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For this month's OAL we'd like to show some appreciation for the best friends out there. So post a gif of the role (or roles) on site which your role is closest with and describe their relationship! Maybe even provide a link to their thread so people can read it. 

Please no ships for this one, we know you love one another but let's show our other RP partners some love <3

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Comment by ✓ Logan Reeves on March 12, 2020 at 20:39

(Ning is not being my friend and wont let me share links and sharing these gifs was hard)

Logan and Penny met in odd way. She entered his dream one day at Logan's sisters request to help him through his nightmares and sleeplessness Thigs are just starting out between them but once penny is able to get passes Logan's stubbornness they will be very good friends. 

Logan and Akai met in the middle of one of Logan's cases and they soon realized that Akai was the cause for the case. Akai and Logan have an endearing relationship for a vampire and Werewolf. Often playfully biting each other and wrestling. Akai will sometimes hit Logan with the ribbon on his head and lovingly call him an idiot or baby.

Logan and ash met after being assigned as each others work partners. Although they were both initially against. it they quickly found a common ground to stand on when they realized they both took pride in their jobs. They are becoming fast friends and only time will tell if that fast friendship can withstand the chaos to come. 

Comment by ✓ Cassandra Havilliard on March 12, 2020 at 16:35

Cassandra would state that her closest friends are all the other celestials.

As the passed three years has been spent on her toes waiting to flee if the aspects made another attempt to capture them, preventing her from letting herself really know someone if she was to disappear anyways. However things has changed and Cassandra looks forward to building new alliances and meeting new friends.

Comment by ✓ Yeonseok Lee on March 11, 2020 at 7:42

Since Yeon became a Valkyr there has always been one person in his life looking out for him, someone who has been such a good and reliable friend to him that she feels more like family. Cecilia was Yeon's mentor and the person who taught him how to overcome the hardships he was facing, she is very important to him and he cherishes their friendship. 

Yeon never tended to let people get close to him but after the faction agreed to ally with the Celestials he felt a sense of duty to help protect them which led to him taking Hanseol as his Volakiri. They struck up a strange kinship almost immediately, which mostly consisted of them constantly teasing and making fun of each other but it worked for them. 

Another of Yeon's long time friends is Javier, the two of them have kept one another company over the past few years and often get together just to have a few drinks and talk about the world for a while, Yeon enjoys their meetups.

And recently Yeon made a new friend who he scouted dancing in her shop and ended up scouting, that day became a whirlwind which eventually led them to a club where they danced for a crowd. He likes Mirae's energy and natural optimism which feels like the opposite of him at times but that makes them work. 

Celia: 1, 2
Han: 1, 2
Javi: 1
Mirae: 1

Comment by ✓ Sunmin Park on March 11, 2020 at 7:19

The very idea of friends has been something foreign for Sunmin for most of his life but that changed the day he met Hanseol Park. Sunmin never expected to find someone like Han, not only was the star endlessly kind when he had been nothing but mean and selfish around him. He was there for him when he didn't need to be and that means everything to Sunmin, even if he wouldn't admit it out loud. 

But he has found there are more people in Evermore who seem very kind and accomodating too, meeting Baptiste definitely gave Sunmin a pause for thought, someone who insisted that he stay inside during a storm and then kept finding ways to help him without being too obvious. 

Han: 1, 2
Baptiste: 1

Ailward Guard
Comment by ✓ Zandra Smoke on March 10, 2020 at 21:07

|| Disclaimer: Zandra has met a lot of people so this was hard to pick roles. ||

Artemitra Bluemoon- The Celestial who she wants to try to gain peace from. As being the youngest member of the Guard Zandra has no idea about what really happened behind closed doors until she came back with her father. It didn't stop the species for being wary of the human. Zandra meets Artemitra in a cafe writing up stories for her blog when the Celestial asked if she is a fan. It soon came to be confusion for Zandra to meet a fan but it did come down to the harsh truth which is Zandra is working on to make peace and hopefully become friends. 

Thaddeus Ufford- The INN owner who helped her when she never asked for. Zandra was asked to get a lead for the Guards on a certain group that is around the Valkyr area to get as much information about them and report. She never expected the owner to help her when he didn't need to but Zandra is very grateful for the male and enjoyed talking to him. Zandra hoped they can meet up again and talk like normal people than on her mission which she feels really cheated their first meet. 


Edan Shaw- Zandra and Edan meet each other around Christmas. Zandra has no idea Edan is a Valkyr so she thought she was cold due to the evening they meet was snowing. Zandra offered to talk Edan to get a hot meal as a kindness she rarely gets to do but Zandra loves to give back. Zandra hopes to get to know the female and maybe they can become friends at some point. 

