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Deadline: 28/05/2018

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Kennen Demetrios
Wynter Novak

Rachel Morrison

Reign Michaels
Samira Young
Solana Harrison

Evalyn Martin
Isabelle Sommers
Maverick Romanov

Adam Lee
Zosia Ellwood

Felix Morris
Krystal Kang
Tristan Bellerose
Kyle McCartan

Fleur Belanger
Hanseol Park
Anastasia Belanger
Delmar Ester

Amayah Alqamari
Aviana Evanhart

Malva Ailward
Cora Ailward

Gabriel Dimitreu
Arabella Winters
Jackson Highmore

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Comment by ✓ Violet Grace Voelkel 13 hours ago

I can confirm that i am active as the role of Violet Voelkel, Human faction.

I don't have evidence of RP as i do it on the main chat, my last RP was with Evan and Aurelia. 

Comment by ✓ Freya Davenwood 13 hours ago

I confirm that i am going to be active as the role of Freya Davenwood, Celestial faction.

RP Evidence

( I was gone for finals so i will be active as of today)

Comment by ✓ Daniel Porter yesterday

I confirm that I am active as the role of Daniel Porter, with the Dhampir faction.

Role-PLay Proof

Comment by ✓ Heath Carvos on Friday

I confirm I am active as the role of Heath Carvos,
in the faction Therianthorpe.
Thread: Here

Ailward Guard
Comment by ✓ Illiana Dimitreu ~Admin~ on Thursday

I confirm I active as the role of Illiana Dimitreu - Ailward Guard.

~Click Me~

Comment by Yanca Lawford on Thursday

confirm I am active as Yanca Lawford 

Comment by ✓ Quinlan Reight on Wednesday

confirm I am active as Quinlan Reight


Comment by ✓ D'Angelo Jackson on Wednesday

I confirm I am active as D'Angelo Jackson; Human 

RP Proof

Comment by ✓ Donovan Hendrix on Wednesday

I confirm I am active as Donovan Hendrix and their species is Dhampir


Comment by ✓ Isaiah Zuriel Bradford on Wednesday

I confirm I am active as Isaiah Bradford; Nephilim 



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