Today has been the day he's been waiting for, the day Hanseol actually counted down the seconds until it reached 12 am earlier today. A Friday too, nonetheless; coincidentally his favorite day of the week. Fridays always meant the Celestial could check out early since it's a half-day work for him. It was a good perk that he enjoyed very much. That wasn't all, today is 14th of February 2020, which is Valentine's Day and approximately marks their 1st year anniversary. It felt like it was just yesterday when they first officially announced their relationship. And it was on this very date last year that Han remembered they had shared a rather sweet kiss under the rain, despite the weather ruining their amusement park date. Nevertheless, they were able to continue the celebration once they got home. 

He shouldn't be taking a day off today, if Jae found out that's what he did just so he could properly plan out their itinerary for the special day, the dhampir could quite literally have his head. He would do well not to trifle with a pissed off Jae because that was asking for a death wish and he certainly didn't have any of those hence why he had kept it a whole secret. Jae mustn't know he's at home trying to plan the day instead of working in his office at the clinic. He pretended to go out early as if he was checking in for work today, just before Jae went off for his class. Unbeknownst to the dhampir, Han was actually doing some grocery shopping at the supermarket. Hanseol was a simple soul, if things were possible that way, he wouldn't want to go out at all. 

The dates were cute and satisfactory but he loves spending time with Jae indoors, preferably inside their humble abode most of all. He'd rather cook them dinner instead of having to dine outside with a bunch of reservations being made. What comes from the heart is what truly matters, and Han surely can make do with such a concept given the time. The male may have had an eye out for the dhampir's schedule today so he would know when Jae would come back but he couldn't do much if the other male were to come home early. He's been cleaning the entire house today and he was currently rereading the recipe written down on the book he's holding.

 The doe-eyed Celestial wasn't the best cook but he is indeed the cook out of the two of them and when he likes doing something, he usually excels at them. What better way to show his appreciation by trying to cook something for his boyfriend on their anniversary that ironically fell on Valentine's Day? Han couldn't get anymore cheesier. He had an apron tied properly around his waist and sleeves rolled up neatly to reveal his arms while whistling the same tune of the music that blared in the kitchen. All the ingredients were set in place and the decorations were done prior to his cooking which was meant to be the last measure. The flower petals that were supposed to lead Jae were scattered properly as the Celestial danced to the music playing, with a spatula on his right hand and mixer on his left. 

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He chuckled under his breath and shrugged, Han was cute when he was protective over Jae “I don’t know, kids thought it was kinda girly to read them” it never stopped him anyway, Jae was the kind of kid in school that did what he wanted regardless of what people said and was friends with whoever he wanted to be friends with, a bit of a clown you could say, he was always joking and making jokes out of himself so if others teased him then he would just shrug it off. “Don’t worry it never stopped me” he commented and smiled, he supposed he was strong in that sense “I think we know between us you get the romantic gold medal though, I swear I’ve never seen someone so excited about cheesy things as you” he reached out and tapped Han’s nose gently with his fingertip “I’m convinced you’re trying to become Mr. Darcy” he commented and smirked, he liked teasing Han sometimes.

It was an interesting question for Han to ask, now that he had experienced love, did it match to what he expected it to be “It’s...different than I thought it would be” he admitted with a soft smile “I guess I pictured love as changing know like the defining moment in your life where you choose a partner and everything changes’s not like that” which wasn’t him trying to say he thought any less of Han “It’s more... an extension of my life which just makes sense, I don’t feel like I need to give up who I am for it or change a thing because it feels right” he blushed softly and smiled at Han “It made me feel comfortable to be the person I am and have someone...feel like that’s enough” his gaze softened “What about you? You never expected to fall in love right?” they never intended to start a relationship, they were friends but then it became more without him even trying.

When Han complimented his writing ideas Jae smiled “Exactly...something people can relate to and perhaps even see themselves in, but also something interesting they won’t expect” he laughed under his breath “It’s going to take a lot of work to come up with an idea which will work for that” he scratched at the back of his neck, but he was determined to make it happen. Jae was happy in the relationship they shared, he loved having someone who supported him in a way no one else had before, Han always believed in him without fail and that pushed Jae further “I know” he spoke softly when Han said he would always have his back, the star wasn’t the only reason Jae pushed forward, but it definitely helped to have his support.

Jae’s expression softened as he looked back at Han and smiled, he was so proud of him for starting to believe in himself, for branching out in his work, being so sweet and thoughtful with animals, for becoming someone Jae could rely on, a partner “I’m proud of you” he spoke softly “I’m proud of us” he added and smiled, they had come so far already “I’m proud that we managed to work through our differences and now we’re here...still together” it certainly wasn’t perfect but they worked on this together, every day. “I like to think so” he responded when Han asked if distance could be impactful on their relationship “It’s just another challenge to overcome” he smiled, his thumb trailing over the back of Han’s hand.

