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Name: Merlin ‘Emrys’ Pendragon
Faceclaim: Colin Morgan

Age: 24 | 34 (looks 24 but real is 34)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: Neath, Wales
Current place of resisdence: Evermore, CO
Nationality/Species: Welsh/Instar Diviner-Light
Occupation : Looking for one
Rank : In the Coven
Relationship: Single Pringle

Build: Skinny kind of lanky.
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Pale Blue/Green
Distinguishing marks:

~My Story~

During the winter months in Neath, Wales under the rule of the king two Diviners married and had a son, Merlin. Merlin was a calm child growing up since he was the oldest had to take of his younger siblings and his cousin if they came over to visit.

Merlin has two younger siblings Genevieve and Erik. He also has a cousin on his mother's side of the family by the name of Sirius. Merlin’s father worked for the King and his family meaning Merlin quite often was found at the castle and often found talking with the young prince Arthur.

After the King’s death the castle was quite gloomy for the Pendragon family. Since they lived within the servants quarters of the castle. They were the lucky ones that were allowed to live there as a family and not just the servant himself. The king knew the family and allowed them to stay in three of the rooms having it turned into a house for them.

The day Merlin turned sixteen was a bit special since he was only a week older than prince Arthur. So they were to have a joint birthday for them but something changed that. His mother was pregnant again but this time the pregnancy was difficult there were complications with his little sisters birth. So they quickly packed everything and left for America where they had the best care possible for complicated pregnancies.

Luckily Merlin was able to say goodbye with the hopes of seeing each other again in the future. Months pass in New York under the care of one of the best hospitals curtsy of the royal family his mother got weaker but with a little bit of magic she was feeling better. The day came when she had a twins, A boy and a Girl. Merlin was excited to have new siblings to teach magic to and help them learn about their coven.

At Twilight of his 18 birthday with his younger siblings Gen and Erik who were 13 at the time notice everything change for a moment as the claiming happened as the sky went bright like it was sunny as can be. This moment changed Merlin’s life since he was claimed by the Fae..

They ran home and told his parents, Annalise and Ulier that he was claimed by the light. His mother was also a Fae while his father was a Necromancer. But at a young age a they could practice in both magics until they get claimed which is why Merlin had so much fun teaching his siblings how to use their magic.

Three years later the Pendragon family made it to Evermore in February 2015 just when they crossed into Evermore a comet struck the town knocking out the entire family until they later woke up about a few hours later. They were worried for others before going to check out to see if anyone was hurt. Merlin is a kind and compassionate soul that will worry for people he hasn’t met especially if they are in danger when he can do something to help.

After the comet the family noticed changes in themselves. Before, when they were around their fellow Necromancer/Fae opposites they felt weakened. It was something the family had learned to live with over the years but now they noticed the feeling was entirely gone. They felt normal around each other and there was no effect on their magic any longer. They later found out that the fae and necromancers were no more and the species had become one in the Diviners. They would still be claimed by one half of the species as their strength would lie with that half but no longer were they weakened by each other. The family was overjoyed and began their new life in Evermore. 

Loyal, Kind, Compassionate

Cunning, Manipulative, Vengeful

Parents: Ulier and Annalise Pendragon
Siblings: Genevieve, Erik, Unnamed Twins Boy and Girl

Current partners: N/A
Ex partners:


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