(* Click the names for the Thread *)

Comment by ✓ Adriel Hansen on March 10, 2020 at 18:47

Like anyone who was new to the city and came alone, Adriel hasn't made any new friends as of yet. But he was able to pinpoint a few familiar faces from his past. He chose not to run from it. One of them is someone all too familiar; Ophelia Dreyvalian. It was hard to believe it's really her after a while of not seeing her, but he hopes to rekindle their relationship and friendship all the same. He knew he still needed to give her the explanation he promised over 400 years ago. But first, he needed to capture her attention enough to provide it. A second chance is what he wishes for earnestly. Thread #1

Comment by ✓ Taealha Kim on March 10, 2020 at 14:05

It wasn't easy for someone who was mute to make friends, especially if they had no intention of staying around to put in the efforts. That has been her problem since a child even as she was sent away by her family. Thankfully, she was able to find a few good-willed people to befriend, most of the time, they come unnoticed and leaves the human pondering if it's a gift for her hard work. One of them is Jaesung Moon. Taealha met him when she was on her way back from her class at Evermore University. Both of them collided and fell. It was a funny case but seeing him try his best to communicate using sign language gave her the impression that he was a kind person. It wasn't surprising that Taealha continued to stay at the library and talk to him. Thread #1

Miyaza was another encounter she didn't expect to find, especially in the midst of being bullied by her class' infamous clique. Taealha was just going to leave it to their attempts to thwart her but the Celestial wasn't happy to see it happen. She helped the human fend off her bullies and Taealha was forever grateful for that action. Perhaps, a new friendship was to be expected to bloom after that. Thread #1 

Instar Diviner
Comment by ✓ Penelope Winston on March 10, 2020 at 2:48

Penny meet Wyatt shortly after taking over Guardian of The Archives Hall. At first she was cold towards him not allowing him into the Hall until he brought up that he knew her father. Spending some time with him, she got to learn what kind of man her father was. Didn't take long after that for the pair to become friends over their love for ancient magic and lost artifacts.To Penny he was the first person she let close so she considers him the brother she never had. When Boy wonder is around there is no telling what trouble the pair are getting into. Out of everyone she had met in the city she is grateful to him, he made her feel less alone. She is proud to call him her best friend. Also Wyatt stop stealing the books... Really don't want to have to lock you out again. (No thread yet. Soon.)

Malva is the person who helped Penny shed her old name and learn to live in a coven of mainly one. She is a strong woman who has a fire inside of her. Penny looks up to her and how strong she his. Hoping to never fail in her new life as guardian of The Archives Hall. It would mean letting down the Aspect of magic herself. (no thread yet.)

Henri is one of the few she has allowed into the library as he is a friend of Malva. She wants to help him gain his sleep back when it comes to his problems with Ven drinking to much. So she hopes maybe the hall will hold some answers. You never know what you may find behind those doors but an adventure is promised just beyond the threshold. She is sure they could have a adventure.


Logan is more of a friend gained by his sister Lana. She begged Penny to help him with his sleep problem by going into his dreams and helping him work through issues. Yet this is the first time Penny has done this kind of thing on a nondiviner so she is just hoping not to turn his brain into pudding while they get lost the nightmares that plague him. If they make it out alive Logan owes her a drink, the biggest one around.


Comment by ✓ Thaddeus Ufford on March 10, 2020 at 1:52

Thaddeus often works way to much to connect with people yet a few have come into his life. Zandra came to his Inn looking for a lead on some men she was hunting down for the Guard. Lacking thrill in his own life at that moment besides the daily grind of work. Thad offered to help her look around. Asking her questions about her life and herself. Thad can tell she is a kind hearted woman and he worries for her safety going around looking for men that seem very dangerous. He hopes to gain her trust and friendship through time.  


Alva is the closest Bond that Thad can have. Being Volakiri's. She is the light to his dark. He offered her safety after the fall and he would never regret that choice after all he gained a life long someone to be his person. Though he wished she would visit more he understands she busy helping her people regain some kind of life after being held captive so long.


Ailward Guard
Comment by ✓ Bexley Dumont on March 10, 2020 at 1:29

Bexley finds it hard to make friends, I mean she basically has a wall of armor around her to keep herself safe. She is rude and cold to many that cross her path unless they are looking for a deal. Yet Nadiya is a woman after Bexley heart when it comes to her occupation. Being a brothel owner in a past life. Diya came to Bex for help and well things went wrong. So wrong in fact Bex knows she will have to make it up to this caring woman in a massive way. First they must undo the curse placed upon her workers. Drinks also will be had. Many many drinks. Bex sees a lot of herself in Diya and hopes maybe she has found a true bond outside of the guard.


There is a thing line between love and hate many say, yet with Abraham Bexley would love nothing more then to take him down a peg or two.  The man thought it was a good idea to cover her store windows in his flyers for his shop right across the street. Can you imagine that? ALSO what diviner opens up a shop right across the street from another? Can we just take a minute to realize how rude that is? Besides his error Bexley will admit he has talent. So for now, let the store wars begin. Hope you a ready Abey boy.



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