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covered in stars shining white

unknowingly waking you up with a whisper like a kiss.

Name: Skyelle Anastasia Wu ❇ Chinese Name: Wu XiMei (吴溪美) ❇ Nicknames: Princess, Sky, Elle, Mei, and Ana ❇ Birthday: April 12, 1997 ❇ Age: 21 ❇ Zodiac Sign: Aries ❇ Species: Intia-Radix ❇ Birthplace: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China ❇ Residence: Evermore, CO ❇ Occupation: Musician ❇ Sexuality: Bisexual ❇ Relationship Status: Single ❇ Elements: Water and Fire ❇


Skyelle takes after her mother in bone structure and height. She is only five foot four and weighs about one hundred and four pounds. She has long, thick black hair that is almost never dyed, but she will dye it sometimes. Her eyes are her father's, bright blue and almond shaped. Her eyes will turn red when she is using her fire element, which is often. She has one tattoo of a butterfly on her ankle and "I love you, be you." on her shoulder blade. She is slender but she does have muscle from playing softball and learning martial arts. 


Charming: Skyelle is very charming. She likes to be very polite and considerate

Flirtatious: Like her Nephilim counterpart, Skyelle is very flirtatious. She’s not afraid to show it either.

Caring: Skyelle cares a lot about people, she may not show it, but she loves to help people.


Hotheaded: Skyelle has an explosive temper. Don’t make her mad, or she’ll probably burn you to death.

Clumsy: Skyelle couldn’t keep herself upright, even if you paid her. She has a weak leg from a car accident when she was a teenager.

Grief-Stricken: Skyelle lost her parents when she was fifteen to a drunk driver. She loved her parents and would do anything for them.

If you asked Skyelle Wu what she thought of her teens, she'd probably tell you to leave her alone. But since you are here with me today I might as well tell you.

Skyelle Anastasia Wu or Wu XiMei was born on a pretty April morning to a Chinese father who was an Intia and a Canadian mother who was a Nephilim in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, hence her two names. She was the pride and joy of her parents and a gift to her step-brother. They showered her with love and affection and often took her everywhere with them. Her step-brother Xander bragged to his friends about his new baby sister and that she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

Learning how to talk and walk was the easiest thing Skyelle would ever do. In her case, she began walking when she was fifteen months old and learned how to talk at seventeen months old. Her parents weren’t surprised, because her father was a genius, really. Her first word was not Mommy or Daddy like normal children, it was her stepbrother Xander’s name. That surprised Xander, because he wasn’t expecting her to like him.

Skyelle’s little sister, Axelle or AiMei, was born when she was two. Skyelle loved Axelle, and would often beg for her mother to let her hold her sister and take care of her. It is like this even to this day, except for the holding part. Soon after Axelle’s second birthday, the two became inseperable. They participated in everything together, and hardly ever were apart.

When Skyelle turned five, HanChao and Mirabelle moved them to Evermore City, Colorado, a city far away from where any of them were from. Being five, Skyelle knew nothing of geography and didn’t even know where they were half the time. To rid her of this, HanChao and Mirabelle enrolled her in Evermore’s elementary school. Skyelle excelled at this, because of her being very smart.

Going through school wasn’t that hard actually. All she had to do was pay attention and listen to what the teacher was saying. At an early age, Skyelle had learned English so she was very good at it, and would sometimes beat her sister Axelle in spelling matches. When Skyelle reached ninth grade, disaster struck.

Skyelle participated in Evermore High’s softball team and excelled at it. One night, on their way to one of the games, Skyelle, and her parents were driving down the highway, talking and laughing not noticing that there was a truck barreling toward them, even though HanChao was looking straight ahead. The driver of the truck was drunk off his ass and was texting to top it off. They collided and caused the truck to fall off the bridge and them to hit the side of the bridge. HanChao and Mirabelle died upon impact, but Xander, Axelle, and Skyelle survived with critical injuries.

In January of 2015 when she was seventeen, Skyelle discovered her passion for music and started a band with her step-brother, sister and, two Chinese cousins Kai (AiJian) and Michael (Chen). They had their first concert at Evermore Stadium. Unbeknownst to them, the comet was coming soon.

In February, Skyelle and her band were at Evermore Stadium again in the dressing rooms, goofing off. A few minutes before they were scheduled to go on, Skyelle, Axelle, Kai, and Michael began to experience excruciating pain in their lower back as all of their elements exploding at once. Skyelle’s hand caught on fire, Axelle’s eyes turned blue and one of the water bottles exploded. Kai and Michael’s hands also caught on fire. They knew that their parents were Intia’s but what were they gonna do when they went on stage in two minutes?

A few months later she got her second element. She wasn’t expecting to get a second element at all. But it so happened that she was near a water fountain at a park and she made it explode without meaning to. The water cascaded into the grass and whenever she moved her hand, the water moved with it. She now uses this to prank her friends, because she can dump water on their heads without actually getting up.

When Skyelle turned nineteen, she got her first boyfriend. He was an American named Jackson Alexander. She thought he was beautiful and she loved every second she spent with him, but behind her back, he was just using her as an excuse to his friends. When she found out from her cousin Kai about it, she nearly burned his face off, but Kai who also had water as his element, put it out before she could.

She is now twenty-one and still isn’t over her parent’s death or her heartbreak. She is especially close to her sister and her cousin Kai. Since Kai and her share the same elements they usually use their powers to stop the other one from doing something stupid. Skyelle has been to several different countries and loves to be goofy when she’s there.


mark scenarios mark outfits got7 scenarios got7 outfits got7 imagines got7 Mark tuan GIF

Kai Wu (Wu AiJian) | Intia | Cousin

Kai; Sky's favorite cousin. These two are inseparable. Kai is very affectionate and loves attention. He is the main rapper in their band. He and Sky share the same elements and keep each other from doing stupid stuff, like Sky almost burning her ex's face off.

Rose Black Pink GIF - Rose BlackPink RoseAnne GIFs

Axelle Wu (Wu AiMei) | Intia | Sister

Axelle; Sky's little sister. These two bicker a lot but they love each other. Axelle loves to be praised and loves to play guitar. She and Sky only share one of the same element so they use it to prank each other. She is one of the main vocalists in their band. 

Happy Clapping GIF - Happy Clapping Kai GIFs

Michael Wu (Wu KiChen) | Intia | Cousin

Michael; Sky's other cousin from her father's side. These two adore each other. Michael loves to sing and dance. He has a very soft face and beautiful smile. He is one of the main vocalists and the main dancer in their band

Eddie Eddieredmayne GIF - Eddie Eddieredmayne Talking GIFs

Jackson Alexander | Instar Diviner- Dark | Ex-Boyfriend

Jackson; Sky's ex-boyfriend. These two are kinda friends and kinda not. Jackson is an asshat sometimes and a sweetheart other times. 

Shelleyhenning Maliatate GIF - Shelleyhenning Maliatate TeenWolf GIFs

Artemitra Bluemoon | Celestial | Friend

Mitra; Sky's favorite Celestial. Sky loves to hug her too. Sky thinks that she's the best.


Girls Day Out (Skyelle and Artemitra) 

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