He smiled when Han seemed excited about being able to go to the beach “Not know me, I never ask for much” all he wanted was to be with the star and for them to be happy “What about you? There must be something in that head of yours waiting to pop out” he knew Han was the type to picture many things.

“Well if people thought it was girly, why not? Why do we have to conform ourselves to what they think? You know, if you ask someone, they also think gay is an insult but is it really?” he chuckled and ruffled his hair gently, “Maybe they’re just jealous because you’re a lot prettier than their average girl” he teased and tilted his head to the side while siding him up, “Yep, you look prettier than any girls I’ve met. Beautiful man.” Han wouldn’t know much about how a person would act in school because when he came to the world, he was already a grown teenager and he wasn’t given the chance to further his studies anywhere due to his background. For a runaway, he hardly doubted anyone would offer him education. “I do like Mr Darcy” he quipped sheepishly, he’s read Pride and Prejudice a lot, though he wasn’t as big of a book enthusiast as Jae, he’s read this and that. It was hard not to read them when Jae keeps those books lying around.

 “Why? Are you willing to be my Bennet?” Gender roles be damned. His answer was not what he expected but Jae had worded it so eloquently, Han was actually staring at him with so much fondness, When he was asked if he ever expected himself to fall in love, Han shook his head with a soft smile, “No, it was never in the plans for me. I fell to their earth 90 years ago and I was raised in a good household for about 3 months. Then I had to run for my life, preservation at its finest. When we came here, I expected to be faced with a few difficulties and I was… but then I met you and I just couldn’t understand what it was about you that I love so much. You were so nice and kind… so humble. It felt as if you were going to help me through everything I face, my friend that became the moon in my night.” He meant every word of it. 

“When you kissed me… I was… so surprised. I knew what it was but I never expected to be greeted with one. I was so flustered I hoped you forgive me for not responding fast enough” he fiddled with his fingers nervously. He probably shouldn’t have frozen on the spot but he did. “Take your time… enjoy your life. You’re doing so well, one day you will succeed, Jae. And I will be there for every step of the way.” The dhampir saying he’s proud of him and them both, made him grin so wide. “We are here because we worked through it,” he murmured gently. The fact that Jae was able to unravel him easily by just trailing his thumb against his hand gave him every indication that the younger male loved him. “I wanted to go to New Zealand… it’s such a good and peaceful place. I think I’ll be able to ignite my muse better too. You could be my model and we can doing some adventurous activities together, bungee-jumping sound okay to you? Hiking? What would you do if we go there?”

He loved how open and unfitting to stereotypes Han was, the fact he responded to the suggestion of acting girly like that, was exactly one of the reasons he fell so hard for him, he didn’t have any prejudices others had, because of the way he had been raised Jae was sure “If it’s an insult then they can insult me all they like, because I would be gay for you 1000 times over” he chuckled and smiled, Han always knew how to make him feel better about something. Jae sighed and shook his head when Han ruffled his hair “That doesn’t give you an excuse to mess up my hair” he commented with a chuckle and attempted to flick it back into place.

Of course Han was a fan of Pride and Prejudice “Sure” he responded without hesitation, it was one of the greatest romance novels and to be likened to it was definitely one of the biggest compliments. He went quiet as he listened to Han talk about his experience of finding love and the dhampir had this stupid smile on his lips the whole time, it was truly interesting how they had both found one another at a time when neither of them expected to and somehow it had worked so well. He felt his heart swelling in his chest at the way Han described it and how important it made him feel “I think we were both what the other needed at the time” he spoke softly “Someone we could latch to pour all of that love you have to find someone who believed in me when no one else did” he nodded slightly, they were really good for each other, he was sure of that.

Jae laughed under his breath “Honestly... I didn’t even go with the intention of kissing you...I just had all these frustrations happened” he blushed softly, it wasn’t until that exact moment that he finally understood why he felt so different around Han and then he kissed him and suddenly it all made sense to him “And then you didn’t kiss me back and I swear for about 2 seconds there I was in full panic mode” and then Han had kissed him and the rest was history. “I love that I believe you when you say that” that he had time to figure this all out and that he would do so, it was an important revelation and something that had taken him time to come to terms with after being told for all his life that his choices would never lead to anything good. He smiled when Han mentioned he wanted to go to New Zealand “I heard it’s really cold there” he commented and smiled “Bungee-jumping sounds very you” he commented and chuckled, Han was such a daredevil “Maybe camping? We could make a campfire and toast marshmallows” he grinned, it sounded like fun, though albeit not quite as adventurous as Han’s suggestion.

