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Welcome to the Devils playground

Name: Lilith Harmon
Age: 18 (looks) 97 (actual)
Family: None
Species: Valkyr
Faceclaim: Taissa Farmiga

Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: Las Vegas, NV
Current place of residence: Evermore, CO
Nationality/Species: American/Turned Vampire
Occupation: Looking
Rank: Fledgling
Relationship: Single

Build: Tall and Very Lanky
Hair colour: Brown with Blonde streaks
Eye colour: Brown
Distinguishing marks: Pentagram tattoo on her left wrist

Alert || Clever || Gentle || Good Natured

Aloof || Cautious || Hesitant

In Las Vegas, NV born in a hospital to very Catholic parents a baby girl was born on Halloween 1903 at 3 am during the Devils hour. So being god-fearing people they named their infant daughter Lilith Harmon having an older sister named Lydia. Being so god fearing they abandoned the baby at Hospital having no one to claim her and only had a name she was taken to an Orphanage where she was raised. Due to her name, she was often bullied being called horrible names most being demonic or claiming she was evil.
Growing up within an Orphanage never knowing your parents or the reason why they didn’t want you, to begin with, was the easy part but dealing with the hateful looks and the bullies that happened to be amongst the children in the facility. 

Sent to a public school with the rest of the children in the orphanage which resulted in more bullying to the point of being constantly beaten up and none of the teachers cared enough that one of their students was being beaten constantly since it was quite often that this would happen especially if it was the teacher doing the beatings. Lilith or Lily as she was called at times by her small amount of friends which were only three people.
The day she turned eighteen changed her life forever it was Senior Year on prom night she got asked to prom by one of the jocks though he always weirded her out due to always watching her from afar even when she would be at work at a small coffee shop near the orphanage he would show up. So with a heavy heart and fear, she accepted his offer to take her to prom since she would have gone Stag otherwise or just stayed at the orphanage.

His name was Derek Langdon, He was a Quarterback for their High School’s football team. He was gorgeous far more so than anyone she had met. He looked like a supermodel but was high school age but something about him made Lilith wary like she had a bad feeling around him. When she met him the first time she was sixteen and a rebel sneaking into a big house party in a ritzy neighborhood she bumped into him and he kept some of the other guys from hurting her even walked her home to the orphanage where she got in trouble for skipping curfew.

As the days ticked closer to prom night the stalking from Derek got worse until the night of prom when instead of taking her to prom he took her to a park that had no street lights so it was pitch black that was when she found out about the Supernatural world and the night she died. Derek had been a Valkyr that had been obsessed with Lilith until it all came to a head. He had found her lying in a puddle of blood having been beaten badly she was deadly having only been dead for a few minutes. He transferred his blood into her system via her wrist the change began.

When Lilith woke up 24 hours later she attacked a passerby drinking from them completing her change into a Valkyr. Nearly 94 years passed by as she was learning her powers and gifts as a Valkyr. The one time she discovered her ability to go invisible during the night she had been walking trying to clear her head from all the things that went wrong in her life. Apparently, someone had been following her and she simply vanished into the shadows. She had tried to find her parents but when she did they couldn’t remember ever having a daughter named Lilith or even giving her up.

She roamed the world until she felt a pull in her chest so following the pull she was lead to Evermore, CO. However the day she arrived was the day the second Gemini comet hit Evermore unlocking a new ability, teleporting. After the comet had struck and she gained the new ability she somehow found out when she was in the woods she ended up teleporting to the river banks. She hates walking at times but Teleporting was a whole new ball game for Lilith.

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