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Seeking Answers (Elle + Lucius Only)

Her mind was clouded, with never ending thoughts and questions. Mainly, in regards to one person in particular. Serenity Lovett. Her ancest…

Started by ✓ Elle-Mae Vivienne Lovett

12 Feb 17
Reply by ✓ Elle-Mae Vivienne Lovett


Girl Time (Seraphina and Sariah)

As long as the kitsune can remember she has always been distant. Since Sera's Mother's death, she not been thinking about her own self but…

Started by ✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

15 Feb 16
Reply by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~


The Light Inside (Miyaza and Ophelia)

It had been a full 2 years since the celestials had come to Evermore city and she could safely now say they were probably in the best posit…

Started by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

20 Feb 16
Reply by ✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~


A Holiday Miracle (Zandra and Eden)

The holiday season, the year for everyone to be with family and friends. Some people like to give their time to charity to make sure everyo…

Started by ✓ Josefine Ida Dietrich

4 Feb 8
Reply by ✓ Josefine Ida Dietrich


From One Diviner To Another (Audrina and Kaelyn)

Audrina grimaced as she looked into the mirror of her vanity. From the moment Audrina turned eighteen, she had been feeling a pull towards…

Started by ✓ Damarco Vineyard

3 Feb 8
Reply by ✓ Kaelyn Brookes ~Admin~

Ailward Aspect

★ Darker Days Ahead (Aspects and Guards)

Erythreus had been pacing up and down the halls of the manor, finger to his chin, completely struck down by the unknown. No matter what the…

Started by ✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~

8 Feb 2
Reply by ✓ Josefine Ida Dietrich


When You Went Away (Baptiste and Jason)

The dark haired Valkyr had spent hours tossing and turning, coming to the realization that he wasn't going to get any rest, yet again. Bapt…

Started by ✓ Baptiste "Owl" Dupuis

7 Jan 30


Modern Day Robin Hood (Wade and Willow)

Christmas has already come and gone so quickly like it’s never even been. With New Years just around the corner, the Celestial Castle was s…

Started by ✓ Willow Eleonora Braelynd

1 Jan 22


Mistaken Identity (Open to Ray Herald and Samira Young

Ray pulled his jacket up as he . winced feeling the pain his ribs as he made his way out of the locker room as several of his new truck com…

Started by ✓ Ray Herald

3 Jan 6
Reply by ✓ Hae-Ri Hwang


85% (Eirik and Svetlana)

Svetlana had gotten used to the lonesome feeling her and the ex's apartment provided her with. She'd completely moved out of her own home,…

Started by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

8 Dec 22, 2019
Reply by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev


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