make it and that meant more than any surface level ideas he had about love in the past. He chuckled when Han finally realized what pairings meant and cutely announced how he loved all the ones which involved destiny “That definitely sounds like you” he teased playfully with a smile.

Jae gave an innocent smile when Han mentioned how brave he was and how he was a warrior “You should see what I can do with my weapons nowadays, zombies better think twice if they think they’ll be able to get anywhere near you” Jae had worked hard to get stronger and smarter when it came to fighting. He went to the dojo more often and trained under older more experienced dhampir who had taught him how to handle himself and how to become one with his weapons. He had wanted to be stronger so that if anything like that day in the vet clinic happened again, he wouldn’t be the one getting hurt, he would be able to protect the man he loved and ward off those who wanted to kill him for their own gain.

Jae’s eyes softened and he nodded slightly when Han mentioned how it was nice to have a brother who looked out for him “He’s the one person I look up to in this world because my father didn’t set an example I wanted to follow” he nodded thoughtfully and the young dhampir had needed a role model, Eun had filled that void he needed. Jae blushed slightly when Han called him out for asking about getting another dog. He had been thinking about it for a while because their dogs brought them so much joy and the idea of getting to bring a dog home together was special to him “I have no idea...I was thinking maybe we could do some research and find one together” he mused softly, Jae had always wanted his own dog as a kid and while he never got one, it wasn’t too late to fulfil that wish right? Before long though, the night faded away into a competitive game involving bananas, dirty blue shells and more cursing than he would admit. Tonight was a good night.


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