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A tattoo artist in Evermore (Arken and Priscilla)

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The one thing every tattoo studio has in common, is the guy who thinks he can hack a days session...-~-His natural golden skin has sunken in tone to something so lifeless it scares me just to look at…Continue


I didn't do this to be different, I did this to be me...

If you are true and genuine...I find that beautiful

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In Memory Of...

Name: Arken Melchior Hazard

Age: 29
Species: Initia - Radix
Family: N/A
Type: Diversified

Elements learnt so far: Earth and Water
Face Claim: Rick Genest - †
Johnny Depp

Intelligent, Gentle, Creative, Quiet
Quick-Tempered, Calculating, perfectionist.

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It is within tears that keeps the soul alive, like a furnace of pain that cannot be extinguished, fuelled only by the everlasting tear-drops that fall over and over again until your eyes burn and your soul aches. Every child is born crying, it’s the first sign of life that every person in a birthing room looks for, parents will shout and scream, and they too will cry if that infant is born silent.

Arken was born just that, silent. He was born in a small prison cell, to a woman who will remain unnamed, the mere fact being that Arken has no memory of her, She gave birth quickly and quietly and then left just as quickly and just as quietly, leaving Arken alone. He was born silent, not a cry to be heard from the little boy. There was nothing wrong, he was checked twice by two different doctors before getting an all clear. It was as if he knew to be quiet, hidden in a bundle of towels. He was taken from the prison by a guard, the guard was a tall, thin gangly woman who had no experience with children and definitely did not want Arken for herself.

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And so, Arken was taken across the country to Houston Texas. The guard that aided in his mother’s labour had been asked only one request from the prisoner. To take the baby as far away as possible and leave him safe, she never wanted to see him or hear him. She left him with just a first name. Arken is related to success, to creativity, to a visionary. All of which Arken fully inherited with his name.

Arken as a child was quiet and still, but even as a baby he showed potential for art. He was fascinated at looking at artwork from his crib, adjusting the small collection of toys into different patterns on the ground. This made him cute, though he was a quiet boy, his artistic nature made him the perfect candidate for adoption.

He managed to get adopted early, at around a year old to a family who wanted to call him Melchior, however, the care home was insistent on him keeping the name his mother gave him, hence the name Arken Melchior was gifted to him. He stayed with the family for around 5 years, until they too got sick of his silence. He wouldn’t speak at dinner, he didn’t speak to his new parents’ guests and he didn’t speak at school

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For some reason, silence in a child was not sought after enough…

The family gave him back at age 6, they said they couldn’t stand a child who didn’t talk, it apparently came hand in hand with idiocy. What that family didn’t know, is that Arken was an extremely intelligent boy, his work even at 6 exceeded his years.

He spent most of his time in the arts, drawing and sketching. He painted, art was his escape, it was the only thing he could do where people understood the silence. From a young age, Arken showed skill and promise with the art, he was a visionary, just as his name said. It distracted him from the other events at the care home, the angry children that surrounded the home. Texas seemed to be a place of anger, which sometimes annoyed Arken, but it also changed him slightly…It made him quick to snap, most of the time the only words the male spoke was in anger…He wasn’t proud of who he was becoming…

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At the age of 12, Arken was a master of most branches of art. He knew paints, charcoal, oil sticks, crayon, pencils…every adaption that he could, he perfected. He needed to perfect anything he started.

Arken spent the next years of his life in a care home, he adapted his strength and, until he was around 17, knew nothing of who…or what…he was.

A week from his 18th birthday and a week before the care home kicked him out for good, Arken begun to feel a searing pain at the base of his back. It came and went while sometimes if he was angry enough or bitter enough, his eyes flashed slightly green. He was branded a liar and his silence kept up until five days after his 18th birthday.

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After the first, Arken went to a tattoo parlour, adding around the mark to hide It as it began to get darker and darker, until it covered his entire back…However, that was something else he started…

The pain got worse, and the flickers of green grew. Every now and then, Arken moved his hand too quickly or his fingers too slowly and they would sprout leaves, make ivy grow taller, grass greener…He left the care home with merely a rucksack, filled with his worldly wares and went in search of someone who could help him.

The search took him years, yet his silence worked wonders. He managed to slip past numerous situations, he learnt to steal and to break in undetected. Its how he survived for so long, stealing only what he needed. He didn't have a teacher for so long, he merely taught himself the element of Earth and, unbeknown to him, now identified as what he would learn to be "Diversified".

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When he turned 20, Arken found himself in a big city called Evermore. He had heard rumours of the city and had to look. The city was filled to the brim with the supernatural, eventually, he met a girl called Lily, a fire bender…Or so he learnt.

Lily showed him the ropes and introduced him to someone who she thought could help, Sierra Reigns. Upon their meeting, Arken kept his manners and offered a hand. The instant the pair touched, Arken felt a jolt of energy flow through her and into him. It was as if he knew she would somehow care for him within her faction. Lily taught Arken what it meant to be diverse with his elements, that he didn't have to become a master of one, but could learn all of them with time.

Arken cared for Lily, she taught him how to be gentle, to come out of his shell, she even accompanied him on a few of his tattoo trips, getting some for herself that he’d designed. Lily taught Arken a lot, the days drilled by quickly and, with the new element Sierra awakened, Arken and Lily grew closer and closer, she became like the sister he never had.

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Over the next 10 years, Arken trained hard, becoming a master of Earth and eventually, when his second Element decided to make an appearance, Water, and in turn, littered his body with tattoos. Every tattoo was not only to hide the Initia mark at the base of his back but to tell a story. At 18 He’d started the tattoo’s and by 29 he had covered the majority of his arms with ink, bleeding over onto his back and ribcage. He had a few tattoos’s that matched with Lily’s, yet most of the ink that littered his skin was stories, each piece a different part of his life, some represented people, others were more…Abstract.

Arken current status rests in a small, third-floor apartment. His quiet nature means that not only did he not have to sit under Sierra’s thumb in the factions home, but he was trusted to go and live his life with no clue to the outside world as to whom he was. He kept up with his art, decorating his apartment head to toe with his own artwork, the walls, the ceilings, even the support beams that held up the ceiling. He loved it, treasured his home and kept it spotlessly clean. He was a minimalistic man, with little to call his own except his art.

He now earns his living with commissioned pieces and selling his art, designing tattoo’s and working is Evermore’s only tattoo studio.

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A tattoo artist in Evermore (Open)

The one thing every tattoo studio has in common, is the guy who thinks he can hack a days session...-~-His natural golden skin has sunken in tone to something so lifeless it scares me just to look at him. His eyes close and he sucks himself into a deeper place to cope. Sweat pooled on his brow, his upperlip, the nape of his neck, his breath dragged in and out like razor blades against a chalkboard and his face returns to the white of the ink...The low buzz of the tattoo gun echoes around the…See More
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