Since Han never really got an education about how people viewed the different sexualities they have today, the Celestial had close to no experience when it comes to seeing others as a whole other identity because of their sexual orientation alone. When he fell for Jae, he didn't know much about it, only that he feels strongly about the dhampir and it wasn't until the latter kissed him that he realized he wanted more than just a friendship with him. It was not intended but that's the beauty of life. It helped that his parents raised him up to be a good boy, never really imposing any restriction on the male while they took care of him even if it was brief. "I do like the sound of you being gay for me 1000 times over, yes" he chuckled, "There you go, there's the smile I love." If he had to recite an entire page of how much he adores the dhampir just to make him smile, Han was sure he would do that too. Thankfully, the Celestial had mastered the art of curving Jae's lips into a smile. And he loves the fact that he could, of course. 

"It's just hair, baby" he cooed teasingly and tried to ruffle it again but decided against it when Jae attempted to flick them back to its original position. "Guess we're both good for each other, just what we really needed" In Han's view, he didn't need someone perfect, even if the fallen star would often say the dhampir is perfect in every way possible. Jae gave him plenty of opportunities to learn and he wouldn't want to trade what they have for anything else. "I'll always love you, Jae. I'll always believe in you" he reassured softly, his thumb brushing against his knuckles as he beamed gently. "Well at least you didn't regret it, that's all that really matters actually. That kiss triggered a chain of events for me, baby" He didn't know how love worked but after that kiss, he knew he went back home with his heart pumping like hell, research was basically on his mind after that. 

"Mhmm, I think I'll end up bundling myself when we go there but the scenery is so pretty. It's also a fresh setting" Han likes nature, a lot. He would've gone camping if he knew he had time too. "I thought you'd never ask" he smirked wryly when Jae suggested camping, "Should I worry about you being so near the fire though? No offense babe, but I don't want you to be a walking fiery disaster by the end of the night, literally." Maybe he'll modify a few things in the plan. "We can go paragliding too, I'm feeling adventurous and I'm sure you can write a lot about our trip in your head... " He wanted to go hiking too but he had a feeling neither will end up to the top. "I just wanna enjoy doing something with you, even if it meant building a tree house. Do you want one?"

Jae had to chuckle softly, the way society was, made things complicated at times but what was simple was that he had strong feelings for Han and that they never seemed to go away no matter how many times someone made a bad comment or looked at them strangely. He was happy with Han and that was what mattered most. “You know if never even occurred to me that I might be until I met you” he responded with a sheepish smile “I mean I knew that I wasn’t exactly the most...sexually forward person, but I’d never looked at a man and thought that I’d want to be with him” which made Jae likely fall somewhere into the demisexuality scale no doubt, because it was important to him to feel close and familiar with the person he felt an attraction to.

Jae gave him a playful glare when he tried to mess his hair up again “It’s just hair that I like to keep neat so I don’t have to restyle it again every time I need to go out” he laughed softly, it had a mind of its own sometimes he swore. Jae looked down to their joined hands and allowed a soft, happy smile to cross his lips, he did enjoy the reassurance that Han always offered him, reminding him that he was loved and cared for every day “I’m sure you’d say there was some kind of destiny at work in there” he jested because he knew how much Han believed in destiny and the idea of things happening for a reason “and I’ll always love you” he responded in a soft voice. Talking about their first kiss was pretty nostalgic for him and made him chuckle “The only thing that scared me was that I might ruin the friendship we already had” which was saying a lot considering there were many other things he could have been scared of.

The thought of being able to go on trips together and experience things like that together was an exciting thought for him because he’d never really gotten to go anywhere and while he was very happy here in Evermore, he did dream of being able to see more “I think it would feel very different from being in a city, there’s a lot of open spaces and nature there” he nodded thoughtfully “I heard that you can even get helicopter rides up into the mountains” they didn’t have that here in Evermore unless you were willing to hire a plane privately. Jae laughed wrinkling his nose when Han commented about him being dangerous near a fire “Oh come on Han, I’m not that bad” he gave him a pointed look and shook his head “Besides you have to let me near the fire so we can make smores together” he nodded a few times.

It seemed like both of them had a whole list of things they wanted to experience and that made him happy because it gave him a good view of what they would do in their future “I’d love to go to a concert, maybe for one of those kpop groups you like” they often listened to it while they were hanging out in the lounge or when they were both working on their studies. As for a treehouse that did sound like a lot of fun “So you’d trust me with a saw but a fire is a hard no?” he jested with a wry smile.

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