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For this month's OAL we'd like to show some appreciation for the best friends out there. So post a gif of the role (or roles) on site which your role is closest with and describe their relationship! Maybe even provide a link to their thread so people can read it. 

Please no ships for this one, we know you love one another but let's show our other RP partners some love <3

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Comment by ✓ Valentin St. Claire on March 13, 2020 at 21:03

Tae: These two met when Valentin saw him outside of the bakery. The poor boy was soaked so Minghao tugged him into the bakery and offered him clothes, a shower, and food. They talked throughout the night and then it turned into a fling. A few days later Tae told him that he had someone that had come back and he loved her, so Chanyeol let him go. They are still close friends and he wishes Tae the best with Miyaza and hopes to meet her one day so he can thank her for making him happy again because he looked quite depressed when he was at the bakery.


Sapphire: Valentin's baking student and a new friend. He often calls her little one, even though he knows that she is way older than him, but he often dads her around for fun. He hopes that they can be better friends and he hopes that he'll finally be able to eat that Italian she promised him. He really does like garlic bread and she promised that she would make him a lot, so he is looking forward to that.


Comment by ✓ Izaleon Coulter on March 13, 2020 at 20:59

It was just a normal morning until the sky went dark and the winds howled and Iza found a girl.. and two dogs on his boat... Start to a friendship or?

Comment by ✓ Ace Kang on March 13, 2020 at 19:40

Lyra: Ace met Lyra at the cafe around the corner when he was in his depressed state. She helped him stop crying and even talked with him about it. He doesn't know if they'll become better friends but he is very grateful to her and her comforting smile. She has now become his shopping buddy and they have similar interests so they get along well. He hopes that they can become better friends in the future, so he can help her find someone that will make her heart sing. 


Florian: There's not much going on here as he just met her, but he thinks that they'll become better friends in the future since he does think she's cute and they have some sort of similar issue, depression being the main one. Sometimes he wonders if she thinks the same about him, but that's a story for a different time.


Comment by ✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden on March 13, 2020 at 18:32

Fleur is the type of person who doesn't often take help of others with her stubbornness wanting to do things herself. It took till someone like Nora came about to tell her that her training techniques were all wrong.  Happy that someone realized and was giving her help she's been needing, hoping that they can become friends outside of the dojo. 

Ailward Guard
Comment by ✓ Tatiana Ivakov on March 13, 2020 at 17:55

There is no one Tati considers dear to her heart that her mom. Aurelia hasn't just been the one to raise her but has also been a close friend, someone she can speak her heart out to. Over the years, they had dealt with their own grief and loss, moving places and trying to survive but Tatiana knows in her heart that she kept going simply because of her Aurelia's support. Though the Dhampir doesn't often show it, she takes her mom to be a role-model and works hard to make her proud. 

Liam Arbor is an enigma to her in many ways. She never expected to feel this level of connection with anyone else, but in his company, she feels like a more vibrant version of herself. Though she knows what emotions have started to develop in her heart, Tati tries to ignore them knowing nothing much would come out of it. Liam is her friend and that is all he'd probably ever want to be- and she'd have to accept that. 

Comment by ✓ Cedric Reigns on March 13, 2020 at 17:40

For this Initia, his family was everything. He was perhaps the closest to his brother Adolf, not Finnick Reigns but everything that happened in their lives created a wedge in their easy-going manner. It didn't help things that Sierra decided to leave them too and it left the Initia conflicted and more closed-off than ever. His youngest sister Jessalyn is perhaps the only one who he opens up to anymore and she is the closest to a friend for him. He is rather protective of her but with Sierra leaving, he understands that it would only be a matter of time before Jessa too sets out to find her own place in the world and figure out everything. He isn't stoked to let her go, knowing that the distance would in a way damper their close bond but recognises the need to leave her evolve the way she desires. 

Ailward Aspect
Comment by ✓ Venetus Ailward on March 13, 2020 at 17:29

Although Ven considers the entire Ailward clan as his family, he is especially close to Cora. In many ways, Cora compliments him and understands him the best out of all the aspects. She is blunt, doesn't take his attitude and is unafraid to bring him down a peg or two. She was also the first one to really understand what he was going through with Vlad's death and everything else that was erupting within the faction

He never would have expected to have a bodyguard, let alone come to call him one of his closest friends but that is precisely what happened when Henri came into their lives. With him, Ven can drop all this mask and facade of an unbreakable man and just be himself. Though most keep their guards at an arm's length from their personal or social lives, Ven finds himself dragging his right in the midst of all things. He is grateful to have Henri's support but more than that, glad to have someone who is really honest with him and completely trustworthy.

Ven never expected to connect to someone as well as he had connected to Bexley. To say that the Diviner had a tumultuous past would be putting things lightly. He could see the potential in her, the fire and also the strength that often times left him in awe and it was why he had kept coming back to talk to her and get to know her more and why he had given her the enchanted card. Bex today is one of his closest friends and the few people he really opens up to. 

Comment by ✓ Atticus Kieran Thornbrook on March 13, 2020 at 8:08

Aurelia is someone who he met on his travels both meeting each other after their darkest times, where they helped each other heal. Having been on many adventures together, finding what it was like living life on the run. They were always better off as friends but after one night together, came Tatiane. Things got more complicated with him dying then come back into her life centuries later. He could see some things didn't change how Aurelia was the same and she was still someone he thought of a close friend even if things didn't work out. Becoming business partners too, he only hopes not to get in the middle making things complicated with their daughter. 

Never did he think that he'd find another Wayfinder after Emilia that he didn't deserve it anymore but now he could see he was wrong. Spending years trying to stay away when Ophelia needed him the most. Hoping now he doesn't let her down, but thankful that she's given him a chance. Thankful to her in his life, seeing how much of a great leader she is and someone who he values. 

Comment by ✓ Joaquin Reguel Kenelm on March 13, 2020 at 7:53

Eirik Tostain is his closest friend and soon to be business partners. Both being weapon masters, most people thought that they would be enemies and all. With being up against each other when it came to business but really it was the opposite. Finding that they couldn't hate each other so they chose to become friends. Eirik is someone who he can always rely on helping him out for whenever he's stuck on something weapon-wise or need any advice. There's no one else he'd trust or have as his business partner. 

Elysium always has been his best friend since the day she's been born, even if now he's pushing her away she's always been someone he couldn't be without. Even however annoying she may be, he still loves her. That she'd resize his reasonings for trying to push her away to protect her from the truths and realities so he don't ruin the good memories she has left of their parents. 

Ailward Aspect
Comment by ✓ Aureus Ailward ~Admin~ on March 13, 2020 at 5:39

Aureus' closest relations mostly come from his siblings since they've all known one another for so long. And despite the rough and rocky relation he now has with Ophelia he still does and always will consider her a friend and someone he would protect. 


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