The Cutest Thread

Third: Moving Day (Aurantia and Clay)

Second: You and Me (Jaesung and Hanseol)

WINNER: The Fox and the Scientist (Sariah and Orion)

Most Likely To Have An Unhappy Ending

Third: The Price of Love (Mikael and Ophelia)
How Bad Can It Be (Malva and Draco)

Second: Keep Us Apart (Nathaniel and Zeus)

WINNER: Broken Promises (Willa and Ven)

The Most Dramatic/Angsty Thread

Third: Light and Dark (Argent and Aurelia)
The Night Couldn’t Possibly be Longer (Malva and Argent)
Irreconcilable Differences (Argent and Aurelia)
Sinister Sounds (Svetlana and Dominic)

Second: Him and I (Dominic and Siobhan)

WINNER: Blood Bound (Jonathan, Isaiah, Cornelia, Clarissa and Abraxas)


I'd like to thank Nova Rose Cross for being my first new friend and being kind enough to save my neck from being car bait. You're my friendly hero.

From Adrien Rosenberg

The One That Got Away Thread

Third: Losing Yourself (Dakota and Austin)

Second: Just For Tonight (Caleb and Ava)
The Perfect Con (Giselle and Rowan)
Him and I (Dominic and Siobhan)
Cosmic Wariness (Cora and Rashesh)

WINNER: Something’s Not Right (Argent and Dominic)

Well That Escalated Quickly

Third: Seeing Red (Scorpios and Valeria)

Second: Too Little Too Late (Venetus and Ophelia)

WINNER: The Change (Baptiste and Jason)


To Zeus McCartney, Euphemia Well, Artemitra Bluemoon

From Carmen Macmillan

The Best Party Thread

Third: Not My Kind of Party (Sariah and Orion)
The Perfect Con (Giselle and Rowan)

Second: Spring Fling 2018
Halloween Event 2018

WINNER: The Pure Country Den (Kane, Seokmin, Euphemia, Malachi and Carmen)

The Most Nail-Biting Thread

Third: Truth, Lies and Facts (Malachi and Euphemia)
The Fox and the Scientist (Orion and Sariah)
Where I wander (Caleb and Argent)
Blood Bound (Jonathan, Isaiah, Clarissa, Cornelia and Abraxas)

Second: Finding My Way Back (Aurelia and Atticus)

WINNER: The Price of Love (Mikael and Ophelia)


To Serena Hamilton, because she's my best friend both in character and OOC, Sariah for her amazing ideas, and for being a good friend, and Siobhan for being my music buddy

From Erythreus Ailward

Favourite Bromance

Third: Aureus Ailward and Venetus Ailward
Erythreus Ailward and Dominic Howlett
Orion Valkyrie and Gideon Ashworth
Aeryn Constantine and Mikael d'Amecourt

Second: Kane Crawford and Orion Valkyrie

WINNER: Dominic Howlett and alcohol

Favourite Sistership

Third: Malva Ailward and Cora Ailward

Second: Euphemia Wells and Madison Black

WINNER: Cornelia Bradford and Sariah Holloway

Favourite Friendship

Third: Euphemia Wells and Otto Markov
Cornelia Bradford and Sariah Holloway

Second: Svetlana Vasilyev and Dominic Howlett

WINNER: Isaiah Bradford and his daggers


"I'd like to give a special shoutout to all of the admins and mods on ECRP just for being general superheroes and always giving 120% of love to the site even when they have real lives to worry about <3"

From Sariah Holloway

Favourite Nemesis-ship

Third: Zeus McCartney and Nathaniel Leight

Second: Bob and every single character

WINNER: Malva Ailward and Cornelia Bradford vs. Ning

Favourite Romantic Ship

Third: Venetus Ailward and Willa Constantine
Cora Ailward and Rashesh Patel

Second: Sariah Holloway and Orion Valkyrie
Gideon Ashworth and Cornelia Bradford

WINNERS: Siobhan Leslie and Dominic Howlett 
Bob and Death

Best OOC Friendship

Third: Carmen Macmillan and Euphemia Wells
Clarissa Bradford and Siobhan Leslie

Second: Gideon Ashworth and Orion Valkyrie

WINNER: Cornelia Bradford and Sariah Holloway


To Diplomatic Chaos [Ambassador Collaboration]

From Orion Valkyrie

Most Likely To Drink Their Way Through An RP

Third: Erythreus Ailward

Second: Malva Ailward
Clarissa Bradford
Euphemia Wells

WINNER: Dominic Howlett

Most Likely To Be LOVED By The New Member

Third: Sapphire Rizzoli
Malva Ailward
Valeria Aldridge

Second: Caleb Segal

WINNER: Sariah Holloway

Most Likely To Turn Out To Be A Cinnamon Roll

Third: Jaesung Moon
Cornelia Bradford
Christian Jeon
Caleb Segal

Second: Malva Ailward

WINNER: Isaiah Bradford


To Clarissa, my reality tv show buddy <3

From Sierra Reigns

Most Likely To Forget To Take Their Award

Third: Malva Ailward
Nathaniel Leight
Seokmin Song
Erythreus Ailward

Second: Cornelia Bradford

WINNERS: Gideon Ashworth
Dominic Howlett

Most Likely To Take On More Threads Than They Can Handle

Third: Anivia Frostbourne

Second: Malva Ailward
Erythreus Ailward

WINNER: Cornelia Bradford

Special Mention 

To the admin and Mod team, Dominic, and Clarissa 

From Siobhan Leslie

Most Likely To Come Up With The Best Plots

Third: Dominic Howlett

Second: Siobhan Leslie

WINNER: Sariah Holloway

Most Likely To Make Everyone Die Of Laughter

Third: Cornelia Bradford
Donovan Hendrix
Sierra Reigns

Second: Orion Valkyrie
Ares Jr. Deo

WINNERS: Dominic Howlett
Christian Jeon


To Jaesung Moon - for being an irresistible gremlin. (sue me :P)

Also, all other threads - It's a torture to choose but every other threads are excellent~

Cornelia Bradford - You cruel but lovable woman, thanks for taking your time to do this <3

From Malva Ailward

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