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'Tis the Holiday Season so we thought why not have something special to celebrate it on site?

I present to you, Christmas themed rp generator and our traditional Secret Santa!

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So we have two exciting things planned for this Holiday season!

To participate, all you have to do is comment below and we will pair you with someone and give you a fantabulous holiday-themed thread!

In case you're wondering, "But Cornelia! My character is a total Grinch!" 

Worry not, my friend. Imagine how much fun it'll be for them to be forced to socialise with someone who LOVES Christmas! So just let me know if your character isn't the holiday type!

Now comes the fun part!

All those who participate above will be automatically selected for a Secret Santa session organised by yours truly (Unless you're just here for the thread, which is completely cool).


Note: You must sign up before 16th December to be participate in Secret Santa. 

So hurry up, get commenting!

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Comment by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev 16 hours ago

Im in for both. Svet isn't the holiday type though -points to profile pic- x)

Instar Diviner
Comment by ✓ Maverick Romanov yesterday

Count me in for both please. This guy is a big ol’ Grinch for the holidays x). 

Comment by ✓ Benjamin Vaughn yesterday

Count me in for Secret Santa. Goes for Orion and Ben.

This winter isn't being kind with giving me time for threads x.x

Comment by ✓ Clara Carter yesterday

I'd Love too, (both, of course)

Comment by ✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn on Sunday

Count me in for both! 

Comment by ✓ Anastasia Bélanger on Saturday
I’m down for both :)

Ailward Guard
Comment by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli on Saturday

Im in for both. 

Comment by ✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins on Saturday
Count me in for both!

Comment by ✓ Seraphina Valkyrie on Friday

Am down ^^


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